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The Beginning: Chapter 3

I sat on the edge of the bed contemplating the events that had just occurred, in my mind struggling to understand all that had happened. I could not understand why I had acted like I had. As I sat there Will came toward me to sit down on the bed. He reached out to touch me as he came closer, I pulled away slightly, and he sat down next to me. As he sat down I moved to the inside of the bed with my back to the wall and curled my knees up to my chest and said' "Please don't hurt me?!" I pleaded with tears running down my cheeks.

He looked into my eyes and said, "I could never intentionally hurt you. I know you have many questions and I want to answer them all. But before I can you must make a decision. You can choose to stay with me and serve me or you can go now and live your own life as you see fit."

I thought for a moment, then asked, "What happens if I decide to go, can I go back home?"

As Will replied his heart sank at the thought of Chris leaving, "Well, the house you lived in was destroyed. When I rescued you I killed you father and burned you house. The police found three unidentifiable bodies; you, your mother, and father were pronounced dead. As far as anyone is concerned you don't exist in this world. If you wish to leave I will give you a new identity and three million dollars to start what ever life you want to live. Because of the laws I am bound by I cannot tell you what life with me would be like, all I can say is that you can live with me your whole life serving me and I will take care of you."

Again I thought these things over for a second then I asked, "How long do I have to decide?"

"I will need an answer in two hours. Feel free to walk around the house but please don't go outside. It is not safe for you outside the house because of the position you are in. When you come to a decision, I will be in my room, its the door at the end of the hall. Will then got up and walked out of the room. I just sat there letting it all sink in. On the one hand three million dollars is a lot of money, but is money what I am looking for in life or something more, something deeper? There was no denying the attraction I felt for Will and the attraction I felt being radiated back at me. I am just not sure I'm ready to peruse a romantic relationship so soon after loosing Jon. As I looked around the room the only thing I could think was `this place is a dump'. The only furniture was a twin size bed, a metal folding chair, and a chest of drawers that had chipped white paint. I could not help but think "How could this man possibly give me a new identity and 3 million dollars living in a dump like this?" There must be something I am missing. I know he said that he could not tell me anything about the future until I made my decision, but I didn't know if I was ready for a mystery after all I had been through. The last time I had taken a chance was when Jon started making out with me and I did not stop him. I knew that my parents might be home soon, but we lost track of time. I thought of what my life would be like if I decided to stay. How much of a life could I lead having to live in secret? I was dead so no relative or friend could ever see me, and the police would want some answers. Answers that I could not and was not ready to answer.

Meanwhile in Will's room

"Your Grace, will he stay? You know tonight must my last. By law and custom I have lived my life. I'm not the right one for you. The proof of that is in my aging, and I believe that he is the one. I have observed you watching him since the day he was born. You must take it slow with him. You've had 18 years to fall in love with him. Please don't look at me like that. Honestly, you don't think that after two hundred years together I don't know when you are in love. You and I both know that many years ago we realized I could never be your mate. My Lord, you must!"

With tears running down his face Will replied. "James I cannot. You raised me when I was young. You accepted me after I was turned. You stayed by me through everything. You are my faithful teacher and councilor. How could I take your life?"

"My Lord you can and you must. Two hundred years ago I pledged my life to your service. My life is not my own; all I have and all I am I owe to you. Besides all of this, you don't have a choice. If you don't the king will put you in attainder, take away the peerage and destroy House Bradley. I swore an oath to protect you and your house, by life or by death. I cannot allow you to be declared a renegade. My life has been long and good. You have been good to me. I am tired and ready to rest. I would rather die in your embrace than at the merciless hand of the king's hunters. Please, my lord!" The gentle old man tilted his head exposing his neck and looked into the teary eyes of his master. Will hesitated for a moment as James came closer and placed his hand on the back of Will's head pulling his sobbing master's face into his neck. Then James wrapped his arms around Will and begged into his ear, "Please, your grace. You must! This is what I want. This is the way I want to face death, by my own choosing and in your arms. This is the way I want it to end." As he said this he stiffened slightly as the sting of Will's fangs breaking the skin on his neck and the life flowed out of the old gentlemen. James whispered into Will's ear "Thank you my lord, thank you." Will's body was rocked with uncontrollable sobs as James moved his hand back up to Will's head to keep the contact of the bite. As the lack of blood caused James's heart to stop Will withdrew and looked into James's eyes. He sobbed as he gently held James. He sat down on the floor as James drew in his last breath. He looked into Will's eyes and said, "I love you. I always have and will for all eternity." As he held the lifeless head of James in his lap he whispered;

"Good bye my faithful servant and friend, may you finally rest in peace." His tears flowed down his face he felt the presences of another in the room. He looked toward the door and met the tear filled eyes of Chris and asked, "How long have you been there?

Wiping the tears from his eyes Chris replied. "Long enough, will this be my end should I decide to serve you?"

"I cannot tell you that. I don't know what the future holds for either of us."

Then Chris said "I gather from what I just saw that you are a vampire?"

Will said "Yes, although we prefer the term dragon." then asked "Have you made your decision yet?"

"Yes, I have. I've thought much about it. I am not sure if I am ready to risk what the future with you holds, but I'm not sure if I want the burden of starting a whole new life either. After seeing what I just saw I know that serving you may not, from the appearance of this house, be the most prosperous adventure; I do know I will be cared for and that is more important than wealth." Dropping to one knee in front of Will he proclaimed, "It is by my choice that I, Christopher Thompson, pledge my life and my service to Duke Will Bradley First Duke House Bradley." Rising from the floor Chris found himself wrapped in Will's arms spinning in his tight embrace.

When Will put Chris down he said, "I am so glad you have come to this decision. I could not force you to make it, you have made me a very happy person tonight, and I Duke William Bradley First Duke House Bradley pledge to protect you with all the resources at my disposal. The real reason I am so happy you decided to stay with me is that I did not want to take your life."

"What do you man, take my life. You said I would be free to go if that is what I chose. Are you starting this whole thing off in lies?" Chris demanded with anger rising in his eye.

"No, I could not lie to you. Had you not seen the events a few moments ago you could have gone your way, but you see our society lives by several laws. When we Vampires came to The United States we were hunted by the government. Many of the less powerful and foolish were slain. The King, Vladimir Dracula brought about a peaceful coexistence with the U.S. government. As part of the agreement we have to live by three main laws. There are more but if we keep these simple things the others will naturally fall into place. First we dragons must remain a secret. We are not to openly make known our existence. Any human that learns of us that cannot be convinced otherwise must be killed or brought into our service. Secondly The U.S. government agreed to `clean up' as it were after the major and minor houses as long as strict feeding guidelines are followed. Thirdly all houses must meet and maintain certain standards or conduct and if possible they are to be self sustaining. Being self-sustaining is a requirement before a new minor house can be created. These law and guidelines are by no means the end, but they are a general plan. It's kind of like `Thou shalt not kill.' A general command not to, but we know that there are certain circumstances that killing is required and accepted. An example of this would be war or capital punishment."

"You are going to have to teach me so I do not make mistakes."

"You need not worry about that right now. You will learn as you go. The most important thing is that you keep our existence a secret; that is the only law that is punishable by death. Anyone who purposefully reveals a dragon's existence to a human must be put to death. This includes dragons as well as familiars."

"What is a familiar?"

"A familiar is a human that shares a special bond with a dragon. Most usually a bond between master and servant; sometimes, though rarely, between human and dragon lovers. A familiar is close to his lord's heart, because of the bond they live a long life and have superhuman abilities both mentally and physically." Will replied.

"Right now we should both think about getting some sleep. Tomorrow we will be going to my home. This house that has a less than wealthy appearance," Will said to an embarrassed Chris. "It is not my home. It is simply a place that the house owns. To maintain secrecy I felt that my house would not be appropriate for you to stay in while you made your decision. Now that you have decided I can share my home with you."

"I was wondering how you were going to give me all that money living in a place like this, but I learned long ago to not judge people until I have seen the whole picture. So what will happen to me now? Once we arrive at your home what will I do?" Chris asked unsurely.

"I have to confess to you that I know the question you are asking. Please forgive me for reading your thought but until we are joined I can do so without trying. Your thoughts naturally come to my mind. I think what you really want to know is what your place will be. Until we are bonded and I have taught you more all I can tell you is that you will be my First. I know you have many questions but they can wait until another day. We are both tired." Will said stifling a yawn. "Let's get some sleep we have to get up early in the morning."

"In the morning?" Chris asked. "I thought vampires could not go out in the sun. I thought it was supposed to kill you?"

"Yes and no. Sunlight does not hurt strong vampires. You see every house is a direct descendent from the king. The further from the king a vampire get the less power he and his house had. Right now save the king I am the most powerful vampire. All the original Dukes of the other houses were killed during the slaughter when we first came to America. I was not because I did not behave like we did in Europe. I kept a low profile and did not try and stake out a kingdom, as it were, for my self. The king was safe also because he had the wisdom to know that he could not assert himself the way he did in Europe either. After we came to an agreement with the government then the lords of the houses could once again resume the roles that were theirs within certain boundaries. I can enjoy sunlight but I do tend to burn easily and long exposure necessitates my feeding more often. Most of the other lords can only stand the sun for brief amounts of time, an hour maybe less. The effect of too much exposure is not unlike that of humans it just happens more quickly to us. We get a kind of skin cancer that spreads very quickly and is lethal with continued exposure. Unlike most other wounds the damage done by the sun is not reparable. When I am well feed I can heal very quickly and have fairly good mental powers but if I go too long without feeding I get weak and do not heal quickly leaving me vulnerable to attack." Wow! You must be having a mental overload. I guess I probably gave you more information than you wanted."

"No, It's cool. I really want to learn all of this stuff. I don't understand all of it but I trust you when you tell me that I will understand it all in time." Chris replied.

"Right now, I am going to say its bed time. We need to get up at 7am to get to the house on time. I have some business I must attend to on tomorrow afternoon. So I will say good night."

"Um...I don't know how to ask this or if it is proper. I mean I am not trying to sound like some kind of slut or anything but can I sleep with you tonight? I don't think I can sleep alone." Chris asked sheepishly.

"Of course you can. You never have to fear about asking me anything, once we are bonded you will understand more of what your role is and what you mean to me." When he finished speaking Will thought to himself, "I might have just said too much, am I moving too fast? James did warn me not to move to fast for him."

Blushing slightly Chris replied, "Thank you." As they began undressing Chris could not help but notice how good Will's body looked. His twenty year old frame was beautiful. He was muscular with broad shoulders, nice size pecs, and a well defined set of abs. He undressed quickly and moved to the bed to hide the erection that was forming in his gray boxer-briefs. Will moved toward the bed and got in first then Chris laid down on the outside of the bed. Chris had a million questions running through his head but after the days events he found himself fighting off sleep and quickly yielded to it.

In the morning when Will woke he felt next to him for Chris but only found an empty side of the bed. His nose was awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking. As he was sitting up in bed the door opened and Chris walked in carrying a tray with a breakfast with eggs, pancakes, juice, and coffee. Will just looked in disbelief as he asked, "You did this for me, why?"

"I felt like I should start my first day in your service right. I enjoy cooking. I was not sure if you ate food but I figured it would not hurt to cook since I was hungry too."

"Well, dragons do require food, but from the looks of this delicious meal I will also require a better exercise program to keep the weight off."

Laying the tray down on Will's lap Chris said, "After what I say last night I don't think that will be a problem." Chris sat down on the bed facing Will and served breakfast to his new master.

"Aren't you going to eat?' Will inquired.

"I ate before you woke up."

Picking up the fork and digging into the delicious meal Will exclaimed, "This is awesome! If I didn't already have a cook I would hire you."

"I thought you already have hired me?"

"Not exactly, you see my First is actually the one that is entrusted with all that I have. You answer only to me. You will oversee all aspects of my home and my house."

"I know me; I mean we have known each other for what? Two days? I mean, how do you can know I can be trusted?"

"I know my only answer has been that you will understand more after we are bonded, but you will. I cannot explain to you what it is like. I have never experienced it as a familiar, only as a master."

"So when do I become bonded?" Chris asked.

"When you and I are both ready I promise it will not be long" was Will's reply.

"I don't want to bring up a painful memory but last night James was saying that he had"

"Die, I think is what you are struggling to say."

"Yes, I was going to explain that to you in detail later, but I guess now is as good a time as any." Chris took the empty tray and moved it off the bed and took his place sitting across from Will. "You see according to custom a familiar may only remain so for 50 years. This is to avoid suspicion. The familiars are the ones that carry out the every day business of the house. The banking, board meeting, public appearances, and things like that. My First is special. Most of the time a First will live for about 200 years. The length of life depends largely on the Lord and his First. I cannot tell you how long you will live. You saw James he looked like a man in his mid 50's but actually last night was his 200th birthday. My relationship with James was a special one. He was like my father. He basically raised me."

"Oh I see." Chris responded quietly.

"I also have to tell you that part of your job will be very hard. As a dragon I tend to not show what would be called the tender emotions. I sometimes lack compassion and mercy things like that. I act on instinct and don't always think first."

"I will do my best" Chris replied. Getting up from the bed Chris said, "I'll be right back." He walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. Will thought that Chris was going to take a shower. Will laid back in bed to wait his turn in the shower when Chris returned and said "do you usually take a bath or shower?"

"Well, I usually take showers, but baths are always nice, why?"

"I drew you up a bath; I hope that is alright for today. I will remember in the future; if you would like to come with me." Chris took his master by the hand and led him into the bathroom. Standing next to the tub he removed Will's t-shirt and then looked up at Will questioningly. Will, realizing why Chris was waiting simply nodded his head once. Chris reached up to the band of Will's boxer briefs, his hands were trembling. He lowered them and reached down to let him step out of them. He then took Will by the hand and helped him step into the warm water. Taking a cup Chris wet down Will's hair and gently washed it. Then placing a hand over Will's eyes he rinsed out his hair. Taking a wash cloth he lathered it up with soap and began washing Will's muscular chest. Moving down to his abdominals he washed his way down to Will's waist. Then moving back up to his broad shoulders and washing his way down to his waist once again. Reaching down and taking one foot into his hand and washed it, moving slowly toward Will's crotch. He found Will's pulsing eight inches of manhood. Very carefully he washed around the base. Without thinking he wrapped his hand around Will's thick tool and gently squeezed. He felt Will jump and realized what he was doing his eyes met Will's surprised look. Jerking his hand away quickly he began trembling in fear. He quickly turned and ran from the room saying, "I'm sorry."

Jumping up quickly, Will looked for a towel to dry off with. He hurriedly dried, dropping the towel he went looking for Chris. Walking down the hall he found Chris in his room curled into a ball on the bed. Will, with tears in eyes, remembered finding Chris in this same position when he had taken him from his house. He looked at the light scars on Chris' back where his father had mercilessly beaten him. Will had healed most of the wounds on his body but the deep cuts on Chris' back would take several more days before the were gone. As he stepped closer; he could feel the fear radiating from Chris, fear so thick he could smell it. Will sat down on the bed and Chris flinched, expecting the first of many blows to follow. Gently he stretched himself out next to Chris and began hugging him. He wrapped as much of himself as he could around Chris's trembling frame and whispered quietly into his ear, "Please calm down. I am not going to hurt you. Can you please turn over so I can see your face?"

Turning over slowly, still wrapped in Will's strong embrace his eyes we're still red from crying. As their eyes met he quickly looked away and whispered, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

"What have you done to ask forgiveness for? You think I would have let you bathe me if I was worried about you touching me? Please look at me." As Chris raised his head to look Will asked to Chris's. Chris tried to pull away in fear but Will gently placed a hand on the back of Chris' head keeping the intimate contact. After a few seconds Will broke the kiss and looked into Chris' eyes and said, "Well, I was supposed to be taking it slow, I've wanted to do that for a couple of years now."

"You aren't mad? I figured you would kill me for doing that." Chris asked in disbelief.

"I will never hurt you intentionally, I promised to protect you and I will. Right now I think we both need to get dressed and head to the house. Do you know how to drive a limousine?" Will asked of an astonished Chris.

End of Part Three

To Be continued

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