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Love and War Among The Stars 

Chapter 2 

In the Wardroom on ‘Hammerhead’….

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. As Fleet Commander my duties are both pleasant at times and unpleasant at others. Tonight it is time for the one of the more pleasurable duties the Admiralty asks of me to perform.” Said Haines as he began to read the data pad.


TO: FLAG 101st TG

Captain Kaela Mayain – Commanding Officer BC-27 ‘I.S.S. HAMMERHEAD

You are hereby ordered to surrender Command of BC-27 ‘I.S.S. HAMMERHEAD’ upon arrival at CORIANUS MAJOR SHIPYARD #17, on or about, 27 days for deactivation and extended refit. Upon surrender, you are hereby ordered to proceed with all speed to CORIANUS MAJOR SHIPYARD #38. Upon arrival, you will assume Command of BB-69 ‘I.S.S. HAMMERHEAD’. Admiralty extends congratulations to you. May the Luck and Speed of the Universe be with you.


               Grand Admiral Rose Thomas sends


The Wardroom erupted with applause and congratulations as Haines reached for his glass to propose a toast. Captain Mayain stood, smiling as she signaled for everyones attention.

“Fleet Commander,” started Mayain as she retrieved a data pad from the Steward “Ladies and Gentleman. As Captain of this vessel it is my pleasure to perform the following duty by order of His Royal Highness Emperor Corvan II,” as she paused to ensure everyone’s attention.

Silence instantly fell over the room as Haines took his seat. He shot Lennon a look that said ‘what the fuck is going on?’ Lennon just shrugged back, trying to suppress a laugh thinking, 'So it begins.'




His Royal Highness Emperor Darcon Corvan II and Her Royal Highness Emperor Queen Steska Corvan, do hereby announce the Betrothal of our youngest son His Royal Highness Warrior Prince Rian Darcon Corvan, Commanding Officer of the Royal Guards Task Group, second son of His Royal Highness Emperor Darcon Corvan II of the Conterrian Empire, to Fleet Commander Joshua Michael Haines, Commanding Officer of the 101st Task Group, Imperial Navy. Further announcement of Ceremony Dates and Locations to follow pending satisfactory completion of the Betrothal Rites. May the Luck and Speed of the Universe be with you.


          Emperor Queen Steska Corvan sends


As Captain Mayain recited the message, Joshua remembered the night he asked Rian to be his mate…. 3 months ago, at his home on Conterri IV. Aaron had taken the twins camping near the lake, so he could be alone with Rian. He had acquired the ingredients for Beef Stroganoff, not an easy task, one of Rian’s favorite dishes. They spent the time in the kitchen preparing dinner together. Joshua had set the table, with his finest set of silver, in the atrium off the southwest corner of the house. He had soft romantic music playing in the background as they ate in candlelight, watching the sunset. He couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity as Rian drifted into his own thoughts near sunset. Joshua moved around the table and lowered himself to one knee at Rian’s side, startling him back to the here and now. ‘Yes, my Joshua?’ he asked. Joshua stared at the shimmering Conterrian before him, in the last moments of sunlight and the beginnings of the flicking light of several candles. ‘Rian, love of my life, would you bestow upon me the honor of becoming my lifetime mate? Will you be my Betrothed.’ Rian’s eyes glistened with tears as he sat in silence looking into Joshua’s eyes. After several moments of silence, Rian rose from his seat and embraced Joshua, still on one knee. ‘Yes! Most definitely yes Joshua, I would be most honored to become your Betrothed.' As he leaned down and kissed Joshua passionately. ' I love you, as I have no other. Please make love to me here, under the stars. I need you inside me Joshua Haines, take me and make me yours’. They made love several times, under the glass roof of the atrium, that night. ‘All the stars in the Universe shining down on them.’ Thought Haines as he heard applause.

There were a few moments of silence, after Captain Mayain completed reading the announcement and the news finally registered on the Officers. Applause erupted from everyone assembled, most of which had never seen a Royal Wedding Ceremony in there lifetime.


“What Betrothal Rites… dates and locations?” Haines looked at Lennon horrified as he finally realized fully what was just announced.


“Just relax. It’s nothing. Val is going to explain it in detail when we arrive at AB-27”said Lennon soothingly trying to avoid the prewedding jitters again.


“Part of the custom is the announcement and congratulations line,” said Lennon as he noticed the other Officers lining up by rank around the room to offer congratulations and well wishes. The Conterrians were quickly explaining the procedure to the uninitiated Human and Conterrian alike.


Looking around the room at the forming line of Officers. “Ok. I just start at the head and move around?” asked a nervous Haines ‘God I hate social functions’ he thought.


“No. You wait until they are arranged, I'll signal you. Then rise from your seat, turning away from the table and I will lead them to you as I am Senior.” Instructed Lennon.

After 20 minutes, everyone in the room had congratulated Haines personally.

“Commander. As I know you are not familiar with our rituals and customs regarding Betrothal, I will tell you what I can. As the official notification went out at 1700hrs, we have received 172 messages for you by 1900.”

“172…”started Haines before Mayain raised a hand to silence him.

“ I expect quite a few more by now, since most CO’s would inform everyone at dinner like I did. You also are not allowed to answer your messages. That is one of the reasons that ‘Star Shine’ is coming to meet us. They will explain the rest to you. Until then, I suggest you relax and enjoy yourself.” Said Mayain in a motherly way.

“Oookay. Do I get filled in on these Betrothal Rites or why we are to meet ‘Star Shine’?

Capt Mayain and Lennon both laugh at this and say “No”. “We don’t know anyway, not that I’d tell you” smiles Lennon.

“Commander, this is a time of celebration and happiness, why don’t we just relax and enjoy the warmth and banter of this fine company,” as she motions to the rest of the room. Haines looked around at the other officers talking and joking about the up coming celebration.

“You will be informed in due time my Friend” said Charlie as he handed Joshua another drink. “Meanwhile I’m going to check on our TOA at Earth.” As he turned to depart.

 “You mean, you are going to have the ‘Chief of Ship’ get you something,” laughs Joshua.

“Actually, that’s already done. Enjoy the party and I’ll see you at Earth” smiles Lennon over is shoulder as he leaves.

Later after the festivities, Haines returns to his office after changing out of class-A’s to uniform of the day. A one-piece gray bodysuit with only tabs on the collar to identify his rank. ‘Damn, this is comfortable,’ he thought as the material absorbed his body heat and shrunk to hug his body.

The material was some form of spider silk, native to the Conterri System. Once warmed by body heat, the slightly over sized suit would shrink to hug the body like a second skin. The materials natural strength also made it act as a form of lite armor.

 Looking at his console he saw ‘no messages pending’, he decides to send a message out to Aaron. After three times of trying to open the message center without success, he taps the Com's line to CIC.

 “Commander Voot, OOW here Sir.” Answer the duty watch officer.

“I know incoming messages are being held, are outgoing denied as well?”

“Yes Sir. Until we reach the ‘Star Shine’. Replied the OOW nervously wondering if the Fleet Commander was going to berate him for following the unusual orders from the Captain.

“I see, Thank you. Carry on.” Haines said cutting the link as the OOW visibly relaxed.

He touched another button on the pad. “ Charlie, can’t I even talk to Aaron?’

“No” said Lennon sleepily rolling over in bed to see the Com's screen, “Go to bed. We arrive at Earth in less than 10 hours.”

“Yes, Sir.” said Haines throwing a mock salute while closing the link.

After a refreshing quick shower he sat on the edge of his bed. “Port view port open” He watched as the blast shutters raised and the passing star field came into view. He reached over the nightstand and moved the pictures around until he found the view he wanted. A photo of himself, Rian, and the boys. Rian and himself were locked in a tender embrace with Aaron, Corrian, and Darrian embracing the two of them in a group hug in front of a marble fireplace in the French Manor house that Joshua built for himself and Aaron shortly after finding Aaron.

Finding Aaron…. it was only four years ago he was 12 then. He was a skinny, malnourished, homeless kid that got recruited. He managed to pass all of the tests and training with a 73% average. Not the smartest of the group, but he tried hard. He just barely missed getting terminated for low scores. Then he met 2nd Lt. Huseron on the transport from SOL-4 to AB-29. Huseron befriended the child that reminded him of him at that age. Unable to do anything for him personally, he called me and asked me to mentor the boy as I did for him. I agreed to meet with them and had my Cruiser, that I was Capt of, at AB-29 when they arrived. 2nd Lt Huseron had told Aaron he asked his big brother to look after him. When they walked off the ship together… I swear it was ‘love at first sight.’

Somewhere deep inside me, I knew this boy would be part of my life forever. Little did I know that I would petition Emperor Corvan II to adopt the young boy.

Joshua Haines remembered the day at their newly completed home on Conterri IV. He saw the boy, he had grown to love as a son, changing into a man. They were watching the sun beginning to set on a cold early spring day, standing on the terrace, fresh out of the hot tub. He saw the air begin to evaporate the moisture off Aaron’s body, the steam rising up in barely visible whitish plumes. His nipples rapidly hardening on his 6-foot tall, thin, defined muscular frame. His wet jet black hair, that he has styled for the last 4 years, looked like a horses mane running down the back of his head to a 1 foot long ponytail. He realized ‘my little boy was becoming a man.’ Tears moistened his eyes at the thought as he returned his gaze to the photo. 'Holding my lover as if he were his father,' as he looked at Aaron hugging Rian.

I think of how far he has come. From a homeless orphan to an Ensign in the Weapons Department on an Imperial Navy Destroyer, and a loving father. Soon to be 2 younger brothers, that adore him, and another father to love him.

He loves Rian, Corrian and Darrian as much as I do.’ He thought back to the first meeting of the boys.

Since his first meeting of the twins, he took on the role of big brother. Playing with them. Teaching them. Being a friend to them. He didn’t treat them special because they were Royalty. He acted as if they were family.

As I watch him grow into manhood, I wonder just how much more pride can I have for him. Some day he’ll make a wonderful husband and father to someone. ‘I wonder if that special someone will be male or female?’ Thought Haines, not quite sure of his sons sexuality.

As I did for Lt Huseron, he is doing for Aaron now. ‘That’s one of the best traditions of the Imperial Navy,’ as he remembered the past Officers he was a mentor for and those that mentored him.

“I miss you, Aaron.” Said Haines as he stroked the photo.

Maybe Charlie is right and I should transfer 1st Lt. Giyat Huseron and Aaron to the new ‘Hammerhead’. Kaela will see to it that there is no favoritism. Corrian and Darrian have grown quickly also, both will soon be 14 and off to the academy for 2 years then Ensigns in the fleet.’ Asked more than thought to himself.

Maybe, that’s what is different about “Hammerheads” design. Was she designed to house a Royal family? Only the Universe knows for sure.’ Asked Joshua Haines of himself as he looked at the photo cube again.

Remembering the side of Rian’s head pressed to his chest. His warm breaths, heating the material of my tunic. His arms encircling my lower back holding them tight together. Rian’s hardness, pressing into Joshua’s thigh, Joshua’s own hardness pressing into Rian’s stomach.

By the Universe I love you,’ he thought as he the cube down and picked another one. Rian stood in full Class A’s; slate gray form fitting pants and tunic with a black cape draped over one shoulder. Leaning with his right hand on his command chair on the bridge of his flagship, BB-27 “Star Burst”. The caption read ‘Flank 3 emergency to you, my dearest love’. After seeing the mischievous look on Rian’s face, he carefully examined the photo. Joshua noticed that the left hand was holding the cape aside just enough to show the outline of Rian’s thick male hardness expanding his pants.

His eyes drifting to another photo of Rian standing, looking out of a view port, naked as the day he was born. His left hand perched high to the side of the view port, supporting his 5’3” body as he leaned slightly forward. His right hand behind his back seemingly, twisting his body away from the view port, allowing a side on view of the front of his body. His hardened right nipple and his thick 7 inch hard maleness pointed straight up along his wash board abs, could be seen as his long black hair pulled above his elf like ears, to the back of his head, continued down his back, disappearing in the absence of light. Every well-defined muscle in his body looked to be pumped up and flexed, a condition that was natural for the Conterrians, not preformed for his benefit. Only the light, of the Conterrian Sun rising over Conterri IV, lighting his body. Making his fawn-silver skin, taught over the well-defined muscles, shimmer in the bluish-white glow of the first rays of light.

Haines sighed at the thoughts he was having about those two pictures. He would love nothing more than to be in their arms right that instant.

Soon my love. Soon I’ll be home. Begging you to take me as I wish to have you,” he said to the empty room. Kissing the photo, he replaced it on the stand. Glancing at the clock as he crawled into bed. 9 hrs till Earth, he sighed. ‘I love you, my precious Prince,’ as he looked at the photo, was the last thought in his mind as he fell asleep. 

ALL HANDS MAN BATTLE STATIONS, FLAG TO CIC, ALL HANDS MAN BATTLE STATIONS, FLAG TO CIC,” echoed the call throughout the ship as the klaxon's sounded Battle Stations.

“Haines on the way” as he peered at the clock, 0347 hrs. “Damn, it was so peaceful for 2 months”

CIC was a beehive of activity when Fleet Commander Haines entered “Flag on Deck” someone yelled.

“Carry on. What have we got Charlie?” Haines asked the Flag Sec.

“SC121 reports a Republic Task Group. Looks like a Fighter CAP, 1 Escort Carrier and 2 Destroyers at Sector 201.107.033mark7” replied Lennon.

“NAV puts that here sir,” says Captain Mayain as a holomap expanded and swirled. Finally stabilizing the display on the image of the sector map with SC121’s and the Republic ships locations.

“NAV and SC121 confirm the course and speed of Flank 1”

“So they are within 70 hrs of Earth, if they hold this course and speed. Correct?” asks Haines looking at the ships locations, in relevance to his own.

“Correct Sir” replies NAV after consulting his console.

“Thoughts people?” asked Haines looking at each person in turn.

“CL921 with DD492 and DD511 are within a 10 hr intercept at Flank 3.,” said Mayain

“Or us in 17 hrs at Flank 3.” Stated Lennon. Pointing at their location on the holomap.

Or we could wait and see what they do. I don’t want them to realize they are close to something important.’ Thought Haines looking at the holomap again.

“No… Let’s shadow them while we bring CL921’s group closer.” Said Haines still in thought to himself.

“Have SC121 shadow this Republic Group. Bring CL921’s group up behind SC121 to provide rapid response if needed.” Ordered Haines. Watching the bewildered group he continued, “If they move off, we will inform the Admiralty and let someone else take care of them. If not and they continue towards Earth, we will deal with them promptly and efficiently. Understood?” said Haines followed by a chorus of ‘yes sirs.’

“Get me Grand Admiral Thomas, ‘Real-time’ link.” Haines ordered to the Com's Officer.

“Admiralty on the line sir” stated the Com's Officer

“I thought it was all quiet out in your sectors, Fleet Commander. What’s wrong?” asked a sleepy Thomas

“Grand Admiral, we have a Republic Task Group. 1 Escort Carrier and 2 Destroyers about 70 hrs to Earth, at present course and speed.” Stated Haines.

Thomas nods as she looks at the data stream filtering through her console.

“I’ve order SC121 to shadow them and keep us updated on the groups movements. I’m also moving CL921 and two Destroyers into close proximity, in case we need them.” said Haines

“What are your intentions here Fleet Commander?” asked a skeptical Thomas.

“We haven’t encountered Republic Forces in this area before, to say nothing of the course they are on. I don’t want to come in guns blazing if they will leave the area of their own accord. It might make them more curious as to what is out here that we are trying to protect. I would just assume let them move into another sector for someone else to make the kill. If they should continue towards Earth, we will be prepared to take them out.” Stated Haines confidently.

After a few moments thought Thomas replied “Good thinking Fleet Commander. I agree with your assessment and actions. It would be better to take them in another sector but, if they close to within 30 hrs of Earth at present speed, take them out!” 

“Yes ma’am.”

“On a personal note Joshua. Your royal boyfriend is being a royal pain in my ass.” Watching Fleet Commander Joshua Haines blush deep red she decide to press her advantage and continued. “You best come back with all parts anatomically correct and in working order. Val is also working with the Emperor Queen on your wedding plans. All I can say is Josh, you should have eloped” Laughed Thomas as she saw the embarrassment replaced by a look of fear spreading across his face as she signed off “May the Luck and Speed of the Universe be with you. Thomas out.”

As the screen went blank, Haines could hear Lennon chuckling in the background. He spun to give him a ‘shut the fuck up’ look and rose from the chair.

As Lennon turned and started to leave the CIC, he said, “you should have eloped” just loud enough for Haines to hear as he laughed going through the hatchway.

“OOW keep me informed of any changes from SC121,” stated Haines turning to depart.

“Aye sir”

Haines returned to his stateroom. “Close all view ports,” he said as he returning to bed, 0431 glowed the clock. ‘Well at least I’ll get another hour in anyway’ thought Haines looking over to Rian’s picture ‘night again, my love’ was his last thought as he drifted off.

2 hours later in Grand Admiral Thomas’s office.

“On the basis of that information. I respectfully request permission to depart for Earth with all do haste.” Begged Prince Rian Corvan

“No Your Highness. I don’t believe that is necessary,” stated Thomas.

“It’s only 12 hrs at Flank3 from AB-27. I could be there in 29 hrs.” tried Rian again.

“Rian. If Joshua needed or thought he needed help, he would have asked for it.” Reasoned Thomas.

“Yes ma’am.” Sulked Rian, wishing he had just left instead of asking for permission.

Joshua I care for you as if you were my own son but, your lover is a royal pain in my ass’ thought Thomas as she continued, “Do you feel that Joshua can’t handle himself or the situation?” she asked of the clearly desperate Prince.

“No ma’am” stated Rian sharply before continuing, “I just have that feeling that Joshua and the Earth are in danger.” He finished quietly.

“I understand that you want to be by his side, but you are needed here. Now is their any other business here or can I return to the war?” asked Thomas more sharply than she intended.

“Nothing more ma’am. By your leave.” Asked Rian sadly turning to leave.

“Granted. Rian, just relax. It will be OK and he’ll be back soon.” Thomas said softly to him as he left.

“I hope so, Rose. Thank you.” Said Rian as he left the office and turned to find his sister.

“Rian, what did she say?” Asked Princess Miya Corvan.

“No” sighed Rian.

“I talked to Dar about it. He said to ‘do what you feel is right’” said Miya carefully knowing that Rian really didn't want to discuss Darcon.

“You told the Prince Regent?” asked Rian hotly, wondering why she did it.

“Just stop it Ri! Dar is your older brother too. Just because you fight so often, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love and care about Josh and yourself.” Replied Miya, ready to straighten Rian out if she needed too.

“So he’ll let me take ‘Star Burst’ to Earth?” asked Rian with a incredulous tone.

“He didn’t say ‘yes or no’, just ‘do what you feel is right’. Do you feel that going to Earth is the right thing?” questioned Miya placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Yes!” answered Rian solemnly.

“Then go, quickly.” Urged Miya pushing Rian towards the docking bays.

  Miya stood in the passageway watching her twin brother move quickly towards the accesses that would lead to the Docking Bays on board BS-01 ‘Admiralty Station’ nick named by some, ‘the ship of fools’. Today she thinks she agrees with them.

Thinking back to her conversation with Rian about their older brother Prince Regent Darcon Corvan III. ‘Rian just doesn’t believe Dar really cares about him. I really need to bring them together with out the fighting. That’s the problem!’ realized Miya.

I see Dar every day at the Palace and Rian is only in and out. They’ve just grown apart. Plus, what I really think is, Dar needs to get laid,’ the thought of which made Miya chuckle as she departed for the Royal Palace.

Hopefully Rian will take the presence of Barron Rossilait Corvan on board ‘Star Burst’, their cousin and an Imperial Ambassador present at Dar’s request, as a peace offering between the two of them,’ she sighed. ‘Wishful thinking, Rian is as stubborn as I am. Only Joshua can make him submit.’ Smiling at the thought of just how Joshua makes him submit and fondly remembering the suggestive photos she took at Ri’s request for him.

 ‘Now how to get Ri and Dar alone together for long periods, so they can bond again?’ she wondered.

Back in Grand Admiral Thomas’s office.

Rose Thomas remembered young 14-year-old Joshua Haines boarding her ship for transport from Earth to AB-27. By the time they had reached the Training Station, she had offered to sponsor him to the Academy. During which time he proved to be an outstanding student and Officer. Graduating at the top of his class with the rank of ‘Lt JG.’ Since then he has been the son, her committed lover Val and herself, had always wished for.

She rose from her workstation to peer out the view port at ‘Star Burst’…. ‘And what about the vision or dream that Rian had. It describes the Republic Fleet finding…’

“Ma’am, ‘Star Burst’ is requesting permission to clear all moorings and depart for AB-27,” Stated the OOW on a COMMS link.

“AB-27 you said Lt. Commander?” asked Thomas thinking ‘Val's right, I'm getting to old for this shit.’

“Yes ma’am.”

Grand Admiral Rose Thomas rubbed her forehead tiredly as she made her decision.

“Granted. Also send, ‘Best of Luck and May you have the Universe’s Speed to Earth. Grand Admiral Thomas sends.” States Thomas to a perplexed Com's Officer that repeats the order.

“You heard the order Lt. Commander. Now send it!” Barked Thomas while the Com's Officer saluted and signed off.

Thomas returned to the view port and watched as the Battleship ‘I.S.S. Star Burst’ cleared her moorings and moved away from her docking port. Immediately setting off at Flank 3 speeds when she was free and clear to navigate.

I know that you Conterrians have some type of mental powers occasionally. I’ve also heard about visions and dreams coming true. I pray that this isn’t one of those times Prince Rian Corvan, or if it is, that you arrive in time to save our Joshua….’ Thought Thomas unsure of whether she believed the story Rian told her earlier or not.

Fleet Commander Joshua Thomas crossed the landing bay towards the ‘Chief of Ship’ who was admiring the last views of Earth below the closing doors of the landing bay.

“What’s the good word Chief?” asked Haines when he reached his side.

“All LDR’s aboard sir.”

“How long until they are secured?”

“We’ll have all the supplies loaded into the storage lockers in an hour. Got a prime load of organic beef and chicken sir. About 90 days supply, all flash frozen to be just as fresh as the minute it was cut. ” Smiled the Chief

“All tested? We don’t want anymore problems like last time,” said Haines as he remembered the Conterrian Crew member that got a steak with BGH in it and went into convulsions.

“Aye sir. Had Doc himself double check to make sure,” replied the Chief.

“Any chocolate come on board Chief?”

“Aye sir. Looks to be about 30 cases of assorted candy.”

“Lock them down Chief. Nobody and I mean nobody but Humans get any. Understood?”

“Aye sir. Already done,” stated the Chief, proudly.

“Outstanding Chief. Thank you.” Smiled Haines.

“Not a worry sir. I remember what happened to the Prince’s young lad, when he got a hold of some. Just like Heroin it was, only edible,” said the Chief remembering how upset Haines was with himself afterwards.

Joshua Haines remembered that day three years ago, all too well. He was just starting to date Rian. He had invited Rian and his sons to join Aaron and himself at their new home on Conterri IV for a few days. He started construction on the home the year before he met Aaron. Together they had finished it, as father and son. Both were extremely proud to be entertaining Rian and his boys in it for the first time. Unknowingly, he gave ten year old Darrion three Hershey’s Kisses, one for each of the boys, not knowing it’s effect on Conterrian’s. It was like pure heroin to a hard-core junkie. Had he had more than the three he was given, it would have killed him. He spent three days in a healing chamber having all the poisons removed from his body and his internal organs repaired. He spent the next nine days on total bed rest to recuperate. Joshua never left the side of the healing chamber except to use the bathroom the whole time Darrion was in it. The entire incident seemed to be a turning point that brought Joshua and Rian closer together. Since then strict regulations have come down from the Admiralty on Human Foodstuffs and Beverages. Wines and Hard Liquor are ok but, Beer is a no no, to many chemicals. Most Organic Fruits and Vegetables are ok as are Organic Meats. Fresh Fish not farmed is usually ok. All ship’s Medical Departments have the new testing equipment to ensure nothing dangerous comes on board. And there are harsh penalties for providing contaminated/dangerous foods to Conterrians. Joshua knew the Chief was as ‘good as his word’ and ‘the Chocolate on board this ship was locked in a secure space.’

“I won’t let it happen again on my Watch sir.” Said the Chief quietly knowing that Haines was probably remembering that day all over again as he had seen him do so many times in the past.

“Thanks Chief. All Recruits on board?”

“Aye sir. Looks like a good lot too. 21 male and 16 female ages 11 to 33. Some ex-military even.” Smiled the Chief.

“Sounds like somebody made a good impression on you?” Haines asked more than stated.

“That he did sir. I may even sponsor him to the Academy after advanced training at

 AB-27.” Said the Chief with a knowing smile.

“Well Chief. Should I find a sponsorship form come across my workstation, I’ll forward it recommended with a smile,” smiled Haines before continuing. “We’ll also have berth’s on BB-69, when his training is complete.”

“Thank ya sir. That’s very kind of ya.”

“Anytime Chief, anytime.” Stated Haines matter of factly.

ALL HANDS PREPARE TO GET UNDERWAY.  DEPARTURE IN 5 MINTES.’ Said the ship wide announcement followed by the ‘all hands to stations’ klaxon.

“Join me on the Port Bridge Wing to watch our departure Chief?”

“I’d be honored Fleet Commander.” Said the Chief, happy to have the best seat in the house to say good-bye to Earth once more.