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......The scout ship SC121 glides slowly through Sector 201. Carefully observing their prey, a Republic Task Group that has entered the sector....

The Captain of SC121 was just reviewing a status report from the Weapons Department.

“What are they doing?” Asked the XO to the IO.

“Looks like they are stopping,” advised the IO double-checking the sensor readouts.

“Better tell the FLAG, XO. COM's order CL921 to hold position. We don’t want them running us over,” ordered the Captain tiredly. ‘Time to get off the scouts, cat and mouse is game for the young,’ he thought.

“Aye sir.”

TO: FLAG 101stTG


Republic Group stopped. Estimate 32 hrs to Earth at Flank 1 speeds from this location.

Please advise.

                                 CO SC121 sends

An hour after his departure, Prince Rian enters the Main Engineering space on board ‘Star Burst’ carefully maneuvering down the catwalks, he heads directly to the 'Chief Engineering Officer' of the ship.

“Cheng, can you push us from Flank 3-24lt to 28lt and sustain it for 23 hours?” questioned Rian feeling the vibrations of the Main Drives through the deck plates.

“I don’t recommend that amount of speed, for that duration, Your Highness. ‘Star Burst’ is an older Battleship and is due for a refit. She may not take too kindly to that much stress,” replied Cheng cautiously. He knew why they needed to get to Earth, but they may not at that speed. “The added stress, from the amount of power required at speeds greater than 24x's the speed of light, could overload the power reactor’s or the drive's themselves. Either problem would not be good for crewmember or machine.”

“I understand your concerns,” sighed Rian after a few moments of thought. “Nudge her up gently Cheng. Give me whatever you feel we can safely sustain for the long runtime I require,” said Prince Rian firmly. Hoping that his Chief Engineer still had some tricks up his sleeve.

“Aye, Your Highness. I’ll give us everything she can take,” said Cheng with a determination not to let his Prince down.

Prince Rian returned to CIC and settled into his command chair as he watched the ship's speed slowing begin to increase from Flank3 24lt to 28lt. An hour later he noticed ‘Star Burst’ finally hit 28lt. ’28 times the speed of light. I’m proud of you old girl. Just please hold together until we get to Earth’

“OOW, I’ll be in my office. Keep me informed of our status,” said Rian as he rose to depart CIC.

“Aye, sir.” Replied the Commander serving as OOW.

Upon entering his outer office, his admin clerk signaled for his attention.

“Your Highness, Barron Corvan awaits your presence in your office,” said the clerk.

“Thank you,” Rian said as he turned towards the office to see his cousin sitting near one of the view ports, obviously in heavy thought. Wondering why he was here or better yet how he got here as the hatch closed behind himself, alerting his visitor to his presence.

“Hello Rian, I was wondering if I was going to have to pry you out of CIC.” Barron Rossilait Corvan said with a smile, rising to hug Rian as he entered.

“It’s good to see you Rossi,” sighed Rian as they embraced. “How did you get here? Why are you here?” asked Rian pulled away and searched the face before him looking for answers.

“I came to offer my congratulations to you!” Rossilait said as he pulled Rian tighter to himself and kissed his cheek. “Dear Cousin, have you made a good choice, not just for you, but for Corrian and Darrian also?” he asks as he releases Rian. Looking into his eyes as he awaits the answer.

“Darrian and Corrian love him and his son Aaron,” said Rian with a longing look, “and so do I. We are bringing together two different families and make our own.”

“Different indeed,” concedes Rossilait with a snort. “So long as he loves you, I will support your betrothal to him,” finishes Rossilait solemnly.

“Will we have problems?” Rian asks, concerned that others would stop a union because the don't understand the love behind it.

“Certain members of the Senate are grumbling about a Human being allowed to seek betrothal of Conterrian Royalty,” stated Rossilait quietly, knowing it hurt Rian to hear that people oppose his union or lover for irrational reasons, he pulls Rian into another hug and continues. “Enough of this talk. Why are you here my cousin?”

“The real question Rossi is, why are you here?” countered Rian suspiciously.

“Your brother Darcon, ordered me to jump onto ‘Star Burst’ because she was about to be hijacked and thought that an Imperial Ambassador, would prove useful when you arrived at your destination?” said Rossi with a mischievous grin on his face. ‘And to help you remain calm.’ He said to himself.

The confusion showed on his face. “So, he explained everything to you?” asked Rian not sure what to think. ‘Is it Darcon’s assistance or was it Miya’s idea,’ ran through his mind.

“He gave me the short version and asked me to help you,” after still seeing the confused look on Rian’s face he continued. “He thought that if you were correct in your vision, that the Empire should have a Imperial Ambassador on hand to formally introduce us to the Humans,” finished Rossi, allowing Rian to contemplate the full implications of what he just said. Knowing that the two brothers had been having problems as of late.

'Could Miya be right.’ Rian wondered in the silence that fell over the room. ‘Maybe he does care about Joshua and myself,’ he thought of the fights he’s had with Darcon recently. ‘He ordered Rossi to help, knowing it would risk our Father’s wrath for not consulting the Imperial Senate regarding Earth.’

.....On board 'Hammerhead', Flag Sec Lennon stands his watch in CIC amid the numerous people manning the consoles in an ever vigilant search for the enemy.

Flag Sec. Lennon read the message from SC121 for the second time with a raised brow. “Fleet Commander to CIC,” he said to Hammerhead’s OOW.

“Aye sir,” replied the OOW as he turned to contact the Flag office.

Moments later “Fleet Commander on Deck” could be heard as Lennon turned to see Haines entering the CIC heading for his command chair.

“Josh, SC121 reports the Republic Task Group has stopped and are requesting instructions,” said Lennon as Haines took his seat.

That’s strange, they wouldn't stop unless... they are waiting for more ships?’ Thought Haines while he scanned their message. “Where is CL921’s Group?” Turning to Lennon.

“Just outside of SC121’s range, using a dust cloud behind them, to obscure the Republic ships from seeing them,” reported Lennon as he pointed out the positions on a holomap.

“Good,” as he studied the map. “Have CL921 hold that position and have SC121 continue to monitor the situation,” after a few moments of thought. “TOA at AB-27?”

After a quick glance at his console. “About 3 hrs at present speed sir,” answered Lennon.

“Very well. Increase speed to Flank3 and tell Captain Mayain to unload smartly upon our arrival. I don’t want to spend any unnecessary time there,” ordered Haines.

“Aye, sir. Thinking about joining CL921?” asked Lennon.

Haines was rising from his seat when he replied thoughtfully, “Maybe, we’ll have to see what happens.”

“OOW, I’ll be in my office,” stated Haines as he departed, hearing ‘Aye sir’ over the sound of Lennon giving orders to the Com's Officer to contact ‘Star Shine’ and ‘tell them of our revised arrival time and no intended layover at AB-27.’

.....A lone Battle Cruiser makes it’s way through space to AB-27. A veteran Captain makes his way down the red lit passage way towards the wardroom to join his off duty officers for coffee.

CAPTAIN TO CIC,’ sounded across the Battle Cruiser ‘Star Shines’ intercom.

“On my way.” Replied Captain Carlos Gonzalles as he turned from the Wardroom and headed for CIC.

“Captain on Deck,” announced the young marine at the hatch as he entered.

“Carry on,” Captain Gonzalles replied turning towards the JOOW. “What have we got Lt.” Asked Gonzalles.

“Flash message traffic from ‘Hammerhead’. They have increased speed to AB-27 and don’t intend to layover,” recited the Lt looking at his console.

What are you up to my friend’ thought the Captain before asking. “Current TOA at AB-27?”

“4 hrs at present speed, sir.” He answered after a quick tap on his keypad.

“Very well. CON increase speed to Flank3, Maintain present course.” Ordered Gonzalles.

“Aye, sir. Increase to Flank3, Maintain present course,” replied the Conning Officer.

“OOW, please inform our guests of our anticipated arrival time and notify me 30 minutes prior to our arrival.”

“Aye, sir.” stated the OOW as the Captain departed the CIC.

Chief of Ship Meyers had just reached the Flag offices, when he saw Fleet Commander Haines approaching.

“Might I have a moment of your time sir,” asked the Chief.

“Of course Chief, come in to my office.” Replied Haines as he noticed the young Recruit standing behind the Chief.

Haines watched as the two of them preceded him into the office. ‘Talk about night and day.’ Chief of the Ship Oscar Meyer was a big man. Haines guessed around 28 years old, standing at 6’4” and weighing 265 lbs of well-bulked muscle. Top this off with pale white skin and a mop of red hair. ‘Definitely not the person I would want to piss off’. Haines smiled to himself at the thought of his nickname ‘big wiener’. He still wasn’t sure if it was because of his name, commanding nature, or the obvious ‘foot long’ packed in his uniform pants.

Looking over the Recruit. ‘What a contrast. I sure hope he doesn’t try to use that foot long on him.’ He looked to be about 17, 18 at the oldest.5’5” of thin, fine muscled, deeply tanned young man. ‘Nice’ came to mind as he looked the lad over from the top of his long black haired head to his thin defined package running down one of his legs leading Haines to believe he was probably a shower not a grower as he sat at his workstation.

“And whom do we have here Chief?” asked Haines motioning for them to seat themselves.

“Fleet Commander, may I introduce Recruit Michael Anderson,” beamed the Chief as Haines rose to offer the young man his hand.

“Welcome on board the ‘Hammerhead’ Recruit Anderson,” as he took the Recruits hand and winked at the Chief.

“Thank you, sir.” Anderson replied timidly.

After releasing the boy’s hand, they both returned to their seats. He turned his attention back to the Chief.

“You have the forms with you Chief?” asked Haines, knowing he did as he pulled them up on his console.

“Aye, sir. I had them all sent to your office before we arrived,” said the Chief smiling at Anderson.

Haines nodded looking over the forms. 72.7 not good enough for the Academy, he thought as the Chief spoke up again.

“His scores aren’t good ‘nough for de Academy, but I was hoping for the Advanced Petty Officers School,” he said, noting Haines’ brow arch when he looked at Anderson’s score’s, assuming he wouldn’t approve the sponsorship.

“And where would you like to go Anderson?” asked Haines as he continued to revue the Recruiting Centers evaluations with interest.

Anderson looked to the Chief, whom smiled and nodded for him to answer.

“I would like to go to Quarter Master Petty Officers School, sir,” he said with quiet confidence.

“He’s been in the NAV simulator on board already, and seems to have a natural feel for it, sir.” Said the Chief thinking he may have over stepped his bounds bringing the Recruit into the simulators.

Haines took a moment to decide if he should berate the Chief for the laps, “I see.” Allowing the silence to continue as he pulled up the simulator scores. Out of the corner of his eye he watched the nervous Recruit glance at the Chief, whom sat ramrod straight, several times before he answered. “So Anderson, you seem to have the aptitude and a natural ability,” shooting the Chief a harsh glare. “I see no reason why this shouldn’t be approved. Congratulations young man. Study hard and you may find yourself stationed on a Battleship some day,” he said with a wink to the Chief.

“Thank you sir,” Anderson said with a smile.

“Thank ya, sir. You won’t regret this sir,” said a very proud Chief as he rose to escort the young man from the room with more than just a fatherly arm across his shoulder.

“Your welcome gentlemen,” said Haines sure he had made the right decision.

“By your leave sir,” asked Chief Meyer.

“Granted,” said Haines returning to his mundane work of reading reports.

You would think as a Task Group Commander, I could find something better to do with my time than mountains of reports. He thought while stretching the kinks out of his back. Contemplating whether or not to go for a walk through the hanger bay to work out the kinks.

Feeling decreasing vibrations as the Main Drives slowed. “Fleet Commander, We are on final approach to Docking at AB-27,” said the OOW over the bridge com's.

“Very well. Has ‘Star Shine’ arrived yet?”

“No sir. Her TOA is 39 minutes from now,” stated the OOW looking away momentarily.

“Very well. Commence offload as soon as we arrive,” said Haines as he rose from his work station and moved to the port view ports.

“Aye sir,” the OOW said signing off.

“ALL HANDS MAN DOCKING STATIONS, PREPARE FOR DOCKING, PORTSIDE TO,” sounded though out the ship moments later.

“View ports open,” said Haines as he leaned against the view port, to watch the docking.

Not often I get to see this place. Thought Haines as he watched the Asteroid Base come into view. Still looks like a big rock with light’s, as it grew larger. Asteroid Bases are usually about 2000 meters across and this one were no different. Classified as a Training Station, new Recruits come here for more evaluations, selection for schools and advanced training courses. Some of the students in the Advanced Training come from the Fleet, but someone senior sponsors all of them. Sponsorship is another good tradition, thought Haines. He himself was sponsored by Rose Thomas. It was the only way you got into the Academy. He felt the slight bump through out the ship as the moorings and docking collar attached.

“MOORED AB-27, COMMENCE OFFLOAD,” sounded through out the ship.

“Sir, ‘Star Shine’ has arrived, passengers and materials are being transferred to us.” Captain Mayain said over the com link as she viewed the manifests.

“Thank you Captain, I’ll be at the landing bay momentarily,” he said as he turned to depart his office and head for the landing bays.

“Aye sir.” Mayain said as she returned to the manifests.

....The Landing Bays were swarmed with ship's crew and base crew, trying to work together, in the crowded bays, to move people and materials both off and onto the ship. Through the forcefield that covered the opening to space, several transport shuttles could be seen waiting for clearance into the bay as one shuttle sat alone on the deck. A marine detachment at it's hatch. Ceremonial tones sounded throughout the ship.



HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS’S PRINCE CORRIAN AND PRINCE DARRIAN ARRIVING,” sounded the announcement that shocked Joshua Haines into running onto the Flight Deck to the Personnel Launch Area.

“PAPA!” Yelled the twins in unison as they broke away from the greeting party and ran to Haines.

Haines couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the boys running towards him, with Val Thomas yelling at them to “Walk!” and “Stop Yelling!” as the Queen looked on with a smile. He bent down and grabbed the two boys into a hug, lifting them off the ground and spinning a 360 degree circle before kissing both boys on the forehead.

In return they both kissed him on the cheek and said, “Miss you Papa, love you.”

His voice was caught in his throat as he tried to respond, “I missed you guys too. I love you both.”

As he kissed them again and set them down to greet Vice Admiral (retired) Valerie Stalter-Thomas, “Hi mama. Did you have a nice flight?” He asked with all sincerity as he hugged the women he thought of as his second mother, next to Rose Thomas.

“Of course. Between being on ship and with the boys, it couldn’t have been better!” replied the Vice Admiral.

“Well do I get a hug too?” asked a smiling Queen Steska Corvan with glint in her eye.

“Of course Your Royal Highness, how rude of me.” Said a humbled Haines as he leaned in for a hug. Still unsure of his status with Rian's mother.

“You would make me most happy if you would call me Mother, like Rian does. You are like another son to the Emperor and myself.” Replied the Queen in a motherly tone as she pulled the lover of her youngest son tighter into the embrace and whispered, “Rian sends all his love and said to tell you ‘Flank 3’.” As Haines turned bright red she pulled away and looked at him from arms length.

“My, my, Rian is quite correct. You do look cuter when you blush!” she said with a laugh.

“So, why are you here?” Haines asked all to eagerly, and Val Thomas noticed.

“All in do time young man. You need to spend time with the boys as the Queen and I get settled in,” after checking her watch, “Say dinner in 1hr?” she asked uncertain of Joshua’s schedule.

“That would be fine. Whom shall I invite?” unsure of what was going to be said.

“Just the Queen, yourself, the boys and myself. We have a few things to talk about.” She said cagily with a grin.

“Yes ma’am.” He replied smartly turning to grab the boys again and head for his quarters, ‘WACK’ just as she smacked him hard on the ass.

“Don’t be a smart ass young man!” She said as she turns to leave.

He no sooner turned again and heard “Told ya, your out classed and out ranked!” said Lennon as he laughed and turn to retreat from whence he came.

After observing the transfers on the hanger deck, Lennon returned to the Bridge.

“Flag Sec. Lennon. We are ready for departure,” said Captain Mayain as they met.

“Very Well. Set course for SC121. Flank2 speeds, if you please,” ordered Lennon.

“Aye sir,” as she departed.

..... Slowly drifting near a dust cloud, the Captain of CL921was lounging in his command chair in CIC, sipping his drink when he heard the IO muttering something. He turns in his direction.

“What the hell,” says the IO in surprise.

“What have you got Tom?” asked the Captain of the IO.

“2 Republic Cruisers with 3 Destroyers escorting, coming out of the dust cloud on our port flank sir,” stated the IO abruptly.

“Can they see us?” asked the Captain just as a 152mm Plasma Bolt crossed in front of the tower.

“Shit! Battle Stations! XO contact FLAG….” Yelled the Captain just as the Destroyer ‘DD492’ took two torpedoes directly behind it’s tower causing the Main Reactor’s to destroy the entire ship with a massive shock wave that sent everyone across the deck as the Light Cruiser heaved in it’s wake.

No sooner had the Captain yelled “Evasive action!” the IO yelled “Incoming Torpedo”. The Captain yelled for “Countermeasures“ as he looked to the XO and nodded. Immediately the XO’s chair dropped threw the floor into the bowels of the ship. Not 3 seconds later the 533mm torpedo impacted at the base of the tower.

‘DD511’ watched helplessly as the Light Cruiser exploded sending the tower twisting away from it’s hull as the ship rolled out of control, while taking a 152mm Plasma Bolt into the rear of her hull as she lost way. That was the last thing that anyone on ‘DD511’ had seen, as eight 152 mm twin mounts from the 2 Republic Cruisers found their range and target almost simultaneously. 11 of the 16 bolts fired found their mark on the Destroyers hull. The resulting explosions tore the ship apart.

“Captain, we just picked up a garbled transmission from CL921,” said the Communication Officer on board SC121.

“What does it say COMS?” asked the Captain tiredly.

“Nothing sir,” seeing the disgusted look from the Captain he quickly continued. “Just... ‘TO: FLAG 101st T...’, that’s it sir.”

“Have you tried to contact CL921 for ‘verification of last message’,” he questioned, sitting up in his commander chair.

“Aye sir. No reply.”

“Captain, I have detonations in CL921’s vicinity,” stated the IO while trying to pinpoint the source.

“Battle Stations!” yelled the Captain.

“Captain, it looks like two Republic Cruisers coming out of the dust cloud. There appears to be escorts, but we can’t ascertain what type at this range,” said the XO looking over the IO’s shoulder at his information.

“Oh… Two Frigates dead astern!” yelled the IO.

“CONN All Ahead Full, Evasive Maneuvers!” ordered the Captain after a moment’s thought he added, “Stand by countermeasures”.

COM's signal FLAG on our situation. Send him everything we have,” said the XO. ”And keep sending,” almost as an afterthought.

“Their Firing!” yelled the IO.

“CONN, Hard to Port,” ordered the Captain as he felt the ships main drives begin to move the ship.

As he felt the ship turning, two 127mm plasma Bolts streaked past the starboard side of the ship. A third Plasma Bolt shot past the Port side of the tower. The fourth Plasma Bolt found her target on the aft hull, just above and between the twin Main Drives. The resulting explosions blew half of the Port Main Drive unit off into space, in thousands of pieces of molten and twisted metal.

“Captain, we’re in trouble down here!” yelled the Chief Engineer over the sound of creaking metal and small explosions.

“Give me everything you got Cheng.” The Captain shouted back.

“EWO launch countermeasures,” XO yelled as his eyes locked onto the incoming signature of a 533mm Torpedo.

“Got nothin’ ta give ya at the moment Captain,” replied Cheng giving orders to the engineering crew.

“TO LATE, HANG ON!” Screamed the IO as the Torpedo homed in on the aft hull and exploded in engineering. Microseconds later the Main Reactor exploded, spreading small pieces of the entire ship among the stars, like leaves being blown in the wind.

.....The hatchway on the VIP stateroom slid open and in ran two bubbling twins. ‘They seem extremely happy to see Joshua,’ thought the Queen.

“Grandmother, Papa said ‘dinner it 5 minutes’,” yelled Darrian as he and Corrian entered the stateroom to change for dinner.

“Hurry up boys, we have a lot of information for Joshua,” she said as she was going over the words she would use in her mind.

“Coming Grandmother,” as Corrian returned in a gray bodysuit carrying a small travel bag.

“What’s the travel pack for dear,” asked Queen Steska, even though she already knew what it was for.

“Well… umm,” Corrian started but Darrian finished, “So we can spend the night with Papa. Dad said we could.” With a pleading look.

Queen Steska sighed ‘They love him too!’ That’s what I needed to know. “Of course that’s fine, if it’s ok with Joshua also.” Knowing that it would be, she could tell by the way he greeted them. She laughed at the thought of earlier. ‘She didn’t know who Val was yelling at to ‘Walk’ whether it was the boys or Joshua’.

“Ok boys, lets pickup Valerie for dinner,” as she pushed them out the hatchway.

After a wonderful meal of Conterrian delicacies, in the Flag Officers Quarters, Joshua couldn’t have been happier by the way the Emperor Queen was treating him. ‘If he weren’t Human, he’d be a biological son’, by her own words to Val. He never really knew until now how she felt about him.

“So Joshua, I see they held your messages. The Queen and myself will revue and answer them. The only ones you will get will be from close friends.” Started Val “Which by the latest report, you have almost 1200 messages.” She said with a grin as she watched Joshua’s mouth fall open.

“Papa. We can stay here tonight please,” stated Corrian more than asked.

“Of course. You know you are always welcome to stay here with me,” beamed Haines. Excited about being able to spend more time with the boys.

“Ok boys. Go in to the bedroom and get comfortable. Valerie and myself need to talk with Joshua,” stated the Queen.

“Ahhh, Grams, we wanted to help.” Pouted Darrian.

“No, to bed young Princes,” said the Queen with the authority you didn’t refuse.

As she watched them give everybody hugs and kiss, she saw them both whisper ‘I love you’ to Joshua. Once again confirming that her son made a right choice.

“So why are you here?” asked Joshua looking at both women in turn.

Val nodded to Queen Steska, who decided to answer first. “To decide if my son made a right choice,” she stated flatly as she continued in thought for a moment before adding, “There are a few Imperial Senator’s making noises about the Betrothal of you, being a Human, to the Royal Family.”

She rose to face the open view port and walked to its side of the room.

“Valerie does the Fleet support this union?” the Queen asked in an official manner while staring into space.

“Yes ma’am.” Vice Admiral (retired) Val Thomas said with pride.

She let the silence hag in the air like a fog, before starting again. “So I ask you, Fleet Commander Joshua Haines, do you love my son? Will you stand by his side? Will you make his children your own? Will you allow him to make your children his?”

She turned and held up a hand to stop him from answering.

“I already know your answers Joshua. I will support this union between you and my son.” Crossing the room she continued.

“Unfortunately, not everybody agrees with that thought,” she added quietly placing a hand on his shoulder and giving him a reassuring squeeze.

“Rian and Darcon are brothers, and fight as they may, Darcon does care about him and yourself.” She sighed and moved to the view port again.

“Rian, as I am sure you know is stubborn, sometimes. He will need his brother and sister in the trails that are coming, but he will not ask. You need to make him see that Dar really does care about him and wants to help the two of you. It will be your best chance of getting Imperial Senate approval of your Betrothal.” She finished seemingly disgusted at the thought of Senate approval.

“I personally don’t agree with the laws on Royal Betrothal’s, but we must follow them,” she said with a mischievous grin as she turned to look at Joshua and Val.

The beep of the COMs system jolted everyone in the room.

“Sorry to interrupt Fleet Commander. We need you in CIC.” Said Lennon.

“On my way,” replied Haines as he looked at the door leading to the bedroom.

A glance that wasn’t lost on the Queen. “Go, do what needs to be done. We’ll stay here.”

“We’ll use your office to work on the messages.” Added Val moving towards the office hatchway.

“Thank you Ladies,” replied Haines as he headed for CIC.

....Upon entering CIC. “Carry on. What have you got Charlie,” said Haines before anyone realized he had entered.

“Incoming flash message stream from SC121… you aren’t gonna believe this,” said Lennon moving out of the command chair for Haines to sit and analyze the data stream.

As Haines sat down, “Lets see what we’ve got here?”

TO: FLAG 101st TG



CL921 Group believed destroyed by 2 Republic Cruisers and several escorts. Could not identify escorts.

SC121 under attack from 2 Republic Frigates. Main Drives damaged, trying to evade.

Need Help. Please Advise.

                                                                                        SC121 sends


Open Data Stream All Info


“Universe… Are we still getting the Data Stream?” asked Haines in disbelief.