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Chapter One



The bottle fell to the floor and burst, sending its contents everywhere. Damn, Cole thought, viewing the mess, why am I so clumsy? It was a plaint he had uttered a thousand times, as had the next statement. I shall have to do something about it--and soon.

Cole was a dog. No, he wasn't ugly; he was a K9, a dog. Descended from the species of four-legged creatures, Cole, a Great Dane, had learned to walk upright at an exceptionally early age--six months. But here he was, a full-grown adult with a bright future in front of him and he still couldn't hold a bottle of pop in his paw-hands. Tools he had no problem with, he was as dextrous with a knife and fork as he was with a pickaxe.

But pop bottles, for some reason, defeated him. Sighing with resignation, Cole gathered a roll of kitchen towel and began mopping up the mess. Why, he asked himself, and this wasn't for the first time, either, why don't I just stop buying bottles of pop altogether? I'd much rather drink tea or coffee. He had no difficulty filling up a kettle and making a hot drink once the water in it had boiled.

The mess cleared up--at the expense of half a roll of kitchen towel--Cole rose to his canine feet and went to the telephone. He punched in a series of remembered numbers--the keys were large to fit the size of his canine digits--and waited.

`Shaw,' he said when the dog at the other end answered. `How are you bro?'

Shaw Mason was Cole's brother and as wonderful an individual as was likely to be found either in the canine society or the human one.

`I'm fine Cole,' Shaw replied. `How are you? The family hasn't heard from you in quite a while.'

`The firm's got me working non-stop on this new building project,' he explained. `It occupies three-quarters of my day. Not that I'm actually creating anything--yet--but it's only a matter of time before I get my own task,' he added.

`I gather something's on your mind,' Shaw guessed, `otherwise you wouldn't be calling me at ten in the morning.'

`I busted another bottle this morning,' Cole told him.

`Seems to me I've heard this before--on a number of occasions,' Shaw said.

`You've got that right, bro,' Cole told him, `but this is the fourth bottle I've busted inside a month. It's reaching epidemic proportions. Have you got anything in that workshop of yours that could help?'

`Actually I have,' Shaw said, to the delight of his listener. `I'll send Brad over with it. It's his invention anyway. He'll come in a taxi; can you pay for it?'

`Brad?' Cole queried.

`My human assistant,' Shaw told him. `I've mentioned him before, I believe. Anyway, I'd come with him but I'm in the middle of an experiment and it's reached a critical phase; I just can't spare the time.'

`Okay, I'll pay the fare. Anything to stop myself making a mess on my kitchen floor will be worth the cost of a taxi ride,' Cole said. `Thanks bro and I'm sorry to have taken you away from your experiment--whatever it is. I'll see you soon.'

`'Bye, Cole,' Shaw replied and replaced the receiver. He turned to Brad and pointed. `My brother's broken another bottle,' he said to the handsome young man. `Get your device out while I write down his address. It's up to you if he pays you for it.'

`So I'm finally going to meet your big brother,' Brad said, retrieving the device Shaw had indicated.

`Yes. On your way out pop over to the supermarket and buy a big bottle of Dandelion and Burdock,' Shaw told him. `It's Cole's favourite drink--apart from tea and coffee--and it'll help you to demonstrate the device.' He finished writing the address. `Once you've got the drink, hail a taxi. My brother will pay for it.' He handed the scrap of paper and a two-credit note, enough to pay for the drink.

`What time do you want me back?' Brad asked the dog.

`Why don't you spend the day with Cole?' Shaw suggested. `He's always down after such an accident. It'll do him good if you don't have to rush off.'

`Okay,' Brad told him. `I'll see you tomorrow.' He took the device, address and money and left.


Using his superior's notes and rough sketches, Cole was busy drawing the shopping mall complex when the doorbell rang. The dog threw down his pencil, left his drawing board and went to answer it.

Standing there was a young man with long blond hair and an engaging smile. `Hi,' he greeted the big dog who dwarfed him by at least a couple of feet. `I'm Brad Carter and your brother Shaw sent me with this,' he said, holding up a carrier bag which contained the drink and the device.

`Thank you,' Cole said, opening the door wider. `Go on in. I'll just pay your taxi.' He stepped out and made for the kerb, taking his pocket-book from his hip pocket. `How much?' he asked the awe-struck driver.

`Twenty credits,' the man answered, finally finding his voice. `Not including the tip, that is,' he added.

Cole handed the man a thirty-credit note. `Keep the change,' he told him. `What my visitor brought in that carrier back could be well worth that amount.'

`Thanks guv,' the driver said, pocketing the note. `Enjoy the rest of today.'

I will--if it works, Cole thought as he watched the cab drive away.

Brad was studying the drawings and sketches when the Great Dane entered the room. `Are you an architect?' he asked the dog.

`I'm apprenticed to one,' Cole told him. `My superior leaves me these sketches and ideas in note form then lets me do the donkey work. Not that I've anything against donkeys,' he added.

Brad chuckled. He was still holding the supermarket's carrier bag. `Shaw told me to get a bottle of Dandelion and Burdock before coming here. He told me it would help in demonstrating his device.'

`How much to I owe you for the drink?' Cole asked the young man, producing his pocket-book once more.

Brad shook his head. `Shaw gave me enough money for that,' the youth told him. `You can pay him next time you see him--or not, as the case may be.' He set the bag on a worktable beside Cole's drawing board and produced the device and the bottle of pop from it.

From Cole's point of view the device resembled a bottomless cup. But where this thing departed from a regular cup was in a series of straps attached at frequent intervals around its circumference.

In seconds Brad had loosened the straps and placed it around the bottle. He tightened the straps and then lifted the whole thing by the handle. `Got a glass?' he asked the dog.

Cole nodded and went to fetch one. `Can I try it?' he asked on his return, placing the glass next to the pop.

Brad nodded. `Sure. Go ahead.'

Cole unscrewed the top and the device hissed as the pressure inside the bottle was relieved. Then, utilising the handle, Cole tipped the whole thing over and watched the fizzy liquid pour effortlessly into the glass. When he had enough to satisfy him, he set it back on the worktable and stoppered the bottle.

The Great Dane turned to Brad. `You invented this?' he asked, looking intently at the youth.

Brad nodded a second time. `I did,' he told him. `My mother had a similar problem, although, in her case it's due to arthritis. I designed it and Shaw had it made up--along with a couple more in case another problem arose. This is the last one.'

`This is the best thing I've come across in many a long year,' Cole complimented him on it. `You must let me pay for it. How much?' he wanted to know.

`I don't really know,' Brad told him with a frown. `I didn't design it to sell. I only made it to help my mother.'

`There must be dozens of people--human as well as animal--who have similar problems with bottles. I reckon with the proper marketing this'd sell like hot cakes! Now, how much?'

Brad shrugged. `Ten credits?' he suggested. `As I told you, I didn't make it to sell.'

`Make it twenty,' Cole said, extracting the correct credit note from his pocket-book. `That makes forty credits for a device that's going to save me a fortune in busted bottles! It's cheap at double the price--triple, even!' he crowed.

Brad was pleased to see the dog so exuberant but was even more pleased when the great creature took him in his arms, lowered his head and kissed him soundly on the lips. The young man twined his arms around the strong canine neck and was lifted off the floor. Brad allowed himself to be kissed the way he had always wanted to be kissed.

When the pair broke some minutes later Cole's drink had gone flat and lifeless. But the dog ignored it, hiked Brad's legs over an arm and carried him into his bedroom. He set the youth down and said, `If you want me to stop, say the word because, once I get started, it'll be too difficult.'

`Don't stop,' Brad whispered. `I need this--and I think you do, too.' He began to undress.

Cole watched the handsome youth get undressed. As more and more of Brad was revealed the dog's organ inside his sweat pants grew stout and thick. He knew he was exceptionally endowed and hoped that he could take all he had to offer, otherwise this session would be over well before it was begun.

Finally Brad was naked and the dog gazed in amazement at the size of the lad's cock; it had to be at least three-quarters the size of his own--and his was a fraction under sixteen inches! So Brad's had to measure all of twelve inches. Not only that, it was respectably thick as well. Cole vowed that he would try to persuade Brad to fuck him. He began to shed his attire, scattering shirt buttons in all directions in his haste to get at the beauty now lying on his bed, his cock resembling a flag pole.

Soon Cole was naked and his own cock engorged with blood and throbbing with an ache he hadn't experienced in a long time. The Great Dane climbed on the bed and covered Brad with his considerably-larger body. His muzzle descended and the pair kissed passionately, Cole twining canine arms around his young prize.

Brad gave himself utterly to the dominant dog, returning his arms to the canine neck and pressing his loins--and his heated manhood--against Cole's own thick member.

`Turn around honey,' Cole whispered into Brad's mouth, `I want to take a look at perfection--that ass of yours.'

Brad, obedient to the dog's wishes turned and arched his back so the two perfect globes were right in front of Cole. Instantly he felt the dog's paws start to stroke the smooth cheeks then spread them apart to touch his puckered ring with a canine digit.

`Absolutely beautiful,' Cole complimented him as he stroked and probed. `This hole of yours looks puffy. Have you had a cock up it--man or animal?' he asked.

`Not inside,' Brad told him. `A man at the beach spread some oil on my back but some dribbled between them. He stroked it with his finger and even pushed it inside. I liked the feel of his hand there,' he admitted next.

`Would you consider visiting me again?' the Great Dane asked him. `I might want to play with it some more.'

Brad nodded.

It was plain the dog was excited, his hard rod was sticking straight up in front of Brad. He took hold of the young man's torso under his armpits and turned him round so that they were face to face. The dog then concentrated on the sturdy chest and abdomen which was as solid as a block of marble. He stroked the youth's body, his paw-hands everywhere.

Brad was beside himself with lust. He could feel the dog's horse-type cock nestled in the crease of his buns. He reached out, placed his own hands on the big chest and flexed his ass to tell the dog he wanted the beast to take him and make him his own.

Cole got the message. `Okay sweetheart, reach around and grab that dick of mine.'

Brad did as the dog directed. He reached around and took hold of the oozing pole then moved it into position between his curved buttocks, the hole lined up for penetration.

`Yes, that's it,' Cole encouraged. `Just there. You really are hot to go, aren't you?'

Brad gave a nod--he didn't trust himself to speak--and stroked the long shaft with his human hand.

`That's it, babe,' Cole said, staring into the young man's eyes, `let it touch the hole. Make that hot entrance suck on it.'

Brad obeyed the dog's soft command but the column of flesh felt too large for his much smaller hole. He really wanted to take every inch the dog owned but he was frightened of the massive log.

Sensing Brad's reluctance, Cole placed his paws on each of his shoulders and pressed down until the massive head popped into him.

Brad gasped; he felt full but it was only the head that was inside. He would like to bring pleasure to both of them by taking all of the cock, right down to the root. He kept lowering himself, his ass ingesting every muscle-stretching inch. Finally, when he thought he could take no more, he felt the dog's balls against his butt.

Dogs don't have sheaths any more since they started to wear clothes.

`That feels great!' Cole complimented him. `Your ass feels so snug around my cock!' He lay back, placed his arms at his side and smiled up at the young man.

Brad moaned and looked down at the dog. `I could get used to this,' he admitted. `I will visit you again--that's a promise.'

As soon as the Great Dane heard that he began to push up; Brad felt that rod go even deeper. Plainly the canine had more to give than the boy had envisaged. He let the great creature have his way then. Cole began to push and pull, stroking the engorged rod in and out of the willing boy.

`Okay babe,' Cole gasped as he fucked his young man. `I think it might be an idea if you were to move in with me. That way you can wear as little clothing as you would like and I'd have a permanent hard-on for you. You do that and I'll guarantee an ass fucking like nothing that's gone before.'

Hearing what was tantamount to a declaration of love got Brad's juices going. He squeezed his ass walls around the deep probe and knew that, once he was living here, he would never leave him. This dog could take him any time he felt like it. `Okay,' he agreed. `I'll move in. I'm gonna need more of this.'

Hearing that made the dog crazy with lust. He withdrew his cock and turned Brad over. He stuck a pillow under the boy's hips the returned the hot rod to its new home.

Brad's hungry asshole.

Supporting himself on sturdy arms the dog proceeded to give Brad's ass a new experience.

Canine sex.

The boy felt as if he had died and found himself in heaven. The dog's big cock was hitting his prostate and making him fire jets of cum into the pillow below him. To Brad nothing mattered now but to be a receptacle for Cole's cum and the massive tube that would transfer it.

`If you move in with me you'll be going to work with a dose of my cum inside your ass, to remind you that we're sex partners now. When I watch you go off to work each day, I'll know you've got a load of my cum swirling around inside of you and that'll stimulate me, too.

`Breed me, big guy,' Brad encouraged him. `Pop some human pups into me. You do that and we'll have several visual reminders of what's important.'

Obedient to his new partner's wishes Cole began thrusting his whole cock into his slender partner's frame. He lowered his muscular two-hundred-pound body on top of the boy's own and proceeded to ravish it to within an inch of its life.

Then, venting a groan that could have been heard a half-dozen streets away, the dog tensed and pushed deeper into his paramour's ass. He evacuated enough jazz into Brad's rectum it might have been possible to populate a whole city with it. Shot after shot continued to erupt into the lad.

None of the cum seeped out; the thickness of the flesh tube ensured that.

Cole collapsed on top of Brad, his heart going like a trip-hammer.

Brad flexed his ass muscles and was rewarded with a groan from the canine's muzzle. `Was that as good for you as it was for me?'

`Babe,' Cole whispered in his ear, `that has got to be the most wonderful fuck of my entire life; I'm never going to get enough of you.' He opened one eye. `How long can you stay?' he asked the clearly-exhausted boy beneath him.

`Your brother gave me the rest of the day off,' Brad told him. `He said you might need someone with you on account of you being down after breaking another bottle.'

`Good old Shaw,' Cole said. `Okay, babe,' he said, `I suggest we catch a couple of hours shut-eye.' He pulled his cock from the boy's hole and moved over to the light switch. He turned the lights off and the room was plunged into darkness.

Cole returned to the bed and drew Brad against him; dog chest against human back. He wrapped his sturdy arms around the human and whispered. `I love you.'

`I love you, too,' came Brad's sleepy response.

As he was about to fall into sleep Brad felt Cole's cock return to its new home.

Brad's eyes were the first to open a few hours later. He felt the long dog cock still buried inside him and smiled with pleasure as he luxuriously stretched.

Cole, knowing his young companion was awake, flexed his buried muscle and felt a response in the love canal. `Did you sleep well?' he asked the boy.

`Mmm,' was Brad's response. `Like the proverbial log. I'm glad Shaw sent me here today.'

`As am I,' was Cole's reply as he drew the handsome youth against his larger chest. `Compatibility is important to me. The fact that you were able to take every inch of my cock, seems to indicate we were meant for each other. No one--at least not of my acquaintance--has been able to take all that I possess into them.' He nuzzled Brad's neck affectionately. `So, will you move in and be my mate?'

`Since this is Friday night and I have the whole weekend ahead, what say we go to my place tomorrow and pack my things?' Brad asked, looking over his shoulder at the Great Dane.

`Sounds like a plan,' Cole admitted. `Now, what shall we do for the rest of this evening? We need something to occupy us.'

Brad smiled and flexed his anal muscles. `How about some more of that?' he asked. `That should keep us busy for a while. Then, as a reward, I'll make us dinner.'

`You can cook?'

`I joined home economics in high school,' Brad told him. `I'm quite adept at getting something from water and eggs or whatever you've got in the fridge. There was a time I thought of becoming a professional chef--just like those simpering idiots that can be seen on TV.'

He pulled himself off the burgeoning tool and turned into a variation on a sixty-nine. Brad lowered his mouth over the doghood until he had ingested about half the weapon.

Cole reached down and gripped Brad's hips, lifting them to his face. After all, he thought, if he wants to suck on my cock, then, by rights, I can suck on his.

Like Brad, the dog ingested the youth's stout cock. Unlike Brad, the Great Dane was able to swallow every inch. The pair of them used their tongues to an advantage, energizing each other's organ. Brad, for his part, had to stop every so often to voice his joy at the feeling the dog was giving to his own erection; he tried to do the same for Cole but thought he might have been waging a losing battle.

The dog aroused Brad to such an extent he began to moan around the mouth-filling cock. Suddenly, hips quivering, Brad violently came in Cole's mouth. Then, despite his exhaustion, he took the dog's cock back down his throat and continued giving the big canine the blow job he had started. He coated the pulsating tool with his saliva and managed to take the whole sixteen inches down his throat.

Soon the sap was roiling in Cole's balls and it began its journey from his testes to the mouth of the wildly-sucking youth. Giving oral accompaniment to his ejaculation, Cole released his seed into the boy's gulping maw. Cole, having sated his immediate desire, moved Brad around and kissed him full on the mouth, sliding his tongue inside to taste the remainder of his essence.

`So, precious one,' Cole asked in a whisper, `how did it taste--my seed?'

Brad smiled. `I think it was wonderful; it was like an aphrodisiac. I couldn't get enough of it.' He looked down at the still-hard cock. `Perhaps you'd like to return that to my ass,' he suggested, his own cock resuming it's rock-like hardness.

`This time I want to look in your eyes during our love-making,' Cole told him, sitting up. `Much as I liked looking at your beautiful ass and your shapely back, I would prefer to look in your eyes.'

`Do what you will,' Brad told the dog. `I'm totally yours.'

`Okay,' Cole said. `Set your ass just above my cock.' Brad did as the dog suggested, the curve of his butt hovering an inch or so above the dog's rampant cock. He cupped the delicious curves with his hand-paw, effectively supporting the youth. `Hold onto my shoulders,' he said, `then I'll start to lower you.'

Cole's soft words told Brad that he liked to be in control and he was willing to subordinate himself to the huge animal. As he was lowered onto the stiff organ Brad wriggled slightly and the dog's phallus slipped easily into him. In fact it went in so easily that the young man wasn't even aware that it had arrived until it began to stretch him again. He gave a deep sigh of pure lust at his impaling.

Cole pulled him close and the pair shared a passionate kiss as the massive dog cock refilled Brad's hole. The pair continued to kiss while the young man descended, his ass accepting the love tool back into him.

To Brad if felt as if he was having sex for the first time with the dog, not the second--probably due to the different position he was in. He moaned and his eyes rolled up into their sockets, such was the pleasure he was deriving from the meaty invader. Soon as he bottomed out Brad began to lift and drop his body, stroking the dog's prick with abandon. With each downstroke he gave a gasp. Soon he had come to recognised what distance he was to rise and still leave Cole's cock inside him; his actions began to speed up.

To Cole it was much too soon, Brad's entire passage was stroking the entire length of his doghood and encouraging the canine's balls to produce another heated load into his youthful conquest's flesh chasm.

Cole's cock rubbed--as it had previously--Brad's love button, the prostate gland and produced a similar effect, although, this time, he coated the dog's furry belly with his load. Brad moaned Cole's name over and over during their furious rut.

As he unloaded, Brad prayed that the Great Dane would never tire of fucking him and that he would stay hard whenever they were together.

Given that Brad's ass was flexing during his cum it didn't take Cole long to bathe his boy with his love juice. By the time he had recovered Brad was sound asleep on his big chest, the cock still buried in its entirety in his anus.

The dog didn't have the heart to wake him to separate so, instead, he slipped further down the bed and covered the pair of them with the sheets once more.

Monday morning arrived as did Brad at his place of work: Shaw's workshop.

`So, how'd your weekend go?' Shaw asked the young man as he placed his bag in the locker provided for him. He was donning a white lab coat as he spoke.

Brad looked at his boss, Cole's brother. `We're getting married next week,' he announced.

Damn but I'm good, Shaw thought. I just knew they were right for each other. I think I should have become a matchmaker.


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