Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 12:33:34 +0100

From: SR

Subject: Lustrous(part two) 

This is a work of fiction and the second part of a Sci Fi series of stories involving another world, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence, please do not copy my work, any comments on the stories please email me at the above.

"Tobias, Tobias are you in there" it was Olly.

"Don't reply"

whispered the treffenite into his ear

"I want more fun you with, I want to love you"

Pulling both their heads down they curled up into a cat like ball, ears pricked up like radar listening for the voice outside the door.

"Toby we have to leave, there's a problem, and we have to leave now" Olly sounded anxious and he was shouting louder than he should have been, this placed was chilled and any attention would cause a situation with the owners.

The treffenite put two large fingers over Tobias's mouth to stifle any speech, they lay very still for a few moments with the expectation that he would give and they could resume their encounter, they wanted to laugh, Tobias pushed his tongue out in between the fingers over his mouth and gave a sensuous lick, the treffenite took his fingers away and placed his mouth there thrusting his tongue in deep and sending Tobias into a state of complete ecstasy once again.

"TOBIAS" came a loud shout from behind the door


This is crazy he thought no choice he would have to have a word with him, there must be a problem, how to explain what had happened in the room?

"OK Olly i'll be out soon, just finishing up some business, be out soon"

Tobias got dressed quickly and urged the Treffenal to do the same, he ushered him to a corner of the room away from the door, emerging into the brighter corridor he shut the door as quickly as he could, Olly tried to peek in to see what was going on.

"What's up Olly?" Tobias asked as if he'd interrupted something important.

"I think I've found some Griffitin, there's a smell coming from one of the toilets, unmistakable"

"Can't you deal with it on your own? I'm questioning a Treffenite in here and he's about to give me some important information"

"Well Tobias I would do it on my own but I need a second pair of nostrils, so to speak and also I think we should leave, I get the feeling some of the more dodgy treffenals know who we are"

Tobias slipped back into the room and shut the door quickly, Olly tried once again to peek in but the door was shut too quickly, his eyes had trouble adjusting once again to the subdued lighting, he fumbled his way over to the corner and a large hand grabbed his leg and worked it's way up to his crotch, his penis almost immediately reached a full erection and his leaned over to reciprocate the gesture.

"I have to go somewhere for a while, my friend wants to show me something"

The treffenite pulled his face down and gave him a long slow sloppy kiss

"Be quick" he responded in a breathless voice.

Tobias headed towards the door once again and slipped out to his inpatient colleague, he composed himself and tried to adjust his mind to the job in hand, after all he thought, I am here for business first, the pleasure can wait..........a while!

"Right Olly, were exactly did you smell this Griffitin?"

He was exasperated, Olly had interrupted him at the wrong time and seemed to be convinced his cover was blown, he had no excuse to stay if there the drug was in evidence, they would have to exit the club and report it straight away so the raid squad could be called to make arrests.

"In the toilets, was just in there and there was some, um.........activity should I say, a treffenite and what looked like a treffenal in a cubicle, I could smell it, Griffitin"

Tobias raised his eyebrows in a gesture of mock surprise "Really, two men in a cubicle in a club like this, what a surprise eh! How d'you know it was them using the substance?"

"Well I don't" he replied shrugging his shoulders, but, these two characters have been following me since then and I'm starting to get a bit concerned you know, high on the stuff and after a bit of cock, know what I mean"

Tobias looked down at Olly's backside and gave a wry smile "I don't blame them" he started to laugh, a bit too much for Olly's liking.

"Take me there then, let's check out your lead, I'll confirm the smell for you and then you can maybe find where these two characters are now, after all they're not here now are they? So your theory about being followed might be a bit of paranoia on your part"

They worked their was down some stairs past endless rooms and a couple of bars, the place wasn't full but being so big the clientele had ample places for cover in the shadows, the place reeked of sex, distant moans of pleasure and the occasion slap stopped them in their tracks, glancing briefly with each other with expressions of amusement and apprehension they made their way to the toilet block and entered with stealth.

The place was empty except for a Cerebral having a slash at the urinals, he was wearing just a pair of very tight shorts and glanced quickly at them, obviously not interested he shook shook his penis hard, re arranged it back in his shorts and made an exit walking quickly past through the middle of them, they now had a good opportunity to have a quick look around.

The two officers now began to look more like detectives and quickly cast their eyes over everything in sight, they split up with one checking the urinals and one the cubicles, the smell of Griffitin was faint now but in evidence, Olly checked out the cubicle where he first noticed the smell, it had the usual graffiti plus a hole in the wall into the next cubicle "This would be an excellent place to deal drugs" he pondered, not realising it's true purpose.

Just then as he was examining the hole someone entered the adjacent cubicle and slammed the door shut, Olly moved from the hole quickly, he didn't hear anyone come in, could it be Tobias?

Just then a large well formed penis came through the hole fully erect , shiny and pulsating, Olly looked down at it and felt a sudden surge of both desire and shock, it was about nine inches at least and had a beautiful velvety texture to it, the foreskin was slightly pulled back and the bulbous purple helmet was wet with anticipation, it was bursting for his attention, Olly had never done this before but he was in the right place at the right time and here it was handed to him, Olly locked the door of his cubicle and bent down to receive the heavy prize in between his lips.

Not quite knowing how to deal with the monster he started by edging the hole, this prompted moans of pleasure from the recipient and sent the cock twitching harder, his mouth was just about wide enough to receive the full width of it and his tongue worked it's way under the ample but loose foreskin, all sorts of imaginings went through his mind, who did the cock belong to? Was it Tobias? What if it wasn't and Tobias sussed him out?

Quickly placing these thoughts on hold he continued with the beautiful specimen before him, now on his knees for more comfort he proceeded to take the cock into his mouth gradually accommodating more length until his tonsils and gag reflex stopped him, just then he heard a louder groan and realised the unknown recipient was about to blow, he grabbed the cock with his left hand and wanked it hard his large thick fingers barely reaching around the girth, with a frenzied jolt the cock shot it's load and the thick creamy come hit the far wall of the cubicle, after three or four more spurts the cock began to loose it's hardness and it retreated back into the hole, Olly couldn't resist looking through to see if he could catch a glimpse of the who it was, placing a wary eye over the hole a finely curved mouth and set of fine teeth appeared , the tongue slightly sticking out Olly placed his mouth to receive a grateful kiss, just then the head moved back and Olly could clearly see it was Tobias, he reeled with shock.

"Nice one Olly, you don't half know how to blow a cock"

Olly made his exit from the cubicle and quickly headed out of the toilet block and back towards the front of the club, realising he had just had oral sex with Tobias gave him equal amounts of concern and wonder, he hadn't thought of Tobias as being attracted to the same sex but now he knew, he would have to speak to him at some stage and they were no nearer finding out the source of the Griffitin, questions would have to be asked and asked quickly.

Olly fell into a deeper panic as he propped himself up at the bar, was it a trick to get him in trouble? No he thought that would be one hell of a piss take, besides he enjoyed it, what to do now? Olly downed the remains of his murky cocktail and decided to head back to the private room and question the Treffenite, after all Tobias had already grilled him maybe he was up to give out more information, providing he was still there.

Tobias knocked on the door with a sharp rap and the Treffinite opened the door quickly, already almost naked he pulled him in and down onto the bed.

"You been gone long time, I want more sex now"

Tobias pushed him away slightly and grabbed his broad shoulders looking him in the eye.

"Hold on Hold on, have you seen another Cerebral like me with same clothes?" he asked with a worried glance.

"Like you? No"

The Treffenite looked disappointed when he realised Tobias might not be interested in him now, he looked down and with a sigh told Tobias he knew who was dealing the Griffitin, Tobias realised it was the two that had followed Olly, with a look of urgency and relief he pulled the Treffenite's head down and kissed him on the forehead

"I love you, be right back"

Question is could Tobias get to Olly before the two dealers? What would happen to him if they did manage to get him on his own?

Now he was worried...