What follows is a work of complete fiction.

This story begins with a fairly standard and often used homosexual theme involving sex between a grown man and a homeless teenage boy he tries to help out.  It will start with a very intimate encounter between the two and then will take a turn for the furry and will alternate between human/human human/furry and furry/furry at random.  Any of you freaks who have something against sex between intelligent, loving, horny, furry creatures and people should stay away and leave those of us who are normal and who like that sort of thing to our innocent fantasies.  :)   Keep in mind that none of this is real and has not nor would not ever happen, and some may not even be physically possible.  It is simply a sexual fantasy.

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Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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Love and Lycanthropy - Chapter 4

I wanted to wait up for Elias after our first meeting.  I was so looking forward to watching the videos with him and giving him his first real view of himself as a wolf.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted though, and I knew he'd be too tired when he got home to look at them anyhow, so I went to bed.  I was out like a light the moment my head hit the pillow.

As had happened when he first came back to me weeks ago, I was sleeping so deeply that I didn't even wake when Elias came home and slipped into bed with me.

I woke later on to the sound of him snoring deeply.  The room was still dark as all the blinds were kept tightly closed all the time now, and the heavy curtains were drawn shut.  I looked at the clock and saw it was getting close to 10 AM already.  I carefully got out of bed so as not to wake him.  He would have been sleeping only a few hours after having been a wolf for almost the whole night and he still needed a lot more rest.

I had a simple breakfast of cold cereal with milk and some toast and I made myself a big cup of coffee with a couple of shots of espresso using the Jura machine I'd bought a week ago.  I bought it so that Elias could make himself a cup of really strong coffee late in the evening with just the press of a button to help ensure he doesn't get sleepy and doze off before the change happens.  He'd never really drank coffee before but he fell in love with the taste and aroma on his first cup.  The machine grinds the beans from a big hopper it has built in, draws the water from an internal tank, and makes your coffee to order on demand in just seconds.

I sipped my coffee while I surfed the Internet to read the news, then I puttered around the house for a while doing laundry and generally cleaning up.  I went outside and mowed the lawn.  I went back in and showered, then I got started getting a breakfast ready for Elias.  It was late afternoon and he would be getting up soon.  He always tried to get at least eight hours sleep so he'd be less likely to drift off just before he needed to leave the house to go change into a wolf in the woods.  He usually ended up getting closer to nine hours of sleep.  I can't stay in bed for long once I wake up in the morning but he seems to have no problem just rolling over and going back to sleep.

Construction would begin on the panic room the day after tomorrow.  I knew it would mess up his schedule if they did it during the day so I'd asked the company if they would mind doing the work in the evening.  They had absolutely no problem with that.  I would have had to wait longer for construction to begin otherwise as they had other jobs lined up ahead of me, but those jobs would be done during the day so they could come and work my job in the evening.  This way there wouldn't be any racket in the house until after Elias had got his full rest.

As we'd crossed over to the part of the lunar cycle where Elias would be sleeping later into the afternoon, I had tried to time it so I would get supper ready by the time he woke up so we could simply have a much earlier meal and then he could snack later before going out, but that didn't really work for him.  To Elias it felt like breakfast time and he was thinking about eggs, bacon, waffles, or cereal, not roast beef or steaks or pasta or mashed potatoes and gravy.  I switched to making him a small breakfast, then making supper for us much later when he'd be hungry again.  He'd remarked once how much he loved to wake up to the smell of bacon frying so I was happy to oblige him.  I love cooking for him but he would have to figure out how to do it for himself before long.  I was going to have to go back to work eventually and that would mean for the last half of the cycle I'd be leaving for work shortly after he got home and went to bed, and not getting back home until hours after he'd got up.  He wasn't worried about that and said that he'd just have cereal or something.

I'd contacted the IT consulting firm I work for a few days ago to let them know I'd be taking another two weeks.  They were OK with it so long as I didn't request any more.  There were a couple of big new client contracts being hammered out and they wanted me to take the lead on the projects once the contracts were signed.  That should work fine for me.  The extra two weeks would mean we would have a fully functional panic room, gone through a full lunar cycle, and worked out as many kinks as possible before my days would be occupied by work again.

As expected, the smell of the bacon I was frying along with the eggs coaxed Elias out of bed and he came into the kitchen wearing a big grin.  "Good morning, sexy!" he said, "Thanks for last night.  It was incredible!"

He slipped into my arms as I turned to greet him and we hugged tightly for a few moments, then I kissed him and patted his butt as he went to get the orange juice out of the fridge.

"I think I got the best part of the deal last night," I said as I plated his breakfast and added the buttered toast I'd prepared and brought it over to the table.

He grinned as he sat down at the table and started to eat.

"You're so incredibly beautiful in that shape, Elias.  I wasn't ready for just how amazing you would look.  I'm so glad you decided to proposition me.  I hadn't given any thought to that possibility before but it turned out to be the best experience I've ever had by a long stretch."

He blushed a bit but grinned more as he said, "I didn't really think about it before either, but when I'm in that shape I feel so incredibly alive I couldn't resist.  I'm so turned on by you in my normal shape but I'm the one who wasn't ready for how much I'd be attracted to you when I was the wolf.  As soon as you told me how beautiful I was and you started to touch me I started feeling randier than I've ever been.  I suddenly wanted you so bad.  I had to try fucking you.  I couldn't resist."

"Well, like I said, I'm really glad you did.  I think if I'd thought about it too much beforehand I might have laid down the rules that we wouldn't try that.  In my head it would have seemed like bestiality.  For the first few moments last night when I was about to get started it really seemed sort of wrong to me even though I wanted to try it.  I just had to look in your eyes and see that it was really you and then I realized I wasn't going to be having sex with an animal; I was going to have sex with the love of my life.  It was you, not a wolf."

He smiled and nodded, "Yeah.  It's me, but it's a wolf too.  I think the same way when I'm that shape as I do when I'm this shape, and I remember everything I am and everything I've done as a boy when I'm the wolf, just like I remember everything I've ever done as the wolf right now.  I'm pretty much the same guy when I'm that shape.  I like and hate the same things, and have all the same feelings, but everything seems amplified by the wolf.  Everything smells way stronger, and tastes way better.  Sounds are louder and darkness seems brighter.  Even feelings in general, like the way I love you, feel stronger.  I feel way more alive.  The wolf's feelings are mine, and mine are his.  We aren't really like two separate beings inside the same body though; it's more like he's an animal side of me that runs on instincts.  It's just easier for me to think of him as a separate mind, but really we're both the same person.  Whenever I want to do something the wolf isn't familiar with, like when I scratched out that message in the dirt or when I wink or nod, stuff that wolves just don't do, he lets me take over and do it.  Whenever I do certain things that I had no experience with as a boy, like taking down a deer or tracking a scent, it's like the wolf shoulders me aside a bit and takes over.  As soon as I got into position to mount you it's like the wolf decided it was his turn to run things and I was along for the ride.  He showed me how to fuck you properly, yet it still felt like I was the one taking you.  The orgasm I had was mind blowing.  I can't even describe it to you.  That was the first time I've ever fucked in that shape.  It was incredible, Jake.  I want to do it some more."

I nodded and smiled back at him, "Oh yes, we're going to be doing that a lot more."

He grinned and said, "Good.  I'm getting turned on just thinking about it.  I can't wait to watch the videos."

"Everything's set up downstairs on the big screen.  I put the 3D glasses on the charger and they're ready to go.  Once you're done eating we'll go have a look."

He smiled and nodded and then turned back to eating his breakfast while I made us some coffee.  As soon as he was done eating we took our cups and went down to the basement and settled in on the sofa in front of the plasma TV.  We put on our 3D glasses and I hit the button to play the video and in no time Elias was watching himself step out into the clearing and walk up to me.

"Fuck, I'm so big!" he exclaimed as his wolf form came right up to me and put his head on my shoulder while I dropped to my knees, and he could see his size in relation to me.

"Yup, you're huge, and so fucking beautiful.  I still can't believe it."

He leaned against me and I put my arm around him as we watched the meeting play out.  It got to the part where he'd first laid down on his side and I was scratching his chest and belly.

"Right then I looked over at your big balls and saw your cock peeking out and I suddenly got the urge to be fucked by you," I said.

He chuckled and said, "The same thing was already going through my mind as soon as you put your hands on me.  I was hoping you'd go to town between my legs right then and there but you backed off."

"Yeah, it didn't seem right to go there without talking to you about it first and I wasn't used to the idea yet that even when you're in that shape I could just talk to you and you would understand every word."

We continued to watch as the wolf got up and ran around, then came back to be measured and weighed.  Elias gasped as he saw his wolf-self put his front paws on my shoulder and stand up along with me and towered over me in height.

"How the hell can I weigh 238 as a wolf when I'm nowhere near that as a boy?" Elias asked.

"I have no idea.  It goes against the laws of nature, but so does turning into a wolf in the first place."

The wolf then started posing for the camera and was ordered to sit still for a minute.  Elias laughed as he watched me calling him a "good doggy" and then the wolf gave me the "fuck off" gesture.

"I was trying so hard to show you my middle finger," he chuckled, "I didn't know a wolf can't turn his wrist around that way and can't control the toes separately either.  I couldn't even do the under the chin move right, because I couldn't turn my paw to show you the back of it."

"I got the message anyhow," I laughed.

We watched the rest of it play out until it got to the part where Elias-wolf had propositioned me for sex and I'd agreed, then the video stopped.  I used the remote to switch to the second video file and hit the play button.

Elias moved in closer to me and as I watched myself beginning foreplay with the massive, beautiful wolf, I started to become really aroused.  I heard Elias begin to breath more heavily too and his hand came over and began to rub at my growing erection through my sweats.  I move my hand to his crotch to do the same for him and found that he was already fully erect.  He was turned on and rock hard at the scene we were watching.

As things heated up on the screen I could hear Elias almost panting next to me in sync with the wolf in the video.  His breathing would stop briefly and then start more quickly and shallowly as he watched, and he moaned and started working my cock harder as he saw the massive wolf mount me on the TV.  The shot was perfectly framed from the side and we could clearly see a couple of inches of thick, red, hard meat slipping out of the sheath and poking at my backside as the big wolf wrapped his powerful front legs around me and pulled me into him.  Elias groaned long and loud as we clearly saw the beautiful tool find the target and the wolf pushed into me hard and penetrated me.  The wolf began to lay into me as he curved his back more and began to fuck me hard on the screen as Elias's hand came off my crotch and slipped down the front inside my underwear to grab my now throbbing, hard cock and I moaned as he began to work it harder.  I did the same with my hand but before long Elias stopped and pulled my hand out and said, "I want you to fuck me.  I want to feel your big cock inside me while I watch me fuck you on the screen.  I want to sort of relive it, but feel it more the way it must have felt for you."

He pushed the coffee table away from the sofa, pulled his t-shirt off, and got down on his knees and pulled his sweats and underwear down and then leaned over the table and waited as he watched the wolf pounding away at me on TV.  I grabbed the remote and rewound the video back to where the foreplay was starting to get heavy.  I got down on my knees behind him, whipped my t-shirt off, and pulled down my sweats and underwear and quickly spat on my fingers to wet my cock a bit and then spat some more to spread some on his tight, warm anus.  I watched the video as I worked some more saliva into his hole with a finger and he moaned.

I got ready and placed the tip of my stiff cock right near his hole and began to poke at him all around it like the wolf was doing to me on the screen, then just as the massive wolf's red tool found the target and he plunged himself into me on screen, I thrust hard into Elias and my cock spread his anus wide.

"Oh fuck, yeah!" he shouted as I forcefully pushed more of my tool into his rectum just as the big wolf on screen was doing the same to me.

I wrapped my arms around Elias and pulled him up against me so he could feel my body hair against his back like I was a furry wolf, then I started to buck at him in short jabs, trying to match my rhythm to the quick thrusts of the huge, magnificent wolf on the screen, and Elias moaned and groaned and reached up under himself and began to work his own cock hard..

"Jesus, that feels so good.  Fuck me hard," he moaned as I began to take longer, deeper, faster strokes.

Elias's young, fit body is so amazingly tight I could never get enough of fucking him  He was so into this that it was driving my lust for him to new heights and it was no time at all before I could feel the familiar tickle of electricity building between my legs.  My breathing became more ragged and my head began to spin as my balls started to tighten up and the orgasm rapidly boiled up and exploded from my loins, pounding me with wave after wave of ecstasy.  The thick load of cum rushed up my shaft and the head of my cock expanded and I grunted loudly as I thrust myself deeply into Elias and shot into his snug, hot tunnel.

Just as the powerful orgasm crashed into me, Elias shouted out, "Aww, fuck!" and I felt his anus clamp down hard on my pulsing dick as his orgasm hit him and he shot his thick wad out onto the carpet.  The sensation of his tight ring of muscle clamping down hard on my cock and then beginning to pulse out the waves of his orgasm sent me reeling again, and I moaned and groaned as my orgasm reached an even higher level and my body spasmed and shot spurt after spurt until my balls completely emptied themselves into him.

I could feel the pulsing of Elias's anus slowing while my own orgasm began to wind down and I slowed my humping to a stop and pushed fully into him.  He was still watching the video and the big wolf on the screen had just shot into Jake and was now fully tied to him.

Elias reached back and grabbed my ass and pulled me into him harder and huskily said, "Stay in me."

I held my position and didn't move while my pelvic muscle pulsed a few final times and settled down.  I continued to hold him tight against my furry body, pretending to be tied to him, while the last of my cum leaked out into him.  We stayed that way for quite a while, even after my cock went completely soft.  We waited for the massive wolf on screen to finally pull out and then I pulled out of Elias, pulled my sweats and underwear back up, and sat back on the couch.  I took off the 3D glasses and put them on the table.  He took off his glasses, pulled up his clothes, got up and turned with a huge grin on his face and tears welling in his eyes.  He pushed me over so I was lying on the couch and he moved to lay down on top of me.

"Fuck, I love you so much!  I can't believe how lucky I am," he said as he moved in for a kiss.

I kissed him back and held him tightly and said, "I'm just as lucky as you are.  I love you too, Elias."

"No, you're not as lucky as me, not even close," he said, almost sounding frustrated, "I need you to understand just how I feel about you and how much you mean to me.  I was living outside before.  Not just outdoors but outside of society, outside of the world, outside of everything!  I was so lonely.  I was gonna live forever that way and it sucked so much.  Now that I met you everything has flipped around.  You've been so good to me and we've been having such a great time together.  That was the last thing I was worrying about, how you would take it seeing me in that shape.  You were so great!  It's such a relief to know you love me completely and you want me, no matter what I look like or how fucked up all of this is.  I always sort of felt like I was on the run before and I had to always look over my shoulder and I couldn't trust anyone.  Now I can forget about all of that and I feel like I have a home and a reason to come back to it every day.  There's nowhere on Earth I would rather be.  I have everything I need or could ever want with you.  I trust you completely and you make me feel safe, like I have absolutely nothing to worry about anymore and never will again.  You have no idea how great that feels to me or how important it really is because you never had to live that way before.  You make me feel so happy and wanted and loved.  Suddenly being alive is so amazingly good that the idea of living forever is exciting.  I could've never imagined myself being this happy before.  Nobody could ever do that for me but you.  There's no way I could ever find anyone better for me than you.  It scares me to think of what my life would have been if I didn't meet you at the train station.  Now I'll never have to know how bad it would have got and it's all because of you.  I love you more than you can imagine."

My heart swelled with love for him and tears welled in my eyes as we kissed again and then held each other for a long time.

As we lay there and I thought about the wonderful things he'd said to me, I suddenly realized something.  I don't think he'd made the connection yet that he was potentially going to live forever, but I wasn't going to.  He'd have to watch me grow old while he stayed a supernaturally healthy fourteen year old.  I would eventually die right in front of his eyes.  The thought had crossed my mind occasionally over the past weeks but I'd brushed it aside as something unpleasant I didn't want to dwell on.  I assumed he'd thought of it too but didn't want to talk about it.  Now I saw that with the usual short-sighted enthusiasm of youth he hadn't thought that far ahead yet.  Now that he was so happy he didn't need to look too far into the future and could just live in the moment.  I didn't want to say anything right now and spoil his great mood either.  Sooner or later it would dawn on him and I don't think he would take it well.  We'd deal with that when the time came.  For now I just wanted to let him keep being as happy as he can be.

"It was so cool seeing myself that way, Jake.  I'm really glad you got the idea of taking a video," he said.

"Yeah, I'll be watching it a lot of times I think.  I'm still blown away at the sight of it.  I'm glad we captured the first moment that I got to see you that way."

He lay quietly a bit longer and then asked, "Do you think we could take a video of me changing?"

"I don't see why not.  Are you sure you want to see it?"

"Sure, I live through it every day so you don't have to worry about me.  I basically black out a little ways into it so I really can't remember what exactly happens even though I can remember the pain.  I don't start to be able to remember things clearly again until I'm pretty much done changing into a wolf.  I'm curious to watch the whole thing from start to finish.  You might not like to see it though."

"I think I might be OK to watch it too, though I can't say for sure until I try.  It might be hard to watch you going through that, but I see you now and see how well you handle the fact that you had to live through that much pain, and you shrug off the fact that you're gonna be going through it again and again.  You have so much strength that I think I could feed off that and I could handle seeing it.  I think if you were right here beside me watching it too, I'd be OK."

"How could we do it?  I won't be able to handle the camera as a wolf so you'd have to start the recording, but I can't have you around anywhere near there though.  I don't know if even the scent of you nearby would be enough to set me off when I'm the monster in between the boy and the wolf.  We'd have to be really, really careful," he said.

"The only safe way would probably be for you to do the recording yourself.  You can't handle the camera as a wolf but you could start the recording while you're still a boy.  You could take the camera and tripod out with you and get it all set up when you head out there alone before the change.  Then you'd just have to undress, hit the record button, and then move out in front of the camera to wait for the change to hit.  Actually, I think I'd like it better if you hit the record button, and then went out in front of the camera to undress so I could watch you strip in 3D anytime I wanted to," I said, and he smiled as I continued, "You'd be all alone with nobody around and no scent of me or anyone else.  I could come there a little bit later and you'd be waiting for me as the wolf.  I'd shut the recording off and take the gear back out with me, after you've had a go at fucking me again, of course."

Elias grinned and said, "Yeah, that would be perfect!  We could do it tonight!  The moon won't rise until a little after sunset but since I'll already have the camera set up and ready for the moment I change, there should be just enough light left to catch it good enough.  I really want to see it."

"I don't think we'll get so lucky tonight.  It was starting to cloud up a bit while I was outside mowing the lawn earlier.  I checked the weather forecast when I came in and it's supposed to get completely overcast by evening and start to rain sometime in the night.  It will be getting dark even before sunset.  I think it'll be too dark to see anything with the camera unless you want to use a bright light, but that would be way too risky.  Someone might see it and go investigate."

"Yeah, you're right.  If it's cloudy it won't work and we sure as hell can't take chances with a light in the woods.  I guess we'll have to wait for the next full moon and hope for a clear sky," he said.

"We don't have to wait right up until the full moon; just a little ways into the next cycle should be fine.  For the first two weeks you're changing at sunset for longer and longer periods of time before you change back.  We just need to be sure you'll change right at sunset with plenty of time for us to screw around a bit before I take off with the gear.  With that many nights to choose from at least one of them is bound to be perfectly clear and still light when the sun sets."

He nodded and said, "Yeah, I guess you're right.  It was sort of overkill to wait for the full moon last night even.  I was just so worried and I wanted to be sure there was as little chance as possible that anything could go wrong.  Will you come out and meet me tonight even if it's cloudy, so we could mess around?"

"Hell yes.  I want to be mounted by you again.  I doubt that would ever get old for me," I said.

He grinned and said, "It sure as hell wouldn't for me.  I can't really communicate well when I'm that shape so I want to tell you now, anything goes out there.  I feel so fucking horny and alive with you that I want to try everything.  Could you fuck me tonight?  I want to feel you in me when I'm the wolf."

"Christ, I wish it was sunset right now.  Of course I'll fuck you.  God, now that's all I'm gonna be able to think about all day," I said.

Just thinking about getting in there and fucking Elias as that huge, magnificent creature was already starting my cock stirring.

Elias chuckled and tickled me and said, "I can feel you getting hard again under me.  I want you rested up and reloaded before tonight so no more screwing around.  Let's get up and go ride our bikes, OK?"

I acquiesced and we changed into shorts and headed out to hit the trails on our bikes.  The weather forecast had been accurate and the clouds got thicker and heavier as the evening wore on.  It wasn't raining yet but it looked like it was going to start soon and it would likely stick around for days.  We rode home and had a light supper.  It still wasn't raining when sunset approached so I told Elias I'd head to the clearing a little while after he leaves and wait for him there so we could screw around.  He went out first on his own again and I followed a little while later.  I didn't bother to bring the camera this time.  With the cloud deck being so thick the light level was too low to get anything.  I just wanted to get busy with my wolf again.  I couldn't wait.

I rode out then walked through the woods into the clearing and sat cross-legged in the grass and settled in for the wait.  I didn't have to wait very long before Elias crashed out of the bushes and raced over to me and put his big front paws on my shoulders and pushed me down onto the grass on my back.  I laughed as he lay down on top of me and started to lick my face, tail wagging like mad.  He started to lick at my lips and I immediately sucked his tongue right into my mouth and we necked for a bit.  Then he pulled back and moved downwards and began to snuffle at my crotch.  I hadn't taken my clothes off yet.  For some reason it would have felt strange doing it alone and just standing around naked in the clearing, so I'd waited for him to show up.  He pushed his wet nose up under my t-shirt and started to push the shirt up my waist.  He stopped and began to lick at my exposed belly, then started to push the shirt up higher and then switched his focus to licking at my nipples.  The sensation was fantastic as he locked onto one, then the other and suckled at them like a pup.  I squirmed underneath him at the wonderful feeling of electricity that pulsed through me as he played with my nipples.

He finally stopped and pulled back and then stood up on all fours and looked me up and down.  I could see the red tip of his cock had already emerged part way from his sheath.  He was horny as hell.

I moved to get up so I could take my clothes off but he put his massive paw on my chest and pushed me back down.

"Don't you want me to get undressed?" I asked, but he shook his head no.

He came back towards my face and opened his jaws and moved in.  It looked for a moment like he was going for my throat, but he gently and carefully began to nip at the neck of my t-shirt until he caught it in his teeth.  I knew right away what was up.  He wanted to undress me himself.  He moved around over my head and pulled the shirt up over my chin then over my face.  I lifted my arms up and tried to lift my shoulders off the ground a bit as he began to pull harder.  The shirt began to slide up and before long he'd pulled it right off and tossed it aside.  He came back and snuffled at my arm pits on either side, seeming to enjoy the scent of me.  I remembered what he'd said about everything smelling stronger and better.  He began to lick me there until he'd washed off any sweat and scent he could find and he'd washed my pits completely.

He then lifted his head and looked me over again.  He moved to my feet and I watched as he carefully nipped at the laces of the shoe on my right foot until he caught the end of one in his teeth and pulled.  The laces came untied.  He repeated the process with the other shoe.  Now he turned his head sideways and gently locked his jaws down on the heel of my right shoe and pulled.  The shoe came right off as I smiled and watched him work.  What a sight this would be if someone were peeking at us from the bushes right now.  They'd be watching a supernaturally massive, dangerous, monster of a wolf tenderly undressing his man so he could have sex with him.

Elias then took off the other shoe and dropped it on the ground.  It landed upright and he looked at it a moment, then shoved the end of his muzzle right into it.  He breathed in and out with enough force that I could see the shoe lift up off the grass as he inhaled, then drop down and his cheeks puffed out as he exhaled.  My feet are relatively clean from showering earlier though we did ride hard through the evening and I sweated a fair bit, but my shoes are definitely smelly from constant hard use in the summer heat while I ride my bike.  He seemed to love it.  He snuffled at the shoe for a bit and then he pulled his muzzle back out and turned back to my socked feet.  He snuffled at them a bit and rubbed his muzzle on them.  He then gently locked his teeth down on one of the socks right at my toes, and began to pull back.  Once his teeth had pulled the end of the sock past my toes he clamped down hard and pulled to slip the sock right off my foot.  He repeated with the other sock, then began to snuffle under the toes of my big feet.  He started to lick my feet and ran his amazingly long tongue through the gaps between my toes.  He settled right down onto the ground and continued to lick at the top and bottom of my feet, under and between my toes, with his eyes half closed.  He seemed to be enjoying cleaning my feet with his tongue.  He went at it for quite a while before he finally got up and moved up to my crotch.

I was wearing athletic shorts that had an elastic waistband.  There was no button, zipper or tie to deal with.  He nipped to grab the bottom of the right leg and pulled until the shorts started to move down on the right side, then he did the same for the left.  He alternated back and forth until he had them down around my knees.  At that point they slid down easily enough that he just took one side and pulled them all the way down my legs and off and he dropped them in the grass.

He came back up and snuffled at my underwear.  I was fully aroused by now at being slowly stripped by this massive beast, and the anticipation of what was to come.  He nuzzled my thick cock through the briefs.  I was so fully erect that the tip of my cock was starting to peek out the top of my underwear and leaking precum.  He turned his head sideways and began to lick at the top of my underwear, his long tongue flicking across the tip of my cock and lapping up the precum that oozed out.  The sensation of his tongue as it wiped repeatedly across the sensitive glans made me moan.  He was getting me more worked up and I wished he would finish stripping me down so we could really get busy.

He tried to work his nose in under the waistband but they were too snug against me.  He approached from a different angle and went to try to nip at the cloth around my balls so he could get a grip and pull the underwear down, but I tensed as he approached.  I wasn't comfortable with the possibility of those huge white fangs coming down on my tender bits by accident.  He saw me tense up and he looked up at me and winked, as if to let me know I had nothing to worry about.  He opened his jaws again and turned his head and deftly hooked one of his big canine teeth right at the gap in the "Y" on the front of the briefs and gently pulled until the briefs started to slide down.  I lifted my hips so he could slide them down more easily and he kept on going.

I was really getting turned on now.  I wished we could have had the camera going for this.  It was hugely erotic to see this massive, dangerous wolf so carefully and lovingly strip his man down.  I would love to watch him pulling my briefs off with his teeth and stripping me naked.  I'd probably watch it over and over again.  There was enough light that with my eyes fully adjusted I could see fine, but the camera would definitely not do well.  It might be able to take still pictures in night mode, but not video.

The briefs came off past my feet and Elias tossed them aside and moved back up to my crotch.  He snuffled at my balls and began to run his long tongue through the gap between my balls and my inner thigh.  I brought my knees up and moved my feet closer to my ass and further apart to give him more access.  He pressed his muzzle against the underside of my thigh and pushed hard then looked at me, then at both my knees, then back at me again.  He'd said he had a hard time communicating in this form but I thought he was doing just fine.  I had no problem understanding what he wanted and I put my hands behind my knees and pulled them up and back to expose myself fully to him.

He wasted no time and set to work washing every inch of my crotch with his tongue.  He licked at my big sack, then all along the shaft of my cock to the pre-cum oozing tip, then he licked at my pubes, then again at the places beside my balls where they met my thighs.  I'd been sweating as we rode our bikes earlier and a lot would have accumulated there.  He seemed to love the smell and the taste and he just kept switching between sniffing around until he smelled something good, then licking at the spot until it was completely clean.  Once he had my crotch fully cleaned he moved his focus to my asshole.  He licked at it thoroughly and probed at it harder and harder with his tongue.  I relaxed and pushed a bit to open myself up and his tongue began to go right in past my sphincter to lick at my rectum.  He was cleaning my insides with his long tongue and the sensation was incredible.  My hands were tied up pulling my knees back so I couldn't do what I wanted and grab my cock and work it while he licked me there.  It felt so amazingly good I would have reached orgasm in seconds.

He was getting fully aroused too and he moved forward over top of me until he brought the pointed red tip of his semi-erect penis right near my asshole.  He wanted to fuck me while I was on my back.  He worked his hips in closer and I held still to let him find the mark.  It wasn't the natural position or angle for his body to find my hole, so he was having trouble.  His slick red tool was sliding around in the right area, but it wasn't quite pointed in the right direction.  I carefully hooked one of my feet over his back so I could let go of my knee and free a hand.  He recognized what I was doing and stood still as I reached down and took his cock in hand and maneuvered the tip right to my hole and nodded up at him.  He gently but firmly lowered himself downward so that his cock plunged right into my hole.  I moved my hand back to my knee to hold it as he shuffled his paws to push himself further into me.  His cock did exactly as any other canid's and as soon as it sensed penetration it began to rapidly inflate to full thickness and length and pushed its way further out from his sheath and deeper into me.  The sensation of him spreading my anus with his massive tool was fantastic as he pushed more of his cock into me.

He was now pushing into me so hard that I was able to hook both my ankles over his back and hold onto him that way while he began to hump at me in jabbing motions.  He was hovering over my face, panting and drooling and his eyes were glazing as he lost himself in the sensation of fucking his man.  I loved being able to watch his face and see how much he was enjoying it.  It sent my own lust even higher as I tried to clamp my anus down to give him as much sensation as possible.  He moved his face closer and began to lick at my mouth again and I sucked his tongue in.  We necked with passion as he pounded at me and then suddenly I could feel my anus stretching much more at a rapid pace as his humping increased in force and frequency.  He was about to reach orgasm and his knot was beginning to grow, but with the odd angle that he was coming in he wouldn't be able to push into me far enough to tie.  With my butt bumping against the front of his legs due to my own legs being spread out wide to grip him around the waist, he couldn't plug into me as deeply and perfectly as he could if I were on my hands and knees in the proper position to be his bitch.  The way we were lined up now, his knot would tear me apart if he didn't pull it out.  I took in a sharp breath as the fire began to build quickly and I said, "You're not in far enough.  You can't tie."

He recognized the problem immediately and pulled back just in time.  His knot popped out and my anus clamped down on the shaft.  I didn't want him to lose his orgasm so I quickly reached down and grabbed his still growing knot with my hands and pushed it against me and held it hard to try to simulate the sensation of tying inside me.  He immediately grunted and thrust hard and held it as I felt him begin to twitch.  His orgasm hit him hard and he started pulsing his massive load of semen into me while I continued to hold his knot firmly against me.  He held that position for a while as his orgasm peaked and then leveled off, then he suddenly pulled back and slipped out of me while his cum was still spurting.  He turned around and presented his ass and looked back at me and whined.  Once again he'd made his wishes clear.  He wanted me to mount him while he was still feeling his orgasm.

I got up and moved behind him and lifted his big bushy tail.  His asshole was still pulsing out his orgasm so I wasted no time.  I spat on it quickly and spat on my fingers to wet the head of my penis and I placed it up against his tight hole and gently but firmly pushed.  He relaxed and groaned as my cock head spread his sphincter wide and entered him.  He was tight and had a powerful muscle there so the sensation for me was fantastic as I slowly pushed more of myself into him and his anus alternated between powerfully gripping my shaft and then slightly relaxing to the beat of his orgasm.  He thrust himself backwards onto me like he just wanted me to fuck him hard, so I obliged him.  I smoothly ran the full length of my cock into him and then I leaned onto his back so I could enjoy the sensation of his fur on my naked body.  I wrapped my arms around his waist and I started to buck at him.  His anus continued to pulse as he spilled the last of his seed out onto the grass and the feeling of it squeezing at my cock as I fucked him was tremendous.  His hole was tight and slick and felt much hotter than any guy I've ever fucked.  It drove me right to the edge fast and I started to fuck with longer and faster strokes as my orgasm began to build.

I heard Elias let out a long and deep moan as his head went down and his anus clenched down on my cock hard.  It was all I could take and I was suddenly wracked with waves of electricity as my scrotum tightened up and my balls began to unload into my big, beautiful wolf.  The orgasm pounded at me and my pelvic muscles began to spasm while I groaned and grunted as I pushed hard into him repeatedly, pulsing a jet of cum deep into his bowels with every thrust.  I bucked and thrust and grunted until finally the orgasm began to fade back down and I slowed to a stop.  Once again I held onto him tightly as the last of my cum leaked out.  I reached further down beneath him until my hands found his thick, wet cock and big knot, still hanging on the outside of his sheath.  I grabbed onto it and held on to let him feel tied.

We held that position until I felt his knot begin to shrink in my hands.  When it was finally small enough to slip back inside his sheath I let go and pulled out of him.  He lay down on his side and looked back at me with what almost looked like a smile.  I grinned and walked over to him and sat right by his chest and leaned in and kissed his big nose.  He licked at my face and his tail thumped against the ground.  He began to rub the sides of his muzzle against my cheeks and I reciprocated.  He then put his head down on the ground and I stretch out over top him as he continued to lie on his side.  I scratched at his neck and chest, enjoying the feel of his thick fur all over my body.

"God, I could do this every night for the rest of my life.  I love it!" I said.

His tail thumped more and he whined his agreement.

Suddenly I felt a cold, wet drop hit my back, then after a slight pause, another one hit.  It was getting ready to start raining now.  I should get back to my bike and ride home as quickly as I could to avoid getting drenched.

I sighed and got up off Elias.  It was starting to get darker now and it was a bit difficult to find my underwear in the long grass but I managed and I slipped them on.  I found my socks and shoes with some effort and was tying the laces up when Elias came over with my t-shirt in his mouth.  I went to take it from him but he growled and pulled as I tried to get it.  I laughed and pulled harder and he started to shake his head back and forth and whip the t-shirt around playing tug-of-war while his tail wagged.  It cracked me up to see this gigantic wolf acting like a playful dog and I laughed more as I shouted, "No!  Mine!  Bad dog!  My shirt!  What a bad doggy!"

He growled and yanked hard enough that the shirt slipped out of my hands, then he turned and ran off into the bushes.

"Hey, come back here with that!  It's starting to rain!"

I waited for him to come back but there was only silence, cut by the occasional snap of a twig somewhere out there.  I heard a low growl come from the dark woods, then silence again.  Then a bush rustled in a different place.  He was on the move and I was having trouble tracking him.  Suddenly there was a blur coming from my left and just as I turned I was bowled over by a massive, t-shirt wielding monster.  I laughed as he ran on past me and back into the trees again.

I felt more drops hit my shoulders and could hear fat rain drops hitting the leaves and grass around me as the rain began to build.

"Come on Elias, I need that shirt.  It's getting cold out here!" I shouted.

I heard another low growl.  It was clear he was teaching me a lesson.

"All right, you win, I take it back.  You're not a bad dog!  You're a good doggy, such a good boy!" I shouted.

Another growl came, louder this time.

I laughed and said, "I'm sorry Elias, I just can't help it.  You're my big, beautiful doggy and I love you to bits.  You can keep my shirt if you want.  I can get home without it, but you won't change my mind.  You're my big, furry, cuddly-wuddly, cute little puppy doggy and you always will be!"

He whined and came out of the woods, still carrying my shirt, and walked up to me wagging his tail.  He sat right in front of me and I reached up and took my shirt from his jaws.

"Look at that!  You slobbered all over it!  Bad boy!"

He growled but his tail was still wagging and I laughed and slipped the shirt on, then dropped to my knees and reached up and wrapped my arms around the massive wolf's neck.

"I love you so much, Elias.  I can't tell you how great this is.  I'll see you when you get back home tomorrow.  You should go find shelter for the night or you'll get all wet."

I kissed him on the cheek and he wagged his tail as he stood to get ready to leave.

"Holy geez, mister!  Your dog is huge!"

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of the voice.  I turned and saw a small boy standing at the edge of the clearing.  What the hell was he doing out here at night?

He started to walk towards us and Elias quickly went down on his belly as if to try to make himself look smaller.  It was too late though.  The damage was done.  The kid had already seen him standing beside me and knew just how big he was.  Who knows how long he'd been watching us from the trees.  My heart skipped a beat as I thought of what Elias and I had been engaged in earlier when I had my cock buried deep in his tight, hot hole.  I hoped to God the kid hadn't seen that!

As the boy walked towards us I noticed he had a fairly pronounced limp.  He didn't look injured or anything.  His clothes were clean and looked undamaged, so he hadn't taken a fall as far as I could see.  He was thin and sort of frail looking, but otherwise seemed unhurt, other than his limp.

"What are you doing out here so late at night, kid?  How long have you been watching us?  Are you OK?  Did you hurt yourself?"

"Naw, I always limp now.  I'm OK, I guess.  I was heading back home on the trail.  I heard you yelling at your dog so I came this way to see what was going on.  I'm Cole.  Who are you?"

"I'm Jake, this is Elias," I said.

"That's a weird name for a dog.  You should have called him Wolf or something.  That's what he looks like.  He's so cool!"

Elias wagged his tail at the compliment and I said, "You really shouldn't be out here this late.  It can be really dangerous at night.  You can't be more than ten years old.  Your parents must be out looking for you."

"I'm eleven.  My mom's at work, like always.  I'm supposed to be home in bed but I always stay out late during summer vacation," Cole said.

"Doesn't she have a babysitter for you?  You're way to young to be alone!"

"I'm not a baby!  I don't need anyone watching me.  She can't really afford a babysitter anyways.  She has to work a lot just to keep us going.  She trusts me to take care of myself.  I've been doing it for almost a year now."

"No offense, but I don't think you've been doing such a great job.  You really should be home in bed.  Someone your age shouldn't be out wandering alone."

"I don't care.  I can do what I want so long as my mom doesn't find out.  She calls me at around nine, at my bedtime.  I just need to make sure I'm back by then."

"It's almost that time now.  You're not gonna make it, buddy," I said.

He shrugged and said, "I know.  The chain broke on my bike so I have to walk it back or I would've been home a while ago.  It's gonna be a lot longer yet.  She'll freak out when I don't pick up the phone, but I'll just tell her I fell asleep on the couch.  It happened before."

"Doesn't she send the neighbors over to check on you are anything?  Don't you have aunts or uncles or grandparents who can check up on you?"

"Why are you so nosy, mister?  I do just fine."

I chuckled and said, "Sorry, I'm not trying to pry.  I'm just worried about you is all.  Your mom would be too if she knew what you were up to at night while she's at work."

"I know she would, dummy, that's why I don't tell her," he said.

I laughed.  I vaguely remember what it was like being that age.  To him it probably seemed like he could handle pretty much anything and he didn't know what the big deal was.  To me it seemed like neglect to be leaving such a young kid by himself, but I guess if they don't have the means and mom has to work to keep them going they don't have a lot of options.

I felt a few more rain drops hit me and I realized if he was going to have to walk his bike, he might get caught in the downpour.  I'd have to help him get home, so I'd be drenched too.  We should get going.

"It's getting late and it's time for me to go home too.  Would you mind walking with me on the trail, Cole?  I know you're OK but I might get scared out here in the dark and I could use your company."

He laughed and said, "I'm not that dumb.  I know you wouldn't get scared, but you can walk me home if it will make you feel better."

I chuckled and said, "OK, you caught me.  I can't leave you out here alone.  I need to make sure you get home safe."

"Can Elias come too?"

I thought about it for a moment.  As I'd thought earlier, the damage had already been done so there was really no harm in Cole seeing him now.  If we saw anyone else on the trail Elias could just jump off into the woods.  It should be safe enough just this once.  I could leave it up to Elias.

"He'll come if he wants to.  He has a mind of his own.  He's really smart," I said.

Cole looked over at Elias and said, "He just looks like a regular dog, but super huge.  He doesn't look so smart."

Elias growled and I laughed and said, "You have no idea how smart he is.  He's so smart we have to keep it a secret from everyone or they might take him away and I'd never see him again."

"Really?  What can he do?  I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

"You swear to keep it a secret?" I asked.

"Honest, I swear!"

"Good, because he's so smart that if you ever did try to tell anyone about him they'd probably think you were crazy and lock you up," I joked.

"Aww, come on.  He can't be that smart.  Now you're just pulling my leg," Cole scolded.

"Nope, I'm not.  Go ahead and test him yourself.  Ask him anything," I suggested.

Elias sat up facing Cole and waited.

The boy thought for a moment and then said, "OK.  Elias, are you really so smart?"

The massive wolf nodded and barked.

"Are you sure?  You aren't just another dumb dog?"

Elias shook his head no and growled.

Cole took it all in stride as he rubbed at his chin and tried to come up with a better test.  I don't think he even realized yet that no dog should ever be able to nod in the affirmative or shake his head in the negative in answer to an abstract question that only an intelligent person could even make sense of.  I chuckled as I watched him trying to come up with more questions.

"How old are you?" Cole asked.

Elias stood and used his front paw to start thumping at the ground.  It took a while but Cole counted along and finally said, "Wow, seventeen?  That's really old for a dog!"

I chuckled again.  The kid didn't even realize how odd it was that this "dog" understood his question perfectly and answered it.  He was more interested in the answer itself.

"Those questions were easy.  Here's a harder one.  What's ten times ten?" Cole asked.

Elias rolled his eyes and lifted his paw and started to beat out the answer, then shook his head and stopped.  He looked around and found a bare patch of dirt.  As he walked over to it he saw it still had the message "HUMP U" scratched into it and he quickly rubbed it out as Cole and I followed him over.  He then deliberately and carefully scratched "100" into the dirt.

"Wow, he really is smart!  I didn't know dogs could do arithmetic.  That's so cool!"

Again, he'd given no thought to the fact that the "dog" could write.

This was hilarious, but it was probably not a good idea to take it any further.  We should be pretty safe since anyone listening to an eleven year old kid talk about a dog that could do math was going to chalk it up to a boy's imagination, but it was probably best to stop and head out before the rain started in earnest.

"I told you he was smart.  You promised to keep it a secret though.  It's really important not to tell anyone," I said.

"Don't worry, I won't."

"Good man.  Let's get going.  How far do you live?" I asked him.

"Not too far.  It would only take like ten minutes to get there if my bike wasn't broke," Cole replied.

"What kind of bike is it, how many speeds?" I asked.

"Twenty four, I think.  It's a mountain bike."

It must be an older mountain bike to have twenty four speeds.  Most had twenty seven or thirty now.  I should be able to repair it though.

"Maybe I can fix your chain.  I keep tools for stuff like that under the seat of my bike in case I break down.  My chain tool can pop the pins on the more common chain sizes," I said.

"Cool.  That would be great if you could fix it.  I can't walk that great and I need my bike to get around easier."

I didn't want to pry about his injury but it must be an old one.  He seemed used to living with it.  I let him lead me to his bike, which turned out to be a half-rusted, beat-up looking old mountain bike.  It must have been the best used bike his mom could afford on their tight budget.  I led him over to where I'd locked mine against a tree.  I fished out the chain tool from the nylon tool bag under the saddle and turned the light on on my bike and left it propped against the tree so I'd have a light to work under.

"Maybe you should stay back in the woods until we're done or someone might see you, Elias," I suggested.

He turned and headed off into the trees to keep from being seen in the light.

"Is he shy?" Cole asked.

"Yup, he doesn't like anyone to see him unless he really likes them.  He must like you a lot or he would have run away," I said.

Cole grinned and said, "I hope he likes me.  I really like him."

I smiled and nodded and went to work on the chain.  It took just a few minutes to pop the pin on the broken link and put the chain back together by driving the pin back in to the good links and Cole watched closely to see how it was done.  I hooked the chain back over the sprockets and the bike was as good as new, or at least as good as the rusted old piece of junk it was.  It was functional at least.

"Awesome!  Thanks, Jake!"

"No problem.  You should put some oil on that chain.  It broke because it's starting to rust pretty bad in spots.  You should do regular maintenance on it to keep it running better and safe to ride.  Clean the chain and oil it so it'll be less likely to break.  Keep the tires inflated at the right pressure.  Make sure the brake pads are still good and the brake wires aren't rusted, and keep the tire rims clean so the brakes will grab better.  Stuff like that."

"I don't really know how to do that stuff.  Nobody showed me.  I just have my mom and she doesn't really know about that stuff either.  Could you show me sometime?"

"Sure, I could do that.  I think maybe I should get you a kit like I have for under your seat too.  I don't think it's a good idea for you to come so far out on your own with no way to fix your bike if you break down.  You should always have patches or a spare tube, a multi-tool for the screws and nuts, a chain tool, some band aids and ointment in case you wipe out, stuff like that.  It can save you hours of walking by yourself if you're somewhere far out when you break down."

"I don't think my mom would like it if you gave me that.  She doesn't like me talking to strangers and she sure wouldn't want me taking things from them."

"I doubt she'd even notice you had it.  I think your safety is more important than what she'd think about you taking stuff from me.  In fact, I think I'll just give you this one right now in case we never bump into each other again," I said.

I undid the fasteners that held the bag under my saddle and attached it under his, and then I undid the plastic clamps that held the hand pump to the frame of my bike and attached it to his frame.

"Holy!  Thanks a lot!"

"It's no big deal.  I'll buy new ones for my bike tomorrow.  You'll need to learn how to use the tools though.  You saw how easy it is to fix a chain.  It's not hard to patch a tire or change a tube either.  Maybe I could show you how someday if I see you down here when it's actually light out.  You need to be able to handle the more common things that can happen if you're gonna be riding alone.  I wish you wouldn't even come down here by yourself, especially not so close to night time.  It's just not safe."

"My mom says the same thing.  She said there's a monster down here that can kill a whole deer and eat it, and it could eat little boys even easier.  I think she just says that to scare me and keep me from coming here, but I'm no chicken.  I like riding down here.  I think she just made the monster up."

"Yeah, you're probably right," I said as I switched off the light on my bike and the supernaturally massive wolf that was Elias emerged from the trees and loped over to join us, "There's no such thing as monsters, but there's lots of other reasons not to come down here.  There could be bad people, or you could wipe out and get hurt down here where nobody might find you to help you, or you could break down and get stuck like you did tonight.  If you insist on coming here I can't stop you, but you should only do it in full daylight and stick to the areas where there are more people around.  Don't go far off by yourself and especially don't be around here when the sun is getting low.  It could be really, really dangerous."

"OK, OK, I get it," he grumped.

"Good.  Let's go," I said.

We still had just enough light to follow the trail back up to the street.  It took less than ten minutes to get there.  I stopped and got off my bike just before we came up to the street and I knelt and gave Elias one last big hug.

"I love you.  I'll see you later," I said.

He whined and turned to go.

"Wait!  Isn't Elias coming with us?" Cole asked.

"No, buddy, he's really shy, like I said.  He doesn't like going where there are people."

"Does he live down there?  Doesn't he come to your house?"

"He likes the woods.  I go down there to visit him.  He likes to be alone at night."

"Aww, that sucks.  Bye, Elias!" Cole said as he waved at the big wolf.

Elias wagged his tail and raised a big paw and moved it up and down like he was waving back, then turned and ran off into the woods.

We got lucky and while the rain drops increased in frequency briefly, they'd eased off again.  It would still be a little while before the rain really got going.  I rode next to Cole as he led us the rest of the way to his house.  It was a smaller home in an older neighborhood and it didn't look very well kept up.

"This is my house.  Thanks again, Jake," he said.

"No problem.  It was good to meet you, Cole.  Take care, little man," I said and I watched him go around to the side and through the gate to the back yard, then I turned and headed back home.

I put my bike in the garage and went into the house and collapsed on the sofa.  I couldn't believe how close we'd come to getting caught having sex by a little kid.  That alone would have been bad enough, but what if instead of Cole it had been an older person who'd stumbled upon us in the clearing?  Someone who would have immediately recognized that Elias was no dog, and that he was more enormous even than a wolf could ever possibly get.  We'd be screwed.

We were already starting to show some of the complacency I knew would creep up on us eventually as we became more comfortable with our situation.

We'd have to be a hell of a lot more careful in the future.


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