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....Amid the highly trained chaos of CIC on board ‘Hammerhead’……

No sir. The Data Stream cut out right after I contacted you,” replied Lennon double-checking to see if it was reestablished on his own workstation screens.

What is the location of SC121 at time of send?” asked Haines as he headed for the holochart table.

NAV. Bring up that holochart,” ordered Lennon as he began to point out the different locations. “Here, here, and the Republic Cruisers came out of the dust cloud here.”

What the hell were they doing? Nobody saw that coming in time to get the hell out of there?” grumbled Haines to Lennon who answered only with silence.

How long from here at Flank 3?” he asked looking at Lennon then the NAV Officer.

5 hrs sir.” Replied the NAV.

But, will they be there?” asked Lennon to himself more than anyone else as he studied the holochart.

That’s the one million dollar question, my friend?” replied Haines trying to rub the kinks out of his neck, wondering just how this happened.

Dad thinks they’re going to Earth!” said a little voice from behind them, causing them both to turn quickly to see whom it was.

Darrian, why are you not in bed?” asked Haines wondering how he got past the Queen and Val.

Because of the dream. The ship’s are going to Earth and you need to go there and stop them,” said Darrian confidently as he climbed into Joshua’s lap.

What dream Darrian? How does your father know they are going to Earth,” asked Haines unsure of what he is hearing.

Her Royal Highness on Deck” announced the marine on guard at the hatchway.

Young Man, you get back to bed this instant!” said the Queen with knowledge that she was not going to be disobeyed. “Joshua has a fleet to run and you need to sleep.” Turning towards Haines. “I'm sorry he interrupted you Joshua. I take him back to your stateroom.”

Grandmother. I had a dream….“ Darrian froze at the look on the Queens face as her gaze leveled on him again.

It’s ok Darrian. I’ll take care of it. You go with your Grandmother and go to bed. Papa will be there soon.” Haines said hugging him and giving him a quick kiss on the forehead before lifting him down to the deck, sending him off to bed.

Haines watched as the Emperor Queen, definitely not a woman to be trifled with, escorted Darrian out of CIC. With pleading eyes he looked back at Haines as he exited through the hatch.

Haines still wasn’t sure what to make of everything he had heard. Looking around it seemed he wasn’t the only one that was confused. Captain Mayain seem to be in a trance like state.

Idea’s people?” he asked looking around the room again.

Based on the facts. Our best bet would be to search the last location of that transmission,” said Captain Mayain obviously thinking of something else.

Agreed. Set Course for their last location. All Ahead Flank 3 speed,.” said Haines wondering what Darrian meant by ‘Dad thinks they’re going to Earth’ not ‘Papa’ but ‘Dad’.

Aye sir,” replied Captain Mayain

Get me the Admiralty, Grand Admiral Thomas on ‘real-time’ link. I’ll take it in my office.” Ordered Haines.

Aye Sir,” said the COMs Officer.

....In Sector 137 a pair of Diligent Class Destroyers slide threw space on a routine patrol.

On board DD-454, Ensign Aaron Haines just left the Officers Dinner in the Wardroom. His entire fellow Officers had congratulated him. The Captain even joked about having to call him ‘His Royal Highness’, since he would be a Prince in the Royal Family after his Father’s betrothal to Prince Rian. The Captain told Ensign Haines he could send off a message if he wanted. He even allowed him to use his office for privacy. Aaron was elated by the fact Rian and his Dad finally made the announcement. He thought back to the day his Dad asked him for his permission to enter a Union with Rian. He didn’t even hesitate giving his answer with a mischievous grin. ‘You better Dad. I don’t want to find out you had to get married because he’s pregnant’, he remembered warmly with a snort. He held his adopted Father while he cried tears of joy that day. Until then he never really knew how much he meant to his Dad, that he had to have his approval before he would ask Rian. He found out later, that he asked Corrian and Darrian, after he gained his approval. ‘Obviously they too approved.’ He thought as he finished his message to Rian. He already had a prepared message waiting with Grandma and Grand mama Thomas. That way he was assured his would be the first his Dad received.

......As the Imperial Battleship 'Star Burst' makes her way with all do haste, a lone figure could be seen in the upper view ports of the superstructure.

Prince Rian Corvan stood in the Flag Office with the view ports open, staring out into space. He had just finished reading the message from Aaron Haines.



Hello Father,

I am pleased that my Dad and yourself have made the official announcement. I feel it is time I address you as Father, instead of Rian. I am just sorry that I can’t be there in person to congratulate you both. I know I’ve said it before but I will say it again. I love you as if you are my Dad and I plan on being there to make sure you become my Father. (On Earth it’s called a shotgun Wedding) laughs Aaron. Ask any Human. They will explain it to you. Seriously Father, I love you and your two boys as if we have always been a family. Thank you for making Dad so happy. I was starting to worry for a while until the two of you met at one of Dad’s Award Ceremonies at the Palace. I only hope I can be as good a son to you, as Darrian and Corrian are to Dad. I’ll see you soon, Father. Hug my brothers for me!

All my love,

Ensign Aaron Haines sends

He didn’t hear the hatch open or Barron Rossilait Corvan enter the office. He watched Rian for a few minutes than made his decision.

He moved forward to Rian and embraced him from behind, pulling him tightly into his chest. He could feel the tenseness of Rian’s body as he held him.

What is wrong my cousin?” he asked with quiet concern.

I couldn’t sleep. I usually come here and watch the universe go by.” Replied Rian distantly continuing to stare out the view port.

You are afraid of losing him aren’t you?” Rossi stated nuzzling his head into Rian’s, as Rian leaned back against him.

Yes, if not at Earth, then at the Senate.” He said sadly.

I just don’t think that the great Fleet Commander Haines is going to let you go without a fight. If his record is to be believed, he is definitely a fighter.” Stated Rossi with conviction.

I don’t know what would happen if anything happens to him Rossi.” Rian didn’t want to think about it but he needed to talk. ”He is the first lover I’ve had since Riacca was killed.” His mind drifted back to that day. The twins were only 4 years old when their mother was found dead. She had carried the twins for her full term of 14 months. The added stress on her body took its toll; she had a weak heart after giving birth to the boys. She was pushing herself too hard and had a massive heart attack. The doctor’s assured him that she never felt it, it was that sudden. The following investigation showed minute traces of a drug that would cause a Conterrian to have cardiac failure when the body became over heated from physical activity.

The twins love him as a father and his son Aaron as an older brother. They don’t care that he’s human, and he doesn’t care that they, or I, are Conterrian. He loves us as individuals, not Royal Princes. Honestly I don't think he likes the title or the responsibility that comes with it.”

Rossi knew there was more to be said, but he didn’t know what to say. Thankfully he could feel the Main Drives slowing along with the beep of the Com's system.

The Captain appeared on the Com's screen. “My apologies Your Highness. We’ve had to slow to Flank3 - 26.5lt. The Port #2 Drive Unit will not maintain even temperatures. Cheng reports he can hold this speed for the duration of our flight, Your Highness,” stated the ships Captain.

Very well Captain. What’s our current TOA at present speed?” asked Rian.

8 hrs, Your Highness.” Replied the Captain.

Inform me of any changes and notify me 1 hr before our arrival,” ordered Rian.

As you wish, Your Highness,” he said while signing off.

Rian looked tired and drained from the worrying he had been doing for the past day, ‘he needs sleep’ thought Rossi as he watched him move around the office.

Rian, come sleep in my arms as we did as children.” Rian hesitated. “You need to sleep my Cousin. You won’t be of much use to Joshua if you don’t,” he said as he took Rian’s hand a led him to the bedroom.

They lay in bed together, Rossi spooning behind Rian, pulling him tight against himself.

Sleep my Prince. Sleep and dream happy dreams of your Fleet Commander Haines,” said Rossi as he closed his eyes and concentrated to project feelings of love and safety into his Cousin’s body. He could feel Rian relax and sink back into him.

I love you Joshua,” was just barely heard by Rossi as he felt Rian drift into sleep. He closed his eyes again and drifted off himself.

Rian drifted to another time…. Another place.

Joshua was holding his hand and leading him down a new walking path. Aaron had cut the path and they cleared it together. He bought the entire 708 acres so know one would disturb Aaron or himself while home. Joshua found the plans for a French Manor House that he liked and had Conterrian construction designers modify it to his specifications and our technology. What he built can be called nothing less than a Palace fit for a Prince.

I hope I’ll be that Prince one day’ he dreamed. He built on top of a rise about 500 feet from the water and almost 100 feet above the level of the lake. The house looked like a stone French Manor, but the walls were 2 feet thick granite blocks. The roof material looked like slate but was really the same metal used for star ship hulls, cut like shingles.

Joshua chose the land for his home well,’ he thought as they walked away from the terraced stone, pool patio that ran the length of 80 feet, down the south side of the house. It faced down hill towards a large, deep fresh water lake. The lake must have been close to 170 acres in size. The trail went east into the woods. We made small talk about everything Joshua could think of. We walked for 30 minutes, then he became quite as we entered a small grass clearing near the East side of the lake. I looked around at the beauty of the spot. The smell of the damp ground cover on the forest floor. The sound of the birds singing in the trees. A warm gentle breeze blew through the trees creating slight ripples on the lake. As I looked out to the West over the water at the mountains in the distance, I heard a cork pop. I turned to find a blanket lay out and Joshua pouring champagne from Earth into crystal flutes. He walked to me, handing me a flute. He then took my hand again and led me too the blanket. We sipped champagne and talked quietly until he placed his arm around me and pointed to the West. The sun was setting over the mountains. We watched silently, until the last rays of the sun started to disappear. We stood and he held me in his arms. I could feel his breathe on my hair as I laid my cheek against his chest. Suddenly his hand took my chin and turned my face up to him. His lips gently touched my own then moved away. He had kissed me. For the first time, he kissed me. He looked into my face looking for an answer. I gave it to him. I stretched up to kiss the 6’2” tall Human Fleet Commander that had stolen my heart and that of my twin sons. My first kiss was gentle, just a touch of our lips. My second kiss was full of passion. I wanted this Human and I wanted him to know it. His second kiss returned the passion I had given him with vigor. I could feel his hardness against my stomach throbbing with the beat of his heart. I push my own hardness into him. I made sure he felt it. I knew when he broke the kiss with a gasp that I had succeeded. We had been in the embrace with each other for 30 minutes. I don’t think he was scared of what would happen if we explored each other more. I think he wanted to remember the passion that night and not act in lust. He slowly turned and packed everything into a pack and tossed it over his left shoulder. He walked up to me and gentle pulled me close to him with his right hand. He kissed me passionately but briefly. He took my hand in his and said ‘Let’s go home.’ He couldn’t see my eyes in the dark, but he knew I had tears of joy over those three words. I knew I was in love. Corrian and Darrian had already told me I was. I didn’t believe them until that moment.

....To the casual observer, it looked like a junkyard in space. Wreckage all around, drifting through a dust cloud. Only the small controlled puffs from one battered hull gave the impression that life still might exist.

Gently Lt. We don’t want the Republic ships coming back to finish the job,” said the XO of CL921 as he watched the Lt. used the ships mooring thrusters to slow her spin.

Still got a lock on them Chief?” the XO asked of the Chief Petty Officer manning the sensor station.

Aye sir. Getting every last scrap of information to send the Fleet Commander.”

May not be a fighting ship right now, but we can still blast you buggers’ thought the XO as he hope the rest of the Task Group was on the way.

COMs any luck with the auxiliary transmitter yet?” he asked the Ensign lying under the Coms console with a technician trying to repair the damage caused by the explosion that removed the ships superstructure.

Not yet sir,” he grunted while tossing a tool out of his way.

XO. We have just enough power back to make All Ahead Full speeds, just don’t try too much maneuvering sir,” stated a tired grungy Chief.

Outstanding Chief,” said the XO happily.

DAMN!….” A shower of sparks, followed by two people climbing over top of each other, “Ouch…get the hell off me…sir” grumbled the tech as the COMMs Ensign got off of him.

Sorry…XO we have power restored to the aux COMMs unit,” said a red faced Ensign as he realized everyone in the small Auxiliary Control room was watching the commotion at the sound of the yell.

Good,” trying not to laugh, remembering an old instructor say that 'humor was a good stress reliever,' well these two where like Laurel and Hardy. “Power it up and contact FLAG,” ordered the XO.

Aye sir” said the COMs Ensign.

XO, they’re moving off!” said the IO Chief.

Alright, get on it COMS, let the FLAG know where they are going. The Chief will feed you the info.” Smiled the XO ‘paybacks a bitch and Fleet Commander Haines knows how to hand out payback’ thought the XO as he watched what was left of his crew go to work. 'My crew. Not the way I had imagined I'ld get the job,' he thought as the command chair slipped around to face forward.

....His foot steps in the outer office alerted everyone to his arrival as Fleet Commander Haines returned to his office to find the Queen and Val working hard away send out thank you messages and compiling a list that he would have to answer personally.

Ladies, I thank you for staying, but I need my office no,” said Haines, still troubled by the loss of his ships and Darrian’s comments in CIC.

The Queen saw the look on his face and thought he was upset with them, “Joshua, I apologize for Darrian…” Haines held up a hand to stop her before he answered.” He was not a problem… He just might be the solution,” he added thoughtfully.

Sir, Admiralty ‘real-time’ link online,” stated the COMs Officer

Thank you, I’ll take it now,” said Haines as the Ladies stood to leave. He motioned them to sit.

Good Evening Fleet Commander, how is everything?” asked Grand Admiral Thomas.

Problems ma’am. We believe we lost CL921’s Group and SC121. We can’t establish contact. Their last transmission stated 2 Cruisers and Escorts near CL921’s position and 2 Frigates confirmed attacking them. We are currently en route to SC121’s last position to acquire more information.”

Do you think they a going to Earth?” asked Thomas obviously showing some internal turmoil at what he just said.

Unknown at this time, ma’am?” he replied thinking about what Darrian said ’Dad thinks there going to Earth’ “Rian thinks they’re going to Earth” not realizing he said it allowed.

Say Again! How did you know Rian thinks that a Republic Task Group is heading to Earth?” asked Grand Admiral Thomas with such force it shocked him.

What…you know about Darrian’s Dream?” asked Haines the surprise and shock evident on his face.

Darrian? Darrian is having a vision too?” asked Thomas now wondering how much of the stories are true.

Beeeep “Sir, Flash Message Traffic from CL921, Republic Task Group 2 Cruisers, 1 Escort Carrier, 5 Destroyers and 2 Frigates. Heading 107.033mark7 proceeding at Flank 3, sir.” Stated Captain Mayain as she looked at the holochart. “That will put them in Earths System in about 7 hrs, sir”

Did you get that Rose?” asked Haines looking back at the ‘real-time’ link.

Rose Thomas went white as a ghost when she heard the ships. It was exactly what Rian had said to her earlier that morning or was it yesterday morning. Now she had to make a decision that could cost her the life of the man she loved and treated like a son.

Mom, are you ok?” asked Haines as he motioned for Val.

Rose! Rose baby what’s wrong?” asked a concerned Val over his shoulder.

The sight of Val brought her back to reality. “You’re still on board?” she asked with a disbelieving look. “Where is ‘Star Shine’?” now we may have a chance she thought.

Yes, the Queen and I came on board with the twins, since Josh didn’t have a layover at AB-27. ‘Star Shine’ should be in Sector 201 someplace. What’s going on Rose? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” said Val becoming more concerned.

The Queen and twins also?!….Hell.... Rian came to me with a story the other morning that I didn’t believe….” She stopped to organize her thoughts.

Darrian came to me and said he had a dream. He said that ‘Dad thinks they’re going to Earth’ not ‘Papa’ but ‘Dad’. Rian told you they were going to Earth?” asked Haines of Grand Admiral Thomas.

You mean ‘vision’. Not ‘dream,’” interrupted the Queen, carefully choosing her words as she continued. “Rian came to you with a ‘vision’ of what may be. Darrian being his son may have also had the same ‘vision’. If they have had a ‘vision’ then I believe our place is at Earth.” She said as she stood to cross the room to see Grand Admiral Thomas.

Where is Rian now, Grand Admiral?” asked the Queen in full Royal mode.

He departed this yesterday morning for Earth on board ‘Star Burst’. He has a Ambassador with him, according to Prince Regent Darcon,” said Thomas as she started to regain her composure.

How long would it take him to reach Earth, Joshua?” asked the Queen as she watched him punch the calculations into the console. Noting his error. “Joshua, I’m not getting any younger you know.” She smiled as she placed a hand on his shoulder and reached across with the other to correct his mistake.

There, about 8 hours if I know my Rian. Don’t worry Joshua, I was doing this well before you were born,” smiled the Queen at a somewhat embarrassed Joshua, as she moved to sit down.

Captain Mayain, send to entire Task Group. All ships to report to SOL-4 best possible speed, combat ready. And contact ‘Star Shine’, have her join us. Change our Group’s course to SOL-4 Flank3 Emergency speed. Inform me of everyone’s TOA at Earth.”

Aye sir,” she said between giving orders to the crew in CIC.

Be careful Josh. I love you both.” Said Rose as she looked at him and Val for what could be the last time, then signed off yelling orders to her own staff.

Our TOA at SOL-4 is 7.5 hrs Fleet Commander,” stated the Captain.

Papa. Can you come to bed now please,” Haines heard as he turned towards the Captain’s image.

CC-56 with DD507 and DD523 has a TOA at SOL-4 of 7.75 hrs. ‘Star Shine’ and CL782’s Group are over 10 hrs out and burning hard to join us sir,” she finished.

Very well Captain. Have the OOW inform me of our arrival 1 hr prior. I suggest you get some sleep also.” Then he turned to see Darrian timidly peeking over Corrian’s shoulder.

Come here boy’s,” he said as he rose from his chair and looked at the Queen. “Ladies, I believe we could all use some sleep.” As he scooped up both boys in his arms and hugged them. Carrying them around the workstation to kiss their Grandmother and Val goodnight.

Goodnight Joshua,” added the Queen as she kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight boys. Don’t keep your Papa up all night”

Night Grandmother.” Said Corrian, as Darrian finished “We won’t.”

Sleep well everyone.” Said Val as she too left.

Ok boys, off to bed with you,” said Haines as he carried them towards the bedroom.

Upon entering his quarters, he noticed the bunk beds haven’t been slept in, the boys jumped from his arms and landed on his bed. Both boys were under the covers by the time he started taking off his uniform. He saw the covers move franticly for a moment then the boy’s pajama suits went flying to the floor. Uncertain what was happening he just stood there dazed at what he had just seen?

Papa are you coming to bed?” asked a bright-eyed Corrian.

Come on Papa, Dad said we could sleep with you.” Added Darrian shyly.

Unsure of what to say or make of the situation, Haines slowly got into bed. Corrian immediately slid over the top of Haines and pushed him closer to Darrian as Darrian snuggled up to his side and laid his head on his shoulder wrapping an arm across his chest. Corrian proceeded to slide up to his side and do a mirror image of Darrian.

Haines’ breath caught in his throat as he felt the young, smooth, warm bodies of his lover’s sons slide along his body and snuggle into him. He slowly closed his arms around the boy’s backs running his hands down across their back and across their silk covered bottoms. He released a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, as the realization that the boys weren’t naked took hold.

Do you boys always sleep like this?” Haines asked quietly as he pulled the boys tighter against him, “No we usually don’t wear clothes when we sleep,” started Darrian and Corrian finished. “Only when we sleep with Dad.”

So this is normal for them?’ he thought before asking. “You sleep with your Father often?” not sure how to ask.

When ever we are scared,” replied Corrian as Haines waited for Darrian to finish. “Or when Dad has a bad day and we want to show him how much we love him.”

So which is it tonight?” asked a curious Haines.

Both.” They answered in unison.

Haines never felt so loved as he gave them both a tight squeeze and kissed the tops of their heads. “I love you both,” he mumbled

Both boys rose up and kissed him gently on the lips. “We love you too, Papa.” They each said and snuggled back down into his arms.

Fleet Commander Haines smiled, “I love you Rian” as he drifted off, in the warmth of his son’s arms, feeling all his worries draining away.

He relaxed and felt his tenseness drift away as did he. Drifting through time and space...And he dreamed….

He saw Rian and himself outside the Royal Palace. Walking down an outer covered walkway that ran across the center of magnificent gardens. He could smell the Rose Petals the twins, walking in front of them, were spreading in their path. Aaron was before them; lead their procession at a slow walk. Both sides of the walkway were lined with Officers holding Ceremonial Swords, drawn to form an archway. At the end of the walkway, stood a Launch bearing the Crest of a Royal Household. Floating 1km off the ground, with a rumble of grav generators fighting gravity against their mammoth load, was a White Superdreadnought. Higher at 5kms, were four white Battle Cruisers in perfect formation. Waiting for the Superdreadnought to take her place in the center.

There they are Vice Admiral,” said Lennon as he pointed to a holochart. “We will intercept in about 1.5 hours. Should I alert the Fleet Commander?” asked Lennon as he looked to Vice Admiral Val Stalter-Thomas for an answer.

No Charlie, let him sleep with the boys a little longer,” she said as she continued to look at the chart. “Anybody else coming to this party?”

CC56’s Group is at the outside of our range and closing,” checking their status he continued. “They should join us just prior to engagement,” finished Lennon.

Have we been able to contact Prince Rian?” asked Val

Not yet,” said Lennon slightly disgruntled. “We can't get a location fix for the Meson communicators to lock into.” 'Wonderful achievement the Meson communicators. Almost instantaneous communication over interstellar ranges as long as you knew the exact location of the receiving unit. Like using the old VCR remote controls, you need to be pointed right at it.'

Flag Sec. Lennon, ‘Hornet’ reports a pair of Frigates coming into sensor range,” stated the COMs Officer excitedly.

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