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The Milking Abductions

Part #1

(My Favorite Dream)

By Paul S. Stevens

It was about three in the morning and I just got back to bed from taking my nightly trip to the bathroom. I got comfortably sleepy again and started to drift off when I began to feel myself enter into one of my all time favorite dreams. This was a recurring dream I've been having since I entered puberty at the age of thirteen. Even though this dream takes on a different scenario every time, it always starts off exactly the same way.

First, I feel myself physically lift up off my bed and float weightlessly like I'm in outer space. I feel like I'm being pampered and caressed. A warm and pleasant feeling washes over me and I begin to relax. A feeling of being safe and protected helps my mind empty and soon I am ready for my adventure to begin. Then some kind of trigger initiates a series of commands in my mind like a computer loading a complex program. After all the commands are entered into me, it initiates like the beginning of a movie or the start of a television program. Once that happens, my journey begins.

This time, my dream has propelled me 100 years into the future. In this place I open my eyes and somehow I already know where I am and what I'm doing here. I look around my environment and to no surprise I discover I'm in a bedroom. Even though it's nothing like my room back home, I know it's mine. I also know that I'm about to have some form of heart pumping, mind blowing sex. I was already feeling aroused and was eager to get started. I was alone in my personal habitat, which was quite spacious and comfortably adorned with futuristic space age furnishings. I was lying on the bed comfortably naked and I was watching this really cool visual terminal in front of me. I noticed the remote control lying next to me. I picked it up and looked it over. On the top, it had an engraved inscription that read

The HITA-port

Command Center

* The HITA-port (a.k.a. The Holographic Image and Transportation Apparatus) is a futuristic device that projects three dimensional images of real objects. Those objects can then be transported across great distances using the latest state of the art matter-energy transference technology. The HITA-port emitter is mounted on the ceiling and is focused downward into room. An effective ten foot square area of the room located just under the projector becomes a private terminal for all transactions. Other than this small emitting device, there is no other evidence of its presence. It doesn't require a door or a frame or a stand or a screen. It just exists in midair, a vector of time and space.

** In the future, the HITA-port is the most common and reliable form of personal home shopping as well as the preferred form of human mass transit. It's like a shopping mall and airport all rolled into one.

*** As far as shopping is concerned, absolutely anything can be ordered, purchased and delivered through the HITA-port. If it's for sale, it can be gotten for the right price. It's very much like shopping on the Internet back home except there is no waiting on shipping. When you make an order through the HITA-port, it can be selected, paid for and delivered instantaneously.

**** The HITA-port can also transport people from one terminal to another safely and quickly thereby getting you where you need to be in the blink of an eye. Waiting in line at airports, bus terminals and train stations are a thing of the past. Except for local travel, all other forms of transportation have been virtually eliminated by the HITA-port.

With the remote control now in my hands, I eagerly turned to the sex-port channel. I navigated through the initial startup options and made my choices. The following text appeared to float in space under the emitter and I used the remote control's `Command Center' navigation keys as an interface to make my choices.

Please choose one of the following:

I am a Male/Female.

(I chose Male).

I am seeking Male/Female.

(I chose Male).

The display forwarded to the next page.

(M2M) Male to Male.

Please choose one of the following categories of interest for M2M:

Amateur / Anal / BDSM / Bears

Big Cocks / Blow Jobs / Big Butts

Broke Straight Boys / Daddies

Fisting / Hardcore Fuckers / Hunks

Jerk-off / Muscle Guys / Muscle Worship

Bisexual / Transsexual / Twink

Interracial: Asian... Ebony... Latino...

More choices (click here)... No Preference / Random (click here).

(I chose Twink).

The display progressed to the next page

Please choose one of the following endowment preferences for M2M:

Cut Cock.

Un-Cut Cock.

No Preference / Random (click here).

(I chose No Preference / Random).

The display moved forward and now listed my credit chip rating and my open credit or `Option to Buy'. I had been pre-approved for one of the following four options.

Please choose one of the following M2M approved options:

Option one: Four boys at two hours each.

Option two: Three boys at three hours each

Option three: Two boys at four hours each

Option four: One boy at eight hours with sleepover.

Exit / Return to Main Menu.

I decided I was going to go for broke and opted to select Option one: Four boys for an all inclusive two hour orgy session. I made my choice and pressed the `Buy' button. The transaction was accepted, my credit chip was debited and I was taken to the on-line ordering screen.

The HITA-port blinked

- One Moment Please

- One Moment Please

Once I made these few simple choices, the HITA-port began displaying images of the available Twink boys that were currently online. Their holographic images began to appear in front of me with a stunning three dimensional realism. They were completely interactive as well. I could ask them any questions I chose to ask and they would have to answer me directly and truthfully. I could also rotate their image to see a 360 degree view of them.

Along side their image was a list of statistics:




Body Type...

Hair and Eye Color...

Sexual Orientation (Gay/Bi/Straight)...

Cut or Un-Cut Penis...

Penis Length and Girth...

Sexual Performance Stats...

Specialty Stats...


Orientation Preference (Top/Bottom)...

Ethnic Background...


Blood Type...

Virtually anything you wanted to know about them could be brought up on the display. At first, this all seemed to be sordid and even illegal but here in the future, the oldest profession in the book was all legal and above board, morally acceptable and even respected. Participants from all over the world were available day and night. English had become the standard language spoken throughout most of the world. People who spoke any other languages were considered scholars or intellectuals.

I began to riffle through the first few choices, quickly looking over several images of very cute and very young looking guys. Then I came upon my first choice.

Aaron was his name. At nineteen, he was only eight months younger than me but he still looked like I did when I was fourteen. He originated from the heart of Siberia with blonde hair and blue eyes and the cutest face I've ever see on a nineteen year old boy. His profile displayed him in three different settings. To the left of the display, he stood fully clothed standing on a platform (possibly to make him appear taller). To the right were two split screen views. The first was an athletic video of him skiing in his home town. The second was a beautifully rendered nude film of him sprawled out on a bed, playing with a condom as if it were a balloon and innocently masturbating his circumcised cock. Above these two viewing panes appeared the text detailing a very impressive list of his abilities, skills, references and overall rating. Even though he wasn't the most physically endowed of the choices I'd seen so far, he did make me feel like I was about to play with a dangerously underage sex toy. My heart skipped a beat at the very thought of that so I impulsively made my first choice.

I pushed the `Select' button on the remote control and the image of Aaron disappeared momentarily and then was replaced with the real flesh and blood individual as he miraculously materialized instantaneously in front of me.

"Hi Tyler," he said. "Thanks for choosing me!"

"How did you know my name?" I asked him.

"I read your statistics while we were connected to each other," he explained. "You looked me over and I looked you over. We're not allowed to say anything that might sway your decision one way or the other when you're making your selections but I was hoping you would select me. When I saw you lying there naked, I wanted to say something to you so badly but I had to follow the rules. Now that I'm standing here I can tell you, you look pretty hot and you got me hot, see!"

He grabbed his crotch with both hands and pulled is shorts tight against his package. I could clearly see the outline of his stiff cock and balls through the thin material. I think I turned a classic color of red as he said this to me and my own semi-erect cock sprang to attention. I hadn't stopped to realize that the HITA-port would have to be a two-way communication system. I took the bed sheet and casually draped it over my midsection before he could see the effect he just had on me.

"Why are you covering up," he asked. "Did I say something inappropriate?"

"Oh, no," I said. "I just don't want every prospect I look at from here on to be seeing everything about me. I'd like to keep an air of mystery about myself, at least at this level. A wise man once told me that, once you reveal your cock to some one, all the mystery is gone!"

"I don't think that's true at all," he attested. "You don't truly believe that now do you?"

"Sometimes I feel that way," I sheepishly said.

"Well I won't make you feel that way," he promised.

"Thanks," I answered. "I hope the rest of my choices feel the same way."

"Does that mean you're going to order up some more action?" he inquired.

"Yes," I confirmed, "I've ordered an Option one."

"Will you be participating?" he wondered.

"I don't understand," I said confused.

"Well," he began, "the last couple of times I did an Option one, the customer just wanted to watch the four of us perform for him as he barked out orders and masturbated himself."

"Not me," I announced. "I want to be totally surrounded by four gorgeous guys and be the focus of all their attention!"

"A five way then!" he beamed. "I'm excited now. I haven't done one of those in a long time. It looks like I'm your first choice. That makes me feel good too. Can I help you select the next one?"

"Sure," I said, "come on over."

He began undressing in front of me and I experienced a hot flash as I watched him. Because of his prepubescent appearance, I felt like I was about to get arrested for statutory rape, child molestation, and sexual assault with a minor from a team of S.W.A.T. agents waiting just outside the door to nab me. I let out a gasp and I must have had a look of horror on my face. He took one look at me and smiled.

"Don't worry," he said, "I'm perfectly legal!"

"How did you know what I was thinking?" I asked.

"I get that reaction all the time," he boasted. "Tell me, how old do I look?"

"Thirteen," I answered. His smile broadened even bigger now that I unintentionally flattered him.

"I really like you," he said as he finished stripping naked and joined me on the bed. "Now that I'm here with you, we can both feel free to be naked together."

He pulled off the sheet I had covered myself with revealing the full blown hard-on that I hoped I would be able to hide from him just a little longer.

He took one look at my hard cock and said, "We're going to have a great time tonight!"

"Thanks," I said as the color red adorned my face once again.

I pushed the `Resume' button on the remote and I skimmed past a few more specimens of boyhood before I came across a pair of twins. These two were standing next to each other naked and proud. As I looked at them, I noticed an endearing feature about them. They both had a pronounced case of Peyronie's, a noticeable yet pleasantly attractive curvature the penis. As they stood next to each other, their circumcised cocks almost pointed to one another. One bent to the left and his twin bent equally to the right. It was as if they were magnetically pulled in the other's direction. This made the two of them appear like a mirror image standing next to each other.

"Oh, pick them," Aaron said. "I've worked with them before. They're both really hot! You won't regret it."

"I thought you weren't allowed to influence me," I asked him.

"That's only when I'm on the merchant side," he professed. "Right now, I'm on the customer side with you. When I'm here, I can say anything I want!"

"Oh, so that's how it works!" I sarcastically said.

I looked over their stats and they had a list that was just as impressive as Aaron's. These two were from Budapest Hungary. Jake and Josh were identical twins and had starred in twenty-three gay and bisexual films at the age of eighteen. These two Twink studs were considered superstars of the porn world in their country. They were also considered intellectuals as both of them were fluent in English, Hungarian, Russian and Spanish. Their profile was currently displaying three simultaneous clips of various cum shots from their many video productions. They were both unusually intelligent and extremely attractive. They both had considerably well developed abs for such young boys. These two had both brains and beauty so looking at them was not allowing my erection to soften by any means.

I decided to go with my own instincts as well as Aaron's recommendation and once again I pushed the `Select' button on my remote control. The holographic image of them disappeared and was instantaneously replaced with the real flesh and blood brothers. Jake and Josh arrived in front of us just as naked as they had been standing in their profile. I was really beginning to love and appreciate the awesome abilities of this incredible device.

"Hi Aaron," Jake and Josh said virtually at the same time.

"Hi guys," he said. "This is Tyler. He's our host for tonight and I think we're going to have a really hot time with him!"

"Hi Tyler," Jake said, "nice to meet you."

"If Aaron says were going to have a good time, you can count on it!" Josh confirmed.

The twins came over and joined Aaron and I on the bed. Josh sat next to Aaron and Jake came over to sit next to me. I had one more choice to make before my Twink boy orgy would be ready to commence.

One more push of the `Resume' button and I was Twink surfing again. The four of us were glued to the terminal as I moved forward through the many great faces and bodies of those who chose to put themselves out on the circuit. Some of them did it for the sex, others for the money and some even out of pure loneliness or boredom. Whatever motivated them to expose themselves here in this way, I for one was impressed with their courage and commitment.

My next choice was a little unexpected. Delgado was his name. He was a Latino boy from the Bronx, just outside of New York City. He looked like he could be a tough guy from a street gang. Even so, he had a cute face and a dynamite body. He had tattoos of four three inch hollow stars with double outlines arranged in a semi-circle across his abdomen dipping under his bellybutton just an inch or so above his pubic patch. This characteristic gave him the appearance of being Twink like yet a little dicey and unpredictable. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back and his legs spread apart. It was impossible not to notice the well endowed uncircumcised package that hung there under those stars. He was twenty, the same age as me. His profile was vastly different from Aaron and the Twins. Different but just as impressive, making him my final choice that rounded out my one of a kind, hand chosen, soon to become legendary orgy.

Before anyone could object, I pushed the `Select' button to lock-in my final choice. The holographic image of Delgado disappeared and in a flash, his devilish image became a living, breathing reality.

"Hey Tyler," he said as he stepped forward towards me and extended his hand in friendship. We shook hands and he said, "Call me Del, mi penga su penga baby."

"What the hell does that mean," Aaron asked rather defensively.

"It means my cock is your cock," I answered.

"I know that," he sarcastically said. "What does he mean by that?"

"It's a gesture of sexual good will," I informed him. "He means to say that his dick is mine to do with what I will, as if it were my own!"

"Oh, okay cool," he said more accepting now that he partially understood.

"Come join us," I said, "we're about to begin."

Del took one more step towards the bed and hopped on. We were all sitting on a round executive bed which is bigger than a king size bed. It had ample space for all five of us to do what ever we wanted on it.

"Jake and Josh," Del said. "It's nice to meet the both of you. I have several of your videos. They're fucking hot man. They make me real hard and get me off real good. Watching you dudes perform really kicks my ass man! I'm sincerely looking forward to working with you guys this afternoon, I mean tonight. Sorry about that. It's the middle of the afternoon in New York!"

"We're glad to meet you Del," Jake said for the both of them and they both extended their arms to shake hands.

"Del, this is Aaron," Josh said since he was sitting the closest to him.

"Hey," is all they said to each other as they waved their acknowledgment to one another.

I got the feeling there was some unspoken friction between them but they were going to have to get over it. I had gathered the four of them here to have fun and fuck each others brains out. The stage was set, the players were picked and we were ready to begin.

"We're gonna need some protection," Del said.

"Yeah, and some lube too," Aaron added.

"Oh shit, I don't have any," I said. "What do I do?"

"Use the remote and go to the `Sex-Cessories' Menu," Josh said.

"We like Trojan TEMPS," Jake said.

"And please get some Eternalube," Aaron suggested.

* The Trojan company is the future's most innovative pioneer in the field of safe sex. Their most popular line is the Trojan TEMPS. (a.k.a. Temporary Electro-Magnetic Penis Sheath). This futuristic device put an end to the old style latex condoms. It's a flexible stretchy `one size fits all' cock ring that's worn at the base of the penis. It's activated by twisting the ring just prior to sexual relations. By twisting the ring, it breaks the internal capsule thereby allowing the two separate chemicals within to mix together. Like a glow stick, the white ring glows bluish-green when activated. Once activated, there is a 98.7 percent reliable effectiveness against all types of sexually transmitted diseases for a full two hours.

** It works by sending an electro-magnetic field across the surface of the skin encompassing an effective area of eighteen to twenty-four inches surrounding the ring. The E-M field creates an invisible barrier that prevents the passage of biological organisms to migrate from one body to another, thereby preventing the possibilities of infection. Unlike old fashioned latex condoms that reduced penile sensitivity, Trojans allow nothing to come between the wearer and his partner.

*** There are two TEMPS choices. The TEMPS-P is for protection and is used for all forms of non-intercourse types of sex. The TEMPS-C is for contraception. This model has all the functions of the P model and adds a definitive spermicidal evaporator for all types of intercourse. Any fluid: Semen, Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid or even Urine is instantly vaporized. Sometimes called `Zapping', the sensation can be very pleasurable adding even more stimulation to one's orgasm.

**** Eternalube is the future's most advanced personal lubricant. It's the most popular of all the brands available. It's tasteless, odorless non-staining non-toxic formula is made from a futuristic space age polymer using time released micro-molecule size bubbles that pop and release moisture slowly over time. This helps keep the action going longer without having to reload over and over again. It's always silky smooth and never gets sticky. It easily washes away with plain soap and water and leaves the skin supple, soft and smooth.

I called up the `Sex-Cessories' Menu and found I still had a small amount of available credit left on my chip. I ordered up a small bottle of Eternalube and five Trojan TEMPS-Cs so we would be covered for what ever would transpire between the five of us. My order was immediately filled and we tossed the bottle of lube to the center of the bed. We each took one Trojan ring and removed it from its packaging. I watched the others twist, pull and shake their rings until each one turned a bright florescent blue-green in color. Then they rolled them down the shaft of their cocks until they rested at the base. Del stretched his even further and placed his around both his cock and balls.

"Show-off," Aaron sneered.

"I'm not showing-off," Del snapped back, "I always wear mine this way. My balls get better protection that way!"

I believed Del might be right about that, so I followed his example and did the same with mine.

"So, what should we do first," Aaron asked feeling anxious to get started.

"Let's start off with a nice friendly circle suck," I suggested since we were already sitting on the bed in a circle. "Let's have everyone lay down on your left side."

In this configuration, I was blowing Jake and Aaron was blowing me. This was a very nice way to begin, at least for me. I was just starting to get into it when Aaron spoke up.

"Hey everyone," he announced. "Let's switch to the right side now!"

I knew why Aaron directed all of us to switch sides. Del was blowing Aaron and he didn't like the way Del was doing him. Now Jake was sucking me off and I was enjoying Aaron's cute cock. Aaron was now doing Del and Aaron actually preferred this to the other way around. After a short time of doing this, Josh spoke up.

"Tell us what you want us to do next Tyler," he said.

"I don't want to have to tell any of you what to do," I began. "I want all of you to do what ever you like doing as long as your partner is okay with it. It's not about me, it's about us. I know I'm the one paying for all this but I want everyone to have a good time. If you're having a good, I'm having a good time. In fact, you all can have your way with me if you like. I give myself to you heart and soul."

"Okay then," Jake said, "Josh and I have a surprise for you."

"Great," I said, "go ahead, do your worst!"

Jake and Josh looked at each other and knew they had me. The two of them had earned themselves the nickname `The Twin Brother Tag Team'. They decided they were going to show me their patented move that made them famous. They began executing the very same maneuver they had done countless times in their video productions. This turned out to be a very athletic activity for me as it required me to lift my lower body up enough to accommodate them. The two of them stood next to me, one on each side. I raised my ass up until I was waist high to them with my back braced against the headboard and my knees resting on my chest. Josh grabbed the Eternalube and applied some to my rectum and inserted a finger into me to get some of the lubricant inside. Then the two of them applied a generous amount on their beautifully bent rods. From a standing position, they each started drilling me from the top. Jake would pump my ass six or eight times and then withdraw, then Josh would take his turn and pound me an equal number of times from the opposite side thereby sharing me between them. Having their unique penis characteristic taught them early in their profession to turn their disadvantage into a one of a kind money making career expanding advantage. By standing to the side of me, they each could put the curvature of their cocks to maximum effectiveness. Each time they would thrust in and out of me, the curved head of their cock would intentionally deliver a powerful massage focusing directly on my prostate sending waves of tingles that radiated throughout my entire body.

Not to be out done, Del and Aaron got together to give me something to watch as Jake and Josh fucked me into submission. Even though Del and Aaron were about the same height and weight, Del was stronger and more aggressive. He took control of Aaron, tossing him onto the bed like a rag doll and started slamming it to him doggy style. I was really getting swept up watching Del and Aaron and enjoying the alternating rhythm that Jake and Josh were performing on me when they unexpectedly delivered another surprise.

I felt two cocks slide into my chute at once as my anal passage got stretched to the limit, completely taking my breath away. The pressure of both cocks against my prostate triggered a massive swelling of seminal juices that surged inside me. Jake and Josh started breathing irregularly now as everything started coming to a head for them and for me.

"I'm real close," Josh said, "are you ready?"

"I'm ready," Jake answered. "Let's do a count down. Shall we start at 20?"

"Better make it 10," Josh said. "I'm that close!"

"Okay!" Jake said and both of them slowly started to count their way down in unison.

"10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5..."

I felt the first of their two cocks inside me swell up. A split-second later, the other one swelled and I knew they had become experts at timing their climax's together. The two of them inside me together was tight enough but now that they had both swelled, it made it difficult to even move.

"4... 3... 2..."

"Oh shit," Josh said, "I'm cuming!"

"Fuck yeah," Jake said, "here it comes!"

Jake reached around and started massaging my balls and Josh began stroking my cock. His hand still had some Eternalube on it and the silky smooth touch of Josh's hand caused my impending orgasm to take a giant leap forward. One of the two of them started shooting their load and something amazing happened. The Trojan TEMPS started doing its job and began zapping the semen as it shot from his cock. This created an indescribable sensation that I had never experienced before in my life. Soon, both of them were shooting their best shots into me and I was overwhelmed with the multiple zapping I was receiving. These two knew exactly what they were doing as they squeezed, zapped, stroked and massaged me all at once sending me rocketing over the edge.

Del and Aaron were getting turned on watching what we were doing. Del reached around and started stroking Aaron as he continued to pound his ass just like the twins had done to me. Del and Aaron tried to time their climax with the twins as they listened to them do their count down.

"Come on Del," Aaron pleaded, "make me cum."

"I'm gonna make both of us cum right now bitch!" Del growled as he grabbed Aaron by the hair. "I'm gonna make you cum so hard you're never gonna forget my name!"

With that remark, Del pulled his cock out of Aaron's tight ass and shot his load across Aaron's back only to have most of it vaporize. Because Del had placed his TEMPS ring around his balls, a small amount of it escaped and landed at Aarons shoulders. The rest of it vanished before it could reach his skin. Del knew what he was doing. By wrapping the ring around his balls, it prevents a small percentage of semen from vaporizing altogether allowing us to witness a partial cum shot. It also zaps his balls as it attempts to vaporize the escaping semen giving Del an extra rush of pleasure.

When Del finished the last of his display, Aaron lifted himself up and shot his load into the air. Once again I watched as Aaron took his turn. His flying semen catapult into the air only to make it a few inches away before it got zapped into oblivion.

All this action had me so sexually charged that I began seeing stars. A tickling from a low level zapping drew my attention to my own cock as my pre-cum started flowing heavily. I felt myself cuming with such force that tears started rolling down my face. I couldn't move and I couldn't breathe as my body stiffened and my heart pounded. I felt the contractions of my orgasm start to spasm but the pressure of having Jake and Josh's curved cocks still inside me pushing against my prostate was blocking the release of my semen. My anal muscles started pulsing and squeezing their intruders signaling to the twins that the time had come. They both instinctively withdrew their cocks simultaneously, removing all the pressure at once. As soon as the stopper was pulled, the backup of semen that had built up suddenly flooded past the gates and overwhelmed the Trojan TEMPS's ability to zap it all. I had put my ring around my balls as Del had done and now I was enjoying the rush as my balls got zapped and my semen flew. A substantial amount of my sperm rich milk escaped the ring and I creamed all over myself and the sheets.

I collapsed down on the bed and the twins followed me, falling to their knees. Del and Aaron fell on to each other and all five of us were reveling in the afterglow of a whirlwind sex fest.

"Now I know why you two are so famous," I revealed to them. "Nobody else could do what you guys can do, particularly with your special equipment!"

"We've gotten lots of practice," Josh said. "Some day we're going to find us a guy who has a cock just like ours. Then we're going to teach him how to do our special move so Jake and I could find out what it feels like to have it done to us."

"We've been looking but we haven't found anyone yet," Jake said.

"Don't worry," I told them, "you'll find him, and when you do you won't be disappointed. It will definitely be worth the wait!"

I had definitely just gotten my credit chip value. My four personally chosen team members had gone above and beyond the call of duty, making them worth every penny and more. The next thing I knew, all four of them turned their focus to me. They moved me face up to the center of the bed and surrounded me, making me the center of attention. Jake and Josh placed themselves over each side of my chest where they would have perfect access to my breast area. Del positioned himself between my legs where he could gain admittance to my balls and backside. Aaron would make my cock his prize as he moved on to my right and licked his lips. Each one of them had chosen their spot on my body to concentrate on.

I closed my eyes and slipped into sensory overload. I felt several pairs of hands sensually moving about my arms, legs and torso. Jake and Josh started first as I felt a pair of tongues licking and teasing both my nipples causing them to swell and harden. Aaron wasted no time attacking his primary goal. I felt my cock harden as he licked it up and down like a child with a lollypop. I soon discovered that Aaron had an amazing talent for torturous titillation. Del added his unique touch as I felt his warm hands fondle my balls, caressing and massaging them gently, stirring my liquid love juice to life. Lastly, he unexpectedly slipped his finger into my previously lubed and stretched hole, instantly zeroing in on my prostate pleasure center. My chosen comrades were all experts in their field, bringing me more intense gratification than I could have ever hoped for.

I felt like I was a human Tesla Coil with tingling electricity dancing on my skin. I imagined lightning bolts emanating from my loins and shooting in every direction. Flashes of colored lights began to dance on the back of my eyelids. I started to feel these waves of pleasure intensify as they started to flow into my inner core were they would accumulate and build until they would reach critical mass. My breathing became shallow and I started audibly announcing my impending orgasm.

"Oh, I love you guys," I stated. "Each one of you is a master. I'm getting real close now. I can feel my sperm starting to rise on its journey to heaven."

"Come on Tyler," Josh said. "What are you waiting for? Shoot it."

"Yeah, come on and shoot it for us," Jake added.

"Come on Mejo," Del said. "Mecos en tu boca (roughly translated, it means "cum in her mouth")."

Aaron momentarily pulled my cock out of his mouth and looked at Del.

"Hey, I'm no fucking girl!" Aaron hissed as he reached down and grabbed his own cock and flicked it at him. I probably would have found that hysterically funny if I wasn't on the brink of an explosion.

One by one, my team of tormentors began to chant, "Shoot it... shoot it... shoot it," as each one of them intensified their ministrations, thereby accelerating my climax.

I lost the ability to communicate as the swelling of an inevitable orgasm became so astronomical it could only be compared to the Big Bang Theory. My body stiffened in response to the cascading sensations and I jerked wildly as my semen exploded from my cock. I had a genuine religious experience as the awesome power of my ejaculations gave birth to the universe. The release of each volley of my creamy love milk caused me to have a series of involuntary muscle contractions. I opened my eyes to witness myself deliver the ultimate blast from ground zero.


Suddenly the characters in my dream vanished and I was jolted awake. An eerie sound of alarms and high pitched klaxons pierced the silence and I quickly looked around. By waking up unexpectedly, I had tripped the alarm system. Other than my own adrenaline rush caused by my rude awakening, it seemed to have absolutely no effect on those around me.

I sat up in the bed to get a better look and I could feel that there was some kind of large object in my ass that prevented me from moving or even wanting to. I could see the floor but I couldn't see any walls or a ceiling. There were dozens of beds all around me with a naked guy on each one. All these people were either sleeping or unconscious. The alarms seemed to have no effect on any of them. As I quickly scanned the room, each person I saw appeared to be a teenager ranging from about thirteen to nineteen years old. There were wires and tubes running up and down from each bed and throughout the facility. Each person had a slim round band of wires attached to their head and some sort of apparatus on their genitals. Even though their sexual organs were obscured, I could tell they were all males with their hairy legs and muscular chests. I looked at my own cock and saw that there was one of those things on me as well.

The whole place reminded me of a M*A*S*H unit or Triage Ward in a hospital with all the beds tightly grouped together in rows. That's when I noticed several workers that resembled attending physicians roaming from bed to bed checking on their patients. They didn't look human even though they were humanoid in appearance. They had a head, a body, two arms and two legs but their body proportions were all wrong. They were dressed in green luminescent outfits that looked like a cross between a has-mat uniform and a space suit.

Once they discovered it was me that had tripped the alarm, they discontinued it and the room quieted down. One of them came over to me and initiated some form of instantaneous one on one communication. The moment an idea or question formed in my mind, it was promptly addressed and answered. The first couple of questions that popped in my head were... Who are you, where am I and what am I doing here?

Before the words could escape my lips, the answers were already delivered. I received an overwhelming flood of information so quickly I had to take a few moments to process the meaning of it all.

Basically, what my mind was able to retain and understand from this initial brain burst was:

I was currently in the harvesting vessel `Ja-lokemn', a medical grade stellar class starship located in a stationary parking orbit over the dark side of the moon, hidden and out of range of earthbound radar scanners and other types of observation devices.

I was a guest of the `K-kador' race. I couldn't tell what they looked like because they were required to wear special pressure suits. It was necessary for them to wear these suits because the atmosphere in this part of the ship was pressurized with oxygen, a gas that was un-breathable to them. The oxygen rich environment was provided for us to make our experience as natural as possible. In this place, I and several other humans were being harvested for their `Glibre-ef' (Milk of Life).

They discovered that the human male semen contained a biologically essential amino acid that is vital to the K-kador population. This nutrient used to be abundant on their planet until a solar flare from their sun wiped out all the Glibre-ef producing plants. Now, they have turned to us, the human male species to supply their requirement for their own specie's continued survival. That's why they have come to earth, to reap the benefits of the abundant availability of this desperately needed source of nutrition. They didn't require much to survive but their need was critical. They tried to synthesize a substitute without success. They did create a substance that worked as a temporary short term solution. However, only the genuine purified Glibre-ef could prevent sickness and death.

Through a long and tedious experimental stage that was conducted around earth orbit in the early fifties, they had determined just how to maximize their harvesting techniques. Once the selection process is completed, the subject is implanted with a subcutaneous tracking device. The carefully chosen and screened males had to be physically fit, free from all disease, ultra fertile and fresh out of puberty, ranging in age from thirteen to twenty years old. There were three reasons why this was crucial. For one, this age group produces the highest concentration of Glibre-ef in their semen. It must contain a ratio of at least eighty-five-thousand parts per billion. After the age of twenty, this concentration drops to an unacceptable level for their purposes. Secondly, this age group is capable of producing larger amounts of semen per milking session than other males outside of this age group. Lastly, the younger the specimen is, the sweeter the yield, thereby making the youngest ones the most sought after targets.

The milking deck aboard this ship is a state-of-the-art facility even for their advanced technology. This facility operates twenty-four hours a day and collects subjects from around the world (after all, it's always the middle of the night somewhere in the world).

The milking beds are equipped with three distinctive devices. The most impressive of them is the `Cranial Ring'. The Cranial Ring is placed around the subjects head and is a primary dream generating device. It is both mechanical and biological. It is part computer and part psychic mind control. It can keep the subject in a dream state no matter what's going on around him. It acts and reacts to a man's individual sexual make-up and can control the release of specific brain chemicals that control the sexual processes. The psychic connection establishes a scenario based dream that is controlled partly by the central computer and partly by the individual. This allows the sexual preferences of the subject to dominate the progression of events that would most effectively turn on and arouse that person's individual orientation, permitting the most suppressed fantasies to be fully realized. The sexual orientation of the individual has no bearing on the milk produced. Being straight, bi or gay had no relevance in the screening process. The central core was capable of generating virtually any scenario fulfilling every fetish and preference.

The next device is the penis milking sleeve. It encompasses the entire genital region and has several hundred sensors and electrodes that deliver sensations that work in conjunction with the Cranial Ring. It can heighten and intensify the sexual sensations that can result in double and even triple the volume of milk produced. It also has a telescoping collector which is a urethral catheter that is inserted into the penis that collects the semen, drawing it directly from the seminal glands. This is done so the semen doesn't have to traverse the length of the penis. This allows the semen to be collected from the source, keeping it as pure as possible.

Lastly, there is the Prostate Pounder that is hydraulically controlled from under the bed and inserted directly into the anus through a cavity in the bed. This device is also controlled by the central processor, linked to the Cranial Ring. It delivers a sensation of superior virility, manliness and fertility. It deploys sonic frequencies and pressure pulses that continually stimulate the prostate. This intensifies semen production and facilitates the continual discharge of milk, keeping the subject in a perpetual emission stage bypassing the orgasm and subsequent remission phases. When the contributor has finally been drained of all the semen possible for that session, he is then treated to a final mind blowing orgasm as his payment for services rendered. This type of orgasm that is devoid of any semen is similar to a prepubescent dry heaving orgasm that is generally more intense and satisfying than that of a sexually mature semen rich orgasm.

For decades now, they have been coming to earth to harvest human males for their Glibre-ef. They would milk their donors repeatedly over several years. The humans I was a select part of were determined to be the best contributors of AAA Grade, Glibre-ef Enriched Milk. We were all capable of multiple milking sessions each night. About every ten days they would transport us directly from our beds to their milking facilities, keeping us in a state suspended sleep. They would provide a vivid dreamlike state of having massive sexual encounters that would facilitate our ability to be milked repeatedly. Once they drained us of all the milk we could produce for the night, they would return us back to our beds happily unaware of what had transpired during our abduction.

Once I digested all this data, I began to form my next question... What happened to me and why was I awakened?

Once again, in a disorienting burst of information, my host answered my query before I could speak. The more I communicated in this fashion, the easier it got. This time the meaning was clearer.

As my body jerked uncontrollably, my cranial ring (the apparatus that controls the dream state) had dislodged and fallen off my head, thereby breaking the dream link, snapping me out of my sexually charged scenario in progress. Now that I had become aware of their existence, I had become a liability and they had no further use for me anymore.

Why? I thought to myself, I promise not to tell anyone. Even though this was an alien abduction, I truly didn't want it to end. These dreams were like vivid memories of the most sexually charged encounters I've ever had. When I would have them, they would be welcomed with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

Another burst of information shot back at me from my attendant and I understood him to say the following thoughts without words:

The fact that I now knew about the facility would affect the outcome of my dreams. It had nothing to do with me telling anybody or not. They learned years ago that anyone who professes to being abducted usually had to endure endless ridicule and humiliation as the arrogant population of earth didn't believe in such things. In addition, I was coming to the end of my usefulness anyway as I was about to turn twenty-one.

The next thing I remember, I felt the sharp sticking of a syringe as they slipped me a sedative. At this point I realized the flood of communicating from my attendant was all done purposely as a distraction to allow them to sedate me without incident.

I quickly slipped into unconsciousness and didn't awake until I found myself back in my own room in my own bed the following morning with absolutely no physical evidence that any of my encounters had ever occurred. Well, almost no evidence. I found a small puncture on the back of my right hand. Somehow I knew that this was the result of them removing my subcutaneous tracking device that I had lived with under my skin for the last eight years. An overwhelming sense of loss and sadness overtook me as I came to the realization that what the alien attendant had told me was true. Any future encounters of my favorite reoccurring dreams, no matter how much I would always look forward to them with passion and fervor would come no more.

The End of Part #1

Paul S. Stevens

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