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The Milking Abductions

Part #5


By Paul S. Stevens

"Tyler," he called out.

"Yeah Aaron, it's me," I answered. He cautiously approached me. I could see in his eyes that he had been crying.

"Can we go somewhere private to talk?" Aaron asked nervously shifting his weight back and forth from one leg to the other.

"Of course," I said. "We can talk privately in my car, it's right over here."

"Yeah, okay!" he said.

He apprehensively walked to my car with me, I unlocked the doors and he hesitated for a moment before finally getting in.

"What's with all the cloak and dagger," I asked.

"I'm just scared!" he answered.

"Scared, who are you scared of, I'm not going to hurt you," I softly said.

"It's not you I'm afraid of," he confessed. "In fact, after I left you, I remembered who you are. You're a bit of a celebrity in the dream world. You're the one who woke up on their ship during a milking dream. Those Aliens have been harvesting our `Glibre-ef' for the past sixty-seven years. In all that time, no one has ever discovered a way to circumvent their mind control until you came along."

"I'm afraid that was purely an accident," I said. "I got banned from their program because of it too. That's the reason I've been searching for you, to find you in the real word so we can ban together, like brothers."

"First of all, that was no accident!" Aaron insisted. "They wanted you to believe it was an accident to discourage you from ever attempting it again. Second, your still in their program, trust me. You're just having a harder time distinguishing between what's real and what's not, just like the rest of us are."

"So what is it that you're afraid of then?"

"Those dreams you guys were talking about, I've been having them since I was ten years old. For nine years now, those Alien bastards have been experimenting on me and there's nothing I can do about it."

"Experimenting, in what way?"

"They've been using me to improve their methods of mind control. Because of me, their system has been systematically improving and becoming more effective. It's almost impossible to distinguish dreams from reality anymore."

"Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault."

"Actually, it is. I keep searching for ways to recognize the difference between their induced dreams and the real world. Each time I successfully find a new way to expose their inconsistencies, they reprogram their system to compensate."

"No way! Well, I could tell the difference."

"Are you sure? Maybe you're in a dream right now!"

"Believe me, this is no dream, I could tell. All of this is just too real."

"That's exactly what I'm talking about. They've gotten too good at it. Skiing, that's the one thing I've found that they just can't duplicate. The wind in my face and the cold chill of the snow, the exhilaration and thrill of the slopes and the orgasmic rush you get from conquering the challenge. That's why I moved here to California's Big Bear Mountain, for the skiing. When I ski down these slopes, I know for certain when it's real and when it's not."

"Okay, I understand all that but you haven't told me yet, why you're so scared?"

"As I said, they've been experimenting on me. They've been giving me an experimental drug since I turned eleven."

"They've been drugging you?"

"Yes! When the drug is administered to a ten year old boy, it immediately produces the onset of puberty. They can make a boy fully fertile a whole five years earlier than normal. Then, the drug forces our bodies to manufacture high volumes of sperm and semen until our bodies finally burn out from the artificially induced cellular acceleration."

"They did that to you?"

"Yes they did. I got my first dose before I turned eleven," he lamented. "When an average human male ejaculates, his semen carries around 280 million sperm per milliliter with a volume that ranges from 2.7 to 3.9 milliliters per average ejaculation. That's about 1.1 billion sperm per average ejaculation. After being on their drug regimen for six months, at the age of eleven and a half, my overworked sex organs started producing over 800 million sperm per milliliter with a volume of over 12.4 milliliters per average ejaculation. That means that my painfully enlarged balls have been consistently producing 9.9 billion sperms per average ejaculation."

"Sounds pretty sexy to me you hot stud."

"Well it's not sexy at all," he explained. "My sex organs are constantly working overtime. My body temperature is always 99.8 degrees and it feels like I have a fever all the time. The K-kadorian's abduct me and milk me every other day without fail. On the days they don't take me, I have to jack-off at least once that day or I'll have a very messy wet dream during the night. I've been put through this routine over and over again for the last eight years. My body has stopped growing in favor of the higher demand placed on my reproductive organs. I'm nineteen years old now. Except for a patch of light blond pubes above my enhanced cock and overdeveloped balls, I look like I'm twelve. I'll probably look fifteen when I'm twenty-five, if I live that long!"

"Is that what you think is going to happen to you?"

"It is exactly what has been happening to everyone that they've experimented on so far. They get a high yield of milk from us for about ten to fifteen years or so, then our overworked organs start shutting down and we just die!"

"Why would they do that to you?" I asked doubting the K-kadorian's clandestine-like ethics.

"Since the K-kadorian's discovered Earth as a new source of fresh `Glibre-ef', they have reversed the inevitability of a planet wide extinction of their race. The newly replenished nutrient that the K-kadorian's thrive on rejuvenated their race. The effect of the freshly infused life giving substance on the K-kadorian home world has resulted in a population explosion back on their home planet. The ever increasing need of our `Glibre-ef' has doubled since that infamous crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 when their race was dying and they first stumbled upon Earth as their savior. Now they need to double their production rate to keep up with the demand. What easier way is there to harvest more `Glibre-ef' than to make their subjects produce double the amount of milk at a younger age? The drug not only gives them the increased harvest they require, it also provides the youngest, purest and sweetest yield possible, surpassing even their own indigenous source that was once found in abundance on their planet. Lastly, the higher yield keeps the number of abductions down to unnoticeable levels so they can continue to harvest what they need and remain safely anonymous."

"It sounds so erotic to me," I said as his descriptions of alien experimentation and sexual manipulation was giving me a hard-on.

"Believe me, there's nothing erotic about it! I am their number one top producer of `Glibre-ef' which is why they call me their favorite. I am routinely abducted and taken to their facility to get milked ten times more often than anyone else. They're constantly running tests on me too. Most of the time, they're pretty painful and quite humiliating. That's why I freaked out when you called me your favorite. All I could think of at the time was that you were one of them or worse, one of their `Dream Creatures'."

"Dream Creatures? What are whose?"

"The `Dream Creatures' are the ones who come to me and make me do things for them against my will."

"What do they make you do?"

"I'm sorry, I can't talk about it! I try to resist them but I'm just not strong enough. I want to tell you but I can't. I know that the second I tell you, they'll know! God only knows what they'll do to me. I'm scared Tyler, I'm scared!"

At this point, Aaron got very agitated and started shaking. I took a hold of his hand and pulled his body close to me to let him know I supported him and that he had someone in this crazy world that cared. I wrapped my arms around him and he buried his head in my chest and started to let go of God only knows how much pent up anger, hostility and frustration that he had been holding on to all this time. His chest heaved violently as he unloaded countless tears that soaked through my jacket. I gave him all the time he needed, comforting and consoling his fragile soul all the while until he finally had cried it all out.

I started to change the way I felt about our Alien abductors. I was starting to see that they weren't the benign little race of creatures I was lead to believe were just on a mission to save their race from extinction. I started to get mad all over again as it reminded me of how I felt back when I first discovered their existence.

"I don't think you should be alone tonight," I told him. "Why don't you stay with us tonight? I know the guys would love to see you in the morning and spend some time with you before we all have to head back home."

"I don't know," he hesitated. "I trust you but that Delgado guy, I don't trust him. He scares me. He reminds me of a `Dream Creature'!"

"Are you kidding," I said. "Del loves you! He told me so himself. He calls you his little Chico Famico!"

"Chico Famico, that's not very flattering!"

"Well, its how he feels about you and it's meant to be endearing! Del's a good guy, he's been looking forward to meeting you. He wouldn't have come up here with us to find you if he didn't care about you."

"Really, are you sure? I have to be very careful. I'm about as weak as I look. I have the strength of a typical twelve year old. I've got no upper body strength at all. I've tried to build up some muscle mass but the alien drug prevents my body from producing the hormones that regulate muscle growth, all in favor of focusing all my body's energy on sperm production. I've spent most of my efforts trying to become a professional skier, so I don't need to be threatened with two broken legs, you know what I mean?"

"Oh, trust me Aaron, Del only threatened you so he could get you to our dinner table earlier. He would never hurt you anymore than I would. He just knew how important it was to me, that I get a chance to talk to you. You would definitely be amongst friends. So, please stay with us tonight, what do you say?"

"Okay," he conceded and the two of us got out of the cold car and entered the inner sanctum of our warm and comfortable suite.

Everyone was asleep. Luckily, Aaron knew that the sofa in our room opened into a sleeper bed. He opened it up, threw off his clothes and crawled into it. I watched Aaron undress and I got a brief look at his oversized package through his tight Speedo briefs. I felt shamelessly aroused at Aaron's misfortune and popped a rock hard erection. I tried not to let Aaron see the way his artificially enlarged manhood and drug amplified pheromones had caused me to experience a sexual flush so intense, I almost passed out.

I slipped into bed with Del and got comfortable. Once I did, he instinctively spooned up behind me and pulled me close to him. His incredibly warm body felt good to me and I suddenly realized that Del must also be one of the abductees being tested with the Alien drug Aaron was talking about. It all made perfect sense now. Del was more than just a hot blooded Latino. Like Aaron, Del's body temperature was always elevated and his body structure was strikingly similar to Aaron's. He was short for his age with the same youthful appearance. However, unlike Aaron, Del was muscular and aggressive. His sexual organs were on the large side but not abnormally so. I think I was beginning to see the varying degrees of effectiveness the drug was having on it's victims as the drug went through its various stages of development.

As I started to drift off to sleep, I realized that at this very moment, my quest to unite my dream team together had finally become a reality. We were all in the same place at the same time. I was starting to see that we were looking more like a rag-tag team of misfits as we grew closer. However I was happy to be apart of it even though we still had a long way to go before our friendships would solidify. I felt, for the first time in a long time that once again, all was right with the world.

The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and amazingly pain free for someone who had cheated death just eighteen hours ago. I was shocked to discover that I had woken up with several wet and sticky stains on my underwear. I hadn't had a nocturnal emission since I was twelve. What I didn't know at the time and what we would all soon discover, was that Aaron's bodily presence in the room with us, caused all five of us to have not one or even two, but three very sloppy wet dreams throughout the night.

I looked across the room and noticed that Jake and Josh were still sleeping. Then I noticed I was alone in my bed. I looked over to Aaron and noticed that Del and Aaron were sitting together on the sleeper sofa. Aaron was admiring Del's new tattoos as he proudly showed off his newest artwork. It was nice to see that they were sharing time with each other without me having to mediate between them. They looked like two old friends who hadn't seen each other in years.

"It looks like you two are getting along pretty well," I said to them.

"I'd forgotten how cute my little Chico Famico was," Del said smiling.

"And I forgot how hot and sexy Dynamo Del was," Aaron said giving Del a wide smile.

"Chico Famico? Dynamo Del? Wow, it looks like I was worrying about the two of you for nothing," I said.

"We're okay now that I know that he's not a Dream Creature!" Aaron said.

"That's right, we're getting along just fine," Del said. "And I can't wait to fuck his sweet little ass later too."

"Only if you promise to be gentle," Aaron said sternly.

"Oh, I'll be gentle alright," Del sarcastically smirked.

"Okay you guys," I said. "Play nice."

The sounds of our voices finally woke the twins and we were soon having a great group discussion. Aaron brought our team up to speed on the things he had told me about last night in the car. Then he apologized for making all of us cum repeatedly throughout the night. Even Del got embarrassed as we all turned red. He told us that for the last couple of years, he has had that effect on anyone who sleeps in the same room with him. He called it `Pheromone Hypnosis'. It was the undeniable power to control other males. Any sexually mature man in close proximity of his pheromone secretions would experience the identical sensations and bodily reactions of Aaron's sexual experiences in wildly vivid detail. Just breathing the same air would render any guy susceptible to his whim. Once again, the thought of Aaron making other guys cum just by being in the same room with him made my cock stiffen and throb. Then, to our surprise, he told us we would've cum much more than we did because he had been abducted and milked during the night. None of us sensed that he had been taken under our noses nor did we know he had been gone for several hours. These facts just added to my frustration that none of us had any control over our own destinies anymore.

Once our discussion ran its course, we all headed into the bathroom and enjoyed a relaxing shower filled with hot conversation and erotically charged sexual innuendoes. When we had enough of that, we dressed and headed for town for some breakfast and to take in a little tourist activity. I told the guys about the places I had researched and we all decided to go horseback riding at the Baldwin Lake Stables just outside of town. This way we could ride in a group and talk freely amongst ourselves while enjoying the great outdoors and engaging in a relaxing and non-challenging physical activity. While on the ride, we talked about everything imaginable and I was pleased that the five of us were bonding so well together.

"So, Aaron," I said as the five of us slowly road our horses leisurely through the Baldwin Lake Horseback Trails. "You talked about how it's getting tougher to discern real life from the dream world. I seem to recall that all my dreams from the dream world revolved around sex, albeit great earth shattering sex but sex nonetheless, nothing more. Those dreams were real enough for me. They got their quota of milk from me and I, in turn got the benefit of getting the sperms milked out of me in a wildly erotic way. Why is it such a big deal for the dreams to be more real now?"

"Different strokes for different folks," Aaron answered.

"What does `stroking' have to do with it?" I wondered out loud.

"I'm surprised you don't get my analogy," Aaron scoffed. "That is after all, an American saying is it not?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I said.

"Different strokes for different folks," Aaron expounded. "The sex dreams are just for the quick milkers, the ones who are abducted for a couple of hours and then returned. Those guys get the super sexually charged versions of the dreams to get them aroused quickly and to accelerate the milking process. These dreams mostly revolve around the mutual fantasies of the dreamer and the other abductees who are being milked at the same around them."

"Right!" I said. "That's how the five of us know each other, from my sexual dream."

"Not your sexual dream, our combined mutual sexual dreams," Aaron clarified. "And for us to know each other, we had to have had dozens of dreams together as a group. The K-kadorian's know whose dreams are compatible with others and they try to keep them together in groups. The five of us get along well because we are all compatible with each other both in reality and in the dream world. Now that we are united in both worlds, we have a unique strength and bond that we have yet discovered. Tyler, you say the word `dream' in the singular sense, only because the newest most current dream you've had becomes the most dominant one, eventually obscuring past dreams from your memory."

"I've been recently remembering my past dreams I'd had with you guys," Jake said.

"Yeah, me too," Josh added.

"So have I," Del said.

"I'm kind of different from most of the average abductees," Aaron revealed. "The `K-kadorians' don't know it yet but there's something about my brain that is slightly incompatible with their system. That flaw leaves a small hole in their system that I can enter and mentally roam around in. I've been aware of them since my first encounter at the age of ten and I've been aware of all of you from the very first time you were ever taken. I never imagined all four of you would find each other and then come looking for me! Now that you guys are acutely aware of your dreams, you'll start to remember more and more of them."

Aaron paused a moment realizing this was a whole lot of information to process. When he thought enough time had passed, he resumed.

"The average quick milker stays blissfully unaware that they were ever taken, milked and then returned during the night repeatedly for years. They only remember the intense sexual gratification they would come away with thinking it was nothing more than a wet dream, a perfect sexual dream that they would eventually get addicted to. Then they would start to look forward to having as many of these dreams as they can as time went on."

Aaron paused again for a moment as if he were expecting someone else to say something here. I didn't want to speak. It was as if Aaron were reading a chapter from the book of my life. I felt momentarily exposed and transparent as if everyone could see how incredibly shallow I was. All this time, I thought I was special but it turns out there's nothing special about me at all. I responded and reacted much the same way as the faceless drones of the blissfully unaware masses that got taken, milked and returned all without suspecting a thing. Then, like the few that discovered the conspiracy, I selfishly craved the rush and only wanted to be accepted back into the club to feed my addiction and get my sex fix. I was starting to feel like I wasn't worthy of having these guys as my friends. I was keeping them close to me so they could feed my insatiable sexual appetite in the real world and make up for losing out on a future full of erotic milking dreams. Then after a few seconds of silence and nobody spoke, Aaron resumed his explanation again.

"Different strokes for different folks," Aaron continued. "Now, for the on going, continuously realistic types of dreams, those are used on the experimental program subjects like me. They use these dreams to carryout their tests. One of the reasons these dreams have to be as real as possible is because the dreams themselves cause us to react like they're real. For example, a dream with physical exertion will result in sweating, rapid heartbeat and an increased respiratory response even though we physically never even moved. They put us through a series of tests that trigger many different types of physical conditions to stimulate certain organs to see how their drug interacts with our body chemistry. I've been on this drug the longest. I was one of the very first experiments. Del has been on it for about two years."

"Say what!" Del blasted.

"Sorry dude, but it's the truth," Aaron acknowledged using Del's own terminology. "They have also been experimenting on the effects of the drug on guys who've already entered puberty. Sixteen, eighteen and twenty year olds are now being tested for the first time. The drug has vastly different results on the subjects already in their post pubescent years. Jake and Josh are identical twins. I understand that they're saving them for something special, I don't know what yet. As far as I know, they're drug free."

"And what about me?" I reluctantly asked.

"Yeah, you got your first dose just a couple of weeks ago!" Aaron sadly reported.

"How do you know all this stuff?" I asked in a rather disturbed tone.

"I know I sound like a `know-it-all'," Aaron confessed. "But because of my rare incompatibility with there Central Core, when I'm in their dream world, I have the mental ability to gain access to their database. Because they don't fear the present state of Human technology, and because they haven't discovered my abilities yet, they don't bother protecting their information. Everything `K-kadorian' can be found in their Central Core. Dream scenarios, milking procedures and abduction patterns are all sitting side by side with their medical technology, ship operations and their home world communiqués. Massive amounts of data are all sitting there for me to access. So far, I've kept a low profile by limiting myself to tracking information on myself and their drug program. As long as they don't suspect that I have this ability, it remains my `Ace in the Hole'. The knowledge I gather from their Central Core may one day save my own life and the lives of my fellow abductees."

After Aarons revealing conversation, we all got a bit quiet and finished out our ride in total silence. I suppose all of us were reflecting on the situation we all found ourselves in and wondered what the future would hold for each of us. When I started out, I thought I was the authority on the milking abductions, but after listening to Aaron last night and so far today, I realized I really knew nothing at all. Maybe Aaron was right. If I really was among the ranks of abductees being tested in their drug program, maybe I was in one of those realistic dreams after all. If I'm dreaming, then Aaron and all my friends are only characters in that dream, and if they aren't real, can I trust anything they've said to me so far? When did reality end and the dreaming begin? Just how long have I been in this dream anyway?

I started to think about the staggering number of complex variables that were necessary to project and sustain a realistic dream state and maintain a flawlessly seamless continuity requiring a moment by moment refresh rate for an extended period of time, all while controlling multiple subjects at once. Were the `K-kadorians' actually capable of this level of sophistication? The idea crossed my mind and temporarily overwhelmed my thoughts. My head began to hurt and I started to get disoriented from the confusion as it swirled around in my head like a cyclone. The calm disposition of the horses we were riding and the reality of their hooves as they made contact with the ground was very reassuring and soothing to my nerves. I think it had the same effect on my friends as we all drifted back down to earth after being hurled into a state of profound anxiety.

When we got back to the stables, we checked in the horses and then headed back to our room.

"Wow. We all smell like horses now," Jake said.

"Or worse, a horse's pa-toot," Josh said.

"More like a horse's ass," Del exclaimed.

"I thought I just said that," Josh retorted.

"This is the perfect opportunity to check out the Jacuzzi," I suggested. "It's supposed to accommodate six!"

"Did you say, `it's supposed to accommodate sex'," Del asked, "because, if you did, I want to be the first one in!"

The rest of us laughed but Del was apparently serious. I went ahead and started to fill the Jacuzzi with a perfectly chosen temperature, not too hot and not too cool. I took into consideration, Aaron and Del's elevated body temperatures and adjusted it so it would be appropriate and comfortable to all of us. Aaron discovered a selection of aromatic scent packets in the bathroom and we each chose our favorite scent. Jake and Josh selected Apple, Del chose Strawberry, Aaron decided on Orange Blossom and I went with Blueberry. I opened all four packets and added them to the water.

"I think one packet would've been enough," Del said holding his nose.

"We're going to smell like a fruit basket by the time we're done," I said.

"It'll be better than smelling like a horse's pa-toot... I mean a horse's ass!" Aaron said shooting a smile in Del's direction.

Once the tub was filled, I turned off the water and turned on the jets. Instantly, the bubbles came to life and we all stripped and slowly got in, one by one, Del being first of course. The therapeutic warm water and swirling bubbles immediately went to work on me by eliciting two reactions. First, the jets of warm water started to relieve the tension that had built up in the muscles of my neck and shoulders. Second, the effervescence dilated the blood vessels in my cock giving me an effortless erection.

Even though the hot tub purportedly held six, the five of us filled the tub with very little room to spare. The fact that we were so close together made for a very intimate experience. We found it very natural to make physical contact with each other under the bubbles. I soon discovered that everyone else had the same stiff erection as I did and that opened the door for some titillating conversation.

"It's interesting that you can make other guys shoot load after load of cum in their sleep," Del said to Aaron. "I'd like to be able to do that!"

"If you remain in their program a couple more years, you most likely will," Aaron revealed.

"Aaron, you said that they started administering the drug to me about a week ago?" I said. "I don't notice anything different about me except I feel abnormally horny all the time. What else can I expect to happen to me?"

"Well, as you've said, you've already become starved for sex. In the early stages, you'll start to crave it day and night. As a result, you've become more sexually active. Then you'll start to develop an agreeable tenderness in your balls as they start to swell and become supercharged. Your penis may grow an inch or two in size and your sex drive will increase, making you produce excessively stronger and more potent pheromones. Not only do the pheromones control your sexual organ development, they also make your body excrete chemicals that make you more sexually attractive to both males and females. Eventually you'll be like me, causing girls to swoon, causing guys to pop boners for seemingly no reason and ultimately cause males to experience pheromone induced orgasms throughout the night while they sleep."

"What about Del," I asked on his behalf. "The effects don't seem to be that pronounced in his case."

"Del had already gone through puberty when they started him on the drug," Aaron explained. "He got the benefit of an increased penis size and heavier hanging balls. He was already maturing when he got his first dose, so he was able to maintain the muscle mass he already had obtained. When I was first put on the drug, my body had not yet matured and I stayed frozen that way, charming and youthful but weak and frail. A ten year old boy's body can't put on very much muscle which is why you don't see many ten year old body builders."

"It all sounds so erotic to me," I said.

"There's no doubt that some of the benefits are amazing," Aaron said. "Nevertheless, I don't think they're worth dying for at the age of twenty-five, which is what's happening to most of the victims so far."

"Well, all this talk about bigger dicks and enhanced balls has gotten me horny," I said.

"Me too," Josh added. "I wanna watch Aaron shoot one of his wonder loads."

"And I wanna taste it," Jake said licking his lips.

"I've been waiting to fuck my little Chico Famico all day," Del said. "Are you ready to be the star of the show and let your Dynamo Del do ya!"

"Sure, I can easily cum three or four times right now," Aaron informed us. "I'll tell you what. I'd like to show you how I can cum without touching myself in less than three minutes."

"You can do that?" I asked.

"Absolutely," Aaron answered. "I discovered I had the ability a long time ago. I have to discharge the buildup of excessive sperm and semen periodically. If I don't, I get a real bad case of blue balls and with my tender testicles, it can get extremely painful. Some people think that blue balls are not a real thing. Well, for me it is. Sometimes it'll hit me hard when I'm somewhere in public and I can't just whip it out and start beating it. So I learned how to do a hands free discharge when I have no choice. It just so happens that I'm at that point right now, is that okay with you guys?"

We all silently shook our heads in the affirmative. All five of us got out of the Jacuzzi, dried off and sat Indian style in a circle on one of the King size beds. We had three hours to get our fill of Aaron and fuck our brains out before we needed to checkout of the room and head for home.

"Okay everybody," Aaron said. "Just sit quietly, clear your minds and relax. Put you hands on your knees and take a couple of deep breaths."

We did as Aaron instructed although we didn't know how this was going to help Aaron cum. A few moments later, I felt an erotic tingling emanate from the center of my balls and my cock twitched and started to grow. I looked around to see that all of our bodies were reacting in exactly the same way, growing into a full erection all at the same time. This was the first time I'd seen Aaron with a full blown hard-on since we arrived. He had the face and body of a cute and handsome twelve year old boy and the cock and balls of a fully grown, well endowed man. Like in my dreams, Aaron's appearances caused me to feel like I was playing with jail bait. The thrill of pretending we were all going to get arrested for statutory rape was oddly titillating. Then, I started to experience the onset of a far away orgasm approaching. I felt the peculiar sensations of going through the various emission stages of an orgasm without making direct contact with my penis. Aaron's artificially induced pheromone secretions had quickly overtaken the room. As we all took deep breathes at Aaron's instruction, we unknowingly got hypnotized by Aarons Pheromones and inhaled his HFO (hands free orgasm) emitters. We instantly got swept up into the current of his hormone driven responses. Like the wet dreams we experienced throughout the night, Aaron was now indirectly taking us along for the ride.

It had only been thirty seconds and I was well on my way to having a deep intimate HFO along with everyone else. The tingling in my balls grew to include the surrounding areas as it intensified and consumed my senses. I felt my prostate begin to pulsate like I was being massaged and milked by an invisible finger. I began to let go of the last bit of inhibitions holding me back and I started to fall into a trance, brought on by my very own heartbeat.

We past the one minute mark and all five of us started moaning as our breathing patterns slowed and deepened. I observed an occurrence I had never witnessed before. Our balls were moving up and down to that same pulsating rhythm I was feeling in my prostate, as if they were lungs gulping for air. I didn't even know my balls were capable of this kind of movement.

As we past the two minute mark, I started to feel a series of intense and moving waves wash over me. It was the same pulsating rhythm that started in my balls, spread to my prostate and overtook my entire body. Everyone's cock was now bouncing up and down with the same pulsating rhythm and we all called out at once that we were cuming.

We finally came to realize that we were completely under Aaron's spell. He was so deeply immersed in his HFO that he didn't discover that we were all caught in his wake. We all watched in amazement as all five of us shot our combined loads at exactly the same moment. We all twitched together as we ejaculated our typical 8 to 10 shots of semen (representing the average human's 2.7 to 3.9 milliliters of semen). After Jake, Josh, Del and I had completely expelled our loads, we continued to experience several additional dry spasms. It was Aaron who was continuing to shoot his oversized load after the rest of us had run dry. Once we had nothing more to ejaculate, our penile orgasms turned into full body orgasms. We received wave after wave of thrilling sensations that radiated from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes. We continued to spasm along with him until all of his 12.4 milliliters of semen had been unloaded. My memory flashed back to the time when I would succumb to those same dry total body orgasms that rocked my prepubescent years. I had forgotten how much more intense and enjoyable those dry orgasms were compared to the wet orgasms I eventually grew and developed into after my balls had become sperm producers.

Aaron opened his eyes to see our reaction to his hands-free cum soaking when he discover that all five of us were soaked and covered with our own white sticky sperm.

"Wow, did I do that?" Aaron gasped. "I'm sorry. I had no idea that would happen. I wonder how many guys I've done that to out in public and didn't know it. With their clothes on, they probably concealed it the same way I do when I'm in a crowd."

"They may have concealed it but I can tell you, they'll never forget it!" Jake said.

"And neither will we," Josh added.

"That was so fuckin' awesome dude," Del said.

"Now that you've shown us how it feels, I think I might be able to do this same thing myself with a little practice," I said.

"Now that we've all cum, we're all spent," Del said. "And I really wanted to make love to that smokin' hot ass of yours before we have to leave."

"Hey, I can easily cum two or more times today," Aaron said. "And if I could cum again, so can you as long as you're all here in the room with you!"

"Awesome," Del said. "Let's do it then!"

"Hey, I have a great idea," Aaron chimed. "Since I can easily do two or more orgasms, how would you guys like for me to give each one of you a multiple orgasm?"

"I've never had a multiple orgasm before," I said.

"Most men haven't and never do!" Aaron said.

"Sounds like a chance of a lifetime then," Josh said. "I'm in!"

"Me too," Jake smiled.

"Cool," Del said.

"Okay, count me in," I bravely said hoping I didn't just get us all into something we couldn't handle.

I passed around a single towel for each of us to clean-off our cum-soaked bodies. When it finally got passed to Aaron, we all noticed how much more semen he had ejaculated and it left a circular wet stain on the bed 12 inches across.

"Let's switch to the other bed where it's dry," I suggested and we all hopped over without a word.

Del wasted no time and pulled Aaron to his lips. They danced a sensuous tongue ballet as if they were long time lovers rekindling a lost romance. Aaron was Del's conquest for today and I felt a little jealous. Aaron was the last of my cyber friends to complete our bond together and I had waited so long for this particular encounter. We had precious little time left and I felt that Del was hogging Aaron all to himself. The way the two of them acted before, who would've guessed they would have become so close? It wasn't like I had exclusive rights to Aaron or anything like that, but I did do all the research needed to find him and I made all the arrangements, taking the chance it might be our Aaron, so that we could all be here together this weekend to reunite. Then I watched the two of them enjoying each other's passionate embrace. How can I get in the way of that I asked myself so I decided to let it go, after all, this was not the time or place for petty jealousies to get in the way of us having a good time. Now that we've found Aaron, I'm sure we will have many more opportunities in the future to have fun together. Besides, Aaron's pheromones where kicking into high gear again as we all started getting turned-on by Aarons powerful influence. His body started pumping out high volumes of those invisible chemicals that controlled our animalistic behavior and soon enough, we found ourselves munching away at each other, fucking, sucking and stroking anything within reach.

In a matter of moments, our group was transformed from a gathering of five friends, who had just gotten the cream charmed out of their dicks, into a decadent five man orgy where anything can happen. Aaron laid on his side while Jake and Josh took turns sucking on Aaron's enhanced cock and balls. They were both on the same mission. They were going to get their taste of Aarons supercharged super-sperms that they had mentioned wanting earlier and they were going to get it directly from the source. They wanted to satisfy their sexual curiosity about Aaron and his alpha-male abilities. They also wanted to discover what it was that compelled the K-kadorians to engineer and develop a drug that would mutate human males so they could produce huge amounts of this so called nutrient that literally gave life back to their race. If Aaron truly was abducted and milked ten times more often than anyone else, then it would follow that his milk must be sweeter and better tasting somehow too. Jake and Josh genuinely wanted to see for themselves if this critical substance the K-kadorian's could not live without had a taste that was worthy of all their efforts.

As they had agreed upon earlier, Del was filling Aaron's sweet ass with his own considerable manhood. As I watched them, I became aware that I too was feeling the effects of Del's cock as he stretched Aaron's anal orifice to accommodate for his sizable tool. What I was feeling was no doubt the insatiable effects projected by Aaron's phantom Pheromone Hypnosis.

With the four of them engaged in their present activities, I wondered where it was I would eventually fit in. I thought about it for a moment and then I moved to Del's rear. I laid myself down behind him and prepared him to become the Lucky Pierre between Aaron and me. As I entered Del's forbidden chamber, I imagined I was making love to all four of my friends at the same time. I imagined that my cock magically grew to three times its normal length. I imagined that as I pushed my cock into Del's hot inner sanctum, it would continue through Del's body and out his dick and then into Aaron's sweet ass, continuing even further through to reach Jake and Josh's tongues as they danced across Aarons pulsating penis, unwittingly summoning the five of us to arrive at our promised simultaneous multiple orgasm.

Then I experienced a strange wave of conflicting perceptions. My own feelings and sensations were getting mixed together with Aarons. I could feel my cock going in and out of Del and the orgasmic pressure building from that. At the same time, I was experiencing Aaron's sensations of Del riding his ass and the twins sensuously tonguing him to an explosive climax. I no longer needed to pretend, I was feeling everybody's contribution at once as Aaron had everyone in the room under sexual hypnosis. It was so fucking hot that I felt that I might not want to cum any other way, ever again. By this time, everyone was breathing and moaning deeply and I started to feel like I was only seconds away from my orgasm but I wasn't cuming yet.

I could tell by everyone's reaction that I wasn't the only one experiencing this phenomenon. It became clear that none of us were going to get to cum until Aaron was ready. Aaron was about to take us through our first lesson in the practice of `Erotic Sexual Denial' without the need for physical BDSM (Bondage, Discipline or Sadomasochism). That was perfectly alright because it turns out, there was no place better to be caught in limbo than riding the crest of an orgasm with no end in sight. Every man should be able to experience the glory of edging the way the four of us were doing right now while we were held, suspended in place, having no control over our own release. For a sexaholic like me, balancing on the very edge of an explosive orgasm for an indefinite period of time was like being caught between agony and ecstasy. I could only guess what the other guys were feeling. Then it happened, we started moving into our emission stages as we passed our PONR.

"Okay guys, get ready, here it comes!" Aaron proclaimed.

Aaron didn't need to announce his arrival to Nirvana, we all knew. I got scared for a moment, not knowing if my body was going to be able to handle the extreme stimulation that Aaron's super human influence was about to unleash upon us. I was already at the pinnacle of my own limitations and I began to doubt that I was going to be able to endure the oncoming multiple orgasm Aaron had planned. Then we all screamed out at once as we all shot our loads, spasm by spasm. Even Jake and Josh were creaming all over each other and no one was even touching their rigid cum cannons. Then just like last time, when all our juices ran dry, we continued to heave a cumless orgasm until Aaron ejaculated the rest of his oversized load. We all started to float down from our combined post orgasmic euphoria when a sensation of a second very different and extremely potent orgasm gave rise to a second cuming. This second round was almost too much to handle. The sounds of everyone cuming a second time escalated in volume to three times what it was the first time around. There was no doubt that this second series was more immense as it hit all of us like a ton of bricks. My entire body shuttered like I was having a seizure.

Suddenly, I was awakened. I opened my eyes and once again found myself on the harvesting vessel `Ja-lokemn'. I looked around and discovered I was still in the same bed in the same row as the last time I awoke here. As my eyes focused and I came to my senses, I realized I had never left. The same alarms were sounding and the same unhurried and unconcerned workers reacted the same way as last time. However, this time I recognized Jake and Josh to my left and Aaron and Del to my right lying flat on their backs, completely naked in a deep dream state. They were real and here with me right now. They looked so hot and sexy yet innocent and vulnerable. I felt the need to rescue them somehow. I tried to jump up off the bed but I was quickly reminded about the `Penis Milking Sleeve' and the `Prostate Pounder' I was attached to. I tried to lift my body up and off the devices but discovered that the `Prostate Pounder' had a bulbous inflatable mechanism that maintains the pressure on the prostate and ensures it won't dislodge from its subject. In other words, I was stuck with a tube down my cock and this alien dildo thingy in my ass. I wasn't going to go anywhere. What was I going to do? I had to act quickly. The alien attendees were ignoring me for now and I had precious little time to do something before I attracted their attention.

I looked around again to see if I could find something nearby that I could use to assist me in escaping. As I looked to my right, I saw Aaron's eyes flutter open for a moment and I saw a look of recognition flash across his face. Aaron knew much more about our situation than I did and if I could trust the things he had told me during our dream state, he would be the one who knew what to do. Aaron also knew a lot more about the aliens than I did as well as their ship operations and possibly even a thing or two about their transportation devices.

Aaron closed his eyes again and I thought he had gotten drawn back into the dream world. A few seconds later, the klaxon alarms that had been blaring around me were switched off. The Penis Milking Sleeve retracted, withdrawing its catheter from my seminal glands and I felt the peculiar sensation of the Prostate Pounder mechanism as it started deflating. Once it had completely collapsed, the entire device withdrew, releasing its hold on me. A few seconds later, I heard the sounds of the hydraulic armatures engage as the devices withdrew from my four friends as well. Even though they were physically released, their bodies remained captured in the dream state and held there, unresponsive. Aaron had accessed the Central Core while still under the influence of the dream state and was hard at work issuing mental commands to release me and the others.

Then, unexpectedly, the alien attendees around us stopped what they were doing and left the area as if they were all silently called away to an emergency. As I witnessed the sight, I knew that Aaron had something to do with that as well. Now that I had nothing holding me back, I hopped off the table. As inconspicuously as possible, I mounted a hopelessly reckless yet bravely heroic rescue operation. I went over to Aaron's table and removed his Cranial Ring. He instantly woke up and came to his senses. Without saying a word, Aaron went over to Del and I went over to Jake and Josh and we removed their Cranial Rings, waking them up from the hold the aliens had imprisoned them in. In seconds, the five of us were on our feet and ready for a daring escape. I was relieved to find out that all five of us were well lucid and aware of our situation. We all knew where we were and what was happening to us.

"I know where the transportation mechanism controls are located," Aaron commanded. "Follow me!"

We cautiously proceeded, following Aaron across the Milking floor. It was eerie to walk passed all these dozens of naked young boys, all unaware that they were hooked up to these milking machines while being fed sexually explicit dream imagery that made them willingly forfeit their life giving prize. Even though I was scared for our safety, I still got a boner from the sight of it.

When we got to the end of the Milking floor, we traversed a long hallway to a small control room. It was vacant, due to the fact that it was largely automated.

"I'm not real sure that I'm reading this right," Aaron said nervously. "I know which ones are the targets," he said pointing to the console. "This one is me and these are you guys but I'm not sure about the destination!"

"I don't care where the fuck you put us as long as it's on Earth," Del said boldly.

"I agree," Josh said.

"Beggars can't be choosers," Jake said.

"Just get us the hell out of here," I said.

"The transportation beam is designed to keep its subjects asleep during transport so they won't know they were taken," Aaron explained. "Be prepared to be put to sleep. When we wake up, we should be back on Earth."

Aaron hesitated for a moment hoping he was doing the right thing. He successfully targeted the subcutaneous devices that the aliens had implanted in each one of us and fed the coordinates into the transportation console. Then pushed the series of buttons he believed would transport us safely home to Earth.

In an instant, we lost consciousness.

Some time later I found myself on the plains of Texas walking in the front door of an all male brothel. I was a millionaire oil tycoon and horny as hell. I was out looking for something to quench my sexual thirst. As I entered `The Hustler's Haven' establishment, I was greeted by the proprietor and Procurator.

"Well howdy Mr. Reeves," he said. "It's nice to see you again. What'll it be tonight, a double... a triple... maybe even a gangbang? How about buying the entire house for the night?"

"I don't know," I said. "Let's see what we've got to choose from first."

The proctor clapped his hands and summoned everyone together for a line up. There were two dozen or more very attractive young men and boys that all lined up for me to look over. The proctor clapped his hands again and they all dropped the thin and flimsy towels that concealed their personal and private merchandise. The hard-on I had walked in with stiffened as I looked over my plentiful choices. I quickly narrowed down my alternatives. What caught my eye first were these cute identical twin brothers that I had seen here before. They were buff and very hot looking. Another standout was this hot blooded Latino boy with an array of sexy tattoos below his navel. Then there was this young boy who looked way too young to be part of the stable.

"Are you for purchase or are you the piss boy?" I asked.

Everyone laughed but he was really the one I wanted the most. He may have looked twelve, but God saw fit to endow him more generously than any of the rest. I didn't need to look any further, I had made my choices.

"I'll take the brothers," I said as I pointed out my selections to the proctor, "and I'll take the hottie with the tattoos, and I'll take the kid."

"Very good choices Mr. Reeves," he said. "We have the best suite in the house waiting for you, room number five!"

Then the proctor clapped his hands again and the four boys I selected handed their disrobed towels to the proctor and came to stand by me. The rest retied their towels around their waists and returned to what they were doing.

I took another look at the kid and said, "You look too young to be working here. Just how old are you boy?"

"I've actually been here a very long time," the young one said. "I think you know by now that we'll never be allowed to leave here!"

"What the hell do you mean by that boy?" I said.

I took offense to what the kid said. I looked at him more closely and then I looked at the others I had selected. There was something about them I just couldn't place. I was trying to remember but it was like I was being prevented from accessing those memories.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" I asked.

The four of them looked at me in silence. A twinge of recognition triggered a suppressed memory and four names popped into my head.

"Jake... Josh... Aaron... Del...? Are those your names by any chance?" I wondered out loud.

"Yes Sir Mr. Reeves, that be us all right!" Del answered.

"Then you guys know me," I asked.

"Oh Yes Sir Mr. Reeves, You're very well know around these parts," Jake said.

"And you've got quite a big reputation too," Josh added. "If you be knowing what I mean Sir."

"You all are about to find out, aintcha," I said with pride.

"We're here to serve you Sir." Aaron said. "Just tell us what you like and we'll make your stay with us as memorable as possible!"

"How did I know your names?" I asked still trying to remember.

"Oh, you're a pretty smart guy," Aaron said. "You probably read our profiles off the ledgers at the front door when you first came in!"

"Yeah, that's probably it," I said as I struggled to understand what was happening. I knew these guys from somewhere, I just couldn't remember where.

We walked over to the supply counter to pickup some party essentials before the boys and I retreated upstairs to retire from the rest of the world.

"I'll grab a bunch of condoms for us," Aaron said. "Is there any particular kind you like?"

"Just grab a little of everything," I said.

"I'll grab the Eternalube," Del said.

"You'll grab what?" I asked.

"You know, some lube," he said. "Do you have a favorite?"

"How about some Eternalube?" I said.

"I don't think we have that," Del said. "I'll just bring a couple of different ones."

Then I partially broke through the memory barrier I had been battling with. Aaron had intentionally activated my memory with his subtle clues about never being allowed to leave and his other references to my memory. But it was Del with his reference to Eternalube that triggered a flashback. I was momentarily overwhelmed to find out that the five of us had been caught in a seemingly endless loop of dreams. I was able to briefly recall a stream of small memory capsules as the faces of my four friends triggered a series of flashbacks dealing with the last several dream sequences I had undergone.

I now realized that my friends and I have been struggling all along to do what we could from within the dream world to break free from our captors and end the unnatural physical and mental manipulations of our bodies. Then I remembered how the last dream we were in was dedicated to the futility of escaping. I even began to recall having periodic sexual encounters during that same scenario which indicated that we were still being milked while we wasted our time chasing the illusion that we were successfully escaping. And now, here we were again in another new scenario, about to start all over again.

"Come on Mr. Reeves," Del said. "Let's go upstairs and get started.

I followed the four naked boys up the stairs and down the hall to suite number five.

"Hey, what do you know, there's five of us and we're in suite five," Jake said.

"That's right, five is the magic number," Josh declared.

After everything I've been put through, the heavy burden of failure started to weigh heavily on me and I began to feel the futility of resisting. I was about to step into another sexual encounter that looked like it was going to be exceptionally erotic. At the moment, I was really horny and wanted nothing more than to have a rousing roll in the hay. Recognizing my own limitations, I was ready to reside myself to the old adage, `If you can't beat'em, join'em'.

So, in my weakened state, I decided to stop fighting it. I dropped my guard and allowed the dream to consume me. At least this way, I would be the one in charge of my destiny even though it was a false destiny. I followed my friends into room five and allowed my dream persona to take control. I closed the door, took off my clothes and joined the party on the bed, joyously joining the multitude of other blissfully unaware milking abductees on the milking floor of the medical grade stellar class harvesting vessel `Ja-lokemn' hidden in its stationary parking orbit over the dark side of the moon.

The End of Part #5

The End

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