What follows is a work of complete fiction.

This story begins with a fairly standard and often used homosexual theme involving sex between a grown man and a homeless teenage boy he tries to help out.  It will start with a very intimate encounter between the two and then will take a turn for the furry and will alternate between human/human human/furry and furry/furry at random.  Any of you freaks who have something against sex between intelligent, loving, horny, furry creatures and people should stay away and leave those of us who are normal and who like that sort of thing to our innocent fantasies.  :)   Keep in mind that none of this is real and has not nor would not ever happen, and some may not even be physically possible.  It is simply a sexual fantasy.

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Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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Love and Lycanthropy - Chapter 9

I'd set the alarm in the basement to go off ten minutes before the time for Cole's change and we both jumped a little when it suddenly started beeping loudly at us.

Cole looked at me a little nervously.  He was not looking forward to experiencing the pain yet again.  He knew he would come out the other side feeling great, but it would be a while before he would get used to it enough to shrug it off going in, like Elias does.

We shut off the pinball machine and went upstairs.

"You should go to the bathroom really quick, Cole.  I'm sure you'd be able to figure out how to use the toilet as a wolf, but it would just be easier to go right now."

He nodded and went off to the bathroom, while I went to find Grace.  Her bedroom door was open and she was lounging on her bed sitting up against the headboard reading a book.  She looked up and saw me at the door and asked, "Is is time?"

I nodded, "It'll happen in about ten minutes."

"OK, I'll go outside into the back yard and wait until he's finished.  How long will it be before he's done changing?"

"I can come out and get you when he comes out of the panic room if you want, or you can just come back in in fifteen minutes.  It takes him only a few minutes to change.  Speaking of which, if you'll excuse me, I need to change into my shark suit."

I went down the hall to the closet that I'd stored the suit in and pulled it out.  Grace followed.  She was curious to see it.  I stripped out of my shorts, leaving just my briefs, socks and t-shirt on.  I heard Grace make an "mmmm" sound and I looked over and saw her staring at my crotch.  I blushed as I realized I'd just stripped down to my undies in front of her without a thought.

I quickly stepped into the trousers and booties.  Then I pulled the large tunic over my head and fastened it up at the neck.

Grace looked me up and down and smiled and said, "Wow, look at you.  You're a knight in somewhat shiny and fairly intricately woven armor.  It's not quite what I expected.  It could use some sprucing up."

I chuckled and said, "That's what I told Cole.  It needs a cape and tabard at least."

She nodded and said, "I honestly thought you looked better in just the underwear, but probably the best effect would be to just take it all off."

She winked at me and I smiled back.  I hoped she wasn't thinking anything would ever come of that.  She was a nice woman, but there was no way I would ever be attracted to a female.  I wanted to see her naked about as much as Cole wanted to see that picture of the woman on the Internet again.  It suddenly occurred to me that she'd been under a lot of stress and working two jobs for a long time, and had been devoting herself to taking care of Cole for years before that.  Now that she could relax and keep just the one job and no longer had to worry about Cole she would have time to start feeling her basic needs and desires again.  She must have been ignoring them for a long time.  Hopefully she realized I really was gay and that wasn't going to change.  She'd made other comments earlier about wishing I wasn't gay and what a great dad I'd make.  I hoped she wasn't harboring some thought that she might be able to change me.  I'd have to keep an eye on that.

I grabbed the gloves and helmet and brought them into the panic room and I flicked on the light as I entered.  I set the gloves and helmet on the table for later.

Grace followed me into the room and took a quick look around and said, "So this is where the magic happens."

I smiled and said, "Yeah, it's not quite finished yet but should be done in a couple of weeks.  Everything's in place as you can see, but the electronics aren't wired in yet.  Those monitors over there on the wall will be showing feed from cameras throughout the house and outside.  It was set up as a full blown panic room so the contractors wouldn't be suspicious of anything.  I'll be making some slight changes once they're done so that Cole or Elias could get out on their own even when they're in wolf form."

She nodded and then Cole came into the room, still looking nervous.

"Are you OK, honey?" Grace asked.

"I'm OK, mom.  I'm a little bit scared, but I know it's gonna be over real quick.  Are you gonna wait out in the hall while I change?"

"No, baby.  I don't think I'm ready for that.  I'm going outside to wait until you're done.  Jake will stay close.  Is that OK?"

Cole nodded and said, "Yup.  Maybe you should go now.  I need to get undressed and ready."

She smiled and nodded, then crouched down and gave him a big hug.  Then she pushed the door to go out and held it while she waited for me to come with her so we could leave Cole alone to get ready.

"I want Jake to stay until the last second, mom."

She looked at me and then at Cole as if she was about to say something.  I think she might be uncomfortable with the idea of Cole stripping naked with me in the room.

"You can stay if you want, Grace.  We can both go out together right when the change starts.  I intend to stay with him as long as possible.  It's still a bit scary for him."

She hesitated, but then she said, "No, I think I'll leave you two alone to finish getting ready.  I'll see you in a few minutes sweetheart, unless you really want me to stay."

"I'll be fine, mom, go ahead," Cole said.

She nodded and went down the hall toward the stairs leading down to the main floor as the door swung closed.

Cole turned to me and said, "I don't think I want her to see me naked anymore.  It doesn't feel right."

I nodded and smiled, "It's your body starting to see her as not just your mom, but a woman.  It's natural that you would start to feel self-conscious about nudity around her now.  I know I felt that way as soon as puberty started for me."

Cole smiled and then sat on the couch to pull off his socks while he said, "I feel the opposite about being naked in front of you, though.  I want to do it."

I smiled more and said, "That's perfectly natural too."

"I wish we had time to mess around right now.  I wish you could get naked too," he said.

He threw his socks onto the far end of the couch.  I could see he was quickly getting fully erect inside his shorts again as he peeled off his t-shirt and threw it over with the socks.

I chuckled and said, "What happened to you being relaxed and calm and OK?  You said in the kitchen earlier that you were good now that you knew I wanted you and we could take things really slow."

He shrugged and said, "That was, like, an hour ago!  Isn't that slow enough?  I'm ready to go again.  Aren't you?"

I smiled and said, "Technically, I didn't 'go' yet at all."

He grinned and said, "That's why I wish you could get naked too.  I want to make you shoot so bad.  I really want you to put it in my mouth like you did with mine and let me suck on it like you did for me.  Couldn't we try it just really quick?"

"I can see this is going to be an on-going struggle with you."

"Yeah, so you should probably just give in.  You did it before, so you know you're gonna do it again.  It doesn't need to be a struggle all the time.  You're making it like that for no reason," he moped.

I sighed and said, "Let's play it by ear.  We definitely have no time right now.  You're gonna start changing in just a few more minutes and I think I'd be happier if you didn't bite my cock off in your rage."

He laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess.  I'm not gonna be able to talk when I'm the wolf, so I want to tell you now, let's mess around, OK?"

"When you're the wolf you mean?"

"Yeah.  I want to try that.  My mom will be gone to work in a couple of hours.  Couldn't we mess around after she leaves?  Since you know you're gonna give in again sometime, you should just do it now so we can have fun together."

The boy had a point, I was going to give in again anyhow, and again, and again.  It didn't really need to be a struggle.  I'd just make sure to not push too far too fast.  I was perfectly comfortable and happy with making him feel good.  I just didn't quite feel ready to impose my own needs onto him.

"I suppose we could mess around, just a little," I said with a smile.

"Awesome!" he grinned.

He grabbed the waistband of his shorts and briefs as he stood up and then he pushed them down his thighs past his knees and let them drop to the ground.  My eyes immediately went to his beautiful package.  He was fully erect now and his proud young cock bobbed invitingly in front of me.  He saw my eyes go straight there and he took his cock in hand and began to slowly jack it like Elias had done in his video of the night before.  I was mesmerized as the generous foreskin on his thick young tool pulled back behind the head as he pulled back on the shaft, then popped back over the head to completely cover it again as he pushed his hand forward along the shaft.

I peeled my eyes away from the temptation and looked him straight in the eye.  He smiled and stepped out of his underwear and shorts, then turned around and slowly and deliberately bent over to pick them up.  It was obvious he was again mimicking what he'd seen Elias do in his strip tease video.  I grinned as I watched the boy look back at me while he was bent over and he smiled.  He reached back as Elias had done and he ran a finger teasingly up his butt crack and over his tight little pucker as he winked at me.  Needless to say, my already stiffening cock sprang completely to attention inside my steel pants.

It was fascinating to see how this kid's mind worked.  He latched onto everything he heard or saw.  He had a terrific memory but he also had great comprehension of everything that was put in front of him.  It was like he completely understood what it was about and knew just when to bring it back out and repeat it.  He was almost perfectly replaying the strip tease and masturbation scene he'd enjoyed so much and he wanted me to enjoy it just as much.  The next part would be him turning back around and jacking his cock until he shot on the floor.

I chuckled and said, "Enough.  Don't start anything you can't finish.  It's almost time.  Come and sit with me on the floor.  I think it's best if you give yourself some room for the change.  Do it right in the middle of the rug here.  We got a thick, soft one so Elias could thrash around on it in relative comfort."

I went over to the rug and sat down cross-legged near the center of it.  He grinned and picked up his clothes and threw them on the couch with the others, then he came and straddled me as he sat down in my lap.

I ruffled his hair and kissed his forehead.  He leaned in to give me a hug, then he yelped as his bare skin came in full contact with the chain mail and he pulled back and said, "That's so cold!"

I laughed and said, "Sorry, I have a t-shirt on underneath so the metal never got a chance to warm up.  My legs don't feel cold because the steel is right against my skin."

I uncrossed my legs and slid my feet a little ways out with my knees up and he leaned back against my thighs and smiled at me.  "I wish you didn't have to wear this stupid thing.  Do you really think I would hurt you?"

I nodded and said, "I think so."

He shrugged and said, "I don't think I would.  Maybe I would have before, but I feel so different about you now.  I love you so much.  I know how you smell.  I sort of get a feeling like you're mine and you aren't a stranger.  I think I wouldn't hurt you because you mean so much to me."

I thought about what had happened when he'd changed back to a boy this morning.  He'd looked at me with a deep hatred but as soon as he saw me crying for him he softened up and the moment of danger passed instantly.  It seemed possible that even when he was not himself, some sort of instinct must still be at work within him and he was able to recognize me and knew that I was not only no threat, but I was there for him, to help him.  Perhaps he would only be a danger to anyone he didn't have deep connections with.  The same might even be true for Elias.  He attacked Cole because they'd only met briefly a month before and didn't really know each other and were in no way connected, but maybe he wouldn't attack me at all.  Cole had already shown that even when he was in his rage he could become placid if he didn't feel I threatened him at all.  I wasn't sure if that would carry over in the opposite direction though, when he was going from being a boy to a dangerous wolf.  It was possible, but it might be a bit too risky to explore just now.

"I suppose it's possible," I said, "You might know me enough now and feel that I'm your family and you might not hurt me even when you're completely out of yourself.  There must still be some instinct there that would control you and once you smelled me you might know I'm not to be harmed.  Still, we have no completely safe way of testing that theory.  We just can't take the chance.  You aren't as big as Elias when you're a wolf but you're huge just the same.  You could tear me to bits."

He got a worried look on his face again and said, "I wish you could stay with me.  It helped me so much this morning.  We tried the suit this morning when you let me bite your arm.  I couldn't get through it.  Don't you think that's safe enough?  Couldn't we try it with you right by the door so you could get out quick if I attacked you?  Please?"

"I don't know, Cole.  I'm not sure if that's such a good idea.  I think it's better if I leave the room."

He began to look more worried and scared and he asked, "Can't you stay just for the first part at least?"

I thought about it a moment.  That shouldn't be a problem.  He would black out completely around the time his body was pretty helpless anyhow and couldn't possibly do me any harm.  I could stay until then and get out just when he started to approach the wolf shape.

I nodded and said, "Yeah, I think I can.  I can stay until you black out.  It shouldn't be a problem."

"Good.  I don't feel so nervous when you're..."

He suddenly tensed and jerked.  He got a sad look on his face like he was resigning himself to what was about to happen, then he leaned forward and hugged me.  I stroked his back and said, "It'll be over in no time.  Think happy thoughts for as long as you can."

"OK, I'm gonna think about us messing around later on.  You better not wuss out.  I want to try..."

He jerked again and grunted.  Then he groaned.  I kissed his forehead and said, "I think it's better if you get down on the floor now.  I'll stay right beside you and talk to you as long as I can.  I won't leave until I'm sure I have to and I'll be just on the other side of the door.  We'll need a signal so I'll know when you're done changing.  Maybe just bark four times when you're back in control, OK?"

He nodded sadly and quickly got off my lap and got down on his knees and braced himself.  I grabbed the chain mail gloves and the helmet off the table and put the helmet on and put the left glove on, but kept the right one off for the time being.  I saw the Taser sitting there attached to its charger and I decided to pick that up too.  Then I sat next to Cole on the floor again and rubbed his back lightly with my ungloved right hand as he waited for the next spasm to hit.

The change went much as Elias's had done in the video.  The spasms came more often and lasted longer, then suddenly a huge convulsion hit and Cole went forward onto his hands and knees as he cried out from the pain.  I stayed next to him and spoke encouragingly to him as I started to see his skin begin to bubble from the changes that were starting inside him.  The effect increased until it looked as though several small animals were squirming around inside his body just under his skin as the muscles began to change.  The horrible crunching sounds of joints popping and bones growing and changing began.  He bucked and jerked as his body began to tense and release violently and then started changing shape faster.  Before long he cried out, but was cut off as his head began to rapidly change and he lost his voice.  I stayed and spoke to him just a bit longer and then finally, as he was beginning to rapidly fill out into the large, naked rat shape and his skin was starting to darken and his fur grow in, I stood and turned and went to the door and pushed it open.

I took one last look back at the poor kid as he flexed his back and threw his head up and appeared to be trying to yowl from the pain as his muzzle continued to stretch out and his fur began to grow in rapidly but he still wasn't able to make a sound.  I wished I could stay with him through the whole thing.  Maybe I should try it right now and answer that question once and for all.  Maybe this was in fact the best time to test the theory and see if he would be a danger to me.  I was wearing the suit.  I had the Taser in hand.  I had the door open and could jump out quickly and push it back shut.  The wedges were right on the floor next to the door and I could jam them into place in a second.  Even if I didn't quite manage to get out in time to fully block the door, I could simply run.  Probably just ducking into another room and shutting the door would be enough to stop him reaching me.  Grace was outside so she was safe.  Cole would be back to himself in less than a minute so really he couldn't do a whole lot of damage in that amount of time.  I felt so bad for him I needed to see if I could help him in at least this small way once more.

I decided to give it a try.  I crouched down low in the open door to present less of a threat and stayed still to see what he would do.  I kept the right hand glove off so that I could operate the Taser and I wouldn't be fumbling when it came to grabbing a wedge and shoving it under the door.  I watched carefully as the end of the change approached.

Cole suddenly let out a yelp and a long, painful whine as his voice suddenly returned to him.  He grunted and his head came down.  His big paws were almost fully formed but I could still hear that wet crunching sound of the joints popping into their final positions.  He turned his head and looked in my direction and his mouth curled into a snarl, but he sniffed a couple of times in my direction and suddenly his look softened and he turned to face the floor again as though I wasn't even there.

I suddenly realized Cole had been right.  He knew how I smelled now and he knew I was his family and no threat whatsoever.  He wasn't himself yet but the wolf's instincts were in a way even more powerful than rational thought and they knew that I was his and not some intruder.  The deep intimacy we'd shared earlier in the kitchen when I'd given him the sex talk had likely solidified it.  I was his and was no threat whatsoever.  There was no way he would harm me.

I moved back into the room and dropped the Taser back on the table, then I sat on the floor right in front of him.  He looked up at me again.  I couldn't see Cole in his deep blue eyes.  He looked like a feral animal.  I tentatively stretched my gloved left hand forward and he moved his nose in to sniff at it.  He whined but made no threatening move at all.

I smiled and pulled the glove and helmet off and threw them on the floor.  The change was nearly done and there was just a bit of squirming still going on under his fur as his lean and powerful muscles took their final shape.  Then suddenly the wolf whined again and as I looked at his eyes it was like Cole suddenly slid into place and I could see him there looking back at me.  He barked once and his tail began to wag.  I grinned as he got up on all fours and rushed forward to lick my face and I wrapped my arms around his furry neck and hugged him and said, "You were right, Cole.  You didn't threaten me at all.  You weren't gonna hurt me, so I stayed."

He whined again and licked my face and rubbed his furry cheeks against mine as his tail started to wag even faster.

It had probably been an unnecessary risk to take, but at least now we knew.  The powerful instincts of the animal carried the knowledge of love and comfort and safety and it knew who was family and who was not.  There was no reason to think it would be any different with Elias.  He would not be a threat to me either.  Cole wouldn't be a threat to his mother and he and Elias would be no threat to each other either since in a sense they were related by blood.  We were all family now and tied to each other deeply.  The only danger there might still be would be between Elias and Grace, though even that would probably go away as he warmed up more towards her, though likely it would require him to meet her in his wolf form at least once so the animal could learn her smell.

I recalled something I'd read in an interesting book called 'Your Inner Fish' that described how humans came through the millions of years of evolution to be what we are today.  In gaining our rich color vision we'd given up an even richer sense of smell that most other animals still had.  There was no way to know for sure, but estimates put a canine's sense of smell anywhere from two thousand to even two million times more sensitive than ours.  To us a picture is worth a thousand words but to them a smell is probably worth tens of thousands.  It made sense that Cole as almost-wolf only had to smell me to realize who I was and instinctually know that I was someone who was important to him.  Cole as almost-boy only had to use his rich vision to recognize my face and see the sorrow I felt for him to know that I was a friend and meant him no harm.

It felt good to know that we didn't really have anything to worry about in that regard anymore.  It would make things a lot easier if Cole and Elias could change together in the woods, or even in the panic room if needs be.  Having only the one room would not be a problem after all.  In fact, it seemed likely we would never actually need the room at all.  I wasn't sure how we could safely prove that theory but I was fairly confident that's how it would work.  It just made sense.  I would talk to Elias about it and get his feeling on the subject and I'm sure we could figure out a way to test it.

For now, it was time to introduce Grace to her pup.

I picked up the gloves and helmet and stood to exit the room and I said, "Come on out, buddy.  Let's go find your mom."

I went back down the hall and once again started removing the chain mail suit to put it back in the closet.  I put the gloves and helmet away and undid the tunic then pulled it over my head and stuck it on the shelf.  Finally I pulled down the trousers and stepped back out of them then bent to pick them up, but Cole playfully shoved me from behind and I went down on my hands and knees.  He nipped at my ass and grabbed my briefs and yanked them down.  I laughed and reached back to pull them up, but he already had his muzzle in my butt crack and he was licking at me furiously.  I pushed him back and pulled my briefs up and stood.

"Save that for when your mom is gone, OK?  She could walk in at any moment.  You need to be more careful."

He wagged his tail and barked at me.  I could see the red, pointed tip of his cock starting to emerge from his sheath already.  As expected, his horniness as a boy was amplified now that he was the wolf.  He needed to try to keep it under control.

"Cole, you need to try to keep that awesome weapon of yours in its holster for now.  You don't want your mom seeing it, do you?"

The adorable wolf looked down between his legs and saw the red tool poking out, then he looked up at me and winked.

I smiled and said, "I know, it looks great, but you need to hide it for now.  Try to think real hard about that picture you were telling me about of the naked woman that you saw on the Internet.  Imagine yourself getting busy between her legs with your tongue."

He whined and growled and shook his head as if to try to clear that vision from his mind and almost immediately the tip of his cock vanished as it shrank back down into his sheath.

I chuckled and said, "That's better."

I picked up my shorts and put them on, then we headed downstairs to the main floor.

"Go into the living room, Cole.  I'll go get your mom."

He went off into the living room and I went to the kitchen.  I grabbed the camera off the counter as I walked through to the back door and opened it.  I saw Grace sitting in one of the lawn chairs out back and I waved her in.  She looked a little nervous, but excited.  I smiled as she approached and I said, "It went just fine.  He's in the living room waiting for you."

She came in and I led her to the living room while turning the camera on and getting it ready.  I wanted to get some video of their first meeting as mom and pup.  I turned and began to walk backwards as I entered the room while I filmed her walking in.

The look on her face when she first saw Cole was absolutely priceless.  Her eyes opened wide and her face split into a huge grin and she put her hands up to the sides of her face and actually started squealing with glee as she hopped up and down a couple of times.

"Oh my God, Cole, you look adorable!" she shouted as she ran in and dropped to her knees to wrap her arms around the large wolf cub's neck.

Cole's tail wagged as his mother started planting kisses all over his furry face.

"Look at you!  My giant puppy!" she laughed as she scratched behind his ears then scratched at his furry neck.

She turned and looked at me and said, "He's so beautiful!  I didn't expect him to be quite so big.  There was no reference in the video you showed me earlier and he was way back by the tree.  I don't understand how he can be so much bigger.  His doctor said he weighed just under seventy pounds before.  He must weigh a hundred and fifty pounds now!"

"I think he's probably closer to one eighty.  He's a lot heavier than you.  He might have weighed seventy pounds when he was sick, but now in boy form he's probably closer to ninety with the more fully developed muscles and his healthier body.  Still, he's almost doubling in weight when he turns into the wolf.  I have no idea how it can be that way, but it is.  Elias is quite a bit bigger still as you saw in the video.  He's close to doubling his weight when he changes too.  They've got the typical build of a wolf.  Lanky legs and lean, muscular build.  That one hundred and eighty pounds stretches out into a very large animal.  Stand up, Cole.  Let your mom see how big you really are," I suggested, as I continued to record everything with the camera.

Cole stood on all fours.  Grace stood up and the top of the young wolf's back was up above her hips at the level of her waist.

"Put your paws up on my shoulders, honey," Grace said.

Cole hopped his big paws up and set them on her shoulders and Grace grunted lightly and struggled to steady herself as the big wolf's weight came down on her.  He had to actually look down to look her in the eye even though he wasn't standing perfectly straight.  He stood a fair bit taller than her and was easily as tall as me.

"Oh my God!  You're so big!  This is incredible!" she exclaimed.

He wagged his bushy tail and licked at her face as she laughed.

"I wish I could see Elias too," she said, "He must be so huge!"

I nodded and said, "I think we should definitely arrange to have you meet Elias while he's the wolf.  Cole had a suspicion that he wouldn't be a danger to me when he changed into a wolf because he knew how I smelled and he knew I was a friend and I cared about him and wouldn't be a threat.  I decided to take a chance and stay with him in the room.  It turned out he was right.  As he started to become dangerous he sniffed at me and then calmed right down.  I honestly don't think he would be any danger to you now either since he'll know your smell in the wolf form.  We need to get Elias to learn your smell too just to improve the safety factor even if we never actually put the theory to the test.  I'm pretty sure Elias and Cole will be no danger to each other either.  They're family too and they know each other's smell."

"That makes sense," Grace said as she looked her young pup over some more.  "You're so beautiful, Cole.  I can't tell you how great you look!"

He whined and barked and wagged his tail some more as he set his front paws back on the floor.  Grace went and sat on the couch and Cole went over to her and sat on the floor in front of her and dropped his head into her lap.  She smiled and scratched at his head and neck and stroked his fur.

She looked over at me and said, "There was still some small part of me that refused to believe all of this I think.  It's gone now.  It still seems unbelievable, but it's true.  There's no denying it now."

I grinned back at her and said, "It's great to not be the only person in the world with this secret anymore.  It's nice to be able to share it with someone."

She smiled back and I asked her to pose for some shots.  I switched from video mode to hi-res 3D photo mode and took several pictures of mom and her massive wolf cub.  Finally, I put the camera away and left them to spend some time alone for a bit.

I went down to the basement and turned on the TV to see if there'd been any developments in the story of the animal attack in the river valley, but there was no mention of it.  I started flipping through the channels but wasn't really into watching anything.  I settled on a nature show about insects.  When that program ended another came on that explored the intelligence of primates.  I watched as a chimpanzee touched Japanese kanji characters on a computer screen while a scientist tested her cognitive skills.  It suddenly occurred to me how simple it might be to have Cole communicate with me when he's a wolf.  He should be able to use a touch screen if it were big enough and he could probably use a mouse to a limited degree with practice.  I would need to find some way to allow him to click the mouse button, but that should be a simple matter.  It would be a fun thing to work on with him tonight just to see how far we could get.

Finally, Cole padded down the stairs, followed by Grace.  The wolf came over and sat facing me, wagging his tail.

"He seems a bit bored with me," Grace said, "I don't really know how to keep him entertained.  We usually like to play cards and board games together, but he can't really do that now.  He kept looking at the door to the basement.  I think he just wants to be with you."

"Sorry, Grace, it's probably a bit hard for him to be stuck in the house."

She shook her head and said, "There's no need to be sorry.  Cole's never had a male influence in his life and I can easily see he loves you already.  Boys need boys to play with and I just don't know how to be a boy for him.  I'm not wired that way.  You guys should feel free to have as much fun as you can together.  Don't worry about me feeling left out.  I don't really have any interest in guy stuff.  I'm really glad to see Cole finally having someone to play with whenever he wants.  I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping him entertained."

I smiled and said, "You should have seen him last night.  He didn't stop running and jumping and playing the whole night long.  We had multiple goes at hide and seek and he proved to be a master at it.  I guess maybe after it gets dark I should put him in the truck and take him to the woods well outside of the city to let him get some of that out of his system.  It's got to be pretty boring for a wolf to hang around the house."

Cole yipped and wagged his tail.

"I think he likes that idea," Grace said, "I wish he could at least talk to us.  It feels strange always referring to him in the third person like he's not even in the room."

"I was just watching a TV program that gave me an idea in that regard.  It should be a simple thing to get him used to working with a mouse or a touch screen to communicate with us.  I've got one of those old-fashioned touch screens that use infrared LEDs in the frame to detect touch input.  I bet I could whip up something that would fit over his muzzle and let him accurately tap at the screen by pointing with his nose.  I bet he could be pretty accurate.  We might play around with that tonight to keep us both entertained."

"That's a great idea," she said, then she looked at her watch and said, "I think I might leave you two now and head in to work a bit early.  I'll have to walk most of the way back to our house to make my bus connection.  Have fun being a wolf tonight, sweetheart.  Stay close to Jake if he takes you out to play.  I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye, Grace.  Have a good night at work," I said.

Cole barked his goodbye and she smiled and went back upstairs.

As soon as we heard Grace leave the house, Cole came and put his front paws up on the seat of the couch and leaned in to rub his furry face against my cheeks.  Then he began to lick at my face.  His breath was sweet and clean, likely due to the fact that his teeth were newly grown and his whole mouth essentially unused as yet.  It tickled to have him lick me all over my face and I laughed and pulled back and looked up at him.  He was a stunningly beautiful creature.  He looked down at me, tongue hanging out as he panted from the excitement that was building in him.  His tail was wagging happily and I saw the red rocket once again emerging from his sheath.

He was smaller than Elias by a fair margin but he was still quite massive and looked like he was probably larger than a full grown wolf by quite a bit, yet he still had a trace of that puppy shape that showed he wasn't anywhere near as big as he would have gotten if he were to grow up completely.

I could feel myself becoming aroused as I looked the incredibly attractive creature over and I thought of all the fun I'd had with Elias in his wolf form.

"You really do look amazing, Cole.  You're beautiful," I said.

He whined and moved more forward to put his front paws on the back of the sofa on either side behind my head.  He continued to move forward, forcing me to sit all the way back as he brought his large rear paws up onto the couch on either side of me and sat right down in my lap.  His thickening red cock was now right in front of me between us and it continued to grow up and out of his thick, furry sheath.  It looked so incredibly tempting right there before me that I couldn't resist getting right into this.  He obviously wanted it and there was no denying I wanted it too.

I reached in with my right hand and wrapped it around his large sheath and gripped it tightly, then began to slowly move it up and down as I watched the glistening crimson tool become more exposed as I pushed the sheath down, then covered up again as I pulled it up.  His cock was thickening fast.  There was no doubt that he would not last long at all, just as he hadn't in the kitchen hours ago when I'd first pleasured him there.  He was just so young and this was all new to him and his body wanted it so badly that the slightest breeze would likely set him off for the first while until he got more accustomed to it all.

I looked up at his face and he was looking right down at me with his eyes half closed as he focused inward on the sensation of my hand working his cock through the sheath.  I stretched my face up to kiss him on the end of his muzzled and his eyes opened all the way and looked straight into mine.  I saw the same desire in them that I was feeling for him.  He moved his face down and pushed his muzzle right against my lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth.  I moaned and immediately began to suck greedily on his long, wet tongue.  He turned his head sideways and opened his jaws wide and I moved my face right into his mouth and sucked every last inch of his tongue in until it completely filled my mouth and I moaned again.  We wrestled tongues for quite a while as I slurped up every bit of saliva he had to offer and he did the same.

His cock was growing incredibly thick and long in my hand and his sheath almost seemed to be thickening and shortening as he became more aroused.  He wasn't going to last much longer.  I didn't want to just give him a repeat of a simple blowjob again.  I wanted to let him experience the feeling of fucking someone and rutting against them, but at the same time I craved his beautiful cock and I wanted it in my mouth.

I pulled my face away from his and said, "Get back down on the floor, Cole.  I want you to fuck my mouth."

He maneuvered off me and back onto the floor and I got off the couch and lay down on my back on the coffee table.  I slid part way off the end so my head and shoulders were hanging out over the end of the table.

"Remember the sixty-nine position I told you about earlier?  Get up on top of me and stick your cock right in my mouth and start humping at me."

He came over beside me and whined and brought up a paw and lightly scratched at my crotch.  I was rigid as a tent stake I was so turned on and I think he wanted me to take my clothes off so he could play with my cock and make me shoot.  He wanted it to be a proper sixty-nine.

"Don't worry about me right now.  This is about you.  Focus on one thing at a time and see how it feels.  I want you to fuck my face and don't concern yourself about me at all."

He moved around into position and the wolf's instincts quickly took over.  He moved smoothly up over me and grabbed me around my waist with his front legs as the tapered red tip of his thick cock began to jab at my mouth while I leaned my head back to give it the best angle.  I wrapped my lips over the wet tip of his cock and he immediately recognized he'd hit the target and thrust forward quickly to plunge several inches of his cock in.  Then his lust took him over and he began to hump at my face in earnest.

I wished I could see it from the side.  I should have setup the camera on the tripod.  I imagined his back arched and his tail going up in the air as he leaned onto me and stretched his neck and chin along my thighs while he began to piston his hips against my face and fucked my mouth.

His cock quickly inflated to full size and I gagged a bit as he shoved it right to the back of my throat.  The wolf's instincts were in full rut now and I could hear his back paws scrabbling against the carpet as he forced his thick cock right down my throat.  He was instinctively trying to drive himself as deep into me as he possibly could.

I could already feel his knot quickly beginning to swell inside my mouth as his sheath bunched up against my lips and his huge, furry balls bumped against my nose.  I couldn't breathe properly with his thick cock shoved right down into my throat and I needed to make sure his knot was out of my mouth before it grew to full size, but this moment was so amazing I had to savor it for just a few more seconds.  The wolf lost himself in his lust as he humped against me with abandon and it was obvious he wasn't even aware of the danger I was in.  Finally, I reached up and pushed on the front of his hind legs to push him back a bit and his knot came out of my mouth and the tip of his cock emerged from my throat.

His cock was already squirting a thin liquid all over my tongue that tasted musty and dank and male.  His orgasm was starting to hit him and he thrust at my face hard again to try to plant himself back in, but I quickly brought up a hand and put the back of it against my face with the thumb hooked around the shaft of his thick penis to prevent him from shoving his knot into my mouth again.  I reached the other hand up and put it behind his now fully expanded knot and pulled while pushing with my other hand to lock his knot tightly and make him feel as though he'd tied inside me.

I heard him grunt as he thrust several times against me really hard, then he suddenly stiffened and held tight and a massive surge of thick semen erupted from the end of his cock and gushed into my mouth to nearly fill it up.  I savored the incredible taste of him and began to swallow it down while he continued to buck against my face, trying harder and harder to force his knot right into me as his cock continued to shoot jets of semen into my mouth over and over.  It was all I could do to keep up with the stream of cum but at last it began to slow down and he settled into a slow humping motion and then finally held still.

I reached up behind his big balls until I found his warm, sweaty anus under his tail and I began to work it with a finger to try to stretch out his orgasm as long as possible.  He groaned and panted and I felt a couple of final squirts from his cock as his anus pulsed out the last of his orgasm against my fingertip.  My cock was as hard as it could possibly get and my pelvic muscle was pumping to try to get more blood into it I was so turned on.  I nearly came in my pants from the thrill of pleasuring this big wolf with my mouth.

Cole moved to get off me but I held tight to his knot to give him the sensation of being tied.  He pulled a bit harder but I didn't let him go, so he finally settled down right on top of me and held still.  I wanted to get him used to the idea of tying.  The last thing I wanted if he ever fucked me in my ass was for him to try to tear himself free before his knot went down.  I savored the last oozings of his dripping cock as I waited for his knot to shrink.  It happened surprisingly quickly.  I suspect it might have to do with the fact that he's so young and he'll be ready to go again in no time at all, so his body just wants to let go and get ready to fuck another bitch.  It wasn't much more than five minutes before I felt it begin to shrink down in my hand and his cock began to soften.  I finally let him go and he slipped his cock out of my mouth.

He came around and began to lick at my face again and I got off the table onto the floor next to him and pushed him over on his side.  I lay down with him and began to stroke his soft fur as I nuzzled his cheek.

"That was amazing, Cole.  Thank you."

He whined and his tail began to thump against the floor as he rubbed his cheek against mine.  We lay there together for a while and I enjoyed holding him, but before long he started to become restless and he got up and turned and pushed me onto my back and began to nuzzle my crotch.  He looked at me as though waiting for me to get my clothes off so he could get busy and I smiled back at him.  He really wanted to make me happy, but I didn't see any need to go there just yet.  I felt no guilt whatsoever with anything we'd done so far.  I thought I might just feel a bit guilty afterwards if I allowed him to help me reach my own release though.  I felt real love for him, but it just would feel a bit like I was using him if I went there so soon.

"It's OK, Cole.  You don't need to do that for me.  I'm perfectly happy to just help you to feel good.  That's all I really need for now."

He growled at me and reached in with his muzzle again and nipped at my shorts and pulled at them hard and I heard a seam rip slightly somewhere.  I was scared he might try to get a better hold and pinch my junk so I pushed his head away.

He growled again and turned and came up to my head and put one of his big front paws right on my face so my nose went up between his big pads.  I chuckled at his sudden change in tactics, but I took a good long sniff to make him happy.  He was obviously trying to get some foreplay going and he was hoping to get me into the mood so I couldn't resist him any longer.  He knew damn well I liked feet and I'd even mentioned to him how much I loved the smell of Elias's massive paws.  The surprising thing was that Cole's paw actually smelled really good too.  I wasn't sure why that would be.  He hadn't had any time to run around and sweat or anything but it smelled nice and lightly musty and earthy.  My cock had been starting to go back down but now it began to stir again.  I brought my hand up and grabbed his ankle and pulled his paw in tighter against my nose and took a deeper, longer sniff as my toes curled at the wonderful scent of him.  His tail started to wag again as he recognized I was loosening up a bit.

He then turned around and stood over me, straddling me with his rear up over my face and he lifted one of his big back paws and put it right down on my nose and looked back at me and growled again.  My cock began to inflate more rapidly as I repeated the process of deeply inhaling the essence of him.  Cole either had terrific instincts about sex or he was just getting lucky.  Either way he was playing perfectly against my submissive side.  The idea of this big wolf standing over me and forcing me to sniff his big back paw made me slide right into the subservient persona that I often experienced when I played with Elias in his wolf form.  It felt so erotic and arousing to be treated as a sub by this big, dangerous animal.  Somehow it was all the more alluring knowing that this dangerous creature that was commanding me to smell his feet was actually an eleven year old kid.  The wolf was giving him the guidance and self assurance to dominate me completely.

Cole had clearly been getting irritated by my pointless reticence and he had decided to take control and make me do what he wanted me to, and what he knew damn well I really wanted to do, despite my repeated protestations.  Perhaps he'd come to the realization that he was more powerful than me in this form and he just needed to push a bit harder and assert himself to make me do what he wanted me to.  I was deeply and instantly turned on as I continued to sniff at his foot and I looked up to see his big furry package hovering up over my face.

He noticed where my gaze had gone and he moved his back paw off my nose and moved a bit forward to line his butt up with my face and then he brought his bushy tail up as he sat down and planted his asshole right at my nose.  He looked back and growled yet again as if to warn me that I'd better just get busy back there.  My lust shot up another notch as I inhaled deeply.  He'd been sweating somewhat back here from his efforts while he rutted at my face earlier and he smelled absolutely fantastic.

His big balls were now resting right on my lips so I stuck my tongue out and began to lick at his furry sack.  He groaned and began to rub himself against my face like he wanted to wipe his musk onto me and mark me as his own.  He moved his ass backwards and his big balls rubbed back over my nose and past my eyes all the way to my forehead, bringing his thick sheath right to my mouth.  I kissed it quickly before he rubbed himself forward again, wiping his musky male scent across my face until his balls reached my chin and his asshole came down over my lips again.  As he brought his balls back for another swipe I reached up and grabbed his sheath and began to jack it again as my lust went even higher.  To my amazement I found that his cock was already getting thick and hard and beginning to emerge once more.  I was overcome with the urge to be his bitch and have him fuck me properly this time.

He had his own ideas of what should happen next and he moved off of me and hunkered his front half down on the floor while keeping his ass end up.  He lifted his bushy tail to expose his asshole to me and he growled and barked.  He obviously remembered how much I enjoyed eating Elias out earlier, and he wanted me to get in there and treat him the same way.  The view was amazing.  His fur was a mix of dark grey and black along the top of his back and the top half of his haunches, switching to white along his bottom half.  The top of his thick, bushy tail was nearly black too, fading to white long its length until the very last three or four inches at the tip that were completely black.  As he lifted his tail up I could see that underneath it was all white, as was the area all around his asshole and his balls.  His anus was very dark, providing a wonderful contrast.  It looked absolutely fantastic.

I smiled and got up on my knees and moved into position behind him.  He waited while I brought my face in and I grabbed his bushy tail with my left hand and lifted it right up and I moved in to kiss his anus several times.  He wiggled his ass a bit like he wanted more, so I brought out my tongue and began to lick the sweat off his dark pucker.  I heard him groan at the sensation of my tongue on the sensitive ridges of his hole and I began to work at it a bit harder.  I felt his anus suddenly relax and open up a bit as it pushed outward, then he pressed his butt back harder onto my face and lightly growled again.  He was ordering me to clean inside him.

I moaned and opened my mouth a bit wider and clamped it over his hole and sucked lightly as I pointed my tongue and pulled a bit on his tail with my left hand while forcing my tongue forward as hard as it could and it slipped inside him.  He tasted absolutely amazing and I moaned again as I tried to work my tongue as deep as it would go and wiggled it against the smooth wall of his rectum.

My lust was reaching explosive levels as I tongued him hard and I reached up with my right hand and alternated between caressing his big furry balls and jacking at his thickening sheath while still holding his tail up with my left hand.  He huffed and panted and groaned as his own lust began to build rapidly again and he pushed his butt back to make sure I stayed tongue locked to him and worked him properly for a while.  I was thrilled with how much he was enjoying this because it was something I would never get tired of doing for him.  The taste of this feral animal's rectum on my tongue was amazing and I lustily gave it my all as I tried to stick my tongue right through him.

Suddenly he pulled away from me and turned and came up and scratched at my shoulder with his front paw and then nipped at my shirt and growled.  He was ordering me to take my shirt off.  I obliged and pulled it over my head and threw it aside.  He then looked straight at my crotch and then straight into my eyes and I knew what he expected me to do next.  I stood and quickly pulled my shorts and underwear down and let them drop to my ankles, then kicked them aside.  I knelt down again and waited to see what he would want next.

He put his big paw on my shoulder once more and pulled hard.  I thought he wanted me to come forward onto my hands and knees so I did so.  He quickly went around behind me and began to lick at my butt crack.  I sighed and let him work me a bit.  He licked furiously at my pucker and then pushed his tongue at the bullseye hard and I relaxed and pushed a bit to let him in.  I felt this was a bit more than I should be doing with him but he was the one calling the shots right now and my lust for him was so high I just wanted to be his bitch and do whatever he told me to.

His tongue slipped right into me and he pushed a few inches of it in and took a long lick as he pulled it back out.  He wasted no time pushing it right back in again and eating me out some more.  He licked at me for a few minutes as I moaned at the incredible sensation of his long tongue going in and out of me.  Finally, he pulled it out and the wolf's instincts kicked in yet again and in one smooth motion he was over top of me and grabbing me around my midsection as he brought his cock into position and it pressed right at my hole.  He grunted and shoved hard and my anus spread wide to accept his thick, wet tool.  He huffed and panted and grunted as he began to rut hard against me again, driving his fat cock deeper and deeper into me.  His knot was already inflating again and it pressed against my anus on the outside.  I wanted it in me so I relaxed as much as I could and pushed outward just as he was grunting and pushing hard against me.  His back paws slipped a bit on the carpet as his instincts drove him to shove his knot through and into me so he could tie.

I felt a moment of fire in my rectum as the big wolf grunted one more time and pushed hard and the big knot forced its way into me while it continued to grow.  He pushed hard a few more times and my anus clamped down tightly on his cock shaft behind the knot.  He was tied tightly to me now and he continued his humping motions as his body tried to go ever deeper into me to plant his seed as far in as it could go.

I wiggled a bit underneath him as I moved to get a bit more comfortable and he growled and nipped at my neck and then held his muzzle there as he shoved even harder at me as if to teach me what would happen if I tried to get away.  I held still and pushed myself just a bit harder backwards as his knot finished inflating to its full size.  The sensation of his big knot pushing and pulling at my anus and stretching out my rectum as it pressed hard against my prostate while he humped at me drove me right to the edge, and I reached up with my right hand and grabbed my achingly hard cock and jacked it furiously until I shouted out as my orgasm blasted into me.  I spewed a long, thick stream of cum out onto the carpet as my pelvic muscle clenched hard and my balls tightened up.  I grunted and tensed again and shot another jet of cum out as the orgasm hammered away at me with such intensity that I felt wobbly, like I was gonna pass out.

The sensation of my rectum tightening and pulsing and gripping the base of his cock shaft with every crashing wave of my orgasm brought Cole the rest of the way and he grunted and pulled hard at me with his front legs while pushing with his back paws and shoving his knot even deeper into me, then he tensed and I could feel the heat of a massive surge of semen gushing out of him and into my bowels.  Again and again he grunted and jerked against me and shot more of his thick seed deep into me as I shot the last of my own out onto the carpet.  At last his bucking slowed to a stop and he held the pressure as he pressed into me and waited for the last of his cum to fill me up.

He brought his head forward and down to rub his cheek against mine as I panted below him from the intensity of the experience and I said, "My God, Cole, that was absolutely incredible.  Thank you so much."

He whined and licked at my cheek and then settled atop me to wait for his knot to go down.  It took much longer this time.  It felt like about fifteen minutes before the pressure in my rectum started to decrease and this cock began to shrink back down.  After a short while longer he gently pulled himself out and he immediately moved around to the side and his head came underneath me and began to lick at the puddle of cum I'd made on the floor.  I turned to sit on my butt and watched as he licked up all my seed with his eyes half closed as if he was relishing the taste of me.  I smiled as he finally finished cleaning it all up and he looked up at me and came over to lick my face, then he stuck his tongue right into my mouth and we briefly necked.

He then turned on his side onto my legs with his back to me and then lifted his front leg and looked up at me.  I grinned and reached down and scratched at his chest as his tail began to beat against the floor again.

"I love you so much, Cole.  You were amazing."

He whined and wiggled more onto his back to give me more access to rub at his chest and belly while his tail continued to wag.  I smiled and obliged him by scratching up and down his furry chest and rubbing at his belly while he squirmed in pleasure.

I grinned as I continued to enjoy touching him all over.  He was so achingly beautiful and he looked so wonderfully happy right now.  It was amazing how easily the process of fucking me had come to him and what an amazing job he'd done of it, but I guess it shouldn't be much of a surprise.  Elias had told me that the wolf in him sort of took over and followed its instincts when the time had come for our first sexual encounter with him in that form.  It must be exactly the same for Cole.  His wolf's instincts knew exactly how it all worked and guided him through it perfectly and showed him how to dominate me and make me his bitch and I'd loved every second of it.

"You made me feel so great, Cole.  You can do that to me any time you want.  You got it perfect."

He whined and looked up at me as he lay across my legs on his back with his front paws up together in front of his chest and his hind legs splayed out and he wagged his tail so hard his butt was moving side to side along with it and I grinned back down at him.  I couldn't believe how quickly we'd advanced to this point, but it felt precisely right.  I could happily spend the rest of my life with him like this.

I couldn't wait for Elias to get home so I could talk to him about all of this.  I think he'll be thrilled that I'd caved in to Cole and Elias would no doubt be anxious to get involved as well.  Hopefully Cole would be open to that idea.  I didn't want to have to be going between one or the other.  I wanted both of my wolves together at the same time.  I was pretty sure Elias would be right on board with that from what he'd said before and, just as Elias had suggested, it turned out that Cole was indeed the adventurous type and it seemed like he'd be open to that too.  He wanted to explore everything and he didn't want to waste any time.  He'd already expressed an interest in playing with both of us from the moment he first walked in on us in the bedroom earlier.

Life was going to be pretty amazing from now on, as if it hadn't been that way already.

I was pretty sure both boys could stay home and change here in the house if we wanted to without any problems, or both could go out and change together in the woods and I could even be right there with them if I wanted to be.  We just needed to find a way to safely verify that that was indeed the case and then we could breathe a lot easier.

The hardest part of all of this was managing the change, and if in truth we were all completely safe because we were family and loved each other, then it simply wouldn't matter if we were all asleep when the change hit.  They would simply change and be done, then maybe go right back to sleep in their other form.  It could make life a whole lot less complicated and I felt that was just what we needed at this point.  Things might be a lot easier from here on out.

I started to tickle Cole in the ribs and pushed him up and off me.

"Let's go upstairs to my hobby room.  I want to see if we can set you up to use a computer while you're a wolf.  It should be fun."

He yipped and barked and ran upstairs and I put my clothes back on and followed him.


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