Lycan Bloodline

Chapter 02


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Somewhere over the Pacific coast of British Columbia...

The view around me is simply unfuckinbelieable!  Never in a million years, did I think that I'd be flying on a seaplane.  I've even lost track of how long we've been in the air.  

My dad had sent one of his employees to pick me up at the Vancouver Airport.  At the time, I had no idea that my dad lived so far from the nearest city, or that it would be a 5 hour drive to the town of Silver Lake, which is where he lives.

Uilleam, however is a Pilot and owns his own seaplane.  So, my dad thought that I would enjoy taking the scenic route, and the ride would only take about an hour and half, more or less.

"Allright then, bud.  Your luggage is safely secured, so we're all set to take off."

Uilleam checked the time on his wristwatch and looked up at the sky.

His stunning watch caught my eye, and one thing was for sure, Uilleam had very good but expensive taste.  I guess my dad paid him well, because the watch he wore was an Omega Seamaster, a beauty and workhorse of a watch.  

This was a very unique, stylish, but extremely expensive watch.  The glass dome itself was made out of Sapphire crystal, and the strap out of stainless steel and titanium.  Not a lot of men could afford such a luxury, especially since it came with the sweet price tag of $4,700.00 U.S. dollars.  

So, Uilleam didn't just wear any watch, he wore a man's man watch.  You know, the kind that makes other guys jealous.

I knew this, because I had wanted the same watch not too long ago.  I saw it at the Omega store in the Bahnhofstrasse district in Zurich, Switzerland.  That fall, I had accompanied my mom on her trip to Europe, where she would be appearing in the haute couture, Fall lineup for Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior.  

After her busy workschedule was over, we drove to Zurich and to a magnificent area that hosts many delightful stores.  A very extravagant and lavish district, where you can examine some of the richest treasures like the famed Swiss-made watches, or if you have kids, window shop at Franz Carl Weber, where the likes of  FAO Schwartz, display amazing and unique toys that are as extravagant as the prices.  

My mom had gone into her usual shopping craze.  The woman would spend hours in her favourite shops, Givenchy, Prada, Ungaro, Gaultier and Lacroix.  I was left carrying her shopping bags around, feeling completely bored, and exhausted.  

I think this was the moment, where my mom wished she had had a daughter.  A daughter, who could share the same enthusiasm, love and excitement about fashion, jewelry, shoes, etc.  And not a son who could care less about designer labels or what was "in" that season.  

So, I was left to wander on my own, "but, not too far away" and that's when I saw the amazing watch on display in the Omega window.  

I didn't want any designer clothes, actually any clothes period.  Everytime my mom travels abroad, she always brings me back a shitload of clothes.  Even at this very moment, I have two closets full of clothes at home that I don't even wear, or even touched.  But, no matter how many times I tell her that I don't need any more clothes, she still gets buys them anyways.

Her excuse is always the same"How can you wear something from last season?  Honestly, is so beneath you."

My report card was due out soon and my grades were going to be excellent.  I was going to be on the Honour Roll, again and Hall of Fame Athelete Of The Year, yet again...yawn.  

I knew that the watch would be the one thing that I could ask for, and perhaps get.  Although, my mom had said no to many things, like a motorcycle, skydiving lessons, surfing lessons, mountain climbing lessons, etc.  About the only thing, I was allowed to take were my swimming lessons, which had paid off and my Karate lessons, which I'm now a black belt.  So, perhaps this watch would be to her taste and most important, to her approval.    

But, my mom being the impossible woman she can be at times, decided on something else.  So, despite showing her the watch that I liked and really wanted. She felt that that particular watch was a little bit  "too grown up" for a young man.  She did however, wanted something youthful, but unique for me.  So she gave me instead an extremely lavish custom made Omega watch.  

When I got the gift (many weeks later) I was surprised that the watch was very nice, but not what I really wanted.  It's useful, I guess it does what it's supposed to do, I mean it's specially made for swimmers, so it helps you along while you do laps around the pool, excellent for diving, etc.

Since I was St.Andrew's Swim Captain, my mom wanted nothing but the best for her son.  The watch had everything you could want, it came with a chronograph stopwatch, memory recall for lap training, countdown timer, and it was ofcourse made out of stainless steel, as well as water resistant.  

Everyone at school was envious of my watch.  Even Paul, my best bud and Co-Captain of the swim team, loved it.  So, I'm grateful for the gift, I'm not being an  asshole, but I just wish she would listen to me, sometimes.

Uilleam's deep, baritone voice woke me from my thought.

"You're in luck today, Bryce.  The weather is perfect, there's hardly any wind, so we should have quite the smooth flight.  Before we take off,  I'll give you a headset so that we can talk to each other while I'm flying, and if you have any questions at any time, please feel free to ask."

Uilleam handed me the headset and smiled.

"You have your seatbelt on?"

I simply nodded and mumbled.

"Umm, yeah.  I guess so..."

Uilleam was a very polite guy, with a friendly smile, and you couldn't help to feel at ease in his presence.  But, there was something about him that I couldn't quite make out.  It's kinda hard to explain and even if I try, it will probably just sound idiotic, but something really strange happened at the Airport.  

After I had picked up my bags and walked out of the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Area, I was hoping to see my father waiting for me at the gate.  However, big fucking surprise that he wasn't there, but had instead sent one of his employees to pick me up.  Even though the Airport was very crowded, noisy and confusing, my eyes focused on one person.  One man in particular stood out among a sea of people.

He introduced himself as Uilleam.  He had been working for my father for the last ten years as his personal Pilot, and before that he had been a logger.  His current and main job, was to pick up potential clients, and fly them over to my dad's loggin company located in Silver Lake.  

Depending on who these clients were and how much they were willing to invest in the company, he would also give them a free sightseeing tour of the land, and for the most adventurous ones, take them into the vast Canadian wilderness for some fishing, tracking and hunting.

As I stared at this very goodlooking and polite man, I got a strange feeling inside of me.  There was something about him that I couldn't quite figure out, to be more precise, something about his eyes...  

For one, I had never seen eyes of that colour before.  His eyes were a soft pearl gray in colour and here's the kicker, his eyes seemed to glow when he first saw me at the Airport.  I know this all sounds pretty ridiculous, and hard to believe but I swear that's what I saw.  

At least that's what I think I saw...I don't know what to think anymore.

My first impression of Uilleam, was that he seemed like a very likeable, pleasant and overall nice guy.  If I had to guess his age, I'd say he was probably in his late twenties, about 6'3", with wide broad shoulders, short light brown hair, very rosy cheeks, and cute dimples when he smiled.  He's also impresively built, with rippling muscles that must put his weight at least at 220 lbs.  And from the stories that he told, it seems that he's also one of the best fishermen in town, as well as being quite the experienced hunter and tracker.  

Uilleam also mentioned that if I was interested, but most important, if my father allowed it.  Then he would like to take me on special sightseeing tour that only special guests get.  He wanted to fly me to what he called, one of the world's greatest waterways, the famous "Inside Passage".  I had no idea what the Inside Passage was, but from the way he described it, it sounded very cool and interesting.

To get to the Inside Passage, you had to fly to the northern end of Vancouver Island.  A place, where you would fly over a great deal of untouched wilderness and beautiful snow covered mountains.  Where one could see eagles, killer whales, porpoises and salmon making their way to their spawning grounds. We would also be soaring up over 3,500 feet, finally ending up at a wilderness lake, beneath towering and breathtaking mountains.  A perfect place to settle camp and have a good lunch.  

This all sounded really fantastic, so I hoped my dad would let me go.

"Oh, and before I forget Bryce.  Your dad gave me this, to give to case you get cold."

Uilleam took a plastic bag from underneath his seat and handed it to me.  Inside there was a light blue sweater, with the initialsR.A.M.

I took the sweater out of the bag, and it felt so soft to the touch.  It was a crew neck sweater, made of lambswool and it had a very pleasant smell.  The sweater smelled sooo good that I wanted to take a good whiff at it, but having Uilleam so close to me, I didn't dare do anything that might be considered, abnormal.

I hadn't noticed, but Uilleam was giving me a piercing stare, and was grinning from ear to ear.

"It's a Scottish Shetland wool sweater, bud.  From what I've been told, the sweater belonged to your great-grandfather, who passed it on to your grandfather, who then gave it to your dad, and now your dad has given it to you.  So, that's quite the gift you've got there, Bryce."

I smiled at Uilleam and felt a strong connection to the sweater.  It's amazing that it's belonged to four generations of Mackenzie men, and it looks like it was just made yesterday, not one single thread out of place or colour fade.  I think even my mom would approve of this sweater.

"They certainly don't make sweaters like that anymore, trust me, I've looked.  It's handmade and comes from the town of Stewarton in the western parts of Scotland.  It's naturally insulating and water-resistant, which makes this type of wool an excellent choice for the misty, damp and chilly weather we have here in the Northern Pacific Coast."

I smiled at Uilleam and ran my fingers over the soft sweater."

"Put it on Bryce, try it on for size.  You know, Scottish fishermen say that wearing this type of sweater, represents a wish for good luck and safety on the waters."

I nodded, and it was getting a bit chilly in the seaplane.  I'll put the sweater on, why not?  My dad's sweater had a nice and pleasant smell to it.  I couldn't quite define the scent, but it kinda smelled like...

Suddenly, I saw a flash of blinding bright light, and I felt like I was falling into a dark abyss.

I landed softly, unhurt and on my feet.  When I opened my eyes, Ulilleam was nowhere to be seen and I was no longer on the seaplane.  Everything around me was black and white, and I felt a little bit light headed.  Just, where the fuck was I?  

I think I was in a room, but there was no doors, windows, or even furniture anywhere.  I couldn't even see my hands, or any parts of my fucking body, so I panicked. While my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I heard a deep, soothing and masculine voice.

"You need to calm down, Bryce.  Now, please listen carefully for this is important.  Wear this sweater when you feel lonely, wet or cold.  It will warm you up, and feel like a second skin to you.  You won't feel the wrath of  the elements around you, me!"

I didn't feel scared anymore, his voice had a calming effect and somehow, I didn't feel like I was talking to a stranger.  The room was pitch black, but a ray of moonlight shone by the window.  That was really strange?  I hadn't seen a window there minutes before?  

But, I could make out a silhouette of a very tall, and muscular man standing in front of a large mirror.  

I tried to walk over to him, but the closer I got, the further he backed away.  The more I tried to approach him, the further and further he moved away.  This game was getting on my nerves, so I lunged at him and once again there was another flash of blinding light.  

The last thing I remember seeing, was a pair of glowing sapphire blue eyes, and a radiant smile.

"AHHH!" I screamed, and woke up from my dream, at least I think it was a dream?  

I was back on the sea plane and my hands felt icy.  I was feeling a bit nauseous and cold sweat was pouring down my back.  I heard Uilleam's deep voice to my left, and he was practically inches away from my face.  

"Hey Bryce, allright?  One minute I was talking to you, and the next, it's like you went into a trance."

I looked at Uilleam perplexed, but he was just smiling.

"Ummm, I don't know what happened..."

Uilleam was now leaning extremely close to me.  Our bodies were so close, that I could even smell the fresh fragrance of the shampoo he used in the morning.
It was a pleasant combination of lavander and patchouli, which gave him a nice masculine scent.

There I go again! Lavander and patchouli...what the fuck?

It's like my sense of smell has gone into fucking overdrive!  Even now, I can detect something different in Uilleam.  It's like I can smell something unique in him.

The scent I smell in him, isn't the fragrance of his shampoo, the aftershave he uses, or even the fucking body soap.  This was something else, something completely different, and I was starting to get lightheaded again.  Part of me wanted, no...desired to get even closer to Uilleam.  

I didn't even realize that I had closed my eyes, and had my lips within inches away from his.  When I opened my eyes there was Uilleam, just smiling and staring at me with those beautiful light, pearl grey eyes.  

Just what the fuck is exactly happening to me?

"Are you allright?" Uilleam's hand was on my shoulder, and he looked concerned.  He moved closer to me, and I to him and I think we were about to lock lips together, when the radio on the seplane blasted loudly.

"Ground control to Beowulf.  What's taking you so long?  We have another plane ready to take off, get your ass in the air!"

Uilleam and I both jumped at the loudness of the radio.  As he composed himself, he laughed and winked at me.  I on the other hand, tried to figure out in my head just what the hell was happening to me.

"This is Beowulf, ground control.  I'm sorry for taking so long, I'll be taking off soon.  Just give me two more minutes."

"Ground control to've got one!"

I smiled at Uilleam and snorted.


Uilleam blushed and his dimples were beyond cute.

"Yes, it's my pilot nickname.  It means..."

It was my turn to smile, and I cut him off.

"Intelligent wolf...yes, I've read the story.  Just please, don't ever call me Grendel..."

Uilleam and I, both laughed simultaneously while we silently stared at each other.  Once again, he leaned towards me and secured my seatbelt.  

"It looks like we'll have to pick this up at another time, young Mackenzie.  I just want to make sure you're safely secured in your seat, I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.  I can't even imagine the horrible things your father would do to me."

I kinda smiled and closed my eyes for a second.  My head was still spinning, and I was getting worried about all the stuff that has been happening to me lately. Things that I can't understand or explain, am I going crazy?

I tried to push away all negative thoughts and feelings...feelings that I felt were slowly drowning me.  

In a way I was kinda glad to be here and somewhat of seeing my dad.  But right now, I just wanted to enjoy the ride on the seaplane.

The feeling of the plane taking off was something else, it felt like I was at an amusement park ride.  It was awesome, a bit noisy, but well worth it.  The scenery was certainly breathtaking and spectacular.  Miles and miles of green forest, water and!

Uilleam, finally pointed towards our final destination.  I was speechless and stunned when I saw my father's cabin.  I was expecting a rundown shack deep in the woods, but what I saw, just blew my fucking mind away.

Uilleam, cleared his throat and with a huge grin on his face, announced.

"Welcome to your summer cottage, Bryce.  457 acres, roughly 3/4 square miles of wild, virgen forest and windswept shoreline.  Including a number of quiet coves and desolate private beaches.  Your new home, is entirely unique in that it also contains a 50 acres hidden lagoon, which your father so appropriately named, Bryce's Lagoon.  C'on bud, say it with me, ahhh!"

I rolled my eyes at Uilleam, while he chuckled and continued with his tour.

"The Mackenzie cottage is perched high on a cliff and overlooks every direction, East, West, North and South.  The cottage itself, is an 8 bedroom, 3 stories, chalet style structure, about 1,400 sq.ft. with stone fireplace in every room.  There's also a separate cedar sauna house, a library, an entertaintment centre, a billiards room, a swimming pool and jaccuzi.  You also have at your disposal, an untouched forest that's perfect in the winter for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hunting, or riding an ATV."

I had temporarily lost the ability to speak, or even think.  I was just trying to absorb it all, I mean the whole place was just fucking beautiful, and looked simply amazing from the air.  I heard bits of pieces of Uilleam's details, but I too preoccupied by trying to absorb everything in at once.

"From your own bedroom, (which I've been told, you pretty much have the whole third floor to yourself), you'll enjoy a panoramic ocean vista.  Where you'll fall asleep like a baby, waking up to the sounds of waves crashing, wind rustling through high branches and the calming, drifting scents of salt air.  From your bedroom window, you'll be able to watch migrating whales and sea lions navigate the rocky coast line, while enjoying a magnificent sunset.  

Your dad, also created a meditation space, where he's been seen practicing yoga, (although he's denied it).  And in the day, you can stroll and skip through the beaches, while exploring tide pools, collecting sea shells, and...

I had to interrupt Uilleam, his cute babbling had now turned to an annoying jabber.

"Uilleam, allright already!  I'm sold, I get it, it's really an amazing place!"

Uilleam blushed and nodded.

"Yes it is, isn't?  Well, we're here buddy, so hold on, allright?"

The plane landed softly, while parting the waters and creating huge waves.  The ride was pretty smooth actually, with none of the pressure you feel with large commercial aircraft.  Uilleam slowly pulled up to the dock and I couldn't get enough at the beauty of this magical place.

In the distance, mist was slowly descending from the mountains, while adorable otters were busy diving in the waters looking for food.  The cottage had been built on top of a very high cliff and the stairs leading up to the top, had been carved out of the rock.  Giant waves splashed all around us, and the sound was deafing.  With a little help from Uilleam, I made it safely out of the plane and onto the dock.

The narrow stairway meandered down the cliff, and was framed by gigantic and ancient spruces, pines and firs.  This would be quite the arduous climb, I wondered just how many...

"230 steps to the top, roughly 150 ft."

I turned around and Uilleam was smiling at me, while unloading my bags out of the plane.  I guess, he must have guessed what I was thinking.

"230 steps?...really?"

Uilleam had taken all of my 5 suitcases from the plane, and walked towards me.

"Yup, 230 long and backbreaking steps.  Aren't you glad you packed light, Bryce?"

I threw Uilleam a dirty look and walked over to my bags.

"My mother packed all of this crap, not me.  Besides, you don't have to carry anything, I can carry my own bags."

I grabbed two large suitcases, my carry-on bag, my backpack and headed for the stairs.  I left Uilleam behind muttering something to himself, and calling out my name.

"Bryce hold on, there's a..."  

A sudden rush of anger, hit me out of nowhere, and it quickly spread throught my body.  My face felt like it was on fire and my heart was racing.

I could still hear Uilleam call my name from below, but I didn't need a butler to carry my own crap.

My dad had divorced my mom, left a son behind, and now lives like a fucking king in his own fucking kingdom!  Not that my mother and I were badly off, she did come from a very wealthy family, and she also had accumulated alot of wealth from her modeling days.  

I remember once when I was little, I overheard a conversation between my mom and her model friends.  She asked them if they remember the time when she had been quoted and loathed for saying that she,"Wouldn't get out of bed for less than $20,000 dollars a day!"  Even to this day, she has several beauty contracts from several fashion houses, and still gets calls from designers pleading her to model on their runway shows.

My mother and I, lived in a private and gated community about an hour away from downtown Seattle.  It was also one of the most posh, expensive and prestigious suburbs in the state, called Somerset-by-the-sea.  My grandparents summer home was here, and after her bitter divorce from my dad, this is where she ran to seek refuge.  It was a quiet, clean and pristine neighboorhood, a place with good memories, where she had grown up, gone to school and basically felt safe.

My grandparents from my mom's side of the family are referred to as "old money".  Old money is aristocratic, idle and dusty, but often charitable, like in the case of my grandfather, who was donated hundreds of dollars to my school, as well as poorly funded inner city schools, and city shelters.  

My grandfather made his money the old fashioned way--he inherited it.  He didn't have to work, he was afterall born into money, but he did want to distance himself from his father's shadow.  He did give in though when went to his father's Alma mater, the snooty, prestigious, ivy league school of Harvard.  But this became a place where he stood his own ground, and graduated with top honours(just because you're born into money, dosen't give you an excuse to be dumb) he always told me.  He eventually settled down and married a girl from another extremely wealthy family.  

So, my grandfather owns a chain of banks across the country, and lives pretty happily and carefree.  Actually all my grandfather and grandmother ever do is to travel all over the world, purchasing priceless and rare antiques and donating them to museums.  

And from the discussions that I have overheard between him and my mom, he would also like for me to go to Harvard.   He dosen't want to push the idea for me to go into the family business, but he has hinted it.  

I don't know, I just don't see myself running a bank.  So, in all honesty, I doubt I will go.

By the time I got to the top, I was out of breath and dragging both of my suitcases.  I was so fucking thirsty, dizzy and ready to faint.  230 fucking steps, who on their fucking right mind builds a...

I had reached the last step and when I looked up, there was a huge, fucking white wolf growling at me.

"Grrrrr..."the wolf growled through clenched, razor sharp teeth.

"Ummm...Uilleam, help."

I took a step back, and the wolf growled even louder.  It looked very angry and ready to pounce on me.  I looked back, hoping that Uilleam was a few steps behind me, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Uilleam, where the fuck are you?  There's a big, fucking wolf that is going to jump on me if I move."

Uilleam stepped out from behind the wolf, while taking a bite out of an apple.  

"So, don't move."

I couldn't believe my eyes, what the fuck?  I thought he was right behind me?  What's even more fucked up, is that Uilleam was standing right next to the wolf, and the wolf didn't seem to care.

Uilleam stood in front of me with his arms crossed and a big stupid, smile on his handsome face.

"Cerberus...I'd like to introduce you, to your new master...Bryce Skye Mackenzie."

The wolf curiously looked up at Uilleam, and then at me.

"Bryce, I'd like you to meet your new pet and protector...Cerberus."

My face was covered in sweat, my throat was dry, and I couldn't even speak.  I was fucking petrified on the spot.

"My what? This wild, behemoth of an animal is a pet?"

Uilleam continued to take small bites out of his damm apple.

"Yes, he is.  He's actually quite adorable, once you get to know him.  Just don't ever pull, or step on his tail, trust me."

Was this a fucking joke?  Where the fuck, am I?  It's like Alice in Wonderland in this fucking place!

"And how did you?  You were just down below..."

Uilleam kneeled down to my eye level, and whispered softly in my ear.

"What I was trying to tell you down below, Bryce.  It's that there is an elevator just around the corner from the dock.  But, you were so impatient and angry, that you didn't want to listen, young Mackenzie."

My blood was at fucking boiling point now.  I could feel steam coming out of my ears, and I was just about to tell Uilleam off, when a giant of a man walked up quietly behind him and greeted me.

"Bryce?  Is that you son?  Welcome home, my boy!"

Was this my father?  Holy shit...this man was fucking huge!

"Uill?  Why is my son taking the stairs?"

Uilleam coughed and smiled.

"Well, young Mackenzie just took off for the stairs.  I tried to tell him that there was an elevator, but he..."

My dad gave Uilleam an eye piercing stare, while Uill lowered his eyes to the ground.

My dad lovingly patted the wolf, while smiling and looking me over.

"I see that you've met, Cerberus.  Quite a beaut, isn't he?  Had him since he was a puppy, gentle and sweet as a lamb."

Uilleam snorted loudly, while my dad shot him another angry stare.

"Uill, why don't you make yourself useful, and help my son with his bags."

I looked at my dad curiously and quickly grabbed my bags.

"I can carry my own bags, thanks!"

My dad stepped back, smiled and nodded.  

"Well, do I at least get a handshake?"

I sighed, dropped my bags and extended my hand to him.

As soon as we touched, I felt a bolt of electricity run through my body.  I felt like I had been zapped, I looked at those eyes...those sapphire blue eyes.

"Allright, then.  Well, I'm very glad that you're here, son.  I hope you had safe and pleasant flight?"

I grabbed my bags and silently nodded to him.  The three of us walked into the house, while Cerberus's sparkling green eyes inspected me from head to toe.  He was also very busy smelling my luggage and me.

"Cerberus is just trying to get your scent, son.  Don't pay any attention to him and don't worry, this loyal mongrel would never hurt you."

I smiled nervously at my dad, while staring at this huge animal.

"Isn't it dangerous and also illegal to have a wild animal like a wolf as a pet?"

My dad looked at Cerberus, who was still smelling my luggage.

"I found him in the forest, when he was a puppy, many, many years ago.  His mother had been killed by poachers, the poor thing was malnourished, sick and borderline dead.  So, I nurtured him back to health, raised him, and eventually domesticated him.  Yes, part of him will always be wild, but I trust him, Bryce and in will you."

I shot Uilleam a look, but he just shook his shoulder...gee, thanks.

"Allright, whatever!"

The inside of the cottage was even more breathtaking.  This was not yesterday's cabin, full of hand-me-down furniture and 20-year old magazines.  This was a luxurious modern style home, where my dad didn't spare any expense.  This place, had 30 ft. vaulted, great room ceelings and breathtaking, double high windows overlooking the calm blue ocean.  A rustic above the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace was burning pine logs, giving a pleasant warmth to the room.

While my dad was busy whispering something to Uilleam, I wondered around the room.  I was surprised and also amazed that my dad collected medieval suits of armour, which were displayed behind protective glass cases.  There was a shiny silver plaque at the bottom of the armour that read,

Aindrea Alaisdair Mackenzie

Defender of man kind
12th Century

This armour itself, was colossal.  The man that had once wore this heavy armour must have towered at least 6'6 ft. tall, and had to have been extremely built. The armour had been beautifully kept, even after all these centuries.  It had been polished to gleam and gave off a bright shine, almost an eerie blue glow.  

In the center of the armour, a golden wolf's head was baying at the moon.  Behind it, a magnificent phoenix rose from ashes in beautiful colours of orange, red and yellow flames...sweet.

I was so entranced in the armour, that I hadn't even noticed that my dad was standing right behind me.

"That armour, belonged to one of your ancestors.  A very valiant, courageous and noble man."

I looked up at my father and his eyes were giving a soft glow.  I looked around the room, and saw that there must be at least 15 more armours in the room.

"Are all of these armours of our ancestors?"

My dad smiled at me, and put his heavy hand on my shoulder.  I felt another surge of electricity run over my body, which ended up in my crotch, which made my cock stirr."

"Yes, Bryce.  Every single one, our blood...our kind."

I tried to shield the hardon I was getting.  I didn't have a coat to cover it, so I tried my best to shield it by putting my hands on my crotch.


The phone rang, and my dad walked over to the kitchen.

"Excuse me, son.  I have to get that, please feel free to look around, you're home."

I nodded, smiled and went to inspect the room and other armours.  Delicate and splendid Medieval tapestries hung from the walls, some looked like they were done in the Renaissance style, others from a much later time.  

I wondered if these were real?  And if they were, then they would be priceless.  Some of the tapestries, depicted scenes of everyday medieval life, hawking, unicorns in captivity, the Knights Templars and the Holy Grail.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glance of an armour that was giving off a very faint blue glow.  I walked up to it and read the plaque.

Áedán Comhnall Mackenzie
(Born of fire and with the strength of a wolf)
(Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici)
Armour from the First Crusade of 1096

Wait a minute?  This armour was different.  For one, it had the distinctive white mantles, and the striking red cross in the center.  The right shoulder blade, bore the same golden wolf's head baying at the moon.  This armour was a Templar Knight!

I looked over at Uilleam, who kept fidgeting and looking nervously.

"Uill?  If, I'm reading this Latin translation correctly, was this man a Templar Knight?"

Uilleam quickly looked at my father, who had his back turned to us, and was still busy talking on the phone.  He gulped and nervously smiled at me.

"Umm, I don't know.  Sorry, Bryce I don't read latin.  But, I can speak Pig Latin."

"Iway ancay eakspay Igpay Atinlay."

Uilleam could be very cute...borderline adorable, actually.  I gave him an annoyed look and sighed.

"Sorry, Bryce.  Who knows, maybe you just got your translation wrong."

I looked back and read the silver plaque again.

"No, trust me.  I was one of the best in my latin class, it reads...The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon.  But, they're more commonly known as the Knights Templar, or the Order of the Temple."

I had only turned my back for a second.  But in the blink of an eye, Uilleam was now standing behind me dad and whispering something to him.  I heard my dad tell the person on the phone that he had to go.  He then calmed Uilleam down and slowly walked towards me.

As my dad walked towards me, I felt something different in him.  It's like he was sorrounded by a haze, I don't know wether it was my eyes playing tricks on me, or was it all in my mind?  

My dad is one amazing man to look at.  He was by far, the most handsome man that I had ever seen.  He was also very tall at least 6'5 ft. and built like a shitbrick house.  The man had been gifted with huge, broad shoulders, bulging and massive pecs and unbelievable deltoids.  The muscles on his arms were beyond perfection, my dad was the whole fucking package.  

I felt very proud that I had at least, inherited the same hair colour as his.  A very light brown shade with highlights of auburn.  He also had beautiful, pouty rosy lips and cheeks and by the looks of it, he liked to keep himself clean shaven and those eyes, how could I forget those stunning eyes?

He was wearing a navy blue, plaid flannel shirt and the tightest pair of blue jeans that I have ever seen.  The flexible fabric clung so tightly to his perfect body, that it clearly outlined a huge set of balls, and the thick shaft of his cock that sneaked down to the left in a meaty arch.  But certainly the more impressive and something you couldn't really take your eyes off, were the visible lemon-sized balls that tented, and stretched the fabric to the limit.

I turned every shade of red, as I saw this obscene and agressive display of my dad's "private parts."  

The haze was still there...

What the fuck is happening to me?  Am I becoming some kind of sick, pervert?  Why am I getting a hardon for my dad?...HE'S MY DAD!

" allright?  You look kinda...pale."

I tried not to look at my dad, so my eyes focused on Uilleam, who was looking at me curiously.

"I'm just tired, sorry dad."

My dad nodded and went back to the kitchen.

"Nothing to be sorry about, son.  Maybe, if you have something to drink, you'll feel better.  Uill, do you want anything?"

I didn't even hear if Uill answered my dad, nor did I care.  My eyes, were now focused on one thing, and one thing dad's ass.

The man had a perfect bubble butt.  The fabric clung so tightly to his buttocks that you could see his taut, well rounded ass-cheeks rising, and flexing with every step he took.

Oh, my dear Lord!  God, help me!  I'm lusting after my dad.  I'm gonna go straight to hell!  

Suddenly, I felt a big lump in my dry throat.  I was dizzy and my legs trembled, so I sat down on the limestone breakfast bar, and closed my eyes.

"I was just making some lamb chops, stuffed rabbit and marinated quail for dinner, when you guys showed up."

I heard the word "lamb", "rabbit" and "quail", and opened my eyes.  I shot my dad an angry look and sighed.

"I'm vegan."

My dad was cutting vegetables and stopped once he heard me.  He threw Uilleam a confused look, but Uill was too busy looking at me with his jaw hanging wide open.

"You're what?"

I looked at him and smiled.

"Mom and I are vegan.  We, choose to avoid using or consuming any animal products."

My dad's face turned red in colour...wicked.  I had actually said something that had clearly and royally pissed him off.

"Your mom, eh?  Ofcourse..."

I sat upright and raised my voice.  From the corner of my eye, I could see Uill looking back and forth at the confrontation between father and son.

"Yes, my mother and I believe in a cruelty-free lifestyle.  Veganism is the natural extension of vegetarianism, so living vegan provides numerous benefits to animal's lives, the environment, and to our own health."

My dad's face was turning a deep shade of scarlett in colour.

"I know what vegan is, Bryce.  I just can't believe what your mother does sometimes for attention.  I mean, cruelty-free?  Trust me, Bryce your mom is alot of things..."

Uilleam, quickly intervened.

"Ryan...I thought you were going to offer us something to drink?"

My dad's face changed colour again.  I felt a little bad, but not completely...

"Umm, sorry...yes.  Well, let's see what I have to offer you guys for drinks."

He opened the gigantic stainless steel, fridge door.

"We've got Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, 7 Up, Lemon Nestea, Root beer, I can go on.  I didn't know what kinda soft drinks you liked, Bryce.  So, I bought you different ones."

I cleared my throat.

"Sugared sodas are nearly as corrosive to dental enamel as battery acid.  I don't drink Pop."

My dad looked at Uill once again.  But, Uill was too busy looking down at the floor and shaking his head.

"Well, what about juice?  I have orange, grape, apple, pomegranate, pineapple, lemon, and strawberry."

I tapped my fingers on the limestone counter.

"They're actually too acidic for my stomach, no thanks."

Uill raised his head and threw me an angry stare.  I had started something and I wasn't about to back down.

My dad was now frantically moving things inside the fridge.

"Well, what about milk?"

I bit my lower lip.

"I'm lactose intolerant."

My dad slammed the fridge door, and put his hands behind his neck.

"Since, when?"

He turned around to face me, and I could swear those sapphire blue eyes sparkled with anger.

"Since, birth..."

Uill just snickered and closed his eyes.

"Well, Bryce.  I'm afraid all I have left is water."

I nodded and licked my lips.


My dad smiled.


I smiled back.

"Then I'll have that, thank you."

My dad opened the fridge door, took out a water bottle and handed it to me.

"If you don't mind, I have to call mom and let her know that I've arrived safely."

My dad was leaning back against the limestone counter and nodded.

"Yeah, you should call her.  I've got a couple of things that I need to talk to her about as well."

My dad gave me the cordless phone and returned to cutting vegetables.  I took the phone to the patio and called my mom.

"He's vegan."

Uill smiled and shook his head from side to side.

"It's a phase, Ryan.  It will pass, I mean...c'on, have you ever heard of a vegan werewo..."

I motioned to Uill to keep his voice down.  I certainly didn't want Bryce to hear any of this, not yet anyways.

"He's testing you, Ryan.  He wants to see how far he can push your buttons, and you're playing right into his trap.  I'll give him this, he's very cunning and dangerously smart."

I sighed heavily and rubbed my temples.

"I know and you're right.  I can sense and feel his anger and frustration towards me.  I just don't want to do anything that will push him away..."

Uill patted me on the back.

"I know, Ryan.  It won't be easy to get close to him, yet.  But, you'll have plenty of time.  Just don't let him walk all over you, remember that he is your son."

Bryce was walking towards us and handed me the phone.

"It's mom.  You wanted to talk to her?"

I nodded and took the phone.

"Hello Charlotte.  How are you?  Good, glad to hear, yes he's..."

While my dad spoke to my mom, I took a quick look around at the kitchen.  It, ofcourse had been done beautifully with rustic stone walls that gave it a mellow mood.  It made the walls look rough, natural and ancient.  

The countertops looked like they were made from antique limestone, these were done in subtle tones of taupe, brown and gray.  On the wall, neatly arranged copper pots and pans were hung by size.  

And you couldn't miss the extra long sink in the kitchen.  Geez, I guess everything in this place it's gotta be "huge" like it's owner.  The sink had to be about 36 inches long, 18 inches wide and about 10 inches deep. It was flanked by two dish-washer drawers, and a trash compactor.  Most of the furniture in the kitchen was made out of wood.  Mostly from pine, birch and some cherry, overall it gave the kitchen a very rustic, romatic feeling, and I loved it.  

Even the large dining table, chairs, stools and benches along the wall looked like they had been made by hand.  I wondered if my dad had bought all this furniture, or if he had made it himself.

As I looked out of the kitchen window, I could make out a grandiose outdoor stone fireplace.  Uilleam was now stading beside me and looking in the same direction.

"Your dad and I made that stone fireplace.  We used the rocks from the river down below and let me tell you, it was a bitch to haul all those stones up here, but the end result was worth it.  Don't you think?"

I looked at Uilleam and nodded.

"Don't you think you were a little bit rough on your dad, Bryce?"

I frowned, and knew exactly where he was going with this.

"What do you mean?"

"C'on, bud.  Don't play dumb with me..."

I gave Uilleam a hostile and incendiary look.

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah, you heard me.  What? you don't think, I see this little game that you're playing?"

I couldn't believe the nerve this guy had talking to me this way.

"Excuse me?  But, who do you think you're talking to?"

Uilleam pushed his face right against mine.  And for the second time in a day our lips seemed like they were going to lock together.

"Why, don't you tell me, Bryce.  Are you man enough?"

I lowered my gaze and looked at his muscular chest.  I deeply wanted to inhale in his scent, I wanted to run my hands over that strong, manly chest.  My heart was beating faster and faster.  I thought it would burst any minute...  

As soon as he said that, I wanted to kiss him.

I leaned forward and I was just about to plant him a kiss, when my dad walked into the kitchen.

"Fuck me!"

Uilleam smiled and winked at me.

"Soon enough, young Mackenzie."

I know I heard him say it, did he mean it?

"Whaa?  Umm, that's not what I meant...Uill."

My dad was looking at us both, curiously.

"Did I miss something?"

Uilleam and I both shook our heads and went into separate directions.

"Listen, Ryan.  I gotta get going, I wanna get cleaned up before coming for dinner.  What time did you say, you would like us to show up?"

My dad looked at the clock in the wall.

"I think dinner should be ready by 7:00 p.m. sharp."

Am I missing something?  Did Uilleam just get invited over for dinner? There's going to be more people coming over?"

"Allright, cool.  So, I'll be seeing you at 7:00"

I heard Uilleam walk himself out, and call out from the front door.

"See you later...Grendel"

I was looking at the stone fireplace when I heard him say that.  It made me smile and my heart skipped a beat.

My dad was now standing beside me and smiled.

"Who's Grendel?"

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

"I have no idea what he's talking about.  So, who's coming for dinner?"

My dad went back into the kitchen to check on his meat dishes.

"Close friends from work, it's just tradition.  Whenever a family member returns home, it's customary for close friends to come over, have a little dinner, alot of wine, and pay their respect."

I nodded and followed him inside.

"I do have something for you to wear for dinner, Bryce."

I raised my eyebrows and wondered what he was talking about.

"Scottish blood flows through your veins, son.  Again, tradition calls for you to wear your Scottish clan tartan when meeting other clan members."

"You mean, like a kilt?  Am I, going to look like Mel Gibson in Braveheart?  Do I get a sword?"

I couldn't help but to giggle.  My dad's face however, was very serious.

"Well, I personally think you'll look alot better then Mel Gibson.  And no, you're not getting a sword."

I pouted at him and smiled.

"Why, don't we head upstairs and I'll show you to your room.  You can get confortable and settle in.  You'll also find your clothes for tonight layed out on the bed and that way you can try them on.  I'm pretty sure they'll fit perfectly.  I'm amazed to see how much you've grown, you've certainly filled out in all the right places."

I smiled with pride and followed my dad upstairs.  I kept telling myself, to look down at the floor and not at his ass, or any other part of his amazing body.

"You'll have the third floor all to yourself, Bryce.  I'm on the second floor, so if you need anything, feel free to come and see me."

"I will, thanks dad."

Don't even go there...

Cerberus closely followed us up the stairs.  More banners and family crests decorated the stone walls that led to the upper floors.  These were very nicely illuminated by soft lighting, which gave them a rich museum-like quality.  When we go to the third floor, the place looked familiar.

"This whole floor used to be yours.  Your bedroom used to be the nursery, down the hall there was the playroom, which is now a sun room.  The hobby room hasn't changed..."

I looked at my dad puzzled.

"Hobby room?"

My dad smiled.

"You don't remember, do you?  You and I used to build model ships, we would spend hours together building them, you really loved to help.  You would cry when your mom would take you to bed, you wanted to stay up all night."

I thought I saw a tear out of the corner of my dad's eye, but he quickly turned away and walked into my bedroom.

"This is your bedroom and the bathroom is right across.  Oh, and next to the sun room, you'll find the computer/library room.  We have a wireless connection up here, it's flawless, so you can go online anytime you like."

I just nodded my head and looked around.  

"Great, thanks.  All of this is very nice, dad."

Cerberus sat on the floor while looking up at me.

"Don't fret if Cerberus wants to sleep in your room tonight.  He takes his job as watchdog, very seriously, and if he's a bother just kick him out into the hallway."

I looked at Cerberus and those sparkling green eyes.  A wolf with green eyes?  Now, I've seen everything.

"That's allright, dad.  I don't think he'll be a bother, he can sleep in my room if he wants."

Cerberus gave a cute whine and playfully licked my hand.  It's like he understood what I had just said.

I noticed a second set of clothes neatly laid out on the large bed.

"Umm, dad?  There are two sets of clothes here, which one am I to wear?"

That's when my dad started to undress right in front of my eyes.

"Yeah, the other one is mine.  I'm going to show you how to dress appropriately."

I stood there looking at my dad from head to toe and with my mouth hanging wide open...

Ahh, dammit!

Kahramanmaraş Province, Southeastern Turkey
Village of Sakarya

We're finally here, the ancient village of Sakarya.  This wretched place, lies on the plain at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.  A rocky, desolate, and barren land. For centuries, this damned village has seen it's share of unsolved mysteries.  

Many farmers, livestock, and the occasional family pet have disappeared without a trace.  Many stories abound, as to who or what causes these dissapearances, but like in any small town anywhere in the world, it's always the townspeople that do not want to talk about what happens after dark.

"Cardinal Yasir?"

The young priest that accompanied me, had been carefully selected among hundreds by the Order.  This young man, was pure of heart, kind, gentle, well respected and most important, chaste.

"Yes, Father Castus?"

"Is it wise to travel these roads so close to nightfall?"

I looked down at the young priest and smiled.

"What's the matter Father Castus?  Are you afraid?"

The young man stopped and looked up at the sky.

"It's just that these mountains have a bad reputation for been extremely dangerous after dark."

His voice quivered as he spoke, maybe he knew too much.

"But these are just mountains, Father Castus.  Ancient, remote mountains..."

Father Castus's eyes were full of fear.  He's sweet voice was almost a whisper.

"It's not the mountains that we should be concerned about, Cardinal Yasir.  It's what lives in them...that I dread."

I pulled the reins gently, signalling the horse to stop.

"Whoa...there.  Just what exactly are you talking about Father Castus.  What's on your mind?"

"I'm sorry, Cardinal Yasir.  Please forgive me, I just think it would be safer if we continue our trek in the morning."

I cleared my throat, and took a sip from my canteen.

"You've been paying too much attention to peasant folklore, Father Castus.  We're doing excellent time, and we'll soon reach the top.  Why should we stop now?"

Father Castus took out a flashlight from his satchel, and waved it frantically at every shadow he saw.

"The people of this town might be superstitious, Cardinal Yasir.  But, many towns from far away also tell stories of giant, winged creatures that swoop across the sky, frightening the unsuspecting and then vanishing back into the clouds."

I sighed and continued ahead.

"This is the 21st Century, Father Castus.  I don't have time to listen to stupid, ignorant, peasant talk.  That will be enough!"

Father Castus lowered his head and bowed.

"I'm very sorry, if I have displeased your Holiness."

I waved him away and continued our path high into the mountains.  Seven long and tiresome hours later, we had reached the highest peak of the Taurus mountains, Mount Kronos.  

The elevation of Mount Kronos, is roughly 4,743 ft.  The air up here is very thin, and makes it very difficult to breath, and the temperature is also quite cold. We needed to rest for a few minutes until I get my bearings.

I took the ancient scroll out of my satchel and looked around.  This is my first, and hopefully the last time that I'll be coming to this infernal and damned place.  I looked around and I think I found what I'm supposed to be looking for.  A great, smooth boulder where the following inscription had long ago been carved into the stone.

"This is it!"

If you wish to enter safely through this gates a human sacrifice must be given

All I had to do now, was to recite the spell and pray that it would work.

I summon the ancient and powerful spirits of the Nephilim to open these portals of hell and let me enter safely

The giant stone gave a bright and warm, golden glow.  What a second ago had been an impenetrable solid stone, had now turned into an immense glowing gate. A gate where horrific, goulish and bloody scenes that could only be dreamt up in a nightmare, were now visible to the naked eye.

Father Castus stood petrified on the spot.  His eyes were full of terror and his body was trembling with fear.

"Cardinal Yasir...what have you done?"

I threw him a look of anger and disdain.

"What needs to be done!"

The golden gates flew open and loud, bloodcurling shrieks thundered from within the cave.

Who dares open the gates of the children of the Nephilim...speak!

"It is I, Cardinal Yasir.  A faithful member and obedient servant to the Congregation of the Holy Order."

A loud, angry and venomous hiss could be heard from the cave.

"A Holy man?  You dare trespass unto our soil?  You're NOT, welcomed here Shaman!"

"I wish to speak with Azazel...

Another agonizing and earsplitting shriek came from the deep crevices of the cave.

"Your treacherous and deceitful kind betrayed and murdered one of our own..."

I bowed deeply and motioned Father Castus to do the same.

"I know of the one you speak of.  Believe me, he will be dealt with..."

The sound of a million shrieks roared from within the mountain.  The earth trembled beneath my feet, the sky thundered and a thick fog slowly crept in.  One by one, the Children of the Nephilim slowly appeared.

"Do not deceive us again Holy man, for it will be the last thing you'll ever do.  We, want the Grand Inquisitor...Donald Callahan!"

I kept my head bowed and nodded.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Father Castus still trembling do the same.

"Members of the Order are looking for him, as we speak.  It won't be long..."

Another loud shriek...


I didn't dare look up.

"Your wish, will be my command.  Once, Donald Callahan is captured, he will be brought to justice at your feet..."

I had never seen one of these demons up close.  The infamous, cruel and malevolent Children of the Nephilim.  

I had read about them in sacred, ancient, but forbidden books.  Looking at these giant and evil creatures now was beyond terrifying.  No matter how long you've studied that ancient black arts, you could never be really prepared to meet these...things.  

They were about 8ft. tall and wore hooded robes, blood red in colour.  You couldn't see much of their faces, because their eyes were extremely sensitive to light.  As for their skin, it was a rotting, pale flesh colour and covered with disgusting leprosy.  Foul-smelling and putrid scabs, were visible on their skin which they lovedto pick on, and eat it with their razor sharp-fangs and huge claws.   And those horrible, glowing, yellow eyes that bore right through your skin and into your soul.  When they would make eye contact with you, you'd feel like they were trying to steal your soul.

"Enter then, but thread carefully Shaman..."

Father Castus had fainted, so I threw him over my shoulder and staggered into the dark cave.  The horses had long ago taken off, and now there was no going back.

The ground that I walked on felt different, whatever it was no soil.  As torches lit up the wondreous cave, ancient hieroglyphs decorated it's walls. When I looked down, I finally saw what it was that I had been walking on, bones.  Human, animal and other types of bones that I couldn't recognize, littered the entire place.

The cave was full of these demons.  I couldn't count how many, but it was a formidable army.  I was led to the center of the cave, where Azazel sat on a golden, jewel encrusted throne.

"Kneel before our Prince..."

The Great Azazel, the Fallen Angel.  He was responsible for teaching humanity to make weapons and corrupted the human race by also teaching them vanity in the form of cosmetics.  He paid a very heavy prize for doing that and in the end, he was cast out of heaven.  

It was the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, who brought him to justice.  He was binded, hand and foot and cast into darkness, where he was placed upon rough and jagged rocks and his face covered so as not to see light.

But, here he was...smiling so beautifully and drinking from a golden, jeweled cup.  The last it was ever written of him, he was left on the desert rocks of Dudael in Upper Egypt.

Azazel's fate has already been foretold.  Yahweh, will on the day of the Great Judgement, cast Azazel into the fire.  It's because of him that the whole Earth has been corrupted and he's also to be held responsible for teaching the secrets of heaven, as well.

I threw Father Castus on the ground and kneeled before the Great Azazel.

"Allmighty Azazel, I come to seek your guidance and your help..."

I did not dare to look up at him.  And even though his body gave off a warm glow, my body felt unnaturally cold.

"Speak, child of Adam..."

When I looked up and towards Azazel, I felt my eyes burn.  I closed them tightly and prayed silently in my head.  I only got a quick glimpse of him, but it had been enough.

The Fallen Angel, sat high on his jeweled encrusted throne on top of a golden staircase.  He was a giant and a sacred being not from this world.  He wore ivory coloured robes, with intricate silver and gold symbols over them.  His hands and feet still bore the torn, golden remnants of his binds, a reminder of his punishment and downfall.

"I come seeking the aid of your army.  To help us, defeat the threat of the rise of the Lycans."

Azazel voice, echoed and boomed as he spoke.

"The lycans?  Interesting, I have been watching them for centuries, and they long ago deviated from their path."

So, there was hope...

"I know my lord, that a priest from the Holy Order betrayed all of us.  Donald Callahan, murdered a child of the Nephilim and he will pay with his life!"

Loud shrieks and hisses filled the cave.


Azazel stood up and his imposing body shone brightly.

"And who is this...that you've brought?"

I looked down at Father Castus, who was still out cold.

"A gift for Prince."

Azazel smiled again, but his cold, soul-less eyes showed no feeling.

"I can smell the goodness in him.  His purity, his piety, his delicious...virginity."

Distinctive shrieks could now be heard all over the cave.  These wails were different though, not of anger but of pure pleasure.

"He is yours to do as you wish, my Lord.  As for your children, I have been given permission by the Supreme Inquisitor, to offer them a peace offering for the loss of their brother."

Azazel looked at me with curiosity and like a magnificent peacock, he spread his beautiful, glittering white wings.

"The entire village of Sakarya is at your disposal.  Every man, woman, child and animal are to be offered to the children of the Nephilim, as a sacrifice."

The cave roared with banshee like shrieks.  All over, I heard talons scrapping the walls and eyes glowing a hideous, bright yellow.

Azazel stood up, dusted his wings and waved his right hand.

"Go forth, my children and feed.  Take no prisoners..."

Azazel begun to descend the stairs and out of nowhere a shiny, glowing spear appeared on his right hand.  He threw the giant, spear towards me and it landed right between my legs.  This spear was was huge and it looked like it was made out of pure silver.  The spear had inscriptions of strange symbols done in gold and silver that I could not read, decipher or even understand.

"A weapon, strong enough to defeat the mighty, Alpha Male.  Use it well, son of Adam, for you will only have one chance."

In the far distance, a cruel, painful, almost agonizing howling could be heard...

To be continued...