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Dear Readers: After many (don’t ask…lol) years of hashing and rehashing, I present to you this story for your reading enjoyment.

Love and War Among The Stars

Chapter 1


A Conterrian Imperial Navy Task Group makes her way though space at Flank1 speeds on Patrol. At the top of the Flagship’s superstructure, sat the office and personal quarters of the Fleet Commander. The combined office, dining and lounge area faced forward. Floor to ceiling view ports were place strategically on the forward, port and starboard sides to provide a view of the surrounding space. The rear bulkhead separated the office area from the outer office/reception area, small galley, bath area and hallway leading to the personal quarters. A bedroom with sitting area and private bath faced aft, also surrounded with floor to ceiling view ports on the port, starboard and aft facing bulkheads.

In the office sat a defined 27-year-old, 6’2” Human male. He had a medium built frame, weighing in at 192 lbs. Short black hair sat on top the lightly tanned face with hazel eyes, staring intently at his console. Fleet Commander Joshua Haines, of the Conterrian Imperial Navy’s 101st Task Group, was reviewing various reports when one caught his attention.



TO:  FLAG 101st  Task Group BC-29 ‘Hammerhead’




We respectfully request transport for 37 recruits from our current class S070, From SOL-4 Recruitment Center to Training Station AB-27 for further Evaluation/Selection and Advanced Training. Please advise of Transports TOA.


Very Respectfully,

Capt. T. Freehill  C.O. MILRECCENT  SOL 4 sends


S070 Counts

Recruited      92

Failed Test    41

Terminated   55

Male             21

Female         16

Ages 11-33


Fleet Commander Haines massages his forehead as he looks at the #55. ‘55 more innocent people killed in this war. Without a chance, to strike out at the Takorsiscian Republic.' The Takorsiscian people are an aggressive culture. They couldn’t conquer the Conterrian Empire Diplomatically, so they decided to do it by force. The planet Bilana Minor was attacked and enslaved at the beginning of the war.


An Empire that would love nothing more than to enslave the entire population of primitive humans…. primitive compared to what technologies he has knowledge of now.’ Thought Haines as he remembered when he was recruited.


He was 13 when he was picked up. A beaten throw away, by people that called themselves parents. He was cold and hurt lying in an alley when the stranger asked him if needed help? Where his parents were? Why was he here? He didn’t remember much after that, just waking up in a room with 83 other people. They were both male and female. All different colors, races, ages and languages.


He didn’t know where he was, but he didn’t hurt anymore and he wasn’t cold and hungry. That was good enough for him. After two days, all 96 beds were occupied. During the night a stranger came again and had everyone place a collar on his or her necks. People whom refused were taken away never to be seen again. When we woke the next morning, we found out we could understand each other perfectly instead of using sign language and gestures to make a point.


Then the training began. We were put in cubicles in groups of 10 and had helmets placed on our heads as we were leaned back in our chairs to a reclining position. I thought my head was on fire the first time we did it. Sharp pains then fogginess passed over my mind. Drifting, thinking, asking, answering, learning. Everything seemed to happen at once. The faces changed in the cubicles, but in the living area, fewer people returned at the end of our sessions. 6 months later I had knowledge of unbelievable ideas and creations. I thought it was some government experiment until that day that, then Captain Rose Thomas, arrived to take us to advanced training. Out of 96 people only 42 left with us that day. 


That was the day he met his first extra-terrestrial.

A Conterrian Crewman was taking them on to a personnel landing craft, for transport to the ship. The Conterrian wore the same type of thin collar around his neck that they had been given. When he spoke, you could hear the smooth softness of his voice, but not understand the words. Many Humans shut the collar translators off, to hear the strange beings sounds. It was a language like none ever heard before on Earth. Many people had asked to touch him, as his skin appeared to have a velvet like texture. It was a silver/fawn in color, completely covering his body, except for the top of his head. He had silver/platinum hair, pulled back on the sides and allowed to flow halfway down his back. The facial appearance looked elfish with bright green eyes.

While being only about 5’4” tall, he was extremely muscular and defined. Possibly weighing 130 lbs. They found out later that the Conterrians are almost 50% stronger than a comparative Human. Needless to say, nobody wanted to fight with him after hearing that. One item that surprised a few people, was that 60% of the Conterrians are twins.


The sound of his hatchway chimes pulled him from his thoughts.


“Come.” Sighs Haines.


Upon entering, Flag Secretary Captain Charles Lennon, pours a cup of coffee for himself and proceeds to one of the comfortable sitting chairs in front of the workstation as he views his boss and best friend agonizing over another report.


“Obviously, by the look on your face that is not a Intergalactic love letter or an invitation for a ‘real-time’ link cyber sex session.” Chuckles Lennon, trying to break Joshua’s melancholy mood.


“hhmmmmph, the latest Recruitment Report and Request for Transport to AB-27.”

“Oh…Sorry. I know you think it’s cruel, but termination of the recruits that don’t measure up or decide later that they don’t want to join us. It is better than putting them back on the streets as homeless, like they were when we found them. And that’s assuming the mind wash didn’t leave them as mental vegetables.” stated Lennon


“I guess,” mumbles Haines. “I just think it is time for open contact between Earth and the Conterrian Empire. Humans could handle it. The current generation grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars. It’s no longer a question of ‘is’, but rather ‘when’ is ET going to show up.” Stated Haines authoratively.


“Good analogy my friend, but we don’t make those decisions and without us Humans to pull the trigger…. well the Empire would be gone by now.” Said Lennon thinking just how things would have been without Humans over the past years..


 “Only Conterrian Technology, Human Tacticians and Commanders, have kept the Conterrian Empire alive these last 14 years. We still need to recruit Humans. This war still shows no sign of ending yet.” Lennon stated as if he were giving a lecture to a group of Cadets. Knowing that an increase in Humans would be needed to bring this war to a close.


“Yeah. Somewhere deep inside I know you are right.” Concedes Haines to his friend.


“Well anyway, you are the 101st Task Group Flag Officer. Whom shall we send?” asked Lennon. Thoughtfully looking out of the Port Viewing Port towards CL921 that he knew was riding formation about 10 kms off the port beam.

Thoughts drifting back to the morning report on 101st TG’s condition. Mentally calculating how long it will be before the Task Group is whole again. 1 Battle Cruiser. 2 Cruisers, one of which is in the yard for repairs. 3 Light Cruisers, with one in the yard for upgrades. 1 Escort Carrier, 5 Destroyers and 6 Frigates. Two are in the yards for repairs. 3 Supply Transports and 4 Scout Ships support the Main Element. All told 25 Imperial Navy ships are assigned to the 101st Task Group. And the rumor mill around the Admiralty says that Fleet Commander Joshua Haines will be receiving a new Flagship. A Battleship straight out of the shipyards at Corianus Major, as a replacement for ‘Hammerhead’, when she goes into the yards for decommissioning and a full refit next month.


“Us” Haines said. Lennon moved with such abruptness that Haines could swear he heard bones snap when his head whipped around to respond.


 “Are you serious Josh?” asked Lennon uncertian if he heard correctly or not. “That’s a job for a Destroyer or Light Cruiser, not the Flagship of the Task Group.” He offered in disbelief.


“Our A.O. has been relatively quiet for the past 2 months Charlie, only minor engagements. It’s time for a change of scenery…. besides I’m almost out of coffee beans and my wine selection is low. I need to send ‘Chief of the Ship’ shopping.”


“I don’t even want to know.” Snickers Lennon, at the thought of the ‘Chiefs” version of shopping.


“Neither do I.” Laughed Haines before he continued.


“Continue standard patrols with the rest of the Task Group ‘CC56’,’CL921’ and ‘CL782’ commanding. We’ll take ‘CVE11-Hornet’,”FF566-Daysa’ and ‘FF567-Baysa’ with us. Have all groups rendezvous at our location in 5 days time.” He ordered.


“Sounds good to me Fleet Commander, I’ll cut the orders and send everyone on the way. By your leave sir?” Lennon said as he rose to depart.


“Granted” replied Haines as he contacted the ship’s Captain on his console.


“Mayain here Commander.” Replied the Captain.


“Captain standby to change course to SOL-4 for Recruit pickup”


“Aye Sir” said Mayain with one eyebrow raised.


“Questions Captain?” smiled Haines knowing she had something she was wondering about.


“Going shopping for a Wedding Gift, Fleet Commander?” asked Mayain with an attempted smirk.


“Captain? Just how do you know about a Wedding that has yet to be announced?” asked a slightly shocked Haines.


“It is my ship, after all Sir. It’s my duty as Captain to know everything about everybody on board this vessel.” Smiled Capt. Mayain


“Quite correct Kaela. Just one of the reasons I choose you to Command my Flagship.” Laughed a mystified Haines…. ‘How the hell did she find out,’ he wondered.


“Hornet, Daysa and Baysa  have fallen into formation and report ready for departure, Sir.”


“Very well Captain. Make Flank 2 for SOL-4.”


“Aye, Sir.” Said Mayain signing off.


'Damn' thought Haines as he looked at the fading image of the Captain. ‘I’ve been part of the Conterrian Imperial Navy for almost 11 years after my recruitment from Earth and the Conterrians, although they only stand 5 foot to 5.5 feet in height and 100 to 140lbs in weight with well-defined muscular bodies, still seem like velvet covered, long haired, fawn/silver elves to me. Time to get back to work….’ He thought as he opened a new message.





BC-27 ‘Hammerhead’ to arrive SOL-4 in 22 hrs.

Will accept Recruits of S070 and Supplies.

4 hr Layover.


    Fleet Commander J. Haines sends


Haines hits ‘send’ and watches through the forward view port as ‘Daysa’ and ‘Hornet’ increase speed to Flank 2, then feels the rumble coming through the deck plates as ‘Hammerheads’ great engines propel the obsidian black hull metal of the ship into Flank speeds.

It still amazes me that this, 300 meter long, 70000 ton ship with almost 600 crew can move between the stars at speeds greater than light.’ Thought Haines.

Thinking back to the first time he saw the ‘Hammerhead’, was at a repair yard at Conterri Prime, having an annual refit performed. She was 300 meters long. With an obsidian black hull metal, that depending how you looked at it, looked like all the different colors of the rainbow in the bright lights of the repair dock. Almost as if you were looking at some type of fuel on black water, in the bright sunlight of midday. Her hull started out as a wedge shape transforming to a more cylindrical shape 50 meters before her centerline. About 30 meters ahead of center stood a five-story tower, that extended back 70 meters on top of the hull forming the superstructure. Each level of the superstructure off the main hull was smaller than the next. Giving the superstructure a wedding cake appearance. Then behind the tower, the hull became a squat rectangular box narrowing at the stern with 4 bulbous engines protruding at the 4 corners of the stern…raw power at it’s finest. Mounted in the Bow itself was a Centerline mounted 833mm Disrupter Cannon. Forward just past the bow on the port and starboard side were 4 outer doors for the 533mm torpedo tubes. A set of a similar 2 doors can be found on the stern between the engines. Total she has 12 tubes. On the main deck in front of the superstructure were 3, 152mm triple Plasma Gun turrets with 2 more situated aft of the tower on the main deck. To the port and starboard sides of the tower were mounted 5, 75mm twin Rail Gun turrets with guns 2 and 4 sent on higher mounts to allow 2 to fire forward and 2 to fire aft and all in a broadside. This would allow 4 out of the 10 to fire forward or behind the ship if needed. On the lower 2 levels of the tower are 48 rapid-fire 12.7mm Rail Gun twin mounts. Arranged to allow 8 forward/ 8 aft firing and 16 on each side, with converging arcs of fire. Under the bow about half way to amidships are 4 pop-up turrets that hold 12, 250mm Intercept Torpedoes, in rapid-fire launchers. On the port and starboard sides amidships are also a string of twelve 250mm torpedo tubes used for either Intercept Torpedoes or High Explosive Torpedoes for a Broadside. For a total of 24 tubes. Further back on the underside of the ship are 2 large hatches containing the Launch Bay for LDR’s and Fighters, although she doesn’t have any fighters, she could.


“Sir, Incoming message from the Admiralty.” Stated the Comms Officer.

“Very well. I’ll take it here 1st Lt.” replied Haines awakening from his thoughts.

“Aye sir”



TO: FLAG 101st TG


Hello My Love,


     Time never goes fast enough while we are apart, but always seems to fly by when we are together. Corrian and Darrien send their love as do I. To expedite the planning of the wedding, I have asked my Mother, Grand Admiral Thomas and Valerie Stalter-Thomas to assist us with the planning. That way we can actually get something accomplished with both of our schedules taking us all over the Empire. Everyone has agreed and we just await your approval. I also just returned from AB-27. I left a gift for you with the C.O. I miss you dearest Joshua. Come home to me soon and make me yours.

     All My Love,

      Ri sends


“Damn, but I miss you!” he said to the console as he began a new message.






My dearest Ri,


     We have a saying on Earth ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. I look at your picture the first thing when I arise and the last thing before I go to sleep. Soon my love, I shall return to you and make you mine. As I wish for you to make me yours. I give my permission for the wedding planners. Whatever they decide is fine with me, as long as you approve of it. I’m on my way to SOL-4, then to AB-27 to receive your gift. Hug the boys for me and give them my love. I’ll be with you soon my love.


         My Love, Forever and Always,

             Joshua sends


Fleet Commander Haines sat back into his chair as he remembered the first time he had met Rian. It was at an Honor’s Ceremony Banquet. He had just received the Conterrian Imperial Senate ‘Clusters of the Universe’ medal. Placed upon his person by the Emperor himself. Before the dinner was served, Emperor Darcon Corvan II introduced him to the rest of his family. That was when he first looked upon the face of Warrior Prince Rian Corvan. He was captivated by Rian, which didn’t go unnoticed by his sister Warrior Princess Miya Corvan. Several times she had caught them looking at each other over dinner. After dinner, noticing the interest of the two, she suggested that Joshua ask Rian to dance. Always willing to take a gamble and unable to believe in failure, Joshua walked right up and asked Rian to dance. Rian looked up with raised eyebrows and assessed the tall, then Captain, standing before him. His smile as he said ‘yes’, melted Joshua’s heart.

He know then that he had made the right choice .


Flag Secretary Charles Lennon enters the office area. Seeing the longing lustful look on Haines’s face, he decides to lighten the mood.


Lennon noisily filled his coffee,“We’ll be at Earth in about 20 hrs.”


The noise brought Joshua out of his thoughts. Seeing Lennon pouring himself some coffee, he dicided to finish his.

Just as Haines starts to swallow his coffee…“Oh…Hey Josh, I hear the Admiralty is launching an investigation into whom is burning up the Comms Systems with all the porn being sent back and forth between 101st TG and the Admiralty” with the straightest face possible while watching Haines cough up his coffee through his nose.


“You asshole…. You been reading my mail again Chuck?” snickered Haines as he wiped the coffee off of himself and the console on the workstation.


“Nope, just your face.” Said Lennon with a mischievous grin.


Haines sighed, rubbing his eyes, knowing Lennon probably did just that.


“You know, I’ve known you for almost 10 years. He treats Aaron like his own son. Corrian and Darrian love you. He’s good for you my friend. It’s time to have that ceremony.” Offered Lennon with a knowing grin before continuing.


“So, how are you two coming along with the wedding plans?” asked Lennon in mock seriousness. 'This should be interesting. I wonder how much they told him, or Rian.' Thought Lennon as him listened intently.


“Because of our schedules, Ri turned it over to his Mom, Rose and Val. I gave him the OK for whatever he feels comfortable with.” Stated Haines not sure where this is going.


“So you gave Ri’s mother, Rose and Val Thomas full reign, unchecked, over your wedding plans?” asked an astonished wide-eyed Lennon already informed of the event. Now sure that they haven't told Haines anything yet.


“Well, not unchecked. I told Ri I’d agree to whatever he does.”


“I repeat myself” states Lennon.” You gave them Carte-Blanche over the whole affair?” thinking that they obviously haven't told Rian anything either.


“Oh…My….God” says Haines as he sinks back into his chair in defeat.


“And so Grass Hopper, what have you learned today?” asks Lennon in a bad Confucius accent. Watching his friend squirm under his gaze.


“I’m fucked,” sighs Haines defeated, rubbing his forehead as he sits back in the seat.


“And the light bulb, lights” snickers Lennon, “ but I just don’t think you are getting out of it with only a fuck,” laughs Lennon hysterically.


“Yeah, yeah…thanks asshole,” I wonder how much he knows, Haines questioned himself. “How bad do you think I’m in for?” Maybe I can find out.


“Knowing what Val did for Rose and herself.” He hesitated before offering, “I’d say that the Royal wedding for Charles and Diana back on Earth in the Eighties will look like a Sunday picnic.”


“Nooo….” Disbelievingly questioned Haines.


“Yes” stated Lennon firmly, certain that the up coming union would be a long remembered celebration.


Thinking he's done enough damage to his friend. “Well, funs over. I’ve several more reports awaiting my presence.” Stated Lennon as he rose to leave.


“You should have eloped.” He offered with a smirk as he passed through the hatch.


“The things we do for love.” Haines said to the empty room as he queried the ships databases for Royal Weddings on Earth. ‘Might as well see what I’m in for,’ he thought while waiting for the information he was seeking.


1 hour later


“Come” said Haines after the chimes sound from the hatchway.


“Fleet Commander Haines, the Captain respectfully requests your presence in the Wardroom for dinner with the Ship’s Officers and herself at 1930 hrs.” stated the Yeomen standing at attention before him.


“I would be honored to join the Captain for dinner. Flag Galley will provide the drink.” Smiled Haines


“Aye sir. By your leave.”


“Granted. Please send in the Flag Sec on your way out.”


“Aye sir,” as the Yeomen departed to the hatchway.


“Looks like we are invited to dinner.” Says Lennon on the way in.” We are also providing the drink I assume?” Knowing he had already sent 6 bottles of champange to the Wardroom.


“You assume correctly. Any idea why we were invited?” Turning from his console to look at Lennon.


“Kaela just wants you their when she announces that ‘Hammerhead’ is going into the yards for decommissioning and an extended refit. And of course to pump you for information about the new Flagship.” Said Lennon


“She’s hungry for the CO slot on that new Battleship. Which you know just about as much as I do on that.” Asked Haines more than stated as he looked at his long time friend to see if he could provide any answers.


“She is hungry for that slot, that she is…. That new Battleship is a wedding gift to you isn’t it?” offered Lennon as his thoughts drifted.


Haines leaned back from his workstation. Taking on the appearance of someone in heavy thought. Uncertain what to think of the question. Haines let the room stay silent for a few moments before looking over at Lennon.


“I don’t know Charlie, but it makes sense. The rumors have it as my new Flagship, although the Admiralty will not even confirm anything more than it is under construction. Even the specs I’ve been able to get my hands on, show that she isn’t the standard ‘Battleship of the Line.’ It’s more like she is a custom build.” Stated Haines thoughtfully.


“I know, the whole project is closed tighter than the Imperial Senator’s ass at appropriations time.” Said Lennon. Which made them both chuckle. Haines remembered how much he disliked going before the Senatorial Committee with the task Groups budgets and requests.


“I guess we will find out soon enough, BC-49 ‘Star Shine’ is going to rendezvous with us at AB-27 according to the message that just came in.” said Lennon getting up to get himself a drink.


“Any ideas?” asked Haines a little perplexed.


“It is Val’s old Flagship. She still uses it from time to time. She probable wants to go over plans and things for the wedding with you in person.” Stated Lennon with a shrug as he sat back down.


“I just have a bad feeling about this.” Said Haines with a bit of nervousness. 'If Val is coming. Something big must be in the offing.' Just the thought made him shiver inside.


Lennon almost thought he saw Haines shiver. “Relax. I think in the end you’ll look back on this and laugh about it as you tell your children.” ‘Time to change the subject before he really gets a case of the prewedding jitters thought Lennon


 “ Speaking of which. How is Aaron doing?” asked Lennon remembering the day, three years earlier, when Joshua adopted the, then, 13-year-old Recruit.


“As his God Father, I expect you know the official reports. As for personally, he’s having some trouble, but is adjusting to the Destroyer he is on. 1st Lt. Huseron seems to have taken him on as a personal challenge, in the Weapons Department.”


“1st Lt. Giyat Huseron?” asked Lennon.


“3 time Battle ‘E’ in Gunnery. Aaron couldn’t have a better instructor.” stated Haines proudly, knowing he taught the young, then Ensign Huseron, how to read the solar winds to exact more accurate weapons fire.


“Will you have them transferred to the new Flagship?”


“I don’t know. Aaron didn’t want my influence in the Fleet, but the name Haines is too well known in military circles to avoid it. I guess we’ll have to discuss it. I would love to have him onboard, just so that we could see each other more often. Maybe I’ll just transfer the Destroyer to my Task Group. We do rotate the ships around so that probably wouldn’t draw too much attention to him.” Stated Haines obviously thinking about the possibility.


“Sometimes Joshua my friend, I can't decide what makes you happier. Aaron, Ri or ‘Hammerhead’ and not to forget Ri’s boys, Corrian and Darrian.” Said Lennon with a knowing smile as he could see Joshua’s thoughts drifting.


'Corrian and Darrian.' Each a mirror image of their other, a perfect set of twins. At 13 years old, very much the younger images of his lover Rian. Both preparing for entrance to the Naval Academy when they turn 14. As far as Joshua Haines was concerned, he had 3 sons to be very proud of. The feeling of the ‘Hammerheads’ drives idling down brought Haines out of his thoughts.


Lennon looked at the clock, 1900 hrs on the dot, as he too felt ‘Hammerheads’ drives slow the ship to Ahead Two-Thirds speed.


“We’re slowing?” Haines asked as he reached for the Comms channel for the Bridge to contact Captain Mayain.


Lennon held up a hand to stop a friend from berating a Captain for following orders of the Admiralty. “Don’t worry about it. She is under strict orders from Grand Admiral Thomas, and so are you. We will be enjoying the company of the Ship’s Officers in the Wardroom for dinner. Captain Mayain is slowing to accept guests. The group will be underway at Flank 2 speeds before we arrive at the Wardroom.”


“OoKay. I wouldn’t want the 101st Task Group's Flag Officer to know what’s going on.” Stated Haines with mild irritation. “Is this the trio at work on the wedding plans?”


“You could say that.” Said Lennon with a hint of a smile.


“Best be getting ready then. Class A’s I assume?”


“ I would if I were you.” Stated Lennon matter of factly, knowing that the first surprise starts tonight.


“You know what’s going on don’t you?” Asked Haines as he started to his quarters.


“It is the policy of the Conterrian Imperial Navy to neither confirm, nor deny, the presence or existence of any materials or knowledge pertaining to your wedding plans.” laughed Lennon


“Thanks old friend. Just remember ‘Payback is a Bitch’.” grunted Haines.


“Yeah, yeah. Sticks and stones. You’re outclassed by higher ups.” Haines turning, flipped him the 1 fingered salute. “Now, get ready,” laughed Lennon. “We have 20 minutes to get to the Wardroom,” As he checks his watch while he exited the office.


“Aye, Aye My Captain .” As Haines flips a mock salute and turns for his quarters. Quickly he cleaned up and changed. He met Lennon just outside the Wardroom.


Entering the Wardroom at 1930 hrs. Haines finds the CO and XO of all the escorting ships along with as many Senior Officers not on Duty that could fit into the 50 seat Wardroom for the proceedings.


“Fleet Commander On Deck.” Stated Lennon as he followed him through the hatchway, bringing everyone to rigid attention.


“At Ease.” Said Haines as he moved to greet everyone in the room before Captain Mayain called everyone to the table for dinner at precisely 1945 hrs.


After being served a four coarse meal in standard military tradition.


“Now that we have enjoyed our wonderful meal. I am requesting to forgo the usual formalities for the rest of the evening.” stated Captain Mayain with a mischevious glint in her eyes.


“Granted” said a perplexed Haines looking to Lennon for a sign of things to come.


Lennon just mouth ‘relax’ to his friend as Captain Mayain nodded to the Wardroom Steward. Immediately champagne flutes were distributed and filled, as Flag Sec. Lennon retrieved a data pad from his tunic.


“You’ll need to stand for this.” Lennon whispered as he passed the data pad to Haines.


Haines began to stand while reading the data pad then sat back down.


“When did we receive this?” Haines whispered hotly to Lennon. Upset that he was not informed of the message earlier.


“The same time Mayain received her orders from the Admiralty.” Lennon calmly whispered. “Now carry out the orders please, Sir.”


“So it begins?” asked Haines


“Something like that.” smiled Lennon as he urged Haines up.


Compared to the muted conversations about the events, the immediate silence of the room was deafening as Haines stood, data pad visible for all to see. Every eye in the room knew that meant new orders of some sort and were honored to be able to hear them first hand.

To be continued.

Author’s note. TOA is Time Of Arrival. Sorry I missed that in the Prologue.

This is my first time at trying to write, please be kind. Comments and thought’s are greatly appreciated.