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Thank you for reading the story. If you are looking for a quick jack off story I'm sorry but this not it. I love a good jerk off story but I did not want to write one of those. This is my first time writing and would greatly appreciate any feedback that you would take the time to writer,. I promise to respond to all email sent.

Enjoy the story.

The lash of the belt came...mercilessly... they came, hard and fast, one after the other. Each lash of the belt brought a fresh splatter of blood on the wall and bed. My body, which I had curled into a tight ball, was wracked with pain. Somewhere in the distance I could hear the voice of my mother begging my father to stop, pleading him to stop before he killed me like my boyfriend whom he had caught me with just moments ago. My father, who is a very muscular man, walked in on us while we were making out and grabbed my boyfriend and snapped his neck like a twig. I jumped on my father and tried to stop him only to be thrown against the wall. Then my father had removed his heavy leather belt that help his construction tools and began to beat me with it. After what seemed like hours of pain and torture there was a brief pause, my mother had tried to stop my father hand, tried to stop him from killing me. "Stop Sean, please stop! You are going to kill him!" She pleaded.

"Shut-up bitch! I am not going to have a faggot for a son. I will beat it out of him or I will kill him, but no son of him will be a cock sucking pansy." My father yelled as he backhanded her across the face.

As my mother jumped to her feet and threw herself on-top of me. My father proceeded to pick up the small frame of my mother and throw her into the hallway outside my bedroom. The sounds that followed were stomach turning. I heard the sound of my father kicking and hitting my mother with they leather belt. Then I heard what sounded like something tumbling down the stairs and the absence of a scream could only mean that my mother was dead. Killed at the hands of the maniac that was about to kill me. As my father came back into my room he looked down at my bloody naked body and said, "Well, still think you are a faggot or do you need some more to get it out of your system?"

My mind raced to answer him. I knew by lying to him I could end the beating and live, but then I began to think of my dead mother and the love of my like that laid next to me in the bed motionless and answered with the most defiant answer I could. "I will always be a cock loving faggot you ass hole so go ahead and kill me. You have already gotten rid of everything I had to live for." I spat out at him as I hugged the body of my dead lover. The building red fire in my father's eyes told me that I had struck the nerve I was hoping for. As the strap came up and then sliced into my back once again and again and again my sight began to narrow, as it I was looking out of a tunnel. The hole of light that I saw was getting smaller and smaller. I felt the cold hand of death all over me and welcomed it with open arms as my eyes closed and darkness over took me.

What seemed like moments later my mind suddenly screamed out in pain as I regained consciousness. I opened my eyes but was only greeted by darkness. I tried to move but I could not force anything to work. The pain was too great just thinking about moving. Then a gentle voice from an unseen person said "Sleep." Whether it was spoken aloud or in my mind I could not tell. All I knew was I couldn't, for all my strength keep my eyes open. As my eyes yielded to the command I felt a hand gently rub my forhead and cheek, and a soft voice saying, "Sleep now, he cannot hurt you, no one will hurt you again..."

End of Part Two.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This is my first time trying my hand at writing. I hope you enjoy it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback any once would like the time to write. I promise to try and respond all the emails sent to me. I will try to have a new installment out every two weeks.