Monster Quest: Chapter One

By D.S.M.

The following is a swords and sorcery fantasy, with elements of magic, adventure, monsters, and lots of crazy sex. Please don’t take it too seriously, as its sensibilities are firmly tongue-in-cheek. My apologies to Howard, Tolkien, and Gygax.

All characters, locations, organizations, events, spells, unicorns, and fairies portrayed in this work are either products if the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, copyright 2017 by D. S. M. All persons involved are 18 years of age or older.

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Chapter One: Into the Wild

Kasper Dunn lay awake in his bed, trying unsuccessfully to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be an eventful day and he knew he should rest, but his mind was racing. He was mentally preparing his backpack, running through check lists of items he would need for his great journey. Had he remembered to pack healing herbs in case he got injured? Divination crystals in case he got lost? An extra pairs of socks? He had to make sure he had everything he would need. Tomorrow was a big day. Tomorrow he would become a man.

Well, maybe not tomorrow, specifically. But Kasper would be leaving his home in Port Toshiri to go on a pilgrimage to the monastery of Gai Sudor. There he would be anointed by the priests, a rite experienced by all young men in the land. When he returned to the little city on the sea, he would be a man in the eyes of the kingdom.

Kasper loved his father very much, and he yearned for the day he could be truly useful to his endeavors. As a man, Kasper could finally begin his training to take his place at his father's side, a full partner in their shipping business. He would ‘prentice with one of his father’s captains, sail the seas of the wild Aerth, and have adventures! He would bring back spices and gold from faraway lands! Most importantly, he would be able to do more for his father than be an errand boy.

But before any of that could happen, Kasper would have to fall asleep. His mind drifted away from his preparations to the leagues of wilderness between Port Toshiri and the monastery. It would be a long journey, but not particularly dangerous. There were always the possibility of getting lost, or falling down, or running into bandits. He had training with a sword, and knew some basic magics so he wasn’t too worried. There was even a part of him that hoped he might run into a monster or two!

When Bollar Rast, one of the captains in his father's fleet, heard Kaspar was preparing for his pilgrimage, he gave the youth an ancient copy of Wyn and Dward’s Bestiary to study. The book detailed the various creatures one might encounter in the wild world. From imps to dragons, to things without name, Kaspar was enthralled by the strange monsters. He read the book from cover to cover many times over the last month. While he knew he would likely run into nothing more dangerous than the occasional band of thieving pixies on his pilgrimage, he still felt it was best to be prepared.

Finally, Kasper's eyes closed and he drifted off into a fitful to sleep. Thoughts of monsters and checklists filled his dreams.

Kasper was up well before dawn. Too excited to be tired, he ran from his small bedroom downstairs to the kitchen where he found his father and grandmother waiting. He father was checking his pack, and his grandmother was busy at the stove.

The older man opened his arms wide in greeting. “There he is!” he boomed. Werner Dunn never said anything when he had the opportunity to bellow. “The day of his pilgrimage! Let me look at you boy!” He grabbed Kasper in a rough bear-hug.

Kasper was a good looking youth. Tall for his age, slender but well defined by his training and his work. He had blonde hair that hung to the nape of his neck, a length that his grandmother said was entirely too long to be respectable. His eyes were the blue of the sea, and had caught the attention of many of the ladies of the city, and not a few of the men.

For his part, Kasper felt he was too skinny, too youthful looking, and entirely too clumsy. He spent his days around the port and enjoyed the rough and tumble sailors as they brought their ships into the docks. He marveled at their agility as they flew across the rigging, and admired the way their muscles would bulge and move as they worked. He hoped that he could be like them one day. Kasper's father had been slender in his youth too. Years of working as a sailor, then a ship captain, had shaped Werner into a big barrel of a man. Kasper had hoped he would follow his father's example and would fill out as he got older.

“Dad, you're squeezing me too tight!”

His father laughed and let him go. “Sorry, son. It wouldn't do to send out into the world with a cracked rib!”

Kasper sat down at the table. His grandmother brought over a bowl of steaming porridge. “My little boy. I can't believe you are old enough to make the pilgrimage. It seems like I was just changing your little nappies.”

Kasper blushed. “Grandma-”

“Now you eat every bite of this. It will give you strength.” The older woman sighed. “I never understood this pilgrimage foolishness. Dangerous and stupid if you ask me.”

“Oh now, mother. All boys make the pilgrimage. It's perfectly safe. This isn't exactly the Northlands, you know.”

“You don't see us women folk trekking halfway across the countryside.”

Kasper smiled at the now familiar argument.

“That's because it's a guy thing, mother.”

“It's because us women have more sense.”

Kasper heard his father “Harrumph” as he gulped down the last of his porridge. “I better get going.”

“That’s my boy. I’ll walk with you!.”

After a hug and a few tears from his grandmother, Kasper walked out the door, his pack on his back. It was the last time he would leave his house as a boy. When he returned, he would be a man.

The father and son walked and talked until they reached the gate out of the city. Kasper looked to the road that lead out of the city. He could almost feel the wild world calling out to him. His father put his hand on Kasper’s shoulder. “Before you go, son, I have something for you.”

He reached down, and unbuckled his sword from his belt. “I want you to take this with you.”

Kasper was surprised. It was his father’s best sword. “Really?”

“Yes, but you better bring it back in one piece.”

Kasper gave his father a hug. “Thank you!”

“Now, let me give you a little advice. Skip the Dothan road. Head north along the coast for two days before cutting inland at the Vass River. It’s easy county and will save you at least half a day.”

“Thank you! I will.”

Kasper walked beyond the wall, just at the sun’s first rays were bathing the countryside in a golden glow.

“Enjoy your pilgrimage, son. And be careful!”

“I will! See you soon!”

With that, Kasper turned and walked away from Port Toshiri and into the wild world.


Many hours later, Kasper found himself attempting to start a campfire but having little success. A traveling pyromancer had once taught him a quick-fire spell but Kasper had never been able to get it to work right. He made a gesture, said a couple of magic words…and nothing. Finally he gave up and used a piece of flint.

Kasper sat back as the fire took hold. The sun had set and he had made camp in the woods near the coast. He was pleased with the first day of his pilgrimage. The night was cool but not cold and the fire was warm. He couldn't help but smile as he took a drink from one of his water skins. He had made good day’s progress. Things were going well.

The warm fire was quickly lulling him to sleep. The excitement and exertion of the last few days had caught up with him, and he was ready to crash. The boy had just settled into his bedroll when he heard a dry snap of a branch come echoing out of the surrounding woods. He was up in a flash, eyes, wide and searching all around. He strained to hear more, to see if he could hear the direction of the sounds, but heard nothing.

As his breathing returned to normal, Kasper lay back down, but sleep didn't come immediately. He was listening to the darkness now. He heard the wind in the trees, the rustling of the leaves. He heard crickets singing, and frogs croaking. There must be a lake nearby, he thought, as his eyes blinked shut. I'll need fresh water tomorrow...

He was quite soundly asleep when something landed with a thud on top of him. He flailed around wildly as he tried to fight it off, but his arms and legs were grabbed at by powerful claws. He tried to roll away but it was no use. The claws kept pulling him back. Jasper remembered his father’s sword. He looked around frantically before realizing he had left the weapon next to his pack, several arm lengths away. He was unarmed!

Three creatures had emerged from the darkness and were now holding him fast. They were pale green and naked except for crude leather loincloths wrapped around their waists. Their arms and legs slightly longer than Kasper's own. They had long pointed ears set back from their flat faces. Their mouths were wide, and filled with sharp teeth and long tongues. Kasper’s eyes widened as he recognized the creatures from tales told by the sailors and the dockworkers. They were grimlyns!

These creatures were well known for their troublesome and mischievous ways. The men on the docks would tell stories of grimlyns poking holes in boats, fouling fishing nets or stealing tackle. Sometimes they would climb up onto the sailing ships and tie knots in the rigging. There were even tales of the creatures luring sailors to their doom.

Jasper felt a pair of grimlyn claws grip his wrists like iron bands and another set locked onto his ankles. Their thin arms were surprisingly strong. They held him stretched out on the ground. The third grimlyn, the one that had landed on top of him, was slowly crawling up his body. It opened its mouth in a toothy grin. “Pretty,” it screeched.

Pretty? thought Kasper. Did it just say pretty? The creature was in Kasper’s face now. It leered down at him, an evil glint in its eye. It leaned in and licked him across his face. Kasper opened his mouth to shout but the creature unexpectedly swooped in for a slimy kiss. Before he knew what was happening, his mouth was full of the creature’s tongue.

Kasper desperately wanted to cry out, but the long tongue snaking its way into his mouth kept him from making more than a whimper. He felt the creature probing into the back of his throat while the others began to tug at his clothes. His mouth started to tingle. He remembered reading something in the Bestiary about grimlyns having toxic fluids. Was it poisoning him? Were they going to kill him?

Kasper felt something hard grinding into his abdomen. He jerked his head enough to see the creature's sizable cock had been freed from its wrappings and was now pushing against his body. 'Oh gods, thought Kasper. This can't be happening to me!'

But something was happening to Kasper. His body felt strangely warm. Unbelievably, his cock was getting hard in his pants, and the grimlyn ground himself against it. It withdrew its tongue and licked him again across his face, leaving a slimy trail. The other two creatures continued to hold his arms and legs were now sporting erections of their own. The creature on top of him began to work open Kasper's pants with its nimble claws. With nothing else he could do, Kasper closed his eyes and waited.

Then, there was a crash, and the grimlyn on his body was gone. He could hear the creatures scream and hiss. There was another crash, and his hands and feet were free. Then silence. Kasper opened one eye. A man stood looking down at him.

"You looked like you could use some help, boy."

Kasper pushed himself up and looked around. The three creatures lay dead, green blood soaking into the earth. He couldn't believe it. He was free. He looked to his savior, at a complete loss for words.

"I...they were...I was…"

The man smirked. "You're welcome."

Kasper looked at the man. He held a sword, still dripping with ichor. He was wearing a dark green hood and cloak that seemed to shimmer in the darkness. An elven cloak...

"You're a ranger?"

"That's right. And you're lucky I came along."

A flash of heat raced through Kasper's body. His cock felt like iron. Something was wrong.

"I think it poisoned me."

"Relax, boy. It's just a little grimlyn kiss. It won't hurt you...permanently. Stuff's is a powerful aphrodisiac, though."

"A what?"

The ranger laughed as he cleaned and sheathed his sword. "It's going to make you horny for a while."

He proceeded to kneel next to one of the dead grimlyns with a small glass bottle. He used it to scoop up some drool from its mouth and sealed it shut. "Quite useful stuff, actually."

Kasper's eyes grew wide. "Oh," he stuttered. Despite growing up on the docks with the sailors and the dockworkers, Kasper was clueless when it came to sex. That is to say, he had heard many of the stories the men told, but little of the practical application.

"Gather your things. We're moving upwind of the bodies."

Kasper scrambled to grab his stuff while hiding his ranging hard on. The ranger stomped out the little fire and moved into the darkness. Kasper quickly followed.

"Be grateful it was only spit. Had one of them shot its load in you-” The man laughed. “You would have lost your mind. They would have used your holes for days and you would have been beyond caring.”

Kasper shuddered, but was unsure if it was with fear or desire. He could feel the creatures' toxins making him think strange thoughts. He stumbled behind the ranger as he moved through the trees.

“You can’t make your camp too close to the sea in the wilderness these days. There’s a little cove just beyond those trees. They must have come up from there.”

“Oh,” mumbled Kasper. They walked in silence for a few minutes. Kasper couldn’t seem to get his brain to work properly. His mind was fuzzy and his dick was still hard. Finally he asked, “What were you doing way out here, Sir?”

“I'm a ranger. It's kind of what we do.”

“Oh, right,”

The ranger moved on through the darkness, and Kasper followed behind. After some distance the ranger stopped in a clearing and started to build a fire. It was blazing nicely when Kasper finally caught up.

“Put your stuff down. This should be far enough. They won’t come this far from the water.”

Kasper dropped his pack before sitting on the ground beside the fire. The ranger had removed his cloak, and sat comfortably on a fallen log.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.” Kasper smiled. He felt fine. Warm. Horny!

The man laughed. “I bet you are. Must have got a pretty good dose.”

In the firelight, Kasper was able to get a good look at the ranger. He found himself thinking that the man was handsome, in a rough sort of way. He had a hard face, a face that had seen trouble and battle. He was older, but not that old. He wasn’t particularly tall, but he had a nice athletic build. He had long hair like Kasper, but it was tied back with a strip of leather. It was sexy.

“I can definitely feel it. My cock won’t go down.” Had he said that out loud?

“I noticed,” said the ranger. Kasper giggled. He couldn’t help but wonder why is this was all so funny.

“Well, by the Gods boy, do something about it! It’s like a troll fart in a crowded room: It can’t be ignored.”

Kasper was no stranger to the concept of self-love. He was a healthy adolescent, after all. And the grimlyn toxin had his libido working overtime. Still, he was surprised by the suggestion. He found himself reaching downward before he even realized his hand was moving. He began to rub his bulge through the fabric of his pants. His breathing grew heavy, his eyes half closed in pleasure. What was he doing?

Kasper stopped, shocked at his behavior. Was he really going to jerk off in front of a stranger? Guiltily he looked over at the man. “I...”

“Don't stop on my account, boy. Hells, maybe I'll join you.” The man reached down and grabbed his own growing bulge. A small groan slipped from Kasper's lips.

“Like that idea, do ya? Why don't you come over here?”

Kasper was up like a flash and sat next the handsome ranger. The younger man undid his pants, and his slim cock now waved in the wind. Kasper gripped it lightly, as even the slightest touch sent tingles though his body. The older man soon freed his own member, a modest piece that hardened quickly to a nice thickness.

Kasper watched with hooded eyes as the ranger began to pump up and down on his dick. While he had seen many a naked man, he had never seen another man jack off before.

“You like that, boy?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Why don't you touch it?”

Without hesitation, Kasper reached out and took the man's cock in his hand. It was warm and full. He worked his hand up and down the shaft, causing a drop of precum to leak from the head. The ranger reached over and grabbed the youngsters cock, and Kasper's eyes rolled up into his head. He had jacked off lots of times but this time, the sensation was too intense. He had never felt anything like it. He pushed the man's hand away.

“Too much.”

“No such thing,” the grinned a roguish grin. “Why don't you get down and give mine a closer look. Maybe give it a little kiss.”

Some part of Kasper’s mind wasn't sure that was a good idea, but he found himself on his knees, the man’s cock looming up in front of him. He reached up and bought the tip to his mouth, and gave the soft tip a kiss. The taste of his precum hit his lips, and fireworks went off inside his brain. He wanted more!

Kasper licked the head of the rangers cock, and he felt the older man shudder.

“That's nice,” he said. “Try sucking on it.”

Kasper was beyond thoughts of right or wrong. He just wanted more. He licked up and down the shaft a few times, before wrapping his lips around the glans. More precum leaked into his mouth and he savored the taste. He started sucking harder, moving his lips up and down.

“That's it boy. Nice and easy. Watch your teeth,” the ranger coached as Kasper enjoyed sucking his first cock.

This is amazing, he thought. I've heard the stories but never really thought...

Kasper was finally stroking his own cock. He was so lost in the sensations he was experiencing that he had given up on the gentle touch for a good steady pace. His body was not his own as he took the ranger deeper into his mouth, wanting more of him, wanting to taste more of him. The grimlyn toxins flooding his body had overcome his own inhibitions and he was jacking with abandon.

“Fuck, boy. I'm getting close.”

Kasper felt his own climax building. For a fleeting moment, he worried what would happen. He had never felt like this. He had never been this horny before. But the moment rushed past as another more important moment arrived.

The ranger grabbed Kasper's head and pumped into his mouth. “Here it comes!” he cried, as his cock erupted into the youngster. Kasper was overwhelmed by the sensation of feeling the hard cock pulse and throb, shooting hot cum onto his tongue. He found he liked the strong but strangely satisfying flavor. Kasper swallowed every drop, and within seconds was shooting his own sizable load all over the ground.

Silence hung in the air as the two men, panting, returned from their mutual orgasms. Kasper was the first to find his voice. “That!”

“Yeah, nice job.”


“You better lay down before you fall down.”

Kasper nodded. Suddenly he was tired. More tired than he could ever remember being in his life. He lay down near the fire, and before his head was settled into his bedroll he was out.

The ranger’s hard face softened a bit. It had been nice. For a moment he admired the sleeping youth. He was lean, yet had curves in places the ranger liked. He wanted to spend some time exploring the young man’s fine round ass. For a moment, he let himself imagine accompanying Kasper to Gui Sudor. He would teach him tracking and hunting, along with other less practical but infinitely more enjoyable things. He would make for a fine companion. It would nice not to be alone for a while.

The ranger grinned, and shook his head. It was an idol fantasy. The ranger could not afford the luxury of companions, nor did he have the time to deviate from his mission. There were dark forces working in the world, and he had been personally tasked with finding out more about what was going on. It was a time sensitive mission, with the King personally taking an interest.

But he would give this young man tonight.

“Sleep well, boy.”

He settled himself back on the log, and began a long night's watch.