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Love and War Among the Stars Chapter 6

Fleet Commander Joshua Haines looked to his Communications Officer with a raised brow. “That was fast?” said Haines as he saw the perplexed look on the Com's Officers face.

Ah... Yes sir.”

What is the position code on the transmission Lieutenant?” he asked as he turned to the Nav plot on his screens to await the Lt's reply. Thankfully, all transmissions have position codes tagged to them so the Meson Communications System can target a response message. That was why the Queen asked for a continuous position fix be transmitted to the Admiralty, but it should have taken more time for Shadow Star to respond, unless... “On your screen now Sir,” said the Lt.

Shit... They are right on top of us... WEPS do you track a unidentified track bearing 128.31, range 70,000 kms ?”

I do now Sir, but we didn't pick it up until the transmission. They must have some improved ECM over their to get that close to us,” replied an unhappy Weapon's officer.

But why didn't the Queen tell me about this. She must know that I want to get the kids out of danger. Haines thought for a moment before turning back to the Queen. “They have been following us, haven't they, Your Highness?” asked Haines quietly with suspicion written across his face.

I had hoped to avoid this... “Yes Joshua, they have,” stated the Queen quietly. He doesn't understand the boys were safe, sometimes humans are too protective. I better explain it to him...“I am the Chairperson of the Imperial Office of Research and Development,” she started, knowing she may have just lost the trust of her son's lover. “Shadow Star is the Imperial Navy's prototype test bed and she follows me everywhere. You are actually the first Imperial Navy Officer to find out about her, outside of the Admiralty R&D Office,” she said softly, hoping that Joshua was not too upset with her for not explaining earlier that Shadow Star was there. “I am sorry that you were not told about this. I should have told you myself, but it is one of our best kept secrets and since being in charge of R&D, I sometimes forget that their are people I can trust with certain information,” said the Queen as she sat silently, watching Joshua's face for any sign of anger or broken trust, while waiting for a response.

Joshua's silent stare was beginning to worry the Queen as he turned to the Com's Officer. “Patch the transmission to the Queen's station in Aux Con Lt.,” then he turned back to the Queen. “I would appreciate being informed of her where abouts and your intentions when you depart, since they are almost on top of us and we didn't even know it.” said Haines coldly as he nodded to the Lt.

Of course Joshua,” said the Queen in quiet defeat as she left the screen to be replaced be Lennon.

Prototype... interesting. I wonder what she has on board, besides the obvious enhanced ECM Suite?” said Lennon thoughtfully before continuing. “Don't be too upset with her Josh, you know as well as I do that there are things we don't always need to know. We Humans also treat our children differently. Remember that the Conterrian's give them more freedom and respect their decisions at a much younger age than we do. She probably felt it wasn't a problem for them to be on board during battle as they are off to the Academy next year anyway, ” said Lennon in a friendly tone.

Yes, well I am not happy that they could slip in so close and we were none the wiser until they transmitted to us. What really angers me is that I could have had the boys away from here sooner! I just want to protect them,” said Haines quietly, knowing he had been a little too cold in his request to be kept informed. “It also means I'll have to order them out of the area, otherwise they could stay right with us and we wouldn't know it.”

Maybe and maybe not. I don't think they would take the risk with Corrian and Darrian on board,” offered Lennon comfortingly, doubting that the captain of Shadow Star would follow Haines's orders.

They might if they thought they couldn't be spotted by the Republic. After what has already happened I'm not so sure. Although, I think you are right, with the twins on board and knowing how I currently feel, they will probably do as I ask,” replied Haines as he studied the ships sensor readout's, now painting Shadow Star, trying to get a good lock on her.

Lennon turned to look off screen for a moment then turned back to Haines with a mischievous grin. “Time for you to tell the boys, don't you think?” he asked, while trying to suppress a chuckle.

I'll be down in a few, Haines out,” as he stood and moved to Captain Mayain. “Prepare to launch the Royal LDR Captain, I'll be in Aux Conn picking up the boys.”

Aye sir. Tell them I said good bye and safe trip,” replied Mayain with a smile as she turned to pass the orders to ready the hanger bay for launch.

Haines turned and left the Combat Information Center, heading to Aux Conn.

Silently, behind a wave of Electronic Countermeasures produced distortion, Shadow Star slowly slipped to within 20000 kms behind the HammerHead, to await the launch and retrieval of the Queen's LDR.

Yes, Your Highness, I understand, but don't you believe it may be best to do as Fleet Commander Haines requests and leave the area?” said the Captain.

Maybe that would be best, but with Shadow Star's enhanced ECM and a few of the other projects on board, I think we could be of assistance,” stated the Queen with confidence and a sad smile, knowing that it would

only degrade her relationship with Joshua, no matter how good her intentions are.

Yes ma'am. We await your arrival,” said the Captain with a ferocious grin as he sign off.

The hatchway to enter Aux Conn had barely completed opening before Joshua had an his arms wrapped around the twins when they charged to him.

Almost time to leave boys,” he said to the top of their heads. “Grandmama Thomas almost has the LDR packed and Shadow Star has arrived.”

Shadow Star?,” asked Darrian as Corrian sighed, “Do we have too?”

You'll have to ask your Grandmother about Shadow Star,” then turned to Corrian. “Yes, you have to go,” said Haines hoping he kept the coldness out of his voice when he replied.

Darrian looked up first, then Corrian. “Papa what's wrong?” Darrian asked as Corrian looked into his eyes.

Haines sighed and gave both boys a kiss on the forehead before replying. “Nothing boys. I am just a little unhappy about you leaving,” lied Haines, hoping the boys bought it. Judging by the looks on their faces they hadn't, but snuggled back into him again anyway. “So, we could stay?” said Corrian hopefully into Haines's stomach.

No, I'm afraid not boys. Like I told you before, I need to know you are safe, and this may not be a safe place for you in a few hours,” said Haines into the top's of their heads again. “Now I need to talk to your Grandmother,” said Haines as he pulled back from the boys after another kiss on the top of their heads.

The Queen had just signed off of her transmission when she turned to see Joshua approaching. She signed to herself at the sight of his unhappy look. “I owe you an apology Joshua. I should have told you they were here. I'm sorry I misled you,” said the Queen.

Joshua was more concerned about them leaving the area than the fact that she had misled him. “I am not too concerned about that, but I will be ordering her Captain to take her out of the area,” said Haines quietly, wondering if she would countermand his orders once she was on board.

I understand Joshua. Thank you,” she replied with a sincere tone, still uncertain of Joshua's true feelings on the matter. “I suspect that Valerie has the LDR just about loaded so we should be just about ready. I see by the looks of the boys that you have told them already.”

Yes. I have also had Captain Mayain have the launch bay prepared for your launch,” stated Haines matter-of-factly with the barest hint of sadness.

Then I guess we had best be about it then. Will you come to the launch bay with us?” asked the Queen, hoping that Joshua wasn't mad enough to not walk with the boys to the LDR.

Yes. I can see you to the Launch bay,” said Haines as he turned to gather the twin's whom were saying good bye to Lennon. “Come boys, it's time.” Glancing towards Lennon as he ushered the boys to the hatch. “Pass the word that I'll be in the launch bay, if you please Charlie.”

Aye sir,” replied Lennon as he turn to bid farewell to the Queen.

....On board DD 454

Mr. Haines,” said the Captain as he entered the bridge, “I just wanted to let you know we have been ordered to Earth at best possible speed. It appears your father is in a race to see who can get there first. Us or a Republic Task Group he has spotted.” The Captain hesitated, forming a smile before continuing. “Also you have a diplomatic message from the Polarian Kingdom in your quarters. I suggest you tend to that immediately. Ensign Wiles will releave you.”

Aye sir,” said Lt. Haines as he stood to leave, excited at the prospect of heading to Earth and knowing that the message was probably from Duke Sebastian Sarnow.

Aaron thought back to the Formal Reception at the Palace almost six months ago as he headed for his cabin. He was walking out on the veranda, looking for a quiet place to relax after another encounter with his ex-girl friend. Once again she saw fit to degrade him in public for breaking up with her after trying to win him back, to no avail. He was leaning out over the railing when he heard a silky masculine voice say, “Beautiful night, isn't it?” He straightened and turned to find himself having to look up to see the emerald green eyes of Duke Sarnow. The 6 foot 4 inch tall, 19 year old Polarian Duke was the nephew to the Polarian Queen. Aaron felt an feeling of warmth invade his body as he found himself lost in the emerald green eyes that almost glowed when the light struck them from the side. Aaron had struck up a friendship that night and had kept in touch over the preceding months. They had tried to get together as often as possible, leaving Aaron always feeling like something was missing after they parted. Aaron didn't understand why he felt this way, he'd never felt it for any other male, just for Sebastian.

Aaron shook his head as he realized he was day dreaming as he arrived at his cabin and entered to open his Comm system.



Hello Aaron,

My Aunt is sending another Diplomatic Mission to the Emperor and I was

able to join them. I would like to see you during my stay, if at all

possible. I would like to talk about us. I can't explain how you make

me feel. I have many questions I wish to ask of you. I look forward to

seeing you again.

Best Regards,

Duke Sebastian Sarnow sends


Aaron sat back as he finish reading the message with a sigh and ran his hands across his face. So it seems we have the same problem. I wish I had the answers. I need to tell Dad about us...maybe he can help me. Thought Aaron as he opened the attached schedule. Scanning down he noticed that they should be close to Earth if the schedule held true...I wonder if he could meet me at Earth?

Aaron began to compose the message to Sebastian....

.... On board the Polarian Battleship Anaconda...

Milord, the reply you have been awaiting has arrived,” said the Comm's officer on the screen.

Thank you Lt. I'll take it here,” replied Duke Sarnow. About time Aaron. I thought you might not respond... As he opened the message.



Greetings Sebastian,

I look forward to talking with you. I too have feels that need to be

discussed. I am heading towards Earth to rendezvous with my father's

Task Group. It appears they have spotted a Republic Task Group

heading there and intend to stop it. If you could meet us there we

could at least get some time in close range com's. I know it's not

as good as meeting in person, but I will not be able to get back to

Conterri Prime before you leave. I hope you can persuade the

Ambassador to detour for our meeting. I'll see you soon.

Lt. Aaron Haines sends

Sebastian stood to his full height, and walked towards his lounge area, as he reread the message in his mind... I am heading towards Earth to rendezvous with my father's Task Group. It appears they have spotted a Republic Task Group heading there and intend to stop it. He paused mid stride. I thought the Republic didn't know about Earth's location.

Anton, get me the Ambassador,” said Sebastian.

Yes, mi'lord,” came the reply from the outer office.

Mi'lord Sarnow, what may I do for you?” asked the miniature holographic image that appeared on Sebastian's desk.

Ambassador SinTock I just received a message from Aaron,” started Sebastian as he was interrupted.

Your Human friend from the Formal Reception?” asked SinTock with a knowing smile.

Yes. I want you to read it and give me your impression,” said Sebastian.

Surely, you don't need my advice on matters of the heart?” asked SinTock with a chuckle.

No sire. I suggest you read it and you will understand the hidden meanings as well as I,” stated Sebastian as he downloaded a copy of Aaron's message to the Ambassador's files.

As you wish Sebastian,” said SinTock as he turned to look at the file.

Earth.... I was not aware that the Republic knew the location,” said the Ambassador with disgruntled look.

I just wanted to confirm my analysis of that point with you. I would like to proceed to Earth with all do haste and assist the Imperial forces,” said Sebastian.

That would serve several purposes I think,” said SinTock as he appeared to contemplate the situation. “We would be showing the Imperial Senate we are committed to their war,” he paused before adding, “and you could be your Aaron's hero by helping his father,” he finished with a grin that made his eyes sparkle.

From what I've been able to find out about Fleet Commander Haines, he will not need the help,” laughed Sebastian before continuing, “I would like to see Aaron if I can,” he finished quietly looking somewhat flushed in the cheeks.

SinTock let out a deep laugh and said, “Ok, Sebastian. Go ahead and take us to Earth.”

Thank you Ambassador,” said Sebastian as he signed off the link and opened a channel to the bridge.

Captain here.”

Captain, change course to Earth. Full military power if you please and stand by Battle Stations when we arrive,” ordered Sebastian.

Yes Mi'lord, altering course now,” replied the Captain.

Very well,” said Sebastian as he signed off.

.... back on board HammerHead....

Chief of Ship Meyers was on the hanger deck with his side party as the group entered. The Chief positioned his side boys uncertain of the groups actual boarding sequence. He knew the Fleet Commander would have his head if he didn't show the proper military salute to guest arriving or departing the ship.

Corrian and Darrian walked on each side of Joshua, each holding his hand.

Papa are you mad at Grandmother?” asked Corrian.

A little, but everything is going to be OK,” said Haines as he gave both boy's hands a gentle squeeze.

Darrian stopped about 3 meters away from the side party and gave Joshua a tight hug then pulled away as Corrian moved into his place. With a final squeeze Corrian stepped back and stretched up to kiss Joshua. “Love you Papa, be careful.” He pulled back as Darrian moved in for a kiss and whispered “I love you too.”

Both boys turned and approached the LDR. As the Bosun's whistle sounded and the side boys snapped to attention, they entered the Launch.


Meanwhile Haines stood uncomfortably in the presence of the Queen and Val Stalter-Thomas. Val was acutely aware that her adopted son was angered by the Queen's decision, but decided that she would intervene once she was on board the LDR. She waited patiently as the Queen said her goodbyes.

Joshua, I hope that you will forgive me in time for what I have done, but I also hope that you understand that I never meant to deceive you or place the boys in danger,” said the Queen with quiet sadness as she briefly hugged him.

Joshua sighed as he released the Queen's hug and looked down to her hopefully face.

I am finding it hard to forgive the fact that my children were in possible danger when it was not necessary,” said Haines without any trace of emotion in his voice.

The Queen's look turned somber as she nodded and turned to board the LDR.

Haines watched her walk through the side party and up the ramp with slow unhappy strides.

HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, EMPEROR QUEEN CORVAN II, DEPARTING.” Sounded after the shrill of the Bosun's whistle.

Haines turned to see the look of disapproval on Val's face. No, I better say something now... thought Val as she continued to watch Haines's reaction to her look.

I think you may be over reacting a bit here, don't you Joshua? Remember you are dealing with an entirely different culture where children are concerned,” said Val in a motherly, but commanding tone.

My concern is for the boys Mama. If I would have known that Shadow Star was here, I would of moved all of you off sooner,” said Haines as he pondered Val's hidden meaning before continuing. “I am sorry that I have made the Queen uncomfortable. I am not really upset with her, directly.”

Yes Joshua, but don't you think that you should be saying that to someone else? After all, you will be her son-in-law soon and now it appears you don't trust her or her love for her grandchildren. How do you think that feels?” said Val as she looked to see the boys looking out the LDR's view ports. “How do you think they feel about you being upset at their grandmother. You also know that they were completely safe, on Hammerhead, the entire time we were in combat.”

Joshua turned to see Corrian move out of the view port as Darrian continued to watch them.

Probably not happy, even though they don't know the reasons behind my anger,” said Haines softly, as he watched Darrian's figure move out of the view port to be replaced by Corrian. Even from 10 meters distant, he recognized the worried looks on their faces.

Commander. The Captain reports that Shadow Star is in position sir,” reported the Chief.

Thank you Chief,” said Haines.

Time for me to go. Anything else before I do?” asked Val.

Just tell Mom I love her and give her a hung for me,” said Haines as he

pulled Val into a tight embrace. “I'll think about everything you've said Mama. Have a safe flight and should anything happen...” Haines let the rest go unsaid.

Val nodded as words were not needed, she already knew what to do, if anything should happen to Joshua. “Love you Joshua. Come home to us,” she said as she tighten her embrace and kissing his cheek before turning to board the LDR.

VICE ADMIRAL STALTER-THOMAS RETIRED, DEPARTING,” sounded as Haines watched her walk up the boarding ramp and into the LDR.

As the ramp retracted Haines turned and saw the boys looking at him intently. He smiled and waved as the LDR began moving to the launch access.

.... Vice Admiral Stalter-Thomas had just taken her seat next to the Queen when the LDR's engines ran up to power and the Launch started to move.

It will be OK,” said Val with a gentle smile as she patted the Queens hand resting on the armrest between them, but the Queen just nodded as if she hadn't heard her.

Noticing the Queens preoccupation she turn to the boys, whom were waving out the view port. “OK boys, it's time to get settled in. We are going to launch in a minute,” she said as they moved into to launch area of the bay.

Awww... Grandmama Thomas, do we have to?” asked Darrion as Corrian followed with, “Can we see the Pilots again?”

Yes you have to be seated and no you can't go to the Command Deck. We will not be on board long enough,” said Val shaking her head... just like Aaron she thought.

Val watched as the boys fastened their harnesses and nodded to the Flight Chief. He spoke briefly to a wall communicator and then sat himself.

DEPARTURE IN 30 SECONDS.” Sounded through the cabin as the LDR was locked into the launch ejectors. 30 seconds later the LDR was thrust into space with a thunderclap of sound from the launch ejectors. Inside the craft the only difference was the bright lights of the bay one moment and seeing the star scape through the view ports the next.

The boys were busy watching the Hammerhead rotate into view as they rolled into their new course to intercept the Shadow Star.

Both the Queen and Val were lost in thought when the sudden beep of the Com's system. The Queen was surprised to see Joshua’s face when she activated the system.

I'm sorry Mother. I shouldn't be mad at you over something that didn't happen,” said Joshua slightly ashamed of his behavior. “I both forgive and love you.”

It seems we both have things to learn about each other yet, but I am willing to keep trying if you are,” said the Queen in a relieved tone.

It seems we do Mother,” smiled Joshua.

Be careful Joshua. I don't know if I can handle Rian losing another love. Remember that I will always love you,” said the Queen.

I will Mother, Haines out,” said Haines as he cut the transmission and watched the LDR move out of sight from his vantage point.

Wow... look at that!” yelled Darrian as Corrian tried to look past him to see what he was excited about.

A ship of 300 meters long with a glimmering black hull slid into view.

INS SHADOW STAR was painted along her blunt arrowhead shaped bow. It narrowed behind the arrowhead only to widen out again in a set of thick

wings to support the large engine nacelles mounted on the tips. Directly in the center of the main body was a pylon supporting a oval shaped command structure with a wing running from each side down to the center of the corresponding engine nacelle. Several hatches and bulges could be seen, but not identified. The LDR slid under the ship to reveal an extended rectangular protrusion running almost the length of the ship, that looked like a multiple launch hanger bay.

Grandmother, what kind of ship is it?” asked Corrian.

That is the Imperial Research and Development Survey Ship Shadow Star. We now use it as a prototype test platform form for new hardware to use on our ships, but it was once a deep space survey ship before the war.” said the Queen as Val too was listening intently while looking across the aisle to get a glimpse of the ship even she didn't know existed.

Does it carry any weapons systems?” asked Val looking at the Queen with a hopeful look.

Noticing that the twins were listening intently, the Queen just smiled as she patted Val's arm. “We'll continue this discussion when we get on board my dear.”

.... on board Star Burst ...

Captain, what is the proximity of that Ion storm to the Nebula,” asked Rian as he plotted their course through the Henries Nebula.

It's a sporadic storm, Your Highness. I believe it would be best....”

Suddenly the personnel not strapped into there duty stations where thrown across the CIC.

....Highness....Port Main Drive #2 is out of control..... Can't shutdown..... Static overload....” yelled the Cheng over the background noise of electric charges shooting around the engineering work space.

Suddenly the entire ship lurched again as static charges walked up the outside of the hull as the Main Drives Shutdown from overload. Work stations sizzled and exploded at the power of the surges going through them. Lights dimmed and went out. Several large explosions rocked the ship as compartments exploded through the outer hull. Water vapor and air could be seen leaking around the hull as the Star Burst began a lazy spin through space.

....On board the Royal LDR...

Val had just turned her head away when they entered the red lights of the landing bay. Shortly the lights went to a brilliant white and the LDR was lifted by grav beams and moved to the passenger disembarkation point. The twins were already up and moving for the hatch when the Queen stood.

Wait inside the hatch. I will exit first and make the arrangements for the two of you to be taken to your quarters,” said the Queen with the knowledge that she would be obeyed.

But... Grandmother,” was all Darrian could get out before he averted the Queen's commanding gaze and moved to a seat near the hatch. Corrian was already looking out the ports at the strange hanger deck they sat on.

The Queen moved through the hatch followed by Val.

Your Highness, Vice Admiral, welcome aboard the Shadow Star,” said the Captain as he appeared at the bottom of the gangway.

To be continued.....