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The Beginning: Chapter 6

"Just come right out and say it then. I promise what ever it is it will not change our friendship." Will told him.

"Actually I think it will." Chris said. Taking a deep breath and releasing it Chris said, "Will, I love you." The silence was overwhelming; as the seconds passed Chris could not take the suspense anymore. He sat up and looked into Will's tear filled eyes. Chris asked, "You... you don't love me, do you?"

"Will sat up and looked at Chris. "No...I mean yes...I do love you." Will said a little shocked. "I was not expecting that." Will reached out and embraced Chris. "You have made me very happy. I have loved you since you were sixteen, but I waited and hoped that one day you would love me and you do." Will put his hand gently on the back of Chris' head and guided him into a kiss. Their kiss soon became more passionate as their tongues dueled. Chris broke that kiss and moved to Will's neck. Chris kissed and licked his way from one nipple to the other. Placing a hand on Will's chest Chris pushed him back on the bed until he was laying flat. Straddling Will's waist Chris leaned down and kissed Will again, deeply and passionately. Will ran his hands up and down Chris' back; he placed his hands on Chris' shoulders and pushed him off. Will sat up on his knees and took Chris' seven inch cock in his hand. Chris moaned as he began to slowly jack it. Will moved between Chris' legs and leaned down and kissed the head of his cock. He then slowly licked down and back up. Taking Chris; balls in this hand Will worked them gently as he slowly jacked Chris' cock with the other hand. Will leaned over and kissed the head of Chris' cock again. Will tongued the opening as he looked into Chris' pleading eyes. Will slowly sucked the beautiful cock into his mouth. Chris moaned softly as Will swirled his tongue around the head. Will begin bobbing his head slowly up and down; each time taking a little more of the seven inches down his throat; Chris moaned loudly as his cock slid completely into Will's mouth. Chris reached down pulled Will off his throbbing cock.

"I don't want to cum yet." Chris said. He rolled Will off of himself and starting at his neck licked his way down Will's chest and abs. He skipped Will's throbbing 9 inches. Chris kissed and licked down each leg. Chris came back up to Will's cock and took it slowly into his mouth. He tried to take it all but started gagging violently.

"Take is easy babe. You don't have to take it all the first time." Will told him.

"Ummm" was Chris' only response as he went back to work on Will's cock. Chris worked on Will's cock for a while until Will stopped him, "You'd better stop, or going to cum." Chris moved up on the bed and lay next to Will. They kissed and Chris said,

"Will, I want you to be my first."

"No babe, you are my first." Will replied a little confused.

Blushing deeply Chris replied. "No, I mean I want you to be the first person to make love to me."

Looking a little surprised Will replied, "I would be honored but I think we should wait until we are on the ground. I want your first time to be special for you, for both of us." Will told him. Will moved down and started sucking Chris's cock. Chris pulled Will's hips over his head so he could get access to his cock. They sucked each other off until their groans turned into stifled screams of passion as each unloaded their cream into the others mouth. Moving back up to kiss Chris they swapped cum in their mouths fighting over who would get the most. Each swallowed a generous mouth full before Will rolled over on his back and Chris snuggled on top of him. They slept cuddled together wrapped in the love that they held for each other.

Will was awakened by Dave on the intercom announcing that they would be landing in an hour. Will looked at the clock on the wall, it read 4 P.M. Will lay still just staring at Chris' face, he thought about the events of the last few days. He could not believe how much had happened; he could not believe how close they had become in just a handful of days. Chris began to stir, he opened his eyes to Will's smile. "Morning babe." Chris said.

"Morning my first and only love," Will responded. Will moved close and kissed Chris softly on the lips.

"Was I dreaming this morning or...?" Chris asked.

"If you were then I am still dreaming and I hope I never wake up." Will interrupted.

"I love you William Bradley." Chris proclaimed.

"And I love you Christopher Thompson." Will confessed. They began to kiss, as their kiss became more passionate Will pulled back and placed a hand on Chris' chest when he tried to follow. "We have to get dressed; we should be landing in about thirty minutes." Will told him. They both got up and dressed. Will and Chris walked hand in hand to the lounge and took seats on the couch. Mark walked in a few minute later and asked,

"Did you both sleep...well?" Mark asked with a smirk.

Will blushed as he answered, "Yes we did, thank you."

"I'm glad all of that's settled. We will be landing in about thirty minutes. The galley has been packed up but a lunch will be waiting for you at the house." Mark told them.

"Great, I'm starving." Will said.

"You're not the only one." Mark replied. "How long since you ate last Chris?"

"Last night at dinner, why?" Chris asked.

"That's not what he is asking." Will said. "I had not noticed it until now, but you are all but mentally growling at Mark."

"I don't understand. I'm doing what?" Chris asked.

"You see a first had to feed often. If you don't your aggressive side will quickly surface, you will need to feed every couple of days at first. As time passes you will be able to go longer between feedings. You are sending some really evil thoughts at Mark. You are jealous of him having my attention; you just don't realize it. Once you are trained to use your new abilities you will be better able to control these things. Are your ready to feed?" Will asked.

Chris got a little nervous and looked at Mark then back at Will. "Yea, I guess so," he said so softly. Mark looked at them and said,

"If you'll excuse me I have some things to take care of." Mark turned and left the room closing the door behind him.

Chris looked a little relieved as he asked, "What do I need to do?"

"Just swallow, you don't remember last time, but your instincts will take over." Will said. Will placed his writs in his mouth and bit down. He placed his bleeding wrist to Chris' mouth. Apprehensive at first Chris quickly began to drink. He felt the warm feeling radiate through his body. A small dribble of blood started to run down Chris' face. Will leaned forward and licked it off. "You are a messy eater." Will teased him. After a few moments more Will asked, "Had enough?"

Chris released Will's writs and sat back. "I feel really drowsy, is that normal?" He asked

"Yea it is, come here, just relax for a moment." Will said as he pulled Chris close and laid his head in his lap. Will thought about Chris. He wished they could stay like this forever.

"Yea," Chris said. "I wish the same thing."

"What do you wish?" Will asked.

"I was agreeing with you, I wished we could stay like this forever too." Chris answered.

"I didn't say that, I thought it." Will said a little shocked.

"I can read your mind?" Chris asked.

"You shouldn't be able to yet." Will answered.

"I don't think I ever had before. I just heard you say you wished we could stay like this forever." Chris replied.

"Maybe it's because you just fed. Sometimes the powers are strongest just after feeding." Will replied.

"So how long till we get home, do we have to take a boat or a smaller plane to get to there?" Chris asked.

"No, when I decided to buy the Dragon I had a landing strip put in for it. It takes a very special flight crew to land on it, but I hired the best." Will replied.

"That's awesome; you have the whole world at your fingertips. You can leave for anywhere." Chris said.

"Yea that's part of the reason I chose a 747. It lets me go just about anywhere. And for the times I want a lower profile I have a couple of Learjet." Will replied.

"That's pretty awesome." Chris responded sitting up on the couch.

"Yea, took a lot to talk me into getting all three, but now I'm glad I did. It makes life a lot easier for everyone. The Blade has two flight crews that travel with her and both of the Lear's have a flight crew. They all have homes here on the island. It's kind of like a little city." Will explained. The plane touched down like and the two exited into the warm paradise of Bradley Island. Chris took in the view from the top of the stairs. The circular island was mostly flat. A lake was set in the middle of the island; one side of the island had a high mountain. On the tarmac were two jeeps. Will walked up to the first one and said to the driver,

"Thank you but I'll take it from here." The driver looked a little confused and scared. Mark quickly walked over,

"He means get out, he is going to drive." Mark said sharply. The young man practically jumped over the door trying to get out of the way. "It's his first day my lord." Mark said looking at Chris. Will and Chris got into the jeep and Will drove off. Chris turned to Will and asked,

"Why does everyone keep explaining the actions of others to me?"

"It's because you are the first. You are responsible for all my familiars, all my land, holdings, everything. Everything I have is in your control. I, in turn, am in charge of you. They do not, and should not, fear me like they fear you. My familiars should respect me as their liege lord, but they should fear you. Be it a fear of lose of life or a fear that comes from respect, a fear of disappointing you; that decision is yours to make. You alone are responsible for their actions and when necessary punishment." Will explained.

"Wow, you didn't tell me that much was involved. I hate to bring up bad memories, but how did James maintain control?" Chris asked.

Will thought for a moment and said, "I'm not going to tell you. I think you need to find your way not try to be someone you are not." Will replied.

"Oh great," Chris replied. "The road less traveled." Will laughed a little. A few moments later Chris' mouth fell opened as they passed thought the gate into the grounds of the main house. It was a large two story Victorian style house. It set on what seemed to be ten acres of lush grass and landscaping. There were several smaller buildings spread across the estate. A walk, lined with small palm trees, led to the front door. Once inside the front door they entered a marble tiled entryway. Straight ahead was a large living room with couches surrounding a circular fireplace. To the left was a large sweeping staircase leading up to the second floor. To the right was an archway leading into a large dining room. The table was huge, seating at least forty. Will asked,

"Do you want the tour or lunch first?"

"Lets eat first, the house isn't going anywhere." Chris responded. They walked into the dining room and sat down to a delicious meal. They chatted about the house. Will enjoyed entertaining and maintained guest rooms over his suite. The second story of the east wing was his private suite, below that were game rooms, and a library. The other half of the house was for the house staff. Chris turned to Will and asked, "Do I have a room?"

"Let's talk about that. James had a room on the staff side of the house. That's the way he wanted it. You are welcome to it, but after this morning I would like to invite you to share my room with me unless you think that might be moving to fast." Will said.

"Yes, I accept. I want to share your room if you will let me." Chris replied.

Will smiled and hugged Chris "Let's go see out room." Will said. They ascended the sweeping staircase and entered Will's private suite. It was actually a huge room with a king size bed on the far wall. In the corner closest to the door was a desk with chairs. The outside wall of the suite, facing the mountain in the backyard, was solid windows. There were heavy drapes pulled back on either side of the giant window. A small seating are was arranged in front of window. It faced a large entertainment center set into the wall and hidden by panels that matched the wall paneling. A large bathroom was behind a door on the opposite wall from the windows. Inside was a large bathtub, big enough to be a swimming pool. It also had a large shower stall and a door leading to a well equipped gym. The other door on that wall led into a walk in closet. "Well, what do you think? I know it's a little small, but I think we can both fit." Will teased.

"Are you kidding? You closet is twice as big as my room back home. You bedroom is bigger than my parents house was." Chris said incredulously.

"Yea, I guess so, but until now it's just been a big empty room. Will said looking into Chris' eyes.

Chris moved to Will and kissed him,

"I never want either of our lives to be empty again." Chris told him.

"I know, my love. Let's go to sleep." Will replied taking Chris by the hand and leading him to the bed as the sun set in the distance.

Chris was awakened by the morning sun streaming through the window. Chris got up quietly to let Will sleep. Searching through drawers and closets Chris found the cloths Will had bought for him. He dressed simply in a pair of khaki shorts and a green pullover. Chris walked down the stairs and into the dining room. Walking through the door on the far end of the room Chris stepped into the kitchen. When he walked through the door a small group of people that Chris had not met yet jumped up; Mark stepped forward and said, "My lord I'm sorry. I did not realize you were awake yet. We should have had breakfast waiting for you."

Putting his hand up Chris said, "Cereal will be fine, would you join me?" Chris asked Mark.

Mark looked around and said, "Yes my lord."

"Where's the milk and cereal?" Chris asked. Chris was shown and grabbed a box he wanted. Grabbing a gallon of milk Chris walked into the dining room and set it all down on the table. Mark joined him with bowls and spoons. They both fixed a bowl and ate quietly for a few moments. Chris finally broke the silence and asked, "Is there anything I need to worry about today?"

"No, my lord." Mark replied, a little surprised at how quickly Chris was getting down to business.

"Good, I need your help getting up to speed as quickly as possible. First of all why do you keep calling me lord?" Chris asked.

"You are the First. Second in command of House Bradley, because of that position you hold a title of nobility. The custom is for a First to hold the title of Earl. By proper address all those subordinate to you address you as `my lord'" Mark explained.

"Oh, I see. Is there a rule or law that says you must address me formally all the time?" Chris asked.

"No not necessarily, during formals occasions it must be used, but in private it is left up to the lord of the House." Mark said.

"Good in private I would like you to call me Chris. We are going to be working close. By the way, I'm sorry for not asking earlier but is it alright if I call you Mark?" Chris asked

"Of course my lord, I mean Chris you have a right to call me anything you want." Mark replied a little confused.

"I didn't ask you what I could do; I asked you if you would let me?" Chris responded.

"I see; I would be honored if you called me Mark." He replied.

"Good, now that that's settled we can get down to business. What actually is my job?" Chris asked.

"Well, you direct the House, the staff, basically everything. You act as a go between for the familiars and the Duke. You screen what he must deal with and keep track of appointments. You are a secretary, personal assistant, chief of staff, vice president of a major corporation, valet, and personal bodyguard to the Duke." Mark replied.

" I guess I have a lot of free time on my hands." Chris said sarcastically. "I would like to set up a meeting with the department heads. How many are their?"

"Including me there are five. I can arrange a meeting this afternoon. Monday mornings are usually when the heads meet with their departments, unless you want them to reschedule." Mark said

"No I don't want to interrupt their routine." Chris asked.

"You don't, I mean of course not."

"This afternoon will be fine. What about a lunch meeting? Will they be done by then?" Chris asked.

"That should work perfectly." Mark said.

"Good, now about my training. What all does that consist of?" Chris asked.

"You need training in martial arts and self defense. You will also get training to develop your mental abilities." Mark replied.

"When will we start that?" Chris asked.

"That's up to you, I thought you might wan to wait a week until you get used to running the House and it gets used to you." Chris replied.

"Very good, I will see you at lunch time then. If you need me I will be in Will's room." Chris said.

Chris looked a little confused for a second and said, "I'll see you at one, which is when lunch is usually served. I'll make preparations for the meeting; it will be in the dining room." Mark said.

"Thank you." Chris said.

"Oh yea one more thing; I sent you several emails, just a little light reading. You can access it by signing on the computer. Use your full name, the first time you sign on the server will ask you for a password. Once you are logged on open up Outlook and check your mail. Your laptop should be here next week. James refused to use one or else you would already have it."

"Thank you Mark, see you at lunch." Chris said.

Chris sat down at the computer and logged on. He checked his email and found three messages from Mark. The first one was a breakdown of the household and outside staff, the island operating budget, and personnel files for the department heads. The second email explained the way Chris could use Outlook to keep track of his appointments. The third was an email containing about twenty appointments that were added to Chris' calendar. Most of them were training, some where meetings with different departments. Looking at the still sleeping Will Chris was struck with an idea. Chris walked over to the bed and gently pulled the sheet from atop Will's naked body. Chris took his semi hard cock into his mouth and began to suck it. It became hard instantly and soon Will was awake and moaning in pleasure. As Chris' work on Will, his cock increased Will shot his load into Chris waiting mouth.

"Good morning, my love." Chris said.

"Yes it is, with wakeup calls like that who could have a bad morning." Will replied.

"Had to get you out of bed, you were going to sleep the day away." Chris replied with a grin.

"Of course you did, today will be quite busy, today your training starts." Will replied.

End of Part Six.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This is my first time trying my hand at writing. I hope you enjoy it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback any once would like the time to write. I promise to try and respond all the emails sent to me. I will try to have a new installment out every two weeks.