Monster Quest: Chapter Two

By D.S.M.

The following is a swords and sorcery fantasy, with elements of magic, adventure, monsters, and lots of crazy sex. Please don’t take it too seriously, as its sensibilities are firmly tongue-in-cheek. My apologies to Howard, Tolkien, and Gygax.

All characters, locations, organizations, events, spells, unicorns, and fairies portrayed in this work are either products if the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, copyright 2017 by D. S. M. All persons involved are 18 years of age or older.

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Chapter Two: Hair of the Dog

Deep in the monastery of Gui Sudor, a monk named Brother Kwin screamed in terror as he pushed himself out of a nightmare. He was breathing hard, his heart pounding in his chest as he became aware of the familiar surroundings of his room. Kwin couldn’t remember the last time he had a nightmare, as his dreams were usually tranquil and lucid. He took a moment to gather his wits, and began reconstructing as much of the dream as he could, picking out details and committing them to memory before they evaporated like dreams do.

First there was darkness. Then golden threads of shining light appeared, weaving in and out of time and space. These threads began to come together and form a web. More flew in and the web grew into the weave of a tapestry.

Then there was a young man in the dream, but Kwin couldn't see his face. The young man was of average height, but athletic, with long hair. While he couldn’t see the man’s face, but there was some quality about him that he found attractive. The monk knew this young man was somehow important. Golden threads from the tapestry dropped down and tangled about him, tied to him like a marionette. Kwin knew his destiny would affect many others.

The dream turned darker then. The threads became something else: arms or vines. The young man fought against them, before they dragged him away into the darkness. Kwin turned around and saw the monastery in flames, burning red against a night sky. He heard the screams of his brothers as they died.

The flames spread into the woods, then to the fields. Farm houses, villages, castles, all alight with a terrible fire. Soon the whole world burned, and the screams were universal. That was when Kwin woke.

He feared there was some message in this nightmare, but he didn’t know what the message meant. In the morning he would consult with leader of the monastery. Perhaps his wisdom could help him parse this nightmare.

Brother Kwin lay back down to sleep, but it was a long time in coming.


The next morning, the Ranger woke Kasper with a shake.

“I’ll be back,” he said. And with that, he disappeared into the woods.

Kasper yawned. His head ache and his mouth felt like it was filled with sand. He took a long drink from one of his water skins, stretched, and ate some food. Unsure what to do while waiting for the Ranger to return, he opened up the Bestiary and flipped to the entry on grimlyns:

“The grimlyn is considered a class two biped, roughly humanoid in appearance and amphibious in nature. While their actions are often considered malicious towards humans, they rarely mean serious harm. The prankster quality of their behaviors indicate intelligence and playfulness.”

The grimlyns he had met last night certainly didn’t seem playful. At least, not the sort of playful he was used to. He read on.

“Grimlyns have a unique tribal social structure, often separated by gender. The creatures engage in fascinating mating rituals often lasting days at a time.”

Kasper shuddered. Days?

“Our experiments with grimlyn remains reveal that their bodily fluids and tissues have many unique properties and a mild toxicity towards humans.”

Not listed in the book was the effect the grimlyn saliva had made on the young man. He had never felt anything like it. Even hours later, he could still feel flashes of heat. Thinking of what the ranger had told him last night, Kasper took a charcoal pencil from his pack and made a notation on the page, “Spit is Af-ro- aphra- makes you horny.”

He closed the book as the ranger reappeared.

“Did a quick scout of the area. You shouldn’t have any more problems.”

Kasper felt a blush in his face. He had pleasured the handsome ranger, tasted him, yet didn’t even know the man’s name. He couldn’t look him in the eye as he spoke, the memory of last night still fresh in his mind. “Thank you.”

The ranger nodded, then pointed to the sword on Kasper’s hip. “Do you know how to use that sword?”

“Yes Sir. I've had training.”

The ranger held out his hand, and Kasper quickly unbuckled the sword and gave it over. “Training, eh? Then how'd you end up a plaything for those grimlyns?”

The blush grew in Kasper’s cheeks. “I guess I dropped my guard.”

The older man looked carefully at the blade. “This is a good sword. But a good sword that’s a hairsbreadth out of reach is as useless as a bad one. Keep it handy. There’s dark deeds afoot, and dark things stirring.”

“Yes Sir.”

“This is where we part ways boy. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you and you’ll be fine. It’s just a few days journey to Gui Sudor.”

Kasper was surprised by the little spike of disappointment that rose up in his chest. They hadn’t talked about what had happened last night, and it looked like they weren’t going to. Kasper wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He had to admit that he enjoyed the new experience.

The ranger continued to speak as Kasper gathered his things. “You should hit the river by the end of the day. Follow the river west, then north. Stay on this side though, or you’ll run into a nasty swamp. I’ve heard there’s been some strange monster activity in the area too, so be careful.”

“About last night, I-”

“It was a good time. I think we both enjoyed it.”

“I did-”

“Good. Take care boy, and enjoy your pilgrimage.”

And with that, the ranger was gone. He simply stepped into the woods and vanished. So soft and silent was his steps that Kasper couldn’t hear even a leaf rustle. He sighed into the silence. He was sad to see the man go. He couldn’t have imagined his pilgrimage would have been so eventful. Attacked by grimlyns and rescued by a forest ranger! He’d certainly have stories to tell when he got home. Even if he did leave certain parts out…

Kasper picked up his pack and headed north. The day was mild. The woods were cool and comfortable. His earlier headache was now a distant memory. He kept the sound of the ocean on his right as he traveled. By late afternoon he had reached the small waterfall that marked where the Vass River drained into the sea. He was tired, but he felt good. The first leg of his journey was complete.

Kasper refilled his water skins in the river before heading inland. He followed the river, warily putting some distance between himself and the sea. He didn’t want a repeat of last night’s events, did he?

As the sun slipped below the horizon, Kasper made camp. He soon had a small fire going. He ate some biscuits his grandmother had packed for him, and rested on his bedroll. He took the ranger’s advice to heart, and slept with his sword within easy reach.

As dawn broke over the land, Kasper yawned and stretched. While certainly not as comfortable as his bed at home, his little bedroll made for a surprisingly good night’s sleep (When not being attacked by horny grimlyns). The fire had gone out in the night, so he decided to brew a little tea before starting his day. Once again, he tried in vain to get the quick-fire spell to work before. After a few futile minutes, he ended up using the flint.

With the tea warming his belly, Kasper dragged dirt over the fire and headed off into the wilderness. The land gradually began to rise, and soon he was following the edge of a cliff with the river flowing far below. He took a moment to look out to the north, where a large tract of swamp stretched into a wan fog. He was glad the ranger had told him to stay south of the river. He would not have wanted to have to navigate a slimy bog.

It had been an uneventful afternoon traversing the forest, and he was starting to think about making an early camp when he heard a noise that made him stopped him in his tracks. A low rumbling howl was echoing from the woods to the south west. Goose-flesh crawled up Kasper’s arms. Something was in the woods with him. It sounded far away but he couldn’t be sure.

His instinct was to bolt but he fought it back. He knew blindly running was not a wise strategy. Instead, he drew his sword, and continued to make his way through the woods, angling back towards the cliff. He was alert now, ears listening for any sound, eyes darting for any movement. He reached a wide clearing between the woods and the cliff’s edge. It gave him clear sight lines and put the river at his back. This was as good a spot to stop as he was likely to find, so he put his pack down. While he was contemplating what to do next, the creature howled again.

While Kasper was not exactly an experienced woodsman, he knew instinctively that this was no wolf. It was too low, too loud, and too unnatural. He quickly took out the Bestiary from his pack and flipped through the pages to an entry he had seen on wargs.

“Wargs are a class five quadruped, similar in appearance to a wolf. Characterized by their large size and extreme violence, these creatures should be approached with extreme caution. Wargs tend to be solitary predators, abjuring the pack social structure of traditional wolves. They have a supernatural ability to track, even in conditions mortal animals could not.”

“Wargs have a distinct howl, lower in timber and higher in volume than that of common wolves…”

Kasper scanned down. There was something else he read, something about a weakness-

“Wargs are fierce in battle, but have an innate fear of fire.”

Kasper shoved the book back into his pack. He raced to the tree line and started grabbing as many fallen branches as he could find. All the while, he tried to listen for any sound of the creature. He was sweating now with both exertion and fear. Soon, he had a large pile of wood arranged.Another trip, he would think, I need enough to burn all night. Back and forth he went, splitting his focus between searching for fuel and staying alert for the creature.

The sun had gone beyond the trees now, just an orange smudge in the sky that was quickly turning indigo. The evening air was thick with shadows. He stacked his latest load of branches and was about to turn back to the forest for another trip when he heard a deep voice call out from the woods.

“That wouldn’t be wise, little one.”

Kasper froze then slowly turned. At the edge of the wood he saw a dark shadow; but it wasn’t the wolfish shape he had feared. It appeared to be a very tall man.

“Who’s there?”

The man ignored the question. His deep voice drifted out of the darkness. “There are things in the woods, things that would very much enjoy taking a bite out of you.”

Kasper strained his eyes, trying to make out some details about this stranger. But he stayed in the shadows. Kasper tried to draw him out. “I heard a howl. I think there may be a warg close by.”

The man moved through the trees, staying in the shadows. “A warg…Aren’t you a clever little adventurer?”

“No, I’m not. I’m just a pilgrim on his way to Gui Sudor. I only want to make my journey in peace.”

“A young man on his pilgrimage! How exciting for you.”

The stranger’s tone was mocking, and he certainly didn’t seem to have any fear of a roaming warg. He stayed out of sight, but was now moving among the trees, getting closer.

It was full dark now, and no moon lit the sky. He moved slowly, but always in shadow. Closer and closer…

Kasper tried calling out to him again. “Why don’t you come out where we can see each other? I’ll share my fire with you if you come in peace.”

“I can see you just fine from here. Such a very enjoyable view.”

Kasper’s heart was pounding. “Well then, if you have no business with me, I have no business with you, and you can be on your way.”

The man’s voice rumbled out of the darkness. “I’m sure we could find some business to do together.”

Kasper was growing frustrated with the stranger and his taunting tone. He had heard the howl, and knew there was something out there that was inhuman. He didn’t’ have time for some rude man. “Speak plainly! What do you want?”

“A tasty morsel, little one,” the man’s voice was even lower now, less clear, and more like a growl. “I want a taste of you.”

Kasper’s hand fell to the sword on his belt. Whoever this person was, his voice didn’t sound right. Unnatural, he thought. Once again, goose-bumps raised up on Kasper’s arms. He had an idea.

Keeping his eyes on the man, he made the magic gesture towards the large pile of wood he has gathered. Please work! Please work, please work! Under his breath, he muttered the quick-fire spell.

Nothing happened.

The man suddenly moved out of the trees and towards Kasper. There was something wrong with him, Kasper thought. He was moving strangely, with a loping speed that didn't seem human. He would be on him in just moments. Kasper forced himself to look away from the man and towards his pile of wood. He gestured, he spoke the words.

The fire exploded into life, its flames reaching high into the night sky. The spell worked!

Kasper got only a glimpse before it disappeared back into the trees, but what he saw made his blood run cold. The man was not a man at all. He was tall, and moved about on two legs, but that was where the resemblance ended. The creature was covered in dark hair and muscle. Its face was the face of a nightmare, as if a man’s face had been stretched over a wolf’s skull.

Kasper kept his eyes on the woods, and his back to the fire. His sword held ready should the monster attack. He couldn’t see it. Then that deep voice drifted out of the forest.

“So my tasty little morsel is a pyromancer?”

“Go away!” Kasper screamed. “Leave me alone!”

“You know, I really should. I have important things I am supposed to be doing. But you are just too irresistible. Your looks, your smell, I can’t wait to taste you.”

The creature's voice seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere now. Kasper kept his sword ready, waiting for an attack. For a moment he wished the handsome ranger was with him. But as his grandmother always said, if wishes were fishes...

“You smell of sex, fresh too. You and another human. Did he pluck your flower?”

Kasper ignored this. “I know wargs are weak against fire! I'll keep it burning all night if I have to. Come at me and I'll burn you up!”

A deep growl that might have been a chuckle came from Kasper's left.

“What a smart pilgrim you are! Wargs are afraid of fire. Unfortunately for you, I'm no warg.”

There was a sudden crash and a brief smell of singed fur. Before he realized what had happened, Kasper's fire was smashed into dozens of flaming branches scattered about the clearing. His eyes widened as the creature stood over him, at least twice as tall as he was. It looked down at Kasper, its wolfish mouth moving strangely as it spoke.

“I am General Bloodtooth, the Warg Rider, the warewarg! I have no fear of fire.”

Kasper make a lunge with his sword but Bloodtooth moved faster than he could follow, and plucked the sword from his hands like it was a toy. He took one massive paw and shoved Kasper firmly in the chest, causing him to fall backwards onto the ground. The creature grabbed up Kasper's pack and shoved the sword though it, before tossing it backwards over it's shoulder towards the cliff's edge.

“You won't be needing this.”

Kasper made a move to try to scramble away, but the beast was on him before he made it far. Its arms were thick with muscle and covered in dark fur. Its hands were each wider than Kasper's head, and ended in sharp claws. One of these claws pushed Kasper to the ground, as the monster brought its face uncomfortably close to Kasper's.

“Now, where were we?”

The creature grinned. Kasper had never imagined a face so terrifying. The scattered fires reflected in Bloodtooth's eyes, giving them a red glow. His long snout ended in snuffling nose, and his mouth was filled with razor sharp teeth. His tongue was long and lolled out of its mouth like a dog.

“Oh yes, I believe I said I wanted to taste you, little morsel.”

Kasper cringed back as that wolfish mouth approached. It's going to eat me up! The youth closed his eyes. But instead of the snapping of teeth around his throat, something warm and wet slid across his face. It was the monster’s tongue!

“Mmmmm...You do taste delicious. I knew you would.”

Kasper opened his eyes, and saw that the creature was staring at him with a grin on his evil face. It hadn't eaten him!

“I'm going to taste all of you before this night is over, little morsel.”

With one claw still holding him to the ground, the other began to scratch at him. The warewarg's movements were a blur, its sharp claws running over Kasper's body. He felt them scratching his skin hard enough to raise red welts where they touched, but its skillful claws never broke the young man’s soft skin. When the creature was done, Kasper's clothing was in tatters. With a quick tug, his clothes were ripped away, and Kasper was totally exposed to the monster.

“That's better. Now I can taste all of you!”

Kasper had never been more frightened in his life. At any moment, he expected to feel those terrible jaws lock onto his throat and end him. But the monster wasn't ripping him limb from limb. Instead, the warewarg was licking his chest, drooling over his smooth flesh, tasting him like a dessert.

“Please don't kill me!” the youth pleaded.

The creature growled and stared into Kasper's eyes. “I'm not going to kill you, beautiful morsel. I'm going to fuck you.”

Before he could even process what the creature had said, it grabbed his jaw with one of its massive paws. Kasper felt its tongue shoved into his mouth. It was kissing him. Kasper, still held down by the creature's other claw could neither move nor resist. All he could do was meet the kiss and try to ride it out. It said it didn't want to kill him. That was good. But it also said that it wanted to fuck him? A new fear began to grow in Kasper's chest.

The beast broke off the kiss with a low growl.

“I’m going to make you mine.”

​Kasper suddenly found himself flipped over as if he weighed nothing. The monster was behind him now. One claw pressed into the small of his back, pinning him to the ground. The other claw gripped Kasper's firm ass. Kasper could feel the massive paw working the round muscle.

"This ass...such a tasty bubble"

He felt the creature’s breath against his lower back. For a panicked moment, Kasper thought it going to take a bite out of him. Instead, he felt something else.

The creature uses its massive paw to part the globes of Kasper's butt. Then it began to slowly lick down his crack to his exposed pucker. He could feel its hot breath on his virgin hole. He desperately tried to wiggle away, tried to crawl in the grass, but the other claw still had him pinned firmly to the ground. Finally its long tongue arrived at his hole.

Kasper's eyes widened as the thick wet muscle began to lick at the sensitive skin around his sphincter. He had never experienced anything like it before. Maybe it was some residual grimlyn toxin, but the creature's tongue felt amazing. Inexplicably, he felt his dick grow hard. Bloodtooth growled and licked harder and faster, putting more pressure against the tight pucker. The warewarg had found its target, and began to work its long tongue into Kasper's most sensitive area.

The young man groaned despite himself. He had no idea that part of his body could create such pleasure. He was conflicted. The things he was feeling were amazing, yet he still thought this creature was surely going to kill him. He was both terrified and incredibly turned on. Just as Kasper was struggling to get his thoughts under control the monster's tongue hit something inside, something that made him jump, something that made him see stars!

“Oh Gods!” The boy moaned.

Bloodtooth growled as he worked his tongue against the youth's love button. Both claws were now working the firm globes like dough. The warewarg was lost in sensations of its own. The taste of this young man’s hole, the scent of his fear and lust. The boy was everything it thought he'd be when it spied him making his way through the forest. Everything and more! Bloodtooth hadn’t felt like this in a very long time, and was overwhelmed with lust. The warewarg was unsure where this powerful attraction was coming from, he only knew he wanted the boy for his own.

The creature flipped Kasper over on his back, drawing him closer. The young man’s hard manhood swayed in the night air. Kasper felt something hot and heavy land between his thighs. It was the warewarg’s cock. It jutted out from the creature's groin, red, wet and huge. Kasper couldn’t believe the size. His excitement faded as he realized that this creature had every intention of shoving that monstrosity into his tight hole.

The creature rolled its head back, its eyes closed. “I’m going to mark my territory, boy.”

It spasmed, and a hot stream of piss washed over Kasper. Rivulets of the acrid fluid ran across the young man’s body as the stream moved from Kasper’s stomach, up his chest, to splash his face.

“You’re mine now, forever my bitch. There is nowhere you can go that I won’t be able to find you.”

In that moment of terror and revulsion, Kasper saw an opportunity. The monster’s attention was on hosing down the young man, focused on its release. There was a chance. Kasper leveraged his body weight on his arms, and brought his legs in tight to his body, then kicked with all his strength. His feet connected with the warewarg’s turgid cock.

He heard the creature howl in frustration and pain, and it fell back. Kasper scrambled away, grabbing in the dark for his pack and his sword. He reached out blindly as he moved. As he groped for his things, his hands suddenly felt a strange nothingness, and absence of matter.

Too late, Kasper realized what was happening. In the scuffle he had gotten too close to the edge of the cliff, an edge that was now giving away beneath him. He reached out for something to hold onto and was able to snag the strap of his pack. For a brief moment, he thought that had been enough.

Then he was tumbling over the edge of the cliff and into the darkness below.