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The Beginning: Chapter 4

"So can you drive a limo?" Will asked

"What? Are you kidding? I just learned to drive last year. I cant' drive a lime." Chris retorted.

"With a big grin spreading across his face Will replied, "Just kidding. The limo is at the house. I need you to call and have a rental care sent over from the airport. Just give them my name, I already have a car on hold."

"Ok." Christ replied as he left the room. Walking into the simple living room Christ picked up the phone and called the local airport. Speaking to the agent he, "Hello, I need to see about getting a car delivered this morning."

"Oh really, well since we don't offer a delivery service the only way you are going to get a car this morning will be if you come and get one." The agent replied sharply.

"Listen bud! My boss asked me to call and get a car. He seemed pretty sure that you would have one waiting and would be more than happy to bring it over when he needed it. If you are unable to accommodate Mr. Bradley I will take his business to a competitor." Christ answered angrily.

"Oh, this is fore Mr. Bradley. I had no idea. I will personally bring a car over and drive you to the airport my self. I do, sincerely, apologize for the misunderstanding."

Confused at the sudden change in attitude Chris replied, "That will be satisfactory, a driver would be appreciated."

"Oh yes sir it will be my pleasure. What time will it be required?" the agent asked.

"Can you be in here in an hour?" Chris asked.

"Yes sir, an hour will be perfect. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No, I think that will be all. Thank you." Chris answered.

"Oh no sir, thank you and have a great day." The agent replied and then hung up.

Hanging up the phone a little dazed Chris went to find Will. When he reached Will's room he found him zipping up his last bag. Walking over to the cases he picked up both and said, "I'll take these to the door. The car will be here in about an hour."

"Ok thanks. I need to make a few calls, please come and get me when it gets here." Will asked.

Taking the bags to the front hallway Chris left them and sat down. He realized he was still wearing the t-shirt and jeans he had when he woke up. He had worn them for two days. He wished he had some other cloths to change into so he matched Will's attire. Will was wearing charcoal slacks, a black turtleneck sweater. The sound of a horn honking broke him from his thoughts. As he looked out the window, he saw a dark blue Lexus sitting in the drive with a man dressed in a suit running up to the door. A moment later he rang the door bell. Opening the door Chris was met by a man in this 30's. Average build, balding, with a little bit of a belly forming. He introduced himself as Greg Wilson, "May I get you bags?" Greg asked.

"Yes, please, if you don't mind." Chris replied.

"No, no trouble at all, and I will wait in the car until you are ready to leave." Grabbing the suitcases he quickly walked out and shut the door behind himself. Chris went to tell Will that the car had arrived. When Chris walked into the room Will was just finishing his phone call.

"The car is here" Chris informed him.

Looking at his watch Will replied, "That was fast. I thought you said it would be an hour."

"I was told an hour, but I guess they over estimated." Chris replied.

"That's ok I finished my phone call. We need to make a stop in New York if that's alright." Will asked.

"You're asking me? You're the boss, but how did you manage to get a flight to New York at such short notice? Chris asked.

"I usually never have a problem getting flights when I need them. I guess we should get going. Our flight leaves in an hour." Will walked out of the house with Chris close behind. Looking at the car Will stopped and turned to Chris and asked, "Did you ask for a driver?"

"No, they just sent one when they heard your name. Did I do something wrong?" Chris asked.

"No, not really I just prefer more privacy." Will looked at the driver who got out of the drivers seat and sat down in the back seat of the car. After he sat down the driver fell over. "Well, that takes care of him." Walking to the car, Will got behind the wheel and Chris got in next to him. They pulled out of the drive and Will said softly, "Burn." As they started to pull away from the house Chris looked over to find that it was engulfed in flames. Looking back at Will he asked,

"Did you do that? How?"

"I told you I had some special mental powers. That is one of the simpler ones, but quite effective in covering my presences here. Don't you think?"

Chris could only nod in agreement as he looked back at the flames consuming the quickly receding house. "Ok, now I am going to stop and switch places with the driver so he can drive us to the airport. When we stop at this intersection just stay put. He is going to remember driving here and will think he zoned off for a second." They stopped. Will got out and opened the rear door. Greg got out and then sat in the drivers seat as Will got into the back seat. Greg looked around only to find Chris staring at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I wondered off for a sec." The driver stated with a confused look.

"Its okay, but we do need to get going" Chris reminded him. The trip to the airport was relatively quite. They got off the interstate and headed toward the airport. The driver asked,

"Are you going to the main terminal or general aviation?"

Chris opened his mouth with a confused look on his face and was about to speak when Will cut him off. "We will be going through general aviation."

"Very good sir." The driver replied as he took the proper turns to reach the general aviation terminal. The car came to a stop at the curb and everyone got out. Two men came over and one of them asked,

"Where to?"

"Tail number TGN222" Will replied, "And thank you". Turning to the driver Will handed him a bill folded over and said, "Thank you. You've been very helpful." Smiling the driver got into the car and drove off. Looking at Chris Will asked, "Well, are you ready to fly?"

"I'm ready. What kind of airplane are we flying in? Do you often charter flights?" Chris asked.

"No, I don't usually charter flights. Today's plane is just a small little puddle jumper, but it will get us from one place to another." Will replied smiling. They walked through the terminal and out onto the tarmac. Looking over the many planes parked on the tarmac Will asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Chris's eyes darted from one aircraft to another, wondering which one it could be. There were several Cessna and Lear jets. At the very back of the lot was a Boeing 747. Chris looked around and said, "I have no idea."

"Oh, I figured you would get it right off. It's that one." Will said, pointing to the back of the lot. Chris's mouth dropped open as he realized Will was pointing to the 747. It was painted a deep red on top, the bottom was black. On the tail was painted a dragon in silver and across the side in silver was written Dragon's Blade.

Stuttering Chris replied, "It's...It's... um...nice."

Laughing at Chris Will said, "Yea, it kind of takes your breath away doesn't it. I still remember the first time I saw it, I was amazed at how big it was; it still surprises me sometimes." They continued walking toward the distant plane; off in the distance a small golf cart sped toward them, It stopped several feet in front of them and a young man of about 16 jumped out and ran up to them bowing at the waist.

"Your grace, if you had told me you were coming we would have been waiting for you at the terminal."

"I know mark, I know you would have; but I did not want you scaring Chris off. Since I have been so rude let me introduce Chris Thomas." Will replied.

"Bowing slightly Mark looked at Chris expectantly. Wondering what he was supposed to do Chris looked at Will and then back at Mark and bowed slightly . Snapping back up with a look of fear and puzzlement Mark said, "I don't mean to be rude but has Chris been bonded yet?"

"No, he is not bonded yet, he will be soon." Will responded.

"Oh! My apologies my lord. My name is Mark and welcome you to the house." replied Mark.

"Thank you Mark, I am glad to be a part of the family. I hope you will help me learn all I need to know." Chris replied.

"He will. Mark is your assistant, and will help you anyway he can. And he can answer all your questions." Will said pre-empting Mark.

"Nodding his head in agreement Mark motioned toward the waiting golf cart, "We need to get going your grace. We are per-cleared for a departure within the hour." Mark reminded them.

"Ok Mark lets get going." They got into the cart and rode to the plane in silence. When they approached the plane Chris saw up close the beauty of the Dragon's Blade. The silver dragon shown brightly on the tail reflecting the early morning sun as they ascended the steps into the cabin. The entry way led directly into a hallway. Turning aft the hallway opened directly into a richly decorated lounge that had two couches with a low table between them. One wall held a solid bar of a dark highly polished wood. "This is the lounge and seating area. Through the door on the other end of the lounge my office and bedroom suite. The forward part of the plane is your bedroom suite and office. The cockpit and staff seating is upstairs. Down stairs is a gym, storage areas and the main galley." Will explained. A man dressed in a dark suit came up to them and asked,

"Your grace, are you ready to get air born?"

"Dave, this is Chris Thomas. He is our new First."

Bowing slight to Chris He replied, "My lord, it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Chris, this is Dave my head pilot. He delivered the Blade from the factory and as soon as I met him I had to hire him. He agreed and had been ferrying me around the world ever since. Well, Dave I think all is ready, let's get moving. Have you filed your flight plan yet? I would like to make a stop in New York for a few hours."

"My plan had been filed, but I left if open just incase. The air traffic controller will finalize it once we are air born."

"That, my friend, is why I hired you as my head pilot. Well, let's get going."

Dave turned and walked upstairs. Turning to Chris, Will continued, "If you will excuse me I am going to take a little nap during the flight. The forward suite was decorated for James but please don't hesitate to change what ever you want, you should make it comfortable for yourself." Will informed him.

"Thank you my lord I will. Do you require anything else?" Chris asked.

"No, I believe I'll be fine. Anyway if I need you won't be far away." with a smile Will said.

"I guess that's true".

"Then I'll take the time to tour the plane."

Will smiled again, turned and waked through the lounge and into his bedroom. Chris turned and walked forward to the room given to him. Opening the door he entered a simple room with white carpet. There was a dark leather couch, a queen size bed, a large closet (which was empty) and an end table next to the couch. A T.V. was set into the wall. Doors under it hid an impressive entertainment system. Through a door at the opposite end of the room was a lavish bathroom. The counter tops were made of solid marble. The floor was a simple yet elegant ceramic tile. The shower was large enough for two with large heads pointing inward from all directions. Returning to the room Chris saw another door on the opposite side of the room from the bed. Through this door Chris found his office. The large mahogany desk was impressive to say the least. Behind it was a high backed leather executive chair. A door led back into the main hallway. Walking down the hall Chris came to a room with a simple table that had stools set into the floor around it. Continuing down the hall next was a dining room. The atmosphere of this room was more formal. It had high backed chairs and a solid wood table. A chandler hung over the table casting a soft glow over the room. Turning to leave the room Chris began to think about Will. He felt that he needed to go check on him. Each passing moment intensified the feeling. He turned and quickly walked through the lounge area to Will's office. Passing quickly through it to the door into Will's bedroom and knocked lightly. When there was no answer he knocked again and opened the door. He walked in to find Will sleeping soundly. The overwhelming feelings inside him spurred him to the bed. Shaking Will from his sleep Chris called to him almost yelling. "Will, are you alright? Please answer me!" Chris pleaded tears coming down his face

Waking up much disorientated. "I'm awake, I'm awake. What's wrong?" Will asked.

"I don't know. I felt like if I didn't come in here I would just die. I felt like something was very wrong." Chris replied.

Taking Chris in his arms Will explained, "I'm sorry. What you felt was my hunger. You are the only human close to me that is not immune to me. My familiars do not feel the effects."

Calming down a little Chris replied, "I guess you think I am pretty weak for running in here like this."

"Not at all" Will said. "It shows me that when you are bonded you will be very powerful. When I am sleeping those thoughts would not be felt by a human, even if they were in the same room with me; but you felt them strongly from the other end of the plane. You will be very strong indeed my First."

"You think so? All I want to do is serve you" Pausing for just a moment Chris relished in the arms of his master.

"If you don't mind I am going to have you leave so I can call one of the familiars so I can feed." Will explained.

"You can feed from me if you want." Chris replied sheepishly as he tilting his head to one side to present his neck to Will as a sign of his willingness.

Taking Chris' head in his hands and looking him in the eye Will asked, "Are you sure? This will be very different for you. I promise you will enjoy it, but is this what you really want?"

"Yes, I am sure." Chris assured him.

"There will be a slight sting at first, but it will pass quickly." Will explained. Moving closer to Chris's neck Will's sharp fangs began to extend. Chris caught sight of them and pulled back slightly. Gently rubbing Chris's back Will comforted him. "Don't be afraid I will not hurt you." Chris settled down and Will continued. Chris clamped his eyes tightly shut anticipating the pain that he was sure would soon follow. Chris melted into Will as he began to kiss and lick his neck. Then a slight prick as Will penetrated into Chris' neck. A warm feeling radiated through his body. His cock began to rise. Will drank slowly, savoring the taste of his new servant. Desire overtook Chris as he pulled Will's head tighter into his neck. Pulling away Will spoke first breathing heavily. "Thank you. You have proven your trust of me. I could have easily taken your life. Now I know you are ready to be bound to me."

Using his fangs to penetrate his wrist Will put it up to Chris' mouth. "Drink and we will be bound." The idea repulsed him, but the salty-sweet liquid touched his tongue and Chris began to drink greedily. The warm liquid flowed into his stomach, his body began to heave, trying desperately to pull away acting on instinct. "It's ok. Let your body accept it." Will said holding Chris's hand to his wrist tightly. A warn almost euphoric sensation spread across hid body from his abdomen. Chris's face turned flush as the feeling increased many fold. Reaching almost climactic proportions, Chris moaned in pleasure. His rock hard cock began to spray jet after jet of cum into his briefs. His moans climbed to screams of ecstasy as his orgasm continued. Chris was feeling things his mind never experienced; his mind hurt trying to process it all. The feeling became overwhelming as Chris went limp in Will's arms. Will laid the unconscious form on the bed. He gently undressed the boy. Looking at the naked form before him many lustful thoughts bombarded his mind. Running a hand across his muscular chest and solid abs. he withdrew it quickly chiding himself for even thinking of taking advantage such an innocent young one. Lying naked, behind Chris Will pulled him tightly into a spoon position. He wanted to be sure he would be awake the moment Chris woke up. Settling in for a nap Chris moved in his sleep resting his head on Will's arm. Will closed his eyes joining his new First in sleep.

Two figures stood in the office outside Will's room.

"We must kill this new one before the Duke can complete the bonding." The first one whispered.

"How can we do such a thing? We would have to kill them both, if we didn't the Duke would kill us instantly." The other replied.

"We can and we must. You know what Ash promised us." The first one reminded.

"I know but can it be true? Can we really survive our master's dying?" he inquired. "I have never heard one way or the other if it is possible for a familiar to survive his master's death."

"Drink your fill of this would become bound to him as soon as Will dies. You are the one that was so eager to join House Smith. We can and we must do this. The Master will know as soon as he feeds us next time he will taste Ash's blood. While they are both weak we will end House Bradley in one fatal strike!" The first one smiled wickedly.

"Are you still have the poison Ash gave us?" Receiving an affirmative response he continued; "Good, then let's get this over with." They both turned and silently opened the bedroom door. Crawling to Chris's side of the bed one of them emptied the vial onto the sheets under his nose. The fumes slowly entered his system; death slowly entering his system. On the other side of the bed the other one pulled a short dagger from his pocket. He knew he had to completely destroy Will's heart to take his immortal life. Plunging the blade into his heart Will asked looking into the crimson eyes of Chris.

"You would dare try and kill our lord? For that you will die." Chris spat at him. Gathering all the strength he had Chris punched

the mans chest breaking through bone into the soft tissues below. Screaming in agony as Chris ripped his heart out showing it to him as the life flowed out of his body. Throwing the lifeless corpse on the floor Chris turned, breathless, to the other and commanded, "Sit down and try nothing or your death will be far worse." Hearing a metallic thud of the dagger hitting the floor Chris moved to his master's side.

"I will survive, it will only take a moment to heal the wound; but" Will said as he roughly grabbed Chris' head trying to bring his neck to his waiting fangs. "I must feed." Jumping out of will grasp Chris grabbed the "would be" assassin and pushed him into Will's arms.

"Drink your fill of this murder my lord. Drain him of his useless life." Chris said vindictively.

Will grabbed the assassin and roughly sank his fangs into his neck. He screamed in pain as Will drank the life from his body. Feeling his heart speed up rapidly he knew that his plan had failed. His last thought faded as his eye rolled back into his head.

Throwing the empty hulk to the floor will looked at Chris and asked. "Are you alright? What the hell did you do?" Will asked looking at Chris.

Blood covered naked body then looking at the bloody heap on the floor he reached out to Chris.

Moving over to join Will, Chris sat on the bed next to him.

"I'm fine, that was kinda fun. Are you alright?"

"Fun! Fun? What kind of sick bastard are...Wait, you have not fed since you woke up no wonder. Come here" Chris slid closer to Will. Will made a small slit in his wrist, holding it out to Chris. "Drink, you will feel better." Taking hold of his writs Chris drank. This time the taste of blood was pleasing. Like a life flow moving into his body. As Chris fed the door to the bedroom burst open and Mark came running in with a gun at ready.

"Your grace, are you alright? Is Chris alright and what the hell happened in here?

"These two tried to kill me. They attempted to drug Chris I guess they thought he had not been bound yet. The other stabbed me in the heart but before he could do any real damage Chris grabbed him and basically ripped his heart out."

"Where the hell did all that aggressions come from? He seemed so placid!"

Pulling Chris from his arm Chris snuggled into Will's lap with a contented smile. "You have never been involved in the turning of a First. It's different than when a familiar is turned. A first must be my most trusted servant because they get almost three times as much power as any other familiar. I, being the second most powerful dragon, this means all my familiars very strong. You could easily take on and defeat one of the minor lords; the same is true for my first. Chris now could easily kill any of the other Dukes. The only problem with this is a First must stay close to his master. He must feed often or the aggressiveness of a dragon's nature will overtake him. A familiar does not have to experience this because they do not have near the power, but he does. When he is first turned he sleeps, and when they wake up they are very hungry. I am willing to bet that when Chris wakes up he will have no idea what all happened. He will think he was unconscious for all of it."

"You must have some kind of aggressive side from the looks of what he did." Mark said.

"Well, I have had over 200 years to learn control so I have a little advantage."

"He did surprise me with his strength. He forced the other one to sit and remain there after that he then forced him to me so I could feed."

"If he can have that much control over a familiar how much more will he be able to control a normal human?"

"He will wake up soon; how long until we land?"

"The captain says we should touch down in about an hour. I will have a plan to get rid of these bodies when we land. I was thinking of just telling the truth. They attempted to murder you and were killed by onboard security when they struggled back." Mark answered.

"I think that will work, just don't mention Chris in any way. When he wakes up I am going to send him to you to start learning some things. Just teach him the basics of what he needs to do. He will learn all he needs soon. Just get him ready to go shopping when we land. What time will it be when we land in New York?"

"We left at 8 am so that's puts us landing at 2pm." Mark replied.

"Ok good, why don't you make reservations for everyone at a nice restaurant. Arrange for those that will be guarding the plane to go out before everyone else leaves so they get some time out to. I don't want anyone left out. By the way, why are you the only one that came in here?" Will inquired.

"I didn't know what was going on so I had the captain secure the top level with everyone in there. I was in my office when I heard and felt trouble. I got in here as fast as I could but the outer and inner doors were locked. So I had to break through them. I hope you don't mind the damage; I will also have some repair men waiting to fix it."

"Will there be anything else your grace?"

"No, I don't think so Mark. I am going to get Chris and myself cleaned up and dressed and into a seat for landing. Please come and let me know what we have planned tonight for dinner. I know you can take care of all the details." Bowing slightly Mark left the room.

Will let Chris rest on the bed while he got some cloths for himself, picking up Chris's cloths he carried them into the bathroom. Will turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Will went back into the bedroom and used his mental power to keep him asleep. Carrying him into the shower Will made Chris stand up while he washed his bloody body. Turning off the shower will dried Chris off and carried him and his cloths to office. Setting Chris in a chair Will shook him and woke him up. "You need to get dressed; we will be landing in about 10 minutes."

"Ok, wow that was some nap. I slept like a log. So what do we have planned for this afternoon?"

"You'll see, it is going to be a lot of fun." Will replied.

End of Part Four.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This is my first time trying my hand at writing. I hope you enjoy it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback any once would like the time to write. I promise to try and respond all the emails sent to me. I will have try to have a new installment out every two weeks.