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The man who became an Elf:

By JB Chan.

Chapter 1

-Please Shauni!

-I said not tonight!

The boy had already bothered me since morning and I was starting to get pissed.

-But you're such a wonderful teller and everybody has heard your story except me. And they all say that your story is the best ever told. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? (He gave me the heartbreaking "sad puppy look").

-Alright, alright...I'll tell you if you're a nice lad and you don't interrupt me. Promise?


We sat in the grass of the plain that was once New-York city. The only "building" in sight was the chief's hut at the edge of the forest, my hut. It was displayed like that to show that I was taking care of both the forest (where animals live) and the plain (where humans live). It was, after all, the leader's duties; duties that I carried on for more than a century now.

The boy had his eyes already locked on me, waiting for me to start once again the incredible tale of my life.

-You're ready? (He nodded silently) Here we go then...wait...someone's coming.

-How do you know?

-The wind told me.

-Who is it?

I lifted my nose in the wind to catch the scent of the newcomer.

-Mmm...It's Panda.

-Is...Is it true that Panda and you are...lovers? (He glanced at the marks on my chest).

-Yes, it is. But don't ask for details now, you'll have some soon enough. And don't protest or there'll be no story...

-Sorry for interrupting you guys but I want to hear the story too...said Panda as he sat near me. And I wanted to do this too...

He French kissed and hugged me in his big furry arms in front of an astonished lad. Even if it's not unusual nowadays, seeing a giant panda kiss the world's leader isn't something you see everyday.

-So can I finish what I was doing now Panda?

-Do as you wish, since we have the eternity to finish up later...

-Panda, there's a child here! I joked.

-Oh, sorry.

-Now were was I...ah yes, the story! So here comes the story of how I became an Elf...

My story somehow began when I was in high school. Three years of Theatre with the school and some dates made me go out of my shell. One of the results was that I started to ask weird questions about myself; it was some kind of quest for identity. "Who I am? What I am? Where is Mankind leading us? What if I die tomorrow? Will someone be sad?" were some of those weird questions. I mean that they were weird for a teenager.

And today, I realize I haven't really changed. The topic that was worrying me the most was my death; the perspective of dying someday was just unbearable. I knew I couldn't do anything about it, no one can live forever, but I just couldn't get over it. But now I don't care about it anymore. Don't worry, you'll know why later...

It's also at that age that I became a Nature lover. I was fond of anything about Nature (plants and animals); humans living up in total harmony with Nature would have been, for me, the perfect society. It seems pretty silly, isn't it? But I mean it. And now, see what we have achieved in less than a century.

Humans didn't really cared about Nature, they were taking everything they wanted from her and were doing nothing in return. Even if there were some people who tried to help Nature, they were outnumbered and they didn't have enough power to stop the others. I began to hate living in society. Even if men were destroying Nature, I think it's society which influenced them.

But because I loved Nature, I wanted to help her somehow. So I studied to become a specialist in animals' behavior (a comportmentalist) and was soon hired at 25 in a natural reserve for endangered species (both plants and animals). Since I couldn't avoid it, I forced myself to work with a large group of people.

But I just loved my job; I was within animals all day and gladly taking care of them. My favorite times were when there was the coming of a new animal. I had to stay with him, make him understand he didn't risk anything and that the reserve was his new home. My employer often congratulated me for my work. All the animals I've take care of were in better health and were always cooler than those of the other comportmentalists. A dog can feel when you're sad and always come to cheer you up. I could do the same with the animals. I think that's why I was still single; I wasn't at my ease with people. But the origin of that ability was maybe because I was zoo.

Sometimes, I felt like I was half human half beast, all packed in a human body. It was a weird feeling, but I didn't need a psychiatrist, I was feeling okay with who (or what) I was. It's just that, I felt lonely sometimes.

I was 28 when the event that changed my life happened...

By a late night, all the staff of the reserve and I were waiting for the arrival of a giant panda of China. He had been tracked down and almost killed by hunters but the cops had arrived on time and had saved him (for once). He should have been released in the wild but it looked like he was too terrified by the event to do anything. So they transferred him here so he could be rehabilited or at least (sigh) finish his life here.

He arrived by truck at 9pm at the entrance of the panda's area. When I saw him, I knew it was going to be hard. He was terrified, in total horror; not understanding what was happening at all. He was trembling like an oak leaf, his little black circled eyes glancing for an escape. It was so pitiful! "How can humans take pleasure from torturing poor creatures?" I was thinking. "It's revolting!"

Normally we were making the animals come out of the truck, guided them in the "first night cage" where they slept one night alone and joined the others the next day. But this one, my senses told me that I had to stay the whole night with him and also that there was too much people making too much noise. I explained the situation to the staff and after a few minutes of argument, they all left me alone with him.

I went in the truck to meet him, going slowly to make him understand that there was no danger at all. I stopped at three inches of him and raised my hand to let him smell it. We stayed like this for fifteen minutes until he made his first move. He moved his head near my hand and took a quick sniff of it. He quickly ducked, hiding his head in his paws, afraid of my reaction. He must have sensed no danger, because he went to sniff my hand again, but this time he took a long breath and looked at me in the eyes. I felt like if my mind was being red by this poor fella. He went up on four legs, sat near me, and craned his neck to let me pet him. That was the signal he was trusting me! I petted him, telling him that he had to follow me now and that everything was going to be okay. I went on four legs and walked away, trying to make him follow me. Which he did without any hesitation; hey it's was easier than I thought!

We walked away like this until we reached the "one night cage". Once inside, I showed him where his dinner was. While he was eating, I tried to get out. He immediately went in my way, growling. Okay big boy, I'll stay. I closed the gate, went to the nest and undressed to sleep with him. I threw my clothes to a corner where (I hope) he wouldn't piss on it. I needed them clean for tomorrow! After he finished his dinner, he went to the nest and cuddled his big furry body near my little human body. His furry was warm and soft, so I went closer of him trying to reheat my cold body. It was somehow, arousing.

I felt my penis harden and some precum oozed from it. Knowing that pandas don't have a good nose, I knew he wouldn't notice it; so I just hugged him a little tighter and tried to sleep, ignoring my erection. He rolled on his side so we were face to face. He hugged me tightly against his big furry body. I couldn't help but my erection was the only thing in my mind, until I felt something very hot against my leg and it was his little panda penis. About four inches long (it's pretty big for a panda) and two inches thick with a knot of three inches thick and two inches long, I couldn't do anything else except stare at this eighth wonder of the world. Mine was hard as steel.

My hands instinctively reached for it. He jumped, surprised but stayed still. I massaged his knot with my hand and jerked him off with the other. He grunted and rolled on his back, giving me more access. I went between his legs and carried on. I felt his cock expand in my hand, so I slowed my massages, wanting to make it last. Suddenly I realized how lucky I was; I was jerking a panda off! There's zoo who would have killed to be at my place! I decided to make it the best fuck I'll ever have with an animal and besides, it could be the only time I'll ever dot it!

I lowered my head and licked the head shining of precum. The taste was incredible! It was sooooo sweet! Excited like a kid at Christmas, I licked his cock like if it was the most precious thing on earth, but deliberately slow to appreciate it. I licked his underside, the head, the knot...just anywhere this magnificent juice could be. When he was clean, I looked at him. He was panting, his big chest going up and down quickly. His eyes were locked on me, begging me to continue. How can humans torture such beauties when we can please them like this? Eager for more, I went back to his cock and took it in my mouth, moving my head up and down. He started to hump, forcing his cock deeper in me each time my head went down. He continued humping until I had all of his cock and the knot in my mouth. He grunted loudly and placed his paws on my head.

I was in heaven! My hands then started to fondle his big balls. They were three times bigger than mine. It was like touching a hot soft furry tennis ball! My hands were soooo full of it! He grunted again, louder. He pressed his paws on the back of my head, forcing his cock deeper in me. But I couldn't take more; I gagged and forced myself to let his cock slip from my mouth. While trying to catch my breath, I felt my cock twitch and jerk for attention. It was so hard it was almost painful!

I pressed my little body against his big furry one, our cocks rubbing against each other's. He placed his paws on my back and hugged me tight, humping me softly. We stayed like this for more than ten minutes. It was so hot I wish we could have stayed like this forever but lust was still in the air. I sat on his lap, took hold his dick, rubbed the head on my anus, enjoying the difference between our bodies' temperatures. Then, I guided it to the entrance of my hole and pushed it inside. We were so wet, him of precum and me of sweat, that we didn't need any lubrification. His cock went in me until I reached the knot. It was way too big for my little ass, no matter how hard I pushed. I just moved up and down, his cock stabbing my prostate, my ass closing and opening at the pleasure he was giving me. Suddenly a wave of pleasure stronger than the others caused my legs to give out and his cock sank all the way in. Even the knot went in and, OH FUCK, DID I FELT IT PASS! My ass had almost been ripped opened by it and I was bleeding a bit. But all what I was feeling was worth the pain.

His knot expanded, locking us together and making me fuller of panda cock than I could have ever dreamed for. He started to hump again. Here I was, me, mister nobody being fucked by a panda. I began to scream:

"AAA...aaa...OOOOHHh...yessssssss...HUUUUUUmmmmmm...fuck me! Blow my ass off! Fuck me, you horny beast! FUCK MEEEEE..." He answered by loud grunt and I felt his boiling cum spurting in every part of my ass. This sent me over the edge. The fire of my almost blown out ass went inside my balls, then a torrent of boiling lava exploded in my cock and I erupted all over his furry chest, sending my human cum on this wild animal's torso.

I stayed there, spent; his cock still in me, his cum dropping from my now sore ass. I was thinking at only one thing "thank you so much Lady Nature, I owe you everything I've done". I looked down at my furry lover. He was panting, tired of his fuck, his arms around my waist, pulling me down his rod to enjoy the heat of my hole as long as possible. He looked at me with his black circled eyes and I knew that he was grateful.

His cock softened and went back into his sheath. Without this pole to support me, I fell on his big chest, drifting off to sleep. His big arms hugged me tight and I heard a voice in my head just before hitting the sack.

"Thank you ..."

When I woke up, I was in his arms, his chest cleaned like if nothing happened. He looked at me and I heard the voice again:

-Did you sleep well? Answer me by thinking what you want to tell me.

-What the...you're...talking?!

-Why? I shouldn't?

-Okay...I must be in some weird kind of dream and I...

He twisted my nipple, hard.

-Ouch! Hey that hurts!

-Sorry...but now you know you're not in a dream.

-But...how can you talk with me?

-Because I want it.


-After all you've done, you don't want to go without your reward, don't ya?

-I already had it last night...you mean there's something else?

-You remember in the truck, when I looked in yours eyes?

-Yes, I felt like if you were reading my mind.

-And that's exactly what happened. But I haven't only red you mind, I saw everything you did and thought in your life.

-...You gotta be kidding me...

-No. I can do that because I'm not a real panda.

-I wonder how far this story will go...

-I am member of a small group of nature lovers; we're all like you.

-You mean you're...you were human?

-The love I had about Nature gave me this shape and the ability of reading minds. Now my job is to spot people like you, like us.

-So the story about the hunters in China...it was just a way to put you in the reserve and maybe spot a guy or two?

-Exactly. The probability of finding new members is higher in places like this.

-But the others, they're all like you? I mean...transformed into animals?

-No, I'm the only one. Sorry to change the subject, but you still have your reward to get...

-Oh yes. What is it?

-In a few days, you'll meet a black woman who's going to give it to you. You can't miss her; she'll look like the wildest creature on earth. I can't tell you what your gift will be because it was different for every people who got it. But whatever you get, you'll be a true member of our community after.

-Who is she? And what did the others get?

-Nobody really knows who she is. She's the first of us and the one who founded the group.

And most of the time, they received the senses and abilities of their favorite animal, like the grace of the cat or the nose of a dog. Others became strong as an ox. Some even changed shape, but only some parts and until now none of them went as far as mine.

-And you're happy with it?

-How could I not? I'm in the shape of my favorite animal and I help what I love the most in the world: the Nature.

-You have a guess about what I could get?

-No. You're the first one for whom I have no clue.

-What d'you mean?

-You're different from the others. Even if you hate nowadays' society, you're thinking of a society where nature and humans are living up together. We did that in our little community, but no one believes that your idea could work for the whole world. There's even some who think that humans are taking pleasure at torturing nature, but you think it's society's fault that humans are like that.

-You don't think so?

-I do, but I don't see how a society like yours could be created.

-Me neither. I hope that I'll find a way a day or another.

-Good luck then.

-Thanks. (Sigh)We had a wonderful night together, you told me about the community and everything, but I still don't know your name.

-Oh sorry. My name is Panda.


-It's not my real name...I changed it when I turned into a panda. The others did the same when they received their "gift". So what's yours?

-Err...I don't have one yet.

-You'll find one, sooner or later. It's getting late...you should go or they'll suspect something. Remember that you have to take me to the panda's area.

-You don't risk anything?

-I'm a panda! What do I risk with other panda?


-Besides, I enjoy talking with them and even more sometimes...

-I see. Where are my clothes?

-At the same place you dropped them yesterday...


After dressing, I opened the cage and led him to the panda area. He waved me goodbye and ran to meet the others. I closed the gate and went to the cafeteria for breakfast. When I entered, a few head turned and glance at the newcomer. When they saw it was me, they smiled and asked me how it was. I just answered that it was easier than I thought. Then they asked me how it felt to sleep in the arms of a panda. I answered "like sleeping in the arms of a big cozy teddy bear". They grinned and let me enter the cafeteria. Even if they didn't know I was zoo, they had strong suspicions about it. But they never said anything, they just asked me how it was each time I would sleep with an animal.

After the breakfast, I went to work at the gorilla area like I was supposed to and tried to "talk" with them, but nothing happened. It was working only with Panda, too bad (sigh).

I continued to work until dusk. After closure, I went to check the cages like every day. When I arrived at the panda area, Panda was at the gate, waiting for me.

-How was your day?

-That was okay. I still don't believe what happened this morning.

-You won't believe it either when you'll get the "gift". And speaking of gift, I have one for you...

-Not tonight, my ass is still sore from yesterday.

-No silly, it's something else. But you have to come in anyway.

-Ok. Just wait, I have to check if there's no one...ok, I'm coming.

I opened the cage and entered. He asked me to take my shirt off. When I did, he stood up and placed his paws on my chest muscles. I felt my skin burn for a second, and then it was over. Two panda footprints were now on both my chest muscles, like two big black tattoos.

-It's beautiful. What is it?

-It's a "mate mark".

-Why did you give me that?

-It means we're lovers from now on.

-We're...we met last night and I know nothing about you. How can you say something like that so fast?

-I know everything you did and thought, and the few conversations we had only made it clearer...

-You're...you're sure you're not going hastily about that?

He hugged me tight and Frenchkissed me; but it was not a simple kiss, it was so full of love I felt like a bastard for not feeling the same thing toward him.

I responded, my hands caressing his back. For five minutes our lips stayed locked, our tongues dancing the world's hottest tango. When we broke we were both panting heavily, his eyes in mine. It was like if I was seeing them for the first time, their blackness was mesmerizing. And somehow, I felt attracted to him; but a different way I ever felt toward someone. I could have said anything at that moment, that I loved him and wanted to spend my life with him but a wave of common sense told me it was all but too sudden.

-I'll take that as a "no" then...

-You're obviously shaken so I'll let you some time, to think about it...

After he let me go, I put my tee-shirt on and asked him.

-What are you going to become? You're not staying here forever, are you?

-Don't worry, we'll meet again someday. You should go, now...

-Don't say such things; I'll see ya tomorrow anyway.

-Maybe not.

-What d'you mean?

-They're going to get me tomorrow...

-What?! You're leaving tomorrow! But...I still have tons of questions about the...how should I call them for example?

-The Humals, half human, half animal...

-Ya, the Humals...

-There's someone coming!

-But I...I...


I left quickly and watched him run into the panda area.

Even if he was only doing his job, he just gave me this "mate mark"; he could have at least said goodbye. A member of the cleaning staff arrived when I left the cage. He asked me something but I just ignored him and went home.

As soon as I was home, I jumped in my bed and felt asleep.

Suddenly I saw Panda and people I didn't knew running in a forest. They were attacked by heavy armed soldiers. The soldiers were merciless toward them; shooting them in the back and shouting "die monsters!" There was blood and dead people everywhere.

Then I saw Panda turn back and try to fight back. He was shot before he could do anything. His blood was fleeing out of his body, his life escaping with it...

I was breathing loudly as I sat up in the bed.

Ok, calm down now, it was a dream. Just a dream...just a...aaaaahh!!

I jumped when my alarm clock rang. I jumped out of my bed when I saw the time; I had to leave or I was going to be late for work! I took a quick breakfast and caught my bus just in time.

In the crowd, I just kept thinking at Panda. I realized I wanted to see him and talk with him again. But he's gone now...maybe not yet! He said he was leaving today but didn't say when; he may still be there! And fate seemed to be with me! Here comes my stop. I jumped over the crowd and started to run.

I reached the entrance of the reserve exhausted. So I stopped and was trying to catch my breath, when my employer arrived. His face was red of anger.

-Where is he?


-The panda that arrived yesterday.

-You mean...he's gone?!

-Don't make me a fool! I know what you've fucked with him all the night. I also know about your love for nature. I know you're hiding him somewhere! WHERE IS HE?

-How should I know? Where could I hide a beast of this size? You know I don't have a car and that I have no friends who could have helped me. And anyway when I left after checking the cages, there's a guy of the cleaning staff who saw me left without him. And my love for nature couldn't have made me do something like this, it would have been worse for the panda to leave than stay.

-Ya...ya, maybe...but...but...you fucked him!


-So I'm going to tell the police about that. Unless...you tell me where he is.

-You won't do anything. Because if you do so, you'll have to tell them how you saw me. And I know you were spying on me each time I was "sleeping" with the animals. You wouldn't have let me do so if you weren't a voyeur. Am I right, sir?

-You...you lie. There's a...a surveillance camera in each cage.

-If so I would have seen them, I work in those cages every day! And the law says you have to tell your employees when you place cameras. And bestiality isn't against the law in this country. Am I still right, sir?


-Maybe I am, but whatever you do, I don't care. I'm innocent. Have a nice day, sir...

I left him there and went to the changing room. So Panda was already gone. Sigh...too bad. He said we were going to meet again someday. If there is someone up there, make this day come soon.

My next three days were casuals. The only thing that changed was my boss' attitude towards me. He wasn't insulting me or making comments on what I did, he just kept avoiding me, but I didn't care.

I also kept thinking at Panda, but also at how life could be with him if I decided to stay with him...it wasn't love or anything like that, it's just that what he told me really shook me. But another thing kept me thinking at him; since he knew everything I did, he was maybe the only who could ever understand me.

The worse were the nights: I kept making the nightmare. Each time I would wake up, panting and sweating, a single question was bouncing up and down in my mind: was Panda all right?

And the night of the third day, there was someone waiting for me at the gate...

A tall black woman, with long curled dark hair, was looking at me. I stopped walking, mesmerized by her beauty and her glance. Her yellow-grey eyes locked in mine.

She walked towards me, like in slow motion, and each of her moves was blessed by a feline grace. She went closer and closer until she was at only an inch from me. She hugged me tight and locked her lips on mine. I responded clumsily not knowing what I was doing. After all it's been so long since I've kissed someone (a human I mean). Her hands were feeling the back of my head with the power of a beast combined with a soft feminine touch. I was already hard in my pants. She was the most gorgeous girl I've ever met and I was in her arms! She broke the kiss, her arms still around me and told me she's been waiting for me for a very long time.

-You've been expecting me?!

-You have no idea of who you are...or should I say who you'll become. But don't ask questions, you'll find out soon.

She kissed me again and, this time I responded with everything I had. Our crotches were rubbing against each other's. I could feel her wetness like she could feel my erection.

-Naughty boy! Haven't your mother told you to be polite with ladies?

-Sorry but you're so...

-Maybe I am but I have to learn everything about you before we do anything...

-I think I really want to know you too, but...did Panda tell anything about me?

-No, he can read minds but keeps what he saw for himself.

-I see. Do you know where he is?

-He's at the village now. Don't worry, he's safe.

-(deep sigh) Glad to hear that.

-It's because of your nightmare you asked that, right?

-Yes, I...how d'you know?

-I know a lot of things...Just one question, are we going to stay here all night or what?

-I invite you for dinner then. There's a good Japanese restaurant a few blocks away. Shall we?

I gave her my arm and we walked to the restaurant. During all the dinner, she kept asking questions about me. I answered at everything she asked and she soon knew more things about me than my own mother.

We had just eaten desserts when I asked her my first and only question:

-What's your name?


-Tigra...that suits you well.

-Thanks, you're nice.

-And you're gorgeous.

She bent over the table and kissed me. I responded passionately, caressing the back of her neck tenderly. Her tongue probed every corner of my mouth with power; lust was driving us wild. She had already taken my jacket off and was working on my belt when a waiter came to make us remember we were still in a restaurant and asked us to wait until we're outside to continue. Blushing red, I apologized, paid the bill and we left quickly. We had only walked 300 meter when she jumped on me and kissed me again. Her aura was pure wild.

When we broke, we were both panting heavily, each looking the other lustfully. She started to undress me again but this time I stopped her.

-What's wrong?

-We're not going to do it in the street.

-Let's go to your place.

-It's too far away by foot, I don't have a car and there's neither bus nor cabs at this hour.

-What about the reserve then?

She didn't have to ask me twice.

At the entrance of the reserve, there was not a soul.

We went to the cage where I've slept with Panda; the place where everything started and where everything was about to continue.

Inside the cage the smells of beasts were just everywhere, filling our nostrils with wild lust. Once the door closed, we cuddled against each other and kissed.

When we broke, she had already undressed both of us and tossed the clothes everywhere. Her smooth black body was driving me wild, her tits and nipples were looking straight at me. We kissed again, my body rubbing against hers, my cock poking her legs, shining of her love juices. We lied on the nest where Panda had fucked me. She rolled on her back, giving me total access to her most intimate parts. I licked and fondled her tits, making her moan of pleasure. I pinched her nipples until they were hard and sucked them like a baby eating from his mother's breasts. My hands went down and felt around her pussy, making circles and going closer and closer but never touching it. I let her nipples go and went down. Still caressing all around her pussy, I licked the juices on her legs until she was clean. My head was only at half an inch of her tunnel, I blew loudly my hot breath on her pussy. She had a little jump and moaned softly. I started to lick around her mound, closer and closer but without touching it. She moved her hips and pushed me with her hands, trying to make me lick her. She tried a few more times but couldn't make me budge at all. I continued to tease her until I reached her limits. She suddenly screamed to stop the teasing. I smiled perversely and finally licked her mound. She arched her back and grunted loudly, her hands pushed me further. I licked her clean and then put my tongue inside her. Her juices were so delicious I just couldn't and didn't want to stop these inner explorations. I lapped every drop I could. She was on the hedge, breathing louder and louder at each stroke of my tongue also going faster and faster, but couldn't make her orgasm. But when I roughly pushed a finger in her ass, she had her first orgasm; she screamed of pleasure, her ass closing and opening on my finger and her love juices flooded my tongue.

When the climax subsided, she locked her lips on mine and probed my mouth with her tongue, looking for her juices which I gratefully shared. She locked her eyes in mine and said it was her turn to please me now.

-Don't feel forced to do it.

-I wanna do it and you won't regret it. You'll see...

She pushed me down and took my rod in her hands. She started to tease me by blowing her hot breath on the whole length of my cock, her mouth only at a quarter of an inch of it. It felt wonderful. Then she started to tease me by kissing just anywhere that was very close of my cock, but never the cock itself. After she started to lick around it, still teasing me. I just couldn't do anything but to wait for her to stop it. I was panting like a parched dog. This woman knew how to tease men!

I was rotating my hips, trying to make her lick me. She lifted her head and gave me a perverse smile before carrying on. I begged her to stop the teasing but she just ignored me. The tension was at its climax: my cock was already two inches bigger than my usual size, becoming purple and very painful! I couldn't stand it anymore; I screamed loudly and ordered her to stop the teasing.

Her tongue finally touched my ball sack. She first licked them before engulfing both at once. It was sooooo warm inside! I moaned softly and placed my hands on her head but without pushing her. She continued to suck them with loud noises of suction. The other hand was running along the crack of my ass, sending me shivers all over my spine. She released my balls and went on licking the whole length of my rod, from the base to the head; one of her hands was on my balls, fondling them and letting them fall from one finger to the other while the other had found my asshole and started to push a finger inside. I convulsed of pleasure at this unexpected coming and begged her to go further. She licked the head my cock, sucking on it like if it was a straw, increasing the suction each time her finger was going deeper in my ass. I grunted loudly and pressed her head down when her finger went all the way inside. I felt my balls being probed from the inside when she wiggled her finger inside my ass. When she started to deepthroat me, I roared like a lion and involuntarily trusted my hips against her face. She smiled and carried on pleasuring me. I felt my orgasm build from somewhere deep in my loins. My cock and balls tensed, preparing to unload. She sensed that and withdrew, leaving me some rest.

I sighed lustfully. I brought her close of me and kissed her. The taste of my cum in her mouth mixed with her juices was just too good! Our slimy bodies slipped together while we kissed. My cock touched lightly her pussy and made her moan. She locked her eyes in mine, a lustful grin on her face and said she wanted me inside her.

I laid back. She took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. She sat on it, making it enter slowly; warmth was just everywhere! I moaned softly when the head went in. She smiled and went all the way down in one smooth motion, taking my breath away.

She started to rock up and down; my balls slapped her ass each time she was going down. My hands were fondling her tits and nipples while hers were on my arms, pulling them closer of her magnificent body. I then let her tits go and placed my arms around her; she bent down and kissed me while I hugged her tight, her pussy still bouncing up and down.

She suddenly stopped, my cock all the way inside her, her eyes locked on my chest. She placed her hands like Panda did and asked what those prints were.

-It's a "mate mark"; Panda gave it to me the day before he left.

-It's so beautiful...why did he give you that?

-You don't know what it is?

-No, each Humal has his little secrets...so what does it mean?

-Err...it means that Panda and I became...lovers.

She rotated her hips and made me groan of pleasure. She glanced lustfully at me.

-Mmm...it's so hot...if only I could have been there to watch. Tell me how it was.

She bounced up and down while I told her every detail of this first night. She was becoming wilder and wilder as my story progressed, going faster and screaming like if she was possessed. The rhythm she was going at and our orgasms were growing at an astounding rate. When I reached the point where Panda was cumming inside me, she squeezed her pussy tightly on my rod.

I felt myself drown into her when one of the biggest climaxes I've ever felt hit me. It was like if my whole body was going inside her and going deeper each time I was shooting a jet of cum. I screamed of pleasure and she soon joined me. While she did I felt going deeper in her again. She looked at me, smiling perversely at what she just did and bent down to kiss me again. When I grabbed her ass and roughly pushed two fingers inside her tight little ass, she cummed a second time and screamed out so loud she should have wake the dead up. We laid in each other's arms, spent, the waves of our climaxes slowly subsiding and leaving our bodies in a state of extreme peace. I withdrew my fingers from her ass and kissed her passionately, my hands caressing softly her back.

We kissed until my cock became limp and went out of her. She then straddled herself on my waist.

She placed her hands on the "mate mark". Small halos of light appeared around her hands and everything in sight became black. I arched my back and pushed an inhuman scream. I felt my whole body tense and only felt pain; every inch of my body was poked, scratched, burned, tortured and melting of pure pain. And as soon as it came, it stopped. The cage floor was cold as ice on my bare back. She bent down and kissed me, her hands still on my chest. When our lips locked together, I felt drown into her again. The floor beneath us suddenly disappeared.

I fell for what seemed hours.


When I finally hit the floor, everything was dark and cold. I couldn't even see my hands, but I knew I was alone, I couldn't feel any presence. There was absolutely nothing around me, except this freezing floor and I couldn't even see it! I started to walk blind, trying to find anything.

A small spot of light came out of nowhere and, seeing nothing else to do, I headed toward it. When I reached the source, everything became white.

My body was lifted from the floor and something touched me.

It was a hand. The hand of a woman with a touch as light as feather. Another joined, then another and soon there was something like a hundred of hands massaging every inch of my body. I closed my eyes, trying to make the most of the feelings those hands were giving me.

Lips locked on mine and a tongue entered my mouth, I responded with everything I had. I suddenly saw pictures of the most beautiful species on earth. I didn't understand what was happening to me.

I could not move a muscle to hug "her" and we kissed for what seemed hours, while thousands of pictures flashed through my mind and the hands massaged my body...

Suddenly I felt a weight on my lap, then arms hugging me and tits rubbing my chest. I opened my eyes.

I was back on the cage floor with Tigra in my arms. She was smiling, her beautiful eyes locked in mine. She gave me a passionate kiss. I responded, softly rubbing her back. She broke and from her lips raised her magnificent voice.

-Wake up sleepy head...it's almost midday.

-Midday!? We...we have to get out of here before anyone sees us!

She quickly pushed me down.

-Relax...it's Sunday. The reserve is closed and there's not a soul around.

-We're Sunday...I totally forgot that...

-You're so beautiful now...

-So are you...what d'you mean by "now"?

-Look at yourself...

I glanced down at my body. The first thing I saw was that it became absolutely hairless, except for my hair and eyebrows. After I noticed that my skin was now white as milk. Then I noticed the changes with my muscles, they were all as developed and tensed like an athlete's. I stood up and did some moves; every part of my new body was filled with pure power. I raised my hands to feel my face; it was as smooth as a baby's. But when I touched my ears, I jumped of surprised; they were pointy.

I glanced at Tigra. She was looking at me silently, waiting for my reaction. Seeing I wasn't going to talk, she did.

-That's right; you turned into what you call an elf. A very good looking one...

-I...I just don't know how I could ever thank you. This is so fantastic! I feel like if I had just reborn. It's so cool...and strange too.

-Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Every one gets used to his new abilities. And you'll need them to meet your fate.

-My fate? Wowwowwow...we're in a movie or what?

-No we're in a cage where you were fucked by a panda four days ago and where you just became an elf.

-Okay that was a silly question...

-You didn't only change shape; you have now abilities far beyond those of the humans. And you received what Nature has always been taking back.

-...y...you mean I became...

-Yes. You are now immortal.

My head was spinning at 500 miles per hour. I sat on the floor and took my head in my hands, trying to calm down and find a way to not become mad. She squatted down and hugged me tight. We stayed like this until I started to feel okay again. I was looking at the floor when I asked her this question:

-Why me?

She went in front of me, placed her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes in mine. I was expecting anything but this answer:

-You're the messiah of Lady Nature.

I thought I was going to faint.

-I'm a...messiah?!

-Yes. Lady Nature chose you among all the others to guide her planet into a new world order.

-Lady Nature chose me?! But I thought she didn't exist...that she was just a name...

-How can you say such a thing when you've stayed more than 8 hours with her?!

-You mean...you're Lady Nature?

-No...I'm just her intermediate.

-So when did I met...the lips in the dark! It was her!

-You are sure slow...

-I've been...kissed by Lady Nature...

-And you've been remodeled by her too...body and soul. She gave you more than muscles and eternal life...she also gave you the sharpest senses her children have.


-The animals.

-The animals? The images I saw when she kissed me...

-Yes. So just watch out if you hear or smell things which you can't determine their origin.

-Ok I see what you mean, (I had a little laugh) I can smell the apes from here.

-You'll have to learn to use it only when you want...how far are they?

-More than 500 meters away.


-And you smell good...

-Thanks but don't get on me. I was yours only for last night.

-I knew it was going to be like this; don't worry you've made me happier than any man could have been. I don't regret anything.

-That's exactly what Panda told me after he spent the night with me.

-(sigh)I sure miss him... (Did I really say that?)

-Don't worry; you'll see him when you'll come at the village. But we need to prepare some details, so you'll have to stay here for a whole week before you can leave.

-But I can't work or walk in the street like this...especially with those ears...

-Here takes this.

She handed me a silver ring (don't ask me where she was hiding it). It was engraved with symbols I couldn't recognize.

Okaaaay...now we have enchanted rings...what's next? Dragons?

-What does it do?

-Try it.

As soon as the ring was around my finger, my body changed. My hair had grown again, my skin was its original color and my ears had turned round. I was "normal" again.

-It only changed my shape, right?

-Yes, you still have your other powers.

-Well...thanks it'll sure be useful...Tigr...Tigra?! Where are you? Where are you?

Like you've guessed, she was gone. She couldn't have made it more "cliché".

I dressed and left, since there was nothing else I could do. I was going toward the exit when I heard someone whisper. I couldn't see him but there was definitely someone around, I could sense it. I continued to walk trying to ignore it. Since I could hear any noise coming from less than two blocks away from me, I thought it was far away. Suddenly I "saw" the origin of the voice (like "Daredevil"), it was right behind me. I turned back only to look in the eyes of a gorilla. He was watching me from his cage. I was going to leave when I heard the gorilla speak.

-Hey! Don't leave; I wanna to talk to ya.


-Of course I talk! Err...you sure you're the one who became an elf?

-Yes...it's...it's me.

I should have guessed something like that was going to happen...

-What do you want to tell me?

-Well...the guys and I are making a party with all the females...so if you're interested, it's t'night.

I choked of surprise. Me, invited at a gorilla gangbang!? Okay, now it's becoming weird...

-Erm...well...sorry guys, but I'll give it a miss...I have to think about what happened to me and rest a bit.

-Okay, no prob'...see ya tomorrow then.

-What do you mean tomorrow?

-You're still working here don't ya?

-Oh yeah...right. See ya then...have a good night!

-I will! (His gorilla face gave me the most perverse smile I've ever seen).

I quickly left the reserve, went home and directly fell on my bed. The events of this week passed in front of my eyes. I placed my head on the pillow and tried to sleep, the ring still around my finger.

It's been now seven hours since I came back and I'm still awake. It never happened before; each time I am going to bed I fall asleep as soon as my head is on the pillow. It's there that I understood I won't need to sleep ever again. I've red somewhere that Elves do not sleep; I don't know how it's called, but they enter a state where they "sleep" but are still awake. I will never see darkness since I can't die and can't even sleep. It's scary and appeasing at the same time; everyone need to close their eyes from times to times and wander away from problems or reality but it's my cost to never have to bear the eternal Darkness.

I've never dreamed ever again since then.

So I got out of my bed, dressed and did something I've never done before: I went out to explore the city.

It's strange how you look at things differently when it's nightfall...okay, it's also different when you're an Elf. It's just that anywhere I could lay my eyes on was blessed with light and beauty. I don't why but I was just...mesmerized by the lights of this city, like if each light was a sign of life. I just wandered into the streets, not going anywhere precisely, until I reached the city park.

I had totally forgotten the city had one. I impulsively took my shoes off and walked in the grass, each blade caressing my feet. It felt so good! I could feel the wind making the grass hum under my bare feet. I followed the wind, like if its voice was leading me somewhere. I arrived in front of the woods. I "saw" the wind being engulfed by this mass of trees in front of me and it stopped blowing. I could not hear any sound at all, like if we were alone me and those trees. Like pushed by instinct, I removed my clothes and headed toward them. I dropped my clothes and shoes at the edge, then I removed my ring and I was an elf again.

The wind suddenly blew against my now hairless body with such force that I felt compelled to go inside. When I entered the woods, I heard strange noises; it was like a heartbeat. Using my elfish senses, I tried to locate the source. I had no problem to find my path in the forest since I could see in the dark. After a few detours and some "out of the tracks" walk, I arrived in a clearing. There was the biggest tree I've ever seen in its center. It was so tall I could not see its summit.

I went near the tree and placed my hand on the trunk, feeling its soft bark. I actually felt the tree pulse under my elfish fingers; a slow regular pulse like a heartbeat. Suddenly I heard the same sound, but this time it was coming from the trees around the clearing. And like an echo, I heard the sound slowly disappear into the woods in every direction. I looked back at the tree and understood. This big tree was "giving life" to all the others: it was the heart of this forest. I bowed in respect.

After that, I got up and hugged the tree tightly. The pulse echoed in my head. But it wasn't a pulse, it was a voice.




"We're all counting on you."




I moved back, stunned, not knowing if I had really heard it. I started to run toward where I left my clothes. While running, the same voice was inside my head, going louder and louder at each of my steps, repeating again and again what the tree just told me. I was running so fast I couldn't see the trees around me. I ran for what seemed hours, never seeing a single building nor hearing the usual noises of a city. Suddenly, I reached the same clearing with the same tree in the center.

-What the...

-Do not be afraid...come here...

I did as I was told, since it seemed I couldn't leave this place.

-What do you want from me?

-Just talk with you...

-What do you want to tell me?

-I want to warn you...about your powers...

-What's the matter with them?

-Even if you are immortal, you are not invincible...

-Yes, I guessed that already.

-You still do not realize how important you are...so I will give you a way to resurrect if you die somehow...

-I can resurrect...is there anything I can't do?

He ignored my question.

-To resurrect, you just have to be buried with the seed of a baobab in your hands placed on your heart...

-The seed of a...why a baobab?

-It's called the "tree of immortality" in some countries...some are so old that humans cannot tell how old they are...

-What will happen after?

-Just wait...and you will come back to life a few weeks after your burial...

-A few weeks?! Why is it so long?

-Trees do not grow up like this...

-But a baobab takes ages to grow...

-Your presence will make it grow faster...and when you resurrect, you do not take another life in replacement of yours, you even give one...

-Hey, that's cool...well...how can I thank you?

-Just do what She told you to do...

-Speaking of that...what do I have to do? Save the world?

-No...just follow what seems right to you and it will be enough...

-(a pause) Why things always look simple for the others and so difficult for the hero?

-I don't know...I'm neither the one who created the world nor the one who invented its rules...

-Thanks...I really needed that...

-At your service...

-If you're finished making fun of me, could you please answer a question?

-Go ahead...

-You never finish your sentences, do you?

-No...it makes me look wise...


-You should leave now...it's dawn...you do not want to be late for work...don't you? (Hey he finished his sentence!).

-No I don't...hope I'll see you again someday.

-You have the eternity for that you know...

- (sigh) Sometimes I wonder if anyone will be able to talk to me normally one day...

I left the clearing, and headed toward my clothes. I quickly dressed and went to the reserve for my last week of work.

Nothing "unusual" happened except when I worked in the gorillas' cage: the gorilla who talked to me the day before kept on giving me all the details of his party...no, don't even think about it, I won't tell you a thing guys! I don't want to give you nightmares!


I resigned from my work Monday morning. My boss wanted to know why I was leaving and I just told him that it was for personal reasons. I knew he suspected me of going to the place where I was "keeping" Panda and that he may even follow me on Friday night. He agreed but told me I had to finish the week. After work, I sold my flat on the internet with everything I wasn't going to take with me to the village.


The 7th day I was like a kid at Christmas Eve, I was craving to be tonight and finally see Panda again. All day I was hyperactive, doing more in one day than during the last months.


I was waiting at the reserve with my backpack since I didn't know elsewhere to wait for further instructions. I was starting to get worried when the obsessed gorilla called me:

-What d'you want this time?! Let me warn you that if it's about this party of yours again, you can get yourself fucked somewhere else!

-You want to go to the village or not?

-You know how to go there?!

-Nope. I can to give you the keys to go to there.

-Which are?

-Follow the whisper of the wind.

-Follow the...why do we always have to go through some kind of stupid test to reach what we want the most?

-When stories are told, it's always better if it's hard for the hero, don't you agree?

-I agree to say that you think you're lucky of not being the hero here!

-Maybe yeah, I'm happy of being a gorilla...especially since we can make parties like...

-Stop! I don't want to hear anything about that party again! (I locked my eyes in his and sighed) And I thought that exhibitionism was one of the only things that only humans possessed...

-You'd be surprised on how many things we have in common (he placed his hand on his...oh you know what already!)...I think you should leave now; you have only until sunrise to reach the place. But before you leave, I wanted you to know we're having another party Sun...

I left before he finished his sentence.

I wandered in the enlightened streets, trying to catch this "whisper of the wind". But no sounds were coming to me other than those of the cars and the nightclubs. So I walked to the park, hoping to find the silent I needed there.

Before I realized it, I was facing the woods and felt again compelled to go near them.

Nothing came to my ears as I started to go toward the woods, like if the world just ceased to exist. The wind was blowing strongly against me, making my long hair fly freely. And then a sound came from the woods, a heartbeat-like one.

I suddenly felt the situation very familiar; but even if I felt the urge of taking my cloth off, I kept them. I didn't know if it was proper for the Humals to walk naked and I don't think it would have made a good first impression on them either.

I walked until I reached the clearing; the tree was still there, looking like if he was waiting for me.

The sound of its life was stronger than ever, erasing every other sound. His voice resounded in my head, like when I talked with Panda (this thought made my heart clench).

-Hi...glad you could make it...

-I've passed the test? That was easy...

-New members are so scarce we cannot make this first test too hard...those who cannot pass do not deserve to join us at all...

-I see...I don't want to look in a hurry but what's the way?

-Hug me and you will see...

I walked toward the tree and hugged him. A dark hole opened in the trunk and swallowed me; everything in sight went black...

It seemed like an eternity before I regained consciousness. It's a voice who woke me up:

"Wake up..."


"What's happening? Where am I?"


"Your body is now a part of the Earth"


"I am part of...but what for?"


"It allows you to travel from any tree to anywhere in the world..."


"It allows me to...is there anything in this world that is sensible?"


"Sorry...but we did not found anything better than that..."


"Ok...just one question...are we there yet? I know that it is a fast way to travel but it's awful not feeling anything."


"Brace yourself..."

As soon as what or whoever it was finished talking, I ate the grass, literally. I opened my eyes, spat what I just tasted and looked around me. I was in a clearing which looked exactly like the one I just left except for the tree in the center which was much bigger. The pulsing sounds he was sending were more powerful than any sound I've ever heard, the trees around the clearing were the most beautiful and the biggest I've ever seen. I suddenly realized that I was standing before the oldest tree of the world and that he was the source of everything. A tear rolled down my cheek and landed on the grass; a flower popped from earth at the place it had landed.

I was still dumbfounded when I felt the pulse inside me. It put me out of balance like if it had reached my very soul. Then a mighty voice resounded:



-Speak softer please, I am just near you. Don't "scream" like that...

"We have been waiting for you for so long..."


-Yes, I know...what shall I do now?

"Just walk out of here...they will tell you everything..."


-Err...which way please?

The wind blew and I saw the leaves fly toward my left. I followed them after waving goodbye to the tree; I knew we were going to meet again sooner or later so there was no rush for us to make acquaintance.

The leaves led me to an empty clearing. Nothing was moving or making noise. It was quiet, too quiet...you know...like before a storm...


The horn announcing dinner time. The boy protested he wasn't hungry and that he wanted me to finish the story.

-Listen boy, I said, we have still plenty of time after dinner. Just be patient and I`ll tell you the rest of the story after, okay?

This time, he didn't protest and left, leaving Panda and me alone.

-What do we do now? He asked.

-Let's go eat first. Then I have to see Eagle. He said he has some problems with the squid people.

-Again?! (sigh) When are we supposed to meet him?

-At the meeting of the Sevens. After that, what do you say if we could find some cozy place under the full moon and...you know...get closer of each other?

-Mmm...I'd love to...but why wait...?

He hugged me tight and kissed me passionately. Then we rolled on the green grass of the plain, giggling and poking each other. I was just happy to be here, my magnificent furry lover in my arms. His soft touch on my now bare torso sent me shivers all over my spine. My breath became erratic. I wanted him inside me, to possess me the way he did a century ago.

Our so-different-mouths joined...

The sun set down on the grass of the new Earth, while an Elf and a Panda made love.