Lycan Bloodline

Chapter 04


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Change is coming my precious daughter.

Yes, mother

I feel it in the waters.

I feel it in the earth.

I smell it in the air and I have seen the vision in the fire.

Mackenzie Compound
Silver Lake, British Columbia

I was running, running fast and running scared.  I had blood on my hands and all over my clothing, but this wasn't my blood, that much I knew.  But, if this wasn't my blood, then whose?  

I stopped for a moment and tried to see if I could recognize where I was, but nothing seemed familiar.  
I didn't know which way to go and couldn't even think straight because my body was shivering and trembling from the bitter cold. My shirt was also soaking wet and sticking to my skin from the cold sweat.  

To make things even worse, a dense and thick fog appeared out of nowhere, and it was impossible to see anything.  All of the sudden, I felt a drop of rain hit my head and then it started to pour heavily.  But, at least this miserable cold rain was going to wash away all the blood and cleanse me.  

As I took off running again, I jumped over a log, but tripped on a branch and fell hard face down on the mud.  Laying low, I could see the lay of the land and as far as my eyes could see, there were rolling hills, moss, ferns and lichen covered rocks, everywhere.  

Just where the hell, am I?  

The whole forest was dead quiet and eerily silent, nothingin the sorrounding forest moved or stirred.  I got up and started to run again, I ran as fast as I could.  I wanted to leave this damned, unnatural and awful place.  I was crying,...tears of fear, pain and grief...why grief?

He's dead...that's why...he's dead!

I sat on the patio watching the sun slowly rise over the horizon.  The first rays of sunlight felt nice on my skin, but brought little comfort to everything that was going on in my head, and in the distance, I could see big brown pelicans diving for fish.  What a life, so unconcerned, so peaceful, carefree.

The nightmare I had last night, didn't make me feel any better.  My brain felt like it was on the verge of a major meltdown, but I still tried to make sense of this dream.  But, by time I woke up I had forgotten most of it and only remember bits and pieces, unfortunately not enough to put it all together.  It was just a very strange and scary dream, it felt so real.  Even now, my whole body is covered in goosebumps and just thinking about it gives me the creeps, but it was just a bad dream, that's all...a very bad dream.

Out here in the wilderness, it felt at peace and this place was beautiful enough to distract me of most of my problems.  I was really surprised at how quiet and serene it was up here, I guess that's why my dad likes to live all the way out here and away from town.  His cabin and the vast amount of land sorrounding his propert is a relaxing and very conforting place, I could get used to living in this place...if I ever had to. 

I mean, there's nothing like peaceful silence, and this place is as remote and far away as one can go.   

Being a city boy, I guess I've grown accustomed to noise pollution to the point that I don't even notice it.  This invisible pollutant, is a type of heavy noise that has been blamed for everything from hypertension, to learning difficulties, stress, fatigue, headaches and in some extreme cases, even suicide.  

This type of pollution is caused by planes, trains, automobiles, barking dogs, and on-going construction to name just a few.  There are two polluntants that stand out among the rest, two that drive me personally and completely insane, the first one being loud, obnoxious people talking loudly on their cell phones without a care in the world as to who's hearing their stupid and annoying conversation and the second, the idiot that blasts music from his car stereo forcing everyone to hear his bad taste in music.
But, up here it's different this place is wild country, a remote, tranquil, rugged yet serene landscape.  Even now that the mist is clearing, you can hear all around you the sounds of birds chirping away welcoming another day, and from down below the deafing and thunderous harmony of gigantic waves crashing against the huge boulders.

As I looked at my watch, I was surprised that it was only 6:45 a.m.  No wonder I'm feeling tired, cranky and exhausted, I hardly got any sleep last night.  

Cerberus was keeping me company and had his head on my lap, while sniffing the breeze and wagging his tail as he looked at me.  I've really grown fond of this dog, wolf...hybrid, whatever the hell he is.  Growing up, I always wanted a dog, but my mother wouldn't hear of it.  She didn't want any dog, any breed shedding or pissing on her expensive Persian rugs or heaven forbid, chew on one of her precious $14,000 Manolo Blahnik alligator boots.  

But, Cerberus was different, I could feel it.  He's a faithful and dependable dog and after everything that happened last night, after all the commotion, he proved to be a true and loyal guard dog.  Cerberus didn't leave my side all night long, even when I drifted in and out of consciousness, I could still see him laying by the side of my bed.

But, right now I feel trapped in this place.  I need to leave this house, I need to get out of here, I need to go somewhere and think.  

So, through pain, discomfort and nausea, I was forced to get out of bed and walk towards the balcony and get some fresh air.  I couldn't stand being in that room a second longer, my nerves are on edge, and if Father Callahan and my dad are both right, then at this moment, I am witnessing my last sunrise as a human.  

Today, I turn fifteen years old and from what I've been told, this is when the werewolf gene might kick in.  But, I think there's still hope for me and the gene might skip my generation.  I mean, just because my great-great-grandfather, my grandfather and my dad are all fucking werewolves, that dosen't mean that I will be one, right?

I know, I'm fucked!  I can't believe this is happening to me!  

Images of my mom, my best friend Paul and grandparents swirled in my head.  How is my mom going to take the news that her only son is a werewolf?  What about Paul?  Should I tell him? He is afterall my best friend, and deserves to know the truth.  And what about my grandparents?  They'll die of a heart attack, if I they ever find out.  

So, the question is do I tell any of them anything?

Last night had been a blurr, better yet, something out of a nightmare.  I remember Uill carrying me to my room and putting me in bed, and I can still see those mesmerizing and beautiful grey eyes.  I was in so much pain and even though I had been given some "natural herbs" to help ease the discomfort and nausea, I still didn't get that much sleep.

Even though my bedroom was on the third floor, I could clearly hear the arguments and shouting going on downstairs between my dad, his men, and great-great-grandfather's mercenaries.  Even before blacking out, I clearly heard my dad tell MacDuff to take Father Callahan to the basement, were he was apparently to be kept locked up until they decided what to do with him.  Father Callahan even promise he'd stay there until everyone had calmed down and he gained their trust.

I found that fucking laughable...  

I mean, if he's a very powerful wizard then no prison on earth can keep him locked up...not even Azkaban, ha!

Honestly, I'm just waiting to wake up any minute, any fucking minute now.  Soon, I will be back home and none of this will be real!

"But, it is real Bryce."

I turned around to face my dad, who was in his robe with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a present in the other.

"I heard from downstairs that you were up, and today's your birthday.  Happy birthday, Bryce."

My dad extended his arms for me, but I wasn't in the mood for birthdays...especially mine.

"Allright...that's fine.  I'll leave your present on the table, but I do hope you like it."

I turned my back on him and stared into the ocean.

"I'm sorry for reading your thoughts son, but after last night...I was very worried for you.  I want you to know that I will always be there for you..."

I had to laugh.

"Ha!...please, don't make promises you can't keep.  You left when I was five years old, remember?"

I heard my dad set his coffee cup on the table, and when I turned around he was leaning against the edge of the table.

There was a soft sigh, as he looked at me.

"Yes, you're right son.  I left you and your mother when you were just five years old.  But, you have to understand that it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and I did it to protect the both of you."

My dad was naked under his robe and once in a while, I could catch glimpses of his big rod and balls.  

Concentrate, Bryce.  Focus, for fuck sakes!

"For our protection?  This ought to be good, now what? Bigfoot was after us? No, wait...maybe it was al-Qaida?"

My dad sighed once again and looked pissed.

"You've been through alot this past evening, so I'll let that comment go.  But, no one likes a smartass Bryce, so just listen please."

My dad walked towards me and looked sad as he faced me.

"Our ship, the Morgan le Fay crashed on this land in the winter of 1796.  It was rumours of my father's sighting that led a handfull of us to Siberia, which is one of the most unhospitable places in Russia.  We then across the Bering Strait into what is now, Alaska.  But, we lost our way during a terrible snowsquall and all those months at sea had left us with very little food and water.  We lost good men and close friends to the freezing temperatures, hunger and sickness."

I felt bad for my dad and wished I had kept my big mouth shut.

"We had just given up hope and accepted our fate, when I heard Uill shout something.  He had spotted a faint light in the distance and to this day, I still don't know how he did it.  The snowsquall was so dense and thick that you couldn't even see the hand in front of you, but he saw light when no one else did.  We all thought he was hallucinating, lack of food, sleep, and water does that to a person.  But, he managed to guide the remaining crew to this coast where our ship crashed upon the rocks.  And if it wasn't for the Valmont witches, who fed, clothed and took care of us, we would all have perished.  So, my home...our home, is made up of the left over wood and other materials from the ship that washed ashore."

I nodded silently and thought of Uill, the hero.

"The Valmont witches?  So, they were already here?"

My dad took another sip of his coffee and smiled.

"Yes, they arrived in this country just five years earlier.  These mystical women were originally from the town of Marseille in southern France, and they fled their country in the summer of 1790.  This was the time when the french nobility had fallen out of grace and rumblings of revolution hung in the air.  They managed to scape just in time, because a year later all of their close friends and extended family were guillotined at the Barrière de Vincennes in Paris.  Many of these people were innocent, but were none the less convicted of crimes against the state.  They left everything behind and fled to a new country, a safe place where they wanted freedom from persecution, a new land called New France, and what is now the province of Québec."

1790?  I still find it hard to believe that my dad could really be that old.  I mean, how old was he anyways?

It hurt to find out all these things in such a short period of time.  To learn about dark family secrets that no one else knew, or could ever know.  I couldn't even talk to my mother or even my friends about this.

"So, how old are you?"  

My dad set his mug on the table and looked directly into my eyes.

"I am 713 years old"


I don't know if it was anger, resentment, frustration, confusion, or all of the above, but this just fucking irritates the hell out of me.  All these fucking secrets being kept from me, and now that I might turn into one of them, I'm being welcomed into the fold and told everything...fuck this!

"I know you're angry Bryce, and I'm sure it's hard for you to listen right now, but you have to try.  The reason your mom and I separated soon after your fifth birthday, was because I was being hunted down.  Being an Alpha werewolf, carries certain burdens and responsabilities, and there are plenty of other lesser alphas in other clans just waiting in the shadows to claim the title of Grand Duke. With your grandfather missing, it left only your great-great-grandfather and myself to govern the entire lycan realm and that is alot of hard work."

"Your great-great-grandfather has been governing for centuries, and there are some clans that feel that it's time for him to retire and there's about a handfull of clans don't want another Mackenzie in power.  They feel that we've held the seat of power far too long and that we've grown too wealthy.  But, your great-great-grandfather feels that I am the only man suitable for the job, and he insists in passing the crown to me.  But, I couldn't let danger loom over my family that way, I love the both of you too much to put your lives in danger."

"So, a few months before you were born, I left court life, gave up my title as Lord Protector of the Lycan Realm, and cut off all ties with my entire family."

I could see that it wasn't easy for my father to talk about this, so at least I should listen to what he has to say.

"It wasn't easy to walk away from my responsabilities, Bryce.  I had to leave the heavy burden to your great-great-grandfather alone, but he understood.  I did it to protect the identity of both, you and your mother.  I couldn't risk anyone finding out that I had taken a mortal for a wife, that would have made it too easy for them to came after the both of you.  Especially, if they suspected that she was pregnant and carrying a male heir."  

"So, I left the logging company in the hands of MacDuff and my men, and went to work for your grandfather at the bank.  I moved down south to U.S. and while your mother and I looked for our own place, we moved in with your grandparents, temporarily.  I thought that if I could live a normal life and distance myself from everyone that knew me, that I could raise my family safely, but I was wrong...I was very wrong."

"You see son, there are two reasons, why an Alpha male would disappear into obscurity and go into hiding.  One, because he's grown too old and can no longer stand to live in the mortal world.  After so many centuries, he can no longer cope with constant change and retreats into the wilderness to live fully as a werewolf.  The second one, is to raise and protect his new family.  So, my many enemies guessed that I was now married and settling down to start a family and produce an heir.  That sent them into a frenzy and they set out to find me, and five years later...find me they did."

"I was working late one evening and before heading home, I decided to go out for a drink at the local pub.  I didn't even get a chance to lock the door at the bank, when I caught their scent in the wind and that's when I saw them.  There were at least twenty lycans, all waiting outside the bank and the look on their faces, said it all.  They were ecstatic that they had found me, I didn't even get a chance to shape-shift when they pounced on me.  The fight lasted for what seemed hours and in the end, nineteen were dead and one werewolf took off like lighting and headed towards your grandparents place."

"This particular werewolf, had caught your mother's scent on my clothing and by the way he took off, I knew he was a tracker.  All this time, he had just witnessed the fight from afar, he didn't join the others.  He had another purpose, he was fast, agile, with a combination of long, powerful legs and slim build.  I've never seen any other werewolf run so fast, except for Uill, ofcourse but this one was built for speed.  I did my best to catch up after him, but I was badly injured and bleeding from every part in my body.  I had never been so scared in my life, I had no backup, no one to intercept him, if he got to the house before I tackled him, I don't know what..."

I walked up to my dad and put my hands on his shoulder.

"It's allright dad...I'm here.  I'm sorry, I can't imagine what that must have been like."

My dad was trying to hold back tears.

"So, what happened to the tracker?"

"Well, this day, I say luck.  A large cement truck struck him when he tried to dash through the street, I guess he didn't look both ways.  Unfortunately, the truck rolled over and hit an electric pole and burst into flames, I wasn't able to save the driver though.  By the time I rushed to the badly wounded tracker, he was shaking and convulsing.  I needed him alive, or at least conscious enough to talk and find out as to how many clans were behind this cowardly coup d'état.  But, he had come prepared and had a suicide pill embedded in one of his molars and as soon as he hit the ground, I guess he bit down on the tooth and started foaming at the mouth."

I stood there listening to my dad, who still showed signs of pain on his face when telling the story.

"I had to drag that filthy asshole's body and hide it in the woods.  To make things even more complicated, there were nineteen dismembered and naked male bodies scattered all over the parking lot at your grandfather's bank.  I couldn't just go home, I was naked, covered in blood, cuts and bruises, I was a fucking mess!  Pardon my swearing, son."

I sat down on a chair and listened closely to my dad.  Even though every once in a while the pain came and went, I can't even imagine what being in his position would have been like.

"Thank God, that your great-great-grandfather chose to ignore my wishes about staying away.  All I had to do was to place a call and within 10 minutes, I was getting picked up by one of his soldiers and driven to a safe haven.  It was there that I ran into Alan Buchanan, who was in charge of the whole clean up operation, and informed me that all the lycans had been removed from the bank's parking lot, and you have no idea how relieved I was to hear that.  After that scare, I needed to think about what to do next, I couldn't put your mother and you at risk anymore.  I couldn't...wouldn't let this happen again, those bastards came very close in finding the one's I love.  I needed to take some serious time and think about my responsabilites, I needed to track down my enemies and most important I neded to protect you and your mother, the two most important people in my life."

I felt bad for him.  He is afterall my dad and I can try to understand why he did the things he did, but it still hurts that he left us...  

"Dad, I need to take a walk...I'm sorry, I just have to go alone for a while."

My dad must have sensed my resentment and as I walked away, I felt his big hand on my shoulder.

"Again Bryce, I'm sorry about keeping all these things from you.  But, I needed to be sure that you were mature enough to grasp everything.  You really mean the world to me and I can't imagine not having you in my life...I love you, son."

I wanted to cry...I so wanted to cry.

"I won't go far dad...promise."

As I walked away, I could feel my dad's stare on my back.  I just need some alone time, I got too many things going through my mind.  Cerberus kept me company and I decided to head over to the beach.  

I wanted to be completely alone and think.

I decided to take another route to the beach and explore the woods.  It was very quiet in the forest, yet I could hear running water in the distance.  I then came across a small bridge and a sign that read...

Moon River

Cute.  It was a small river that ran through the forest.  The scene was picture perfect and I wished I had had my cell phone with me to take a picture.  

Out of nowhere, I heard someone singing...

"Moon River wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style some day.    Oh dream maker, you heart breaker, wherever you're going, I'm going your way."

It was Uill, sitting pretty underneath a tall Oak tree with a guitar in hand and singing what else, Moon river.  I was not in the slightest mood to talk to him, so I ignored him and just kept walking.

"Well, hello to you too."

I rolled my eyes, sighed and walked away.

"I'm not in the mood, Uill.  And I certainly don't need you babysitting me!"

As I turned around to face him, I saw Uill slowly get up and lean his guitar against the tree.

"Who, said I was?  The universe dosen't revolve around you, you know.  I was just minding my own business and enjoying a quiet and peaceful morning that is until, you showed up."

I was not in the slightest mood to play games with him....agggh!

"Yeah?...well good!  Stay away from me...and by the way, you're no George Peppard."

Uill laughed out loud as I walked away.

"And you young Sir, are no Audrey Hepburn."

Touché...Uill, touché.

At least I can always count on Uill to make me smile.  I know that I'm taking out my anger and frustrations on him, and that was rude of me.  I'll make it up to him later and apologize, right now I'm in no mood for company, even his.  

Uill singing Moon river, actually reminded me of one of my own favourite songs from the Moulin Rouge...

"You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs."

I noticed Uill was keeping his distance and was walking a few steps behind me, while whistling the tune of my song.  

He made me smile again, when he sung the next verse.

"I look around me and I see, it isn't so."

I ignored him and continued singing.

"Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs."

Uill was still walking behind me, while Cerberus growled at him warning to stay away.

"Well what's wrong with that, I'd like to know? 'cause..."

"Uill, please...I just want to be alone."

Uill sighed and nodded his head.

"Allright, but if you need me..."

I smiled.

"I will call out for you..."

I turned around for one second, and as I was about to say something to him...he was gone.


I'm sorry Uill...

I'm quite lucky to have met such a nice guy.  I really do like you, Uill.  Now back to my song...

"How wonderful life is..."

Bryce is going through some tough times, but I want him to know that I will always be there for him.  He's a very cute kid...even if he's the son of the Alpha, which makes him not only untouchable, but also a forbidden fruit.

But, hey...all the more reasons to try.

"Now, that your're in the world..."

As I reached a clearing, the cool breeze and the smell of the ocean was intoxicating and welcoming.

"Look at this, Cerberus.  Takes your breath away, dosen't?"

Cerberus looked at me and wagged his tail as he looked at the beach.

I was standing on top of a cliff overlooking the calm blue ocean, this was paradise.  This spot was postcard perfect and I made a mental note that the next time I came to this beach, I would bring my camera.  The beach was completed deserted, for the exception of a flock of sea gulls that were resting on the jagged rocks and on the sand.  This beach was quite beautiful, but instead of the soft and golden sand like the others had, this one had sprawling beds of wave-washed rock on it's shore.

I decided to take off my sandals and walk barefoot on the beach, I knew it was going to be tougher on my toes, but I didn't care.  Cerberus didn't even wait for me to get down from the hill, he took off like lighting and started barking madly at the seagulls.  The poor birds took off for the clear blue skies, shrieking loudly and angrily at the trespasser.

The pebbles and rocks were quite cold in the morning, so I was hopping from one spot to the next.  Cerberus came running back to my side and was mimicking me, while he barked.  I guess he thought I was playing with him and he tried to imitate what I was doing.  The whole beach was covered with intertidal pools of all shapes and sizes.  I felt like I was looking into a mini aquarium, because many of these pools contained starfish, crabs of all shapes and sizes and sand dollars.  It was fun to turn over a stone with my toes and watch as hermit crabs scuttled away.

I then came across a large jellyfish which was trapped in a small pool.  I was about to get closer and get a better look, when I was suddenly startled by a deep, masculine, baritone voice.

"Careful now..."

I jumped in the air so high that I slipped on the algae covered rocks and almost fell on my ass.


It was General somefuck or other, and he was standing on top of the hill looking down at us.  Cerberus started getting agitated, barking and growling madly, but the General was able to calm him down with a strange hand signal.

"Good morning, Bryce.  I'm very sorry to have startled you."

I rolled my eyes, sighed and put my sandals back on.

"You scared the living shit out of me!  Who, the hell are you again?"

The General bowed deeply and smiled a perfect set of pearly white teeth.

"General Alan Irvin Buchanan, at your service."

For fuck sakes!  I just can't get away from anyone it seems.

"Why, are you here?  Are you following me?"

The General was a very tall man and as he stood on top of the hill, he seemed even taller.  General Alan Irvin...whatever, was soaking wet and wearing only a white towel around his waist.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the thick neck, the wide broad shoulders that lead down to a toned and very muscular hairy chest and a classically narrow waist.

"No, I'm not.  I was actually swimming in the ocean earlier, and I was about to head over to my camp when I saw you and Cerberus here on the beach."

General Buchanan took off his towel and dried his hair as he stood facing me.  He was wearing a pair of tight, black Speedos and damm, was he built!  As he continued to dry his hair, I couldn't help to stare at the huge and bulging crotch that he was indecently and lewdly packing.

"That's a Lion's mane jellyfish that you're looking at, Bryce.  They have quite the painful sting and a very toxic poison, this particular type of jellyfish can cause severe burns, so you have to be very careful."  

I took a step back from the jelly fish and was startled by General Buchanan's closeness.  A minute ago, he was standing on top of the hill and in the blink of the eye, he was now standing next to me.

"How the hell, did you...?"

General Alan Buchanan smiled at me, as his beautiful hazel eyes flickered brightly in the daylight.

"How did I?  Move so quickly, you mean?"

I simply nodded my head, as I stared at those captivating eyes.

"Well, I wouldn't be a very good soldier if I didn't move fast enough, would I?"

I smiled and realized that I was talking to another lycan.  

Great, another fucking werewolf!

"You shouldn't be out here all by himself, Bryce."

I was about to reply, when I heard someone's very familiar and manly voice reply for me.

"He's not alone.  I've been with him all the time."

General Buchanan forced a smile, but his eyes shone angrily at Uill.

"Uilleam Andrew McFarlane, well I'll be damned.  Still alive, I see."

Uill stood on at the top of the hill and was all smiles.  I found that very annoying and I couldn't believe that he had been following me all this time, damm him!

"I thought I was clear, when I said that I wanted to be left completely alone Uill."

In the blink of a second, I saw Uill move like a bolt of lighting.  His movements were a blurr and he was now standing facing General Buchanan.

"You seem surprised to see me alive, Alan.  Funny, you actually have this look of pure dissapointment."

Uill had a smirk on his face as he took a step closer to General Buchanan.

"Not really, Uilleam.  I'm actually glad you made it out of there alive and that little stunt of yours took balls to pull through.  Afterall, you ignored all orders to stay away and not to interfere, but you still did it anyways and well, here you are."

Uill continued to smile and now both of their eyes shone brightly in the sunlight.

"Yes, I am."

I got a feeling that these two didn't get along.  I mean, it was obvious and you could feel it, you could actually cut the tension in the air.

"You'll have to answer to the Grand Duke for your actions eventually, Uilleam.  Trust me, it won't be pleasant and I plan on being there when that happens."

Just what the hell were they talking about?  

What took balls?  

Is Uill in trouble?

"Someone had to do it, Alan.  I didn't hear you or your men volunteer."

General Buchanan took another step closer to Uill and now they were facing only inches apart.

"We all had our stay the fuck away."

Neither one even blinked and I think they even forgot that I was present.

"As you said Alan, the job needed to be done by someone with...balls."

I had to jump in, both of them were about to start their transformation.  Dense and thick hair started to sprout from their arms and hands.  Their fingernails were turning to claws and it looked like they were about to fight and kill each other.

"Do you guys want privacy?  Because, I can go away and leave you to your lover's quarrel."

Well, that did it.  Both of them snapped out of their kill mode and out of the haze they were in.

"I'm sorry Bryce.  The General and I were just..."

General Buchanan cleared his throat.

"Yes, Bryce.  It was just..."

I sighed and walked away.

"Save it, both of you!  Uill, I told you that I wanted to be left...alone!"

Uill walked towards me.

"I know you did, but..."

"As for you, General Buchanan and with all do respect Sir, I am capable of taking care of myself.  I have a black belt in Karate and I don't like to brag, but I'm one of the best students in my kickboxing class.  And, as I'm sure that you're also aware that I have a wolf hybrid attached at the hip."

Cerberus threw his head in the air and barked proudly.  

I also heard Uill softly mutter...damm.

General Buchanan, nodded his head and bowed.

"I'm sorry Bryce.  I did not mean any disrespect or in any way to offend you."

I nodded.

"That's allright, General and I'm sorry if I seem a bit brusque.  It just seems that everyone is very concerned about me, but instead of helping, they're just suffocating me.  I know everyone means well, but this moment I just want some alone time.  I want to be able to digest everything that is happening to me at my own pace."

Now both of them nodded and seem to be genuinely sorry.  Uill's face showed sincere concern and it showed deeply in his grey eyes.

"I'm sorry that I had to follow you, Bryce.  But, we've all been summoned by the Alpha and we need to head back to the compound this instant."

I gave Uill a look of pure confusement.

"Your dad, Bryce...the Alpha."

I raised my eyebrows and nodded.

"Ahh...ok.  Is everything allright?"

Uill winked at me and smiled.

"I don't know, bud.  I was given orders to find you and to scort you back to the compound, nothing else was said."

General Buchanan bowed towards me and excused himself.

"Well, you'll have to excuse me Bryce.  I have to head over to my camp, gather my men and dress...appropriately."

General Buchanan smiled, as he flexed his muscles and stretched his arms in the air.

I smiled and scanned him over from head to toe.  I blushed, when Uill caught me looking at General Buchanan in that way.

"Well, I guess I'll see you very soon Bryce.  And Uilleam, we'll have to continue our chat another time."

Uill didn't say anything and he certainly wasn't smiling anymore.

Once General Buchanan was out of sight, Uill simply looked at me, but didn't say anything.  He seemed upset and quietly walked away from me, he then called out for Cerberus who was busy chasing and barking at the crabs who were scurring under the rocks.

"Allright, let's go.  We can't be late for this meeting."

I followed him with Cerberus slowly trailing us.  Once we got to the steep hill, Uill offered his hand to pull me up.  

I declined...

"That's allright...I can manage, thank you."

Uill looked even more upset now, but kept on walking in silence ahead of me.


He was ignoring me and walking even faster.


That made him stop and turn around.


"Are you going to tell me what you were talking about with Alan?"

As soon as I said his name, Uill's face changed colour.  

"'s Alan now?"

I raised my eyebrows and wanted to laugh.   Oh my god, is he jealous?...this was just too cute.

"Uill, what are you doing?  Why, are you acting this way?"

Uill sighed and lowered his head.

"I'm sorry, it's just that...neverfuckingmind."

I walked up to him and looked into those expressive and soulful, pearl grey eyes.

We were now standing inches apart from each other.  I couldn't help it, but I had to smile at this handsome man, I really liked him alot.  I enjoyed being in his presence and felt very confortable, happy and safe with him.

Uill smiled again and softly stroked my cheek with his soft hand.

"You're very special, Bryce Skye Mackenzie."

We leaned closer and then he kissed me.  As soon as our lips met, I felt a surge of electricity run all over my body.  And as our tongues collided, it was truly the most indescribable and powerful feeling I had ever felt.

Uill pulled away from me and left me wanting for more.

"Bryce, we can't do this...I'm sorry."

I was confused and I wasn't sure if I heard him right.

"Umm, what?  Did, I do something wrong?"

Uill shook his head side to side and as he smiled, he ran his index finger over my lips.

"No, Bryce.  It's just that you're the son of the Alpha and there are steps and procedures that one must take when it comes to such a delicate matter.  We can't just do this, it's not right, it's not proper...I could lose my head for doing something as simple as kissing you."

I took a step back and shook my head.

"Are you saying that you're scared...?"

Uill got closer to me and put his big hands around my shoulders.

"No, Bryce that's not it.  No one, could keep me from you and I would do anything for you.  I have very deep and profound feelings for you, feelings that I haven't felt for anyone in a very long time.  But, your father is the Alpha, he's also Lord Protector of the Lycan Realm and your great-great-grandfather the Grand Duke.  We can't be doing things behind their backs, they'll know, trust me...they always find out.  So, for the moment let's just take it slow until I can talk to your father about us, if you want there to be an us."

My head was spinning, I felt dizzy and a bit lightheaded, this was happening way too quickly.  Just a few days ago, I was still in school and preparing for my final exams, the next thing I know my mother is pushing me to board a plane to Canada and to bond with my stranged father, whom I haven't seen since I was five years old.  

Then, I find out that he's an Alpha werewolf who's over 700 years old and also Lord Protector of an entire Lycan race.  To make things even more fucked up, I'm next in line to the Lycan throne and in danger of being stalked, kidnapped, or even worse killed.  I find out that real witches and wizards do exist and now a very sweet and handsome werewolf is declaring his feelings for me.

Jesus H. Christ!

"Umm, yeah...o.k.  I'd like that Uill, I mean I really do like you.  And I also have very strong feelings for you."

Now, I felt awkward.  After what he told me, I don't know how to act around him.  Should I touch him? should I keep a distance? Can anyone read my thoughts and know my feelings towards him?

"Yes, Bryce...they can read your thoughts."

I looked up at Uill and he had a serious look again.

"Bryce, reading someone's thoughts is an invasion of privacy.  Now, putting aside good manners, those who can read minds, will do it.  Those who can't, will try and some just don't care about reading a stranger's private thoughts.  Unfortunately for you, you come from a very important family and everybody will try to read your thoughts, everyone will try to get into your head.  They'll want to know what you're like, what you're thinking, if you have any weaknesses and  bottom line, to find out anything that they can from you and use it to their advantage."

I rubbed the back of my neck and felt a migraine coming.

"I have been assigned by your father to be your mentor and protector.  My job is to teach you and train you in the ways of our race.  As a tracker, I will teach you how to hunt, track, stalk your prey and how to protect and defend yourself and most importanly become part of the forest."

I didn't know what to say, but I was a good way.

"I'm not one of the strongest telepaths of our kind Bryce, but I do have the gift.  Since you're a Mackenzie, your family for generations has had the gift and produced some of the strongest telepaths of our kind.  From me, you'll learn how to use your telepathy and if you are blessed with the gift, you'll be able to block someone from reading your thoughts at any time...even when you're sleep or unconscious.

I will also teach you to shield your mind, otherwise known as mind shield.  This is the mental discipline to block telepathic assaults against you, and these remote telepathic messages are able to carry the full limit of the sender's range, regardless of normal physical barriers.  Most humans are unable to shield their thoughts, so they do not get a psionic resistance when someone tries to read their mind, but we can.  

You will learn to shield your mind by envisioning blocks, much like lego blocks just to make it easier.  And with meditation and lots and lots of practice, you'll learn to construct these blocks from scratch and then form a wall around your mind.  I truly believe that you have some degree of telepathic power in you, Bryce.  The blood you carry in your veins is an ancient and powerful one, but that will remain to be seen once your transformation has taken place.  However, if you don't have the gift, you might still have at least have a certain degree of telepathic sensitivity, or some skills in telepathic abilities.

If you do have the gift, you'll be able to telesend, which is the ability to transmit a message to another person over distance.   The distance varies with power and age, but if I was to take a guess, I'd say it is normally in the neighborhood of 200 m.  These messages can be broadcast, if you will, to all listeners or targeted toward an specific individual.

This is a great ability and before the invention of cell phones, this is what those with the gift, were able to use.  Now, the content of the message is not exactly transmission of thought or emotion, but is faster and more expressive than spoken language.  Think of telesending as a spoken message with subtitles, a music score and mood lighting.  

However, much like having a cell phone now, you never know who might be listening to the conversation, so you must always exercise caution.  It's even possible to knowingly send false information via remote telepathy, but doing so can be very difficult because of the large amount of conscious, subconscious and emotional data involved in the message.  But, I can only think of powerful and older telepaths that can carry out such transmissions...then again, you never know.

You'll also be able to telereceive.  This is the ability to receive or hear a remote telepathic message sent from another telepath.  In our case, most werewolves can only receive a message sent within its sent range, but older more mature and very powerful Alphas can detect a message from a much greater range and sometimes intercept the remote message that was not intended for them, so again, you must always be cautious of type of message you send and to whom."

Me, a telepath?  Oh please!  First a werewolf and now a telepath? What's next? Can I fly?

"Seriously, Bryce.  I know it's hard for you to understand right now, but I can sense in you that you carry this gene in your blood.  And if you are a telepath, then you'll possess mind control abilities.  Abilities like "pushing" thoughts, feelings or hallucinatory visions into the mind of another person.  You can also cause pain, paralysis or unconsciousness, you can even alter or erase memories, but most dangerous of all, you can completely take over another person's mind and body."

"But, remember that if you do any of these things and you get caught, this carries a severe and harsh punishment.  No one, not even someone in your position is above the law, so if you're caught, you could end up in prison for life or much worse, beheaded."

I sighed and looked at Uill.

"You really believe that I can be a telepath?  We don't even know if I carry the lycan gene in my blood, what if nothing happens tonight?"

Uill caressed my face and kissed my forehead.

"For better or worse, despite anything that happens tonight.  You will either become a werewolf and all of your other powers will kick in, or you'll simply have the gift of telepathy.  You carry the legacy in your genes,'s in your blood, however fate will determine your path."

I looked away and towards the ocean.  Everything seemed so peaceful in this place, I felt safe, like nothing could touch or harm me.

"No one is going to touch you, Bryce...not while I'm alive."

I looked up at Uill and kissed him one more time.

"So, If I do turn into a werewolf tonight, what will my powers be?  I mean, I know that werewolves are strong, at least that's what I've learned from books, movies and television, but what else?"

Uill grabbed my hand and we started walking towards the path and heading back to my father's cabin.

"Werewolves have superhuman strength as you mentioned Bryce, which could be roughly comparable to that of a dozen normal human beings.  We're extremely powerful and capable of easily ripping anyone or anything that stands in our way, so you can say that we're the perfect predator.  A savage hybrid of both human intelligence and animal cunning.  But, we also have our humanity in us while we're in beast form, so we're not just mindless killing machines, like some people tend to think.  

However...strength, stamina, speed, health, agility and endurance differ from werewolf to werewolf, and if you're an Alpha male then it's a completely different story, I'm sure your father will fill you in on that."

My dad, an Alpha werewolf...unfuckingbeliable.

"We also inherit a very important trait from the wolf, and that is an accute nocturnal vision and a very, very good sense of smell.  As a tracker that specialty comes in very handy for me, because I can catch the scent of anyone or anything for miles, wether it be friend or foe.  We're also immune from aging and from physical diseases due to the constant regeneration of our physical tissue, so bluntly speaking we can therefore be virtually...immortal.

And keep in mind that when we return to human form, we still possess our speed, agility, reflexes and most important our lycan senses."

I tried to absorb and pay attention to everything that Uill was telling me.  But, at the same time I couldn't help to feel happy and enjoy his company, and as we walked holding each other's hands, I loved the feeling of his rough and strong hand on mine.

It was hard to believe that Uill was a werewolf, I've seen it, but I still can't believe it.  He seemed so perfect, so sweet, so nice and polite, yet he's this thing that I also might become.

"As a werewolf, you will have supernatural regenerative capabilities.  Meaning, that you'll recover from even the most grievous wounds within minutes.  You'll even be able in regrowing a severed limb, it ispossible, extremely painful but very possible."

I pulled away my hand from Uill.

"Why, is silver deadly to a werewolf?"

Uill sighed, furrowed his brow and sat on a fallen log.

"So, here it is in all its glory, Bryce.  As far as we know only silver of a certain purity or higher quality does aggravated damage, or can even cause death to certain werewolves, but not all.  Again, the damage inflicted by silver depends on the age of the werewolf, his strenght, health, etc.  There are many myths concerning theoretical methods in killing werewolves, but the bottom line is that we do have a certain deadly allergic reaction to silver.  

So, using weapons made from silver can certainly hurt us and if a silver bullet enters our bloodstream, then it is possible that we could die from the silver toxicity and poisoning.  Werewolf legends will always say that a pure silver weapon, may it be a dagger, bullet, axe, spear, etc, is the best way to kill and destroy a werewolf.  How and why this ancient and precious metal is a sovereign against us?  Well, there is one ancient myth...  

Silver is supposed to react against werewolves so ancient lore has told us, because of it's association with the moon.  In ancient mythology it was said that silver came from the Titan goddess of the moon, Selene.  Silver contained all the purity and divinity of the goddess, and so it was seen as a very powerful and holy metal.  

Since people believed that werewolves could not control their change when the full moon rose, werewolves became beasts of terror and violence.  And it was these ruthless, bloodthirsty creatures that hunted the innocent and helpless and therefore insulted the goddess, whose only connection to these creatures was the moon which she reigned over.  As a punishment to these creatures who had tainted her image and name, she then sent silver to man.  So, anyone wearing silver was safe because werewolves could not touch them.

And when Christianity came into light, silver was once again seen as a sacred and divine metal.  It had all the purifying qualities and thus was associated with the Virgen Mary, the Queen of Heaven.  The image of Mary clothed with the sun and with the moon under her feet, had all the semblance of holiness and protection against evil.  So, wearing silver especially in the form of a religious medallion became a controlling factor in the werewolf mythos in regards to silver."

Uill kept smiling and batting his long eyelashes while glancing at me.  I also had to smile, but I found the whole Selene thing...very interesting.

"So, do you believe in the Goddess Selene?  I mean, the whole punishment thing and all?"

Uill shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

"Not really, Bryce.  I've been around for a long time and I can't say that I've ever seen or felt her presence.  Although the Valmont witches will beg to differ, but then again they're not to be taken too seriously.  They're far too busy reading tarot cards, and looking into the future to really know what's going on in this world."

The Valmont witches, now they sounded cool.  I hope my dad is okay with me meeting them.

"Maybe....if you're a good boy.  I could perhaps swing an appointment for you."

Uill had read my mind...argghh!

"Stop that!  It's not polite to read someone's private thoughts!"

Uill simply snickered and winked at me.

"Then learn to shield your thoughts, Grendel."

"Stop it, and be serious for a second, Uill.  You really think my dad would approve in meeting them?"

Uill again snickered and gave me the most wicked smile.

"Who says we have to tell him?"

I laughed and shook my head side to side.

"You're bad, Uilleam...cute, but bad."

I playfully, but strongly punched Uill on his right arm, but he didn't even flinch.

"You're not too shabby yourself, Grendel."

"So, are you an Atheist Uill?"

Uill's face changed rapidly when I brought up the subject.  I didn't mean anything bad or disrespect by the comment, I was just curious.

"No, not at all.  I was brought up a Roman Catholic, just like you.  I was baptized, had my communion and confirmation, but at this moment in my life, I'm a non practicing Catholic."

He again smiled, but I felt he was keeping something from me.

"So, you have lapsed from the faith."

That is a term that Father Callahan would use on people that had stopped attending mass and turned their backs on the church.

"If that's what they're calling it these days...then yes."

I nodded and kept walking.  We must have walked in silence for only a few seconds, when he spoke.

"Is this a problem for you, Bryce?"

I nodded my head and took his right hand in mine.

"No, Uill.  Not at all, I'll have faith for both of us..."

I could have sworn that Uill's eyes watered, but he simply cleared his throat and continued walking.

"So, as I was saying, the effects of silver on werewolves is that it sears the flesh and tends to disorientate and weakens us.  But, only the purest of silver will have the most potent effect on us.   Alloys such as sterling silver will have far less of an effect, however Quicksilver which is a liquid-alloy of mercury and silver is very potent against us, and can kill us if enough is injected into the bloodstream and reaches the heart."

I'd heard of quicksilver in my chemistry class.  Father Thomas who was my chemistry teacher at St.Andrew's, said that quicksilver was an unpredictable, silvery, toxic metal, and the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.  I guess he forgot to mention that it could also be used as a killer weapon against werewolves.

"And in order to properly kill a werewolf, Bryce.  You must destroy, damage the brain, cut out the heart, or decapitate the werewolve's head."

Ughh, this topic is getting revolting and disgusting.  Uill is just reciting this like it's a fucking poem, but I don't think I'd have the stomach to do this.

"Otherwise, Grendel almost any non-cardio, or non-cerebral wound will regenerate over the course of a day.  So, as you can see, we do have vulnerabilities and weaknesses and we can die like every other creature on the planet.  and some of us, have severe allergic reactions to the following plants, rye, mistletoe, mountain ash and ofcourse wolfsbane."

Whoa, wait a minute.  Back the truck...

"Uill, are you telling me that I could be allergic to mistletoe?"

Uill simply nodded his head.

"Yup, I'm not and I don't think anyone in my clan is, but your dad is very allergic to mistletoe.  He tends to break out in hives and a nasty rash whenever he comes into contact with the plant."

Well then, so much for kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas.

"So, as far as myths go, does the werewolf need a full moon to change?  No.  Do we fear silver?  Of course not.  Some cultures even believed that we feared clear or running water, which is absurd.  Some werewolves are portrayed as being invincible and nearly indestructible, which is of course untrue.  However, there are a few extremely powerful and ancient Alpha males that could sustain alot of damage that another werewolf wouldn't be able to take or survive.  The only and surefire way to kill us, is decapitation and removal of the heart.  Piercing the heart, much like the case of a vampire kills a werewolf  but, it isn't enough to just stop the heart from beating because we have great regeneration abilities.  So, the heart must be cut out and destroyed, preferably burned and the same goes for the brain."

"Umm, yeah Uill I got that covered...decapitation, you've mentioned that enough."

Uilleam chuckled and kept smiling.

"Sorry, to be so blunt Bryce.  I know that this is all new and sudden for you, but you have to start learning these things, the good, bad and the ugly."

I sighed and sat down on the log next to him.

"I know, Uill.  Don't mind me, I'll absorb everything in time, and it helps having a patient and good teacher to guide you."

Uill gently patted me leg and immediately gave me goosebumps.

"Well, I've got some books for you to read at my cabin.  And you're more than welcome to them if you like, maybe we can go to my cabin one of these days and I can show you around."


Oh lord...a bit too quick and abvious, Bryce.   Uill however, just kept smiling and nodded his head.

"Allright then, so it's a date Grendel."

I sooo wanted to kiss, Uill.  Being this close to him, I could smell his amazing aftershave and manly scent.  

Uill however, quickly got up and went on with his explanation.

"Now, according to the Wiccan Rede which is more like advice in the Wicca religion states that...

Widdershins go when the moon doth wane, and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.

Aconitum lycoctonum vulparia, or more commonly known as wolfsbane is a herbaceous perennial around four feet in height and the whole plant is highly toxic.  Simple skin contact has caused numbness in humans, but it can have a deadly allergic reaction to werewolves.  

This plant is a classic of garden witchcraft and only the most powerful and ancient of all witches and wizards use it to reverse shapeshifting spells.  It was also believed that the Thessalian witches also use it in preparing an ointment that enables them to fly.

Wolfsbane grows naturally in high elevations and damp woods and tends to produce helmet like sulfur-yellow flowers.  And whatever you do, do not get this plant on your skin because it will cause severe itching and dermatitis, and the sap can also be absorbed through your skin if you have a cut.  Just the stench of this nasty plant will keep a werewolf miles away, I know I personally can't stand it.

The legend, origins and reputation of this plant goes back many, many centuries.  It was said that the son of Zeus, Hercules was sent to retrieve Cerberus as one of his twelve labours.  Cerberus, as I'm sure you know is the gigantic hound that guards the gates of the Underworld.  Well, Cerberus vehemently resisted Hercules and put up a helluva fight and as Cerberus barked furiously, his saliva dripped on the ground, thus giving birth to a poisonous plant called aconite.  It was named aconite because it flourishes on bare rocks, and eventually it's modern name became wolfsbane.

The wolfsbane root is an analgesic, anodyne, diaphoretic, diuretic, a sedative and an irritant.  This is a very poisonous and extremely dangerous plant and should be avoided at all times, Bryce."

I nodded and took a deep breath.

"Well, I guess you'll be my herbology and care of magical creatures, Professor Uilleam Andrew McFarlane."

Uill gave me this perplexed look.

"Herbology and ...Harry Potter, hello?"

Uill still had a vacant look on his handsome face.

"You've got to be kidding, Uill.  Are you telling me that you've never heard of Harry Potter?"

Uill smiled and his yes lit up.

"Oh, the boy wizard.  Yeah, I've heard of him, just never read the books."

My mouth dropped when he said that.  

"Allright Uill, we've got to get our hands on these books.  I'm sure you'll love the stories, the author is incredibly gifted and talented."

Uill nodded his head.

"Sure, why not.  If they come so highly recommended, I'd like to read them."

"Not to kill the mood, or change the topic Bryce.  But, that silver medal pendant that you're wearing around your neck, might prevent you from becoming a werewolf tonight.  It will be up to you to remove it, and I'm sure that Father Callahan has put some powerful incantation on that amulet to protect you, but you can't fight what you are."

I took hold of the pendant and it did feel heavy and warm to the touch.

Could Uill be right?  If I take this silver pendant off, will I turn to a werewolf tonight?


Uill was holding his head with his hands, and he looked like he was in alot of pain.

"Uill? what's wrong?  What's happening?  Are you turning?"

"Ahhh, fuck that hurt!  No, no...Bryce, it's your dad, he just sent me a very painful message.  He's asking me where the hell we are, they're all waiting for us back at the compound."

I frowned and got upset at my dad, this wasn't like him.  Besides, it wasn't Uill's fault that we had lost track of the time.

"I'm so sorry, Uill.  It was my fault, he shouldn't have done that to you.  I'll talk to him..."

Uill took a hold of my hand and squeezed it hard.

"No, will not!  You're not used to how we do things in the Lycan realm.  You tend to forget that your father is an Alpha werewolf, and it may not mean much to you now, and you may not truly understand it yet, but once you learn our ways, you'll fall in line like the rest of us.  Your dad is our leader, our commander and you do not question his authority.  If you were to speak to him on my behalf, even if you mean well, you'd be taking away my honour and disgracing."

I stood there with an open mouth and shaking my head.

"What?  Why? just because I would speak to him about this?  Uill, he can't just push people around, and what do you mean...fall in place?"

Uill just sighed heavily and again took hold of my hand.

"Bryce, I don't have time to explain things further to you.  Please, just trust me...let me do the talking."

I again shook my head and agreed.

"This is stupid!  But, fine...whatever!"

Uill took my hand and placed it on his heart.

"Thank-you, Bryce.  Now, let's run!"

Back at the Mackenzie Compound

"It's been fifty minutes since I left them, Ryan.  Would you like me to go and see what's keeping them?  The last time I saw them, they were at the beach..."

Ryan stood up from the table and silently walked towards the window.  

Nial MacDuff also stood up from his seat and walked towards Ryan.

"Now, remind me again, Ryan.  Why did you chose Uilll to mentor Bryce?  Afterall, we all know that he's headstrong, reckless, a bit of a daredevil and ofcourse he has a reputation with the young ones."

Ryan moved away from the window and gave MacDuff a serious look.

"Because, I trust Uill with my son."

At that very moment, the front door to the meeting room flew open and in burst Uill and seconds behind, Bryce.  Bryce was completely out of breath and sweating from head to toe.

"What the hell kept you?  You were to bring Bryce to the meeting an hour ago!"

Shit, everyone was here in the room.  My Godfather and his men, General Buchanan and his mercenaries, and I was about to speak, when Uill threw me a very serious look and spoke for both of us.  

"I apologize for our lateness.  Bryce and I..."

"Sit the fuck down, Uill! You too, Bryce."

I raised my eyebrows and was shocked.  No one, had ever spoken to me in that tone, and I was surprised and caught off guard that this was coming from my own father.  

I felt my face get all red and flushed with resentment and anger.  Everyone was quiet and looking at us, and as I looked over at Uill, he simply gave me a small nod and smiled.

As we took our seats, my father slid a newspaper across the table.  The newspaper landed right in front of me, I didn't know if I was supposed to pick it up or what?  

It was a foreign newspaper, because I didn't recognize the language.

Türkçe günlük gazete

Kahramanmaraş vilâyet, Güneydoğu, Türkiye
Sakarya Nehri'nde bot gezisi

"What, exactly am I looking at?"

My father crossed his arms and sighed.

"It's a Turkish newspaper."

My father then pointed a remote control towards the windows.  He pressed a button and the blinds came down, he pressed another button and a giant screen lowered from the ceiling.

A map appeared on the giant screen.

"This Bryce, is a view from one of our spy satellites.  The image you're seeing was taken two days ago in the Kahramanmaraş Province, located in southeastern Turkey.  The satellite is pointing at what used to be the village of Sakarya, which no longer exists."

I looked confused and all eyes including Uill's were on me.


My dad looked very serious and still upset.

"The newspaper you hold in your hands is from Ankara.  The headlines across the front page says that a major earthquake hit the small town of Sakarya and destroyed everything in sight, the earthquake measured a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale.  An earthquake of that magnitude hasn't been recorded since the1960's Valdivian earthquake in Chile.  

This earthquake was so powerful that it was even felt in the neighbouring countries of Bulgaria, Greece, Syria and Iraq.  It also caused localised tsunamis which severely battered the Turkish coast with waves up to 25 metres.  A tsunami then raced across the Mediterranean sea and devastated the Island of Cyprus before heading to Alexandria in Egypt."

I remember hearing about the earthquake on the news.  This was really horrible news, but I'm not sure why we're talking about this?

"Well, this is why Bryce."

Dammit, my father just read my mind.   Are they all reading my mind now?  What did Uill say? Put up mental blocks...yeah, something like lego blocks!""

"Bryce, attention."

I sat back on the chair and sighed.

"As I was saying, nothing was left of the town, it was simply swallowed into the ground.  Not a building, a car, a tree, a person, or even animal was found dead or alive...nothing."

I scoffed, please that was ridiculous.  What did he mean...nothing?

I sat upright and looked at the newspaper once again.  There were plenty of photos, photos of people pointing at the rubble and nothing else.  I turned the pages and there were photos of what the town used to look before the quake and now...nothing.

I looked up at my father and then at Uill.  

How was this possible?

"We believe Bryce, that this is not the work of mother nature.  Earthquakes are random and unpredictable, and this one is erratic and abnormal to say the least.  At this moment, we have our best trackers scouring the land, but soon they'll have the assistance and be under the supervision of one of the very best trackers, Uilleam."

I threw a quick glance at Uill, who simply lowered his gaze and looked away.  I was afraid and very concerned of him going there, what if there are more quakes, more aftershocks?

I felt a bit dizzy and my body felt like it was on fire.  Everyone's eyes seemed to be giving a soft glow, including my dad's.

How could Uill just leave me?  Most important, how could he leave me on this very evening?

"As I was saying, son.  I think it's time that you learn of one of our most dangerous of all immortal enemies, the Children of the Nephilim."

Did I hear my father, correctly?  Did he just say, The Children of the Nephilim?

"Yes, have.  I'm sure you've heard of the Nephilim?"

I remembered vaguely coming across the Nephilim in one of my books from Cathechism class.

"Well kinda, I remember very little.  I know that the word itself is Hebrew and it's first used in the book of Genesis."

My father nodded.

"Correct Bryce, Genesis 6:4 to be precise...

At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons.  They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

That was the Bible passage from the King's James version.  For centuries man has paid little attention to them until now, for the fact of their existence has been shrouded in secrecy and legend.

It was believed that the wickedness of humanity and the abominable union of the supernatural with the natural that made God, judge the world and the existance of these super creatures are a major threat to us and all humanity."

I looked around the table and all eyes were now glowing fiery and fiercely.

"So...who or what exactly are these beings?"

My father turned around and pressed a switch on the remote control.

"Well, good question Bryce.  Why, don't we ask someone who's been studying them for a very long time."

Father Donald Callahan appeared out of nowhere as soon as the lights in the room came back on.  I jumped from my seat, but the others had a look like they could pounce on him at any second, and their eyes were still glowing angrily and that's when the shouting started.

"C'on Ryan!  What are you doing?  Why did you let him out of his cell?  You know we can't trust him."

Iain Louis de Lyon stood up from his seat, and slammed his fist hard onto the table.

Father Callahan took a step towards the map and examined it closely.

"We're all born brave, trusting, and greedy and most of us remain greedy.  So, says the quote from Mignon McLaughlin,... Monsieur de Lyon."

I was shocked and couldn't believe my eyes.  I didn't even recognize Father Callahan, he looked so different, so young...and handsome.

My father held his hand in the air and motioned everyone to sit down.

"Everyone needs to calm down and listen.  Donald Callahan was a Grand Inquisitor and former Member of the Congregation of the Holy Order, he's told me many things last night and I trust him.  Who better to explain what we're about to face than someone who's being on the inside of the Vatican and has seen and heard many things."

My Godfather stood up and spoke loudly.

"Ryan, c'on....what do we really know about this man?  Is he really, who he says he is?  Bryce himself is not so sure."

Again, all eyes fell on me...dammit!

"Well, honestly Godfather...I believe it is him.  I always felt at ease and safe in his presence, and if Father Callahan ever had a chance to do anything, well he had plenty of opportunity, but never did."

Father Callahan smiled and sat on an empty chair.

"Thank-you, Bryce and I can say this to you now, because I am no longer Dean and you're no longer a student at St.Andrew's.  You were always one of my most favourite students, I know one shouldn't have favourites ofcourse, were mine.  You're an extremely gifted, polite, smart and wholesome student with good values and your parents should be proud to have you as their son."

I blushed and smiled.

Uill stood up and bowed towards Father Callahan.

"Bryce is right, I can't sense anything bad in Father Callahan and I trust him.  I believe, in who he says he is and now if you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch."

Uill made his way towards the door, and didn't even look at me as he left the room.

I stood up and I didn't care who was watching and I raced for the door.  

My father was about to say something, but I dashed past him.


Uill was almost to the front door, but Cerberus prevented him from leaving.

"Did you tell him to do that?"

Uill was pointing at Cerberus.

"What?  No, ofcourse not.  When were you planning on telling me that you were leaving for Turkey?"

Uill just stood there looking at me in silence.


Again, his face was devoid of any emotion, and he wasn't saying anything which annoyed the hell out of me.

"Uill?  I asked you a question."

Uill just sighed and motion me to follow him through the front door.  Once we were outside, he kept looking towards the ocean and at his watch.

"I didn't tell you anything, because I didn't want to worry you.  You have alot on your mind right now, and this is my job's what I do."

I didn't know what to say, my feelings were all mixed up.  I felt so confused and at the same time scared that something might happen to him.

"Bryce listen to me, nothing is going to happen to me.  I am heading over there to oversee the mission, and to try to find out what really happened."

Everyone needs to STOP reading my fucking thoughts!

"And we'll work on that when I get back, I promise."

I stared at those soft pearl grey eyes, and felt a calming and soothing warmth inside me.  It was the most natural and confortable feeling, ever.  

I lunged myself towards Uill and kissed him on the lips.  I don't know for how long we kissed, but it felt wonderful, innocent and pure.

"Just promise me that you'll be careful, and that you'll call me everyday."

Uill smiled and those dimples melted my heart completely.

"I promise that I'll be careful, and that I will call you everyday, Bryce."

He made me smile for a few seconds, but the feeling didn't last long.  I watched him walk towards the elevator and as the doors opened, he turned around.

"Take care of yourself, Grendel."

I wanted to cry...

As the sliding doors were about to close, I ran towards the elevator and yelled out.

"I love you!"

Before the doors closed, Uill smiled and winked at me.

"I know..."

I ran to the ledge and watched as the seaplane took to the skies and flew out into the sunset.

I felt a tear drop running down my cheek, and all of the sudden, I realized, I felt that I wasn't alone.  My father was standing outside the front door of the cabin with Cerberus at his side.

As I walked towards the cabin, I couldn't help to feel angry at my father.

"Why, didn't you tell me that Uill was flying off to Turkey?"

My dad petted Cerberus on the head and looked very serious.

"I didn't know I had to."

I walked by past him and didn't say anything else.  I wanted to head over to my room, but I remembered that my presence was still required at the meeting.  As my father and I walked into the room the conversation stopped.

"I apologize for walking out.  I had to take care of something very important."

Most of them either smiled or simply nodded, I didn't care.

"Please, continue Father Callahan."

Father Callahan took a sip of water from a glass and stood up.

"Yes, thank-you Bryce.  The word Nephilim has been traslated into giants in the authorized King James version, but giants is in no way a complete description.  Others, trace the word Nephilim to the root, Niphal meaning "distinguished ones" and this corresponds perfectly with the passage, "men of renown" at the end of Genesis 6:4, nevertheless it is not a generally accepted translation.  

However, most scholars reject these interpretations and trace the word Nephilim to the Hebrew root, Naphal meaning to fall.  So, you can say that the Nephilim are the fallen ones, a direct reference to the fallen angels who sired them.  Others believe that the Nephilim refers to the fallen angels themselves and not their offspring.

And because of the uncertainty in the translation of the Hebrew word, more and more Bible versions are now leaving the original word untranslated.  Although there is no etymological evidence to justify giants as an accurate translation for the word Nephilim, such a translation is not without merit because in more senses than one, the Nephilim were giants.

For one thing, they were giants in size and strength and these creatures had super-human strength since they were fathered by angels.  

In Genesis 6, where the word Nephilim is first used we are told that the Nephilim appeared on Earth just before the Great Flood.  

The Roman Catholic Church also has evidence of the Nephilim's existence in the form of two dozen human footprints of abnormal size, which where found in the Paluxi riverbed in Texas.  Some of them measuring eighteen inches long and other reports near the Antelope Springs in Utah, where the foot prints found were to be at least twenty inches long.  Similar giant footprints have also been discovered in Mt.Victoria in the region of Australia, and we also have actual skeletons as well.  These skeletons are of gigantic men, which were found on the shore of Lake Elyasi in Central Africa, as well as China."

My mind is somewhere else right now.  I really don't have the patience for this, I keep think of Uill...

"Father Callahan...I'm sorry to interrupt you, but is there more concrete proof that these things exist?  I mean, not bones, or footprints..."

Father Callahan smiled and took out what looked like a stick from his right pocket.  

Is that a wand?

"Patience is the companion of wisdom.  So, said Saint Augustine my dear Bryce."

"Malus apareo!"

We all jumped out of our seats when a blinding blue flash appeared in the room, and once the smoke had cleared, I jumped once again.

Standing at the front of the room was a giantic glass cylinder and inside was something that no words in the human language could ever describe.  Everyone in the room slowly got out of their seats and started to approach the capsule and see the thing inside.

"Don't worry, he's dead."

Father Callahan moved out of the way, and once again sat on his chair.

My father approached the cylinder first and carefully studied the thing, everyone else just stood back.

I heard my Godfather Nial speak while standing a good metre away from the creature.

"You sure he's dead, Callahan?  Just look at the size of this fucker..."

I took small steps and walked towards the glass cylinder.  

The thing inside must have been at least 7 feet tall and the claws, Jesus...the claws were horrific.  It looked like it was submerged in a clear, but yellowish liquid most likely formaldehyde to preserve it.  But, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I mean this was a creature that could only appear in nightmares, not even FX creator Stan Winston could imagine and create such an evil looking thing.  

This abomination, for a lack of a better word had the body of a man, but his whole body had a white and pasty complexion.  It was devoid of any body hair and the face was boyond gruesome, this thing didn't have any eyes.  I got nauseous and disgusted, I couldn't believe that these things were the children of angels.

"Fallen angels, Bryce."

I turned around to see Father Callahan observing me.

"These are children of demons.  Demons that were cast out of Heaven by the Archangel Michael for their rebellion against God, which constituted in unforgivable sin."

I looked at the demon again and noticed that the whole body was covered in cuts, bruises and disgusting and putrid scabs.

"Holy shit guys.  Just take a look at the size of that gigantic cock and canon size balls!"  

I jumped once again because I thought this thing had moved, but it was only Ewen who had shouted out the idiotic comment.

"Hey, Ryan...I think we've finally found someone who's beaten you in the cock and balls department, even if the fucker is dead."

My dad just sighed and gave an angry glare at Ewen, who simply ignored him.

Ewen was right...about the size of the dick, I mean.  I haven't seen my dad's, know.  But this dick was enormous, the lenght alone must have been the size of my arm, and just as thick.  And those balls, well they were the size of coconuts, no pun intended.

I was feeling hot and had started to sweat profusely.  I was finding it difficult to breathe, and my skin was itchy and tingling...was it nerves?


"Just a moment, Bryce."

My dad was busy taking photos of the thing and talking to my Godfather.

"Dad...I don't feel so good."

"Just give me a minute, son."

I went from feeling hot, to feeling very cold, and my whole body started to shiver.  My head was pounding and I felt that my legs were getting wobbly, and that's when I blacked out.

Palazzo Magno(The Grand Palace)
Summer home of Cardinal Yasir
San Giocommo Val di Vizze, Italy

Cardinal Yazir stood in front of the mirror and he could hardly recognize the man staring back at him.  He had read many of the forbidden books about angels and demons, and the children of the fallen ones and although these book varied greatly on many issues, they agreed on one thing, if a human ever laid eyes on a Fallen Angel, they would age rapidly
.  The price to pay for speaking with an outcast angel was a rapid acceleration of human tissue, the human would age to his death in less than a week, more or less.

Cardinal Yazir was a strong and healthy man of forty-five when he entered the cave of the
Nephilim, but when he met The Great Azazel and looked upon him, the deadly curse had been set.  Now, the Cardinal looked to be about seventy-five to eighty-years old and he felt the weight of growing old in him.  He also felt unnaturally cold, tired and out of breath and even his eyes were showing the effects of the curse for he could no longer see, the Cardinal had developed cataracts.

"Father Benedetto!"

Father Benedetto was Cardinal Yasir's personal assistant, closest confident and ally.

"Michael Benedetto, where the hell are you!"

"I'm here Cardinal Yasir.  I just went to check on our guests..."

Cardinal Yasir was struggling to put his robe on.

"I can't see a Goddamm thing!  My eyes...everything is blurry!  What in God's name is happening to me?"

Father Benedetto placed the medicine tray on the night table and turned on the bedside lamp.

"Let me take a look, Cardinal Yasir.  Just sit back and relax..."

"That's easy for you to say, you imbecile!  You're not the one going through this, I am.  Now, what the hell is it?"

Father Benedetto carefully examined the Cardinal's eye and knew exactly what the problem was.

"Well, you've developed cataracts...your holiness."

"Che cazzo stai dicendo?"

Father Benedetto moved away from the Cardinal and sighed loudly.

"That you've developed cataracts.  It looks like the curse is moving fast through your body and we have to act quickly if you're to survive the weekend."

Cardinal Yasir closed his eyes and cursed out loud.


The cardinal tried to get up from the bed, but was unable because of his body aches and pain.

"Are they safely secured, Benedetto?"

The priest lowered his eyes in shame and nodded.

"Yes, they are your holiness...all ten of them."

The priest had searched high and low all over Italy and Europe for a book that could explain and help him in any way about the curse that Cardinal Yasir was under.  He went to countless of convents, abbeys, castles, forts, and barracks were the oldest and most prized religious books were kept, but with no luck.  

But, as Father Benedetto was about to give up hope, he came across and spoke with a dying monk who had heard a rumour in his youth about one book that might exist.  A book that was said went as far back to the times of the Renaissance, and this particular book had an 
antidote to fight the aging death curse.  

However, if it did exist then it could only be found in the restricted section of Dark Arts/Magic Books in the Vatican library.  This section of the library was forbidden and anyone caught inside could get the penalty of death.  

A law that still applies to this day and dates back to the 12th century, but this area was always under the careful watch of the vigilant Swiss Guards of the Vatican.  

Father Benedetto was able to sneak his way into the Vatican with little difficulty, but in order to gain acess to the corridor leading to the Dark Arts/Magic section of the library would be extremely difficult to accomplish on his own.  So, he had to do something that he was very shameful for, and in the eyes of the Holy Roman Catholic church, 
damned forever.  

To turn his back on the Cardinal at this point would mean certain death, and he also feared for the safety of his wife and family.  Father Benedetto was a Catholic priest who was secretly married and the caring father of five children.  In the eyes of the church this was completely offensive, punishable and utterly intolerable.  But, he cared too much for his wife and his beloved sons, and he would accept anything coming to him, but his family...they were innocent.  

The Cardinal had promised him riches, a title and ascension in the Catholic church.  His entire family, wife and sons would be set for life, but now he was the Cardinal's puppet.  

He felt physically ill at the acts he was made to commit, and to do these inside the Vatican that was just plain, repulsive.  He was sodomized by an entire regiment of the Swiss guards, they violated him for an entire weekend in every way possible and now he felt completely filthy, dirty and physically ill.

Michael Benedetto was a straight, heterosexual priest who in his early years became a victim of Satan's temptation.  He fell in love or lust for a very big breasted and incredible beautiful woman, and they were eventually married in secrecy and with the permission and blessings of Cardinal Yasir.  So, with the blessings from the Prince of the church, the priest felt a bit better, and that it was not a complete and damned sin that he and his wife had committed in the eye's of God.

But, now that he was back at the side of the Cardinal, he felt different...he had urges.  These were sexual urges that needed constant attention and no matter what he was doing, wether it was reading a book, saying mass or conducting a baptism, he kept thinking, looking and lusting after the men of his congregation.  

He prayed constanly, every few minutes in fact for these evil and impure thoughts to banish, but Satan was way too powerful.  

He kept thinking of the tenting and large packages that the men in his church showed in their pants.  He imagined the size of those long, thick uncut dicks and how wonderful they would feel on his lips and asshole.  large and wide male organs, penises of men whose wives were not performing their wifely duties.  He thought and lusted after the young, virile, strong and aggressive young men that needed an outlet to get off.

The men in his congregation made too easy, way too fucking easy.  They came to confession asking for forgiveness for jacking off too much, or for visiting a prostitute when their wife was heavily pregnant and not interested in sex.  Where as before he would scold them and ask them to say countless of Hail Mary's and Our Father's, he now encouraged the men to satisfy their natural and sexual urges.  He would tell them that they were just human and needed a healthy, normal sexual release.

Father Benedetto had even started a list of the men, both young and old that he was set to seduce, no matter the cost.  His urges were too powerful, he wanted, desired, lusted to have carnal relations with men!

"Benedetto, are you fucking listening to me?"

Father Benedetto shook his head side to side and came out of his haze.

"Ummm, sorry Cardinal.  What did you say?"

Cardinal Yasir threw an empty glass at his assistant, who acted fast enough and avoid getting hit in the crotch.  The glass shattered into pieces as it hit the wall at an incredible force.

"Are you fucking dumb and deaf?  I asked if the young men downstairs have been thoroughly questioned?"

The priest nodded and started to pick the broken glass pieces from the floor.

"Forget that, you fucking imbecile and get me the damm book!"

Michael Benedetto bowed and raced to get the book from the desk.  His hands trembled at the thought of touching this cursed book, and he cursed himself for not carrying a pair of gloves with him.


The poor priest jumped and made the sign of the cross before he picked up the musty book.

"Here you go, your grace."

Cardinal Yasir yanked the book out of the priest's hands and started hitting him with the old, fragile and ancient book. 

"I can't see, you stupid idiot!  Read it to me!"

Father Benedetto was saying a prayer softly in his head for the many sins he had commited, and for the many more that were yet to come...

To be continued!