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The Milking Abductions

Part #3

(Finding Delgado)

By Paul S. Stevens

As I watched my guests slowly and methodically get dressed, I felt a twitch at the tip of my dick as it swelled into a semi-erection. I was noticing the way their nearly perfect bodies had a sensual appearance to them. Their casual attire actually enhanced the curvature of their muscular attributes and the thought occurred to me that they could very easily get into the movies. Then I remembered that in one of my dreams, the statistics of their personal profile said that they were celebrated porn stars back in their Country. I found I couldn't help myself, I just had to ask.

"Are you guys' really porn stars back in Budapest?" I boldly asked them.

"Hell No!" Jake answered.

"It's okay Jake," Josh said. "We can trust Tyler."

"Well, we're not Porn Stars!" Jake said adamantly.

"You're right, we're not," Josh admitted looking at his brother. "But to be fair, we did do an audition once."

The two of them stared at each other for a moment and then Josh turned to me to explain further.

"We were approached with the idea of being in an adult film by a well known ex-porn star that we ran across one day on the streets of Budapest. He was scouting around looking for young new faces. This guy had moved up the ladder in the company and became an executive at the studio where he made his start. Now he works behind the scenes doing camera work and running the production company with one of his former costars. He was willing to teach us all about the business, so he had us do a screen test to see if we had what it takes."

"I guess we did since he offered us a two year contract if we stayed together as an identical twin team," Jake said with pride. "They would have paid us well too, given us room and board and paid us to go on working vacations to exotic places. We would have lived in luxury year round in one of their company owned compounds with beautiful surroundings, panoramic balconies, a sauna and steam room, a workout room and an Olympic size swimming pool all set right on the beach. We would have been able to work and mingle around with all the other hot guys who we would have eventually worked with as we got cast into more and more of their films."

"We toyed around with the idea for a while and thought it would be a chance of a lifetime," Josh said. "But honestly, after we did the audition we kind of changed our minds."

"Wow, really?" I said inquisitively. "I really believed you guys were real porn stars with that twin brother tag team trick you guys do together. You both have such confidence in the bedroom too like you've had years of experience."

"That confidence comes from my brother and I being totally comfortable and in tune with each other," Josh answered. "It doesn't have anything to do with being porn stars."

"So what was it like to do that audition then?" I asked.

"We found that the porn business was not at all what we expected. It's a lot of work and not at all glamorous," Jake answered. "At first we were excited but then they started to tell us what we could and couldn't do whether it was on camera or off. While shooting, we tried to get into the mood but it was very hard to stay excited."

"Then they started directing us," Josh remembered. "They started telling us to move over here, lift your leg higher, don't look into the camera, moan louder, don't talk, don't cum yet, more energy. Pretty soon it was like it wasn't us at all any more. What they had us doing wasn't normal or natural to us and it all started to get boring and tedious."

"Yeah, having all the cameras and lighting equipment was very distracting too," Jake added, "not to mention having the film crew all standing around everywhere staring at every move we made. That really freaked us out. It felt weird to be the only ones naked on the set when everyone else opted to wear clothes."

"We had to be able to get turned on at will and keep a hard-on at all times during the filming," Josh interjected. "Then sometimes what they had us doing got so physically exhausting that we wanted to stop and take a rest for a while but we couldn't because they were still trying to get the camera angles and lighting right. Then they would say stuff like, `I saw the camera in the mirror' or `Sorry, the microphone got into the shot' and we would have to make it look like we were fresh and had just gotten started."

"Then we had to go back after filming and re-record some of the sounds which seemed really strange to us," Jake confessed. "So pretending to be `Hungarian Porn Stars' is just a fantasy for us that is a lot more fun than the real thing turned out to be."

"I'm afraid that the depth of our fantasy is so intense between us that it comes across as being real in our dreams," Josh confessed, "however if we wanted to, we could release the rights to our audition tape and see what happens!"

"Yeah but seriously we really can't do that right now," Jake indicated. "I mean we're just worried that it might make things difficult for our father. It could even cause him to loose his job since he has become an important ambassador for our Country. The thought of releasing the video worldwide is an exciting prospect for us but the reality is, we just can't let it be released right now."

"We performed that audition right after our eighteenth birthday," Josh said. "That was long before our father's appointment with our government, so for now we need to keep it under wraps and out of circulation, at least for the time being."

"Yes, I understand," I told them. "It's just that you guys are so sexually savvy. It's a real turn-on to think that you guys actually have what it takes. Even though you guys aren't real professional porn stars, I'm still really impressed, and the fact that you really did do that audition, Hot Man, Wow! If that audition tape ever sees the light of day, I'd be one of the first people to buy one, seriously!"

"Well thank you," Jake said. "If you were a porn star, we would definitely want to costar with you!"

"Yeah, you're smoking hot Tyler!" Josh added and then immediately turned red from realizing he actually said that out loud.

"Thanks!" I said as I swallowed hard from getting embarrassed myself from their admiring comments about me.

After an awkward silence, Jake said, "Well, we've got to get going, we've got class tomorrow."

"And a test to study for too," Josh concluded.

"Thanks for coming by tonight," I told them. "I'm glad we've found each other. Now we have to be sure and stay in touch."

We took a couple of minutes to exchange addresses and phone numbers and then Jake and Josh left. I was in a euphoric state from having just sealed our relationship with some of the best sex I've ever had. I went to bed and stared at the ceiling, being wide awake from my sexually charged encounter with Jake and Josh. I soon found myself unintentionally stroking myself from the fresh memory of our first real connection together and in seconds I was having my second orgasm of the evening.

In an effort to try to relax and get my mind off the fabulous `Twin Brother Tag Team', I flipped on the television for some background noise. The local news had just started on the channel it happened to be tuned to and I figured this should do the trick. I set the television's sleep mode for thirty minutes, then rolled over and closed my eyes. Just as I began to clear my mind and started to feel myself drift off to sleep, something jolted me awake. I heard a voice that sounded very familiar to me so I turned to face the television and strained to open my eyes.

They were doing a good will story about a community cleanup campaign and they had just switched to a taped interview. The anchorwoman was interviewing the coordinator in charge of the event. He was the activities director of the Boys and Girls Club in our area. The Club was responsible for hosting the event and getting the community to rally together for a worthy cause. As the camera moved from the news anchorwoman back to her interviewee, it was none other than my cyber sex buddy Delgado. His name was captioned at the bottom of the screen as:

Delgado Diego Montoya III

Activities Director at the Bevel Court Boys and Girls Club

Coordinator of the "Community Cleanup Campaign 2010"

(Donation Hotline) Call 1-(800) 91- Bevel

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I quickly jumped out of bed and found a pencil and paper and jotted down his name and the name of our local Boys and Girls club. They were also asking for donations so I jotted down the phone number as well. I can't believe my luck coming across Del like this. It was starting to look like some other force was at work drawing my cyber friends closer to together in the real world. I didn't care how it was happening, I was just glad that it was. Now I was going to be able to go to sleep knowing my connection with Jake and Josh was firmly established, and now I had a solid lead to Del.

Things were coming together easily, maybe a bit too easily. Nevertheless, I didn't question my good fortune and before I knew it, the television automatically switched itself off and I peacefully drifted off to sleep.

The next day, I took the information I had previously jotted down and took it with me to work. On my lunch break I called the donation hotline and asked to speak to Del. They told me he was out of the office for lunch and to call back after two o'clock. It was just as well I didn't reach him. My heart was pounding through my chest. I realized I hadn't gathered my thoughts together yet and I wasn't sure how I was going to approach the subject with him. I thought that a better idea might be to write a brief letter with a few things only he would know to be true. I would follow it up with a phone call and hope I could connect with him face to face. I needed to be cautious though, just because it went somewhat smoothly with Jake and Josh didn't mean it would be the same way with Del.

Before my lunch break was over, I went back to my desk and began composing my letter to Del. Since it worked with Jake and Josh, I decided to use the same approach in Del's letter. I had to be careful though not to say anything in the letter that might be too sensitive or provocative. Since Del worked with children, I didn't want to make any trouble for him in case the letter got into the hands of anyone other than him. Sometimes professional businessmen have their secretaries screen all their mail and pass on to them only what they deemed important. In just such an event, I will label the letter Personal and Private. By the time my lunch break was over, I had finished composing the letter and sent it on its way in the afternoon mail. I carefully worded the letter to contain just enough information to pique Del's curiosity and hopefully enough to prompt him to contact me. The only thing left for me to do now was to wait.

I had gotten through most of my work week and the weekend was coming upon me fast. I hadn't heard from Del yet and decided to wait until next Monday. If I didn't hear from him by then I was going to put plan `B' into operation. I just didn't know what plan `B' was going to be yet. When I got home from work on Friday night, my home phone was ringing when I opened the door so I rushed in to answer it. It was Josh calling to ask if they could come over tonight. I gave him an enthusiastic yes and he said they'd be over within the hour. Once again they got my heart to racing as I quickly prepared for their arrival by making sure at least my bed was presentable for guests in the hopes that there might be a repeat of last week's activities. No sooner had I finished sprucing the place up when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and Josh, who was standing there alone, smiled.

"Hey Tyler, how are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing great now that you're here," I answered. "Come on in, where's Jake?"

"Oh, he's coming," he said. "We have a surprise for you." A moment later a short muscular figure walked up to my door and quickly looked me over.

"Holy Shit Man, it is you!" the man said with a heavy New York accent.

"Del?" I said out loud in disbelief. "You don't know how good it is to see you!"

"Oh yes I do," he said. "Man, your looking hot for someone I thought was only a dream-walker."

Well, come in," I said. Del threw his arms around me like I was a long lost friend he hadn't seen in years. "We've got a lot of catching up to do."

Del came in and Jake was right behind him. I walked them into my living room and invited everyone to get comfortable. Del and I stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity until the shock of seeing each other wore off. Trying to be a good host, I offered everyone a drink. Jake and Josh asked for a soda and Del requested a Beer. Fortunately I had what I needed. Me not being a big Beer drinker, I fortunately had two Beers that I keep in the fridge for those rare times when I crave an occasional brew.

"This was quite some surprise, you guys," I said to Jake and Josh. "How did this happen?"

"Well," Josh began. "After we left here last week, we got home and turned on the television. That's when Jake recognized Del on the Evening News. After we watched the broadcast, Jake and I talked it over and agreed that this would be a good organization for our Government to sponsor as a goodwill gesture and a perfect way for us to introduce ourselves to Del. Then we got our Father to contact our Government to commit to making a Donation to Del's worthy cause. By the time dad started pushing things through the proper channels and started cutting through some of the red tape, we received the authorization to cut a check to their campaign in the amount of five thousand American dollars. This morning Del's club called a special meeting and held a small ceremony in our honor. We were able to present the check to Del personally and we had a wonderful lunch together. By then, Del had already received your letter and everything kind of started falling into place.

"Let me tell you how it happened for me," Del continued. "Yesterday, I had gotten the word that we were going to be receiving a large donation from the Hungarian Consulate. The Ambassador and his two sons were going to personally present us with a check today, so I set up a meeting time and invited the press to cover it. By the way, we should be seeing some highlights of the event on the Evening News tonight. Anyway, what a shock it was to receive such a large sum of money and from a foreign Government no less, especially since we were unable to stir up very much right here in our local community. That's why you guys caught me on the Monday Night News that night. Our fund raising drive had been going nowhere and I needed to get the word out to a larger audience for support. I didn't question our good fortune when I heard the news, I was just happy that it was happening. What a surprise and a great pleasure it was this morning when I discovered that it was these two hunks that were responsible for it all. Because our lunch was in such a public place and Jake and Josh were with their Father, we weren't able to talk about what was really on my mind and the scores of questions I was aching to ask. When we finished our lunch, we arranged to meet again latter tonight and they were going to introduce me to someone except they didn't tell me who that someone was. Even though I had gotten your letter Tyler, it didn't occur to me that it might be you that I was going to be meeting here tonight. I just couldn't wait until this evening to find out who I was going to meet. Right now I feel kind of strange but excited. I have to say, I don't really understand what's happening. I just hope someone here is going to be able to explain it to me. So, what's the story?"

"Well, actually it's all of our stories combined," I began. "You're just as much a part of the story as the rest of us."

Del sat quietly while I told the story from start to finish in much the same way as I had done with Jake and Josh. The twins added some of their own experiences as well and in about twenty minutes we had filled him in on just about everything. Once we finished, we all looked at Del and waited to gauge his reaction.

"I knew it," Del said. "I knew it had to be something like that."

"What do you mean," I asked him.

"I normally don't remember most of my dreams once I wake up," Del explained, "and if I do remember them, in no time at all I've forgotten what they were even about. But these dreams, the ones with you guys in them, I've been able to recall nearly every moment about them quite clearly." He looked over at Jake and Josh for a moment and then asked, "Do you guys remember a dream where the three of us were in New York City on New Years Eve?"

"Yeah, we remember that," Josh said.

Del started telling the story the way he remembered it.

"It was about twenty minutes before midnight," Del began reminiscing. "I was trying to make my way to Times Square in time to watch the ball drop. It started to look like I wasn't going to make it there in time. It was so crowded and so cold and I felt the need to find a bathroom fast. I started to look for someplace I could stop and rest for a minute. As I was walking down the crowded street I saw this small intimate bar, so I ducked in quickly to use the facility. As I came in I saw the two of you standing at the bar, talking and drinking and the three of us immediately made eye contact. You watched me come in and make a bee line for the head. A few moments later, you both followed me in there. It just so happens that the stall I chose to go into was this tiny little space no bigger than a closet. As I looked from side to side, there were these two glory holes, one on each side of me. The two of you entered the restroom and quickly singled out which stall I was in. Then you split up and entered the two empty stalls on each side of me. You both offered me your hard cocks at the same time pushing your beautifully stiff dicks through those two glory holes. I serviced you both, taking turns sucking each one of you off back and forth?"

"I do remember that," Jake said.

"Yeah," Josh continued. "If I remember correctly, we could hear the crowd in the bar when they started their countdown to midnight..."

Jake and Josh both started counting down in unison.

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six..."

"That's right," Del interrupted, "you guys both climaxed and creamed me real good right as everybody was yelling `Happy New Year', that was so fucking hot man!"

"Do you remember anything else," I asked having totally enjoyed listening to the story.

"Well, I do have a question that I've been curious about," Del said thoughtfully. "Do your dicks both bend in opposite direction like a mirror image?"

Jake and Josh both turned red as they nodded in the affirmative.

"Oh yeah, you're Del all right!" I confirmed.

"Well, I remember that because, as you both stood opposite me in those narrow stalls, your dicks were pointing right toward my face at the same time as you both immersed me in your first orgasm of the New Year."

"We didn't even know what a glory hole was until we shared that dream with you," Josh said.

"What great memories those were," Jake sighed.

"Del," I said, "one of the things I remembered about you was that you had some stars tattooed just above your pubes."

"Oh, you mean these," Del indicated as he pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants to the floor to reveal his prize stars and the newest additions that he recently acquired.

Along with the old tattoos he had before which consisted of four three inch hollow stars with double outlines arranged in a semi-circle across his abdomen which dipped just under his bellybutton about an inch or so above his pubic patch were several new shooting stars with long slender trails all emanating from the base of his cock and blossoming outward into what looked like a Pyrotechnic Grand Finale in progress.

After a brief moment of shock at seeing Del's nearly naked body and his newly acquired artwork, I made my comment.

"It looks like your dick is on the edge of a perpetually timeless orgasm," I noted.

"You got it my man!" Del said.

"That is so cool Del," Josh exclaimed.

"Totally awesome," Jake complemented.

Without saying another word and with a total lack of my usual inhibitions, I slipped off my shirt and dropped my pants like Del had just done. With the same lack of restraint, Jake and Josh followed my lead and in moments we were all undressed and ready to party.

I guided Del over to my bed and the twins followed close behind us. I had Del lay back and I spread his legs apart and positioned myself between them. I wanted to see what Del's sexy tattooed fireworks display looked like close up as I sucked on his formidable member. The artwork was arranged in such a way that I had to make a comment.

"That is so cool," I said to Del.

"What's so cool?" Josh asked.

"When I look at Del's tattoo from this position, it looks like the fireworks are shooting right out of my mouth!" I said.

"I want to see!" Jake said.

"Me too!" Josh added.

"I get that all the time," Del commented as he grinned from ear to ear. "Come on over and see it for yourselves."

I moved out of the way so that the twins could have their chance. They both moved in and attempted to take their turns at the same time. They both licked up and down Del's shaft until Jake got the opportunity to slip Del's cock into his mouth, slowly taking it all the way down to the base where he had the best angel to view Del's spectacular display. Jake moved off so Josh could take his turn next and the two of them took turns back and forth making Del moan in ecstasy.

I stroked myself as I watched the hot display of the twins sharing Del's delectable cock between them. Del was getting more and more excited as the brothers began to wrestle over who was in control.

"Okay you guys," Del declared. "There's no need to fight over me, there's more than enough of this hot bod to go around, trust me."

"Sorry," they both said in unison as if they were just scolded by their mother.

Del continued, "In my dreams, you guys were known for this spectacular fuck thing that you do where you go back and forth between you. I think you guys called it `The Twin Brother Tag Team's Amazing Fuck From Hell', do you know what I'm talking about or was that just some incredible piece of imagination from one of those alien dreams?"

"No, it's real all right," Jake revealed.

"It's become our specialty," Josh confirmed.

Del looked at the two of them directly and said, "Well then, if you children could behave yourselves, I'd like the two of you to fuck me."

Jake and Josh looked at each other for a moment and grinned. This was exactly what they were hoping for. They took control of the situation and prepared to take Del on a wild Hungarian "Twin Brother Tag Team" roller-coaster ride of his life. They set his head on the pillow near the headboard and lifted his body up against the wall until his ass was level with the boys cocks as they stood on each side of him. Del's knees fell to his chest as he relaxed and readied the rest of his body for what the twins were about to unleash on him. Without wasting any time, they got right to it.

I was highly aroused and captivated just watching them go at it. I knew exactly what Del was in for, having had my own experience with the twins just about a week ago. My erection swelled as I observed the boys methodical execution as they followed a well practiced pattern, each taking an exact number of strokes between them, then counting down to an explosive finale. It seemed to lock the three of them into synch with each other as their ritual progressed.

At this point, I couldn't just sit back and watch any longer. I went over to Del and knelt down in front of him. His cock was sensuously bobbing up and down in rhythm with the twin's undulations. Del's erotically swaying cock reminded me of a stick of dynamite with its fuse dangling, just begging to be detonated. I took his cock into my mouth and it jumped to attention so quickly that it brought new meaning to the term `popping a boner'. Del reached around my butt and pulled me closer to him until he was able to draw my cock all the way into his mouth, swallowing it whole. From this angle, my eyes were mere inches from the alternating cock pounding that Jake and Josh were dishing out. I could clearly see now, just how the curvature on the twin's cocks could push against the interior of the anal cavity, zeroing in on the prostate of anyone they did this to, milking them mercilessly.

The twins had now counted down to 5 strokes each and then four... three... two and then one. Then I got to watch them both penetrate Del with their double cock invasion. I felt Del's cock swell and stiffen in my mouth as he tensed up from the considerable intrusion, growing and hardening even more than it had already gotten. I felt Del bear down on my cock as the brothers double penetrated Del's well prepared hole. As the brothers plunged their cocks deep into Del, he began applying more suction to my throbbing member than the best electric penis pumps are capable of delivering. What a sight it was to behold as I glanced past Del's sumptuous balls to see two hefty cocks filling his quivering hole.

The twins were having fun playing change-up with their technique. First they would lock their cocks together, diving in and out of Del's ass at once. Then they began alternating their stroking, systematically keeping one cock inside of Del at all times as they took turns diving in and out, showing Del no mercy.

Del was on fire now as the twins began to pull him into a Super-O. As his body shook uncontrollably, he began to growl like a bear, sending waves of vibrations through me as he bore down on my cock. I instinctively responded by bearing down on his cock which began an erotic cascade of events.

The prostate milking that the twins were hard at work performing on Del, plus my own oral contribution was beginning to produce their first results. Del's cock swelled up again and this time he released a small sampling of his potent man-milk. It drizzled into my mouth as it danced across my taste buds on its way down my gullet. The taste of Del's first offering sent a wave of tingles throughout my body, delivering an awesome pre-orgasmic shutter. Every fifteen or twenty seconds, Del would favor me with another surge of cream that the twins were milking from within him. The luscious flavor of Del's sweetened condensed milk was an erotic treat as it got bottle-fed to me a half an ounce at a time.

The twins sensual moaning began to soar from soft and melodic to fiery and explosive. There was no doubt that those two were well on their way to a spectacular finale. Del continued releasing round after round of heavy cream as the twins continued to milk Del of his precious male essence, indulging me with the richest sweetest creamiest part of his load. I noticed a change in everybody's breathing patterns including my own as our sensual vocalizations began to climb to a fever pitch. It became evident that we were all about to arrive at planet nirvana at virtually the same time.

Del was the first one to cum. He blasted my throat with a surge of hot semen so abundant that it coated the entire interior of my mouth leaving no alternative but to swallow it whole. I was surprised that Del was able to produce such a magnitude of semen since he was milked of so much of it already. The instant I swallowed Del's first blast, he hit me with another equally abundant shot, then another and another. I was unable to keep up with the sheer volume of it as some of it began to escape through my mouth, gently falling onto Del's face below me.

The twins were next in line to cum. Josh was the first of the twins to shoot his load. As they both continued to pound Del's ass, Josh climaxed and withdrew from Del's ass. His cock was ejaculating in mid-sequence, squirting as he pulled out, spraying all over his brother's cock and balls as well as the surface of Del's gaping hole. He plunged his dripping pole back into Del's ass for some additional stimulation. As he did this, Jake was the next one to cum. He mirrored the same spectacular display that his brother just had done, shooting and jerking as he withdrew, cuming all over Josh and Del with his hot flying sperm jelly, soaking the entire vicinity before plunging his throbbing cock back into Del's back door. Just as Jake dove back in, Josh pulled out again and continued to bath the group with more flying spunk. The two of them continued their unequivocal sperm dance, sharing the stage equally between then, back and forth until they both had drained themselves of every last drop they each had to give.

Watching this monumentally hot and erotic performance that the twins had just put on for me, having viewed it from this uniquely intimate vantage point just inches away from all the action was so electrifying that it sent me spiraling out of control, tossing me over the edge as I pumped my own enriched formula of sex charged ball juice into Del's oral chamber. My first spasm doused Del with a high volume of thick heavy syrup that rocketed into his mouth with quite a bit of fervor. Before I shot my second round, Del pulled my cock out of his mouth and jerked me off the rest of the way, giving himself a formidable facial he would never forget.

Del collapsed from the acrobatic position he was in and the rest of us followed his lead as we all fell onto the bed from sheer exhaustion. We were all drained from the exuberant activity that we had just enjoyed. We all laid there silently, right where we fell for a few moments as we slowly returned to earth from the afterglow of our combined post orgasmic bliss until we were able to talk again.

I was the first to speak.

I turned to Jake and Josh and said, "You guys were so awesome. I just want to tell you something. Watching you guys work together the way you do is such a turn on. Being able to observe it up close and personal was an experience I'll never forget. What I just saw was hotter than any porn movie I've ever seen."

Then I turned to Del and said, "Hey Del, your milk is so sweet and tasty. I can see why those aliens chose you."

"Thanks Tyler," Del said. "Whenever you get hungry, you can call on me. And Jake, Josh... you know, I've been around a bit and I can tell you, I've never been fucked like that before! You guys are real porn stars in my book, actually better!"

"Thanks Del," Jake said. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had more fun with you guys tonight than I've ever had with anyone else in my life. I'm comfortable with you guys and I feel safe when I'm with you."

"I agree," Josh added. "I think we were destined to be together. I know we are all going to be best friends for the rest of our lives. We just have one member still missing, the one piece of the puzzle that will complete us and make us feel whole again, Aaron!"

"I agree," Del said. "I hate to admit it, but I actually have a soft spot in my heart for my little Chico Femico (roughly translated, it means "girly boy")."

"I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear you say it," I confessed.

"Oh Hell Yes," Del said. "I think you're right about my little chica completing us. I really enjoy sticking it to him. My little Peter Pan has a great ass even if he doesn't want to grow up. I'll tell you what, I'll even help you guys locate him. With all four of us looking for him and all the resources we each have at our disposal, I'm sure well find him in no time."

"Thanks Del," I said. "That means a lot coming from you. I really appreciate it."

"Okay then," Del declared. "We'll start tomorrow, Agreed?"

"Agreed," the rest of us answered together.

Once we all got dressed, we exchanged addresses and phone numbers with Del and then my three guests left for the night carrying with them a warm feeling of being reunited with their long lost buddies. I slept well that night knowing we had successfully reconnected with Del, and now there would be four of us actively searching for Aaron. Since it wasn't just me doing the searching anymore, I was more optimistic now that our chances of finding Aaron had exponentially increased.

The next morning I awoke feeling refreshed and energized. I had a momentary panic attack when I thought for a split second that I was waking up from one of those alien induced dreams. I immediately calmed down when I saw my notepad on the nightstand, opened to the page where I had written Del's address and telephone number last night.

Then my thoughts turned to Aaron. The more I thought about my good fortune, having Jake, Josh and Del in the real world, the more Aaron's absence felt like a missing appendage. I found myself spending most of my free time daydreaming about how I might find Aaron in the produce aisle at the Supermarket or standing in line buying popcorn at the concession stand at the Movie Theater. I needed to find a better use of my time than filling my day with wishful thinking, something that would get my three friends involved and working as a team. I thought about publishing a message in the want ads of the daily newspaper, but the problem is, just how do you go about finding someone who doesn't know you're looking for them. I already tried the computer social networking angle and that yielded virtually nothing.

Then I remembered something in my last dream. Something in Aaron's video profile that struck a chord in the back of my mind. In his file was a list of his accomplishments, there was a brief video of him skiing in his home town, quite proficiently as I remember. This is an angle I believe may yet bare some fruit. I began looking in the newspaper and on the computer for information about our local mountain ski resorts. I thought I'd start by checking into their ski instructors and see if that takes me anywhere. I felt confident that my friends had not thought about looking for Aaron at a place like this so I began my search to see if I could come up with a lead before I informed them what I was up to. I didn't want to give them any false hope before I checked it out, at least a little bit. I was banking on Aaron's inherent talents and proclivity to use what he knows. I grew excited as I started getting the feeling that I was one step closer to finding Aaron. Having the five of us together in the real world for the first time was beginning to look like it was actually now within my grasp.

The End of Part #3

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