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This is a improved re-write because the original posting from several years ago is corrupted due to my error.  The story is complete and will be posted in 10 parts.

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The sky was gray and the dreary landscape looked abandoned.  There were some people here and there but they were tucked in or hidden out of sight so as not to call attention to themselves.  How the world got this way not important other than to say that the collapse resulting a domino effect that dragged everything with it.  It had all but ended the upward surge of civilization.  The chains that held things together had been broken into pieces.

"You know there is only a few things in life that really count, one is food, one is staying dry and plus, a few other things,"

Spoken by Raif.



 Part 1: Max and Newt.

The fact that both boys were in need of a bath did not worry either one of them. Max was the older one and at fourteen, he had been on his own since the collapse. He was wearing a old red hoody and stretched out gray sweat pants. He had on a truckers cap with the hood pulled up over it. The hood and cap could not contain his long black hair that fell out all around his face at times obscuring it. Still looking down, he spat defiantly at the dirt.

The small boy next to him had always been called Newt. He was nine. His dirty blond hair was between one and six inches in length, chop-cut in a chaotic fashion. His face was dirty and he was smoking the remains of a cigarette. His appearance was a contradiction of being both innocent and at the same time, fearsome as if he was a small demon. Newt was Max's constant companion. His feet were dirty and calloused because he went without shoes. When he lifted up his excessively oversized sweat shirt to urinate you could see that he was completely naked underneath. Max watched Newt pee into the air. When he was finished he turned to the older boy and blew smoke from the last of his cigarette and then, in the manner of an adult, flicked it away. There was nothing left but the filter. The older boy tugged on his cock through his worn sweat pants and said, "You want some of this?"

Newt was casual. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure."

Facing the older boy, Newt reached down into Max's lose pants and took hold of his cock. Max pushed them down and out of the way until they fell in a pile around his ankles. The kid put Max's cock into his mouth. It erected completely. When it did, his cock appeared to be more than Newt could handle but he did it with the ease of familiarity.  Newt knew what Max liked and he liked doing it. Max pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth and masturbated quickly, racing towards a conclusion. He was breathing hard. Newt pressed forward and licked Max's balls while he continued to stroke hard.

He began to gasp and huff and then came into the Newt's mouth. Newt swallowed it.

Just after, Max experienced a moment of uncertain limbo that quickly passed.

He reached down and pulled up his pants and the two boys walked off together as if nothing unusual had happened.


Part 2: The Shelter.

It was early evening and both boys waited in line at the shelter. No one was allowed in until 5:00 but you had to get there early to get a cot. The shelter was in a municipal building across from a strip mall that had been long since set ablaze.  The two boys filed in to a large institutional room lit with fluorescents that were mostly burnt out or flickering. There were about a hundred men and boys from around the area standing in lines or sitting waiting. They generated a low level commotion. They had a meager meal of macaroni, can corn and diet soda. Max and Newt didn't always stay at the shelter. They each preferred a squat or abandoned house with other kids but tonight, they needed food.  They preferred abandoned houses because they were free to do whatever.  They would stay until they were routed by owners, police or, usually, other gangs.

Newt got a cot next to the wall and Max was next to him. Max considered his duty to protect his younger friend. Newt had grown as street wise as any adult and was always ready to exploit a situation. He had noticed one row down, a man reclining on a cot, staring at him. He was a good looking man but destitute like everyone else. Max hadn't noticed him and Newt didn't say a word. When he looked back, the man was still looking.

In a room full of men no one noticed the boy and the man watching each other. On separate cots, they faced each other, foot to foot. Max had quickly gone to sleep. Newt held his sweat shirt aloft in such a way that only the man could see Newt's naked body. spread legs and small vertical erection underneath his shirt. It was exciting to Newt that he held the man's attention so completely. He lifted his leg in the innocent act of having a scratch but he was in fact, displaying his butt hole. He teased the man by slipping his finger in and out of it and then putting it in his mouth. The man was concealing his own erection and was nursing it along in a lust play that he was now engaged in with the strange boy in the opposite cot. Newt pulled his arm inside his shirt so he could jerk off unobserved by anyone except the man. The drama between them went on for some time until he saw the man strain his neck and shake in a repressed rhythm. Newt knew that the man must have cum in his pants. He thought about it and wondered what it would taste like. Newt had his own orgasm. It didn't produce any fluid at all.

Murder in the street was a frequent occurrence maybe almost daily.  If you had any little thing of value, your life was in danger. Every day was like the last, scrounging for food or pulling off scams to survive. Max looked out for Newt and Newt was always Max's second set of eyes. This was their life and Max and Newt were used to it and in spite of their profound poverty, they were basically happy.


Part 3:  Raif.

The boy, maybe 16, had long stringy brown hair parted in the middle and a pierced lower lip. He was tall, slender and had the appearance of being non-threatening. They had all gathered in the small market place that had been hastily set up around the old highway underpass.

Observing the strange unlikely pair, Raif said, "You guys want to come over?"

Newt and Max looked at each other and never wanting to miss an opportunity, looked the tall boy over,  then Max said, "Ok."

There was nothing unusual about 3 destitute boys wandering off together. Raif had found a house that was almost completely destroyed. It was completely covered with undergrowth that made its existence indistinct. Covered with vines and a fallen tree that had caused the one side to collapse. This was deceptive because, once inside, there was only the remains of a stairway led to an upstairs room. It was awkward to climb and in the midst of the chaos, Raif had cleared out the small room and secured it with several lock bolts to keep out night time intruders. The room had some food storage boxes and two bare mattresses laid out on the floor that were piled up in a nest of blankets and old clothes. All in all, it was more than adequate.

Raif spread out his arms in a gesture of display. "Nice, huh?"

He pointed to a plywood covered window. "This is the emergency exit. If they are able to get up here and start bangin on the door, don't fuck around, go out this window. Just jump, there are bushes to cushion your fall. and then run like hell."

Max was the cautious one but Newt seem to trust him immediately.

"You guys can stay here if you want. I'd kind of like the company. Sometimes I get real lonely and all."

All three sat down on the mattresses and shared a small meal. that consisted of canned peas and coarse bread from the underpass market. Afterwards, they talked about how things had changed since the collapse.

Raif sat quietly and then said, "Yeah, me and my family used to live in our own house. We had a minivan and lots of stuff but when things began to fall apart we ended up on the street like you guys. As a family, we tried really hard to stay together but it got too difficult and after a while we all sort of went separate ways."

Raif looked at his two new friends, "You know there is only a few things in life that really count, one is food, one is staying dry and plus, a few other things,".

Max nodded in agreement. His own story bore remarkable similarities. "Yeah, we lived in our car that was dragged up along side of the road. It had no tires and it wouldn't run no more. We know a lot of people that live like that. A while back, my Dad got killed because someone said he was trespassing. Eventually me and Newt got together because he was running away and I helped him."

In the company of the two older boys, Newt was secure and happy. He was blissfully ignorant of the world before the collapse because he was born during it and was not aware of much of anything until he was on his own. This was the only world he knew.

Raif said, "Are you guys together?"

Max gave him a puzzled look.  "Yeah, we watch each other's back."

"You know what I mean, like, do you fuck around?"

Newt looked up at Max and smiled.  Max looked up towards the door but said nothing.

Raif sensed Max's apprehension  "You could fuck around here if you want. I wouldn't care and I wouldn't bother you or nothing. I'm just glad to have someone here and I could tell you guys were ok."

Max looked a little irritated. "Newt is mine and don't share him with nobody, too many people have cooties."

"I wasn't sayin that. I was sayin that if you want to fuck around, you could pretend like I'm not even here and the most I might do is jerk off when you guys are doin it. But I'm sayin that I'm not the kind to push myself on anyone."

Newt took it as an invitation and stood up and pulled off his oversized dirty sweat shirt leaving him naked in front of the two boys sitting in the little room. He preferred being naked and his small erection was immediate.

Raif was embarrassed and made a effort to look away. "I mean like, if you guys are going to stay here, we might as well get personal and relaxed and all."

Newt agreed but Max was skeptical.

All of the trivial morals and values of the past age were dead.  The only thing that was important was survival.

Newt was jerking off in plain view of both boys. This simple act electrified the air in the small musty room. When he couldn't possibly become any more erect, he penetrated his behind with his middle finger and looked to Max for assistance.

Max was still not entirely trusting of Raif. He pulled Newt down with him, hiding him away under the blanket in an act of possession and then turned, facing the wall. Covered with the blanket their motions were still obvious and even more erotic because they were concealed.

Max and Newt had a regular routine. On the fly, They would jerk off together out of sight, but whenever they had a place to sleep and it was secluded and more importantly and dry, Max would fuck Newt. With the world the way it was, the only important thing besides food was, "doin it".

Newt was unguarded and vocal. His moans and cries could have tormented Raif but it also soothed and comforted him because it was so close and finally, he no longer felt alone.

Raif thought that he would find it easy to like Max. Max was a boy soon to be a man. He had dark eyes, just the very beginning of facial hair. His protection of Newt impressed him as noble and loyal, a human quality in short abundance these days.

Raif  liked Newt. It was Newt that attracted him to the unlikely pair. Newt was a bad boy, a dirty boy but a boy that was joyful and not afraid to be intimate.

Being lonely and maybe missing his family, Raif was falling in love with the two boys that were "doin it" in front of him. He wanted to be a part of them. He thought it unfortunate that they did not seem to kiss. From his own desperate experiences, he knew how important it was.  He had been slowly jerking off out of sight of the two.  Just then, in the middle of the chaos, Newt turned his head and smiled at Raif.  The image of Newt caused Raif a momentary rush of emotion causing him to cum. He was imagining himself being with them and cherishing the comfort of not being alone.

The room was quiet for a while until the two naturally disengaged and then sat up to rejoin Raif.  Raif produced a full cigarette for his guests. Newt perked up. It was lit and passed back and forth.

Raif said, "I'm glad that you guys are here and all. You guys looked so good together."

Newt smiled, but Max didn't say anything.

Max didn't usually smoke but this time he did. He blew a column of smoke up at the sagging sheet rock. "When Newt ran away and we connected and we had to run day and night cause the guy that owned him was following us."

Max went on, "The motherfucker is still trying to track us down. If he catches up with us, he'll fuckin kill me without given' it a thought and take Newt back.  So you need to know that it's dangerous to be around us."

Raif said, "I don't care."

Newt said spontaneously, "I want to stay with Max! Me and him are together!"

Max pulled his pants back on and the still naked Newt sprawled half on and half off his older companion. They talked about what life was like before the collapse and how easy everything was and how suddenly it all happened.

Newt listened intently to the stories being passed back and forth between the two older boys and then tapped Raif on the leg to get his attention. "This was all before I was born. I wasn't here at all so I couldn't know, right?"

The three boys slept.


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