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The Beginning: Chapter 7

"Good morning, my love." I said.

"Yes it is, and with wakeup calls like that who could have a bad morning." Will replied.

"Had to get you out of bed, you were going to sleep the day away." I replied with a grin.

"Of course you did. Today is going to be quite busy, because today your training starts." said Will.

They laid together in bed for a little while enjoying the closeness. All too soon they were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Come in Mark." Will called.

Mark walked into the room shutting the door behind him. Will pulled the sheets over his naked body as Chris rolled over to the other side of the bed.

"Your grace, will you be eating breakfast here or in the dining room?" Mark asked.

"We will eat downstairs." Turning to me Will asked, "What would you like?"

"Chris has already eaten your Grace." Mark answered.

Will snapped his head around and glared at Mark. "What did you call him?" Will asked.

"Your Grace...I ...I mean." Mark stuttered.

"Speak quickly; you know the punishment for disrespect." spat out.

Mark bowed deeply at the waist and said, "My lord, I beg your forgiveness I..."

"Mark, leave us please. We will be down in a few moments." I interrupted. Mark rose up quickly and briskly walked out of the room.

"You need to give your people more credit. Do you think Mark would ever disrespect me?" I asked.

"I didn't think so but you being new your authority must be established." Will said.

"It has been established, but not by fear. I don't want these people to be afraid of me. This morning Mark and I had breakfast and I asked him to call me by my first name while we were in private. If you don't want him to do that then I will speak to him, but this was my choice. If you are going to punish anyone then it has to be me. I am sorry I should have asked you about it first." I confessed.

"I am sorry my love, I just can not stand for anyone to disrespect you. I just assumed he took it upon himself to call you by your first name. I should have known he would never do that." Will said.

"The only problem now is I had to beg him to call me Chris, now he will be scared to death to even think about it."

"Well good, just when I was feeling low as dirt you go off and make me feel worse." Will said frustrated.

"I'm sorry. Don't worry about it, I'll talk to Mark and explain everything. It was my fault; just remember to please, give your people the benefit of the doubt."

"I know, I just feel like I need to protect you sometimes." Will said

"I know how you feel and I also know there are things you will have to protect me from, but if you are always jumping between me and the familiars they will never respect me. While we are talking about it can we do away with the formal address unless it is on special occasions that require it? I don't want to seem like I am changing everything on the first day but if these people are going to like me than I feel like a certain amount of familiarity hast to be there. I don't want them afraid of you or me." I said.

"Your right, I have never wanted my subjects to fear me, but it might get confusing for some of the staff. James was very old world. I'm old too, but I've never been directly involved in the supervision of the familiars. James has done that all my life, and he drove them hard. He was their master and they obeyed because they did not want to die." Will paused thinking about his next words. "I am glad and somewhat proud you want to change the way the house is run. Today at the meeting it would be good if you explained the changes. So I guess you need to think of what you want to say." Will said.

"I don't want to rework the whole house structure. I would just like everything to be more personable, friendlier, but I would never make any changes without talking to you." I said.

"I know you wouldn't. Now that that's over, I think I'm ready for breakfast." Will said.

Will got dressed and they both walked down stairs to the dining room. As they approached the doorways Mark was waiting. He bowed deeply and said,

"Your Grace, your Lordship you meal awaits you."

"I looked at Will and said, "See what I mean?"

Will look over at Mark and said "Don't worry I'll fix this."

"Mark, please look at me. I'm sorry for jumping on you. Chris has explained everything to me, will you please forgive me?" Will asked.

Looking a little bewildered Mark looked at Will said

"Of course your Grace, it was my fault I should have made sure it was proper. I will not disrespect his Lordship again."

"No Mark you don't understand. It is ok for you to call Chris by his first name as long as you are in private." Will said. "I think the lower familiars will still use the formal titles though." he added.

"Yes your Grace. Thank you Sir. If you would follow me your breakfast will be getting cold." Mark said as he led Will to a seat. I took the seat across the table from him. Mark went into the kitchen and returned with a small cart. It held several carafes' of juice and a silver dome covering a plate. Mark sat the huge plate piled over with food in front of Will.

"One of the advantages of being a dragon is you never gain weight. If I did I would be bigger than this house." Will said with a smile.

"Would you like anything my Lord?" Mark asked.

"Just some orange juice please." Mark poured a glass of juice and set it on front of me and then he left the room.

"This is when James and I usually talked and caught up on what is going on. Kind of like a meeting before the staff meeting at lunch, for now you don't have much to tell me, but very soon you will. The most important thing in our future is retribution for the attack on us. "I have given it a lot of thought though" he continued. "House Bradley has never been attacked; I thought no one would ever be foolish enough to attack me. I really don't know why Duke Smith tried. Compared to me his house has almost no power or authority".

`Maybe he thought it would succeed since he had help on the inside." I said.

"Perhaps, speaking of help on the inside, we need to screen all of the familiars to be sure no one else has turned against us." Will said.

"I will get with Mark to him help me prepare for that. I assume he know what to do?" I asked.

"Yes, he does." Will answered.

"It does not take long, just a simple prick of the finger and one drop of blood." Will explained.

"That sounds pretty simple."

Will continued "We will discuss our plan to put an end to this later"

"Let me ask about the meeting." I changed the subject. "What exactly am I supposed to do?"

"Mostly listen to their reports about the status of their departments. You answer any question if you can the ones you cannot answer you bring to me. You also will relay any instructions I give. I attend these meetings as often as I can so you won't always have to relay what is going on." Will explained.

"Sounds like it will be a short meeting." I said.

"It can be, but sometimes they can last a couple hours, it all depends on what's going on." Will stated.

"So what time is the meeting supposed to be?"

"Usually it is at 1:00 why?" Will asked.

"That's a good four hours; could we do a little site seeing? I would like to see more of the island." I answered.

"That could be fun. Why don't you ask Mark to arrange a driver so I can concentrate on you and not the driving." Will said.

"Good, let me go find Mark and get everything ready. I'll meet you down stairs in a few minutes." I said as I left to find Mark.

"Ten minutes later Will walked down the grand staircase to find Chris waiting for him at the front door. They both went outside where the jeep and driver waited patiently. The driver was the young man from the airfield that was supposed to drive them to the house.

"Your Grace, I would like to introduce to you Jack. He has kindly agreed to be our driver for our little adventure. He assures me that he knows this island like the back of his hand." Chris said.

"Yes of course. Thank you... Jack." Will said as he entered the jeep.

"Your Grace..." Jack said as he bowed his head slightly.

I climbed into the jeep and sat down next to Will.

"Just a quick trip around the island Jack, also can you keep track of time for us, we need to be back at the house at noon?" I said to Jack.

"Yes my Lord." Jack replied then drove off slowly toward the south end of the driveway.

"Why don't you take us to the security station on Lookout Peak" Will suggested. "I think that's the best place to get a good look at the island.

Jack replied "Very good, your Grace" and off we went.

We took a left at the end of the driveway and went east along the coast road passing secluded beaches every once and a while. Will pointed out how these beaches we're

where he like to walk and think when major decisions needed to be made. After about twenty five minutes Jack veered right and we we're now climbing up a road that

weaved its way around and up the mountain. Will told me we we're going to a security lookout post at the top of the mountain from there you could see the whole island. It took another twenty minutes to get to the top, but oh what a view. As we got out of the jeep I whispered into Jack's ear. I told him to be a little more assertive, as he was to be giving the tour. "Yes my Lord "was his reply.

Will lead me into a utilitarian looking building with a tower. As we got to the top of the tower I was awe struck. The view was truly spectacular. You could see for miles, the entire island and out to sea. Will pointed out the airfield with all its facilities on the north end of the island, where we had landed the night before. To the east, the mountain sloped down to the coast road and the sea beyond. This side was also spotted with beaches separated by rocky cliffs. On the south side, at the base of the mountain was the lake. Saddled between the lake and the mountain Will said was housing for some of the staff. To the right was where the air crews and their support staff lived because it was the closest to the airfield. On the left was housing for senior staff because that end was closer to the main house. And in the middle was housing for the maintenance staff. All these houses dotted the east side of the lake. On the west side of the lake only one building stood out, it was the main house. Even from here it looked huge with its grand public area flanked by the north and south wings. Off to the left was a small building for the house staff. There was a lake front beach with boat docks to the right and a much smaller beach on the far left. I was told that this was for the house staff. The grounds in front of the main house gently sloped toward the ocean giving another great view.

Will then pointed due west and there sat a town. "See I told you the island was like a small city" Will said. And that it was. The town sat on a protected harbor with a marina to the southern end which also had a pier large enough to dock a small ship. Will told me that shops and other amusements dotted the water front and that the north end of town is where the people that work in town live. He also told me that the towns people we're not part of the staff. They we're brought in to supply needed recreation for everyone else on the island. For security reasons they we're restricted from traveling on the south and east ends of the island.

Will then turn and said to me "Now let's take a quick closer look, shall we?" "Let's" I replied with a big grin.

We left the tower passing security personnel, each one nodding a salute and saying "Good morning your Grace and my Lord" We both nodded and I replied "Good morning"

It struck me funny that Will never said anything to them, just nodded.

When we got back to the jeep, Jack was waiting and ready. He got a big smile on his face when he saw us coming. "Your Grace, shall we take the long way home?"

"Aah... Yes Jack I think that would be fine." Will said. Will looked kind of dumb founded that Jack had made the suggestion.

Jack drove down the mountain and turned left heading up the north side of the island. As he drove, Jack pointed out great little private cove and places where you could dive into the water from. Will commented to me that Jack had known of places that even he wasn't aware of.

The road kept arching to the left and we we're soon on the north side of the island. We could see the ocean on one side and the airfield runways on the other. I could tell that this end excited Jack the most as he started pointing out the different aircraft. The pitch of his voice jumped an octave. The ground was so flat that we could see the men working on the Blade at the other end of the field. Jack said that he'd like to fly it some day. To this Will raised an eyebrow in surprise.

As we got closer to the working area of the field, Jack went on to point out the hangers where the Learjet's we're stored and another hanger which was used for security helicopters to which Will added there we're three. To this I said "Your Grace, you have your own air force" Will just chuckled at the comment.

We continued down the road heading south now. Soon the town started to appear on our right. First there we're houses with well manicured lawns and unusually clean streets. Then as we continued it got a little more urban with businesses popping up. What stuck me was that even these areas we're immaculately clean. I mentioned it to Will and he said that "Community Pride" had always been a big concern for him and that was why the maintenance crew was so large. Jack commented that no one in town would even think of creating a mess knowing how "His Grace" felt about it. After hearing this, Will openly laughed.

Jack continued past the town telling us that a tour would have to wait if we wanted to maintain our schedule. Will said"And we do."

Exactly at noon the jeep pulled up in front of the house and Will and I got out. "Thank you, Jack." I said. "You are an excellent driver and a good tour guide. Don't you think so your Grace?"

"Yes of course. Thank you." Will said. We then walked hand in hand into the house.

"Are you alright babe, you seem a little distant?" I commented.

"I'm alright just trying to catch up. I am not use to thanking people for doing their jobs." Will replied.

"Really? Why not? These people may be paid to do what they do but that doesn't mean they don't deserve some praise every once in a while."

"I know you are right. It's just going to take some getting used to. I was raise by James; part of me is still very old world. Sometimes it's hard to break old habits." Will confessed.

"I understand, if you tell me how you want things to be I will change to be the way you want." I offered.

"No, my love that is not what I want. I want you to be exactly who you are. I cannot ask or expect you to be something you are not. By the way, did you request Jack to drive us today?" Will asked.

"Yes, I told Mark I would like Jack to drive if it was at all possible. I don't know how to explain it but I have a feeling about him. Since the moment I saw him I just knew he was someone special." I said. Then the two of us got into the shower as they continued to talk.

"You just think he is cute. I never thought you would want to go after the blond surfer." Will teased.

Chris reached down and grabbed Will's soft manhood and said, "I've got all the man I need right here. I just think there is more for Jack than driving a jeep around all day. You know he has graduated high school already at 16. He is taking college credits and has a 4.0 average. Also he begged and pleaded until he was taught how to drive every ground vehicle you own. He has his chaffier licenses and is working on his pilots licenses. By the way do you have a personal driver that travels with you?" I asked.

"No I don't, and I didn't realize Jack had accomplished all of these things. I would like to talk more about him later; right now we need to get dressed for our meeting." Will said. They dried off and got dressed. Mark met them at the doorway to the dining room.

"Your Grace, your Lordship, here are the resignations of my self, and the department heads." Mark said as he handed me a folder with a small stack of papers in it.

"This is a normal event anytime there is a change in leadership. It saved you from having to fire them all if you need or want to." Will explained.

"Oh good, I'm glad you told me. I was beginning to think they were quitting because of me. I don't want to change the leadership right now. I assume they all know how to do their jobs and they do them well? I asked Mark.

"Yes my Lord. They all do their jobs very well." "They are all fair and understanding with their workers." Mark added.

"Good than let them continue doing their jobs."

Mark turned and faced into the room. "It is my pleasure to introduce his Grace Duke William Bradley and his first, Earl Christopher Thomas" Mark announced. Everyone in the room stood and bowed slightly. Will walked in the room and I followed. Will took a seat and pointed to the chair next to him at the head of the table. I stood behind it and said,

"You can all sit, thank you. I have eagerly waited to meet you all. I will be honest and tell you I don't know much about being in charge. I will rely heavily on you to help me." I picked up the folder containing the resignations and ripped it in half. "Mark had assured me that all of you are very capable of doing your jobs. I see no reason to excuse you just because we don't know each other. First off I would like each of you to introduce yourself and tell me briefly what your area of responsibility is." I said as we all sat down.

End of Part Seven.

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