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The Milking Abductions


By Paul S. Stevens

Tyler is enjoying one of his favorite dreams, the kind of dreams that envelops his senses completely. In these dreams he is free to be himself and explore his deepest hidden sexual fantasies without compromise. When his dream inexplicably catapults him into a climactic frenzy, he is accidentally awakened to discover his dream world is only a small part of a clandestine planet wide covert operation.

Status: (Complete)



The following story is exactly that, a story, nothing more. These are expressions of my imagination and as such, reader and author alike acknowledge that the stories are one hundred percent fiction. The following involves a male and others having boy on boy sex.

This work is copyrighted (c) by Paul S. Stevens. You may not reproduce this story in whole or in part without the express written consent of Paul S. Stevens at (pablosound2010@hotmail.com).

The following terms:

The HITA-port (a.k.a. The Holographic Image and Transportation Apparatus) / TEMPS. (a.k.a. Temporary Electro-Magnetic Penis Sheath) / TEMPS-P is for protection / TEMPS-C is for contraception / `Sex-Cessories' / `Ja-lokemn' / `K-kador' / `Glibre-ef' (Milk of Life) / The Penis Milking Sleeve / The Prostate Pounder / The Cranial Ring / Eternalube.

That were used in this story are all copyrighted (c) by Paul S. Stevens. All Rights Reserved.


If this type of story is illegal for you to read in your country or if you are under 18 years of age (21 in some areas) then please do not continue any further. If you do not like this kind of story, please leave now! Otherwise, Enjoy!

Although the boys in this story use fictional futuristic protection, not all the sexual activities they engage in are considered safe. The risks are too high to gamble with. Most STD's can be avoided by taking a few simple steps. Please use common sense choices and follow all safe sex practices at all times!