From: S R

Subject: Lustrous


This is a work of fiction and the first part of a Sci Fi series of stories involving another world, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence, please do not copy my work, any comments on the stories please email me at the above.



Lustrous lies at the far end of the Milky Way from earth and its people are almost genetically the same as Humans; however their evolution has followed a different course.

On the planet lustrous there are two races of people and a genetic incapability stops them in most cases from interbreeding, there are the treffenites and the Cerebrals, the treffenites are intellectually inferior but physically alluring, tall and well proportioned with very well developed genetalia and a high sex drive, the Cerebrals are shorter and blond, stocky and intellectually superior.

There are also a very small number of mixed race Lustrians called the Treffenals who tend towards the illegal to survive, they are ghettoised and excluded from both cultures.

Both races live segregated but allow themselves to mingle on occasion to satitsfy mutual needs, the disparity in wealth, technology and social advancement however is vast, the Treffenites exist in a kind of tribal hierarchy and the Cerebrals exploit this to police the planet and fight a never ending war against a global mafia of both races that grow and market the drug Griffitin.

Treffenals live in a no man's land that acts as a buffer between the two.

Everyone on Lustrous however has one thing in common, a small triangle on the base of their spine which varies on colour from green to blue to red, green indicates an ordinary unemotional state, blue indicates an emotional or stressful state and red indicates a highly sexual or extreme aroused state.

Tobias woke early, today he was being sent to no man's land to try and uncover a large shipment of griffitin that was coming in on the east coast, he scratched his head as he sat on the edge of the bed, his blue eyes sparkling as he remembered the night before, did he really enjoy the small quantity of griffitin he was given by the mysterious treffenite? Surely he shouldn't have taken it after all the warnings from the Cerebrum council and the constant public information warnings about the harm caused socially and health wise, anyway that was last night and today he had work to do.

Stepping into the shower he let the warm water cascade over his slightly sunburned skin and short tree like legs, he peered down at his penis and gave it a quick rub, not having sex for such a long while can't be good for you he wondered, legs apart, eyes closed he remembered the treffenite he meet a few weeks back during a griffitin raid, the phone number he was passed, the twilight meeting in a remote spot, the sexual thrill of stripping his conquest, the sheer ease of seducing the beast, his large feet and hands, the long solid legs, the nipples the size of small eggs and the foot long penis that was so eager to be handled, he recalled the ease with which he got the treffenite to engage in all sorts of depravity, the smell of sex and sheer wonder of how easily the treffenite spread his tight hole for inspection, this one liked to be slapped too, it seemed a bit strange to him how someone of his size could be so dominated by a short arsed Cerebral, these thoughts quickly disappeared as the was brought back to the day ahead and a buzzing from his operational communicator.

Tobias had been summoned to headquarters to hear the details of the coming operation, Cerebrals en masse were a drag to him and being a rebel himself he often wondered how many others had taken part in the taboo but quietly accepted practice of sexual contact with the treffenites, or indeed the treffenals.

How many???

Tobias grabbed the communicator "Toby, what's the plan for today?" his partner Olly was in a hurry to speed up their operation.

Tobias sighed, rolled his eyes and gave a curt reply before terminating the call "Usual place, usual time"

After drying himself he looked at the pile of Treffen porn he's accumulated and gave a wry smile to himself, the journey to HQ was a familiar route and on the way he managed to give himself a headache thinking about the coming brief on the new operation, it was something to do with griffitin, it always is he pondered, he headed for the car park and his usual reserved slot, grabbing his notes he got off at the canteen floor for a quick coffee with Olly before the brief.

There he stood, Olly, he was one of the few Cerebrals that was as adventurous as Toby and would often try and extract info out of Tobias on a regular basis or in an attempt to further his career.

"How's it going Toby" he smiled and held out the hand for the usual firm greeting, this time it was a little too firm Tobias thought.

"I'll be fine after a quick boost of coffee, a bit tired but I should be able to get through the lecture without too much grief"

Olly was roughly the same height as Tobias but with slightly larger hands and feet, Tobias had seen him naked on numerous occasions and marvelled at the blonder than blond hair on his body, his legs he remembered were also a good size but being in the Cerebral city police squad meant he was off limits, if he ever found out Tobias had regular sexual contact with the Treffenites and on one occasion a treffenal, it would be the end of his career in the squad and he could be looking at a hefty sentence in a `no man's land' clinker.

"What's the operation about then" enquired Tobias between grateful sips of his beverage

"Something about illegal trading of griffitin in the sex on premises clubs in the fringes"

With this information Tobias nearly choked on his drink and managed to splutter a mouthful over the table.

Olly slapped him on the back in mock concern.

"Don't choke on me now; I need you if we're going undercover in the fringe clubs"

The two of them headed for the operation room and emerged a couple of hours later, they were indeed going undercover in the fringe sex clubs and he was dreading it.

Tobias and Olly pulled up and parked discreetly in an unmarked car, both dressed in black with leather gloves and shades, this contrasted well with the blond in their hair and gave them the impression of an almost twin like appearance, Tobias of course had been to these sort of clubs before on his own and would have to feign ignorance with his partner lest he blew his cover.

The club was not far and the street was deserted, a large dank sign hung over the entrance and numerous signs on the wall gave warnings, NO GRIFFITIN ON THESE PREMESIS, ANYONE CAUGHT WILL BE REPORTED TO A CEREBRAL LAW OFFICER, the door was down a few steps and had a barred window with the shutter down, after pressing a bell the pair took in a sharp breath ready for the night ahead.

They checked in their leather coats but kept on the shades and gloves, entering a small entrance their was a faint odour of griffitin that they both recognised and looking at each other they nodded acknowledgement and headed for the second inner door that was the real entrance to the club, as they walked in it was hard to see clearly in the semi darkness but most of the twenty or so Treffenites, Cerebrals and treffenals turned and stared in obvious interest, they then made their way to the bar and ordered one of the house specials each jokingly called a `mock griffitin', the fuss died down and the clubbers carried on with their banter.

Olly leaned over and with obvious nervousness beckoned Tobias to listen discreetly.

"Let's split up, this looks like a dodgy crowd to me, see how nervous they were when we came in?"

"Ok" replied Tobias, "meet back at the bar in an hour, don't do anything risky"

With this he turned to leave and gave Olly a light but visible slap on the backside and a wink, Olly looked back and silently murmed something Tobias didn't quite catch but he knew it must've been a curse.

Tobias was glad to get rid of Olly; he might even have some fun he imagined, why not? As long as he was careful, after all he was here on official business, he'd not been in this particular club before but the layout was the same as a few others he was familiar with, the air was thick with sex and masculine treffenite sweat, he headed along a long corridor towards the back of the vast complex and along the way passed a dozen or so Cerebrals with treffenite partners in tow, at a corner stood a rather fine treffenite standing in a crossed legged pose against the wall, he sauntered by nervously and stuck his head around the corner to see if it was a dead end or lead to somewhere else, just then a large treffenite hand placed itself on his head and Tobias looked up nervously, the treffenite was a fine specimen, his dark eyes an unusual almond shape and his teeth glowed white under the fluorescent spotlight.

"You want fun to me beautiful blond" he purred

This took Tobias by surprise; surely he couldn't have fun just yet? Not after he'd just got here, trying to think of an answer that he could satisfy himself with he looked the handsome beast in the eye and gave an impulsive kiss of his hand, before he knew it the treffenite was pulling him into a nearby room and pulling at his dark clothing, Tobias knew he was in for a treat.

The treffenite pushed Tobias on the bed and grabbed at his clothing his large fingers examining the buttons on his trousers, Tobias became nervous, the room was semi dark and had a basic bed like structure with a thin mattress. "You law?" the treffenite purred, "You police Cerebral man?"

Tobias looked him in the eye, he noticed the unusual darkness there and the alluring shape, his eyes were so dark and deep he felt like he was staring into a well of melted chocolate that was delicious and yet somehow a sweet trap, he had to hazard a nervous reply.

"Me, Police? In a place like this"

Somehow the words didn't register with the treffenite, he was still staring intently at Tobias, without averting his gaze he was unzipping his trousers, Tobias glanced down periodically and was shocked and delighted when he saw what was on offer, the treffenite had a penis that was almost as unbelievably big as it was beautiful in shape, the balls were covered in short dark hair that seemed to hug every curve and indentation, the penis was at least ten inches long and ten around the girth.

Tobias felt himself move his hand forward and grasp the living beast, he looked up quickly at the treffenite into his eyes, they seemed to swirl excitedly with his touch, before long Tobias also set free his throbbing surprise, the treffenite circled the cock head with a large finger smiling lovingly, Tobias closed his eyes momentarily as they fell back on the bed, they managed to maintain eye contact still not trusting each other completely, the treffenite by this time had removed his trousers and his large muscular legs and well formed feet rubbed themselves against Tobias, Tobias was transfixed with his prize staring at his beautifully formed lips and strong slightly broken nose, the treffenite slightly parted his lips and stuck out the end of his tongue, he was completely in a state of submission.

"Here we go again" thought Tobias "A great big sexy treffenite and he's behaving like a pussy cat!"

By now the treffenite was spread out on the bed and had removed all his clothing, he moaned as Tobias stuck his tongue in the deep cavernous ridge of the abdomen working his was up to the nipples and finally the ever waiting lips and tongue, Tobias was lost in this encounter and any thoughts he had about being there and the search for Griffitin dissipated from his mind quicker than a snow drop on a hot stone, Tobias gently turned him on his side and licked his body from shoulder down to the large muscular melon like cheeks of his arse,he glanced quickly and in the dim lights could see how brightly the red triangle at the base of his spine glowed, he worked his tongue in between the cheeks and finally found the bulls eye he had been dreaming about, with gentle but firm movements and licks he heard the treffenite squirm in obvious pleasure at this intrusion, he dare not go too far in case they both came, it would be over too quickly.

They both lay naked, Tobias with his head nestled in between the treffenite's arse and balls, licking feverishly flicking between the giant pleasure eggs and the overpowering smell of the sweat and pre cum, Tobias groaned as his feet were being licked with meticulous detail, the tongue in between each exquisite toe with such gentle nips he almost shot his load, his balls aching for release, the triangle a deep blood red, they were totally lost in this and Tobias was having trouble keeping track on where he was and why.

Just then there was a loud thud on the door, they both shot up completely startled