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This is a improved re-write because the original posting from several years ago is corrupted due to my error.  The story is complete and will be posted in 10 parts.

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 The sky was gray and the dreary landscape looked abandoned.  There were some people here and there but they were tucked in or hidden out of sight so as not to call attention to themselves.  How the world got this way not important other than to say that the collapse resulting a domino effect that dragged everything with it.  It had all but ended the upward surge of civilization.  The chains that held things together had been broken into pieces.

"You know there is only a few things in life that really count, one is food, one is staying dry and plus, a few other things,"

Spoken by Raif.


Part 4: Food Distribution.

Early in the morning Raif got up.  Newt lay next to a sleeping Max and was jerking off in full view of Raif.  Both boys were silent.  Raif wanted him, but he knew that if he took advantage it would destroy the new friendship between the three.  For now they would just communicate telepathically in a shared jerk off.

Raif behaved as if it was just a morning jerk-off.  It would relieve the tension of the coming day.  He came on his stomach when he saw Newt's body contract and release in an orgasmic rhythm.  Newt didn't produce any fluid because he wasn't old enough or his skinny body could not afford it. 

Something like this between the two boys wasn't love and perhaps not even sex but instead, a device of bonding and friendship. 

Not long after, Max got up and the three prepared for the day.


Raif said, "First thing we have to do is go to down to Food Distribution, 'FDC'.  They open at 7am.  They have nothing but canned shit but nowadays but we can't do without it."

Raif sorted through the clothes that lay around the room and came up with a pair of pants for Newt.  He cut down the legs down and found some electrical lamp cord to use for a belt.   He looked, but none of the shoes lying around came close to fitting him.  The weather was still warm and Newt said he'd rather be in bare feet.  He traded his over-sized sweat shirt for something lighter.  A over-sized red tee shirt that had AIG emblazoned on the front.

Max held up a black tee shirt with scratchy red writing on it and said, "Can I have this?"

Raif agreeably said,  "Yeah."

 The trio headed out onto a street lined with devastated and burnt out houses.

Raif said, "We have to go into FDC pretending like we are separate because if they think we are in a group, they'll give us less than if we go up one at a time."

 It was noisy, dusty and chaotic.  It seemed like there were many hundreds of people pressing to get in until cops came out and forced the miserable crowd into several lines.  The lines were long and so was the wait and as the morning wore on it began to get hot.  Max and Newt took their shirts off and tied them around their waists.  Some fights broke out but were brutally settled by the cops firing their guns into the air.  The crowd scrambled and then, re-organized back into lines. 

It was noon when they joined up after the hand out.  Max had gotten canned pumpkin and a small can of corned beef hash. 

Raif said, "I had that shit, it fuckin’ looks like diarrhea.  They gave it to you because they figured that you didn't know any better, but the beef hash is gold."

Newt got a can of peas and a small can of fruit cocktail.

Newt looked at Raif. "Hey, how come you got four cans? That's not fair."

Raif smiled, "Newt, none of this shit is fair. I got them believing that I got a sick girlfriend at home and they give me double.  We have to resort to being clever and all."

Raif proudly held up two cans of chili, a can of crushed pineapple and a can of stewed tomatoes.

He said, "How's that for a balanced diet?"

Just then two guys with rifles slung on their backs summoned Raif.

Max was wary,  They looked like bad news. Out of uniform cops or domestic military.

Raif said "Wait here, I'll just be a minute."

Newt and Max watched.  They were tough guys but they seemed very friendly with Raif.  One man slipped his hand around Raif and patted his butt. 

When he returned, he said, "Look, I gotta go off with these guys.  Here's the key and."

Raif pulled Max closer and pressed a small automatic pistol into his hand. 

Into Max's ear he whispered, "Put it away and only take it out if it absolutely necessary.  This is so you don't get robbed, stay cool and just point it at them and I promise, they will run.  Here, take my stuff with you and I'll be back later."

Raif turned and walked away with the two men. 

Max was unsettled by this turn of events but the fact that Raif trusted him with food, his key and even his pistol, made him feel important and even wanted.  In a chaotic world, this simple act was all that was needed to create the bond of friendship.  Now for the first time in a long time he worried about someone besides Newt.

Fortunately the trip back to Raif's room was uneventful.  Once there, they opened the can of hash.

Max said, "Ok, the way Raif said we should do this is one meal, one can of food. One third for you, one third for me and since Raif isn't here, we save one third for him."

Newt looked puzzled. "What's a third?"


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