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Love and War Among The Stars

Chapter 5

The two, twin Conterrian, 13 year old boys slept peacefully, snuggled into the arms of a Human on board Hammerhead.

Darrian and Corrian were locked in a mutual dream…

They saw Rian and Joshua outside the Royal Palace. Walking down an outer covered walkway that ran across the center of magnificent gardens. They could smell the rose petals, as they walked in front of them, spreading them in their path. Aaron was before them; lead their procession at a slow walk. One hand resting on the pommel of his sword. The other hand crossed his chest and made a closed fist over his heart. The universal salute used by all military personnel. Both sides of the walkway were lined with Officers holding Ceremonial Swords, drawn to form an archway, tips touching, also saluting with the opposite hand. At the end of the walkway, stood a bright white Launch bearing the Crest of a new Royal Household…Haines-Corvan. Floating 1km off the ground, with a rumble of grav generators fighting gravity against their mammoth load, was a white Super-Battleship. Higher at 5kms, were four white BattleCruisers in perfect formation. Waiting for the white Super-Battleship to take her place in the center.

Hate to spoil your wet dream old friend.’ Thought Flag Sec Lennon as he grimaced while turning to give the order. “Battle Stations! Flag to CIC!”

ALL HANDS MAN BATTLE STATIONS, FLAG TO CIC, ALL HANDS MAN BATTLE STATIONS, FLAG TO CIC,” sounded through out the ship before the klaxon blared Battle Stations.

Haines on the way!” as he jumped from the bed and grabs a uniform. Looking back, he sees two, wide eyed and scared looking boys. “Get dressed quickly!”

He just finished slipping into his bodysuit when the Queen came running in.

Take them to Aux Conn, quickly,” ordered Haines with the authority of a Fleet Commander.

One step ahead of you. Our Battle suits are already there.” Said the Queen as she hurried the boys.

As he kissed both boys on the top of the head, “Close all blast doors when you get there,” and ran through the hatch for CIC.

Suit up people!” yelled Captain Mayain, slipping into her Battle Suit.

Flag on Deck!” announced the Marine guard standing by the hatch.

What and where Captain?” asked Haines hurriedly as he reached for his Battle Suit.

Two Republic Frigates off the Port Bow. They don’t appear to see us sir.” Said Mayain as she pulled on her Battle Helmet.

So the hunter becomes the hunted?” said Haines with a broad grin as he turned to the holochart.

WEPs, what’s the range?” he asked as he studied the holochart.

Looking up from his console, “28780 kms and closing sir.” said WEPs.

CONN come left 8 degrees,” Haines ordered as he pulled on his Battle Suit.

8 degrees left, aye sir.” Reported the Conning Officer.

“Comms, order escorts to take position behind us,” ordered Haines. ‘Sure as hell don’t want them in the way when we fire the main guns. Friendly fire, isn’t.’ He thought.

Haines' private Comms link beeped. “Nothing else in range, Josh. The Queen, Val and the boys are suited up. Do what you have to do and don’t worry about them.” Stated Lennon on the Comms link from Aux Conn.

Thanks,” said Haines as he slipped his Battle Helmet on and sank back into his command chair.

He relaxed back into the chair. Taking a few deep breathes as he calmed himself. 'Here I go.’ He thought as he touched the button to activate the neural receptors inside of the Battle Helmet. As the command chair shifted to a reclining position, he felt it. Tiny pricks of pain expanded inside his mind, then the fog settled in, as his mind drifted from conscious thought to unconscious thought. He could see in every direction, as if the ship around him didn’t exist. Every order he thought, was instantly relayed to the person to carry out the orders by the main computer's AI.

EWO jam their COMMs signals. CONN come Left 2 degrees Down 3 degrees. WEPs charge All Guns. Standby Countermeasures.’ He didn’t wait for an answer. Every order he thought was being carried out. He could feel the electronic static reach out to the Frigates. The ship was nosing down 3 degrees and left 2 more, he felt it. Power surged into the guns capacitors.

He concentrated towards the Frigates again. ‘Almost in range.’ He heard the other Officers giving orders and relaying information. He ignored them, unless it was specifically addressed to him. ‘Range 20000 kms’ someone said. He ignored it. He already knew that information. ‘Probably before the IO did.’ Laughed Haines in his mind. 20000 kms was the farthest range of ‘Hammerheads’ Main Guns, but the destructive power was diminished after 15000 kms. Haines wanted a quick kill. ‘These Frigates may have destroyed one of my ship’s and “Payback is a bitch”.’ He laughed to himself at the thought.

I wonder how the boys are? ‘Security’ he thought.

Aye sir” answered a Marine Lt.

Do you have internal visuals on Aux Con?’ thought Haines.

The Marine looked at his console and pushed a few buttons. “Aye sir, enabled now.” Responded the Marine.

Thanks Security.’ Thought Haines as he drifted in his mind to access the visual link. ‘There they are.’ As he saw the boys sitting next to Flag Sec. Lennon, looking at the Weapons Tracking display.

Concentrating for a moment, he came up with the number of the display. ‘IO flash the 101st TG Emblem on display 892 please.’ He watched as the display flashed twice. Both boys jumped, while Lennon laughed and pointed at the camera behind and above them. The twins looked at the camera then to the display before turning and waving to the camera.

IO, flash 892 again please.’ Haines thought as he watched the boys turn to the display just in time to see it flash again. Both boys turned to the camera with big grins and waved, before looking back at the display.

He concentrated, reaching out again and saw the Frigates. ‘Almost there,’ he thought checking the distance.

16000 kms and closing” reported the IO.

WEPs, forward main guns track my target,’ he thought as he highlighted the left Frigate. ‘Target Main Drives.

The 3 forward triple 152mm turrets turned left and aimed up a few degrees. Haines could see the individual tubes rise and fall as the Gunners made micro calibrations to their aim.

Range 15000 kms,” reported the IO.

WEPs fire main guns. New target.’ As he highlighted the 2nd Frigate. ‘Target Main Hull, track as tubes clear.’ The ship rumbled as the Main Guns fired in unison and the turrets moved to train in on the next target. He knew the quality of his Gunners and didn’t bother waiting to see if they disabled the first target or not.

The sound of the main guns recoil could be heard throughout the ship. ‘CONN, right 4 degrees.’ Ordered his thoughts.

The 9 Plasma Bolts from the forward gun turrets, streaked in groups of 3 to their unsuspecting target, with a blazing trail that quickly dissipated. Moments before impact, the Frigates began to take evasive action. ‘Too little, too late’ he thought menacingly. 2 bolts streaked across the top of the aft hull, but the 3rd in the group landed squarely on the aft gun turret. Sending it spinning off, into space, in multiple pieces. Another group of Plasma Bolts passed harmlessly under the stern of the ship. The 3rd group of Plasma Bolts found their target. One hit forward of the Drive area, on the hull. Exposing 2 decks to space, from the explosion of the hull plates and compartments against the hull. The second Bolt detonated at the seam where the Drive Unit starts on the hull. The resulting explosion removed a large part of the hull plating around Drive Unit and on the hull itself. Bolt three hit dead center of the Starboard Drive Unit, Ripping off hull plates and exposing the interior of the unit, showing several small explosions and sparks dropping out of the Drive Unit. The Frigate was slowing without the added power of the Drive.

1st Target Disabled,” reported Captain Mayain.

Seeing that the Mains had locked his target, WEPs fire Main Guns. All secondary batteries fire at will at targets of opportunity.’

The Main Guns barked again as they sent their Plasma Bolts to the 2nd Frigate. The Frigate was trying to maneuver to avoid a hit. The Plasma Bolts coming at them were not grouped together. They were spread apart giving them a shotgun effect. The smaller ship was no match for the Battle Cruisers guns, as all 9 Plasma Bolts found their targets on the ships hull. Explosions caused by the 152mm bursts tore the ship apart, sending it spinning away with several pieces of its hull missing, that weren’t moments before.

Range 10000 kms and closing,” reported the IO.

Commence Fire Portside Secondary Turrets”, ordered WEPS as Haines felt the 5 twin 76mm Rail Guns begin firing. ‘A bee sting will annoy you, a 100 bee stings could kill you,’ he thought as he felt the guns fire 20 rounds per minute from each tube in the turret.

He concentrated and saw the 1st Frigate. It was being riddled like Swiss cheese by the secondary guns he ordered. ‘Cease Fire, Target 1’ as he saw the tell tale glow of the reactor preparing to explode. ‘CONN right 15 degrees,’ as he felt the Secondary Guns fire again, this time at the 2nd Frigate. He reached out and saw the Frigate, just as it exploded and broke in half. Sending the Drive portion of the hull flying away from the explosion. The guns fell silent.

Both targets Destroyed,” announced Captain Mayain, as the 1st Frigates reactor exploded with a shock wave that gently rolled the massive Battle Cruiser. Members of the crew, easily kept their balance as the ship righted itself.

One last look around at the wreckage through his mind. ‘No other Republic Ships around.’ He thought as he checked the visual link again and saw the twins. Arm draped across each other’s shoulder. Watching the display, ‘IO flash display 892 again please,’ he thought as he watched the boys. The display flashed several times. Darrian and Corrian spun around taking off their helmets, each waving and mouthing ‘I love you Papa.’ Haines smiled to himself as he thought, 'If you two hadn't been here, I would have taken prisoners for questioning. I love you both too much to risk anything happening to you. I need to get you out of here.'

Stand Down Battle Stations. Maintain Alert Status,’ Haines thought as he drifted into the fog again. Slowly returning to full awareness of the activity all around him. He removed his Battle Helmet and took a few deep breaths.


IO, Comms. Did they get a message off?” he questioned.

Comms looked to the IO with a shrug. “Unknown sir. High probability that they didn’t, before we jammed them sir.” Replied the IO answering for Comms and himself.

Very well,” said Haines thinking, ‘we don’t know,’ as he moved his chair back to the sitting position. “Time to intercept of main Republic ships?”

The IO checked his console before reporting. “Just over an hour, sir.”

Haines tapped his private Comms link to Aux Conn. “How is everything down there Charlie. The boys driving you nuts?” He asked as he worked the kinks out of his neck.

We’re fine Josh, smooth ride, no problem’s. No different than having Aaron on board.” Replied Lennon with a mischievous grin.

Haines studied his friends face for a moment, “Do I really want to know? No don’t answer that.” Said Haines with a laugh, thinking, ‘he’s almost certainly getting them into the wedding planning act, going on around me.’

Nice touch with the display. They calmed right down after they knew you could see them.” Said Lennon as he paused to look off screen for a moment. “The boys want to talk to you,” he finished.

Thought they might. Plug them into the link, if you please.” Said Haines while he wondered, ‘How long it would take them to ask if they can come to CIC.

Looking at another display for a moment, he turned back at the sound of Corrian. “Hi Papa. Can we come to CIC,” to be finished by Darrian. “Please! We’ll stay out of the way.” Corrian went for the kill. “We just want to be with you, Papa.” His pleading, puppy dog eyes, shining bright with determination.

That subject didn’t take long to come up! Just like Aaron!’ thought Haines as he laughed to himself. “No boys.” He saw the sad eyes coming, “I need you to stay there, so that I know that you are safe.” He offered as an explanation.

But Papa…. “ Darrian started.

I knew it wouldn’t be enough!’ Thought Haines as he shot Darrian the ‘I’m the Fleet Commander here!’ stare before announcing, “NO!” He took a breath, “Aux Conn is the safest place to be during battle. More than anything else, I need to know you are safe. OK?” he stated more than asked, quietly.

Ok.” Came two disgruntle replies, obviously not happy with being turned down.

Darrian and Corrian, I love you. When I tell you to do something that you don’t want to do, you may not like it or understand it, but you need to do it. Never forget that, I’ll always love you both. Ok?” offered Haines soothingly, hoping he got his point across.

We love you too, Papa,” they offered quietly in unison.

Fleet Commander, CC-56 reports, they will join us in 15 minutes.” Reported Captain Mayain; obviously sorry she had to interrupt the ‘Father and Sons’ discussion that was in progress.

Haines sighed as he turned from the dejected boys. “Good. We could use the extra fire power.” Hitting the mute button on the link, he added, “Any word from ‘Star Burst’.” He asked hopefully.

No sir.” Said the Captain after a negative nod from COMs.

Damn,” he said quietly as he massaged his forehead in frustration wondering. ‘Where the hell are you, Rian. Why are you not sending position fixes back to the Admiralty?

Thank you, Captain.” He said quietly as he turned back to the boys.

Bringing the line live again, “Boys,” he waited a moment to be sure of their attention. “ I need to go back to work now. I’ll flash the screen, when I can, but no promises. I’m going to be busy up here. I love you both. Give your Grandmother and Val a hug from me. I’ll see you when I see you.” Explained Haines as he started to query the database on the Republic ships.

Ok Papa,” started Darrian as Corrian finished. “We love you, Papa! Grandmother and Grandma Val send their love too.” As the link switched back to Lennon.

Don’t worry about them, they are just fine. Although, I’m sure they would be much happier by your side,” offered Lennon as he stretched his arms over his head.

Of that, I have no doubt,” said Haines with a sigh. “I'm going to detach one of the Frigates to take the group back to AB-27. They should be safe their until the fleet arrives.”

Wait one Josh,” said Lennon as he turned his head to talk to somebody off screen. Looking back with a mischievous grin, “Stand by.”

The screen flicked as it changed to the Queen. “Joshua, start sending position flashes to Grand Admiral Thomas so they can keep a communication lock on us. I guess now is the time to tell Joshua about 'Shadow Star', since it's been shadowing us since we left the Imperial Palace. I overheard her ordering Shadow Star, the survey ship, towards our location without knowing exactly where we would be. They could rendezvous with us and transport us away from here.”

Coms, continuous position flash to the Grand Admiral please,” said Haines turning back to the Queen. “Excellent idea, if Rose did just that. If not I'll still get you off of here on one of the Frigates.”

The Queen held up a hand to stop Haines. “I know what your doing Joshua, but I'm going to make you tell the boy's they are leaving!” chuckled the Queen. “Val is already packing our things and taking them to the transport. As soon as we have a link established with Shadow Star , we'll launch and wait for them to pick us up. You'll only have to slow for that and not wait for the rendezvous. Oh and that's an order Joshua,” she finished with a smile, knowing Haines would at least keep a Frigate on station as guard until the Shadow Star arrived.

Sir, we are being hailed by Shadow Star. They are requesting to speak to Her Royal Highness,” said the Coms Officer.