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Morph to my desires

The idea of the sex program is simple. It's for sexual pleasure, of any age. It's safe, because there's only one living body. The program is made in a rather complicated way, that I can't actually explain, but it morphs into your desires based on what it detects you to desire most in your mind.

I'm Jackson and I'm 11. I'm very well educated, from a fairly wealthy family although I dislike the constant "rich boy" attitude everyone gives me. Screw that, I want to be middle class. I'd be treated better, more equal. Want to know what's else would be better? The boys I want to have sex with are ALL middle class and my parents don't let me interact with them much. "They're dirty." Yeah, so what? I am too. I masturbate and put my fingers up my anus, what're ya gonna do, ground me? I can still masturbate.

I might be 11, but don't underestimate my sexual desires. I've been cumming for a few weeks now, pretty impressed at that since none of my "friends" can cum yet. We talk about each others sex lives all the time and none of our parents even know. They're too "upper class" to know all the slang terms we use, like boner and fucking.

I'm 4ft6, and I like to think I'm relatively "normal." I've no baby fat, lost all of that. I have some muscles, but nothing special. You could say either slim, or lean, or steady. Whatever floats your boat. Ear length blonde hair that tries to curl in places. Apparently, according to every girl in school, I have a cute face. Lets not get into that. "Deep" blue eyes and a smile which can compliment that, at times. I don't wear glasses.

I'm about to use the program my parents have. They think I don't know what sex is, and they also don't know that I know where their program is. I've seen them both walk into the room a bunch of times. It's out of the way, and apparently soundproofed too, but this one time they forgot to close the door and I managed to see them having sex. Gave me a boner, I made myself dry orgasm from fondling my genitals. I didn't even wank it. Fortunately both of my parents had their orgasm at that time, so neither heard my high moans and grunts as I felt my penis having spasms.

They're out today, for pretty much the whole day. They don't hire any housemaids or anything, slightly old fashioned. They do everything themselves. Not hard to maintain this house if you clean up after yourself. It means I'm free to do whatever I want all day. They were out when I woke up, so the first thing I did was strip off in the front room with the curtains closed and walk around with my 2 inch stiffy sticking straight up.

It hasn't gone down since I got up, and I've been thinking of fucking whatever that sex program turns into since I woke. I'm going to inject my cum straight into the asshole (or vagina) of whatever it turns into. I'd prefer it be an asshole, since I like boys, but a vagina would do if desperate. Mouths are fine, as long as it's a boy. I'd like to finger fuck one too, make him have a beautiful orgasm and taste his cum. Do these programs cum?

Throughout waking up I've been eating and fondling myself, probing my fingers at my pucker (that muscle which holds your anus closed for you who don't know) and my penis. I guess you'd expect that much, I'm far more than horny. I've gone three days without sexual gratification, not even just a quick wank. I've been saving up for today, I want to put as much of my sweet boy juice into whoever the program morphs into, as deep as I can get it. I figured that if I "save up", I can probably make it shoot deeper.

Door is already open. They had a session in there last night, and I made sure to hide the keys. They didn't notice anyway, so it's time for some fun I think. This will be quite fun. Oh yes it will be. I'm already imagining the beauty I'm about to fuck. The body of an angel, with smooth cheeks and a perfect little dick ready to be masturbated. He'll smell amazing, with the best sort of hair you'll ever me able to imagine.

I walk in, close the door and use the bolt on the inside to lock it shut. It's relatively dark in here, but fortunately there's a light switch. I brighten the room, and look around quickly. I spot the bed, sofa and a soft patch on the floor as well as a jacuzzi, coffee table and evidently a full kitchen. Hey, I can have sex on the kitchen counter. Cum over the worktop, wonder what bread and cum tastes like? I think it won't be nice.

I walk into the room, boner raging and ready for some action, and I'm already greeted with the program in its default form. It's clothed, representing a genderless body. It works by reshaping and redesigning itself extremely quickly to appear as whatever you desire. I've heard they feel quite real too, even as real as the full experience. A "friend" told me that they feel like the real deal. I do hope I get to fuck a good cute boy.

"So how does this work?" I ask the program.

"I read what you want me to be, and I turn into it. You just have to give the command." Its voice is a bit robotic, but it's largely very realistic. I sure hope its penis and asshole is. I'll enjoy being inside a hole that feels real. I'll make sure it's all full up.

"Alright. So. Morph to my desires." And with that, it instantly started to change. At first it looked like it was turning into a girl, but it must've sensed my disappointment and it began to change into a boy suddenly. The resulting form was nothing short of a pure angel from heaven.

This beautiful naked 10 year old boy has appeared in front of me. He's just shorter than me, with this perfect face that I am really not quite believing exists. His body is just as angelic. It's smooth, hairless, with no signs of puberty (just like mine I guess) but it's so perfect. His muscle definition is clear but it's not over pronounced, it looks just right. His ribs are only very slightly visible through his skin, so he's just the right weight too. His smell is beautiful too, the best smell of boy I could ever dream of. I guess it really does read my desires.

The first thing I noticed was his beauty, and then I focussed on the prized package awaiting me. He's nice and smooth all around. I walk around him looking at how his bum shapes itself, looking so bubbly and soft. There's that small space between his cheeks where you can see the skin, and while walking around I very nearly seen his little asshole. Walking around to the front his penis is erect too. I'd guess it's 2 inches, and I certainly do hope that these programs can cum. I want to taste how sweet this boy can be. I want to fuck him now.

Evidently the boy sensed this thought. He advances towards me, and within an instant he's on his knees giving me a blowjob. My god I never thought this could feel so amazing. It's like every good feeling is surging from the tip of your dick at once, and I haven't even blown my load yet. Fuck I don't ever want this to end. The moment he put his mouth over my cock I instantly started to moan. My moans are high pitched, sure, but they'd surely turn you on. Ah don't you dare stop sucking boy.

He takes a hand up and grabs my ass cheeks, while the other one massages my balls before he takes the whole set of dick and balls into his mouth. Fuck this is amazing. The feeling of him sucking me off, and the action of his tongue as he lubricates my testicle sack and shaft, paying special attention to the base and my tip. This heaven can surely last forever right? I can tell I'm producing extremely small amounts of precum, which is fine. I don't spurt much cum, maybe a few drops and at most a "rope", but they travel quite far. I have a powerful penis.

The motion I'm in is made more awesome when his hand grabbing my cheeks suddenly darts to my asshole, pushing its way into it in mere seconds. I'm now being sucked off and I have this boys finger up my ass. Fuck what a day to be alive, sex programs are the best. I wish I had my own. Do you think my parents will find out? I hope not. His other hand, which was massaging my balls, now moves to work in conjunction with his mouth as he bobs up and down my dick. He's simultaneously masturbating me and giving me a blowjob, while finger fucking me. His erection needs satisfying too.

I only need to think that, and he pulls his mouth off and finger out, before gesturing to the bed. I need no encouragement, and lie straight down with my legs ready and open. He jumps on too, and positions his head at my pubic region. Wasting no time, I grab his two back legs and place one either side of my head before pull him down and open my mouth to receive his erection. He assists, and at the same time dips his head to re-engulf my boner in his mouth. We make contact at the same time, and I tell you now this was more than what it was before. Our moaning starts instantly, so loud and so clear. We're as horny as we can be, so we're going to moan quite loud.

His penis tastes like skin I guess, but none the less I want as much as I can. I begin sucking, using both my hands on his back to pull him into me before letting the mattress bounce him back up. He uses my motion to move his own head up and down on my cock. Both his hands are under my bum, with one massaging my hole so gently at the surface that it's just the beginning of heaven.

I keep pulling him, and slowly I move up until I'm sucking his asshole, with one of my hands masturbating his rod steadily and in time with my licks and dips as I try push my way into him with my tongue. His asshole is clean, and I certainly hope mine is since I washed it not 20 minutes before I came into this room. I don't even know how long I've been here but fuck I want to cum in him so bad.

Mind reading can be a demon sometimes but I'm almost ready to release, so it's good that he lifted up. He turned around, and positioned his asshole over my penis within moments, then took one of his hands to my shaft and guided it into place. No lube? Damn gonna hurt the boy. Wait. Sex bot, they don't feel pain. He begins to lower himself, and slowly I feel myself penetrating him. At first the pressure builds, and then as the pleasure builds too I feel a pop and a wave as I'm finally in him. Another short moment later, and I feel his bum against my pubic area. I'm as deep as I'll go. Time to fuck him. Feels awesome being in him, both hot and tight, perfect for me.

I start with a blast, and push up before retracting until I'm nearly coming out of him, before a sharp upward thrust brings about another euphoric wave of pleasure from my pulsing dick. I'm ready for this. I can tell we're both grunting and moaning as I fuck him. He lies forward, and uses his body to push back against my motion as I push into him, and then we both pull at the same time so that I'm nearly out. Moan as I go in, moan as I go out. I can feel my foreskin sliding in his ass, exposing my lower head and stimulating me so so much.

I'm ready. I can feel the pressure building, the moment is quickly approaching. It won't be long until I cum. This pleasure is going to make me cum in a very short moment. With each fuck motion I can feel it build, slowly as I go in and then back out. In. Out. In. Out. Ahh it's coming so quickly now. I'm nearly there. Fuck his moaning is so sexual too it's just magical. This is nearly too much. So close. So near to it. Make me cum boy make me cum deep in your ass. Push harder, make me go deeper. Let me fuck you. Let me cum!

"AHH!" Is the first noise I make as my balls and dick can no longer take the pressure. They explode deep inside the beautiful boy with a force I could compare to no other orgasm I've had before. Pleasure takes over my body as each spasm bucks me into him extremely forcefully. He moans too, and evidently his orgasm started at the same time because I feel cum between us. I feel his warm cum on my body being squished between us and covering out stomachs. I think my orgasm won. I don't know how much I've came but it's far more than he did. I can feel it on my dick tip. Fuck.

I'm not even finished. The spasms keep affecting me for a short bit after I finish actually releasing ejaculate. My cum is inside him. We're both quite exhausted, from our exercise of the sexual type. I'm tired enough to sleep. I could sleep here with my dick in this beauty for hours. Mmm. That sounds like a good idea, but I want to masturbate elsewhere in the house too. Cum in the front room and hide it somewhere, little act of rebellion against my parents.

After several minutes I take my hand, and slide it between us. I make sure I've got a bunch of his cum on my hand, and then lick it off. Tastes amazing, I'd definitely buy it if it were sold at the shops. Boy cum like this one produces should be mass produced. I slide my hand around for a bit, taking up every drop I can find on our bodies. His body is silky smooth too. Beautiful. Amazing. I've run out of words.

Soon though, he pulls himself off me and as my dick pops out of him I instantly feel it start to fall flaccid again. I look at his freshly fucked hole, and note a small bit of cum which appears to have followed my penis out. I reach up before he's gone and swipe it, quickly putting it straight into my mouth. My own cum tastes nice too but it's nothing compared to angel here. His cum is the best of anything I've ever tasted and I'd certain do this again.

He walks to the middle of the room, and then gestures for me to start leaving. I'm still in a high from my orgasm, but I manage to manouver my way to the door, open the bolt and then exit. I look back only to see that the boy has disappeared somewhere or another. I'll be coming back here every chance I can while my parents are away, this sex program or whatever is amazing. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone questioning it. Best fucking experience (no pun intended) ever.

I go back for a quick repeat before I go to bed. Even then, I masturbate myself in my bed sheets and allow myself to sleep with cum on me. I'll wash it off tomorrow. I have no plans on keeping away from this awesome thing. Sex feels amazing. I do certainly enjoy this. Masturbation was one discovery, but this sex bot is a whole new world. Thank you to its inventor, I am truly thankful.

As for me. Masturbation and sex shall continue. Each week my parents go out, so each week I get to have as much time with this boy as I can get. I plan on so many different positions. I think 69 and the position we were in earlier are going to be my favourites, we'll see, but I have so many ideas on how to fuck him that I'm going to test every idea before I turn 12. I'll be an expert at this.