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Love on Iradnia

Chapter 8

"HOW FAR ARE THE PREPARATIONS?" Valeran's voice boomed menacingly at Heleria.

"They are ahead of schedule, my lord," Heleria said hesitatingly. His fear of the demon in front of him was palpable.

The demon's eyes flashed red and he grinned evilly. Heleria knew what was coming next. Demons didn't care what sex anyone was. When lust filled them, they sated it by taking anyone they deemed appropriate, and the fey elf just happened to be that one. Heleria swallowed hard and braced himself for what was to come.


At the white willow, Leandas, Dalen and Jiliura all watched Calen as he stood beneath the enchanting white tree. Part of Dalen's heartfelt empty. There was absolutely no connection in Calen's mind that Dalen was his father, though he was inclined to believe there was.

Leandas was determined to find out what Calen's true name was, even if it took all eternity.

Jiliura rubbed Dalen's back and sighed, "This is quite amazing, and unfortunate. We've found a race of beings thought to be only myth, and we've found your son living amongst them, but this happy occasion is dampened by the fact that Jaden, uh excuse me, Calen, has no memory of it."

Jiliura looked at the dark haired elf with awe. He'd had so many dreams of discovering one of these beautiful and magnificent beings. And here was one standing next to him. Yet it also marked the beginning of a very difficult and dangerous journey.

Dalen walked over to Calen slowly, wondering what he could do to get Jaden back. He placed his hand on Calen's shoulder, and then caressed his son's smooth, long hair. "How do you feel?" Dalen wanted to know.

"A little lost," Calen replied, and turned to stare into Dalen's eyes. "I feel this familiarity with you... but I just have no memory of you... nothing." Calen turned back to the tree, looking up at the highest branches. "Father... it seems like such a strange word on my tongue, yet somehow right, like I've been saying it my whole life."

It broke Dalen's heart to hear that, but he vowed to find the person who did this, and make him pay.

Calen was indeed feeling lost. Here was a man who claimed to be his father, whom he looked like, complete with blond hair and green eyes. How was he supposed to doubt such plain evidence?

He caressed the white tree lightly. It felt warm to the touch and Calen could feel the thrum of energy pulsing through it. It was alive.

"Elet mia lura to odo!" Tell me what to do, Calen pleaded, though he did not know to whom.

There was a rumbling and then it was as if the tree gave a great sigh.

Alerted, Leandas, Jiliura and Dalen hurried over to where Calen was standing.

"Solia onewo," young ones, a whispering voice said. "Raha ada," listen well. "Warrior born here, but elsewhere, you will find salvation. Warrior born into eternity, persevere, all will work out. Humanity's leader, your mortality, along with your knowledge of magic, will lead your people into a new era, but beware, do not burden yourself. Use your life half."

The four of them listened in awe at the voice that was plainly emanating from the white willow. It had to be the White Oracle.

"Kise tuo heta halia theharada. There you will find your victory..."

An ominous silence fell upon the clearing. The White Oracle was done.

"Mia Tirvina..." Leandas murmured. "That was the White Oracle."

"I've only read stories about it," Jiliura added.

"What was that last bit? I didn't quite catch it," Dalen said, turning to Jiliura and Leandas.

"Kise tuo heta halia theharada. Seek out the holy cathedral." Everyone started when they heard Calen speak up. It was unnerving. Calen had been standing silent the whole time, and now he turned decisively to the rest of the group. "I don't know what the oracle meant, but I do know this: We have a lot of work to do if we are going to defeat Valeran and his army. So we'd better hurry back to Glenfey and tell the council what happened."

It was the first time Leandas had seen Calen take initiative, and he felt a burst of love for the boy that was deep inside Calen. It was as if Jaden were with them.

Likewise, Dalen felt a burst of pride for his son. He knew Jaden to brave and smart. His son was still in there somewhere.


The elves gathered in the Glenfey clearing, watching their prince arrive with the strange human boy and two others. There were far more elves in Glenfey now than when Leandas and Calen had left. A few were appalled that more human eyes were allowed to see Glenfey, but majority knew there was a need for this, that it was time to stop hiding and return to the rest of the world.

Leandas and the rest of the group passed by and entered the throne room. All the council members were present, minus Heleria, and Queen Lanara regarded the group levelly.

"Tell me that you have valid reason for bringing two more humans into Aleravalen," Lanara said in Raldin.

"Yes, mother." Leandas explained about their journey to the oracle and how they encountered Jiliura and Dalen there. "This is Jaden's father, Dalen," Leandas gestured for him to step forward.

Dalen thought he should bow in the presence of royalty, and he did so.

"And this is Jiliura, the Mysterian." Jiliura stepped forward and bowed as well. This was a great honour for him. These were powerful beings before him.

"It seems fate has smiled down upon us. It is good that you have found the young boy's father. Now tell us what the oracle has said," Lanara commanded.

"Yes mother." Leandas repeated what the oracle had told them. The council members seemed to visibly relax when they realised they had the human leader in their midst.

But Lanara was saddened to learn that her fears were indeed true and that her son was the warrior born in eternity and that Jaden was the warrior born here but elsewhere. She shook her head and cleared her thoughts. Now was not the time to dwell on such things. They had to make preparations.

"I am sure you all must be exhausted from your journey. Please take some time to rest. The council and I will use this time to plan our next move."

They all bowed and left the room. Leandas led Dalen and Jiliura to a room high in the tree tops for them to share, while Calen went to his room.

After Leandas left, Jiliura rushed into Dalen's arms and embraced him tightly. "Oh, Dalen, this must be so hard for you."

Dalen held Jiliura. He didn't say anything. He was afraid he might start to cry, and now wasn't the time for that. He looked into Jiliura's eyes, and then lowered his head for a kiss. It was sweet, and lingering. Jiliura leaned into it, and moaned lightly. Dalen let his tongue caress Jiliura's upper lip. Jiliura shuddered and allowed Dalen entrance into his warm mouth. Dalen's hands moved steadily lower until each hand was clamped onto Jiliura's tight butt. He thrust himself against Jiliura, who moaned in pleasure, and then deepened the kiss even further. Their hard erections were rubbing against each other slowly through their leggings.

In a burst of strength, Dalen managed to remove Jiliura's robe without ripping it. Jiliura gasped at being handled so dominantly. He liked it a lot.

Once Jiliura's upper body was bare, Dalen pushed him onto the large bed in the middle of the room. Jiliura landed with a grunt and then stared up at Dalen, who was towering in front of him. Jiliura's eyes blazed with passion as he watched Dalen start to strip. He arched his back as he removed the shirt, making his bulging erection jut out even more. His rippling chest and stomach muscles flexed invitingly. Jiliura's mouth watered at the sight of Dalen's nipples, erect from his lust.

Dalen threw the shirt in a corner, looked at Jiliura, and grinned mischievously as he tucked his thumbs into the sides of his leggings. Jiliura's eyes widened in anticipation, but then Dalen removed his thumbs and shook his for finger at him. Instead, Dalen grabbed Jiliura's legs and lifted them so that they were on his shoulders. Jiliura grunted when Dalen's weight came down on him. Dalen continued to kiss Jiliura passionately, moving to his neck. Jiliura sighed in ecstasy as Dalen's hands roamed him lovingly. Jiliura gasped when Dalen's mouth latched on his nipple. He nibbled licked and bit at it, while Jiliura struggled to process the pleasure going through his body.

In another burst of strength, Dalen pulled of Jiliura's leggings, leaving him bare for Dalen to look at. He licked his lips and without warning, engulfed Jiliura's turgid cock. Jiliura cried out and gripped the back of Dalen's head. Dalen bobbed his head up and down, licking and sucking alternately, and then moving down to taste Jiliura's full balls.

Jiliura wanted more, and he wanted it now. He wanted Dalen to fill him up. "Enough!" he gasped. "I want you in me. Now!"

"Are you sure?" Dalen asked, fire burning in his eyes.

"Yes, just push it in!" Jiliura cried.

Dalen moaned and shoved his leggings down. He lined his cock up at Jiliura's entrance and began pushing in. It was too slow for Jiliura, so he reached around and grabbed hold of Dalen's butt, and thrust Dalen all the way in. He cried out in pleasure and in pain, and didn't even spare a minute to get use to Dalen's size, before his started thrusting back onto Dalen's cock.

Dalen moaned and pumped back and forth. He took hold of Jiliura's ankles and lifted them close to his face. He kissed Jiliura's slim ankles as he thrust, always managing to hit Jiliura's spot.

Jiliura was furiously pumping his own cock. God how hot Dalen looked holding his legs like that! He was so close to erupting. His ass was clenching onto Jiliura's cock sporadically, trying to stave off the moment of release, just a few seconds more.

"Dalen, I'm gonna cum! Oh, ah! AH!" with a cry, he shot his load high before it landed on his chest and stomach, his hand still shuttling up and down his cock.

The pressure around Dalen's cock became unbearable, and with a loud grunt, he emptied himself into Jiliura, thrusting until he gave a last shudder. A few seconds later he pulled out and let Jiliura's legs fall to his sides before lying down on top of Jiliura.

"Ime ilvoli yuro, Jiliura," Dalen murmured into Jiliura's ear.

"I love you too, Dalen."


Before going to his own quarters, Leandas decided to check in on Calen. He knocked, and entered when he heard the soft reply.

Calen was sitting on a chair by the window overlooking the centre of Glenfey.

"Are you well?" Leandas asked.

"As well as can be, my lord."

Leandas winced. "Please, I wish you would call me Leandas. There is no need for you to be so formal."

Calen said nothing. Leandas' heart burned to do something, anything, to get Jaden back. This husk was by far not the man Jaden was. After the relatively short time they know each other, Leandas knew he was meant to be with Jaden. Yet, he didn't know what to say around Calen. It seemed he took no interest in conversing with Leandas.

After a minute, Calen stood up. He quickly removed his tunic, much to Leandas' surprise, and turned to look at him. Bare-chested, and with a serious look on his face, he bade Leandas goodnight.

Something inside Leandas didn't like being dismissed the way he as now. A little angered, he used his elven speed and ended up right in front of Calen. Calen staggered back in surprise, and prepared to apologise for his insolence. But before that could happen, Leandas roughly brought his lips down and crushed it to Calen's. He thrust his tongue into Calen's mouth and tasted him for the first time, tasted Jaden for the first time.

Leandas stopped and looked Calen in the eyes. He looked stricken, and confused, but his eyes said it all. Leandas gasped out loud as he heard the cry in his mind. "Pelah mia, Leandas!"

"Jaden!" Leandas cried out. But it was already too late. Jaden's face had turned passive and expressionless. Calen was back.

He's trapped! Leandas thought. Jaden is trapped in his own mind.

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