What follows is a work of complete fiction.

This story begins with a fairly standard and often used homosexual theme involving sex between a grown man and a homeless teenage boy he tries to help out.  It will start with a very intimate encounter between the two and then will take a turn for the furry and will alternate between human/human human/furry and furry/furry at random.  Any of you freaks who have something against sex between intelligent, loving, horny, furry creatures and people should stay away and leave those of us who are normal and who like that sort of thing to our innocent fantasies.  :)   Keep in mind that none of this is real and has not nor would not ever happen, and some may not even be physically possible.  It is simply a sexual fantasy.

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The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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Love and Lycanthropy - Chapter 5

I woke to Elias climbing into bed with me.  The sun was only just rising and he was coming back home after spending most of the night in his four legged form.  It had been nearly a month since our first meeting in the woods as man and wolf, and it was the middle of the next lunar cycle and the full moon would be rising again tonight.

I usually sleep so soundly that I wouldn't notice him coming to bed, and he would take care not to wake me so he wouldn't disturb my sleep.  I actually preferred it when I did wake up because I loved that early morning cuddle with him as he drifted off to sleep and I drifted right back to sleep with him.  He usually slid in and put his back against me and I would would turn and spoon with him as we fell asleep together.

I rolled over to face him and put my arm around him and found that he was facing me this time with a big smile on his face.

"Morning," he said, as he leaned in and kissed me.

"Hiya.  Did you have a good night out on the prowl?" I asked.

He nodded and said, "It was fine.  It's a bit boring sometimes.  I miss you when I'm out there.  I get lonely.  I was thinking about you a lot this morning.  I wished you were out there with me so we could fuck.  I never get enough of you."

I grinned and said, "The feeling is mutual."

He moved in for another kiss, but this time it had more passion behind it.  As I parted my lips to accept his tongue, I pulled him into me and right away I noticed he'd come to bed naked and had a raging hard on.  He was obviously feeling horny still and wanted some action.

I really never get tired of sex with Elias and I don't see how I ever could.  I feel like the luckiest guy in the world most of the time, but in the morning when he's like this we have some of the best sex of all.  The powerful, animal lust he feels as the wolf seems to linger for a while just after he changes back to a boy again and it carries into our lovemaking sessions when we do it in the morning.

As a seventeen year old boy with a body that would never advance beyond that of a fit fourteen year old, his energy is boundless and that suits me just fine.  I could never have imagined my sex life being anything like this before I met Elias.  The only thing I liked better than being ravaged by a massive, beautiful wolf, was being ravaged by this amazingly beautiful boy.  He pushed every button I had no matter what shape he was in and he made me feel hornier than I'd ever been in my life.  All of that was intensified by the powerful love I felt for him.  He was the world to me and I could not get enough of him.

He pushed me over on my back and then crawled up onto me as he put his hands on either side of my face and looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you so much," then leaned his face in to kiss me deeply again.  I wrapped my arms around him and plunged my tongue into his mouth as my desire for him began to grow rapidly.

We necked passionately for quite a while and I moved my hands to the sides of his face as I desperately tried to drive my tongue further into his mouth.  He took my hands from his face and pinned them up over my head on the pillow and he began to groan and breath more rapidly as he started to grind his hard cock against me and plunged his tongue back into my mouth, slurping and sucking as if he wanted to get every drop of my saliva.  I moaned as my cock rapidly inflated to full rigidity beneath him.  He was going at me with such intensity it was obvious this was not gonna be a slow and gentle love making session.  He was feeling extreme heat and he was going to let it carry him away.  I love when he gets like this.

He pulled his face back and smiled down at me and said, "You make me so fucking horny I can't describe it.  You're so big and manly and furry I just want to rub myself against you until my body absorbs into yours.  You make my head spin."

I grinned as he moved his face back in and kissed me again, then rubbed his cheek lovingly against mine.  He moved down and sucked briefly at my neck, then moved further down and rubbed the side of his face around on my thick, soft chest hair.  He was really feeling that need for physical contact.  It must get lonely for him running around as the wolf for the whole night having to stay well away from people and hidden from view.  My heart ached a bit for him.  I wished I could spend my nights out there running along side him but it just wouldn't work.  I wouldn't be able to hold down my job if I spent the whole night running around in the woods.  I couldn't keep up with him anyhow.

He latched onto one of my nipples with his mouth and sucked hard for a minute while rubbing at the other with his thumb, sending waves of wonderful electricity straight to my groin, and then he moved on downward and kissed me along the treasure trail of soft body hair leading down past my navel to my underwear.  He kissed my throbbing cock through my briefs and then turned his head to the side and rubbed his face against my boner.  I moaned and my hands went down to the soft brown hair on his head and I held it and ground my crotch against his face, feeling my lust building fast.

He started to breathe faster as his desire built up and his patience with the foreplay waned.  He reached up and grabbed the waist band of my underpants and lifted them up over my big cock head and yanked them down my legs and off.  The blankets went off the bed with him as he worked himself downward to pull my briefs off and threw them aside.  He came back up and drove his face right back into my crotch and snuffled and kissed and licked at every inch of me down there.  He licked at my big nuts and rubbed his face in my pubes and licked the shaft of my cock and then slurped my fat cock head into his mouth and began to bob his head up and down as he sucked me hard.  I moaned and put my hands on the back of his head again and began to thrust my hips up at his face.  I wasn't going to last long at all.  When he wants me this bad I only want him more and as much as I would like it to last forever, I couldn't control my driving need to shoot my load into him.

I bucked harder at him until I could feel my cock head pushing at the back of his throat and my lust for him began to bring my nuts to a boil.  The orgasm quickly spun up and out and I was wracked with a powerful spasm as I grunted and forced his head down onto my cock hard enough to push it into his throat.  My balls tightened up and squeezed my load of cum up my throbbing shaft to explode out my expanding cock head into his throat.  He moaned and pulled his head back until my cock nearly came out of his mouth and as I tried to buck up into him to shoot again he pushed down on my hips with one hand while putting his other around the shaft of my cock and he sucked hard.

"Ahhh, fuck!" I shouted as another spasm hit me and a long spurt of cum shot out onto his tongue.  He wanted to taste every drop and he didn't want me shooting into his throat.  I held his head as he began to jack his hand up and down the thick shaft of my cock and continued to suck as hard as he could.  I shot rope after rope of thick cum onto his tongue as my body jerked and clenched from the power of the orgasm and he moaned as he swirled the big load around in his mouth and then swallowed every drop of semen I fed him.  I started to come down from the powerful high of the orgasm just as he was reaching the peak of his lust for me.

He pulled his head off my cock and then reached down and lifted my thighs up and pushed my knees towards my chest.  I grabbed the backs of my knees to keep my legs up as he drove his face back in and began to lustily tongue my asshole while his nose bumped against my furry nuts.  He was drooling and moaning and pushing his saliva into my rectum as my anus continued to pulse out the last of my orgasm.  He spat on his fingers and quickly wet the head of his cock and spat again to wet the shaft, then he got into position and pressed the head against my anus and began to push.  I relaxed and pushed outward slightly to let him in and he plunged himself deep into me as my still pulsing sphincter grabbed on tightly to the shaft of his throbbing cock.

He groaned and immediately pulled back and thrust forward again, quickly building up a rhythm as he stared down at my body with hungry eyes and focused on the sight of his young tool plunging into me over and over again.  He was fucking his man and he was not holding back.  The sensation of his cock head slamming at my prostate as the shaft of his penis rubbed against the myriad of sensitive nerves in my anus began to build my orgasm back up again even before it could die off completely.  I groaned as my body began to spasm again as if it was trying to pump out even more cum, but I had shot everything I had.  The sensation of my anus clenching against his tool brought him quickly to the edge and he put his hands against the backs of my thick thighs and he leaned his head back, opened-mouthed and moaning more loudly as he bucked faster and faster.  Finally he shouted out as he slammed hard into me and his body jerked and the first wave of the orgasm hit him.  He clenched as his seed squirted out of him and into my rectum, then he bucked and clenched and grunted again and shot another stream of his cum into me.  Again and again he slammed against me to shoot his spunk as deep into me as he could while his intense orgasm played out.

Both of us came back down in unison as his bucking slowed and he pushed himself deep into me and held the position for a minute, then finally pulled out of me and let my legs drop back down on either side of him as he grinned at me.  He reached back behind him and grabbed the blankets and pulled them up with him as he crawled back up onto me and then wrapped his arms around my neck and sighed his satisfaction.

Neither of us said another word.  He fell asleep in minutes as he lay atop me and I lovingly rubbed his naked back under the warm covers.  I drifted off to sleep again shortly after he did.

I woke several hours later with him lying beside me, one arm over my chest and a leg hooked over me.  I gently extricated myself and went to the bathroom to relieve myself, then down to the kitchen to have a light breakfast.  It would be hours before Elias got up and I had lots of chores to take care of to fill the day while I waited to see him again.

A month had passed since that first time that I'd video recorded our first ever sexual encounter with him in his wolf form.  Since then we've gotten together several times to do it in the woods.  I can't seem to get enough of Elias in either form, but there's a certain unique, base, animal pleasure in being taken by him when he's a wolf.  As much as I am versatile, even leaning more towards being a top in the past, when he's a wolf and I'm a man I absolutely love to be his bitch.  The feeling of being deeply subordinate to that massive, furry, dangerous, and amazingly beautiful creature is the most satisfying experience I've ever had in my life.

I'd gone back to work two weeks ago and had a lot to catch up on and two new contracts to deal with.  I worked late several nights to get caught up.

The construction of the panic room was taking a lot longer than expected.  I couldn't complain too much, as the contractor had been kind enough to agree to doing it in the evenings to begin with, but it turned out some of his employees would not be available so he had to do most of the work by himself.  He'd done a good job on it.  There was no chance that Elias could ever get through the metal walls and door even if he did fly into a rage against me in the middle of a change.  The corrugated metal sections had been attached to the existing frame over the drywall, ceiling and floor, and welded together to form a solid box.  It was then covered over with laminated, fiberglass reinforced plywood and painted to look just like a normal room.  A metal door frame had been welded to the box and a large metal door was hung in it.  Large deadbolts driven by solenoids came in from the walls right through the thick metal frame to engage the door from either side and the top, to make the door effectively a solid part of the metal box when the locks would be in place.  It was more or less complete now, but they hadn't yet wired in the electronics, which were sort of critical for the whole thing to work properly for us.  We'd already furnished it with a small table in the corner with one of the Tasers on a charger and a can of bear spray sitting on it.  We'd added a small sofa that pulls out to be a bed if needed.  The rest of the room was open with a large, deep pile rug that would be comfortable for a big wolf to curl up on.

Elias wouldn't be able to use the room until it was finished and I'd then wired in my own customization to the finished lock mechanisms.  I built a simple circuit using an Arduino that would allow the wolf to use his nose to tap out a pattern on four large, touch sensitive plates to unlatch the locks on the door so he would be able to push it open and come out if he wanted to, once he was back in control again.  The monster he was when he was in between boy and wolf during the change would not have the capacity to work the lock mechanism, and the pattern was complex enough that he wouldn't have a chance in a million to accidentally get it right.  We'd tested the prototype and it worked just great.  I would install it to replace the keypad after the electronic lock system was installed by the contractor.  Their electronics expert would not be available to finish the job for another week or so, but the rest of the room was ready.  It would take them at least another week after that to wire in the UPS system, the control panel for the intercom and video systems, hook up all of the cameras, and finally wire in the keyless lock mechanisms for the door.  The room wouldn't be ready for at least two more weeks, maybe longer.

After that first video we'd made a month ago, Elias had suggested we take one of him when he was in the process of changing.  We had planned on waiting until the panic room was finished to simply set up the video camera in there, but the weeks of delays getting the room finished were driving Elias nuts.  He wanted to see the process happen and he didn't want to wait for the room since we didn't know for sure how much longer that would take.  He convinced me to let him do the recording out in the woods during the first half of the lunar cycle while the panic room was still under construction.  He would need to be alone which meant he needed to be able to work the camera himself, so the only time to do it would be right at sunset just like the first video we'd made.  I felt we needed to be more careful, but Elias really wanted this, and we'd gone another month without incident even though we'd been screwing around together a lot out there, so I agreed we were OK to do this one last thing.   I really wanted to see the process myself, too.  Elias would set up the camera on the tripod while still in boy form and hit the record button just before the change started and then he would get into position and wait for the change to hit.  We wanted to wait until he was going to be a wolf for a couple of hours at least so I could head out there after and gather up the gear and bring it back home.  We were cursed with bad weather again last weekend and even though the weather had improved into the week we'd decided to leave it until the weekend so I wouldn't have to go to work the day after.

Today is Saturday, and tonight would be the full moon.  We were ready for him to take the video recording and it looked like the weather was going to be perfect for it.  He was anxious to see the video and for the first time ever watch himself go through the change.  I was anxious too, but for different reasons.  I wasn't sure if I could handle seeing him going through that, but with him next to me as we watched I figured I would probably be OK.

Elias got up a bit earlier than usual.  Usually we like him to get at least eight or nine hours of sleep to ensure there'd be no chance of him getting tired and sleepy just before the change and possibly be asleep on the couch or something when it happens.  There would be no danger of that today since he was so worked up about taking the video so it would be fine.  I made him breakfast and then we went out to ride our bikes for the day.  We came back and ordered Thai food for a late supper, then finally the time approached and he gathered everything together and headed out to the river valley on his bike.

I followed just before sunset.  I would be riding there while he was going through the change so I wouldn't be anywhere nearby until just after he was done.  I would come into the clearing and we could screw around a bit before I took the gear and headed back home.  I had originally planned on not going out until a half hour later, but I decided I was more comfortable being on the trail and heading in even while Elias was changing in the clearing.  That way I could ensure there was nobody else on the trail.  If there was, I could make sure they didn't go off into the woods.  We needed to be as careful as we could.  Once we got through this there would be no more screwing around in the woods for us.  The panic room would be ready in a few weeks and we could just mess around at home from then on.

I was on my bike and heading down the path deeper into the river valley when I saw a flash of sunlight between the trees and I slowed down.  I'd left a bit too early and the sun was still just above the edge of the horizon and still going down.  Somewhere else on the horizon the moon was already coming up, but Elias wouldn't change until the sun actually set.  I needed to hang back and give enough time for the change to finish before I showed up.  I wanted to get there while there was still a lot of light left so we could enjoy each other better without me having to fumble around in the dark.  Since the video camera would already be set up and rolling we could make another fun sex tape of ourselves.  I was looking forward to it.  I casually rode along at a slow pace, smiling as I thought about how in just minutes a giant wolf would push me over, mount me, and shove his massive cock into me as he humps away at me and breeds me and shows me that I belong to him and nobody else.

The quality of the light seemed to suddenly shift more towards grey and I knew that the sun had finally gone down and I increased my pace just a bit.  It would take me several minutes to get through the woods to the clearing so Elias would be finished the change by the time I got there.  I headed toward the spot where I would turn off into the trees to lock up my bike when I suddenly heard a faint, high-pitched scream.  I slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop on the trail and strained to listened as my heart hammered in my chest.  Was that Elias?  Was he screaming in pain from the change?  Somehow it didn't sound like his voice, but I wasn't sure if he would sound anything like himself or not.

I wasn't sure what to do.

I heard a roar that sounded more like an enraged animal, again it was fairly faint.  It had to be coming from the clearing deep in the woods.  That time it had to be Elias.  It must have been him screaming earlier too.  The change was underway and he was reacting to the pain.  It hadn't occurred to me that it would be audible from way out here on the trail, but at least it was fairly faint so it wouldn't carry much farther, and there didn't appear to be anyone else around to hear it.  I got off my bike and began to walk it into the woods to find a tree to lock it to while I gave some time for Elias to settle into wolf form.  By the time I locked it up and start heading towards the clearing the change would be over and he would be ready for me.

Before I even found a tree to lock the bike to, I heard a scream again, higher pitched like the first time, and my heart nearly leaped from my throat.  That wasn't Elias!  I heard the roar of rage again and then I heard someone shout, "No, don't hurt me!" followed by a scream of pain.

I let my bike fall over as I began a mad dash towards the clearing.  Someone must have come across Elias when he was in the process of changing!  Fuck!

I ran faster, almost tripping over low brush and getting scratched as I pushed my way through tree branches in my rush to try to get there.  I wasn't sure what I could do but I had to try to help them.  Before I got to the clearing, Elias suddenly bounded out of the trees in front of me and knocked me down.

"Elias!  What the fuck happened?  Who's back there?" I shouted as I scrambled to get back up and started to run towards the clearing again.

I didn't get far before Elias reached me from behind and knocked me down again.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled as I moved to get up again.

Even before I could get back to my feet he growled and pushed me down and put his weight on me to keep me down.  He wasn't going to let me get up.  I suddenly heard a roar of pain coming from ahead, in the direction of the clearing, and I understood.  Someone was changing in there.  Elias must have bitten them while he was changing!  That was the shout of pain that I'd heard.  Now they were going through the change themselves.  Jesus Christ!  How could we have been so careless?

My mind reeled.  We had to get to them before they ran away.  We couldn't let them be like Elias was, lost and alone and trying to figure out what had happened to them on their own.  We had to get to them and explain!

I struggled to try to get free, but Elias would not let me up.  I heard another roar from towards the clearing, but this time it sounded less like pain, and more like anger.

"Please, Elias, we have to get to them.  Think of how you felt after you changed and didn't know what the hell to do!  They're gonna be in the same boat!  We have to get to them to try to explain.  It's our fault this is happening to them!" I pleaded.

He growled and held me down.  He wasn't going to risk me getting torn apart by the raging monster that was now thrashing around in the clearing out there.  We heard a sound more like a soft whine coming from the clearing and finally Elias got off me and bounded back toward the sound.  I quickly got up and followed him.  I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but by the time I crashed out of the trees and into the clearing there was no sign of Elias or the other wolf we'd heard.  They must have run off in their panic and Elias must have gone after them to try to catch them.  I looked around to try to figure out which way they'd gone, but I realized there was no way I could catch up to them anyhow.

I saw the camera set up on its tripod and still recording.  Out in front of it I saw the neat stack of Elias's clothing and his shoes, and out beyond that I saw a large tree with blood along its trunk.  I moved towards it and saw some torn clothing on the ground.  There was a small pair of shoes, one on its side and the other half torn and bloody.  My heart sank as I noticed they were small enough to belong to a child.  Beyond the shoes were the tatters of more clothing with blood on them.  Fuck, we had to find him!

"Elias!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I waited, but there was no response.  It suddenly occurred to me that the camera was still recording.  I turned and ran over to it and stopped it, then I used the menu to find the file and selected it, then pressed the play button and watched the small screen.  Suddenly the clearing came up on the screen and Elias walked into the frame fully clothed.  He turned to face the camera and smiled and said, "Hi, Jake.  I love you.  What's that?  You want me to take my clothes off for you?  Why, I'd love to!"  He grinned and kicked off his shoes, then slipped one sock off, then the other, and put them in his shoes.  Then he pushed down his shorts and stepped out of them, folded them neatly and set them down on his shoes.  He was still wearing his briefs and I could see that he was getting erect.  He pulled his t-shirt up over his head revealing his beautiful, fit torso, then he folded the shirt and put it on top of his shorts.  He turned back to the camera and smiled as he began to rub at his growing erection through his underwear.

"I don't usually get turned on by this, but knowing you're watching is sort of doing something for me," he said to the camera and he grinned as he reached up and rubbed his nipple while rubbing at his crotch.  He then very slowly and very deliberately, as if to tease me more, pulled the front of his briefs away from his body with his left hand then reached in and began to play with his cock inside them so I couldn't see what he was doing as he softly moaned.  He then smiled at the camera as he slowly pulled his underwear down and his beautiful, stiff young tool sprang free.  He slowly pushed his briefs down past his knees then let them slip down his legs to the ground and as they fell at his ankles he stepped out of them.  Then he turned around and very slowly bent over to pick them up, showing me his tight ass in the process.  While still bent over, he looked back at the camera and he ran his finger up and down his butt crack and fingered his hole lightly as he said, "I sure wish you were here right now.  I want that big cock of yours in me," and then he picked up the briefs and neatly folded them and set them down on the pile of clothes.  He turned back to the camera and grinned as he took his young tool in hand and began to stroke it.

Ordinarily I'd be all over watching that but I had to find out what happened next.  I hit fast forward and saw his hand become a blur as he worked his cock until I finally saw his head tilt back and his mouth open as his orgasm hit him and he shot his spunk out onto the ground in fast motion.  I kept going at high speed as he smiled and sat down cross-legged on the ground and waited for the change.  I saw his lips moving like he was saying things to me while he waited, then suddenly I saw him stand again and double over and I hit the play button to slow the video down to normal speed again.

He grunted as a spasm of pain hit him and then he straightened again.  He cried out and doubled over again, then went down to his knees and started moaning and almost crying as I began to see something happening under his skin.  I saw movement just below the surface of his skin as though his internals were beginning to rearrange themselves.  He grunted in pain again and I saw his rib cage suddenly cave in from the sides while it began to expand from back to front.  It was becoming narrower, but deeper like a wolf's.  At the same time I saw his head begin to change shape and he cried out again as his hands came up and he held his head in pain.  His face began to morph right before my eyes, becoming longer and narrower while the top of his skull became flatter and his ears began to grow longer and change shape to become more pointed.

He was alternating between crying and groaning in pain as he fell to his hands and knees and the change continued.  His whole body seemed almost to be expanding now like it was building up to explode.  His feet began to stretch and fuse and grow longer as his toes began to get bigger.  The front of his feet started to take the shape of a paw while the foot itself stretched out and the heel came back and upward to become one of the joints of his back leg a third of the way up.  His knees moved upward as his legs stretched up.  They were getting narrower as they stretched, more like a wolf's legs than the thicker legs of a human.  The same thing was happening to his arms.  His hands began to stretch impossibly long while his fingers became thicker and shorter and morphed into the shape of a paw.  His thumbs became his dew claws higher up the insides of what were now becoming his front legs.

His head continued to change shape and become longer as his whole body grew.  His ears migrated slowly backward and higher up as their shape changed more and more towards looking almost like a rat's ears.  In fact, now when I looked at the whole picture, he seemed more like he was changing into a giant, hairless rat.  A pinkish tail had sprouted from his tail bone and was growing longer and thicker at the same time.  He was still changing fast.  He'd stopped groaning or crying out now.  It was almost as if he'd lost the ability to make any sort of sound while his neck and head were going through such a major change, though I thought I heard the occasional whimper.

His lips pulled back and his teeth began to take the shape of a wolf's as his muzzle continued to grow.  He was starting to look extremely dangerous now.  He was lean and muscular and almost the full shape of the wolf complete with the sharp teeth, but he wasn't quite there yet.  Suddenly he roared in anger at no one in particular as he regained his voice.  At the same time I saw his skin darkening and, quite suddenly, fur began to sprout from it.  The beautiful pattern of his fur began to take shape as his coat rapidly grew in.  His tail became bushy and the fringe of thicker fur around his jowls grew even more quickly than the rest of his coat.

He was very nearly done changing, though I could still see some movement under his skin like bones were moving into their final position when I heard a voice say, "Elias!  Are you OK, boy?  Are you hurt?"

My heart jumped and my stomach did a flip as I immediately recognized the voice.  Little Cole suddenly came into the picture as he limped up beside Elias as if to try to help him, but it wasn't Elias yet.  The wolf roared and lunged toward the boy even before Cole reached him.  His jaws came down on Cole's arm and the boy screamed as he pulled back and his skin tore and blood began to pour from his wound.  He instinctively turned and moved as fast as he could towards the trees.  Cole couldn't move fast due to his bad limp, but Elias wasn't quite fully functional yet and was still having some trouble moving as well.

Cole saw that he wasn't going to be able to outrun the monster and he jumped at the big tree at the back of the clearing and began to climb it.  Smart kid.  It was his only chance to get to safety.  Unfortunately it was difficult for him since he could only use his hands to pull himself up and his one good leg to push with.  The monster reached him before he could quite get far enough up to be out of range.  Elias-wolf snatched at Cole's foot, but came away with a torn, bloody shoe as he ripped it off along with some of Cole's skin and the boy screamed in fear and pain.  He looked back at the monster that was trying to pull him out of the tree and yelled "No!  Don't hurt me!"

Then, as Cole scrambled to get higher up by pushing off a branch with his good leg, Elias-wolf roared and lunged upward once last time, putting as much force into his jump as he could, and his jaws came down on the boy again, this time clamping onto his slim calf muscle.  Cole screamed in pain again but he had his arms wrapped around a tree branch and they were locked in place.  Elias-wolf tore a part of the muscle and took it down with him as he fell back to the base of the tree.  Cole was crying now and in great pain as blood began to flow freely from the bad gash in his calf.  He struggle to get higher as Elias lunged again, but the boy was out of his reach now.

The wolf snarled and bit at the tree in a mad rage.  He looked like a rabid dog ready to tear apart anything that moved.  Then, suddenly, Elias seemed to start to come to his senses again.  He shook his head several times and paced around in a small circle and finally slowed to a stop, looking like he was completely in control again.  Then he seemed to notice the blood and the torn shoe for the first time.  He sniffed at it curiously, then he heard the boy's crying and he looked up the tree.  His tail wagged in recognition when he saw Cole, then he seemed to suddenly realize what he'd done and I saw his whole body tense up and then he whined again.

Cole was crying, but he'd noticed that Elias was no longer trying to get at him and was wagging his tail.

"Why did you hurt me?" the boy asked through his tears, and Elias whined again and brought his tail between his legs and hunkered down onto his belly.

Suddenly, Cole seemed to jerk a couple of times like he'd been hit with a bad muscle spasm, then he tensed and grimaced in pain as he was hit with such a hard spasm that he lost his grip and fell out of the tree, hitting a large branch as he came down with enough force to crack several ribs as he spun and fell the rest of the way, nearly landing right on top of Elias.  He began to thrash on the ground.  Elias whined and moved towards him, but the boy began to work his way backwards along the ground to try to get away as the pain of the change began to take him over.  My heart was racing as I watched the poor kid start to be ravaged by a change he did not understand.  He was in incredible pain but he was just enough himself to still be afraid of Elias and what he'd done to him.

Elias seemed to hesitate, not sure what to do, then he looked back past the camera, then turned and ran.  He must have realized that Cole was going to change now and there was no way to stop that.  He'd been bitten by Elias before the change was complete and he'd been cursed.  There was nothing Elias could do for him now.  If he stayed he would only enrage the beast that Cole would become before changing into the wolf and Elias would be forced to defend himself as the thing attacked him.  He had no choice but to make himself scarce until the change was complete and Cole was back in his right mind, but in the shape of a wolf.  Elias must have thought of me at that point.  That was why he'd looked back past the camera.  He must have realized I'd be on my way to meet him and the still changing Cole would be a danger to me.

I watched in horror as Cole's first ever change continued in front of the camera.  It was a bit harder to see in detail as he was a lot further back at the base of the big tree, but it looked much harder than Elias's change.  It was obvious that Cole was frightened and didn't know what the hell was happening to him.  He was thrashing and moving around and even tried to get up once when his legs were nowhere near ready to carry him yet.  He cried out and groaned and sobbed as his body was wracked with pain and he began to expand at an alarming rate.  His clothing stretched and tore and burst from his body as his shape continued to change.  He went through it the same way that Elias did, but he would fall over on his side and writhe, then flip over and try to get up while in a panic, only to fall gain.  My heart broke as I watched him suffer through the long and agonizing transition that played out exactly as Elias's had, but with Cole full of terror at every moment, not understanding why he was going through this.

Finally, it was nearly over, and what stood in front of the camera was a beautiful, smaller version of Elias, but instead of tans and browns and cream colors, Cole was white, grey and black.  The wolf whined, and paced back and forth, then bolted off into the forest in a panic, still not fully Cole, but almost fully a wolf and able to move fast.

Nothing happened for a while, so I hit fast forward again and let it zip along until finally I saw Elias-wolf come into the picture and I hit play again.  Elias sniffed around and immediately got wind of which direction Cole had gone and he followed into the woods.  With any luck he would track Cole quickly.  They couldn't communicate properly but Cole would remember Elias, and would hopefully not be afraid of him after the attack.  If not, it might be a long chase.  If Elias-wolf couldn't convince Cole-wolf to come back here then he'd have to stick with him until dawn when they would both change back.  Elias the boy should be able to reason with Cole the boy and explain what had happened to him and bring him back to safety.

What a fucking mess!  That poor kid!  He didn't deserve this shit.  We'd done it to him out of our carelessness and our curiosity to capture the change on video.  He was going to pay the price for the rest of his long life for our stupidity.

I didn't know what to do.  We had to make sure we found him.  That was the first priority, but I couldn't help with that.  Elias should have no problem tracking him and he was big and fast enough to catch up to him and keep pace if Cole chose to keep running.  Once he found Cole, Elias would be smart enough to figure out what to do next.

Suddenly I heard a sound and I turned and Elias emerged into the clearing, followed by Cole.  The black and white wolf bounded over to me and barked, wagging his tail.  The relief that washed over me was so powerful I nearly fainted.  Thank God he was OK.  At least, as OK as he could be, given the circumstances.

I dropped to my knees as he approached and Cole immediately started licking my face.  I put my arms around his neck and said, "I'm so sorry, Cole.  This should have never happened to you.  We did this to you.  We'll help you any way we can, don't worry."

He whined and licked at my face again as he continued to wag his tail.  He yipped and jumped up and down and barked, then raced around the clearing in circles.  It was like he was thrilled with his new shape.  Elias watched him like an indulgent parent watching his young one cutting loose.  It suddenly struck me how Cole was quite a bit smaller than Elias.  I realized the final size of the wolf must be based on the original size of the human.  Cole looked to be about the size of a normal, adult wolf.  Still much bigger and more powerful looking than a large dog, but quite a bit smaller than Elias.

I watched as Cole continued to run circles around us, occasionally leaping through the air as if to test how high he could go.  He stopped and chased his tail for a moment, then rolled around on the ground, then finally he sat and faced us while panting from the exertion.

"Have you got it out of your system for the moment, Cole?  Can you come over here for a minute please?" I asked.

The wolf stood and came over to where I was, still on my knees, and he sat in front of me still panting hard.

"Do you understand what happened to you?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"Do you know what a werewolf is?"

He whined and nodded, but then paused and shook his head.  It was as though he was saying he knew what it was, but he couldn't be one himself.  He might be thinking of the scary looking movie monsters he might have seen.

"You've got sort of a curse.  You got it from Elias.  He's the same way.  He didn't change you on purpose though.  He couldn't help it.  You came at just the wrong time while he was changing.  You felt how much it hurts to change..."

He whined again and nodded his head.

"When you change you're dangerous because of how much pain you're in.  Just like Elias was dangerous while he was changing even though he's not dangerous after, and not before.  He bit you because of the blind rage and confusion he felt from all of that pain.  He didn't know who you were, or even who he was, while he was changing.  You'll be the same way whenever you change and we have to start getting you ready to handle it.  I hate to tell you this but you're going to be going through that pain again when the sun comes up in morning.  You'll change back into a boy then.  Tomorrow night it will happen all over again and you'll change into a wolf.  It's going to happen to you almost every night from now on."

He yipped and wagged his tail as if he was happy about that.

I shook my head and sighed.  He was so young that to him it was some awesome new game.  He seemed to think it was cool that he was suddenly this 'better' shape.  I suppose I would have felt exactly the same way at his age.  It must seem incredible to a young boy to suddenly be able to run like the wind, and to see in the dark, and hear every little sound and smell everything around him like never before.

I realized immediately that he would have no problem whatsoever adjusting to this new reality at his young age.  It was his mother who would suffer the most.  How the hell was I going to break this to her?  We'd fucked up their lives irrevocably.  The implications of it suddenly began to sink in.  He would never have a normal future.  He couldn't go to school anymore or it would quickly be noticed that he wasn't growing up.  He could never fall in love and get married and have kids of his own because his body was stuck at its current stage of development.  He would be an eleven year old boy for the rest of time, except when he was busy being a big wolf.

How the hell was I going to explain this to his mother?  She would probably want to kill me, and I sure as hell couldn't blame her for it.  Somehow I would have to keep her somewhat calm about it though.  Her immediate thought will likely be to try to get help for her boy.  It couldn't go well if she tried to get him medical help.  He would be studied and prodded and picked apart and he would never be free again for the rest of his life.  I can't even imagine what sort of tests they would subject him to.  Needless to say his existence would have to be kept under wraps by them.  The government would feel that no one could ever know that werewolves might actually exist and as such he would likely disappear into some remote facility and essentially be a prisoner for as long as he lived, which for all intents and purposes could be an eternity.

What a fucking mess we'd made of their lives.  We may even have fucked up our own in the process.  The decision about what to do for Cole would ultimately fall to his mother.  If I can't convince her of the danger of revealing what's happened to him to the medical community, she would be revealing the reality for Elias as well.  They would want to know who bit Cole so they could track him down and she would be desperate to help Cole in any way she could, so she would tell them.  They would likely treat it like a virus and try to track backwards to determine who bit Elias or who else he might have bitten, and who they might have bitten and so on.  They would want to get a solid handle on how big of a problem this might be for the population at large.  We would have no choice but to run, and try to disappear before they could get their hands on Elias.  We'd have to change our identities or lose our freedom forever.

I tried to think of what to do next.  The main concern now would be to help Cole get through the change back as cleanly as possible.  It might be a bit easier for him now that he will know exactly what it is that's happening to him going in.  We couldn't have him go through it out here or we'd have to leave him by himself.  Elias would have to go off by himself too or he and Cole might try to tear each other apart.  Given their size difference the winner of that fight was easy to predict.  I wouldn't be able to stay with him either, obviously, or he'd tear me apart.  He'd have to change by himself and then he'd be a naked boy, alone in the woods until one of us could get to him, but Elias wouldn't be a wolf anymore and couldn't track him.  If Cole panicked again during the change he might run and we might have trouble finding him again afterward.

The best approach was to take him back to my place to change there.  I would explain to Cole that he'd need to be locked into the panic room to go through his change but I'd be waiting for him right outside the door.  The locks weren't functional yet but I would simply have to wedge the door shut from the outside, and keep my weight against it in case he tried to bust out.  Chances are he'd be so deep in the throes of agony during the change he wouldn't even be thinking of trying to get out of the room.  In any case he doesn't weigh a whole lot compared to Elias, and I'd have no problem keeping him from getting out.

Even after a successful change we'd have a naked boy that we would need to bring back home to a panicked mother who would be wondering where he was after she came home to find his bed empty.  Hopefully she doesn't own a shotgun or anything.  Seeing me leading her naked boy back home would likely tempt her to use it on me.  I'd have to get to her right away, tonight, and try to explain to her why her boy isn't in his bed.  I'd have to take Cole back to my house now, then go talk to her quickly and bring her back to my place to be with him.  She could bring him some clothes.

What a shit show this was going to be.  I sighed, and resigned myself to simply try to get through it.

"Cole, is your mom home by now?"

He shook his head.

"Will she be home soon?"

He shook his head again.  The one time I'd met Cole I hadn't asked him anything about his mother.  He'd only mentioned in passing that she was working, 'like always', which I assumed meant she had two jobs.  I didn't ask him what hours she worked though.

"Will she be home tonight?"

He shook his head yet again.

"She's working all night?"

He nodded.

"Does she get home before the sun comes up?" I asked, hoping the answer would be no.

He shook his head in the negative.  Well, that should help us a bit when it came to breaking the news to her at least.  Cole would be a boy again and I could take him back home and we could both talk to her.  She would see him healthy and safe, like her normal boy, before I broke the news to her about his new reality.  This was not going to be easy.

"Cole, we're going to have to go back to my house so you can change back into a boy there in the morning.  I have a special room for you to go into that will keep you safe, and keep me safe from you, OK?"

He nodded.  I looked around the clearing while there was still a bit of light left, to see if any of his clothes were salvageable.  They really weren't.  One of his shoes was OK and must have fallen off during the change, but one was badly torn up from Elias trying to catch Cole.  The boy's shorts, underwear and t-shirt where in tatters, torn apart by his body's rapid expansion as it changed and his own claws tearing at them while he was writhing in pain.  As I looked at the shorts, a thought suddenly occurred to me.

"Do you have a key to your house, Cole?"

He nodded and went over to the torn shorts and picked them up with his mouth, then brought them back to me.  I took them and went through the pockets.  I found the key and put it my own pocket.  I found a folded up five dollar bill in the other pocket and put that in my pocket as well.  Cole growled at me.

I chuckled and said, "I'm not robbing you, buddy.  I'll just hold it for you until you change back.  You don't have any pockets right now.  Can I trust you to stay right here with Elias?  I need to go back home and get my truck, then go over to your house to get you some clothes.  I'll come back and park on the street at the top of the trail.  That way I can get you home without anyone seeing you.  You're a wolf now, and wolves have no business being around here.  You need to make sure nobody ever sees you.  Stay with Elias and I'll come back down the trail and meet you guys again in a little while, OK?"

He looked over at Elias, then back at me and wagged his tail and nodded.

"I'll be back in a bit, please don't go anywhere," I said.

I sighed and turned with the intent to walk back to my bike, but it occurred to me that it probably wouldn't be best to leave the torn and bloodied clothes of a child scattered around a clearing in the woods.  I picked up the backpack that Elias had used to bring the camera gear out with him and I went around and gathered all of the torn clothes up and stuffed them in it.  I collapsed the tripod and stuffed it into the pack along with the camera and I walked back through the woods to where I'd dropped my bike.  I picked it up and rode back up the trail and home.

I put the backpack on the kitchen table and got the keys to the truck and went to the garage.  I opened the tonneau cover on the truck and put my bike in the bed, then drove out to the street.

I had no trouble finding Cole's house, though it had been a month since I'd met him and rode with him back there.  I went around back, since that's the way he'd gone before, and I knocked at the door and rang the bell just in case his mother had come home unexpectedly.  There was no answer and no lights came on so I tried the key.  It fit and I let myself in.  I found the light switch near the door and flicked it on, then made my way through the house.  I found Cole's room and went straight to the dresser and looked through the drawers until I found socks, underwear, a t-shirt, and some jeans.  Cole had a small table in his room with a few pencils in a holder.  It must be where he does his homework.  I put his five dollar bill on the table then I took a sheet of paper and wrote a quick note on it to leave on his pillow in case his mom came home unexpectedly before I brought him back home.  It simply let her know that Cole was OK and that I'd bring him back home in the morning, and I left my phone number for her to call.  I put the note on his pillow, picked up a pair of shoes for him that I found near the back door, and then headed back out to my truck.

I drove back to where the trail leading down into the river valley meets the sidewalk next to the road.  It's a fairly secluded location across from a park that wasn't being used at this time of night.  It was nearly dark now.  Cole should be able to come up with me and get into the truck without anyone seeing.

I got the bike out of the truck bed, flicked on the light, and I rode down the trail to the usual spot and then locked my bike to a tree in the woods.  The light on my bike unclips to become a hand held flashlight so I took it and continued on through the woods to the clearing.

As I came to the edge of the clearing I switched off the light so no one would see it from the trail if they happened to pass.  I saw that Elias was chasing Cole around.  The smaller wolf was having a great old time.  He'd sit his butt down, panting heavily from the exertion and wait while the bigger wolf approached in prey-stalking mode, then just as Elias would get close to him Cole would dart off and the two would run around in circles and figure eights until Elias would pretend to get tired and slow down and finally stop and go down on his belly.  Then Cole would spin and sit again, panting, with his sides heaving and his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging, waiting for the next round.  The two of them seemed to be having great fun together.

I suddenly remembered what Elias had told me in the morning when he'd got home after the change, about how lonely it was for him out here when he was the wolf.  It seemed he had the perfect companion now.  Cole would keep him from ever getting lonely again.  Elias would need to watch over him and show him the ropes anyhow.  They simply needed to work out a routine where they would go their separate ways to change, then come back together to spend their time in wolf form with each other.  Cole was smaller than Elias, but he was still a large and powerful wolf.  The two of them together would be almost unstoppable if there was ever any trouble.  They would help keep each other safe.

Cole saw me emerge from the clearing and he yipped and ran over to me and leaped through the air as he approached, turning slightly sideways as though he expected me to catch him in my arms.  I don't think he quite realized that he was a hell of a lot heavier now than he'd been as a thin, frail, eleven year old boy, or that he was a hell of a lot bigger and heavier than even a large dog would be.  I let out a loud 'oof' as he slammed into me and knocked the wind out of me and I fell on my ass.  His momentum drove me right onto my back with him on top.  He stood and yipped again and ran around me in circles.

I sat up and laughed as I watched him zoom around me a few times, then race over to Elias and circle him several times, then back to me again.  He seemed to be thrilled with his new body.  I remembered the pronounced limp he had as a boy.  He couldn't run before, and even walking was probably uncomfortable for any length of time.  That was why he'd ridden his bike so much.  He found it easier to get around.  Now he could run like the wind and he seemed to be loving it.  When he got tired of circling us he raced off to the far end of the clearing, then turned and dashed as fast as he could back across it, leaping through the air as he went as if to show us what he could do, or maybe to test himself and see just how high and how far he could jump.

Elias loped over to me, panting from the chase that must have been going on since I left earlier, and he sat down next to me.  I put my arm around him and we both watched and waited for Cole to finally burn himself out.  It was a full moon, so he would be a wolf all night long.  He may as well learn as much about his body and what it could do as he could before I take him to my house.  The full moon was getting higher in the clear night sky now and the light it provided was fairly bright once my eyes adjusted, so I just sat and watched the show the smaller wolf was putting on.

Cole's energy was so infectious I got up and charged towards him as he was running across the clearing.  He saw me and slammed on the brakes, then turned and ran away from me as I chased after him and tried to catch him.  It was hopeless of course.  He wasn't giving me any breaks.  I finally had to stop to catch my breath.  He saw me stop, then turned to run towards me.  Just as he got close he swerved aside and I lunged at him to try to catch him.  He ran on past, then turned and took another run at me.  Over and over I'd flail my arms out towards him as he zoomed cleanly past me, but the closest I ever got to catching him was to feel his fur brush past the tips of my fingers.  I must look like some useless matador being toyed with by a bull.

Finally he seemed almost to be getting tired out himself and as he raced towards me, instead of zooming aside, he turned sideways and rolled on the ground onto his back against my legs.  I laughed and crouched down and started to tickle his ribs as he wiggled around, wagging his tail.  He started to playfully nip at my wrists and arms and push at me with his big paws like he was trying to break free, then I let him go and he rolled upright and ran away again.  This time Elias chased him and I laughed as Cole continued to evade him, finally running back to me and hiding behind my legs.   Elias ran up and stopped and sat in front of me.  I turned to Cole and he was sitting too, panting hard.  His tongue was dripping as it lolled out of his open mouth and his sides heaved in and out.  His tail was wagging like mad.  He seemed like one hell of a happy wolf.

"I think you should take a break and catch your breath for a bit," I said as I sat down in the grass.

Cole got up and walked around in front of me and then sat facing me, tail still wagging.  I reached up and scratched the top of his furry head and then behind his ears.  His head cocked and his eyes half closed as I scratched him behind his ear, and his back paw started thumping on the ground.  I must have found an itch.  I chuckled as I continued to scratch him until his foot stopped.  I sat back and smiled at him.  He was a beautiful wolf, just like Elias.  He was probably about the size of a big timber wolf.  He was much lighter over all in color than Elias was, and he was a mixture of white, grey and black, where Elias was cream, tans and darker browns, and black.

It seemed as though Cole was absolutely thrilled with being a wolf, and he certainly made a good one, but he needed to realize it wasn't just fun and games.  He was going to need to learn how to deal with this while keeping himself safe.

"I know this all seems like great fun to you right now, Cole, but we really messed up your life in a big way tonight.  I'm really sorry about that.  There's nothing we can do to fix it, but I promise we'll be there for you from now on.  We'll help you adjust and you won't have to worry about ever being alone with this.  Elias will always be there for you when you're the wolf, and we'll both be there for you when you're a boy if you need us."

He whined and leaned in and licked at my face while his tail still continued to wag.  I was sure he didn't see any of this as any sort of problem.  It was likely the coolest thing that he could ever imagine happening to him.  He hadn't had time to really think about it yet.  I doubt he'd be happy with the idea that he'd never grow up and find a woman to fall in love with, to have kids of his own.  He'd never have the experience of making friends all through his school years and growing up with them.  He'd never go to college.  He'd never have the thrill of striking out on his own and getting his first apartment and first job and first car.  He would be stuck in an eleven year old boy's body for the rest of his life and, barring any unforeseen accident, there was likely no hard limit on just how long that life might be.  He would never live like a normal person now, and it was my fault as much as Elias's.

Elias came over to join us and put his massive paw on my shoulder and whined.  I reached over and put my arms around his neck.

"It's not your fault Elias.  You know better than anyone that you can't control yourself during the change and you don't know what's happening.  We both should have been more careful."

He whined again and we both settled in to watch Cole as he stood up, fully rested, and started to race around the clearing again.

It was going to be a long night, but I felt it was best to just stay out here for a few hours at least.  I got the impression that Cole would not be satisfied with being cooped up in my house for the rest of the night.  He'd want to keep running and testing the limits of his new shape until he couldn't anymore.  I'd let him get tired out as much as possible, then we'd head back up to the truck and back to my place for the change.  Then I'd take him home and try to explain everything to his mother and face her well-justified wrath.

That was going to be the hardest conversation of my life, and I was not looking forward to it.


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