My Little Alien Encounter


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Hello, I am Captain Jake Shellers of the Earth Space and Aeronautics Union (ESAU). I command The Explorer, the first and the finest exploratory vessels in the fleet. Our mission is to explore the uncharted space in our galaxy. The year is 2112, and my journals will tell a story that is wonderful and almost impossible to believe. Please, continue reading my journals and keep an open mind.

Ship's Journal, March 12, 2112. The Explorer and located a planet approximately 17 light years from earth. The planet is called
Gliese and it's the 4th planet orbiting the star that shares its name, Gliese. The planet is comparable to the size of Earth and the weather is between 60 and 75 degrees F. From what we can determine, there is no rainfall on Gliese, but a mist arises in the evenings to nourish the plants. The Gliesians have a very pale, light blue hue to their skin, coal black hair and eyes. They stand between 5' and 5'5" tall and have retractable teeth. The leader of Gliese is Mizra Mas. He has agreed to speak with us and we hope to formally open a trade agreement with the Gliesians.

"Captain Shellers, as the First Mizra of Gliese, I welcome you to our planet."

"We are very grateful, Mizra Mas, for the opportunity to visit your beautiful planet. My hope is to start a friendship here, which may eventually lead to a trade agreement with the Gliesians."

"What are you willing to trade?"

"We have medicines which may help your sick and injured."

"Our healers have all the medications we need. In fact, you may benefit from our holistic plants that produce our medicines."

This went on for several hours. I'd make an offer of good, only to find out that the Gliesians have the same, or better in goods. About that time, a flyer from the Explorer landed a few hundred feet from us and my scout master, Lila Edwards, exited the flyer and approached us. Mas looked at her very intently. After handing me a report on a region a few hundred miles from our location, she entered the flyer and took off again to scout a land mass on the southern polar region.

When she had left, Mas asked me, "I do not wish to sound rude, but what was that?"

Not understanding the question, I answered, "It one of our flyers, we use them to land on a planet and explore from above."

"Not your machine, but the one who approached you."

"That was Lt. Edwards. She is charged with exploring your planet and bringing the information back to me to review."

"What is...a `she'?"

"Well, a she is the female of our species. I'm a male, so I'm referred to as `he' while `she' is used for the females."

"Cpt. Shellers. Your words are confusing to me. `He' and `she', `male' and `female' are words that I've never heard before. Can you explain more, please?"

I opened my tablet that would provide me with anatomical descriptions and diagrams of the male and female body. After looking at the female body, Mas pointed to the vagina and said, "I used to have one of those. But, I also had, and still have one of those." He was pointing to the male penis.

"You USED to have one. What happened to it?"

"When I reached the second age of progression, it closed up. It happens to all Gliesians bodies when they reach that age."

Now it was my turn to be confused. Mas saw my confusion and was about to explain to me when a young Gliesian, about 8 years old entered the living quarters where we are meeting.

"Ah, Cpt. Shellers, this is mine, named Molan. Molan, this the Captain Jake Shellers from the planet Earth."

I don't know why, but Molan was what I would call beautiful. Long hair to the waist, long lashes, plump darker blue lips and hips that reminded me of a females. I was unable to determine if Molan was a boy or a girl.

"It's very nice to meet you, Molan. I'm glad to get to visit your beautiful planet."

I extended my right hand out to shake Molan's, but the child apparently had not heard of that custom from the strangers yet. Instead, I was greeted in the Gliesian custom, with open arms and was hugged, then a kiss in the center of my forehead. I kissed Molan's head in the same fashion.

"Before I forget," Molan spoke, "Malelle asked if our visitor would say to have evening meal with us."

Mas looked at me and raised his eyebrows, so I answered in the affirmative.

"Yes, Molan, please tell Malelle that Cpt. Shellers will join us to eat."

Molan took off into the kitchen and Mas said, "I was going to explain our anatomy, wasn't I?"

"Yes, I'm very interested on how something you had closed up when you reached a certain age."

"When we are born, we have both a..." Mas had to look at the tablet again to get the correct names for the body parts. "Ah yes, here it is. We have both a vagina and a penis. We reach our first age of progression at age 5. At that time, we're able to receive seed from the older ones and bear an offspring. When we reach the second age of progression, around age 13 to 15, our vagina closes up and we develop...test tickles in order to provide younger Glisians with our seed. From age 5 to 13, I bore four offspring. After my development completed at 15 till 21, I have seeded 6 more offspring."

In my human way of thinking, they are born with both sexes, the female parts work from 5 to 13 and then close up so that the male parts will be developed and then work from 15 on. Apparently, that's why Mas was interested in Lt. Edwards. As a female, she was...well developed. I found out later that the Glisians produce nutrients for their young from a gland inside their body and the young ingested through a nipple located under the arm. That explained, to me, the absence of breasts.

I had explained the difference between males and females and our reproductive cycle to Mas when we the called to eat. We both entered the dining area of the house thoroughly confused.

During the meal, Molan sat next to me. For lack of a better term, I'll refer to Molan as `he' for now. He seemed to find any excuse to touch me, from placing a napkin in my lap to wiping a bit of food from my lips. He was adorable and I strangely found myself attracted to him. After dinner, he asked to speak to Mas in private and I was ushered back to the living area to wait.

About 20 minutes later, Mas approached me. "Tell me, Captain, when must you return to your Explorer?"

"As the Captain, I'm create the time table, I may return when I choose. Why do you ask?"

"Molan has expressed an interest in you. Molan is very sensual, but no one wants to couple with someone who's just born a child."

"Molan has a child?"

"Mazrick is the second to be born to Molan. The first, unfortunately, was born quiet and still. Molan has found someone to watch over Mazrick for the duration of your visit. Do not be alarmed, I have been told by our Shinoy (doctor) that you and Molan could never conceive. First, you are not compatible and second, Molan will be barren for a while before conception can occur again."

I stood there, mouth agape, wondering if the translator was messed up. Mas was offering his child of 8 years to me to have sex with. It was explained to me that "child hood" lasted only a few years from birth till first age of progression. Maturity sets in and they are as emotionally and sexually mature as any human adult can be, maybe even more.

"What the hell?" I thought to myself. I know several Captains who have had sexual conquests on their journeys. Why not. We had agreed to meet again in the morning and I was directed to Molan's room. When I entered, I was met by the most beautiful creature I'd ever met. Not quite 4' tall, and the Gliesians were naturally smooth bodied anyway. And even if it did not function to produce seed, Molan's penis was in a state of 3.5" of arousal. `He' stood before me, naked and proud of his body. He approached me with open arms again, and kissed my forehead, but this time it was a full minute before he stopped. He asked me to remove my clothing, which I did quickly. When I was finished, he was running his fingers through my body hair, chest, stomach, arm, leg and my pubic hair. My cock was as aroused as he was, standing proud 7.5" full.

"I've never seen one so large. The larges that I've encountered was this big." He showed approximately 5" with his hands apart. I learned later that was big in their culture.

I also discovered that Glisians didn't have foreskin and looked naturally circumcised, so he was, again, intrigued by the excess skin on my cock. After a few moments, he grinned at me and all of a sudden, his teeth retracted into his gums. He pulled the skin back and put his lips around my cock. Blasters on full, torpedoes at the ready and full speed ahead! I had received my fair share, PLUS, of blowjobs, but this one was for the record books. His gums applied slight pressure as his sucked my cock. After 5 minutes of sucking, he stood up and went to the bed. Laying down, he spread his legs and showed off his cocklett, asshole and a small slit between them. He spread this slit so I could get a better look. It was the strangest thing to see a cock and pussy on the same person, but I was drawn to him. I went to my knees and, for a moment, I was confused on what I should do. Having both male and female partners in the past, I knew how to suck and cock and eat a pussy, but never at the same time on the same person. I decided to start on the pussy. Using my fingers to spread the lips, I started toward the slit. I was stopped by Molan before I could start. He was looking at me strange. "Why would you try to lick THAT?"

"Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?

"No, Frivo (silly). That's only for seeding when I'm receptive. I'm not receptive for a while since I've just born a child a few weeks ago. What I want you to lick is lower."

Looking down, I realized he wanted a good, old fashioned rim job. The blue pucker was clean and fragrant, so I started licking. Later on, I'd discovered that there's no sexual pleasure for Glisians in their vaginas, but there asshole skin was full of receptors that sent Molan through the roof while I was rimming him. I played with his cocklett while I ate his ass. I found that Gliesians skin is sweet, like jasmine and apples mixed. It was the most wonderful flavor and I never wanted to stop. However, Molan did stop me 30 minutes later and after he'd had several dry orgasms.

"Frack me." He pleaded.

He lubricated my cock again with his mouth and when he thought it was wet enough, he laid back and spread his legs again. I lined my cock with his asshole and slowly entered. He winced in pain at first, so I stopped to let him adjust. A few seconds later, he nodded his head and I continued my mission to explore unknown areas of the universe. When I'd bottomed out in his, he became a wild thing. He started bucking his hips causing me to enter at different angles each time.

With a strength that no human adult has, he quickly grabbed me, forced me on my back on his bed, straddled my body and sat hard on my cock. The squeal of delight that escaped from his lips was so loud, I thought Mas would enter to save his child from being murdered. Instead, I heard him giggling on the other side of the door. Molan started riding my cock hard. Up and down, pelvis thrusting front to back and side to side. We fracked for over an hour. He knew when to slow down to keep me from cumming till HE was ready. Finally, on his 8th dry cum, he let me cum as well. We both screamed to the top of our lungs. I know I had filled him completely with my cum. Exhausted, he collapsed on me. It was then that I noticed that his pale blue color was gone and he was a strange hue of pinkish peach. He explained to me that Glisians color changes after sex to show others how satisfied they are with their partners. A darker color showed that the sex wasn't so good. A lighter, brighter color showed that the sex was good. He explained that no one could fake their excitement or satisfaction. The color he was showed he was extremely satisfied with my "performance" and he would boast his new color change for several days. His color would return to normal in about 5 days.

Apparently, hearing Molan and I in his room had excited Mas and he was fracking Malelle on the floor in the living area when we walked out. Molan invited me to sit and watch, as an audience was common place during sex. The only reason we went to his room was because I was a stranger and they wanted me to be comfortable during sex. We watched for over an hour while Mas fracked Malelle in every position known to man or Glisian. While the show was going on, Molan started sucking my cock again. We eventually joined the adults on the floor and had a full orgy by the time the sun rose in the morning. Mas, Malelle and Molan were all a bright shade of pinkish by the time we were done and my balls were aching from the lack of sperm in them.

I learned that Mas was Molan's `father' and Malelle was his `mother'. Malelle was Mas' first encounter after the second age of progression and Mas was Malelle's first partner ever. They'd fallen in love and, even though marriages were unheard of on Gliese, they'd stayed together through multiple partners.

We stayed on Gliese for 2 weeks and I had fracked 13 young ones in all, ages ranging from 5 to 13. I found out that several crew members had also indulged in a sexual encounter or two.

As we were leaving, Molan presented me with a box. Inside the box was a lock of his hair. This was their custom of showing love and affection to one another. I was told that Molan would be honored if I were to return sometime and frack him and others he'd been with together.

That was 4 years ago. I've saved up over 100 days of vacation time. I know where I'm going and who I'm going to be with. Depending on what happens over the next 100 days, I may never go back! ;)

The end.