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This is a improved re-write because the original posting from several years ago is corrupted due to my error.  The story is complete and will be posted in 9 parts.

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The sky was gray and the dreary landscape looked abandoned. There were some people here and there but they were tucked in or hidden out of sight so as not to call attention to themselves. How the world got this way not important other than to say that the collapse resulting a domino effect that dragged everything with it. It had all but ended the upward surge of civilization. The chains that held things together had been broken into pieces.

"You know there is only a few things in life that really count, one is food, one is staying dry and plus, a few other things,"

Spoken by Raif.


The Seed:

After a 2 days and a night Max was thirsty, hungry and dizzy with weariness. He would sit periodically but only for a minute or two. He was on the right track because the man at the defender's camp told him that he had seen a man pulling a barefoot boy along. Phil was taking Newt back to where Max had first found him. He was tired but relieved in knowing at least that much.

Off the road and half way up a hill and almost hidden with overgrown grass he saw small rusted house trailer with smoke coming from a tin chimney. He was desperate for something to drink. Just some cool water and he would be fine and able to press on. Max thought he could do without food as long as he could get some cool water. He was sweating from his brow and chest and he slipped several times trying to climb the steep hill. A the top, he rose up on his feet and was met with a woman aiming a rifle right at him. She was dressed in the same old Chinese cottons. Her sweatshirt said, "College Drinking Team."

"What the fuck do you want! You know, I know how to use this and I can, and I will, blow your fuckin head off!"

Max was weaving on his feet.

He said, "Nothin."

Max turned on his feet and fell. The woman cautiously approached. She studied the motionless prone figure that lay in the dirt. Once she removed his pistol, she was sure that the boy was harmless. She stowed her rifle and got down to see what was the matter with him.

"Hey! You ok?"

She was middle-aged woman and had a pleasant but sandy voice. She got him a jar of water and helped him drink.

"What goin on with you?"

Max told her about Newt being kidnapped and what had happened.

"How long you been on the road?"

Max said three days.

"Well you better stay here for the night to like, recuperate, ya know what I mean? They won't get that far ahead of you, they gotta sleep too."

Max didn't want to but he was hardly able to sit up. There was a small stream that came from up above, went down the hill and then disappeared under the interstate.

She tugged at his sweatshirt and sniffed at it. "You're clothes aren't so bad but you are too smelly."

by the side of the stream she washed him and looked after him like a put-upon mother.

She looked at him and said, "All you boys are a menace to civilization. Look what you done already."

The inside of her trailer house was small but warmed by a make-shift wood stove.

"You can lay over there, there's room."

She told him her name Lucy and he felt safe enough to close his eyes.

"This is your lucky day, we're havin rabbit for dinner, rabbit and puny potatoes. We'll be eatin poor Reggie. I didn't want to but I had to kill him this morning because,"

She looked right into Max's face. "Because why?...Because, that's life, that's why!"

She gave out a world weary cackle. She was proud of her earthy observations.

Lucy tried to make the dinner almost like a fancy romantic dinner from the old days and she sort of succeeded. It was obvious that she was happy to have company. The meal was topped off with some grape juice that had turned a bit hard. It passed as wine, sort of.

"You know, you are better lookin than what I seen on the road these days. Mostly it's the poorest excuse for human beins are no better than half alive, scarecrows."

Max was pleasantly trapped in the corner of a rusty old house trailer with a woman he didn't really know. There was something about her that warmed him and made him feel strangely secure.

"You're safe here with me. If some motherfucker sticks his head in my door I'll shoot at it like it was a bullseye target and the only thing I'll regret is cleanin up the fuckin mess.."

It was plain to see that she enjoyed saying things like that. She laughed a bit and then calmed herself down.

"Max, I'm not the type to play games and tricks with people. I always like to be upfront and honest, you know what I'm sayin?"

Max nodded yes.

"I like, shared my meal and my house so now I have ask you a real important favor."

Max began to feel uneasy.

"I could have taken advantage of you but I'm not like that."

Now he was puzzled.

"I need you, I need your..... It'll be a real simple thing, I promise.....I want help havin a baby."

Max sat up. He didn't really have any idea what that meant.

He looked around his surrounding and then at Lucy. "Um, I don't know, I have never been with a woman before. I don't know if I even know how."

"It's not real difficult, no more difficult than stuffin a chicken and I won't laugh at you neither, I promise. I know you gotta be on your way but you're healthier that most so far and it 'll all be over in a jiffy. I already shot two ugly men that were tryin to get me and you're not so bad."

Lucy looked rustic but fairly attractive in the light of the wood stove and candles. She moved in closer and placed her hand on his leg .

"So what do ya think would happen if you go back and tell your buddy friends that you met this woman and she offered to let you fuck her and you said no?"

Max looked down at her hand moving up and down on his leg.

He said, "I don't know."

"Oh come on Max, they'll call you a stupid and a jerk for not doin it."

Max shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess."

The situation was vaguely uncomfortable but the food made feel better and it really was a favor owed. He closed his eyes.

Max got his boner and it was roughly pulled out of his pants, there was no way that this wasn't going to play out.

Lucy was in earnest. She tugged off Max's clothes and her own and they coupled. Max thought about Newt and even in the heat of the moment he thought of being with him. It was all he knew.

Lucy breathed into his ear and said softly, rude words of instruction. "Whatever you do, don't go losing it, get it in my pussy, please because that's the only place its gonna work."

She climbed into his lap and sat down on his boner. "Do you come right away or do you have work hard at gettin off? I don't care. Whatever makes you happy."

She put her arms around him and whispered, "I don't care who you are but you are good lookin and young and I am in love with you right now and that's all that counts. Please come, come inside of me. It's not so much to ask, please give me a baby."

It was a strange kind of hard affection but he responded to it like she was a mother telling him to hurry up and do your chores. With Lucy's help the objective was achieved quickly.

Lucy elevated herself to keep all of Max's juice inside of her increasing her chances of pregnancy.

They ate more food and talked. She asked him all about his life and how he got this far without already being dead.

"Max, I know that this is a really fucked-up time to go and have a kid, but I can't help it, I want a baby more than anything in the world. It's not goin to be something you're goin to have to worry about except until he or she is growed."

She gave out a private laugh like she knew things life that Max couldn't. She kissed Max and said, apologetically, "I'm sorry I was so mechanical and all, but it was important to me and maybe it was coincidence or sumthin in the stars but I know it is the right time for me. If I have a baby you and me will always be connected. So many bad and broken men out there and I've had to fight 'em just to stay alive. I looked at you and I can tell, you are going to survive. So someday, after I'm dead and gone, this girl or this boy will come looking for you and they will want to take care of you and you will look back and be glad that you met me.. "

Max was thinking that the whole thing wasn't so bad and if she hadn't been so instructive he might have even had fun. With Lucy's help, his first experience with a woman was successful but a little disorienting.

"We can do it again in the morning just before you leave. I promise that we'll take our time and it 'll be more like making love."

Max was drifting off to sleep.

Lucy whispered in his ear, "Max, you are going to be a father. I can feel it, I just know it. Max, you have given me a wonderful gift."

Max furrowed his brow and opened his eyes wide....and then fell asleep.

She put his pistol back into his back pack.

He dosed for barely an hour and then he was up preparing to go. " Lucy, can you get a message back to Raif? He is my family and I know that he is worried."

"Sure, I can do that, write it down and I'll take it."

Max said, "I can't write.. Can't you just tell him?"

"You boys are so fuckin worthless!"

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