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Love Found In The Shadows Chapter 1

Sebastian was walking out of his apartment on his way to night classes. The only way he could afford college was to work in the day and take a few classes at night. It is a cold day so he pulls the collar of his full length coat tighter around his neck. The wind is sharp and hard. Winters in Cleveland can be harsh. The weather likes to change and change fast. One moment it will be sunny and nice out next there is a blizzard and 4 feet of snow heading your way. Tonight is one of the last type. As Sebastian nears an alley he shivers. He thinks he's cold but for some reason he looks around him. His subconscious is telling him what his waking mind can't rationalize. Danger is near.

Marcus watches from the darkness of the alley. The shadows are safe they allow him, to watch, to look, and to search without being seen. He is getting restless and hungry. It had been too long since he last fed. This was the thing he always struggled with. The need to feed off humans. After 1800 years he still refused to kill those humans he fed on. As a result he could not drain them like the others did so freely. He would have to hunt more because of it but the extra work was worth not killing, at least to him it was. Marcus is not like the many vampires that run around today.

For one he is among the oldest still alive, well outside the Council of elders any way. The council used to be made up of all the first generations. But many of them went into Torpor. Now the vampire world is stuck with a bunch of wannabes second gens that think there first gens. Marcus is a second generation vampire. The difference is he does not care about power games. He is far older then most of the council and although he is 2nd generation he has the power of a 1st. That is the other thing that makes him different form other vampires besides his reluctance to kill. His sire asked him to feed on him resulting in the death of his sire but also his rise to the position he is in now. The source,Cain, has not been seen for several thousand years so the 1st generations cannot be replaced. There are fewer and fewer of them left. Last time he checked there were only ten left alive eight were in Torpor, two were still on the council.

As he continued to look at the world in front of him, he sees his target. Coming up the walk way is a blond haired young man who could not be any more then 20 years old. He is so young, so naive. The young always taste better, probably because they're so full of life. Just as he is about to make his move, a move that will alter Sebastian's life for ever, he stops and looks into his preys eyes then freezes. There is an awareness there that he not seen in a very long time. He pauses just for a moment then brushes it off. He ghosts behind the young man. In the blink of an eye they're gone. Marcus takes him deeper in the ally then feeds. As the blood pulses out of Sebastian's neck with every heart beat. Marcus drinks deep; he drinks not just for food, but also for memory. Master vampires can bite another being and gain access to their memories. Marcus does this with his victim. What he sees will change both of them forevermore.

As he drinks and sees memories of another life, someone else's, he is shocked to see someone so pure so untainted by the world around them. This person is truly good. Then something else happens some thing the elders say happens so rarely that it is regarded as myth. Marcus fell in love. He stops feeding and stairs down into horror filled blue eyes, and he sees his face reflected back. Blood dripping from his mouth and fangs extended. Two one inch razor sharp fangs begin to retract back into his mouth as the blood frenzy dissipates. His face smooths out and his eyes return to their normal green. The look of horror is replaced by one of wonder. Then Sebastian blacks outs. There is only so much a human mind can handle. Marcus Shadow Walks to Sebastian's room and lays him in bed. He watches over him till the signs of waking begin, then he leaves but stays hidden in the shadows waiting to see what the reaction will be, most victims that survive block out the whole thing. Their minds protect them from what they know must not exist. For to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are but cattle for a god would be too much for the mind to cope with.

Sebastian wakes slowly. Then realization hits and he sits up right. He wonders if it was all just a dream. His hand goes to his neck but nothing is there. Marcus watches and sees this. He knows that this means the memory was not totally blocked out. He should kill him now. That is what he is supposed to do. It is this rule that makes so many not bother to spare the life of their meal. It is too much trouble to watch and make sure there is no memory. He can't do it; he knows he should but he can't. He does not yet know what took place as he drank Sebastian's blood, he does not yet know the feeling that are brimming just below the surface is the feeling of love. Love has not touched his heart in close to 1800 years. The last time he felt this emotion he was human.

Marcus returns to the room still cloaked between the worlds. He lets his form bleed ever so slightly into the world of light just enough to let his outline be seen and waits. Part of him hopes the man in the bed will not notice him and part is thrilled with the idea of talking to him.

Sebastian gets a tingle down his spine and shivers then looks up almost as if by reflex. He jumps back in the bed startled to see a human shape in the darkness.

"Who are you?" Sebastian asks. Then lower in a volume that would be inaudible to a human. "What are you?"

Marcus steps out of the shadows fully letting the light hit him. Sebastian gasps out of fear, wonder, and amazement. A multitude of emotions play across his face but seem to settle on confusion.

"What do you want with me?" Sebastian asks.

"I don't know." Is the only thing Marcus says.

"Are you going to kill ME?" Sebastian looks terrified as this idea crosses his mind.

"No that I do know. You will be safe. As for who I am. You are right introductions are in order. I am Lord Marcus Ferri, and as for what I am you all ready know this." His tone is cold, calculating and with the unmistakable air of an aristocrat.

Sebastian knew he should be feeling fear but all he can muster is wonder and awe. Before him is creature that should not exist something strait from myth.

"How did I get back here?"

"I brought you back after you blacked out. You will feel fine in a few days I did not take much." The honesty shocks both of them. Sebastian was not expecting the blunt truth that he was just feed on, and Marcus did not know why he told the truth. He felt something else - shame. He may not like killing humans or drinking their blood to live but he never felt shame. That was beat out of him as a child. The ruling class did not feel shame. Shame is brought on by society's perception of an act. If a noble did some thing that society thought wrong it was the job of society to change to accommodate the noble not the other way around.

For a long time there is silence in the air neither talking. Then Marcus breaks the silence.

"I will leave you in peace now. Tell no one of this night."

"Please don't go." Sebastian say. surprising Marcus.

"Why would you want me to stay?"

"I don't know but I know I don't want you to leave, but I need to get to class."

"That is possible. Close your eyes." Without stopping to think what he is doing or how many rules he is breaking, he picks Sebastian up and Shadow Walks to the campus. "You can open your eyes now." Marcus is still holding him and looks down in his eyes as they open. Sebastian's breath catches.

"Thank you." Marcus moves to put him down and Sebastian places his feet on the ground but does not move away. "I have to go. Will you wait for me."

"I can come with you if you wish." Neither seems willing to be separated. What they don't know is that this is just the beginning of what will become a eternity of love. They walk in to the building and head to a lecture hall. They stand close too close for what would be considered appropriate to most.

The teacher starts the lecture. The class is on the fall of the Roman Empire. The things that humans get wrong never seem to end. Marcus has a hard time controlling his laughing. After class Sebastian asks him what that was all about.

"Almost everything he said was wrong. I should know I lived all that." This seems to bring Sebastian up short.

"What do you mean you lived all that. How old are you?"

"In January I will be 1816 years old."

"But you look my age. You look 19."

"In a way I am. I was turned at 19. Now are you ready to go back to your home." His tone has become gentler; it is not as cold, nor is it sharp and condescending."

"Yes I am." Marcus does not give him a chance to protest he picks him up and they're back at the apartment.

"What was that?" He stammers as Marcus sets him on his feet.

"That is shadow walking."

"OK if you say so." Sebastian's tone makes Marcus laugh. it sounds like bells chiming and brings a smile to Sebastian's face. They spend a great amount of time talking. Marcus answers all the questions he can. Eventually Sebastian goes to sleep. Marcus moves him to the bed and removes his shoes, pants and shirt, then pulls the covers up over him. He moves back to the chair and watches him sleep. While he watches he thinks. He keeps replaying the day or rather night over in his head. He still cannot understand what has happened nor does he grasp how or why he is so attached to this one human, but he can't bring himself to leave his side.

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