My Boyfriend is a Vampire

By Phoenix Rafael

Edited by Winter & Rilbur

July 2009

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Disclaimer: If it is illegal to read this where you are, then don't read it. This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present are purely coincidental.

Chapter Four -- If everyday was Christmas

I once had a lover

who said that he could not love just one girl

but he could not love at all

and now you're saying

that you're not sure if you want him or me

so i guess i must choose for you

tell me baby, do you like boys?

or do you prefer us sweet little girls?

i want to know now

do you like boys?

do you remember

we used to play with anna-mette and tom

i was quite fond of him

so were you

now we're together

and you say that i'm your only love

but i think you wish i was a he

tell me baby, do you like boys?

or do you prefer us sweet little girls?

i want to know now

do you like boys?

tell me baby, do you like boys?

or do you prefer us sweet little girls?

i want to know now

do you like boys?

- Do You Like Boys?, by Freezepop

Horatio turned a page in the photo album. He was looking at the pictures that Christian and Mark had taken of each other and together during the time they were dating. Christian was beside Horatio explaining a few of the pictures. Nyarai was quietly talking with Scott. The rest of the council members had stayed at their hotel today, preferring to play tourist after dark.

Lisa sat next to Romeo, and they were chatting quietly. "So Romeo, are you single? Not that I'm looking to date you, I've got Stan and I love him. I'm just curious is all."

Romeo had been flossing his teeth. Lisa managed to see his fangs. She found them oddly attractive, and wondered how they would look on Stan. Not that she would want Stan to be a vampire... or would she? "Um... what? Yes, I'm single. Dating in the vampire community can be... difficult. Breaking up can turn into battles, and since we're both strong and immortal, it is generally advised against. We can date humans, but it's difficult seeing someone you love age."

Lisa nodded a little, "So the Vampire Council allows it. What about dating wizards, or other supernatural types?"

Romeo ahh'd a little at the question. "The High Synod of the Wizards forbids them to date or marry a vampire, and vice versa. So does the Council. The Lycanthrope Diet has no restrictions on whom can date whom. The Yellow Assembly of the Faeries also has no restrictions, except that Faeries can't date Werewolves, and vice versa. Faeries can't survive the... intimacy. Werewolves can be very... rough. Faeries are delicate. As for other species... it isn't relevant, since there isn't any compatibility."

Lisa cocked her head a little. "How big is a fairy that they can date a vampire?"

Romeo laughed. "They range in size, from I'd say the tallest is 6' tall, to the shortest being 5". They can hide themselves with glamour, too. It's a type of magic they use. Only wizards and faeries use magic, but the wizards are better at it."

"Can a fairy be turned into a vampire?" Lisa was curious about this now, not that it was all that great of a topic for Romeo.

Romeo shook his head. "No, they're not human. So they can't be turned. Neither can werewolves, and we can't be turned to either."

Khenan and Drew were quietly talking as well. But they weren't talking about dating, or faeries, or even about vampires. "Dude, I swear the Leaf's will get into the playoff's this year!"

Khenan just starred at Drew for a moment. "You've got to be kidding! They're the worst team ever! The only reason they are still around, is that people pay to see a loser of a team. They have absolutely no incentive to win, because no matter what, they keep selling tickets. If fans would stop going, they might start to improve."

Stan and Scott were playing Christian's Wii. It turned out Mark had ordered Big Brain Academy from before he disappeared, and it arrived about a month later. It had been on back order.

So Stan got to open the packaging, and now the two were trying to see who was smarter. You'd think grades would show that, but then Scott would have to admit Stan was smarter, and he wasn't about to do that. No sirree.

There was a large, loud thunderclap heard outside, and then the lights went out momentarily. Stan and Scott's game on the Wii got interrupted. The TV didn't turn back on automatically. But the little light indicated that it was getting power.

The door opened, and the light of the family room spilled out into the quiet, and now wet night. A soaked figure entered wearing a rain poncho. Eyes from beneath the hood scanned the room carefully.

A pair of black boots came off at the door, and so did the poncho, but the figure remained unnoticed. It made its way over to where Christian and Horatio were looking at photos in the album. A smile came across the figure's face.

The spell that had kept all eyes off of him slowly faded, and a voice said, "Did you miss me?"

Everyone in the room jumped a little at the sudden sound. But Christian jumped right up out of his seat, and his arms quickly went around Mark as he hugged him tightly. Their lips found each other's, and they spent what seemed like a good ten minutes saying hello.

Everyone watched as Mark and Christian spent those minutes, lips locked, tongues dueling it out for supremacy. Or rather enjoying tongues. Finally the kiss ended, and the two just quietly looked into each other's eyes.

Nyarai walked over and gently put a hand on Mark's shoulder. It said what it had to, they were all very happy to see him back. Mark turned and gave Nyarai a big hug.

Mark turned back to Christian and said, "I know I just got home, but we should go and visit Scott's family."

Everyone blinked, and Scott was a little slack jawed. "What?"

Nyarai nodded in agreement with Mark. "You should, but there's an older couple who live near Scott's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Landris. I've already called them, you will stay with them until things blow over."

Mark blinked, and looked at Nyarai. "When did you call them? I just got here myself."

"Mark, you've been home two hours now. I quickly took a few minutes to call." Nyarai replied plainly. She was a very straight forward type of vampire.


Scott's parents lived in a large house in Carleton Place. Larger than you'd see in the city core. Everyone got out of the two cars they took, and went up to the door.

Mrs. Jackson answered the door. She gave her son a big hug, and invited everyone in.

"Thank you for allowing us to visit before we have to go, Mrs. Jackson." Mark said politely. They had all been shown to the dining room where she was serving tea and cake.

"Please Mark, call me Emerald. I'm sorry none of you will be here when Timmy gets home from school."

Scott looked to his Mom. "We'll come by and see him perhaps."

His Mom nodded, "If you can find him here. Mrs. Landris down the road likes to spoil him during his delivery, and sometimes he'll stay and play with Riley."

Mark quietly sipped his tea. Christian didn't have anything, and wondered how Mark was eating normal food. He was a vampire after all, and they had hunted before coming here.

Fuma and Shane Landris lived on several acres of farm land not too far from Emerald Jackson and her family, but far enough that you could look around and see trees surrounding the farm. On one side there was even forest.

Mark noticed the beautiful landscape as the two cars drove up to a large house. It wasn't a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it could fit a lot of people. Outside some kids were playing with dogs.

Fuma stepped out from the kitchen into the twilight. She walked over where Mark and Christian were getting out of the car. She took Mark's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Nyarai has told me so much about you!"

Mark blinked a moment. "I'm sorry, ma'am?"

"You are Mark, yes?" Fuma could swear she had Mark's hand in hers.

"Yes ma'am. Mark Yonge," his hand went around Christian's back, "this is my boyfriend, Christian Weller."

Mark motioned to the others. "These are my friends Scott, Stan, Lisa and Drew."

Everyone shook hands. Timmy ran up and gave his big brother a hug. "I missed you, Scotty."

Scott kissed his brother on the forehead, "I missed you too, squirt. You should get home soon, Mom has dinner waiting for you."

Timmy nodded sadly, but he got on his bike, put his helmet on and headed off the farmstead.

Fuma smiled, "Timmy was just playing with Riley, Kennedy, and Alana, my grandchildren. Riley is Brendan and Anna's son, Kennedy and Alana are Husky and Caitlin's daughters."

Christian blinked. "Husky?"

Fuma nodded. "His name is Shane like his father, so since he was born we've used his nickname of Husky."

Christian nodded and whispered to Mark, "Honey, I'm getting an odd smell."

Mark looked to Christian. "Don't be rude by whispering. They can hear you just as easily as I can. Of course you're getting an odd smell. They're a pack of werewolves."

Stan froze. "Werewolves, really?"

Fuma nodded. "Of course. My husband Shane knows Nyarai, she called to let us know you were staying with us for a little while. My husband is the Paramount of the Lycanthrope Diet."

Christian just nodded, feeling even more confused than before and of course Scott, Drew, Stan and Lisa were even more confused.

Mark just smiled.