What follows is a work of complete fiction.

This story begins with a fairly standard and often used homosexual theme involving sex between a grown man and a homeless teenage boy he tries to help out.  It will start with a very intimate encounter between the two and then will take a turn for the furry and will alternate between human/human human/furry and furry/furry at random.  Any of you freaks who have something against sex between intelligent, loving, horny, furry creatures and people should stay away and leave those of us who are normal and who like that sort of thing to our innocent fantasies.  :)   Keep in mind that none of this is real and has not nor would not ever happen, and some may not even be physically possible.  It is simply a sexual fantasy.

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Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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Love and Lycanthropy - Chapter 19

I felt my stomach begin to drop away as the heavy plane completed its bank and suddenly pitched forward to dive even faster towards the Earth, while the massive engines spooled down almost to an idle to ensure we wouldn't power our way right into the ground.

I wished I was facing forward because facing sideways in the jump seat seemed to increase the nausea-inducing effect of near free fall.

We fell for quite a while before I finally began to feel heavy gravity reassert itself as the plane began to level off and the engine RPM increased smoothly again to maintain lift.  We slowed more and more and the nose pitched up a bit to control our altitude as we descended the rest of the way.

The contact with the ground was not nearly as bad as Ben had made it sound.  We didn't hit very hard at all as he expertly brought us in.  The plane suddenly leveled off and dropped the last few inches and there was somewhat of a jarring bump as all of the wheels contacted squarly at once to spread the load of impact, and then we were bouncing along as Ben changed the pitch angle of the propeller blades to reverse the thrust.  There was a deafening roar as he fed full power to the four big engines and the wide blades began to chop up the air as they bit deeply to blast it forward in order to slow the plane down rapidly.

We were pulled hard sideways in our seats from the rapid deceleration and I was amazed at just how short the run was before the big plane's momentum was rapidly bled off and we came to a complete stop.  The engines went back to idle as Ben changed the blade pitch again and then they spooled up smoothly again to pull us as we lumbered forward and turned a bit to taxi to the final parking spot.

Jesse was unbuckling even as we stopped and he stood and shouted, "Benjamin, square the plane away.  Get her fully refueled and ready.  We'll need her later on.  Meet us inside the barracks when yer done.  Greg, unbuckle the RV and get her fueled up and parked under the netting near the supply tents.  Jake and his family will likely want to stay in it where they'd be more comfortable."

There were acknowledgments coming from the cockpit and then Jesse turned to me and grinned and said, "Get yer ass up, cuz.  There are a couple of people who are anxiously waiting to see you I'm guessin'.  Let's make gettin' you back with them the first order of business."

I smiled and unbuckled myself and stood to follow Jesse as he went around the RV to the back and he turned a lever on the wall of the plane and punched a fat button that started the big ramp lowering to the ground.

We went down the ramp and I saw several people already unrolling huge sections of camouflage netting over the plane.  Off to the side I saw what looked like a couple of older Huey helicopters and some troop carrier style trucks also covered in heavy netting.  They must be concerned about hiding from any possible satellite snooping.  They seemed to be incredibly well organized. 

I looked around and saw we were in a dense alpine forest that reminded me a lot of what we'd enjoyed in the Spring Mountains in Nevada, but it was on a much more massive scale.  A big range of mountains was just behind us and there was a thick forest of massive pine trees all around.  The morning air was crisp and brisk and fresh.

I saw that we hadn't really landed on a runway at all.  It was simply a large patch of exposed grass and tundra.  It looked as though the big plane followed a different path each time it landed or took off, so it wouldn't wear down any one area too much to show established tracks.

I could see big military style tents set up here and there in the trees and a couple of very large, more permanent looking structures further back.  All of it was nestled inside the forested area wherever possible and it was painted a mix of deep greens and browns.  From a satellite view it would likely be very difficult to see unless you knew exactly what you were looking for and exactly where to find it to begin with.  It would all look like more patches of pine or spruce coverage.  With tens of millions of hectares of forested land to search, there was simply no way the government could ever possibly hope to find this place, given the werewolves' camouflage measures, even if they already knew it was out here somewhere.  It was impressive.

Jesse led me to one of the permanent structures and said, "That's our barracks.  You'll find Elias and Grace in there.  I gotta go check on some things regarding Cole and getting his location.  I'll meet you in there a bit later on."

He turned to one of two men who were dressed in camo and armed with machine guns standing guard at the door and said, "Please show Jake to the mess.  His family's waiting to see him."

The man saluted and Jesse turned and headed off towards the other large structure that had radio antennas and satellite dishes on it.  It must be their communications area.  It likely served as the command and control center for the compound.

The man Jesse had asked to escort me opened the door and waved me inside and I entered.  He moved ahead of me and walked down a long hallway.  There were several doors along the hallway that must lead to rooms with bunks in them.  At the end of the hall was a large open room that looked to serve as their mess hall.  There were several rows of tables with benches on either side and there were groups of men scattered about here and there talking to each other while they drank coffee or ate food.  It looked as though it was the tail end of breakfast time.

As soon as I went in I heard Elias shout, "Jake!  Thank God!"

I turned and saw him grinning from ear to ear as he ran towards me.  He looked worn down, and more tired than I'd ever seen him before, but he looked about as happy as I'd ever seen him, too.  My heart swelled at the sight of him to the point where it felt as if it would burst.

I grinned widely as tears welled in my eyes and I opened my arms and he slipped right into them.  We hugged each other hard and laughed at the uncontainable joy we felt at being reunited.  We alternated between hugging and kissing and hugging again as we tried to sate our need to reassure ourselves that we were really in each other's arms again.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a large group of men sort of segregated from most of the others.  They looked at us disapprovingly and some turned to mutter things to the others and looked back at us in disgust.  It seemed they weren't comfortable with two guys kissing, or maybe they just weren't comfortable with the difference in our ages.

I didn't particularly care.  They would just have to get used to us if we were going to be part of their community now.  It seemed the werewolf world carried along with it the same hangups that the human world did.

Elias finally pulled back from me and said, "I was so fucking scared!  I didn't know what happened to you!  We didn't hear anything for a couple of days before they finally told us they found you in a hospital and someone was going there to get you.  We didn't know if you were dead or what before that.  I was so worried I didn't know what the hell to do with myself.  I'm so glad you're OK!  I love you so much, Jake!"

"I love you, too.  It feels so good to finally have you back with me."

He grabbed me in a hug one last time and held tight as if to make sure I wouldn't slip away from him again.

When he pulled away the second time he looked me over more closely and said, "Damn!  You were hot looking before, but holy shit!  You're so tight and muscular!  I love your hair that length, and the full beard looks amazing on you!  It suits you perfectly!  I like it way better than shaved.  It's so sexy.  Will you keep it that way now?"

I smiled and said, "If that's how you like it, that's how I'll keep it.  It'll be nice to never have to worry about shaving again and always have a beard that's just the right length.  I guess I'll never need to bother getting a hair cut ever again either since it'll always grow back to look exactly like this every time I change.  I never have to look at my own face so I'm more inclined to keep it looking the way you like it best, especially if it means I can be lazy and not have to do anything with it."

He grinned and said, "We were sent word that you were OK and that you were turned.  I'm so glad you're one of us now!  I cannot freaking wait to see you in wolf form!  I'm so excited!  I missed you so much!  I can't get enough of touching you right now!"

I laughed as he tickled my ribs and then he grabbed me in a hug again and started kissing me on the face and rubbing his lips and nose against my new beard to see how it felt. 

He suddenly pulled back again and his eyebrows went up as he looked me in the eye and said, "You smell awesome.  You smell like you've been rubbing your face on some dude's feet and privates.  It smells so good."

I felt myself blushing as I smiled at him.  I wasn't quite sure how best to broach the subject of what had happened with Ben.

He took care of that for me as his face split into a grin and he asked, "Did you get busy with someone on the plane that brought you in?  Is that why it smells so strong?  It must have just happened!"

I grinned back at him and nodded.

He smiled and looked around and said, "Where is he?  Can I meet him?"

I said, "He's busy with the plane that brought me here.  He's the pilot.  I know it's gonna seem a bit sudden, but we sort of fell in love.  He's someone incredibly special.  You're gonna love him.  He's gonna blow your mind.  I know it.  I can't wait for you to meet him."

He grinned and said, "Man, I was worried about you being all alone out there and you were busy making a new friend without me."

"We're more than friends already, Elias.  He's gonna be with us from now on.  I really do love him, and he loves me back."

"I can't wait to meet him.  He must be pretty special if you fell in love that quick."

As I'd expected, there was not even the slightest hint of jealousy in his reaction.  This was one of the reasons I'd fallen so deeply in love with him.  Nothing is more masculine or attractive to me than self-assurance, and Elias had it in spades.

I smiled and said, "He's more special than you could possibly imagine.  It won't be long before you see him.  He'll come meet us in here when he's done with the plane.  I told him all about you.  He's really anxious to meet you.  I think he's gonna love you.  I think he's gonna fit right into our family perfectly.  Where's Grace?"

"She was up most of the night pacing just like I was.  Neither one of us wanted to go to bed until you were back safe.  She couldn't hold out.  She finally went off to the room we've been using to bunk in.  She's probably still sleeping like a rock.  She was really beat.  I think she was also anxious to see this Jesse guy she keeps talking about.  I never met him, but it sounds like she has a bit of a thing for him.  Isn't he here too?  Where is he?"

I said, "He's gone off to get some information about Cole.  He seems to think they might have a location on him or something.  I hope that's the case.  They seem so organized here.  I wasn't sure if we'd have much chance of rescuing Cole, but with these people on our side I really feel hopeful."

He nodded and said, "They've got a pretty awesome setup here, and according to some guys I've been talking to, this is one of their smaller compounds and it's just a sort of staging area.  They've got way bigger ones scattered around where the werewolves actually all live together in big groups."

I said, "Let's sit and talk for a bit.  I'll tell you all about what happened to me at the hospital."

We sat at a table and I told him all about my ordeal and the fact that I'd been bitten at Nazas at the end of the eclipse when the sun had come out, and didn't even know I'd been infected for the three days I'd been in hospital.  I told him about how Jesse saved my life, twice, by knocking out the government goon and then getting my casts and brace off just in time for my first change.

"That Jesse guy sounds so cool," Elias said, "I'm glad he came along.  Grace has been going on about him non-stop.  I can't wait to meet him and say thanks for all he's done.  I hope he's as into Grace as she is into him.  It would be so cool if they would get together.  She wouldn't have to worry about being lonely any more."

I nodded and said, "He's into her, trust me.  I couldn't be happier about it.  He's gonna be perfect for her.  He's pretty amazing.  Hell of a nice guy.  He's the general that commands their whole army.  He's gonna be the one to get Cole back for us.  I don't doubt it for a second."

He smiled and said, "Then I really want to meet him.  So what happened after Jesse busted you out of the casts?"

I explained to him how I'd changed right there in the hospital room.  I told him how the wolf had dealt with the government agent that had tried to kill me, and Elias seemed really happy with that result.

He was thrilled that I was finally a werewolf right along with him and he peppered me with questions about what it was like for me.  I tried to explain how powerful the experience was and how I'd had senses that were even more heightened than Jesse said his were, and I told him about the fact he thought I was a kindred, and what that meant.  He was surprised as I described the level of detail of information the wolf's sense of smell fed me.  He said he never got anywhere near that much.  He was excited to see me change into wolf form later when the sun sets.  He couldn't wait to see me.

I asked him what had happened at Nazas while I was away from them just before the eclipse.  I wanted to know how Cole had been taken.

"We got separated," he explained, "Cole and Grace and me were walking around the town square after we had lunch.  Cole must have stopped to look at something but we didn't notice at first and we must have walked a long way away from him and lost him in the crowd without knowing it.  We didn't even notice for a few minutes.  Grace had started talking to some people about what was going on.  They told us an eclipse was coming.  I suddenly realized why it was getting so dark in the middle of the day.  I panicked.  I was sure we might change right there.  I turned to grab Cole so the three of us could get the hell out of town before it hit, but he wasn't there.  Me and Grace split up to start looking for him.  I finally spotted him talking to a man.  Cole was looking sort of relieved, like the man was helping him out.  I called his name and he looked over to where I was, but the man must have heard me calling to him, and suddenly he grabbed Cole and dragged him into the crowd away from me and I lost them."

"Shit," I said, "That had to be the same goon that tried to kill me in the hospital.  He was the one you Tasered at the front door at our house, remember?  Just before he tried to kill me he told me he was the one that grabbed Cole."

"No," Elias said, "It wasn't him that took Cole, I saw that other guy later so I know it.  This guy didn't even look like one of those government guys.  He was just wearing regular looking clothes.  I saw his face, but I didn't recognize it.  I don't think he was anyone I ever saw before.  If I ever meet up with him in my wolf form I'll tear the bastard to pieces.  I followed as fast as I could in the direction he dragged Cole but it was hard to get through all the people.  When I finally made it to the end of the crowd at the edge of town I saw Cole getting thrown into one of those black SUVs by that government guy you described from the hospital, the one who tried to kill you. The one that I Tased before.  I recognized his face.  That other guy who grabbed Cole first wasn't around anymore but obviously he was the one that handed Cole to them.  I don't know why.  I screamed for Cole but the spook must have heard me.  I saw him pull a tranq gun and shoot it into the truck were he'd dumped Cole and I saw Cole slump over on the seat.  The guy slammed the door shut and banged on the SUV's roof and it took off.  He got into another SUV and followed them.  They were gone, and they had Cole.  I was so close to him, Jake!  I almost had him back!  There was nothing I could do!  Why the hell didn't I watch him closer?  Why did I let him get split from us?  It's my fault!"

"No!  Don't beat yourself up, Elias.  How the hell could you know that was gonna happen?  I don't blame you at all.  I doubt Grace would, either. There's no way Cole would.  Stop blaming yourself.  It's nobody's fault but that fucking government goon, and he got what was coming to him."

"That other guy needs to get his, too.  The one that handed Cole to them.  He'd better hope we don't cross paths with him or I'll do him like you did the guy at the hospital if I'm in wolf form.  Anyhow, I knew there was nothing I could do for Cole by myself.  I turned back into the crowd to try to get back to Grace so we could find you and get back to the RV and go after them.  I finally caught up to Grace and told her what happened.  We heard you shouting for us and we shouted back.  We tried to make our way over to you through the crowd, but it was too late.  The eclipse hit and everything went to shit."

"'Went to shit' is a serious understatement," I said, and I explained what I'd seen during the eclipse, and everything that Jesse had told me on the plane about what was still happening out there from the aftershocks of the first big werewolf outbreak we'd caused.  How there were still people infecting other people and how there would likely be more each night for the next while when some of the new ones changed for the first time unexpectedly, while possibly surrounded by other people.  There were even some in other countries now spreading the infection slowly but surely, far and wide.

He went a bit pale as he began to realize just how badly we'd fucked up.  I told him how Jesse didn't blame us and we shouldn't really blame ourselves either.  We just didn't know about the eclipse.  It was all an accident.

While we were talking, I saw Benjamin strolling into the room.

I stood and smiled and said, "Come on, Elias.  I want you to meet someone."

Elias had been sitting on the other side of the table with his back to the door and was facing the wrong way to see Ben walk in.  He lifted his legs and turned on the bench to face the other way and he stood up.  I saw him suddenly wobble like he'd lost his balance when he saw the big, beautiful, chocolate colored, furry lupine walking towards us.

I was tempted to guffaw and slap at my thigh just as Jesse had done to me earlier when I saw the color draining from Elias's face and his eyes opening wide and his jaw nearly dropping to the floor.

Ben walked right up, grinning, and he extended his big, clawed hand and said, "You've got to be Elias.  I've been looking forward to meeting you."

While Elias tentatively reached out and took Ben's hand, the lupine turned to me and said, "Holy geez, Jake, he's gorgeous!"

I grinned and nodded as I said, "Elias, this is Benjamin.  Ben's the newest member of our family now.  I love him and he loves me.  He's a lupine.  He's what happens when two werewolves get frisky and make a baby."

"My God, you're so fucking beautiful!" Elias blurted.

Ben smiled at him and said, "Thank you, I'm glad you think so.  The feeling's mutual."

I smiled as I watched Elias's reaction and waited for him to regain his composure and find his words.  After his one brief outburst, he was totally speechless.  He was looking Ben over from head to toe.  I could already see his pants tenting a bit as he thought about the fact that he might get to lay down with this incredibly sexy tower of muscle and fur eventually.

He looked over at me and said, "You two...this is who you got busy with?"

I grinned and nodded and said, "I hope it doesn't bother you that I did it without you knowing.  We were seriously caught up in a moment and we did what came naturally."

"Bother me?  Are you nuts?  I would have kicked your ass if you told me you had the chance but didn't because you were worried about me.  He's so amazing!"

He looked back at Ben, then back at me and asked, "Could we...could we go someplace private maybe?  This place is a bunkhouse.  It's full of beds.  Could we maybe, just for a bit..."

Ben chuckled and said,  "You don't look like a lupine, but you sure sound like one.  I like the way you think, Elias  We need to check each other out and see if we're compatible.  So far I'm thinking we are.  I just need to see your aura."

Elias's eyebrows went up.  "Aura?"

"Remember what I was telling you about how I could suddenly read what people were like from the chemical signals in their scents that hover around them when I was the wolf?  Turns out lupines have a refined version of that that somehow taps into the human side's powerful color vision.  They can actually see a person's qualities in a colored sort of glow around them.  They can only see it in the dark or a really dim room or their normal vision overrides it," I explained.

"That's so cool!" Elias exclaimed.

He looked Ben over more carefully and even walked around him, looking down at his tail and back up at his wolf head.  He checked over every inch of him and said, "You're the most amazing looking guy I've ever seen in my life.  I don't think I could have ever even imagined anyone so incredible!  I'm so excited right now!  I wish we could go somewhere private.  Jake, could we?  Please?"

I smiled and said, "In a little while.  We should sit and talk a bit first."

Elias turned back to Ben and said, "You're a member of the family now.  Could I at least get a hug?"

Ben grinned and said, "Hell yes."

He opened his muscular arms and scooped Elias into them and they hugged warmly for a good long while.  When they split apart they quickly kissed and then smiled at each other.

"You seem like a really sweet guy, Elias.  I'm thrilled at the idea of getting to know you better.  I hope you'll like me as much as I know I'm gonna like you," Ben said.

Elias grinned and kissed Ben again and slid into another hug and said, "I'm more excited about this than you are.  If Jake loves you then I know I will too."

I saw his hands begin to wander up and down Ben's furry back, then he pulled back a bit and put his hand on the lupine's muscular chest as he gazed over Ben's beautifully furred body.  His hand moved over to Ben's big bicep muscles and he felt the power in them.  I could see the tent in Elias's pants growing fast and Ben's shorts were getting a bit more crowded looking too.  It was fairly obvious that from a physical perspective the two would most definitely hit it off.

I heard mutterings and looked over to the group of men who were once again casting disapproving stares in our direction.  Most of the other men in other groups at other tables were either minding their own business and talking to each other, or watching what was going on between Ben and Elias with smiles on their faces.

I said, "Let's sit and talk for a while.  I want to wait for Jesse.  He said he'd meet us here.  I want to know where he's at with finding Cole.  I'm not sure how the hell they're gonna do it.  He's supposedly being held at some super secret facility they haven't been able to find yet, so I'm not sure how he suddenly expects to be able to get to him, but he seemed confident."

Elias couldn't peel his eyes away from Ben as we went to a table to sit down.  Benjamin and Elias sat across from each other so Elias could continue to stare raptly at him, and I sat next to Ben to face Elias.

Ben said, "If Jesse's confident, then you know it will happen.  He'll get Cole away from them and back to us."

"Why are they holding him?" Elias asked, "What are they planning do with him?"

I didn't want to tell him any details about what the agent had told me in the hospital room before he tried to kill me, or what Jesse had said later in the plane about the tests.  I simply said, "They're doing tests to learn more about werewolves.  I think they want to make some more, too.  Jesse says they're looking for a cure."

Elias's eyes went wide.  "A cure?  They want to stop it?"

I nodded, "Not just stop it from happening to anyone else, but to cure the ones who already have it.  They want to try to control it for themselves and only let the people they want become werewolves.  They want to build an unstoppable army."

Elias shook his head and said, "Trust the government to pervert the most amazing thing in the world.  We need to get Cole back from them."

Ben said, "Don't worry, Elias.  Jesse won't let you down.  I promise you.  If he really does know where Cole is, then Jesse will have him back to you by this time tomorrow."

Elias smiled at him and Ben smiled back.  Ben had put his hand on Elias's arm reassuringly from across the table, and now he was gently rubbing his hand up and down Elias's forearm.  Elias gazed back at the beautiful lupine with almost glazed eyes.  I could tell he was smitten already.  I smiled as I watched the two of them gazing into each other's eyes while Ben stroked Elias's arm.

Suddenly I heard Jesse's voice yell, "Howdy, folks!"

He saw Elias facing us and talking to me and Ben so he must have guessed who he was and he said, "Look at this beautiful reunion!  Ain't it grand?"

I grinned and waved at him and said, "Hey, Jesse.  Come over and meet Elias."

We all got up from the table and Elias smiled at the thought of finally getting to meet Jesse.  He turned to look over at him and I suddenly saw his smile fade, then he frowned angrily.  His face went dark, his jaw got tight, and his hands clenched into white-knuckled fists as he shouted in sudden fury, "You!  You fucking son of a bitch!  What the fuck are you doing here?  What the fuck is your game?!  I'm gonna kill you you piece of shit!"

He suddenly bumped past me and ran towards Jesse.  Ben flew past him and got in front of Elias to block him and asked, "What the hell is this?  What's wrong, Elias?"

I saw Jesse's face start to go beet red and his shoulders slumped as he said, "Oh, shit."

I was confused as hell.  I couldn't figure out how the hell Elias could possibly know Jesse.  They'd never met.  Then I remembered the light scent of Elias I'd smelled in the hospital hallway when I was delving into Jesse's scent.  It was too faint to get any details from, but it was there.  They had come near each other somehow.  What was this all about?

Elias struggled against Ben, but the muscular lupine held him back as Elias yelled, "Let me go!  This is the guy that took Cole!  He's the one that handed him to those government assholes!  He's the reason Cole's not with us!"

My heart started racing.  What was he talking about?  Jesse took Cole?  It didn't make sense.

Elias wouldn't lie, though.

I felt sudden rage building inside me as I advance towards Jesse.

Ben saw the rage on my face and said, "Jake, wait!  It can't be true!  Jesse wouldn't do that!"

I ignored him and walked up to Jesse and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him close.  There was shouting from the other men in the mess hall as they jumped from their benches and moved to protect their general.

Jesse looked towards them and raised a hand to stop them while I still had his shirt in my fist and he shouted, "Stand down!  All of you!  That's an order!  Stay out of this!"

The men stopped their advance, but several of them looked at me with unbridled menace in their eyes, making it clear if I tried anything I would not make it out of the room in once piece.

Jesse turned back to me and said more quietly, "Let me explain, Jake.  There was a reason for it."

Ben suddenly let Elias go and turned on Jesse and in surprised anger he shouted, "You mean it's true!?  What the fuck is going on?  How could you do that, Jesse?"

My heart started pounding as my rage continued to build.  Jesse had taken Cole!  It was true!  He admitted it!

I lost it and began to shout in his face, "You fucking piece of shit!  You'd better explain yourself, and it had better be good or I swear...  When I'm a wolf again later it will be the end of you.  I'll tear your fucking guts out!  I'll tear this whole fucking place apart!  Where the hell is Cole!?  Why did you give him to them?"

Jesse shouted, "Please, Jake, think about it.  You smelled me.  You know me!  You're a kindred!  You're all black!  The strongest kindred there ever was!  You know the truth about who I am and what I'm like!  The wolf showed you!"

I heard gasps and muttering all around the room from the other men at the mention of me being an all black kindred, and he continued, "You know I wouldn't do anything I didn't think was right!  Please, think about it for a bit before you rip my head off!  I had to do it!  I was under Samuel's orders!  That ain't the only reason, though.  I really felt it was the right thing, the only thing we could do!  I didn't know Grace then.  I didn't know you were all such good folks!  I ain't tryin' to weasel out of anything.  I take responsibility for what I done.  I wish I'd done things different now.  I planned on telling you.  I planned to tell Grace the truth.  I own up to the things I do.  I just thought it was better if we focused on getting Cole back first.  I didn't want you wasting any of your anger at me.  We need it all focused on the job of getting him back.  Please, let me explain everything!  Can we just sit down and talk?"

I thought about what he'd said about me being a kindred.  I remembered what I'd smelled of him as the wolf.  He was right.  The wolf showed me irrefutably that this man was exceptionally good.  He wouldn't do anything evil intentionally.  If he took Cole, it was because he felt it was the right thing to do.  The good thing to do.  I couldn't understand how that could be.

I remembered the shade of grey I'd seen when I thought about him back in the hospital.  The fact that Jesse felt conflicted about something and was changing his mind about something that was important to him.  Was this it?  I remembered the sense of his loyalty being strong, but shifting.  Was it shifting from his duty to Samuel, over to Grace and Cole?  Was that what I'd sensed?  He said he hadn't known that Cole was connected to Grace until later and that things would have been different if he'd known.  He still seemed to think his actions were justified somehow, though.  He said so.  I needed to hear it all.  I needed to know why he'd done it.

I began to calm down a bit as I realized no matter what had happened, whatever he'd done, the wolf would not have been confused about the signals it got from Jesse.  He was a good man.  There had to be some sort of reasonable explanation.  I should hear him out.  We needed him and his army desperately now if we wanted to get Cole back and we should give him a chance.

I let go of his shirt and stepped back.

He relaxed and sighed, and he turned to Ben and said, "Round up the men.  Give us the room.  I need to talk to Jake and Elias in private."

Ben nodded and he turned to face the other men and shouted, "Everyone out!  Give the general the room!"

He started to move to the doors along with the other men and I said, "No, Ben, please stay.  You belong here.  You're with me and Elias now."

He turned and smiled gratefully as though he was hoping I'd say just that, and he came back to join us.

Jesse got a look of dismay on his face.  I think he might not have wanted Ben to hear what he was going to say.  He was ashamed of it and didn't want his friend to know what he'd done.  I didn't care.  He needed to own up to whatever it was.  It had better be good.

"Let's sit," Jesse said.

We all took a seat at one of the tables and Jesse cleared his throat and began, "You remember I told you about the facility we busted up a while back and the fact that we knew they had another one, Jake?"

I nodded.

"We'll, like I told you, after we took that first one out, they started being a lot more careful.  They've kept it so hidden we couldn't find it, no matter how hard we tried.  Samuel's got people who tap some of the electronic messages going around, but they're always encoded and stripped of all traceable information.  We can't tell where they're coming from.  We've got the power to decipher the messages, but even then they use code phrases for everything and we've never got any detail on a location.  We know how far they've gotten.  We know they're finished with the virus delivery system.  We know they were just waiting on a test subject so they could get back to work on the cure.  Samuel was getting desperate.  He knew that every day that passed increased the odds of them finding out about the lupines.  He knew that if they got hold of one of them they would have the cure in no time.  Even if they didn't, he knew that eventually we would slip up, or someone would, and they'd have a werewolf they could work with again.  He desperately wanted to find that facility and destroy it before it was too late and they got what they needed.

"Samuel saw those government goons suddenly becoming more active over a week ago.  He saw messages go back and forth that indicated they were on the trail of a possible subject and to get the facility ready.  He used his resources to follow them into Mexico.  He realized they were getting close to whatever werewolf they were on the trail of.  He decided to take a calculated risk.  To let them get what they were after, but to arrange it so we could follow them to wherever they would take the one they grabbed.  The conditions were right and he felt this was our best possible chance to do it."

"You mean he decided to use Cole to try to find the facility?" I asked, "He risked an innocent kid to solve his problem?"

Jesse nodded and said, "We were gonna hit the facility and get the werewolf back out right away anyhow so it seemed worth it.  We didn't know he was a kid at the time or I probably wouldn't have gone along if I'd had time to think it through in advance.  We had no idea who he was until we followed them right into Nazas.  I tried to get Samuel to change his mind when we found out from the pictures they were circulating that it was just a boy, but he was adamant.  They needed to get the boy and we needed to make sure they did.  We needed to let them get away with him so we could finally track them to the facility.  Samuel's the alpha, Jake.  I had to follow his orders.  To be honest, I still sort of agreed with them even if I was hesitant.  It was just that important."

I realized the reason why there'd been a touch of grey in Jesse's character instead of actual darkness.  He knew it wasn't quite right, but he felt it was the best thing to do.  The good of the many was more than enough to offset the fact that he was putting a boy at risk.  His confidence in the fact that they would get Cole back gave him the push to proceed.  How could they be so sure they would be able to track Cole to the facility?

"How would you use Cole to track them?" I asked, "Tell me exactly how it went down."

"Well, we knew they were tracking a werewolf.  Several of us were in the crowd at Nazas and we saw them circulating pictures of Cole, so we finally knew who they were looking for exactly.  We spread out to find him.  To get to him first and then make sure they got him."

"To make sure?  So you really handed him to them yourself?" I asked.

He turned red again and nodded and said, "It's just like Elias said.  He's telling you the truth.  I was the one that handed Cole to them myself.  I didn't know Elias got a good look at my face.  I didn't even know about Elias at the time.  I heard someone shout Cole's name so I knew I had to get moving fast.  Cole was scared of me at first when I found him and I started talking to him.  He was trying to find his family.  I told him I'd take him somewhere safe.  I told him I'd help him.  I feel like shit for lying to him, but I had to.  I was trying to let him know that everything would be OK in the end.  To try to make him feel safe.  When I heard someone yell his name I just grabbed him and pulled him away into the crowd.  The plan was fairly simple.  We wanted to plant a tracking device on him."

"A tracking device?  How the hell could you plant anything on him and expect it to stay with him if you knew the eclipse would change him?  He'd be naked and anything he was wearing would be gone.  Where the hell would you hide it?" Elias asked.

Jesse said, "We'd hide it inside him.  The device is a modified version of a medical diagnostic tool called a capsule endoscope.  They use it to take pictures and videos of someone's gastrointestinal system and transmit them out to a receiver.  We modified it to send a GPS ping of its location using ultra-wideband radio.  The capsule is small enough to swallow.  It would take a day or two to get through his system since they'd be keeping him sedated the whole time, and we'd be able to track him right to his final destination.  We knew we couldn't give it to him right then.  We knew the eclipse was minutes away and we knew he would change.  When you change, any foreign object migrates out of your body as you regrow.  Fillings in your teeth, pins in bones, bullets even, and the capsule, anything that's inorganic and doesn't belong falls out during the change.  We needed to put the tracker into him after the eclipse changed him, then we would make sure he got into the government's hands so they would bring him straight to the facility and we could track him all the way there.  That's why I pulled him away into the crowd when I heard someone call his name.  I needed to get him back to my team to wait out the change so we could plant the device on him after and then make sure he got into the government's hands."

"But you got in a fire fight!" I said, "I know you did.  The wolf smelled it all!  I was sure you'd tried to rescue Cole from them, not hand him to them!  If you just gave him to them, then why did I smell combat?"

He nodded his head and said, "We did get in a fight with them.  See, there was a complication.  When I pulled Cole away to bring him back to my team, I ran smack into the government men and they recognized him right away.  It was just bad luck.  I couldn't turn away or whoever had called Cole's name would catch up to me, and I couldn't get past the goons with him, so I made a snap decision to give him to them right then and there.  I knew we'd never get the perfect conditions to do it ever again.  We needed the new moon and it had just started.  We needed them to be grabbing a werewolf they had already been searching for so they wouldn't be suspicious of anything.  I realized I had to act or we'd lose our only chance.  It was a risk, but it seemed the best way to go.  We already had a contingency plan in place in case they got to the werewolf they were after before we could, so I decided we would just go ahead with that.  Anyhow, when they saw me with him they asked if I was Cole's dad and I said I didn't even know him.  I found him lost in the crowd and I was trying to help him find his family.  They told me they'd handle it from there.  I handed him over to them, but Cole was freaking out.  I think he knew they were bad, I guess because of the run-ins you had with them before, and he was pissed at me for giving him to them.  He swore at me and threatened what would happen to me if his family caught up to me.  I've never felt more like a complete dick in my life, but I had to do it.  I melted into the crowd and went back to join my team."

I thought back to the confusing jumble of pheromone messages I'd gotten when I was sniffing the air back in the hospital.  They must have all been coming off of Cole when Jesse grabbed him.  Suddenly it all made sense.  He'd been scared of him at first, then grateful for the help he offered, then obviously angry and disappointed when Jesse just handed him to the government men and walked away.  It wasn't an attempted rescue and failure that made Cole go through those emotions.  It was his abduction by Jesse!  It wasn't Jesse's failure at a rescue attempt that made him feel guilty, it was what he'd done intentionally to Cole!

"So you let them have him even though the tracker wasn't in him yet?  That was a bit risky, don't you think?  How did you plan to get the tracking device on him?  What if they got away clean with him?  Why couldn't you guys have just used one of your own as bait for the government?"

Jesse said, "It's like I said, the conditions were perfect.  Samuel had concieved of the plan a while ago.  That's why we already had the tracking device ready.  It really was his plan to do just like you said and use one of us as bait for them.  The problem was they'd be suspicious if everything wasn't just right.  They had to somehow discover the werewolf on their own and then go after him.  They had to capture him during a new moon cycle so the capsule would stay inside long enough for the complete trip.  We weren't sure how we would arrange all of that, but we had some ideas.  Before we could even begin to work at it though, we found out about them tracking Cole into Mexico.  Samuel made the decision to act.  It was the eclipse that made him realize we had no choice.  He knew there was a good chance the eclipse might turn into what it did, a sort of small scale werewolf apocalypse.  He figured if it did, they'd have access to so many werewolves they could succeed with their plans easily.  He knew our shot with Cole would be our only chance to get them to quickly ship one of us to their facility.  He knew that even if the werewolf infection started to spread, they wouldn't know about it until later because they'd be busy rushing Cole to the site as fast as they could before we could interfere.  We'd never get another chance, so I had to take the risk.  I knew they'd want to get him out quick.  I knew where the nearest airfield they could use was.  I knew where they'd be heading.

"We setup an ambush.  We knew they'd dart Cole because the eclipse would change him, so it would make it even easier for us to put the tracker in him and even Cole wouldn't know about it, but we had to stage an attempt to rescue him in order to get access to him after the change.  They know we're never far behind them so they would know we might make a grab for Cole to stop them getting one of us.  We did what they expected.  In the confusion of the ambush while some of us were laying down fire to keep the people in the trailing SUV from getting to the lead one where Cole was, one of my men got to Cole and stuffed the tracking device down his throat.  He had to kill the men in the front SUV to do it.  He went in and out fast so the others wouldn't know he'd even been there and we started to let the others get the upper hand and drive us off.  Several of my men were shot and wounded to make it look convincing, but we got them all out of there.  We knew it would all get repaired with the next change anyhow.  We let them get the upper hand so they could take off with Cole again and feel they'd gotten away from us clean."

And there it all was, the last pieces of the puzzle that the wolf had handed to me, but that I'd assembled into the incorrect order.  Cole had met Jesse before the 'rescue'.  There really never was a rescue attempt at all.  Jesse wasn't rescuer, he was abductor.  He obviously in his heart truly believed he was doing right in the long run.  I realized I would have to be a bit more careful with the information the wolf presented to me in future and not just take it at face value.  Maybe if I sniffed a crazed serial killing lunatic he might have a white aura simply because he fully believed everything he was doing was absolutely right and good, because the voices in his head told him so and he believed them.  It appeared context was everything, and without knowing the context it was still mostly guess work.

I still couldn't believe Jesse would be willing to take that sort of risk with a boy, though.

"Fuck, Jesse!  Cole could have got killed!"

"No, Jake, that was the last thing we wanted and the last thing the government men wanted.  Everyone was trying to make sure he was OK.  We knew we'd get him back eventually.  We always plan strikes around a change, so even if he somehow got hurt in the process of trying to get him back later on, the next change would fix it all.  They bought the whole thing, luckily.  The goon who tried to kill you later in the hospital got in the first truck with Cole still sedated in the back seat from the tranquilizer, and they all took off again.  We chased them for a bit to try to make it as convincing as possible and then we fell back and let them get away.  It would take up to a day or two for the tracking capsule to move through his system and we were fairly certain that with the added pressure from the ambush, they would rush the process of shipping him to the facility.  The capsule would just come out mixed into Cole's shit later on so they would never even know it had been there.  By then he'd be at the new location and we'd finally know where it was.  It was the only way we could think of to locate that place, and Samuel was absolutely desperate to do it."

 "That's why you needed the new moon?" I asked, "You needed to make sure it would stay in his body long enough?"

Jesse nodded and said, "That's right.  That's why I said the conditions were perfect.  We needed it to last long enough for them to transport him there and they'd likely take the usual round about means of getting him there.  They'd fly him out, drive him to another airstrip after they arrived at the next one, take another flight, drive some more, and so on.  They even routinely use decoys to send us off chasing the wrong transports entirely.  They do everything they can to stop us from following them to the final location and we were never successful in the past when we tried to do that.  Their primary defense for that site is simply making sure nobody would ever know where it is so they do everything in their power to make it impossible to follow them to it.  We knew it was in an extremely remote location in case any of the dangerous things they were working on got loose.  We even had a rough idea where it might be based on some vague clues in their coded messages.  But we were never able to pinpoint its location.  We knew that if we could give them what they wanted, and make sure we could track their new subject, we could finally find the facility."

I shook my head in disgust.  I couldn't believe they would use a kid that way.  I suddenly wasn't so thrilled we'd found this community of werewolves.  I wasn't so sure it was a good thing.

Jesse saw my disappointment and he said, "I'm so sorry, Jake.  I had to do it.  It was the only way to find them.  To stop them from succeeding with what they're trying to do.  Don't you see?  If they ever succeed with their plans, it's all over.  The whole fucking world would be theirs!  We had to do it!  We needed to do it to save the world from them.  To save all of us, the werewolves.  To save the lupine race from stagnation and eventual extinction from lack of genetic diversity.  I was thinking of Benjamin when I did it, of his people.  They're our children, Jake!  We have to do whatever it takes to keep them safe!  We were desperate, and this was the only solution we could see.

"It was later when I talked to Grace and realized it was her kid that I did that to, that's what finally made me realize how fucked up it was.  It's what brought it all home to me.  I did it to protect our children, but I ended up putting her child at risk.  He wasn't just a test subject we'd helped them get their hands on, he was someone's son.  He had a mom and she was beside herself with worry.  He was her scared little boy.  I felt like shit.  That's when I realized we'd gone too far.  I realized we should never have done it to a kid.  We should have tried to find another way.  Samuel had ordered me to come back immediately to get ready for a strike on the installation, but I ignored his orders.  I had to try to start making things right.  That's when I swore to Grace that I would find Elias and you, and then we'd get Cole back to her.

"Samuel is getting too desperate and too hasty.  He's too willing to do whatever it takes to keep the lupines safe.  He's become fanatical about protecting his children and I think it's starting to push him over the edge.  He's doing crazy things.  He's come to the point where he seems to hate humans now, all humans, and he doesn't care who he rolls over in his attempt to wreck their plans.  I think that's part of the reason he wasn't pissed off in the end by the mess at Nazas.  I think he's starting to get the idea that maybe we should create as many werewolves as we can, everywhere.  Maybe he thinks we need a real, full blown werewolf apocalypse.  He knows even for that to work we have to shut down their research again so they have no way to stop it.  He's been shutting himself away recently with men who he sees as more loyal to him than even me.  They're cooking up plans of their own.  I'm starting to get the impression that he's not too far from being just like those government people now.  He wants to build a werewolf army so big that they could never stop us.  He'll do anything to protect the lupines even if it means tearing down the rest of the world to do it.  I just can't see myself following him anymore.  He's starting to get a little too extreme for me.  I signed up to be his general because we were doing good.  We were going to defend ourselves and keep everyone safe.  I didn't sign on to go to war with the humans.  To go on the offensive against them.  I don't see them all as the enemy, but Samuel does.  I think he's starting to realize I might not be on board so much anymore.  He's getting more involved in commanding the army himself now.  He realizes the importance of this next mission, too, shutting down the new facility, and he wants to take a hand in it himself."

"So it worked, then?" Elias asked, "The tracker?"

Jesse nodded and said, "That's what I was checking when we landed.  It worked perfectly.  We were able to track the signal until it finally stopped.  It's here in Alaska, just as we'd assumed.  We setup this particular compound because even though we weren't able to find the facility before, there were a lot of clues that pointed to Alaska and we needed a forward staging area setup and ready for when we would need it.  The new lab is further north of here.  Actually, it's really sort of an old facility it turns out.  Samuel sent a small team to surveil it already and they've reported back.  It's underground.  It looks like an old listening post or something from back in the cold war days.  They wanted it hidden from the Russians.  Looks as though they just re-purposed it.  It was carved out of the permafrost up there.  It's so well hidden, we know for sure now we would never have found it.  We know where Cole is now, and we're preparing to take the facility.  Samuel's out for blood.  He wants to come along himself.  He says this is more important than anything else we've ever done.  He says the whole future depends on our success.  We'll get Cole out, Jake.  I swear it!"

I sighed and said, "I have to trust in you, Jesse.  I need you.  You're the reason Cole's not with us right now, but you're our only hope of getting him back.  I don't know if I can ever forgive you for this."

He looked anguished as he said, "Don't say that, please!  I know you're a good man.  I care what you think.  I'm not a bad person, Jake!  I'm really not!  I was gonna tell you everything, I swear it!  I'll tell Grace the truth as soon as we see her, just to show you I'm honorable and I had no intention of keeping it from any of you.  I own up to shit I done.  I just thought it was best to wait until it was over so everyone could focus hard on the mission first."

"No," I said, "I don't think you should tell Grace yet.  She likes you, Jesse, a lot.  She needs that right now.  She's hurting enough as it is worrying about Cole.  She needs a champion, and for now you're it.  She needs that hope.  She needs to believe you're the man she thought you were and you'll give anything, even your own life, to get her son back to her."

"I am that man, Jake!  I swear it!  I am the man she thought I was!  Give me a chance!  There's so much on the line, Jake!  I had to do what I did!  I did it for Ben!  For all of his kind!"

Ben became angry and said, "Don't use me as an excuse!  You stole someone's kid and put him in harm's way!  I never would have thought you could do anything like that, Jesse."

Jesse looked as though he was about to break down as he said, "Ben, please, you have to understand.  I didn't have time to think it through.  It was a mistake.  A bad decision.  I've been wracked with guilt about it.  I've been doing what I can to make it right and I'm gonna keep on doing it.  We'll get Cole back.  I swear it!"

Elias said, "I doubt I could ever believe anything you ever say from now on."

Elias was angry, and what he said seemed a bit harsh, as did what I'd said, as I thought more about it.  Jesse was right.  It was a mistake.  A one time lapse in judgment.  Could we really doubt the man's whole character because of it?

Ben seemed to be reaching the same conclusion as he turned to Elias and said, "You're angry, Elias.  You have a right to be.  But I've known Jesse my whole life.  He's a great man.  I know you don't know me yet but you need to believe me.  Jesse can be trusted.  He just made a mistake.  It was a bad one, but it was a mistake.  He's not a bad person.  He was the best man I knew until Jake came into my life."

Elias shrugged and said, "If you say so.  I have no reason to doubt you."

Ben turned to me and said, "Jake, the lie detector sees all.  You know that.  You said you had the skill as a wolf, the same as I do, so you must know the truth about Jesse from what you smelled of him back at the hospital.  I've seen his aura more times than I can count while we've talked in the dark guts of that plane on countless night flights.  He couldn't hide anything bad from me.  He's never even tried to hide anything from me.  There's nothing bad in him that he needs to hide.  He just made a mistake."

He turned back to Elias again and said, "Maybe in time you'll learn to forgive him, but it's not important right now.  Let's not make it about Jesse for now.  Let's just make it about Cole.  Let's do like Jesse said and focus everything on getting Cole back to his family."

Elias shrugged and nodded and said, "I'm willing to forget about it for now.  We're counting on Jesse now, we have no choice, but I still don't know if I can trust him.  Trust is earned where I come from.  He'll have to do something to earn it.  Until I see that, my feelings aren't gonna change."

Jesse finally spoke up again and said, "Fair enough.  I can't blame you for feeling the way you do.  I'm sorry for what I did, Elias.  Know that.  I've been wracked with guilt about it since the day it happened."

I sighed and said, "I can attest to that.  I've seen it.  I told you about the way things are for my wolf, Elias.  Jesse can't hide from him anymore than he can hide from Ben's senses.  He really is a good man.  He bucked his alpha's orders to come and rescue me at the hospital.  I'd be dead if it wasn't for him.  He probably won't be general much longer because of that choice.  He made that sacrifice for me.  To start to make things right.  I'm grateful to him for it.  I choose to trust him.  A whole lifetime of good thoughts and deeds can't be wiped out by one mistake in judgment.  It can't change who he is.  I'm not happy about what he's done, but I have to try to forgive him for it.  I'm gonna try, just maybe later.  He'll need to earn back my trust, like you said.  Getting Cole back safe will be a good start."

Ben smiled and nodded his agreement and Elias nodded too.

Jesse seemed to relax more and he sighed heavily as he said, "I'll earn your trust back.  You'll see.  We're hitting the facility tonight.  Jake, I know you'll want to come along.  I'd like you to, if you're willing."

Ben said, "Jake's not trained, Jesse.  I don't think he should be taking that sort of risk."

Jesse said, "It won't be a huge risk, and I need him.  From what the surveillance team has told us, the only real defense that site has is it's secrecy.  There's absolutely no evidence that it exists other than a hidden set of doors in a hillside and camouflaged guards hidden in the trees around it.  They didn't want anyone to ever see it from any satellite or aerial photography so there are no walls or fences, no watch towers, no turrets, no external lights, no roads, nothing.  There aren't even any vehicles whatsoever around it so likely any coming and going is by a helicopter that flies in and then right back out.  There can't be a lot of men inside there.  That's why they were so careful about never letting us find it.  There's likely a guard presence inside, but I'm guessing the vast majority of people in there will be scientists.  We'll hit them hard and we'll hit them fast.  It won't be much of a fight.  I think Jake will do fine if he wants to tag along.  I think his size as a wolf will help bring everyone at the site to heel.  They won't want to cross him.  I know after what he described about what his wolf did to the government man in his hospital room, I sure as hell wouldn't want to cross him."

"But you have enough men, Jesse," Ben insisted, "Why do you need Jake?  You've got a whole army!"

Jesse said, "It's like I was saying before.  I get the feeling Samuel is already losing faith in my loyalty to him.  He didn't like me questioning his decision to go ahead and take the boy back at Nazas, even though I eventually agreed to it.  I found out when we got back here that he was really pissed that I ignored his order to return and went off to find Elias and to rescue Jake, too.  He didn't like me using our resources and calling you out there with the herc, either, Jesse.  He barely said two words to me earlier when I went to talk to him in the comms building.  Like Jake said, I get the feeling Samuel will be looking for a new general to command his army soon.  He's huddled with other men all the time now and he's not really including me in those conversations.  It makes me uneasy.  We need to look after our own interests for this mission tonight I think.  I don't trust Samuel to keep the right priorities.  His primary goal is going to be to destroy all of their research.  Something tells me none of the scientists will survive our attack, either.  There won't be any survivors this time.  I need Jake there so I'll know I have at least one man with me who's primary interest will be getting Cole back out above all else.  I have a few men that are completely loyal to me above even Samuel, but one more man, especially one who's the biggest damn wolf that ever existed, will help.  I want you there with me if you'll come, Jake."

"I plan on going along.  Thanks, Jesse."

Elias said, "Me too.  I'm not gonna sit around on my ass while you go after Cole, Jake."

"No!" Ben protested, "You can't take that kind of risk, Elias.  Jake's huge, but you're pretty small for a werewolf.  I don't want to see you get hurt.  It's too dangerous."

Jesse said, "I'm really sorry, Elias, but Benjamin's right.  I can't let you come along.  We're not setup for anyone as small as you.  We have no gear that would work for you.  It would be too dangerous without proper protection.  Besides, Grace is gonna need someone to stay with her during all of this.  She's gonna be out of her mind with worry.  You need to try to keep her from going crazy."

"Jesse's right, Elias," I said, "Grace will need you to be with her.  I know you want to come and help Cole, but if Jesse says it's not safe for you then I think it's better if you stay."

Elias looked disappointed, but he nodded his agreement.

Jesse said, "All right, then.  We're agreed.  Jake, I gotta go talk to some folks.  I need to assess how many are still more loyal to me than to Samuel.  There's a lot of bad eggs around here that I've never got along with.  They'll be going with Samuel I'm sure.  I need to gather as many as I can that will stick with us and focus on getting Cole out.  We'll be heading out an hour or so before sunset.  We'll want to be on the ground and ready to hit the facility when the change happens tonight.  We'll be going in as wolves.  Get some more rest, Jake.  You gotta be pretty bushed too, Ben, since you flew out to get us and then flew us back without a break.  Elias looks like he hasn't slept in a long time, too.  You all get rested up and I'll come back to find you later on when the time is getting closer."

I nodded, and Jesse stood and turned and left the room.

Benjamin shook his head and said, "I can't believe he did that, Jake.  I never would have thought he could steal someone's kid like that."

"He loves you, Ben.  He was thinking of you and the lupines.  I could sense from the way he was talking that he was almost as desperate as he made Samuel out to be.  Everything's at stake as far as they're concerned.  They had to do it to protect the werewolves and especially the lupines.  The more I think of it the more I'm ready to forgive him for it.  He's a good man and we both know it.  We need to let him know we know it so his confidence is never shaken.  He made a mistake and we need to let it go."

Ben smiled and said, "You're a good man too, Jake.  I've known Jesse my whole life so it's easy for me to forgive him, but you've known him for less than a day."

"It's like you said, the lie detector sees all.  My wolf told me what a good man he is.  He risked everything he's built here to come after me and get me out of that hospital.  I owe him my life.  I'll be a wolf right next to him later tonight, too.  He can't hide anything from me.  I'm sure I'll see him as just as good a man as I saw before.  As good a man as you've seen."

Elias said, "I wish I had that skill.  It would sure make some things easier."

I nodded and said, "I sure thought so.  Now I realize it's just a tool.  The user needs to understand how to use it right, or it might assign the wrong meaning to things.  I still need some practice using it I guess."

Ben said, "I'm beat.  I haven't slept in quite a while.  I say we do like Elias suggested and find someplace private.  I want to get to know both of you some more.  A lot more.  Let's burn up whatever energy we have left, then get some rest."

Elias grinned and said, "Finally!  Let's go!"

I smiled and said, "The RV's setup and waiting for us outside by now.  If we go there we'll have privacy."

Elias jumped up excitedly and said, "Well, come on then!  I get to climb mount lupine!  Let's go!"

He turned and ran out the door and down the hall and I smiled as I watched him go.  I usually thought about how much of Elias I saw in Cole, but Elias acted and sounded exactly like Cole just then.  Seems they both have a lot of each other in them.  I guess that's why I love them both so much.  They're so alike.

Ben chuckled and got up and chased Elias out the door and I got up and followed.

By the time I got outside and found the RV and went in, Ben was already in the process of stripping Elias down.  He was standing at the end of the bed and Elias was sitting up on it, smiling and watching the beautiful furry lupine work.  Ben had pulled off Elias's hiking boots and shucked off his jeans already, leaving him with only underwear and socks.  Now Ben was inhaling the scent of his feet deeply through his dirty socks.  Elias had been up and pacing all through the night and he'd likely only been wearing whatever clothes they'd given him when they first picked him up, so there was a few days of unwashed wear in them.  There was likely a fair bit there for Ben to enjoy.

I smiled and watched while I began to undress.  Ben pulled off Elias's socks and sniffed them again with closed eyes and a smile before tossing them aside, then he turned to Elias's feet and began to lick them from heel to toe.  Elias giggled from the sensation of the tongue tickling the sole of his foot, then he sighed as Benjamin switched to running his long tongue between Elias's toes to taste the sweat there.  Elias wasn't quite as heavily into feet as I was, though he did like them.  He most definitely liked having others enjoy his feet, though, and Ben was doing a good job of washing them thoroughly with his long canine tongue.

I quickly finished undressing and then I got down on my knees next to Ben and started to work the laces on his big army boots.  I patted the lupine's ass and asked him to get his knees up on the bed.  He stopped what he was doing and looked up at Elias, then he reached to his waist and lifted his shirt up and over his head and tossed it aside.  He pushed Elias over on his back and then reached in and grabbed his underwear by the waistband and yanked them down and off, exposing Elias's incredibly rigid tool and his nice fat balls.  Ben groaned at the sight and simply said, "Beautiful."

He then pushed Elias further up the bed as he got his own knees onto the bed as I'd asked him to, and he went to work snuffling and licking and cleaning Elias's crotch.

I pulled Ben's army boots off and then enjoyed his socked feet again for a bit before I removed the socks and threw them to the floor.  I then grabbed the back of his shorts and underwear and began to pull them down.  I reached into the back and pulled his bushy tail out through the hole and hooked his shorts and underwear under his big glutes.  I knew he'd be getting pretty aroused by what he was doing to Elias so I reached around to feel for his cock.  Sure enough, it was already at full mast and incredibly hard inside his underwear.  I slipped my hand down the front and grabbed the big, hot tool and pulled it up past the waistband so I could then safely yank his shorts and underwear down to his knees.  He lifted one knee to allow me to work them down, then lifted the other so I could pull them right off of him.

He must have known what I would want to do next because he spread his knees a bit on the bed and suddenly his tail went right up in the air, showing me his hot and ready hole.  I was already so turned on I just wanted to get on him and fuck him again.  I grabbed his tail and lifted it the rest of the way up so I could plunge my face in and enjoy the taste of him for just a bit by way of loosening him up and getting him ready.  He moaned as I drove my tongue into him to get more of his incredible taste.  I was surprised by how quickly my level of arousal rocketed up again.  I'd only just fucked him not much more than an hour ago, but I had to take him again, right now.

I spat at his hole and worked it in with a finger and he moaned some more at the action.  I then spat at my fingers and worked it onto my cock head and shaft.  I patted Ben's furry butt and asked him to move forward a bit so I could get on the bed behind him.  He groaned and he lifted his head off of Elias's crotch and worked his knees forward.  Elias gasped and said, "Holy fuck!" when he saw the size of Ben's impressive cock suddenly bobbing up in front of his face.  He immediately went to work playing with it with one hand, while he reached up to caress Ben's huge balls.

I got up onto the bed behind Ben and put my cock up against his tight, hot sphincter and I began to apply pressure.  Ben immediately pushed back at me and moaned as I smoothly entered him again.  I was going to cum very quickly so I wasted no time and began to build a rhythm, moaning and groaning at the pleasurable feeling of pumping my fat cock in and out of Ben's snug rectum as his anus squeezed at my shaft.

The sensation of my cock gliding against his sensitive anus combined with Elias licking and playing with Ben's cock while he fondled his big balls was sending Ben close to the peak.

"Fuck!  That feels so good!  I can't hold it.  Elias, I want to shoot on your face, OK?"

Elias nodded his enthusiasm at that idea and wiggled up between Ben's legs a bit to put his face in a better position.

"Play with my nuts while Jake fucks me," Ben said.

Elias grinned and reached out with both hands to really start to rub and gently squeeze at the beautifully shaped grapefruits enclosed in Ben's warm, furry sack.  I stepped up the pace a bit and lifted his tail right up and started grunting as I fucked him harder and he really started to moan loudly now.

Ben grabbed his own cock with his big hand and began to work it as he looked down at Elias's beautiful face.  The lights were dim and all the shades were pulled down around the RV so clearly Ben was getting a good look at Elias's aura now.

"Fuck, you're perfect!" he exclaimed as he began to moan louder and he started to pant as he worked his cock faster and faster.

I felt Ben's anus suddenly begin to pulse.  It squeezed at my cock harder and harder as his orgasm rapidly built, and that sent me sailing over the edge.  I grunted and moaned loudly as I slammed myself up against him and shot my load deep into his bowels.  Ben groaned loudly and desperately said, "I'm gonna cum!  Open your mouth!"

Elias opened wide and the sight of him greedily anticipating the treat that was coming was all it took to push Ben the rest of the way.  He grunted loudly and tensed right up and suddenly a massive blast of thick, hot cum shot in a long stream and hit Elias right on the side of his mouth.  Another grunt, and another blast sent a volley right into his mouth.  Elias closed his mouth to enjoy it but Ben was nowhere near done yet.  I continued to slam myself against him and shoot the last of my load into him while the tight ring of muscle at his hole kept spasming and trying to strangle my cock.  Ben groaned and grunted again and another blast hit Elias's closed mouth.  Again and again long squirts of Ben's thick seed shot out and he painted Elias's face with it.  Elias was in heaven.  He took his hands off Ben's balls and reached up to grab onto the back of Ben's big knot that was now nearly at full size, and he used it to pull the tip of the lupine's massive dick right up to his open mouth.  It was too big to fit right inside Elias's mouth, but he wanted every last bit of the beautiful furry creature's seed to shoot right onto his tongue.

Ben moaned as he continued to stroke his cock, pumping the rest of his huge load right into Elias's mouth.

Finally I had reached the end of my orgasm and I could feel Ben's anus begin to settle down as he reached the end of his.  I pulled out and moved around to the side of the bed to get a good look.  Ben was smiling down at Elias, who's face was absolutely coated with his thick seed, and he was gently stroking himself to coax every last drop into his mouth.  His other hand was stroking Elias's soft hair as Ben smiled at him and watched him enjoying the treat he was feeding him.  Elias was hanging on tight to Ben's big knot and slurping down everything he was offered.

The look of the massively muscular, dark brown, furry beast straddling the boy's face and jacking himself into the his mouth was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen in my life.

Finally Ben sighed and pulled his cock away from Elias's face.  He worked his way back on the bed and then leaned in and began to lick his own cum off Elias's face.  Elias grinned and sat still while he was being cleaned.  Ben licked up every last dropped and then he kissed Elias on the mouth and stared right into his eyes and said, "Your soul is as beautiful as Jakes.  I love you, Elias."

Elias grinned back up at him and kissed him back then said, "I've never been so turned on in my life.  Could I put my cock in you?"

Ben grinned and nodded and said, "Let me get you ready."

He moved backwards off the bed and leaned in to slurp in Elias's cock.  He sucked it a bit and drooled all over it, getting it good and wet, then he worked his way back up on the bed with his feet on either side of Elias and then he grabbed his tail and pulled it up as he lowered himself down onto Elias's rigid tool.  I moaned at the sight of it.  This massive, muscular, furry god was impaling himself on the boy and moaning as he began to ride Elias's cock up and down.  I could see Elias's toes curling up, he was so turned on.  He looked down and watched as the furry lupine grinned at him and began to bounce faster and faster up and down.  Just as Elias seemed to be getting close he suddenly stopped, then he grabbed Elias and held him as he rolled over onto his back, pulling Elias around to that he was suddenly on top of Ben, facing him, with his cock still buried in his tight ass.

Elias groaned and immediately began to lift his hips and thrust them forward as he worked towards his orgasm again.  I quickly moved behind him and moved my face into position and began to match Elias's thrusting motion while I worked his tasty hole with my tongue.  Elias began to moan more urgently as he said, "That feels so good!"

I moved my hand up and started playing with his balls while I tongued him, and he groaned and began to buck harder against Ben.

In moments I felt his sphincter begin to pulse against my tongue and his sack started to tighten up in my hand as his orgasm slammed into him and he yelled from the pleasurable release as he shot into his new lover for the first time.  Once again I moved off to the side to get a better view.  It was wonderful to see.  The huge lupine was on his back with his muscular legs hooked up on Elias's shoulders.  Elias's hands were on the backs of Ben's massive thighs and his head was back as he lost himself in the pleasure of humping at him and shooting everything he had into him.  Ben's cock had not gone down yet.  His knot was still big like he was still tied, and his cock was still leaking and making a puddle of cum on his belly.  I moved in and began to lick it up until there was none left, then I moved to the side and lay down on the bed to wait for them to finish.

Finally Elias pulled out and sighed his contentment as Ben lowered his legs to either side of him and Elias crawled up onto him and wrapped his arms around Ben's neck and said, "That was amazing.  Thank you."

Ben rubbed his naked back and said, "You two are so beautiful to me.  It's gonna be so great doing this over and over again."

I smiled and moved in closer to join them and said, "Yes, it will.  I can't wait until Cole joins us.  He's gonna be crazy about you, too."

Ben smiled and said, "You're both perfect matches for me.  I bet Cole will be exactly the same.  You guys knew what you were doing when you fell in love with each other, obviously.  You didn't even need to see any aura to find the right match.  It must take a lot of faith to do that."

Elias said, "Not really.  I just had a feeling with Jake, right when I first saw him."

"Tell me what it was like when you two met," Ben said.

And for the next while we talked softly to each other.  Elias and I each told our side of how we'd met and fell in love while Ben smiled and listened.  Ben told us some of his experiences and how hard it had been being the only gay lupine in existence.

For quite a while we got to know each other better until finally Elias's exhaustion got the better of him and he drifted off while still lying on top of the furry lupine.  Ben held him close and smiled as he allowed himself to drift away to sleep as well.

I stayed awake for a while longer, enjoying the sight of them holding each other and thinking about how good it was going to be when Cole could finally join us to make our family complete again.

I began to feel drowsy, and with thoughts of Cole in my head and warming my heart, I nodded off for a short nap.


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