Lycan Bloodline

Chapter 03


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[Flag of Scotland]

Castle Skye
Loch Aberdeen, Scotland
Ancestral home of the Mackenzie Clan

Present time

The Grand Duke of all the lycans in the realm, sat everwatchful on his stone throne.  In his hands he held a golden locket and his eyes were lovingly fixed on the youthful and handsome face staring back at him.  Outside in the Great Hall, a loud commotion could be heard and his grey-blue eyes slowly gazed upon the heavy iron doors that led into his chamber.  

He already knew who was coming to see him and most importantly, why...

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, your Grace.  Lady Ione is here to see you, but I've already explained to her that you don't..."

The Grand Duke interrupted his Private Secretary and waved his right hand in the air.

"It's allright, let her in.  Let's see what she has to say this time."

He watched in silence as his granddaughter entered the cold and drafty Throne room and fell to her knees.

"I throw myself at your mercy, Grandfather.  I beg of you, to please release my son from Acheron tower."

I saw nothing but disappointment and failure in my granddaughter.  And as much as I love her, at this moment I can't tolerate her presence, much less seeing her.

"Your son is an idiotic imbecile and a total disgrace.  He has brought great shame to our family name and he's very lucky I haven't chopped off his head...yet!"

I watched as Ione sobbed uncontrollably and a flood of tears fell from her beautiful sapphire blue eyes.  I felt nothing at her emotional display, my heart had actually turned to stone, due to her treachery and lies.

"How dare you, come and ask me for this?  Your son will stay locked up in Acheron, until I find the proper punishment for his unspeakable and heinous crimes."

"Grandfather, please.  I will do anything you say, I'm very sorry to have gone against your orders, but please reconsider..."

I was so furious, so beyond anger that I couldn't believe that Ione had such insolence.  I felt as if my blood was boiling, I was so enraged that I hadn't even realize that my nails were digging deeply into the stone throne.


The whole room trembled as the Grand Duke roared in fury.  At that very moment, the doors of the Throne room burst open and the Private Secretary stepped quickly and announced the arrival of a much expected and welcomed guest.

"Your Grace, General Alan Buchanan has arrived.  Should I escort Lady Ione out?"

Lady Ione's sapphire blue eyes shone brightly and dangerously.

"Don't you dare touch me!"

General Alan Buchanan entered the cold, toxic and inhospitable chamber.  He was dressed sharply in his uniform and it fit perfectly over his colossal and muscular form.  He wore the colours and kilt of the Mackenzie clan, a deep and elegant Royal blue.  

He had long ago, swore his life, loyalty and allegiance to the
clan during the Great Lycan Wars.  He had fought fiercely and bravely, alongside the Grand Duke and his grandson Ryan.  Over the years, he had risen through the ranks and had been highly rewarded for his faithfulness, honesty and devotion.

His upbringing however, had been a poor one and he came from a destitute and beggared clan.  His family had lost much of their lands back in the 13th century, because they couldn't afford to pay the heavy land taxes.  So, it had been up to the eldest son, Alan Irvin
Buchanan to enter the Lycan Army and help support his large family. 

He has just turned 15 years old when he enlisted in the Army.  Alan had lied about his age in order to join, but
since he had laboured alongside his father in the fields from a very young age, he had pysically developed quite early.

This was not an uncommon occurrence with young, strong and virile male lycans.  Especially, those going through the change, but none-the-less at this very young age, it was still pretty rare.  So, that by the tender age of 15, Alan had the body, size and stamina of a ripped, strapping, full blown, adult male lycan.

Unlike the spoiled and wealthy sons of the nobility, who only joined the Lycan Army to collect more titles and impress the opposite sex, Alan joined to better himself and that of his family
.  In the end, Alan had come from a poverty-stricken clan, who  slowly and patiently rose to became one of the wealthiest, most recognized, and loved lycan Generals in a very, very, long time.

Over time, Alan developed unique character traits that were true to the nature of a born leader.  He had principles he lived by, and religious values that were true to his heart.  This noble young man had become a great leader, a man who could guide, support and inspire confidence in his men, in and off the battlefield.  

His attractiveness, charisma and great character made others follow him, but it would be his other traits that made many male lycans want to join the Army and be under his leadership and command.  

Alan has determination and a frame of mind to succeed, and with the integrity of being an honest man.  He is upright individual and has always maintained a neutral and most important, impartial character.  He has learned many lessons and has followed the advice of his predecessors.  He knows the importance of patience and to allow things to develop as they should, and to put away resentment which only gets in the way to true spiritual harmony.

He's also a very caring and thoughtful man, who has helped many lycans and humans as well in times of trouble and need.
In his difficult position he also learned to develop forgiveness and pardon many insurgent and rebellious lycans during the Great Wars, who later owed their life and that of their families to him.  

Alan is a diligent man with a very clear vision and foresight.  He's also assertive and takes initiative with the confidence to accomplish what needs to be done, come hell or high water.  He has a ferocious tenacity to stick to his purpose and focus on the job at hand.  He's persistent to exhaustion in the achievement of his goals and in his many campaigns, he has obtained both success and failure, but he has overcome those failures and learned from experience.

And finally, over the centuries, Alan has proved time and time again, his knowledge, confidence and great instinct in the art of warfare.  His courageous, keen and cunning intelligence were a rare talent and gift that he possessed in the battlefield.  His loyalty and trust were admirable and for being a responsible, enthusiastic and decisive leader, he was dearly loved, embraced and treated like a second grandson by the Grand Duke.

Lady Ione turned to face General Buchanan and gave him a look of great animosity and coldness.  And as much as she hated him, she also lusted profoundly after him.  

There was no question in her mind that Alan was indeed extremely handsome, virile and one of the strongest warriors in the land.  But, his lineage would always be tainted by the fact that he came from one of the poorest clans in the land and in her cold, piercing,
sapphire blue
 eyes, he would never rise above that.  No matter how many medals, land and titles he collected over the centuries.  

Court the women yearned for his touch, persued him for a lover and were willing to do anything to bear his children.  But, Alan loved his independence, peace and freedom too much.  Besides, he wasn't the type to settle down with either a man or woman.  

Men also stalked Alan, but it was for the most part, the young lustful and oversexed male lycans that desired him as a lover. The other males simply wanted to be around him and to be in his inner circle.  Many, highly respected him and trusted his word, decisions and opinions.  

The General bowed deeply towards the Grand Duke and then towards Lady Ione.

"Your Grace, Lady Ione.  Good evening to both of you..."

Lady Ione deeply curtsied at the Grand Duke and walked over to face the General.

Ione had an extremely and expensive taste in the clothes she wore.  Her clothing always had to be Haute couture, a one of a kind creation and vintage Christian Dior, nothing else would be tolerated.

This evening, she looked radiant in a full lenght gown of rich red charmeuse and chiffon.  She wore a matching stole, that showed an air of sophistication, beauty and pure elegance.  

Her long, beautiful and slim gown was lavishly encrusted with rubies and clear dazzling crystals, which created a blaze of sparkle on her seductive and provocative body.  Her fully lined skirt had a high slit in the front and a lavish, long train in the back and to finish off the perfect complements, long red satin gloves. 

Her elaborate jewelry, featured dazzling pearl earrings and a tiara encrusted with rubies, diamonds and pearls.  She also wore the most dazzling necklace ever seen, given to her by her Grandmother.  The magnificent and unique necklace, called the Red Splendour Diamond.  

A red diamond is extremely rare and this one was by far the largest of red coloured diamonds in the world.  It
measured 5.11 carats and it dated all the way back to the 11th Century.  A magnificant gift given to the Grand Duke from a Sultan from the Middle East.  The Grand Duke then gave the necklace to his much loved and adored wife the Grand Duchess, Enya as a birthday present.

Lady Ione's lush auburn curls cascaded around her shoulders, creating a stricking contrast to her impeccable ensemble.  And as she slowly approached the General, she looked tenderly into his beautiful hazel eyes and slapped him hard across the face.  

The sexual energy between the two of them was electrifying...

"I know it was you, Alan that captured and threw my son in Acheron.  I will not forget that..."

The General's face stung where she had slapped him.  
He wanted so much to kiss her on those ruby red lips, even if she despised him at the moment, so he moved closer to her and spoke softly into her ear.  

"I was following direct orders from the Council of Elders, don't make this personal.  You know very well what serious crimes your son has committed, and I'm sorry to tell you Ione that your son cannot be allowed to roam free...ever."

Lady Ione once again, curtsied deeply towards the Grand Duke and then the General.  She stormed off into the hall, as the heavy iron doors closed behind her.

I watched mesmorized, as Ione glided away down the hallway and out of sight.  It's strange that even after all this centuries, I still have feelings for her.

I remember vividly the day I was introduced to Ione.  It was a beautiful and warm day in May and a dinner celebration was being prepared in my honour at Court, I had just been made Captain of the Royal Guard.  

For me, it was love at first sight and I wasn't the only one that got that had been enraptured and enthrall by Ione's beauty.  When we first started seeing each other, she told me that we had to be discreet for appearances sakes, but I knew the real reason.  To put it simply, she was and still is ashamed of my background, but I cannot let my feelings towards her affect my judgement and most importantly, my career.

Even at this moment, I can still smell her soft and alluring perfume, Poison by Dior lingering in the air.  No woman has ever had that effect on me, but then again, Ione is no ordinary female lycan.  She comes from one the wealthiest, oldest, intriguing and most powerful clans in the land.

She has hypnotized and captivated many men at Court with her alluring beauty and perfect hourglass figure.  A ravishing beauty, that stands at 5'9", weighs120 lbs, with a 22" waist and the heavenly measurements of 34D-25-35.  Ione is fucking perfect in every fucking way.  

From her radiant and long auburn hair, to the flawless porcelain white and unblemished skin.  And let's not forget the mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes and those pouty, gorgeous red lips that could shame the red, red rose.  

At Court, she has been nicknamed Lady Nightshade by her rivals, because just like the flower she is very beautiful, but just as deadly.

The Grand Duke, once again sat on his throne and waited patiently for General Buchanan to come back to reality.  Once Ione's bewitchment wore off.

I really don't know, why Ione acts and defies me in this way.  Maybe, it's because she took her father's death harder than her twin brother, Ryan.  

Ione was afterall, my son's favourite.  I know parents should not prefer one child over the other, but my son Àedàn was never one to follow reason.  

I know 
Àedàn was devastated when his wife died in childbirth and when Ione grew into a young lady, she reminded him alot of his dearly departed wife.  

So he showered her with lots of attention, patience, understanding and ofcourse, love.  However, he also lavished and spoiled her with many gifts, clothes and jewels.  In the end it was the same story, whatever Ione wanted and desired, she eventually got.  

Ione could never do anything wrong in her father's eyes, even when it was apparent that she was guilty of something.  On the contrary, it was always Ryan who was the instigator, the troublemaker, the one pulling the strings.

But, bringing her up this way was to have severe consequences in the future.  Consequences, that my son never got to experience with his daughter, but I wasn't so lucky, I was to bear the brunt of it all.  As Ione grew up, she became a conceited, arrogant, overbearing and even cruel child.

Ryan, God bless him was to be an almost exemplary Grandson.  I did say,...almost.

The only issue I had with the boy was that once he reached his cycle, his sexual appetite was ravenous and insatiable.  I often had to implore him to keep his cock inside his pants.  I swear that boy was in heat 24hrs a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  

No one in Court, man or woman was safe from his alluring, charming and seductive animal magnetism.  He deflowered more virgens, both male and female than I care to remember.  Between both of the twins having their cycles, I thought I was going to suffer a nervous breakdown, I was completely at my wit's end.

Ryan handled his father's passing, fairly well.  At least that's how it looked and soon after, my grandson left the world of a child behind and begun his tutoring.  As the next male heir to the
Mackenzie dynasty, it was to be on his shoulder to learn how to govern justly, to look after his family and all the Clans in the land, and lets not forget, to learn the art of war.

As the next ruler, Ryan would be the Head of all the Clans in the land.  He was to have supreme authority over the courts, be  Commander-in-Chief of the Lycan Defence Forces and even have the power to appoint his own cabinet, ministers, judges, diplomats, and governors.

His training in the Royal Military College started at a very young age, Ryan was 14 years old.  And it was during Medieval times that he started his training in the use of weapons and most importantly, the skills to handle a sword, lance and shield in combat.

Ryan became a fast learner and a quick study.  He went on to learn the hard duties and responsibilities of his birth right and 
he was also to face the most difficult task of all.  To rule, control and have complete authority over the nobility of the Lycan realm.

Templar Cross

Even though their father's body was never found, we have long ago given up hope to find him alive.  The last I heard of my son was a letter I received at midnight on October 13, 1307.  

The letter stated that there was a rumour going around, that the medieval fortress of La Roche-Guillaume located near the Syrian Gates in what is now the Hatay Province of Turkey, was to be invaded and besieged under the orders of King Phillip the IV of France and with the holy consent and sacred seal of the Pope.

All of the Templar knights were to be arrested and brought back to France, dead or alive.  And it was in the Court of France, where they were to be held and tried under charges of treason and heresy.

Even after all these centuries, I can still remember the false charges laid against them...

  • Idolatry:  The veneration or worship of an idol called Baphomet.
  • Homosexuality and sodomy:  That in receiving brothers into the order, or when about to receive them, or some time after having received them, the receivers and the persons received practiced obscene kisses on the mouth, navel and buttocks.
  • Blasphemy:  That at their first reception into the order, or at some time afterwards, or as soon as an opportunity occurred, they were induced or admonished by those who had received them within the bosom of the fraternity, to deny Christ or Jesus, or the crucifixion, or at one time God, and at another time the Blessed Virgin, and sometimes all the saints.
  • That the templars made those whom they received into the brotherhood, spit on a cross, or on a representation or sculpture of the cross and an image of Christ, although sometimes those who were being received spat next [to it].
  • That sometimes they urinated and trampled, and caused others to urinate, on this cross, and several times they did this on Good Friday.

These were the most serious charges.  The ones that would seal their fate...

Even after all these Centuries, the fall of the Templars is still a mystery.  It may have started over the matter of a loan, King Philip IV, King of France needed cash for his wars and asked the Templars for money, who refused.  Philip never forgave them for that and soon after started to plot against them.  The King even tried to get the Pope to excommunicate the Templars for this, but Pope Boniface VIII refused.

It was rumoured and I believe this now, that Philip then sent his right-hand man, Guillaume de Nogaret to "persuade" the Pope, who later died from the wounds inflicted by de Nogaret.  The next Pope, Benedict XI also refused to be bullied by the King of France, but he died later died of poisoning. The next Pope, Clement V, agreed to Philip's demands about the Templars and both started their plot to destroy the Knights Templar.

My son
Àedàn, was The Marshal of the Order.   He was the Templar in charge of war and anything that was related to it.  In this sense the Marshal could be viewed as the second most important member of the Order after The Grand Master who was the supreme authority of the Templar Order and answered to none, save the Pope.

The Knights Templar, were a monastic order who professed Christianity and assumed the duty of protecting Christian pilgrims and merchants travelling through the Holy Land.  

They also undertook to protect the traveller's lands, castles and other properties back home.  When pilgrims failed to return from their journeys, the property would pass into the Templar's permanent possession. As a result, like other holy orders founded on a vow of poverty, the Templars soon became very rich.

Within a couple of decades the Knights Templar became an order with the backing of both the Pope and the collective European monarchies.  Within two centuries they had became powerful enough to defy all, but the Papal throne.  They were feared as warriors, respected for their piety and sought out for their wealth.

Due to their vast wealth, the Templars essentially invented banking as we know it.  Usury(the lending of money for interest) was forbidden by the Church in those days, but the Templars were able to skirt the issue and finance even Kings.

Perhaps due to their vast wealth, or fear of their seemingly limitless powers, they were destined to be destroyed.

In the letter my son sent me, he was requesting aid in the form of soldiers.  He wanted my best men, my most trusted and powerful lycans to come and help fortify and protect the fortress.  However, sadly to say that help arrived a week too late and by the time General Nial Patrick MacDuff, reached the fortress of La Roche-Guillaume nothing was left but, ashes and ruins.

Our scouts found hundreds of charred bodies of the cursed and dammed Children of the Nephilim.  My only guess, is that they were summoned by the Pope to do his bidding.  He is afterall, the only human authority on earth they still somewhat, obey.

It looked like the Knights Templar put up a worthy battle and fought 'till the dying end.  We buried many Templars, but not my son, his body couldn't be found anywhere.  From the many wounded knights that we stil found alive, all told the same story.

The last they saw of my son, he was in the courtyard, were he was fighting an Army of Nephilim.  Soon after that, the fortress exploded and collapsed under rock and fire.

I gave orders to General MacDuff, to offer the "dark gift" to any dying or wounded Knights Templars.  If, they decided to become Lycans they were to be brought back to Scotland were they were to be embraced into our many Clans.  Not surprisingly, all of the injured and dying Templars willingly embraced the lycan race, and their new family.

My men intercepted many ships heading back to France.  These ships held captured Knights who were freed and given the same choice, if they wanted to join their Templar brothers and become a new, stronger, more powerful race, and still be faithful and fully devoted to God, they all agreed.

In all the ships that we captured, none held my son and none of the other Templar prisoners could tell me if he was out there on another ship, dead or alive.

The loathsome Nephilim were tortured to extremes for any information.  No human being could have tolerated, or endured such barbaric pain, but then again the fucking Nephilim are not human and they have an astonishing immunity to pain.  They would rather die, than ever concede defeat and confess.  So, since they refused to reveal anything, they were slaughtered and dumped into the sea.

"General Buchanan..."

Alan was still under Ione's alluring, scent spell.  Some female lycans(the notorious ones) are infamous, for mixing sweet perfumes and oils for the purpose of bewitchment.  They use these potions to attract, hypnotize and coerce the more willful, ancient and more powerful male lycans for whatever suits their needs or plans.

In my case, I think my granddaughter thought that she could bring me under her control by using her sinister potion on me. She should really know better, after all these centuries, older lycans like myself are immune to such stupid tricks and enchantments.

Come to think of it, maybe I should throw her in Acheron along with her worthless son, just to teach her a fucking lesson...


Alan suddenly snapped from the spell and looked wildly around the room.

"Ummm, *cough*  Sorry, your Grace.  I must have dozed off there for a second."

"Right, dozed off...sure, General."

I sat back on my throne and held the locket close to my heart.

"Well?  Do you have something for me, General Buchanan?"

General Buchanan set his leather briefcase on the table and took out some papers.  My heart was beating so fast, I wanted to hear good news, for a fucking change.

"As of this morning, my men have reached Ryan's compound.  And as per your instructions, we have set camp 6 miles away from his cottage.  My men should be secure and shielded by the heavy vegetation and hills.  I'm sure Ryan is not aware that..."

I had to smile and nod my head, as Alan stared at me confusely.

"My dear boy, how long have you've known Ryan?  Both of you practically grew up together and you know him better than anyone.  Trust me Alan, he already knows you're there."

Alan closed his eyes, sighed and took something else from his briefcase.

"Do you think he'll do anything to my men?  I mean, with all do respect your Grace, Ryan made it very clear to you that once his son came of age and entered his cycle, that you were not to have any contact with your great-great-grandson, until Ryan was ready to make the first move."

I felt a flood of anger rush through my body again, and stood up.


"I'm sorry Alan, I shouldn't have lost my temper.  It's just that it's been tough and really unfair, that for 14 years I haven't had any contact with my great-great-grandson.  Not a letter, phonecall, e-mail, visit, not even a fucking photo...that's very cruel."

Alan nodded as he took a step towards me and handed me a large brown envelope.

"Then I hope this is a small comfort, your Grace."

I took the brown envelope from his hands and tore at it quickly.  My eyes filled with tears, as I saw my salvation looking back at me.

"How is he?"

Alan was smiling and reading his notes.

"Bryce is doing well, your Grace.  He's a healthy, tall, goodlooking and a very smart young man."

I couldn't take my eyes off the photos of my great-great-grandson.  I mean, I knew this kid would one day turn out to be very handsome.  Afterall his father's genes spoke volumes, Ryan is an impressive, imposing and attractive lycan male and his mother a gorgeous supermodel, who can only be categorized as the epitome and embodiment of female perfection .  Mix these two gene pools together and what you get is a stunning young man, Bryce Skye Mackenzie.

"Do you have any idea, if Bryce has been told yet?"

Alan looked at his notes again and closed the file.

"No, your Grace, that I don't know.  However, Bryce turns 15 years old this coming saturday and his cycle should start that same evening.  It's also a full moon, so his transformation will be a powerful one, being the firstborn son of an Alpha male."

I lowered the photo of Bryce and looked into Alan's  glowing hazel eyes.

"Bryce is to be protected at all costs, General Buchanan.  No matter the risk, be life or death for you and your men.  Nothing is to happen to my great-great-grandson.  Is that clearly understood?"

Alan shook his head in acknowledgment.

"Rest assured your Grace, that your great-great-grandson is in good hands.  I and my men, will not let anything happen to Bryce, I swear to you."

I slammed my fist on the table so hard that it broke in half, sending papers and glass goblets flying everywhere.

"I will rest, Alan...when I have Bryce under my roof and under my protection.  Until then, you and your men have their orders."

Alan once again nodded his head in agreement.

"May I speak freely, your Grace?"

I looked up at Alan and sat on the throne.

"Go ahead, General."

"Well, Bryce is...ummm, what I mean to say, is that his mother is human and Ryan is an Alpha werewolf. *(clears throat)* This has happened before to other lycan families and the lycan gene was not be present in the offspring.  So, your great-great-grandson, may or may not carry the lycan gene in his blood, your Grace.   And even if he does have the gene, then he'll be a half-..."

I stood up and my eyes glowed with caution.  I had to interrupt Alan before he said something he might later regret.

"Be very careful how you end that sentence, General Buchanan.  You might just have to answer to Bryce one day..."

Alan smiled and dropped it.

"Understood, your Grace.  Well, the jet flies out this evening and I should arrive at Ryan's compound by dawn.  I will keep you updated at all times and if you need to get a hold of me, your Secretary has my private number."

I bowed deeply and excused myself.

"If that is all, your Grace.  I need to prepare some things before my flight."

"That is all General, I leave in your hands and trust you with my most prized possession, my great-great-grandson.  Please, look after him and Alan, do have a safe flight."

I bowed once again towards the Grand Duke and walked out the door.  As I left the Throne Room my mind was all abuzz and I wondered if Bryce really is the salvation to the Mackenzie dynasty, at least that's what everyone believes, even the Grand Duke.  

Does this kid really have it in him to guide and rule all the lycan clans in the land?  Does he have the leadership, commitment, ambition and high morals to endure all the hardships of being the next Grand Lycan Duke?  I guess only time will tell.

Canada here I come...

Hidden deep within the walls and covered by an ancient tapestry, Lady Ione had been watching the scene unfold between the Grand Duke and General Buchanan.

"So, Ryan's son is coming into his cycle.  We shall see..."

[Flag ofCanada]

Mackenzie Compound

Silver Lake, British Columbia

I stood mesmerized and frozen while looking at my dad as he started to undress.  Looking at him from across the room made the massiveness of his physique even more powerful and dominant.  He got out of his navy blue plaid flannel shirt very slowly, while moving his hands as if in slow-motion.  It was like he was doing this on purpose and putting up a private strip show for me.  His pouty red lips were curled in a cocky smile and his sapphire blue eyes were a slightly glazed and glowing faintly.  

He was softly speaking to me about the many things we would be doing up here, but I only heard bits and pieces.  Something about kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing and camping under the stars, etc.  But, I didn't clearly hear a fucking thing, it was like I was in some sort of a trance, or in a perverted surreal dream watching my dad get undressed, and that's when I started to get sweaty, bothered and very hot.

My dad slowly unbottoned his shirt, while pausing for long moments between each button.  He did this extremely and teasingly slow while baring the cleft between his huge and bulging pecs.  A deep ravine between two steeply rising bulks of hard muscle that flexed and strained with each movement of his arms, which were also covered with an inpenetrable thick mat of light brown hair.  But, the fur on his chest was as dark as night, yet it glowed and shone like precious silk.  

Gradually the shirt fell open allowing me to see more of my dad's powerful and hairy chest.  It was at this moment that I felt the heat in the room increase with each new inch of naked flesh that was exposed to my hungry eyes, and that's when the air around us begun to sizzle.  I think I heard myself gasp, when he finally let the shirt fall down over his shoulders and he stood before me in his full glory.  He had his hands on his hips and was proudly bare-chested, then all of the sudden and by accident? an obscene moment occurred.  

His giant and uncut dick exploded out of his fly.  The mammoth cock looked even bigger and thicker in front of the fabric of his jeans, which clung tightly to his heavily muscled and hairy thighs.  And as his enormous cock became immodestly exposed, my dad simply laughed and winked at me.

"I guess the python needed some air, eh?..."

I didn't say anything, but I think I smiled.  My throat had gone dry, I couldn't speak and I certainly couldn't even swallow my own spit.  I don't know if it was the shock of seeing that huge cock, or the lecherous and licentious way in which he was exposing himself.  But I was left speechless and unable to think, I certainly felt dazed and very fucking confused.  Yet, in my own perverted way, I also felt immensily proud that I resembled my father in many, many ways.  

For one, we had exactly the same hair colour, which was a very light brown shade with different highlights of auburn.  Our facial features were also identical, the same nose, jawline, cheeckbones, forehead and I certainly took after my dad in the cock department.  It felt splendid and I was immensely proud that just like him, my cock was quite large and uncut.  

I guess the only difference were our eye colour, where his were sapphire blue, mine were violet(from mom's side), but there was certainly no fucking doubt that he had indeed fathered me.   

His torso was magnificent and a massive sculpture of long, lean and hard musculature.  An elaborate and finely chiseled combination of wide planes, deep indentations and elegant curves.  Admiringly, my eyes roamed over his bursting pecs, bulging deltoids, flexing lats, hard abdominals and the thick bull neck that spread into broad and heavily muscled shoulders.  His huge and iron-strong arms were covered by a network of visibly-lined, flesh-rippling veins that throbbed and pulsed with blood and life.

My dad was certainly an amazing man to look at and admire.  From the deep drop of his broad and muscle-packed shoulders, to his small waist and his masculine hairiness.  His body was adorned with a luxuriant fur of dark brown and auburn shiny hair, which was almost everywhere on his torso.  The hair even  spread over to the the huge slabs of his steel-hard, and meaty pecs in the pattern of two spiral galaxies that revolved eccentrically around the darkly hued peaks of his large manly nipples.  

And his nipples were the fucking size of large pencil erasers, and these were fucking sexy and yet looked hard, erect and very fleshy.  But his nipples were almost lost in the thick mat of brown and auburn hair. Under his collarbone two currents of virile hair met like rivers that ran high and then flowed down through the deep cleft that divided his muscle-plated upper chest into two parts, and ran still further down over his muscle etched belly clinging to all the curves and ravines of his muscled six-pack, like a dark and frozen waterfall.

Thick and stiff hairs also coated his powerful and muscled arms.  And not just his forearms, but also his impressively developed upper arms, the dark forest of hair even covered the skin above his bulging triceps.  Only the two hard mounds of his grapefruit-sized biceps were hairless and looked therefore even bigger and fatter.  

In my mind, I could picture my father as a dark, mysterious and enigmatic predator.  A hunter that was lurking and stalking his prey, ready to jump and pounce at any second.  A wild and powerful animal, huge and massive in size, yet capable to move and strike at lightning speed, frightening in elegant power and ruthless beauty.

Oh, yeah, this man could cast a spell over anyone.  He could order you around and you would follow him obediently like a lost puppy.  Never turning your eyes away from his hot and muscular body and his huge, awe-inspiring and mammoth cock.

Finally, my dad stood only in his bulging and waaay too small white briefs.  And as he turned around and layed his clothes neatly on my bed, I caught a glimpse of those full high-riding buns, which were only covered by the thin white fabric.  A fabric so well-stretched, that you could clearly see the cleft between his muscular ass-cheeks and with a seam that looked like it would rip apart any second and in my mind I had already seen it happen.

I saw how the worn fabric tore apart and gave way.  I saw myself staring down into the deep crevice that separated those two strong and taut buns and  imagined his ass to be as hairy as his arms, chest and legs.  And so I pictured his ass crack, as a dark precipice filled with brown and wiry dark hair that looked even darker than the hair on the rest of his body because of all the sweat that gathered there.

Suddenly, I felt a big lump in my dry throat and even felt faint.  The fog in the room was getting thicker and thicker.  I desperately wanted to open a window just to get some clean and fresh air in the room when suddenly the phone rang.

My dad smiled at me and excused himself.

"It's probably one of the guys.  I gotta take the call son, but you can go ahead and start undressing.  I'll be right back."

And with that he left the room in his underwear.

I shook my head from side to side and tried to shake this haze that was encircling me.  As I became more aware and focused, I walked over to the window and opened it.  

Aaahh, the fresh air never felt so good.

I looked towards the bed and I saw my dad's shirt just laying there.  Cerberus sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me curiously while wagging his tail. Great, even the fucking wolf felt that something unnatural going on!  

I wanted to pick up my dad's shirt and smell it.  Something dark and impure within me was telling that it was allright to pick it up.  It was some sick and perverse pleasure, a maddening desire that was strongly pushing me to do this unnatural and unhealthy act.

I was about to grab his shirt, but I stopped and froze motionless as a familiar voice, spoke softly in my head.

"Don't do this Bryce.  He is your father, you have to fight this urge...fight it!"

I once again, stood motionless and kept shaking my head side to side.  The voice was right, what the hell am I doing?  He is my father!  I can't do this!  This isn't fucking right!

But this urge was too much to control and way too powerful to deny.  I was sweating buckets, my balls were aching and the feeling in my groin made me  look down and that's when I freaked out!  

Holy fucking shit!  All this time I've had a boner?  Did my dad notice the raging hard on that was clearly visible in my pants?  Did my dad see me in this fucked up condition?

That didn't matter right now, I had to touch his shirt!  I held it in front of me with slightly out-stretched arms, gazing down on it and my mind once again went completely blank.  I could however, clearly hear my dad's voice coming from downstairs.  It was husky, very deep and extremely sexy.

"Yes, dinner is almost ready.  Yeah, the other guys will be here shorthly, so you can start making your way here..."

I realized that my heart was racing like mad and as I picked up the shirt, it felt hot and damp in my hands.  It felt hot because the heat of his body was still in it, and damp because it was soaked with his sweat.  I turned it slowly around in my hands and noticed that his body, that strong, hairy, all-male body had left an amazing variety of marks on the fabric.  There were two elongated stains that were clearly separated by an equally long dry patch that had set atop of his heavily muscled back and even the six-pack on his flat and hard stomach had left a blurred mark on the worn fabric.

And there were of course the two very large stains under the arms, where the material was really soaked, soaked with his sweat.  My fingers traced over the dark spots and I shivered as the fluid coated the sensitive skin on my palm and fingertips.  My breathing became somewhat strained and my whole body became alive with an strange, indescribable and unnatural feeling.  

My flesh prickled with an electric excitement and at the same time fear of what I was doing, but all of this caused my cock to twitch in my briefs.  Slowly I raised the cloth to my face and then everything in me flipped over, I realized that my dick got harder and harder and that it swelled with almost painful rapidity and intensity with every inch my hands and the shirt approached my nose.

I inhaled slowly and my mind reeled as the smell, his smell got stronger and more intense.  And then I did something that never in a million years would have believed I could do...I buried my face in the damp and hot fabric.  I took the deepest breath in my whole life and filled my nostrils and lungs with the heavy scent of my dad's sweat.  

And that did it for me, my dick which was tucked securely away inside my shorts was now rockhard. Actually it had gotten harder and thicker then ever before, engorged to almost agonizing dimensions and it throbbed with uncontrollable excitement as it leaked with pre-cum like a broken fucking faucet, coating my belly and staining my white briefs.

The scent of his shirt, was a mixture of cologne, deodorant, body soap and his overall masculine body. The scent was beyond heavenly, it was smelled amazing and so wonderful that I felt my knees buckle.  I once again, heard the soft voice in my head...

"Bryce, please I beg you to stop this!  Stop this right now, before it's too late!"

Fuck, this voice was annoying!  

But, I already knew that I had already crossed the line and given in to some unholy sin.  I had stopped caring about what was right and wrong, and I knew that I was heading in a downward spiral and straight to hell.  And so I inhaled again, but this time more slowly and pleasurably and with the utmost enjoyment, almost methodically and eager not to miss a single one of all the atoms that contributed to this mind-boggling, male scent.  

Once again, I felt the thickness of my throbbing erection which was painfully confined in my pants.  I heard myself groan and the sound was stiffled since the shirt was all over my face.  Acting on impulse, I opened my mouth and my tongue came out and licked at the soaked fabric.  I was running my tongue over the damp, hot stains again and again, until I had the taste of this dad on in my mouth and on my tongue.

This was even better than his scent, this was more fucking intense.  It tasted salty, more male and I took some parts of his shirt in my mouth and started to chew on it.  I was soaking the shirt with my spit, so that all of his sweat would be washed into my mouth and that I could gulp it down.  I heard myself groan once again deep in my heaving chest, and realized that I had begun to thrust my pelvis forwards and looking for something that I could press into my lap and rub against my achingly hard and jerking dick.  Something that would make me cum, and fuck did I want to cum, right then and there!

I once again heard clearly my dad talking on the phone below.

"Allright then, so we'll see you soon.  Yeah, drive safely..."

Holy Shit!  My dad is on his way up and he can't see me this way!  Panic hit me and I had to find a place to hide while my erection subsided, there was only one place to go...the bathroom.  

I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.  I was sweating so much and  I didn't understand what had come over me?  Why the fuck, was I acting this way?  As I leaned against the door, I could see myself on the bathroom mirror and I had a very strange look on my face.  

My face looked almost possessed, this wasn't me doing this!  The image reflected on the mirror, simply grinned at me and automatically one of my hands came down and pressed against my bulging crotch.

NO!  This isn't fucking right!  I'm not doing this right now!  

But the thing looking at me across the bathroom, simply smiled and nodded, yes.  My right hand had a mind's of it's own and it squeezed my throbbing dick hard and lewdly massaged my balls.  As I leaned against the door, I tried to catch my breath and make sense of what was happening to me.  Why am I acting this way?  Why am I doing this?  But, somehow I couldn't think straight no matter how hard I tried.

The smell, his smell was still in my nostrils and on my hands, it seemed to surround me.  His scent was now filling the bathroom and becoming stronger and stronger, suffocatingly and maddeningly strong, actually.  Looking down at my body, I could see the huge bulge at the front of my pants and I felt the thick shaft throb and jerk while coating my belly with even more sticky pre-cum.  

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on something that would distract me, images of me failing a test, or walking into class naked, seeing one of my teachers naked, anything but this!  But that didn't last long, suddenly images of my dad's overpoweringly strong body raced through my filthy mind.

I saw his broad shoulders tapering down to his small hips and huge bulging pecs that were covered with a thick mat of brown hair glistening in the sun.  His mighty biceps were shining with sweat along with the hard muscles of his flat and hairy stomach.  I saw myself standing in front of this magnificent body and there was sweat everywhere on this man.  Sweat that had appeared on all these bulging and flexing muscles, coating his skin and gathering in drops in the wiry hair on his chest, arms, stomach and legs.
And I was there for a purpose, I was there to lick him clean.  To lap up all this male sweat, to scoop up this smelly fluid with my raspy tongue and gulp it down until his body was shiny with my spit.  And I pictured myself doing this job and doing it well, I was sticking my tongue out enthusiastically while my rockhard dick trembled between my thighs, as I lapped at his goose-fleshed skin.  Running my outstretched tongue over his hairy stomach while dipping into his navel and kissing his sweaty, lemon sized balls.  I felt delirious, as I licked at his strong thighs and sucked at his sweat-drenched crotch hair and arm-pits.

I pictured his taut, deep-dimpling ass-cheeks, flexing and relaxing in turns under the thin fabric.  I saw my dad's huge bull balls that were so tightly confined in his pants and tenting them in a really obscene way.  And I started to fantasize about my dad's cock, which it had now become the object of my affection, his prick was still hidden from my eyes by the thin and well-stretched fabric.  

His leviathan of a cock was so fat and thick, that it was impressive even in it's soft state.  The weight of his colossal monster was arching heavily down to the side in it's own weight.  And in my twisted mind, I saw this jumbo of a cock popping once again from his pants, throbbing and jerking erratically in his right hand. The huge mushroom shaped head was slippery, shiny and oozing pre-cum and my dad was smearing the pre-cum over the smooth and sensitive skin with his long fingers that held the pulsing shaft in a tight grip.  He was squeezing it hard, pumping it and milking it for more pre-cum, while making it swell still harder, thicker and fatter.

That's when I pictured the most depraved image in my mind, so far.  I saw my dad cumming in front of me, shooting his warm sperm right on my face.  I was down on my knees before him, over-awed by the sight of his cock and worshipping him.  He towered above me like a God and he was jerking himself to a fast climax with quick strokes, as his massive bull balls were swinging back and forth between his wide-spread and hairy thighs.  I saw the large ovals of his testicles draw close to their base as he froze, and threw his head back in a silent cry of ecstasy.  

And that's when his precious cum started to erupt out of the gaping piss-slit.  Volleys of glittering thick and white jism appeared, gushing forth like the fountain of a blasting geyser, shooting up and racing through the air approaching me and flying forward towards my face.  I almost felt the impact of crashing globs of jism on my cheek and on my heaving chest.  His warm sperm was hitting my skin and running down in a small rivulets while coating my brow, cheeks and neck with a thick layer of hot, smelly cum...his dad's hot cum.  

His sperm was on my face, neck, chest, it was fucking everywhere on me!  Then quite suddenly the images changed and I saw myself, squatting on my heels again only this time my hands were on his strong hips and my mouth was spread wide open.  My head was bobbing as I sought his giant dick and caught it with my tongue as it snaked it into my hungry and gaping mouth.  My dad thrusted forward until the thick and throbbing shaft went deep down into my throat and my nose was buried in his dark brown crotch-hair.

His big hairy balls were pressed against my chin and his spasming, jerking dick was buried to the hilt in my tight-gripping mouth.  My raspy tongue swirled and washed over the hugeness of his throbbing erection, sending a wave of excitement through his masculine and powerful body.  I saw myself drawing back on the thick shaft that forced my lips wide open, so wide open that my jaws ached and the skin at the corners of my mouth felt like it would tear apart.

My neck was craning and my eyes unblinkingly open, since I wanted to see every movement of his rippling, bulging muscles.  I wanted to observe every fleeting expression on his handsome face and I longed to stare in his lust-glazed eyes, while he began to fuck mercilessly my face.  He was crazy with lust, as he drove his fat, hard dick back into my straining and aching throat with one long and forceful lunge.  He would puul it back quickly, only to shove the huge rod back into me again...and again...and again.

And my hands were busy as my mouth.  They were strocking his hairy body everywhere, kneading his heavily muscled thighs and taut buttocks.  I was enjoying measuring the impressive weight of his huge balls on my open hands.  And with my palms, I would bounce them while closing my fingers around them in a tight grip.  Pulling the sensitive ovals gently down and squeezing them until he would gasp, and his hands would come down hard clamping on my shoulders, while the movement of his hips took completely control of my hard-sucking mouth, impaled by the throat-stretching fullness of his wildly jerking cock.  And he would start pumping with relentless energy, driving and fucking harder and deeper into my wet consuming mouth and my throat was fucking eager to shoot his load into me.

I saw myself wrapping my arms around his thrashing hips and holding him close while I sucked hard, harder and yet harder.  I was determined to make him cum in my mouth like he had never cum before in his fucking life.  Swirling my tongue over the smooth skin of his rockhard, deep-driving dick with ever increasing intensity and working at his throbbing manmeat like a maniac.  Taking him all the way into my throat, tightening every possible muscle to make him cum in my me.  

While these images raced through my mind, I pulled the shirt over my face and inhaled the damp shirt again.  The scent was so overpowering, I simply couldn't control myself, his scent was beyond intoxicating.  And at the same time I fondled myself, stroking my hard on through the straining fabric of my pants.  This was too much for me, I had to cum, had to cum right then and there and with my dad's shirt spread over my face.  

I was almost sobbing with excitement, as I yanked my rockhard cock out of my pants, circling it with trembling fingers and levering all ten fat inches into the open.  The thick shaft jumped and jerked and seemed to swell up even more, as I groaned deep down in my chest and held the rod in my hand for a long moment without moving.  Feeling it's heat and the pulse of my blood in my palms, while slowly inhaling the scent of my dad's sweat.

Quickly, I yanked my shirt up over my pecs with one hand, while exposing my smooth chest and stomach.  At the same time I shoved my pants and briefs down to my knees and breathed deeply.  I grabbed my thick meat, wrapping a tight fist around the base and squeezing the shaft hard.  It jerked and twitched as I moaned and saw more filthy images of my dad's dick.  The sick image of his giant fiery prod, convulsing, spasming and glistening with my spit, deep-driving between my clamping lips, battling with my stroking tongue for room in my wet mouth and ready to explode with a roaring torrent of cum right on my tongue.  

I raised my hand to my mouth and spit a generous glob of slimy saliva into my palm.  I then lowered my hand and wrapped it around my dick, smearing the hot lubricant over the sensitive and steel-hard shaft.  I moaned as my hips thrusted upwards, wanting more of that good and wet feeling making my dick all slickly juiced up.  I started to jack off with rapidly and long strokes, becoming hotter and hotter with a tight-fisted movement.  I jacked, up and down the thick and pulsing shaft and with my free hand, I pressed my dad's shirt down on my face, inhaling deeply and enjoying the strong masculine scent, while groaning with excitement.

My eyes were tightly shut, seeing in my mind the image of dad who drove his hard dick deep down into my straining mouth with relentless force.  I pictured him trembling with the agony of cumming in my hard-sucking mouth.  Whimpering with lust as his hard muscles froze with shiny and dripping sweat, I almost seemed to feel the first explosive spurt of cum shooting out of the swollen, dilated lips of the cockhead and filling my mouth to the point of overflowing.  I saw myself starting to gulp and drink down my dad's hot cum while more of his jism erupted from his throbbing dick, while volley after volley of his cum washed thickly and creamy into my mouth.

My cock jerked in my hand while I licked over my lips again and again, tasting my dad's sweat and my own again and again.  Pre-cum was leaking all over the head and down the pulsing shaft.  I felt that I was going to cum in a few minutes and I was going to cum like I had never cum before.   My breath became fast and short and my guts rolled with insatiable hunger for his hunk of a fucking man, for my own fucking father who had conquered me just by leaving his smelly shirt behind. Words began to form themselves in my head and I began to say them.  It wasn't me doing the talking, even though the words were coming out of my mouth.  

And so I began a soft chant of filthy words while taking sniffs at his shirt in between.  Inhaling the mind-blowing smell of my dad's sweat, my voice shaking with excitement...

"Ohhh...this...this smells so fucking good! unbelievable fucking good!...I' fucking unbelievable fucking hot!"

"I...can't...get enough of your smell, dad.  I want more of you...not just your smell....not just the stinking smell of your sweaty shirt.  Yeah, it's good...very good...that's for sure...but it's not fucking enough...not nearly fucking enough for me!"

"I want more, dad.  Much more...I want to lap at your skin.  fuck, yeah...I want to lick the sweat right from your skin and from your fucking hairy pecs!"

"I want to drive my tongue deep down into your damp, and hairy ass-crack.  I want to lick up all the sweat that has gathered there and lap with my tongue at your clamping and sweaty asshole.  Stroking it...teasing it...and then shove my tongue deep down into your your ass out and rimm your hole with my tongue!"

I had no idea, why this filth was coming out of my mouth.  I could see myself leaning against the bathroom door, and I had this delirious and perverted look on my face.  I had no control over my body and the disgusting words coming out of my mouth...honestly.

"I want you to fuck my face!  Fuck it, hard, deep and fast!  I want you to cum in my mouth...yeah, right in my mouth.  I want you to drown me with your hot cum and force me to gulp it down!"

"I want to gulp down your sticky cum...milking your meat with my mouth...your rockhard my mouth!"

"I want to feel that big cock pulsing, throbbing and spurting hot, boiling cum down my throat!"

"I want to feel your sweat drip down on me, on my face and on my lips which are locked around your giant dick.  And right at the same moment, right then when you cum in me and you give your juice, I will cum too.  I will cum harder then ever before...spraying the floor between your feet...with a sea of cum...globs of my jism everywhere!"

",...I can't hold.. hold back...I'm fucking close now!"

"I'm...gonna cum...cummm...cummm for you, dad!"

"Come on, dad!  Give it to me!  Give your dick!  I wanna taste you!  Feed me your cock...fuck my mouth...and then feed me your cum!"

My body convulsed and trembled and with one quick movement of my hand,  I spread my dad's shirt over my chest and stomach.  I held my hot, jerking dick in my other hand and watched with unblinking eyes, as jets of creamy white and thick spunk blasted out the piss-slit of my dick.  The thick globs of cum sailed through the air and sprayed everywhere.  

My dick resembled the eruption of a volcano.  I imagined something out of the last days of Pompeii, as I sprayed cum all over the bathroom mirror, the countertop, the floor and even the fucking walls.  This was fucking weird, this had never happened to me before, my dick kept having spasms and my balls still felt full, like I still had one or even two healthy young loads still brewing in my balls.  My hand kept jerking my cock for more release, even though I tried telling my hand to stop, but I had no fucking control of my body.

So, I once again fired off my dick and cum went flying into the towels, all over the floor and even the fucking ceeling?  The fucking ceeling?  What the fuck?  

My cum smelled quite strong, stronger than usual, actually.  It was also alot thicker, creamier even in it's viscocity, it kinda resembled white paint...was this fucking normal?  I tried in vain to keep my dick from shooting, but instead got sperm all over my hands, arms, stomach and legs.  Once again, my balls still felt full, how the fuck is that possible?  

And so I came and came and came.  I was moaning and groaning loudly, while my body was writhing.  I was having more severe spasms, while also convulsing and shaking uncontrollably.

I hadn't even realized but my dad's shirt was completely soiled with my sticky, thick cum.  There were spurts of jism everywhere on it, seeping through the worn fabric while adding the smell of my hot cum to the heavy fragance of his sweat.  And I thought that these two male scents blended extremely well.

My balls felt as though my very guts had been shot out of my dick, I felt fucking weak and spent. I fought for my breath while my hands ran over the sticky, soiled shirt that now smelled as strong as me and right at that moment I heard my dad's voice outside of the door:

"Bryce, son?  Are you allright?"  

I froze, closed my eyes and came back into reality.  After a moment of shock and silence, I somehow managed to croak...

"Ye-ah..., I'm just taking a piss..."

Taking a piss?  Is that the best I could do?  Great, now my dad is going to picture me pissing!

OH, MY GOD!  What the hell am I going to do?  I'm trapped in the batroom and covered in cum.  I can't let my father see me this way!  How long had he been in my bedroom?  Did he hear anything?

There was a soft knock on the bathroom door.


"You've been in there for quite some time, son.  You sure, you're fine?"

Oh shit!  I need to clean up.  I can't go out there covered in cum!

"Ummm, yeah.  I'm fine, I'll be right out, dad."

I ran over to grab a towel from the bathroom countertop and almost slipped on the cum that was now covering the entire bathroom floor...shit!  I'm going to have to clean up this later.  I grabbed one of the towels(the one with the least amount of cum) and turned on the faucet.  I used alot of warm water and soap to get cleaned up as best as I could.

All this time, I was worried that my dad was waiting for me outside.  Fuck, I have to hurry up!  Once I looked allright, I combed my hair, splashed cold water on my face and walked towards the door.

I opened the bathroom door and turned crimson-red, as my dad stood outside of the door.  I closed the bathroom door very quickly and felt my heart take a leap.  The man of my newly discovered wet fantasies stood extremely close to me standing bulging white briefs.  And damm, his strong body seemed to vibrate with vitality and raw sexuality.

He smiled at me and looked towards the bathroom.

"You're good?"

I only shook my head and nodded, yes.

"Yeah, when you got to..."

He once again smiled that beautiful smile and finished my sentence.

"You've got to go,...I understand."

I smile and looked at him,...if he only knew.

My dad then casually sat on my bed and patted Cerberus, who was still looking at me suspiciously.  He then threw me a look that made me blush a deep scarlet red colour.  

In the rush of getting out of the bathroom, I had forgotten that I was shirtless and also in my briefs.  My pants were soaked in cum as was my shirt, so I had taken then off and left them in the bathroom.  So, there I stood in front of my father, smelling of lilac soap and half naked.

His gaze was still fixed on me and he seemed to like what he saw?  A faint smile passed quickly over his lips and he raised his eyes-brows quizzically while his eyes roamed freely over my exposed chest, legs, back and buttocks.

"Wow...look at you.  You're not a little boy anymore, are you?"  

My dad gave his voice a deliberate sexy tone at the end of the sentence.  I had to clear my voice before I could speak again and I was trying to prevent myself from moving my hips because I still feel a bit of cum trickled down my inner thigh.  I froze, blushed, gulped down hard and looked up at him while the small rivulet of cum that slowly crept down my left leg, gave me goose-flesh all over my body.

For fuck sakes!

" could say"

I mimicked his blurred tone, thus putting a strange emphasis on the end of my sentence too.  He looked at me really puzzled for a brief moment, taken aback by the sudden change in my attitude and smiled at me.

My dad was looking at me in a strange way.  At first it was just a short glance out of the corner of his eyes, but then he looked at me again right away.  He leaned closer to the edge of the bed, and with his thickly muscled arms crossed in front of his wide and hairy chest.  His gaze firmly on me and that stopped me short in my tracks.  I guess that it was not just that he realized I was bare-chested, but I felt that something more important happened during these brief seconds.

He looked at me, as if he took notice of me for the very first time.  I mean really took notice of me as a young man, you know...not as a fucking child, not as his son, but as someone who was in some way...well, his equal.  His face was still without any overt expression, but I sensed that his mind was suddenly set on other things and that he was surprised, really surprised by my sight, as if a stranger suddenly claimed to be his son.  He saw me, knew that it was me, but yet had difficulties to recognize me, his son...Bryce.

Slowly his eyes roamed over my shoulders, my arms, my bare and smooth chest, my bulging pecs that flexed involuntarily under his scrutinizing gaze, my flat stomach and even further down to my crotch and to my hairy, muscular thighs.  Nervously, I crossed my legs to hide the gleaming trail of cum that sneaked down at the back of my left thigh.  

Still, his eyes were set on my almost naked body, and then I suddenly realized that I liked to be looked over like that.  I felt his gaze on my skin like a touch that sent tiny, and pleasurably sparks of excitement throught my body.  And that made my heart beat faster and faster and my chest swell with joy and pride.

Also my nipples got hard and the hairs on my arms started to stand on end, it felt great; I felt fucking great! And I decided at that moment, that I wanted to feel like this again.  If it meant that I had to show off my body, then I would do it!  I vowed to do it, right then and there!  I inhaled deeply, while flexing my muscular pecs once again and smiled at dad broadly.  Our eyes locked for a moment and then the vaguely surprised expression in his eyes disappeared.

He smiled at me too, warmly and nodded at me for no apparent reason as if silently approving of something I had achieved or done extremely well.  And so I felt very proud and pleased that he was obviously pleased with me.  but then my dad reverted his eyes and the very special moment that we had silenty shared was over.

"That's my boy!  Well, that was Nial MacDuff on the phone.  He's on his way right now and the rest of the guys should be coming over soon, so we'll have to dress quickly."

"So, this is what we'll be wearing tonight..."

My dad pointed to the kilt and other items on neatly displayed on the bed.

He was about to say something, when he froze and his eyes caught the attention of something.

"Bryce, what is that around your neck?"

He lunged forwards towards me and stood extremely close to me.  I guess my dad didn't know the meaning of personal space, because our bodies were so close that I could even hear the faint sound of his heart beat, and smell the soft scent of his cologne.

"You mean this?"

I held the silver medal pendant on my right hand and his eyes shone brightly as he looked at it.  Was he angry? upset? I don't know...

"It's a silver medal of St.Michael the Archangel."

He would look at the silver medal and then at me.  Back and forth, back and forth...why is he acting this way?

"Son, who gave you this silver medal?"

I looked at my medal and raised my brow.

"It was a gift from all the teachers of St.Andrew's.  It was given to me by the Dean of the school, Father Donald Callahan."

Something was wrong.  His smile was gone and the tone of his voice spoke volumes.

"Dad?  Are you allright?  Does the medal offend you?"

My dad gave me a nervous smile and nodded his head.

"No, son.  I'm just surprised at the gesture of the school.  I mean, that looks like a very expensive gift for a young man."

Why is he lying?  What is he keeping from me?

"Well, Bryce...I can keep that medal in a safe place if you want.  I mean, you wouldn't want to lose it up here, would you?"

I nodded my head.  He was right, I wouldn't want to lose it, but I really liked my medal and I didn't want to give it up.

"Ummm, no thanks dad.  I'll keep it with me, I don't plan on losing it and besides the chain looks like it is very strong."

My dad was eyeing the medal and then the chain.

"Yes, it is a very strong chain that they gave you..."

His eyes looked hurt...

"Allright, son.  If you want to wear it...that's fine."

My dad turned away and walked over to the bed.  He picked up the kilt and held it in his huge hands.

"So, let's start then, the kilt is a traditional garment of Scotland.  Your ensemble for tonight consists of the kilt ofcourse, a belt, jacket, ghillie brogues, kilt pin, hose with flashes, sporran(which is a type of pouch) and the sgian dubh, which is a small sheathed knife that is worn in the top of the right hose.  The word sgian dubh comes from the Gaelic meaning, black knife."

"Now, the word Clan is the Gaelic word for family, and these clans belonged to the Highlands of Scotland.  In simple terms, clan society evolved from earlier Celtic tribes and each clan had it's own land-owning Chief, who would then lease his land to poorer families.  These families would rent the land from the land-owning Chief and in return for this they got the protection.  The clansmen would pledge their allegiance and when called upon, would turn out to fight in the Chief's private army."

"Well, I don't want to bore you with a history lesson, Bryce.  But, the most important thing to remember when wearing the Highland evening dress is that it represents a proud heritage...your heritage.  Is that clearly understood?"

I nodded and understood what he meant, don't fuck it up!  I was paying so much attention to what my dad was saying, that I hadn't noticed that Cerberus was acting strangely.  My dad's eyes followed mine and he also saw Cerberus all agitated and jumpy.

Cerberus kept sniffing the air in the room and was getting more agitated by the minute.  That's when I remembered that dogs have a strong sense of smell and this was no dog, this was a fucking wolf!  So, he must be getting high on the scent of my cum that now drenched the entire bathroom.

My dad walked over to the bathroom and stopped right in front of the door.  While smiling and looking at me, he patted Cerberus head and said.

"Allright boy, calm down.  Look Cerberus, if you can't behave, you're going to have to wait outside."

Cerberus was looking at me and then at my dad.  Fuck this wolf, he's going to ruin everything!

"Allright, let's go boy...outside.  Bryce and I will be right out Cerberus, now go and patrol or do something..."

And with that my dad closed the bedroom door, while I heard Cerberus whine and head downstairs.  Phew...that was way too fucking close.

"Allright, where did I leave off?"

My dad walked over to the bed and did a very strange thing.  He raised his head high and took a sniff of the air in the room as he looked towards the bathroom. He didn't say anything, he simply grinned and continued with his instructions.

"Now comes the shirt and you should only wear a white, plain style collared shirt.  Either with a button or cuff link style and try to keep the shirt simple.  So that means no pleats at all, or any colour trimmings and the shirt should also be worn with a black bow tie.  Once you got your shirt on, put on the kilt  and slide your hands up, and under the kilt and pull the shirt down as far as it will go."

I copied my dad in all his movements and felt like I was five years learning how to dress appropriately.

"Then you can put on the kilt hose, garters and your black leather shoes.  The hose turnover should be above the calf, but not covering any part of the lower knee.  Never, ever wear white kilt hose, which is regarded by many as an abomination and should only be worn by pipe bands.  Cream hose is acceptable as are any colours that tone in with the jacket or kilt.  Diced or tartan hose can also be worn."

"If you wish to wear a sgian dhubh, then it is normally worn in the right stocking.  It can be worn on the left leg if you are left-handed.  Are you left-handed son?"

I shook my head from side to side.

"No, I didn't think so.  Remember that this is a weapon and like any weapon, it should be treated with respect, yet also be accessible to you.  Now this this sgian dhubh used to belong to your Grandfather, it has alot of sentimental value to it, so please don't lose it."

I looked at my dad and carefully held my Grandfather's knife in my

"As for your footwear, the smartest footwear with evening dress is undoubtedly buckle brogues.  When I spoke to your mom a way back, she told me that you're a size 11 in dress shoes, is that correct?"

I nodded.

"Ummm yeah, size 11 in dress shoes will fit fine."

My dad handed me my black leather brogues and they had that brand new smell.  The smell of new leather and they were heavily polished, that they shone in the light.

"'re going to turn fifteen years old and already a size 11.  You're going to be a very big boy, Bryce..."

I smiled and noted his deliberate sexy tone once again at the end of the sentence.

"Yeah...I guess"

I had to mimick him once again.  And so I also put a stong emphasis at the end of my sentence too.  He once again looked at me and happily smiled at me.

"The kilt comes next and this is worn firmly by the straps and buckles at the waist.  The hem should come to the crest of the kneecap thus showing the knee."

"The sporran strap should be put through the sporran loops at the back of the kilt and with the chains, it should be brought forward to attach them to the rings at the rear of the sporran. You then adjust the hang of the sporran by means of the rear strap and buckle.  It is most important that the sporran is worn high and not midway down the front apron."

"Last but not least, the coatee and vest should then finish the evening Highland dress outfit.  And look at us, a pair of heartbrakers, eh?"

I looked at myself in the mirror and then at my dad, he looked incredibly handsome.  I, on the other hand looked like I was an extra for the movie Braveheart.
I felt kinda dumb, like it was Halloween and I was dressed up to go trick-or-treating...

My dad took a blue velvet box from his jacket pocket.  It was beautifully decorated with our family emblem and tied with a white satin bow.

"These, Bryce are the final touch to your ensemble and they both have a very special meaning."

I held the satin box in my hands and untied the bow.  As I opened the box, I could see a beautiful chrome brooch of a peacock.

"What you have in your hand, is your animal symbol.  It is a brooch that you wear on the right shoulder and for generations all Mackenzie men start of with the peacock as their symbol."

I inspected the gorgeous brooch and I was beyond speechless at the amazing detail.  A majestic peacock, set with brilliant cut diamonds, amethyst for eyes and emeralds for it's tail feathers.  The crest of the bird was set with sapphires and radiant rubies.  The peacock stood on a branch of flowers and these were made from were pink sapphires and

There was a latin inscription below, that read.

"Immortal, incorruptible, chaste and always pure of heart"
"The peacock is a symbol of purity, virginity and chastity, and we all begin pure..."

My dad lovingly stroked my right cheek and ran his index finger over my lips.  He then took the brooch out of the box and pinned it on my right shoulder.

"The Celts had a strong bond to the powers of nature, and they would call forth the unfathomable powers of these natural beasts to attempt to understand the otherwise incomprehensible natural cycles of the Earth.  So, they looked to the beasts of the earth, sky, and sea to find teachers, friends and healers.  Along with this fascination and almost worship of animal symbols, the Celts revered Nature itself, be it in the form of plants, animals, or elements."

"And so the Celts believed the animals were there to teach them how to live in harmony with Nature itself.  And it was through animal symbols, that they sought to commune with both the seen and the unseen."

"So, my dear Bryce these brooches that you'll see everyone carry, they represent a person's true personality in animal form.  In time my son, your animal symbol will shine through.  So have patience son, your animal symbol will appear, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, next month or in a few years, but you will see it."

My dad smiled warmly at me, as he towered over me and played with my hair and that's when I noticed my dad's brooch.  His was of a wolf baying at the moon and the wolf had emeralds for it's eyes.  The latin inscription underneath read,

"Teacher of new ideas and wisdom.  Intensely loyal, deeply passionate, gentle and with a balance of independence."

The other item inside of the box was a gold pin of a sword with my birthstone, the amethyst.

"The kilt pin, Bryce is worn in the lower right corner of your kilt(above your right knee).  The pin helps to give the front apron a little weight to keep the apron down when the wind gusts."

I looked down and saw my dad's kilt pin.  He had the same sword, only with an emerald as his birthstone.

"Allright, so just a few more things that I want to clear up.  Ruffles are not suitable to wear with the coatee and vest.  If you have any medals for example, then they are to be worn on the left breast and these should be miniatures.  Waist belts with a silver buckle are not required when wearing a waistcoat, but if you wish to wear a belt then it is recommended you have the kiltmaker sew on two, two-and-a-quarter inch belt loops beside the sporran loops at the back to avoid the belt slipping up and over the top of the kilt, creating discomfort and continual adjustment."

"And in case someone(and it will happen) inquires as to what do you wear under the kilt?"

I smiled at my dad and already knew the answer.  Although, if my dad and I wore briefs...did Uill wear boxers, briefs or did he go commando?   

"There's a saying son, that goes..."You're not a real Scot unless you're bare under your kilt.  Well, this saying should be thrown into the same wastepaper basket as "You're not a real Scot unless you put salt on your porridge", but it's a humorous subject that's always guaranteed to raise a giggle or even a shriek...sometimes even an argument!"

"Traditionally of course, nothing was worn under the kilt.  That tradition was passed on to the Scottish regiments and nothing was worn under the kilt in military circles unless dancing was involved, or public-access parades were taking place in high winds.  So, you really have a choice to wear or not to wear boxer shorts or briefs.  Common sense and a regard for others should rule the day and remember, it's one thing to go 'bare' when hill walking but to do the same when attending an evening function that involved vigorous dancing, could lead to the charge of exhibitionism and scant consideration for the social comfort of others."

The doorbell rang and our guests had arrived.  My dad must have noticed my nervousness and he simply put his right hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said.

"These are my closest and best friends, son.  There is no reason for you to be or feel nervous around them.  Always remember that they will always be there for you, if I'm not around.  They are like family...actually better."

I nodded and sighed.  I watched my dad walked out of the room looking so handsome and always with a smile on his face.

Well, it's showtime...

Downstairs the commotion and noise was deafening.  Cerberus was jumping all over the place and barking like mad.  I stood next to my dad and one by one, greeted our guests.

The first one to come through the door was a giant and Titan of a man.  He wore a gold medal around his neck with his family crest and colours.

"Bryce, I'd like you to meet Nial Patrick MacDuff.  I don't know if your mother ever brought it up, but he's also your Godfather."

I blushed and remembered that my mom had mentioned that a long time ago.  She had also mentioned that Mr.MacDuff had been my father's best man at his wedding, but she sensed something strange in him and didn't quite trust him.

"Yes, hello Mr.MacDuff.  How are you this evening?"

Mr.MacDuff was a Goliath of a man.  He was a bit taller than my father, so he must be at least 6'7 ft and a very good looking mature man.  He was probably around 55 or so and his hair was still jet black hair with greying at the temples.  He had emerald green eyes, rosy/red cheeks and his beard was mostly black but with a dusting of silver and grey on his chin.

As I shook his gigantic hand, I could feel his rough, manly and very calloused hands.  I guess all those years working at the logging company would do that to you.

"Mr.MacDuff?  I used to change your diapers, Bryce.  Call me Nial, or Godfather...even MacDuff sounds fine.  Just, please don't call me mister.  You used to call me MacDuck when you were a wee lad...even that's good."

A boisterous and loud raucous broke out and everyone started laughing.

"Allright, Sir...I mean, Godfather.  Ummm...MacDuff..."

My dad stood next to Mr.MacDuff and both giants were eyeing me up and down.

"Nial is the Foreman in my company and he's been with me since the very beginning.  Isn't that right? you old bastard?"

Mr.MacDuff laughed out loud and nodded.

"Yes, that's true Bryce.  I've been with your dad through the good times and the bad.  One example of the good times and the bad, are your many marriages and divorces your father has been through, right...Ryan?"

My dad threw Nial a wicked smile and shook his head side-to-side.

As Mr.MacDuff towered above me, he patted me hard on my back and in a booming voice, bellowed.

"Shit, Ryan...will you look at how much your boy's grown?  And he's only fourteen...damm.  You're growing in all the right places, aren't you lad?"

I blushed, as I felt another heavy pat on my back.

Nial's clan colours were yellow and green and his animal brooch was the eagle.  The latin inscription on the brooch read,  

"Fearsome, noble protector, carrier of prayers, visions and spirits."
 The eagle had brilliant and fiery honey-yellow topaz for it's eyes.  His kilt pin was also a sword but with his family's crest and in the middle of it, his birthstone...the topaz.

The next person that walked through the door was a tall brown haired guy.  The first thing that I noticed about him were the colour of his eyes.  His gorgeous eyes had a very dramatic contrast, a bold green colour with two different shades of blue flecks.  And I swear that when he looked at you, you'd think he was looking right trough you and he looked young for his age, he was at least in his late 30's.

"Son, this is Ewen Alexander Macleod.  His clan and ours go waaay back, isn't that right, Macleod?"

MacLeod Family Crest, Coat of Arms

Again, Ewen carried his family crest around his neck and as he smiled warmly, he shook my hand.  His clan colours were dark green and blue.  His kilt pin was also a sword but with his family's crest and in the middle of it, and his birthstone...the aquamarine.

"Aye, brother.  Our bloodline is an ancient one, as are our great families."

Ewen had a very sexy and thick Scottish accent.  He kinda sounded like the way the actor Sean Connery speaks...except sexier.

"Ewen, here is our I.T. guy at work and he's been working at the company for a good couple of years.  He's a nerd and has an infatuation for technology, but don't hold that against him."  

The animal symbol on his chrome brooch was the falcon.  The latin inscription read,

"Ever persistent, a natural born leader, always compassionate...yet vain."

Vain?...really?  He's very handsome, so I can see why his inscription would say that, but I can't believe that.  I mean, is it true that a person's personality shines through his animal symbol, as my dad had said?

"Well Bryce, it's so good to finally meet you.  Welcome to the clan, my little brother."

Ewen said all that so sexy that I felt butterflies in my stomach...little brother...cute.

The next one through the door was a platinum blonde stud.  There was no other way to describe this gorgeous guy, he was so fucking built and so blonde that even the hairs on his arms and eyelashes were pale blonde in colour.

"Son, this is Iain Louis de Lyon, our accountant."

Lyon Family Crest, Coat of Arms


Wow...he spoke french.

I shook his hand and stared at his opaque, baby blue eyes.

"Tout le plaisir est pour moi."

Iain raised his brow and beautifully smiled.  I guess, I caught him by surprise when I answered back in french.

"Vous parle français?"

He gave me a big cheerful smile and kept shaking my hand as he spoke.  

"Oui, j'ai fait du français à l'école pendant des années."

His eyes seemed to give a softly glow.  Iain seemed very pleased at my effort to communicate in his native tongue.

Iain's clan colours were royal blue and white.  His animal symbol on his brooch was the elk and the latin inscription read,

"Strength, agility, freedom, power and nobility."

His kilt pin, however was different.  It was of a lion in royal blue and with french fleur-de-lys, a diamond as his birthstone and with the latin inscription,

"King of Arms"

Iain was about to say something, when Uill rudely pushed him out of the way and interrupted him.

"Move your bastard, français ass out of the way Iain.  I've been standing at the damm door for the last ten fucking minutes!"

My dad gave Uill a displeased look, but Uilleam's beautiful eyes were focused on one

"And last but not least son, our pilot...Uilleam Andrew McFarlane.  Which you've already had the pleasure to meet, I'm sure."

MacFarlane Family Crest, Coat of Arms

Uill stood by the door looking extremely handsome and grinning from ear to ear.  His family crest hung around a golden chain, and the vibrant red colours were dazzling to my eyes.

"Yes, he has...well, hello Grendel.  Look at you, you look great tonight."

Uill's tartan colours were a bright red and green.  His animal symbol was the fox, ofcourse and his birthstone the emerald.

The latin inscription under his brooch, read.

"Cunning, provider, strategy, quick thinking, wisdom, intelligence."

Uill pushed his way through all the other guests and right into my face.  I smiled as I looked up at those dreamy and soft pearl grey eyes.

"Yes...we've met.  Thank you, you clean up very well, yourself."

And for some reason that I can't fully comprehend or explain, I wanted to touch him.  He was so close to me that I wanted to stroke his rosy cheeks.  His smile was angelic and beautiful...and I got lost in those gentle grey eyes.


I came out of a daze to find everyone looking at the two of us suspiciously.  My dad especially was not at all pleased, he had his arms crossed and was giving Uill a look of pure discontent.

"Yes, that everyone has gotten acquainted, shall we head off to the patio where dinner shall be served."

Everyone made their way out into the patio, while Uill and I stayed back.  We watched silently as they all marched into the patio and out of sight.  I felt Uill grab me by my waist and gave me the most passionate kiss, right on the lips.

I think I saw stars and all of the constellations in the heavens.  Here was a man grown, adult man kissing me and I didn't mind.  Actually, I pressed harder against him and wanted to taste him even more!

"Whoa, young Mackenzie.  We're in your father's house and we must show some respect.  There will plenty of time get better acquainted."

And with that our lips parted.  I was left tasting his sweetness on my lips and I had a hard on that was harder than steel.  Uill simply walked away and blew me a kiss in the air...damm!

When I joined everyone outside, the table was all set and ready.  My dad had gone to great lenghts and everything looked superb.  My dad and MacDuff, were setting the table with the meat dishes and the sight of seeing lamb chops, stuffed rabbit and marinated quail, kinda turned my stomach inside out.  I was going to behave and eat whatever vegetarian dish my dad had whipped up in the last ten minutes.

But my dad surprised the hell out of me, when I saw my dishes.  One was Portobello mushroom and potato salad and the second, Zucchini with Miso Vinaigrette...yummy!

As we were all sat down in our seats.  My dad grabbed a bottle of red wine and smiled in my direction.

"I've been saving this bottle for the last 14 years and it was reserved for a very special occassion.  It's finally time to open it and I'd like to propose a very special toast."

As I sat at the other end of the table, I could see Uill looking at me and smiling.  The bottle of wine that my dad held in his hand, was a Château Pétrus which sold for at least $1,600 a bottle and is probably the world's most expensive red wine.  I knew this because it was a favourite of my grandparents to drink and boy, did they love to drink it.

"To my son, Bryce Skye Mackenzie.  May his coming birthday be filled with much happiness, many blessings and may he inherit the special gift.  May he find wisdom, patience, compassion, understanding and enlightenment in his path towards the future."

Everyone on the table raised their glasses and in unison, shouted out.

"To Bryce!"

Time passed very quickly and the dinner was very enjoyable and delicious.  Everyone on the table was having a good time and laughing.  The guys talked about  work, politics and ofcourse sports.  There were plenty of questions directed at me, in regards to my future plans about school, the courses I was taking and so on.

It was around 10:30 p.m. when my dad and MacDuff started to clear out the table.  Ewen and Iain were drinking like fish and arguing about their favourite hockey teams.  I was enjoying my second glass of wine and my head felt a little bit dizzy.  I noticed Uill getting up from his chair and started walking towards me.

"Hey there, Grendel.  So, how did you enjoy the dinner being held in your honour?"


"Well, it was very nice.  My dad did a great job, the food was terrific and the company..."

Uill, caught me off and smiled.

"Mediocre, common, so-so...I can go on Grendel."

His cuteness made me laugh and smile, I really felt at ease with him.  Ewen and Iain must have heard us laughing, because they stopped arguing and looked in our direction.

Uill sighed and took my hand.

"C'on Grendel, follow me.  Two's company,...four's a fucking crowd."

Ewen and Iain stood up from their chairs as we were about to walk away.

"Uilleam, a word brother."

Ewen called Uill over.  Uill patted me on the head and gave Ewen a serious look.

"Be right back, Grendel.  Stay put and don't move."

I wouldn't think of it, I wanted to be with him.  As Uill joined Ewen and Iain, he kept looking over his shoulder and towards me.  I could barely hear what they were talking about, but Uill didn't seem to like it.

"Allright, enough!"

Uill left them quickly and obviously pissed off.  As he walked towards me, he grabbed me by the hand, pulled me up from the chair and we took off.

"Don't go too far, Uilleam!"

That sounded like Ewen who shouted out.

"Hey Uill, what's going on?  Where are we going?"

Uill sighed and stroked my cheek.

"Someplace, where we can have some fucking privacy, Bryce."

After running along many paths, we ended up in my dad's Zen Garden.  I'm still shocked at the size of this place and all the beauty that it hides.

All this time Uill was strongly holding onto my hand and I could feel the sweat of his hand running into mine, I tighten my grip on his hand and he did the same.  I couldn't believe that this handsome man had any interest in me, a fucking kid.  Uill was gorgeous and could have any guy he wanted, but he wanted to be with!  I felt a connection between us that was hard to put into words or even describe.

We crossed over a wooden bridge and followed a pebble path that led into a long and narrow pond.  The pond had a small cascade and was sorrounded with fragrant azaleas pruned to simulate rolling hills.  There was even a small, adjacent tea house on the western shore and from here you had a dramatic view of a dark, gloomy and majestic mountain.

As I tried to catch my breath, I looked up at Uill, and wondered what had him acting this way.

"Are you allright, Uill?"

Uill tood a deep breath and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm"

"Yes, I'm good.  Well, this looks like a pretty secluded place and just look at the view.  Uill, what is that mountain called?"

Uill looked north and in my direction.

"That Bryce, is Witch mountain and you must promise me that you'll stear clear of it.  Promise me?"

I furrowed my brow and my throat felt parched and dry.

"What?  What's going on, Uill?  Why are you acting so strange and what do you mean by stear.."

Uill put his big index finger on my lips and shushed me.

"Hush, little Prince.  Now, listen Bryce we don't have a lot of time."

As I looked at those shimmering pearl grey eyes, I wanted so much to kiss him.  I know he was trying to tell me something important, but I couldn't concentrate. I wanted him badly, very, very badly.  

So, enough with all this fucking modesty.  And with that I lunged at him and our lips met...the kiss was electrifying.

This was my first kiss and I couldn't have picked a better man than Uill to be my first.  My tongue was so far down his mouth, that the poor guy was trying to push me off.  Well that wasn't going to happen, I wanted more of him...much more!  I was drinking his spit and I wanted to taste everything...every-fucking-thing that Uill had to give me!

"Bryce, please...Bryce, you must control yourself!"

Uill was desperately trying to push me away.  But, I was so hungry for him that I grabbed him by his shirt and ripped it right off.  His chiseled and well-defined hairy chest was now fully exposed in the moonlight.

"Listen Bryce...whatever happens tonight, you must remember that I'd never let anything happen to you."

I stopped wrestling with him and tried to calm down.  I came around my senses and sat on a nearby boulder.

"Uill, you're not making any sense..."

His eyes looked worried, sad even.

"I have to be leaving soon, the guys as well.  But, I'll be here for you, when you need me.  Please try to remember that..."

I looked at my watch and it was now 11:00 p.m.

"You're leaving now?  But it's only..."

We heard a rustle coming from the bushes and Uill sushed me.  Uill kept looking straight into the bushes and even smelled the air?

Cerberus jumped out, wagging his tail and started barking loudly.

"'s your fucking watchdog.  That means your dad will be here soon, so I need you to listen.  No matter what happens tonight, stay focused and don't be not be afraid, Bryce."

I was going to ask him what the hell he meant by that.  But, as I opened my mouth, I heard my dad's deep baritone voice coming from the bushes.

"Ahhh, so there you guys are."

Uill sighed and looked upset when looking at my dad.

"I guess Uilleam just wanted to show you the Zen garden.  Is that right Uill?"

Uill didn't answer my dad.  You could feel the tension in the air and this wasn't good.  My dad had his eyes solely focused on Uill and vice versa.  I didn't want this to get out of hand, or even worse have my dad forbid me from seeing Uill, so I had to intervene.

"Ummm, yeah.  Uill wanted to show me the grounds and I told him how much I loved japanese gardens.  Sooo...nice job, dad."

I don't think my dad even paid attention to what I had said.  Uill and my dad were still silently staring at each other.  So, it was up to me again to say something and try to avoid what looked like a very ugly scene.

"Sooo, should we start heading back?"

My dad finally looked my way and smiled.

"Yes, we should.  The rest of the guys are going to be wondering where we are."

Uill nodded and winked at me.  

I didn't know how to act around Uill, now that my dad was around.  Would my dad suspect anything, would he do something to Uill?

But, Uill shocked the hell out of me and made the first move.  

And as we headed back to the cabin, he once again gently stroked my cheek.  I felt that my entire body convulsed into flames, as I felt Uill's touch.  I thought my dad would freak out and jump Uill for what he had done, but he didn't...  

I sighed in relief, as I saw my dad had fallen behind and was now playing fetch with Cerberus.  Thank-God, he didn't see anything!

"So, you won't forget what I said, Bryce?"

I looked back and my dad was now picking up his pace.

"Ummm, no.  I got it, but what did you mean by all that?  Afraid...afraid of what?"

Uill was about to answer me, when my dad suddenly appeared at my side.

"So, Son...did you like your food?  I haven't had much experience with vegan dishes, but I hope you liked it."

"Yeah, dad.  It was great...thank-you."

By the time we got back to the cabin, the guys were drinking coffee and telling jokes.  Once we walked in, silence took over and all eyes were on us.

"Ahhh, so there you are you son-of-gun.  Did you forget that you were the designated driver, Uill?"

It was MacDuff that broke the tension in the air, but there was something about the way in which he said all that...

"No, ofcourse not.  How am I going to forget, that I have to drive a bunch of wasted, and annoying drunks home?"

Ewen gave Uill the middle finger, while Iain muttered in french.

"Va te faire enculer..."

That translated into something really rude and crude.

They all started to make their way to the door, and my dad and I thanked them for coming.  Uill was ofcourse the last one to leave, and as Uill waved goodbye my dad practially slammed the door on his face.


I walked over to the patio and cleared what was left of the dishes on the table.  My dad was standing at the door and watching me, I could feel his eyes digging into my skull.

"I'm sorry that Uill and I took off, dad."

My dad walked over to me and sat on a nearby chair.

"That's allright.  Do you like him?"

The cup and saucer that I held in my hand fell on the floor and shattered by my feet.  Oh my God...

"Ummm, I'm sorry?"

My dad sat back on his chair and crossed his massive and hairy arms.  The candles on the table lit up his face and his face looked very serious.  The moonlight bathed his body with an eerie blue glow.

"Do-you-like, Uilleam?"

I was fucking speechless.  I couldn't answer him, my mind was making up words and sentences, but nothing was coming out.  I was trembling and my knees felt weak.  I closed my eyes and wished Uill was by my side.

"It's a simple question, son.  What's the matter, did the cat got your tongue or did Uill get it first?"

When my dad said that, I honestly felt my heart stop.  

I was petrified and couldn't even move.  I felt my young life flash quickly before my eyes, I could also feel cold sweat coming down my back, and I thought I was going to fucking faint.

"Relax Bryce, you really need to learn to relax.  You've lost that healthy, rosy colour in your cheeks and I know that Uilleam wouldn't want that.  I know how much he likes to touch them, dosen't he?"

Oh God...I'm going to throw up.

"Dad...I'm so sorry..."

My dad stood up and towered above me.  I closed my eyes thinking that he was going to punch me or worse.

"Bryce,'s allright, I'm not upset.  Uill, however has a gift for causing that affect on young guys like you."

I opened one eye and then the other, slowly.  By now, I was expecting a fist or getting yelled at, or even worse being called a faggott but nothing happened.

"Bryce, leave the cleaning up for later.  Why, don't we go for a walk?  I think it's time that you and I had a father and son talk..."

Father and son talk?  What is he going to tell me?

My dad, Cerberus and I walked the same path that Uill and I had taken.  We were now heading for the beautiful Zen gardens and God knows what I was in for.

We sat on a wooden bench and looked towards the direction of Witch Mountain.  The full moon gave it a very eerie and spooky glow, and the fog coming down from the mountain didn't make it at all inviting.

"Dad?  Why is it called Witch Mountain?"

My dad casually looked at me and then the mountain.

"Because, that's where the Valmont witches live."

I laughed and looked at the mountain.

"Yeah, sure."

My dad stood up and smiled at me.

"Bryce,'ll learn about a different world.  A world that is like no other, a magical place that is often not seeing by mere mortals."

I gave my dad a look of pure confusion.

"Ummm, okay."

"Bryce, I'm very serious.  I want you to pay attention to what I'm about to say, next."

I nodded my head and was expecting some joke, but my dad had a very serious and solemn look on his face.

"See that bridge over there, Bryce.  That bridge leads to the mainland and towards the beach.  Once you cross over the bridge, you'll find signs nailed trees that show the way to the beach, so you can't get lost.  Once you get to the beach, you'll find a canoe and in the canoe you'll find a map, flashlight, flares, lifejacket, GPS, food and a cell phone."

I had my mouth open and was trying to understand...

"Dad is this about Uill and I?  Are you kicking me out?"

My dad shook his head and started to take off his shirt.

"No, son...not at all.  But, it is time that I show you what we are and what I hope you'll become on the eve of your birthday."

I sat there looking at my dad without his shirt and that feeling, that uncontrollable and unnatural feeling stirred within me.

"There is no easy way to say this son, no matter how prepared one is.  So, I'll just come out and say, it...I'm a werewolf."

I heard him, but I didn't understand him.

"Ummm...what?  Is this a joke?"

My dad sighed and nodded his head.

"No,'s not.  I'm a werewolf, your grandfather is a werewolf, your great-great-grandfather is also a are all my friends...including Uill."

I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.  This must be a piss poor idea of a joke.

"I get it!  You're fucking with me, right?  Is this a fucking joke?"

"Now, Bryce.  There is no need for that kind of language and no son, this is not a joke."

I stood up and slowly backed away from my dad.
"This is not funny, dad.  I mean, If you want to joke around that's fine, but don't do it at my expense."

My dad's face resembled the same hurtful look that Uill had just a few minutes ago.

"The reason I'm telling you all of this Bryce, it's because today it's your birthday.  It's saturday now and you're fifteen years old.  If I'm right, then most likely you carry the lycan gene in your blood, and the cycle of the werewolf starts at the age of fifteen for most young males."


My dad raised his hands in the air and took a step back.

"Calm down, Bryce.  Please, just calm down...this is reason why I wanted you to spend your summer with me.  It was crucial that you were here on your birthday.  You had to be with me to walk you through this, your mother dosen't know about this.  She dosen't know about me, my friends and perhaps...I'll leave this up to you, but she dosen't need to know about you, either."

I tried to cover my ears with my hands, but he just kept talking.


I took several steps back and was now scared shitless.

"I want you to get away from me!  I knew, I shouldn't have was right, you are fucked up!"

I didn't regret it, when I said it.  I mean, the man who called himself my father thought that he was a fucking werewolf!

"But, I am son and so are you.  Search deep down inside of you, and you'll know that it's true."

His voice was inside my head.  How is this fucking possible?

"It's possible, Bryce because as an Immortal, you will inherit many powers that mortal men could only dream of.  Telephathy is just one power that.."


My dad took one step towards me.  I tried to get away from him, but I tripped on a rock and fell backwards.


"Bryce, try to understand that I mean no harm.  You're my son, my blood...I would never hurt you."

I wanted Uil beside me.  I needed Uill to save me from this deranged lunatic!

"I'm sorry son, if I'm scaring you, but that is certainly not the intention.  And as I said earlier there really was no easy way to tell you this.  You are a werewolf, every male son born to a Mackenzie has carried the lycan gene in their blood.  It was better that you learned about what you are, and what you will become from one of your own kind, especially from your father.  I will be your teacher and teach you everything you need to know, you will not face this alone.  And now, I must prove to you that I'm not bullshitting you..."

My dad who was now shirtless, started to get undressed under the moonlight.  He took off his kilt, belt, jacket, ghillie brogues, hose and even the fucking  sporran off.  He set his sgian dubh carefully on top of his clothes, and now stood only in his tight white briefs looking massive and imposing.

He flexed his muscles and stretched and with his right hand, he pointed towards the bridge.

"Remember son, when you run, towards the beach."

That's all he said.  And that's when all hell broke lose.

My dad raised his head and his massive arms towards the sky.  His muscles rippled and flexed with every movement he made, and from where I was standing it kinda looked like he was posing for a body building competition.

"I am, Ryan Andreia Mackenzie, alpha male and Chief clansman of the Mackenzie clan!"

I thought my dad was truly derranged.  The man I had fallen in love with just a couple of hours back was a complete and fucking loon!

But, in a matter of seconds something was clearly happening.  My dad's beautiful sapphire blue eyes shone extremely bright under the moonlight and he was also getting taller, not by feet but by a few inches.  It was like he was growing right before me eyes.  

Was this really happening?  Is this even fucking possible?  

His white briefs ripped right off and his gargantuan uncut cock flew into the air like a colossal torpedo.  His massive bullsized balls, hung heavily and looked like a pair of giant lemons dangling between his muscular, powerful and hairy legs.

The hair on his arms, chest and lower body grew thicker and darker.  Long claws sprouted where clean fingernails had once been, and you could clearly hear bones crushing as his transformation evolved.  His ears grew pointed, as did his nose, jaw, cheek bones and forehead.

And that was enough for me.  

Tears fell from my eyes, as my dad became a monster that I thought only existed in nightmares and bad Hollywood movies.   I could still hear his voice in my towards the beach,!

I ran as fast as I could towards the bridge.  I didn't dare look back, Cerberus was running at my side and the dog also looked very spooked.  As I crossed the bridge, I head the loudest and scariest howl, I had ever heard coming from behind me.


I was in such a rush, scared and running so fast that I tripped on a fucking log and almost missed the first sign.

BEACH→ 1 km

I got up and kept running until I was out of breath.

Finally, another sign.

BEACH→ 60 metres

Holy shit, not much further...
BEACH→ 40 metres

That's good, I'm close.  But, what if this is all a game?  What if when I get there, there's no canoe...then what?
"Then I guess, you'd be screwed."

I jumped so fucking high that my heart leapt from my chest.  Uill, was sitting on a branch high up on a pine tree.  He was still wearing his kilt, but shirtless.

"Oh my God!  Uill, my dad...he's...he's...a..."

Uill, swung himself from one giant branch to another and then smiled at me.

"Yeah, he's a werewolf.  We all are...Bryce."

I heard another howl not so far away.

"You better run towards the beach, Grendel.  You're a fast one, but Daddy is catching up to you!"

And with that Uill's grey eyes shone brightly in the dark forest.  As he smiled, I could see fangs where normal teeth once where.

NOOO! Not Uill...

"Uill, you're also a..."

He jumped down from at least 50 feet and landed softly and quietly on the ground.  Not a broken ankle, leg, not even a fucking scratch on him.

"Yes, buddy and that's what I was trying to tell you earlier.  I'm sorry, I couldn't tell the truth, but it was your father who forbade us to say anything to you."

Another close howl.

"How could you, Uill?  I trusted you, I really liked you!"

I couldn't even look at Uill's face.  I ran again and headed towards the beach with Cerberus still by my side.  There was no one coming to my rescue, this was all a trap...a game for them and I was the kill.

My mom and grandparents would come looking for me...

But, then again my dad and his werewolf friends could make up any story they wanted.  We're in the Canadian wildnerness and the story of a wolf attacking me and tearing me to pieces was plausible and believable.  No one, would ever really know the truth...afterall, dead man tell no tales.

When I finally reached the beach, I collapsed on the sand.  My chest was in so much pain from all the running and I was completely out of breath.  I looked wildly and frantically for the canoe, but the beach was covered with so much debris that I couldn't really see much in the dark.

I wondered how many more minutes I had before my dad showed up.  I got up and frantically looked around for the canoe.  The full moon was covered by clouds, so I couldn't really see anything.

Fuck it! If there was no canoe, then maybe I could swimm to safety.  I've never heard of werewolves swimming after their prey, but how long could I last in the cold water, before hypothermia set in?

As the clouds rolled away, the moonlight bathed the beach again.  I was about to take off my shoes, when I heard a noise coming from the forest.  Cerberus started growling loudly and even barking.

"Shhhh...shut up, boy!  Cerberus...stop it!"

My dad emerged from the forest and he was naked.  He was in his human form once again, and his humongous and mammoth cock and balls were swinging back and forth like a giant pendulum.

I froze and Cerberus stood in front of me, while growling angrily and fiercely at my dad.


One by one my dad's friends also came out of the forest.  All of them shirtless and looking quite serious.

" one is going to hurt you.  You're one of us, you're a werewolf.  You're with family, son."

I shook my head sideways.

"No, no I'm not!  There's no fucking way!"

I picked up a rotten log and swung it back and forth, like a baseball bat.  If I was a dead man, then I was going to go down fighting.

Uill took one step forward, and all the other guys looked at each other in surprise.

"Ryan, what if Bryce dosen't carry the lycan gene?  What if he's mortal?"

My dad looked towards Uill and growled loudly and angrily at him.

Uill looked down and took a step back with the rest of the guys.

"Bryce is my son and carries my blood.  He is one of us...end of discussion!"

I was now trembling and completely out of breath.  There was no way, that I could run back into the forest without getting caught by one of them.

"You told me there was a canoe and supplies on the beach.  I don't see shit!"

My dad pointed towards the shore and now that the moon was shining brightly, I could finally see the fucking canoe and supplies.


I walked backwards towards the canoe, never giving them a chance to pounce on me by surprise.  It was strange that none of them tried anything, even Uill was standing far away and looking worried.

"Cerberus, get in the canoe, boy!"

I motioned the dog to get into the canoe and he obeyed.

I started to drag the canoe into the water and that's when I was hit with an incredible surging pain.  It felt my like my insides were being torn apart, my muscles became rigid and it was extremely painful to move.

"Bryce, what you're experiencing now is part of the change.  The pain will subside son, but you have to take off that medal that you're wearing around your chest.  The medal is preventing you from starting your cycle and the pain will only get worse.  Once you take off the medal, the pain will pass, please trust me."

I fell to the ground writhing in agonizing pain.  I thought I was going to black out, the pain was too strong.  I got up again and dragged myself to the canoe."

My dad would take small steps, while slowly walking towards me.

"Don't come near me!"

"Bryce, you can't leave like this.  The pain will only increase, you won't get far this way.  If you continue, you could pass out and you could even drown...please son, don't leave!"

"AArrghh! Fuck! This fucking hurts!"

I couldn't fucking breathe.  My chest felt like a giant boulder was crushing it.  I took off my shirt and saw that the medal was glowing bright blue in colour.  The fucking thing was glowing!

"'s the medal that is causing the pain.  Please take it off!"

That was Uill's voice.  My Uill...

"Uill...please, help me!"

I saw my dad grow taller again, and as he streched, he growled loudly at Uill.  Again, Uill stayed where he was.


I fell down into the sand in agonizing pain.  I tried to touch the medal around my neck and rip it off, but as soon as I touched it, it burned my hand.  The fucking medal was scorching hot!

As I lay on the sand, I could see Uill looking at my dad.  Once my dad gave him permission by a nod of the head, Uill started walking towards me.  The rest of the guys also started walking in my direction and soon they were all towering above me.

"Uill...the pain!"

Uill tried to tear off the chain.  But as soon as he touched it, the chain once again glowed a deep blue colour and burned his right hand badly.

"For fuck sakes! It's no fucking use, the medal is bewitched Ryan.  It has some sort of fucking spell on it....look at my hand."

Uill was right, the medal had left a really ugly burnt mark on his right hand.  The smell of scorching flesh made me want to vomit and I did.

"You'll be allright, little Prince.  I'm here,'re safe."

I was in Uill's arms and I nuzzled up to his warm and soft hairy chest.  I smelled his chest and it was amazing, the pain was actually subsiding.

I couldn't even look at my dad.  I couldn't comprehend what was going on, and I was expecting to wake up from this terrible nightmare anytime soon.  I wanted to be in my home and in my bed...but, my Uill was here and he made it all better.

My dad was sniffing the air and he looked concerned.


Ewen was now also smelling the air.

"Yeah, I got the scent as well..."

I had my arms around Uill's neck and he was carrying back to the forest.  Uill also sniffed the air and looked worried.

"I smell him too.  Male...not a mortal"

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff...

Uill looked really, really worried and kept sniffing the air.

"Uill what's wrong?  What are you guys doing?"

I tried to copy what Uill was doing, but all I could smell was the salty sea breeze coming from the ocean.

"Shhhh, hush little Prince.  There's danger in the air, we need to get you to a safe place..."

Uill started walking towards my dad, while carrying me in his strong and muscular arms.

"Ryan, there are more scents in the forest.  Immortals...Lycans...and they're heavily armed."

My dad looked at me and then at MacDuff.

"Nial, you have to take Bryce back to the cabin."

If I wasn't in so much fucking pain, I'd scream at someone to explain what the fuck was happening.

"Dad?  Hold on, wait...where is Uill going?"

My dad looked at Uill and said nothing.  Uill, however was just looking down at me and smiling.

"Bryce, I'm one of the best hunter's in the lycan realm.  I need to go into the forest and scout the whole area.  Nial, is one of our strongest warriors and he will fight to his death to protect you."

I couldn't believe I was hearing this.  Is this really happening?  Where the fuck am I, Narnia?

"Uill, do you...  Mr.MacDuff, could you please put me down, I'm fine...really!"

MacDuff set me down gently on the soft sand.

I tried to walk, but the searing pain made it difficult to even take a step.


Uill was now undressing and tossing his clothes on the sand.  My father and MacDuff were looking at each other and then at the two of us.  The look on my dad's face said it all.  He wasn't impressed and I didn't give a shit what he thought of me.


Uilleam was now shirtless and standing in a pair of white boxer briefs, and damm did he looked good.  And by the way he filled that pouch, it looked like Uill was hauling some heavy artillery in those briefs.

"Yes, Bryce?"

Uill had his hands on his waist and looked irritated.  I walked over to him and lowered my voice, so that we wouldn't be overheard.

"I just don't see why you have to be the one going.  Why dosen't MacDuff or Macleod or.."

Uill caught me off, grabbed my by my shoulders and gave me a big kiss on the lips...

"Because that's not their job, it's mine.  I must do my duty, Bryce."

Uill was gently stroking my cheek with one hand, and playing with my hair with the other.

"I'm only going to scout the area and then I'm coming back.  We need to know who's in the woods, how many they are, what they want and why they're here, then we'll make a plan.  Now, please Bryce...I have to go!"

As soon as Uill said that, a blinding white light appeared deep from within the forest.


The sound was like a giant explosion had gone off.  The light was so bright that it turned night to day.  I had never seen or heard anything like this, even the earth below us was trembling.  And the area where the explosion had originated from, was now glowing and being hit by lighting and heavy winds.  The only way I could describe it, was like a powerful electrical storm.

My dad shouted at Uill in an almost deafing tone that made me jump in the air.

"UILLEAM, what the fuck are you waiting for?  An invitation?..."

Uill's transformation began immediately and it was horrifying.  The size of his body grew to unbelievable lenghts, I heard bones break and dense thick brown hair grew all over his muscular body. Once his ears, hands and nails started growing, I had to close my eyes and turn away.

I couldn't stomach seeing this, not from Uill...

I dashed and took off like lighting towards the light.  The smell in the air was different than anything I've smelled in the last hundred years.  For one, this was sortiarius, dark magic...but whom?

Even as I ran through the forest, I couldn't help but think of Bryce.  He's a sweet, innocent and smart kid, but a child none of the less.  

What the hell was Ryan thinking when he gave me the task to pick up Bryce?  Why me?  What's his angle in all of this?

He knew that Bryce was starting his cycle, and vulnerable to the powers and pheromones of an adult lycan male.  He knew that Bryce would make a connection, a deep sexual bond with his first lycan male encounter.  Then why me?  Why not himself?  He is afterall his father and what better bond and connection between a father and son?

I caught a scent...

"Ancient spirits of the land, earth, sea and sky!  I beseech you, to transform this decaying body and grant your son, the power to return to his true form.  To continue with his quest to protect until my last dying breath, our Lord and saviour,...Bryce Skye Mackenzie!"

Finally, free at least!

After being trapped for the last 300 years in that old, decrepit and ancient body.   I have my youthful and vigorous body back...I'M BACK!

Now, if my sense of direction is correct...the Mackenzie cabin should be south.  By now, I'm sure that they're on their way to investigate and it should be any second now, any second...


Lycans, so predictable, so utterly and sadly predictable.

I have to hand it to them, at least they try.  This one is quite young, can't be more than 500 years old and very strong, a warrior or hunter, I bet.

He growled, snapped and fought as best he could even though he was being suspended in mid-air.

"Calm down, young lycan.  I mean no harm..."

I can sense more lycans are on their way, but these are different, not of their tribe and they're armed.  

Enough of these stupid games, I don't have a lot of time...

"All my powers combined, transport through the air our bodies as one.  Unto the beach I call, all Lycans and warlock convey!

Another flash of blinding light and the earth once again, trembled beneath our feet.  It couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes, since Uill was gone but I was getting worried, I feel something is...

There was a huge roar and upheaval, as my dad, MacDuff, Ewen and Iain started their transformation.  Everything happened so quickly that it was a blur.

The beach was now crowded with armed soldiers, a naked Uill and another naked giant of a man, whose eyes were blood red in colour and whose body was surrounded by a glowing aura.

"I want everyone to relax, I mean no harm.  So, I want these mercenaries to put down their weapons before somebody gets hurt.  And tell your men, Ryan to relax and back away.  Give me a chance to explain everything."

My dad and his friends had encircled me for protection.  They were all so fucking tall that I couldn't see anything, I could only hear my dad's voice, which sounded so angry, ferocious and enraged.


"Direct and straight to the point, I like that Ryan.  Your son, might know me as Father Donald Callahan, Dean of St.Andrew's."

Father Callahan, no fucking way!  This giant was not Father Callahan.  The Father Callahan that I know is an old and withered old man.  I tried to push my way to see what was going on, but trying to move or push away my father was like trying to move or push a fucking tank.

"But, I'm also a Grand Inquisitor and a Member of the Congregation of the Holy Order."

My father growled loudly, as I fell backwards onto the sand.  My dad and the rest of his friends were now growling and roaring fiercely in unison.

"So, you're an Executioner!"

"I am Ryan, but I come in peace.  I'm here to protect Bryce and to help him in any way I can.  I mean no any of you."

I was able to push my way out and see what the hell was going on, and see the man who called himself Father Callahan.  

With one wave of his right hand, he put Uill down onto the sand and with his left he did the same for the mercenaries.  Whoever these men were, they were armed to the teeth and heavily camouflaged to blend in with their sorroundings.  I could see one very tall soldier that stood out among the others...and damm was he handsome.

"We don't need your help, Dark Wizard!"

My father snarled between gritted teeth.

"Really?  Have you had visions of what's coming Ryan?  'cause your grandfather dosen't think you can do this alone, afterall he's sent his best mercenaries to look after Bryce...and look how they ended up."


It was the tall and handsome mercenary, who yelled out the insult.

"Don't trust him Ryan!  You know better than to listen to a Dark Wizard.  Especially, one who's also a fucking member of the Holy Order!"

"Can't argue with that Ryan and General Buchanan has made a very good point.  It is true, that for centuries the Holy Order has hunted down anything that is abnormal, unnatural and unholy.  Be it werewolves, vampires, witches, faeire and wizards like myself.  But, you see that is why I joined them, I needed to be on the inside and be an informant.  To help many of our kind and fight another day."

"I've said once and I'll say it again for the last time, Dark Wizard.  We, do not need your help, in fact I want you to leave this place and never to return."

Did I just hear him right?  Vampires...witches, fairies?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Are they real too?

"Well, I can understand your concern Ryan, but I'm not going anywhere.  It really isn't up to you, however if Bryce wants me to leave...then I will respect his wishes and disappear forever..."

All eyes turned to me.  My dad and his friends parted like the Red Sea and I was left making a very important and crucial decision.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

I was trying to look at this man in the eyes, but being that he was completely naked, that made it...well, impossible.

"I know, I don't look like the Father Callahan you remember Bryce, but that was an enchantment to hide my true identity.  You've been under constant surveillance Bryce, by your dad, your grandfather, our Order, the Holy Roman Catholic church and even other supernatural forces.  I had to hide my identity in order to protect you."

I looked over at my dad, but his eyes were fixed on the wizard.  It was like he was trying to read him and see if he was telling the truth.

"Again, I don't recognize you,...I'm sorry.  I, don't trust you at all,...I can't..."

In the snap of a finger, the wizard was fully clothed.  I was expecting him to wear a robe, like Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter.  But, instead he was wearing what looked to be a very stylish and expensive designer suit, complete with black leather shoes, belt and a staff in the shape of a dragon.

"Allright, don't recognize me, but how about this.  What if I told you something that only you would know."

There was a blaring raucous from everyone.

"That's bullshit,Bryce!  Don't listen to him, this fucker can read your mind and steal any thought, image or dream and then use it for his own purpose!"

Uill was still standing tall and very naked.  And that's when I noticed something else, Oh lord...he's fucking huge!

The wizard, who called himself Father Callahan was now glaring at Uil.  And Uill's eyes were glowing and glaring back at the wizard.

"Bryce, do you remember a few months ago when you wanted to talk to me privately?"

Uill again shouted out...

"Guard your thoughts, Bryce!  Don't let this fucker read your mind!  Don't let him..."

The wizard raised his staff and pointed it at Uill.  In a flash, Uill's lips were now shut tight and he was struggling to speak.

"Now, everyone needs to calm down!  If there is one thing I cannot tolerate is blasphemy and swearing.  Isn't that right, Bryce?"

I looked over at Uill and he was angry and struggling to speak.  He wanted to lunge towards the wizard, but it was like he was also petrified on the spot.

"Stop it, please!  Leave Uilleam alone!"

The wizard again pointed his staff at Uill and he fell to the ground.

Uill let a loud and angry growl, but the wizard once again pointed his staff and Uill backed down.

"Good, I'm glad we understand each other Mr.MacFarlane."

"Do you remember, Bryce?  Do you remember our conversation?"

I looked at my dad and everyone else.  It was up to me to decide, wether or not to trust this man.  What do I do?

"I went to see Father Callahan many times during the school year, and I spoke to him about many things.  How do I know you didn't overheard the conversation, or you were spying on us?  How do I know that you didn't kill him and steal his thoughts and memories?"

The wizard smiled and nodded his head.

"That is why you make me proud, Bryce.  You're always one step ahead everyone else.  As former teacher and Dean, I wasn't supposed to have any favourite students, but you were always mine...such a smart boy!"

I still didn't trust him.

"The conversation that I'm talking about Bryce, took place in the church gardens.  Do you remember now?  We were the only ones there,  there was no one else, no students, teachers, or people walking in the gardens...just us."

I remembered now.  That was very private conversation and I only told one person...Father Callahan.

"Yes, I remember now..."

"Good, then do you want to tell your father, what you told me?"

Ummm...not really.

"Ummm, no."

I felt all eyes on me.  Everyone was silent now, even Cerberus was looking up at me and wagging his tail.

"Are you sure?  That is something that should be shared between father and son, Bryce.  Perhaps he could help you out..."

I was sweating buckets now.  I din't want everyone to hear this, especially my dad or Uill.

"ENOUGH!  That was a private conversation with Father Callahan, and you are not HIM!"

The wizard kept smiling and tapping his staff with his finger.

"Allright, what about the voice inside your head this evening.  It was I who was speaking to you.  Should I tell everyone what you were doing?"

I had to look down.  Shit, he knows I jacked off to impure thoughts of my father!

I was so pissed off, that I wanted to lunge at him.

"Allright, I won't say anything...I'll leave that up to you.  What about, the medal that I gave you?  I see that you're still wearing it around your neck."

I touched the medal and instantly felt searing pain.

"Yeah, thanks a lot.  I love pain, maybe I should give it back to you and then you could wear it, then you'll see how it feels."

The wizard sighed and looked towards my dad.

"It wouldn't have any effect on me, Bryce.  I'm not a werewolf, you...however will become one if you remove the medal."

I looked down at my medal and saw it glowing.

"Bryce, look within your heart and close your eyes."

I looked at my dad and he nodded in agreement.

"Close your eyes and block everything and everyone around you.  You're gifted Bryce, you can do this and you have powers unlike any of your kind.  Look within your heart..."

I don't know how to explain it, but when I closed my eyes, I was in a completely different place.  There was no beach, no moon or stars, everyone was gone.  I was standing alone in what felt like a dream, there was no sound...only clear and soothing light.

Then images appeared, they flashed before my eyes.  Images of my father, my mother, my grandparents, Cerberus, and ofcourse Uill.

A man came out of nowhere, it was an old man and as he came closer, I felt at ease.  I wanted to run to was Father Callahan.

"Father Callahan?  Is it really you?"

"Hello Bryce...yes, it's me."

I ran to him and gave him a big hug.  I had tears falling from my eyes, and I was so nervous and emotional that I couldn't even speak properly.

"Father Callahan, please help me...I think I'm going crazy.  I saw my father and his friends turn into werewolves and they said I'll become one too.  I don't know who to turn to and trust!"

As I looked up at the old Father Callahan, his features started to change slowly.  I kept hearing a voice inside my head, it was another voice and it said...

"Trust him, Bryce!"

I tried to push Father Callahan away, but he had now turned into the wizard from the beach.

There was another man walking towards me, but he was dressed funny.  He was wearing the clothes of a knight...a Templar Knight.

"Bryce, I'm your grandfather
Àedàn Comhnall Mackenzie.  Trust, Father Callahan because he is here to help and protect you.  Danger is coming your way, my dear boy and you must choose your friends carefully.  Learn everything you can from your father and great-grandfather.  Please, tell your father that I love him and that I'm alive.  I don't have the slightest idea, as to where I am, but don't worry about me and please don't come looking for me, it's a trap and they're using me as bait!"

It was like something went off in my heart, like a fuse was lit and something exploded...

"Father Callahan!"

To be continued...