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The Milking Abductions

Part #2

(Finding Jake and Josh)

By Paul S. Stevens

I was reluctant to get out of bed this morning. I had slipped into a kind of depression and found no reason to join the human race today. Only the strong churning in my empty stomach forced me to give in and seek some form of nourishment. After all, I had been milked rather vigorously last night and my body was screaming for some kind of sustenance to regenerate my depleted reserves. There was virtually nothing to be had around the house and so I was forced to go out into the world where I would have to interact with other people, a prospect I was not looking forward to. I hopped into my car and drove around town until I came across something that suited my increasingly agitated state of mind.

"Yes, this should do nicely," I said out loud. "Oh boy, I've got it bad. I'm talking to myself!"

I pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be a small and intimate little Diner. I had never been inside this place before even though I've driven past it hundreds of times. I entered the establishment, quickly looked around and saw that it was the kind of place where you seat yourself. I promptly spied a seat in the corner and sat down. I perused the menu and made my choices. The waitress finally made her way over to my table and took my order.

It was late in the morning and I was there right at the tail end of the breakfast rush and the lunch crowds weren't due for a couple of hours yet. There were only a scattered number of people still hanging around and soon it was down to me and two others. I grabbed the newspaper that was left on the table next to me by a previous customer and I lightly skimmed through the recent articles. I was more interested in using the paper as a barrier between me and the rest of the world rather than using it to do any kind of serious reading. As I bided my time waiting for my order and aimlessly staring at the paper, I unintentionally overheard the conversation going on between the last two remaining customers across the dining room.

There was something about their voices that got my attention. I found myself focusing more on their conversation and less on the morning paper. There was something familiar about the way they spoke, the tone and meter of their speech and their distinctive accents. I'd heard it somewhere before but I just couldn't place it. Soon after that my curiosity got the better part of me and I lowered the newspaper down to get a good look at the pair.

My heart started racing as a flash of recognition shot through me. They looked like brothers, twin brothers. Could this be the Twin Brother Tag Team from my dreams? Could this be the two Hungarian Hunks Jake and Josh? What were the odds that this was really them? They couldn't be real guys living right here in my very neighborhood could they? Was I having a vividly real dream right here, right now? I didn't experience any of the typical signs of entering one of those special dreams. I didn't feel like I was floating nor did I feel the sensation of a program being loaded into my subconscious.

No, I had to remind myself that this was reality and the Twin Brother Tag Team was just a couple of imaginary characters from an Alien induced mind control machine that was not of this Earth. I think I must be so depressed that I'm clinging to any hope that I might still get to enjoy those sexually gratifying dreams I had become so dependent upon. I needed to get control of myself and pull myself back to reality.

I opened the paper in front of me once again and sunk back behind that flimsy barrier in an attempt to occupy my mind with what my senses told me was reality. A few moments later, the waitress delivered my breakfast and I lowered my newspaper down to begin my meal. The conversation that had been going on between those two guys abruptly stopped when one of the two looked my way. I got the feeling I was being watched but tried to ignore the feeling. When I found I couldn't shake off the feeling, I looked over at their table and both of them were staring at me at once. As I got a clearer look at them this time, my heart skipped a beat again. The two of them started whispering to each other and nodding their heads. As I watched them do this, my pulse started racing and I got a sudden hot flash, then one of them spoke to me.

"Do we know you from somewhere?" the first guy asked.

"You look familiar," the other one said.

"This is kind of weird," I stated. "Are you by chance Jake and Josh?"

"Yeah, that's us," Jake said.

"Do you go to Latham College?" Josh inquired. "That's where we've been going. Maybe we know you from there."

"No, I don't think that's how we know each other," I told them. "Why don't you come join me and I'll tell you what I know."

Jake and Josh accepted my offer and came over to join me at my table. We shook hands and I introduced myself.

"I'm Tyler," I said. "I live just a few blocks from here. I never expected to meet you guys here. For some reason, I thought you lived in Budapest."

"Yes, we were born there and lived in Hungary most of our lives," Jake said. "But we recently moved here a few months ago. Our Father is with the Hungarian Consulate and he recently got assigned here for a temporary appointment with your local government. We thought it would be a great opportunity to see the United States so we transferred here. We are attending college now and are here for the next twelve months while our father fulfills his obligation."

"We're old enough to have stayed back home on our own if we wanted," Josh pointed out, "but we didn't want to pass up the chance to see America."

"So forgive us if we're acting strangely," Jake added, "but you see, we haven't been here long enough to have made many real acquaintances, so we don't know how we could know each other."

"Well, this is going to sound absurd," I warned, "but I'm pretty sure we know each other from our dreams."

"I had a strange feeling you were going to say something like that," Josh said looking over at me and then his brother, "but that's impossible, isn't it?"

They stared at each other for a moment and then both of them turned to stare at me.

"We have been experiencing a shared dream," I informed them.

"You mean where all three of us have the same dreams at the same time?" Jake asked.

"Not just us," I said. "There are others as well."

After a brief pause, Jake said, "Well, it's getting pretty late and we'd better get going now."

Then Josh added, "Yeah, we have an appointment we almost forgot about."

I quickly pulled out my wallet from my back pocket and removed one of my personal business cards.

"I know this is all very hard to believe right now and I don't blame you for wanting to get the hell out of here but here's my card," I said as I handed it to them. "Please call me if you change your mind and want to talk about this further."

The two of them returned to their table to pay their bill and leave a tip and then they promptly left turning to me at the last moment to give me one more look before walking out the door.

I wish our first live encounter had gone better. I didn't know how to contact them except possibly through the Hungarian Consulate where they said their Father worked. I was hoping that they would talk it over and decide to call me. They were even more attractive and sexy in person than they were in my dreams and I had suddenly became aware that I was sweating and I had a considerable bulge in my pants from being in their presence. It was then that I realized that if Jake and Josh were real people and I could come across them here in my own neighborhood, then perhaps I could locate the scores of other people that had populated my erotic dreams on those incredible nights filled with unimaginable bliss. Just exactly how I was going to go about doing that was the question. I was going to need to think about that a while but I'm sure there must be a way.

I finished my breakfast, paid my bill and went home to get on my computer. I still didn't know what I was going to do but searching the Internet seemed like a good place to start. The four guys from my dream last night were the logical ones to focus on first since they were the freshest ones in my memory. Now that I came across Jake and Josh, the next two candidates were Aaron and Delgado. I remembered that Aaron originally came from Siberia in Russia and was nineteen years old. Del was from the Bronx in New York and was twenty years old. The combination of their names, their ages and where they originated from might be enough to find a match. Then throw in their current location starting with a fifty mile search radius from my apartment might be the best way to zero in on something hopeful. I decided to start my search using Facebook and MySpace social networking sites because when searching there, the search results display a profile picture which is essential because I currently don't know any of these guys by their full name.

Finding Jake and Josh here began to re-awaken some pockets of information that lay dormant deep inside my memory. I started to focus my thoughts and discovered that I had the ability to access little tidbits of information that got incidentally carried along for the ride when my Alien host would communicate with me telepathically. I began to pull up small but specific memories about the technical aspects pertaining to the Master Computer Core and its peripheral devices such as the Cranial Rings.

It became clear that all the characters that shared my dream universe were real. The Master Computer was too good at reproducing the people who were shared amongst the abductees and as impossible as it seems, even the timbre and inflections of their voices were passed along, as did nearly everything else about them. Virtually every aspect of a person's identity could be found in the privacy of their own intimate thoughts. The Master Computer could then read these personal attributes and then pass them along to the other dreamers that would then populate their dreams. The more attributes the Master Computer could collect and pass on, the more real the dreamer would perceive them. For every character I interacted with in each and every dream I ever had as an abductee, there was a real living, breathing flesh and blood person who looked, sounded, acted and behaved exactly the same way down here on Earth.

It also follows that the majority of the people chosen each night would all be collected geographically close to one another. Years of experience taught the K-kadorians that this way was just plain simpler. This was due to the fact that the window of opportunity to make their collections was a small one as the Earth is continually rotates. Each specimen collected needed to be deep in REM sleep at the time he is taken.

Because the milking facility operates twenty-four hours a day, as the Earth rotates and moves through different time zones, so must the geological collection patterns. That means that even though Aaron and Del might have originated from Siberia and the Bronx, they must all be currently living nearby me and the twins here on Earth to have shared their Avatars with us at the same time.

Another small memory surfaced about the individuals selected. Not only are they carefully chosen and screened, they all lived alone or were alone at the time of abduction. For example, two fifteen year old boys might be abducted while doing a sleepover in a backyard tent. This reduced the likelihood of any abductees being discovered missing during the night. This also explains why so many abductees have difficulties waking up in the morning and experience fatigue for twenty-four to forty-eight hour period afterwards.

All of this incidental information was fascinating and confirmed the fact that I might be able to find some of these guys living close to me right here in my own neighborhood. However, it wasn't really helping me find any of these guys by giving me any specifics on how to find them yet.

Once I got home, I booted up my computer and began my search in earnest. I quickly fell back into my depression when my first search attempt yielded over five hundred results. Well, today was Sunday and I really had nothing better to do, so I started sifting through hundreds of pages of names and pictures. If I found anything, I would then have a full name that I could search using a web enabled search engine called Intelius. For a five dollar fee, Intelius would report its findings and I would have something solid and real to follow up on.

The following day was a working day and I was dragging myself through the day not able to concentrate on much. Sunday's searching turned up nothing substantial and I was already feeling like giving up. When I got home, I had a phone message waiting for me. I set my car keys down on the kitchen counter and I immediately pressed the play button on my answering machine.

"Hey Tyler, this is Jake Kasza," the message began. "Every since we talked to you, we've been having flashbacks about some dreams my brother and I have had recently and we're ready to talk more about it, if that's okay with you."

He left his personal cell phone number and I called him back immediately. He suggested we all could meet at the same little diner where we originally met. I told him I preferred to meet at a more private setting, either at his place or mine. I told him that if he and his brother were truly having flashbacks of these dreams, they probably knew by now that they were of a sensitive nature and would not be a subject we could openly discuss in a public setting. An awkwardly long silence hung on the other side of the conversation as my straight forward comments took him by surprise. After briefly discussing it between themselves, he and his brother then agreed to come to my place. I apprehensively gave him directions to my place and then to my surprise, he said they would be leaving shortly and would be arriving within the hour.

My pulse quickened at the idea that Jake and Josh were actually going to be coming to my place to meet me `here' in the real world. They will soon concede that what we were going to be discussing would be of a rather delicate nature. It's possible that they have no clue or even remotely suspect what's been happening to them beyond having a few wild dreams. I myself had only become privy to this information and had gained this unique knowledge and understanding primarily due to my unusual circumstances that had transpired aboard their harvesting vessel `Ja-lokemn'. This bizarre accident separated me from the typical abduction experience and ultimately caused me to be banned or in the words of the K-kadorians, `be of no further use'. The real question here is how they'll react when I start to tell them they've been subjects of an on-going alien abduction program and have been routinely milked for their `Glibre-ef'.

Before I could get myself worked up contemplating that line of thinking, the doorbell rang, my ears got hot and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I was hoping they would be more receptive now than they were at the diner yesterday morning. I answered the door and invited them in. The three of us sat down at my dining room table and we exchanged pleasantries before we got down to business.

"What I'm about to tell you is the truth to the best of my knowledge," I began. "I have no reason to lie to you but my story may sound to wild to be believed."

"Go ahead," Jake said. "We're listening. There are very few ways that people can share dreams and it's not likely that you're going to say anything that's going to startle us."

"My experiences were much the same as yours until something unexpected happened to me," I said. "I was enjoying a totally wicked dream. In my dream I was the host of an unusual party set in the future. It was a sex party, an incredible futuristic orgy. You were there and there were also two others, Aaron and Delgado. Things were steaming up and I got overly excited when it happened!"

I paused for a moment to gauge the reactions of my guests.

"Well, we remember at least that much ourselves," Josh said. "So, what happened?"

"In my highly aroused state, I started to spasm and my body forcibly jerked unintentionally," I explained. "That's when I was abruptly awakened!"

"Where were you?" Josh asked.

"That's interesting that you should ask that question in that way," I said. "As you may have guessed, I was not in my own bed. To make a long story short, I was aboard an alien spacecraft. I had been abducted!"

Again, there was an uncomfortably long silence as my guests digested what had been said so far. I thought for sure they were going to pick up and leave again at any moment.

"Go on," Jake said. "What happened once you were awake?"

"Well, I had triggered an alarm system that was designed to alert the workers of any potential problems," I continued. "Some kind of unseen restraint prevented me from moving so I took my chance to look around. I saw rows and rows of table-like beds as far as I could see with a human being on each one. The beds were rigged with special equipment designed for one single purpose, to collect and process what the K-kadorians call `Met-ra Glibre-ef', (the milk of life). It's extracted from the sperm rich semen of Human Males, specifically from young puberty-maturing boys from the young ages of fourteen or so up to the ages of twenty-one.

"That's fucking sick!" Jake snapped.

"Are you sure you're not making this shit up as you go along?" Josh sarcastically asked.

"No, I swear," I said with the most honest and genuine inflection I could muster. "There's more, a lot more."

"Alright," Josh sighed, "go ahead, we're still listening."

"As I looked around, I could see that each person had a circular headband attachment fitted around their head with an umbilical of wires coming out of it," I continued. "I later found out that it's called a Cranial Ring. It's how they control your thoughts and dreams. It's connected to their central computer core that operates the facility and manipulates the dreams of all the subjects at once. When my body started convulsing, I unwittingly dislodged the cranial ring from my head thereby severing the connection to their computer, breaking the link that kept me under their control. That's when I became aware of where I was and what was happening to me."

"Well, that's pretty incredible," Jake said.

"There's still a lot more," I told them, "if you want me to keep going."

"We're still listening," Josh said. "Go on..."

"The Cranial Ring is only one part of the process," I stated. "Each subject was also fitted with a Penis Milking Sleeve. The sleeve stimulates the penis using thousands of sensors and electric e-stim pulses to artificially induce an almost endless flow of semen. The sleeve injects a urethral catheter that extracts the semen, drawing it directly from the seminal glands where it is at its purest. It's calibrated to work in combination with the Cranial Ring and the Prostate Pounder."

"The Prostate Pounder?" Jake snickered.

"Yes, the Prostate Pounder!" I confirmed. "It's a hydraulic device located in a cavity in the milking bed and is also controlled by the Central Computer Core and is linked to the Cranial Ring. Once inserted into the male's anus, it excels at producing the maximum yield obtainable from each two-and-a-half to three hour milking session. The `K-kador' technicians have devised a method where the combination of all three devices, the `Cranial Ring', the `Milking Sleeve' and the `Prostate Pounder', all work together in harmony to make up an extremely effective milking system. All that tied together with their abduction program and dream scenario techniques produce all the Glibre-ef that is required for their entire race."

"Holy Crap!" Jake said.

"If what you're telling us is true, I'm starting to get pissed off!" Josh said in anger.

"Well, because of my mishap, I've been excluded from taking part in their program because I know too much," I pointed out. "They told me it was because I was getting too old anyway."

Another thing just accrued to me. I remembered about the small puncture wound and held out my hand to show them.

"Look," I continued. "You can still see my scar here on the back of my right hand where they removed my subcutaneous tracking device. Both of you have one somewhere on your bodies. That's how they monitor you and abduct you when it's your turn.

You may be angry right now because they've been taking the two of you without your knowledge and I understand that. When I found out all this stuff, I was angry too but that quickly past. What I'm angry about now is that I won't be having anymore of those wildly erotic, sexually charged dreams that I've come to know and look forward to. For me, I would gladly volunteer myself if I had a choice. These abductions were clearly beneficial to my sexual health and well being. The more frequently you can discharge the fluids that accumulate in your prostate the healthier your reproductive system will become. It's only been a few days since all this has happened to me but I miss it terribly already. I feel like I've lost my best friends. The people who populated my dreams seemed so alive and real to me that I started forming friendships with them in my conscious mind. Each time I'd have another milking dream, my social bond with these cyber friends grew stronger. I started looking forward to dreaming about them each time and they started to become very important to me. I felt like I knew each and every one of them in real life. I'm just now discovering that they are all real people just like the two of you. All the others I've grown to love are real people too and probably live very close to us. I want to find them. I need to find them. I was hoping that the two of you might feel the same way and together we could find our virtual friends who are real and living amongst us unaware that we're real people too and are looking for them.

I'm so happy that we've found each other and now that it's happened, my desire to find the others has now become the most important thing to me. What do you say? Will you help me?"

Jake and Josh looked at each other for a moment and then both looked at me.

"We'll join you in the search for our mutual friends," Jake said.

"And it's not just you anymore," Josh said. "It's us from now on!"

I felt a tear form at the corner of my eye as I understood my new friends to mean that I wasn't alone any longer. I had a sudden urge to jump into bed with them and celebrate our new alliance but this was real life and human relationships seldom work out that way. I extended my arm to shake their hands and to my surprise, they both reached over to me and gave me a warm heartfelt three way hug. I felt my cock start to swell in my pants from the simple touch of our bodies.

"It feels so good to be able to touch the both of you here in the real world," I told them. "I really do feel like you're old friends that I lost touch with and are now finally reunited."

"Do you remember a dream where the three of us were working on a farm?" Jake asked.

"We were wranglers rounding up some stray horses when the three of us stopped to watch two male horses fight over a filly," his brother recited. "They both had full blown erections. We got turned on watching them and we were mesmerized at the size of their cocks as they battled for their right to mate. They were so focused on wanting to mate that their cocks stayed hard as each of them fought for supremacy."

"Yeah, come to think of it, I do remember that," I said. "When we got back to the barn, we climbed the loft and had a good old fashioned roll in the hay." A moment later I turned red when I realized what I had just blurted out. "Sorry about that!"

"Don't apologize," Josh said, "that's exactly how it went."

"Do you want to go for a little roll in the hay with us right now so to speak?" his brother grinned.

"Fuck Yeah," I said as I felt my pulse start racing. "Follow me!"

They followed me as I led them into my bedroom. I turned to Jake and cocked my head as I asked, "Does your cock bend slightly to the left?"

Now it was he who was turning red with embarrassment. "Yeah, it does indeed!"

Then I looked over to Josh and cocked my head in the other direction. "And yours bends beautifully to the right?"

"You're Tyler all right," he confirmed. "It really is you!"

"This is going to be so awesome!" I said as I practically ripped my shirt off.

The sexual tension between us had been growing from the moment they walked in the door. We were so ready for this moment that we were all undressed in seconds. I placed my naked body down in the center of the bed and my two friends joined me, one on each side. I had never had sex with identical twin brothers before, not in the real world at least and the mere prospect of it had me sporting a full blown erection. Coming at me from both sides, the two of them leaned in to kiss me. A combination of lips and tongues converged to explore my oral chamber in a way that was both arousing and exhilarating. We spent a good amount of time just touching and exploring each other slowly and tenderly.

It felt so good to finally feel the reality of their physical bodies, the warmth of their smooth skin and the passion that rose from the depths of their souls. I was so excited to finally be with my long lost friends. We were essentially total strangers who knew each other intimately, familiar with one another yet touching for the very first time. It was a curiously confusing sensation that slowly faded as our activity progressed. I began to feel the depression I had been struggling with these past few days start to slip away as a sense of hope replaced the emptiness that had been consuming me.

Slowly, my lovers began to work their way down my body leaving no sensual pleasure points untouched. The way they worked their magic together was like watching two synchronized swimmers doing a gold medal routine. Once they reached my cock, I was already too close for comfort. To my surprise, they each took one of my legs over their heads and delivered a rimming I would not soon forget. Their two tongues taking turns pirouetting on my hole was taking me to lofty heights of ecstasy I'd never known. My heart skipped a beat when I realized what they were doing. They were preparing me for their signature move, the one that made them superstars in my dream world.

Sure enough they guided me to the headboard, put some pillows under me and lifted my body up. Next, they propped my back against the wall and allowed my legs to drop to my chest in front of me. Now my ass was waist high in the air and in the perfect position for their famous `Twin Brother Tag Team' move. They both stood up on my bed and began to take turns fucking my ass. In real life, the length and girth of their cocks took a heavier toll on my body than I had anticipated. The reality of there size was significantly more substantial than their equivalent dream Avatars were, at least in the way it felt when they stuffed my rear end.

"Ten," Jake said to Josh.

"Got it," Josh replied.

This must have been some kind of code between them but it didn't take long to figure out what it meant. As they took turns poking me, Jake took exactly ten strokes then Josh took his ten. Then they took nine each and then eight. The increasing frequency that they took their turns drove me to the edge of a blinding climax. Once they reached one stroke each they arrived at the part of the game I was most apprehensive about. This is when they both enter me at the same time, two twin cocks at once.

"Oh Fuck!" I yelled out.

The feeling of all that man meat inside me at once was pure penis overload. After a couple minutes of allowing my body to stretch to accommodate the additional mass I began to understand the magnitude of the twin's amazing trick. With the two of them facing each other, both their dicks would bend in the same direction delivering a vigorous massage directly to my prostate. The extra mass of their two cocks in combination put considerably more pressure on that ever so important little organ essentially milking me more thoroughly and efficiently than the K-kadorian's sophisticated high tech Prostate Pounder.

My dick was now drizzling out a river of semen that flowed down my chest as the two of them relentlessly pounded me, milking me into a devastatingly apocalyptic orgasm. My new found friends with benefits were passionately coming close to their own finale. They discovered that having both of their cocks in the same tight hole at once, plus the added friction of their own cocks rubbing against each other inside that hot inner sanctum generated so much stimulation that they found they couldn't really endure very much of that activity before flying wildly out of control.

The same could be said for me as their combined technique began pulling me into a hands free orgasm. I was being compelled to cum with such intensity that my body became virtually paralyzed. I found I was able to do little more than utter a profoundly deep animalistic growl as the twins edged me closer to a cataclysmic climax. I started to feel like I was losing my sanity as they worked their magic act on me with no holds barred. Jake and Josh were clearly approaching the end of their wild ride and I was completely prepared to join them. Their pace accelerated, their breathing slowed and their auditory vocalizations reached a fever pitch.

"Here I go," Josh exclaimed. "I'm going to shoot it hard!"

"Me too," Jake said. "Oh My God, here it comes!"

Hearing the twins announce their arrival at the gates of nirvana pushed me right over the edge. I felt my balls get pulled into my body and my cock began to pulsate and throb as it swelled and stiffened. The twins started pulling their dicks in and out of me, one at a time. As they did, I could feel them blast their hot liquid love juice all over the rim of my swollen anal orifice. I closed my eyes and saw flashes of vivid colors dance on the inside of my eyelids as their combined sperm rich manna started flowing past my balls and down my stomach on its way to join the river of cum that had already been milked out of me.

When the brothers withdrew both of their cocks from my ass at once, the sudden absence of pressure at my back door caused my prostate to throb and spasm. This resulted in a prostate orgasm so intense that it literally took my breath away. Without touching my cock at all, I began pumping volumes of semen down my chest. My cock proceeded to shoot more boy cream than I could remember producing in quite a long time. It was surprising to me because I had been milked of so much of my load already. At this point, I instinctively reached for my cock and stroked myself. As I did, I was surprised to discover that I still had even more semen to unload. An additional four more blasts surged past my hand. I stroked myself until I emptied the last remaining drops of semen that I had just been proficiently drained of. The twins indeed had perfected their talent and I felt fortunate to have been given the opportunity to experience it.

The three of us collapsed on the bed, drained of all our strength. We enjoyed the waves of pleasure we were bathed in as we drifted down from our post orgasmic high, floating ever so softly on a cloud of bliss, our senses slowly returning to the realm of reality.

"You guys made me cum without even having to touch my dick," I said to my partners. "That's never happened to me before."

"They call it an HFO," Josh informed me. "You know, a `Hands Free Orgasm'."

"That's right," Jake added, "but we gave you more than just an HFO, we gave you a Super-O. That's when you go beyond a penile orgasm and experience a prostate orgasm, sometimes called a full body orgasm. You'll know it when you've had one of those. You can feel it from the tips of your toes to the depths of your soul."

"And then the next thing you know, it launches you into the stratosphere and you'll get lost in the stars," Josh concluded.

"Then that's what it must have been because I felt like I was frozen," I said. "It's almost impossible to describe the feeling but I can tell you this much, you guys can give me one of those as many times as you want!"

We all laughed a bit and then Jake sat up and said, "Do you want to do it again right now?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we could do it again," Josh said looking at his brother for confirmation. "What do you say?"

"Well, as much as I would love to," I said, "I have to work tomorrow and you guys left me feeling pretty weak. After all, now that we've found each other, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other so we don't have to overdo it on our first night."

"Of course you're right," Josh said.

"Sorry, we got a little carried away," Jake confessed.

"I'm going to want to get together again real soon though," I said.

"That sounds great," Jake said. "Well, we've got school tomorrow ourselves so we better get going."

The three of us got dressed and we observed each other with the same enthusiasm we had when we undressed. I felt so happy that this chance meeting should progress to this level so quickly. I also felt thankful that my first step in reconnecting with my dream buddies ended with such a success. To have our first sexual encounter in the real world happen so quickly and flow so effortlessly left me feeling lucky and hopeful that we just might find the rest my friends and our unity would once again make us feel whole again.

The End of Part #2

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