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The Beginning: Chapter 8

Mark stood up and said, "My Lord, I am Mark Johnson Knight of House Bradley. I am your personal assistant as well as the business manager for the House. I oversee all operation and business dealings for the House." Mark sat down and an older man with white hair next to him stood up.

"My lord, I am Charles Williams Knight of House Bradley. I am director of education for the House. I oversee all education and training from elementary for children of the staff to higher education for any and all who desire it."

"How does that work, providing college for all who want it?" Chris asked.

"My lord, any staff member or staff member's child is given the opportunity to attend college. Depending on the circumstances the individual is either sent to a college or if necessary a professor is brought in. This is all paid for by the House as long as their grade point stays above a 3.0." Charles explained.

"Thank you, please continue." Chris said to the young lady next to Charles.

"My lord, my name is Christi Shultz. I am responsible for the kitchen and household staff." The short brown haired lady said with a slight German accent.

"My lord, I am Kim Hanso Master at Arms, Knight of House Bradley. I am responsible for security for House Bradley. I oversee all combat training, security details, and covert operations for the House."

Chris looked at him for a second and said, "Are you..." His words were cut off by Will's voice in his head.

"Stop, he is a dragon but this is not openly known. I don't know how you could tell but we'll talk about this in private."

Chris recovered by saying "What I mean is do you have any idea who was behind the attack the other night?"

"I do, my lord, but some of these things will best be discussed in private." Kim said.

"Of course, please continue." Chris said motioning to Dave.

"My Lord, I am David Hensley, I am director of transportation and head pilot. I oversee the maintenance of all aircraft and vehicles for the House. I also arrange all transportation for the House."

"My lord, I am Bruce Holley. I am responsible for maintaining the grounds on all of the estates as well as all maintenance on the buildings." Bruce said.

"Thank you all I am pleased to meet each of you and look forward to chatting with each of you one on one. Is there anything that needs to be addressed at this time?" The silences that followed gave Chris and answer to his question. "Very good, I am at you disposal. Please feel free to find me anytime or email me I'm sure you know what the address is, even if I don't. Thank you all for coming." Each department head left the room except Mark.

"That was very good my lord. Do you require anything at this time?" Mark asked.

"Yes, later this afternoon we need to get all the staff in for a screening. Can you take care of that for me?" Chris asked.

"Yes my lord. Most likely it will take a couple days to get them all in" Mark said.

"That will be fine, thank you Mark." Mark bowed, turned and left the room. Will walked up behind Chris and caught him in a tight hug.

"I am so proud of you. That was amazing. I was so worried about how you would handle the meeting. I guess I shouldn't have been. You conducted it like you had been doing for years." Will said in an excited tone.

"Thank you; I don't know how I did it. All I know is I didn't want you to be disappointed."

`My love, I could never be disappointed with you, but you continue to exceed my expectations. You make me very proud.".

"Thanks, so what's up with Kim?" Chris asked.

"Lets go to my room and discuss that." Both of them walked up stairs and shut the door behind them. They sat on the couch in the corner of the room. "Kim is a dragon just like you were about to reveal. How could you tell?" Will asked.

"I don't know. I just had a feeling about it." Chris answered.

"Kim was the Heir to House Smith. I arranged for his death to be faked so he could come into my house. We met in 1981 when I was in college. We became instant friends. He was seduced and turned by Duke Smith. After Kim was turned he discovered I was a dragon he begged me to help him fake his death and adopt him into my house. We arranged for the plane he was flying in to explode and he has lived with me in secret ever since. He teaches fighting and mental skill and is very good at it. We must keep his existence a secret. We three are the only people that know he is alive and who he really is." Will explained.

"Isn't it dangerous to keep him here, someone will figure it out one day. He never ages." Chris said.

"Well he only appears to be in his forties. He was turned when he was 23. He has unusually strong mental powers allowing him to broadcast a mental picture of what ever he wants to look like." Will explained.

"Well that explains why he seems too young to look that old." Chris said.

"I can't wait till you begin training your metal power. You are the only person other than a Dragon Lord that has ever seen through Kim's cover." said smiling.

"I hope I make you proud. I can't wait till we start." Chris said excitedly.

"Well we have about an hour we could do a little learning now if you want." Will offered.

"That would be great!" Chris replied.

"Good, I want you to relax completely, empty your mind as much as possible. Good, now think about me and don't concentrate on my mind, just on me, my name. Do you feel that, almost like someone knocking on a door inside you mind?"

"Yea, kinda, I have a feeling that I should open a door, but I don't know how." Chris said.

"That's me, relax into it. Let the door open, let me inside. That's it, can you hear my voice now?" Chris looked at Will in disbelief as he heard his voice inside his head but his lips were not moving. "Think your responses; I will be able to hear them."

Will heard a faint whisper in his mind "I love you."

"I love you too." Will replied.

Chris closed his eyes and sat back on the couch. "Wow" he said.

"Are you ok?" Will asked.

"Yea, I'm fine. My head just started hurting a little." Chris replied.

"That's not uncommon for someone who is just learning to use their abilities. You were forcing your mind to do things it had not done before. Just like a muscle gets stronger by work so will your abilities." Will explained.

"That's good to hear, I was beginning to think I had fried my brain; but it feels better now." Chris said.

"Good, we need to get ready. We will start screening the staff in one hour." said Will as a reminder to Chris.

"Yea I know. I need to take a shower. "Chris said as he headed into the bathroom. Chris turned the water on and stepped under the warm spray. Moments later he felt a hand on his shoulder. "You pervert, taking advantage of an innocent boy while he is taking a shower. Is this anyway for a dragon lord to act?"

"This is how I plan to behave every chance I get." Will replied as he stepped the rest of the way into the shower.

Chris sat quietly, almost asleep, next to Will as countless people filed into the room and up to Will. Each approached where Will was seated and bowed before him. Will would take one finger and gently nip it. After sampling one tiny drop of blood he would dismiss them. Mark stood by and checked each person off as they left the room. For almost an hour Chris had sat behind his love while staff came through. Thankfully none had been found tainted by any of the other houses. Suddenly a sense struck Chris, a smell he had never experienced a bitter burning odor. Chris sat up as a beautiful woman in her twenties entered the room. She confidently crossed the room, as she approached Will Chris jumped up and stood between Will and the women. Looking confused at Chris she said, "Yes my lord?"

"Not a step closer." Chris said with a bitter voice.

"My first, is there something wrong?" Will asked.

"I don't know your grace, but I do not like the feeling I got when she walked into the room. I am struggling with feeling and smells I have never had before." Chris said as he turned to face Will. "If I have acted wrongly then I beg for your forgiveness your grace and yours my la..." As Chris turned to face the women he saw the blade of a dagger coming at his chest. Before he could even react a hand caught the blade. Will moved faster than Chris's eyes could register, as he already had the dagger pressed to the women's throat.

"Who are you; I demand you tell me before I kill you." said calmly.

"Before you kill me, you think you will get a chance?" She asked. In an instant she turned and moved away from Will holding the dagger that was in Will's hand.

"No!" Chris shouted as he ran toward the armed women. Chris felt pressure on his chest almost like a hand. An unseen force shoved him backwards; he flew a couple feet and landed hard on the floor. He struggles to sit but the darkness over took him.

"Chris...Chris..." He heard his name being called and it sounded like a jack hammer. The sides of his head were throbbing.

"Shhh..." Was all Chris managed to get out.

"Chris," the voice said again softly. "You need to wake up."

Chris opened his eyes to the concerned face of his lover.

"What happened?" Chris asked as he tried to sit up, but the pain in his head kept him lying down.

"Don't try to sit up, you got knocked out. You were right about that woman. She was a werewolf." Will said.

"What happened to me, I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs?" Chris asked

"You hit your head when you fell. I'm sorry." Will said.

"Why are you sorry?" asked Chris. Its not like you pushed...You pushed me didn't you?"

"I had to, you were attacking her and you had no idea what you were getting into. She would have killed you. I did not mean to hurt you but I had to push you back. Please don't be mad at me." Will pleaded.

"How could I be mad at you? You probably saved my life, at the least you saved me from myself." Chris said. Will leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

"I love you, you know. I don't know how I ever survived without you in my life." Will confessed.

"I love you too. My head hurts, do you have any aspirin?" Chris asked.

"Yea the doctor left you some on the table; I'll get it for you." Will said as he got up and returned with the medicine and a glass of water.

"The doctor, how long was I out for?" Chris asked.

"About four hours, doc said I would be best to let you sleep until you started moving around. You were saying my name when I woke you up." Will explained. He handed Chris the water and he took the pills.

"I might have been out for four hours, but I feel tired, I think its bed time." Chris said. Will sat the glass down and tenderly began unbuttoning Chris's shirt. Will sat him up and removed it. He then moved down to his pants and removed them also. Will pulled the covers from under Chris and pulled them back over him. He then kissed Chris' forehead as sleep began to claim him.

After Chris fell asleep, Will undressed and crawled into bed behind him. He pulled him into his strong embrace and joined his lover in sleep. Will woke up the next morning before Chris did and laid there quietly just staring at his love. His eyes roamed over his short brown hair that was in disarray from the night before. He reached his hand up and caressed Chris' cheek. He ran his fingers through the soft hair. He lay as still as possible to prevent Chris from waking, and just stared at the man that had stolen his heart. Will began to think honestly of the events that had occurred; he had not meant to fall in love with Chris. He had wanted Chris to be his first and nothing more, but some how his heart had been stolen by this young man. Will did not know if it was seeing his batter and beaten body or when Chris ran from him out of the bathroom when he had surprised him with the bath, but Will knew it had happened and that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Chris began to stir in his arms and moments later he was greeted by Chris' blue eyes. "Good morning my love did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did. My head feels much better this morning; it was hurting really bad last night. I guess today is the day I start my training isn't it?" Chris asked.

"Yes it is, I have ordered Mark to bring breakfast, I just told him you we're awake. He should be up in a moment." Will said. They both sat up in bed and awaited Mark arrival. Moments later a knock was heard at the door and Mark walked through followed by two young men carrying trays. Mark carried two lap tables folded in each arm. He set them down in front of both Will and Chris. The two trays were set in front of them and the three servants left the room. They dug into the delicious breakfast. Once they were finished Chris got up and cleared the tables and trays from the bed. Will could not help but admire the budding muscular form of his young lover. At 5'8" his body was perfectly filled out to match his height. He was not muscle bound but his muscled were toned and cut in all the right places. A small sting of sadness struck Will as he looked at the small white stripes across Chris' back and butt. Even though they were not even a fraction of the size they were Will knew that it would take several more weeks before all signs of scares from the savage beating were erased.

"What kind of training am I doing today so I know what to wear?" Chris asked.

"Well I had thought to concentrate today on mental ability today, but after last night I think the risk of attack on the House is too great to put off you combat training." Will said.

"So I guess I need to wear some work out clothing." Chris stated.

"Yea, once Kim arrives we can start adding the knowledge to you mind." Will said.

"What do you mean adding it to my mind? You can just add what ever information you want and I know it instantly?" Chris asked.

"Well not exactly. It's like you have the knowledge, but before you can use it your body needs to start learning it. The difference is you don't have to learn the technique you just have to teach your body to use it. Once I've transferred everything you will have the knowledge of a master in all forms of hand to hand combat." Will explained.

"That's awesome!" Chris exclaimed.

"Yeah it certainly does make training go a lot faster, we turn years of training into weeks." Will and Chris finished dressing and went into the gym. They were met by Kim who was seated on one of the benches along the wall around the sparring area.

"Good morning your grace and your lordship are you well?" Kim said.

"Chris is doing fine Kim and you know you don't have to address either of us formally in private. We have known each other for almost 20 years."

"Ok, just making sure that the same applied to Chris. I am glad you are feeling better, come sit down and we will begin the transfer." Kim said. Will sat down on the bench with Kim on one side and Chris on the other. Will placed a hand on both of their heads.

"Ok Chris, just relax and don't fight it, if you do you'll get a massive headache, Ok? Just like last night open the door, you remember how. That's it, here it comes. Now don't try and think about what you are getting. You're receiving it to fast to access it right now." Thought and ideas were flying through Chris mind, at first he tried to access them as they flew by but the speed only increased. Soon he just sat back, closed his eyes, and allowed the transfer to happen. In a matter of minutes Chris felt Will's hand move from his head, he opened his eyes and looked around. Suddenly Kim slumped forward and fell lifeless to the floor. Chris jumped up and shouted,

"Oh shit what happened?"

"He is dead, that is what happens when we do a transfer. The donor must give all." Will stated simply.

"Why didn't you tell me, oh my god? I cannot let him die for me, bring him back, give it back to him."

"It doesn't work that way, it uh..." Will tried to say as his laughter over took him. Kim got up off the floor and looked at Chris' shocked expression.

"Wow, he lasted longer than most of them. He actually wanted to give it back."

"Yeah, you're right." Will said. He reached out and took Chris' hand. "Baby don't be mad at me, this is just a little joke we play on everyone that goes through training."

"You're a bitch you know that, both of you." Chris said playfully.

"Yeah I know, but I'm your bitch." Will said in a husky voice.

"Ok you two love birds, would you like a private room or do you think we can get some work done today?" Kim interrupted. They both turned and looked at Kim. "We're good for now." said Will. "Besides Chris needs to practice and get some use out of all that new combat knowledge we just crammed into his head."

"Well then." Kim stepped in "You have the knowledge equivalent to that of a black belt in every form of Asian marital art, but your body doesn't know that your mind has this. Many of the actions that come from practice and repetition become reflex, you have not practiced so you don't have the reflexes...yet! But your mind knows what to do; now your body has to catch up. I think for now, Will you should go; let Chris and I work for a while. I'm sure you can find something to do?" Kim added with a smile. Will said his good byes and left the room.

"Now my young student, we begin." Kim and Chris trained most of the day, stopping only for a quick lunch that was brought to the gym. About an hour before dinner Kim called Will into the gym.

"Well, he has done alright, I have seen better; I didn't really expect much from a human on their first day of training." Kim said. "Perhaps you would like to spar a little with him?"

"I don't think so, he will kick my ass!" Chris exclaimed.

"No I wont, I'll go easy on you." Will said.

They two squared off and bowed to each other. Chris took up a defensive position and waited for Will to attack. Will, without warning, swiftly thrust forward. It was a simple punch that Chris deflected easily. Chris then blocked or avoided several other punches and kicks, but took a purely defensive posture. With his confidence building, Will slowly started to relax and let his guard down. Chris took advantage and sprung forward and attacked. He landed two punches one to Wills chest and the other to his side. He spun around and back avoiding Wills' retorts and connected a kick to Will's chest. Will fell back and landed on the floor hard.

"That my old friend is for underestimating you opponent. You're very strong of that there is no question, in a fight you are prepared for no one could defeat you. Your weakness is that rely too much on you advantage and don't fight to your full potential. Today's lessons were not for you, they were for Chris; who, by fortune of you being on you ass, has done very well. Don't you think?" Kim asked smiling as he helped Will up off the floor.

"Yea, I guess I deserved that for letting my guard down." Will replied.

"Yes you did, but I think today's lessons are over. You're really going to feel this workout tomorrow. We will resume our combat training on Thursday, which will give you three days to recover. Tomorrow we will work on your mental abilities and Mark will work with you to get you up to speed on house operations. Will and Chris went down stairs to the dining room and enjoyed a quite dinner together. Chris, being quite tired quickly went to bed and was sleeping by the time Will finished brushing his teeth. He crawled into bed behind Chris and snuggles up to his lover.

Chris's training schedule was arduous to say the least. As the three weeks of training progressed his training became more difficult. His sessions of physical training and combat went from three days a week to everyday for three hours. Everyday he and Mark would go over different aspects of House Bradley and how it was run. His head would always be spinning by the time they were finished. The sheer complexity and size of House Bradley and all its holdings was staggering. He also practiced his mental abilities with Kim. At first these session were separate from combat training, but as Chris progressed Kim began to tie in the mental and physical training.

"He is the strongest human I have ever trained. His combat skills are what I would expect them to be, we both knew what those skills would amount to. The surprise for me has been his aptitude for mind combat. He could easily take on one of the other dragon lords and in an even match he could win. I don't really think he fully realizes what his full capabilities are.

He is holding back, I think in some way he is scared of him self, he is scared of what he might be capable of. He has all the knowledge he needs, and when the time is right his full potential will surface." Kim explained.

"I'm sure it will, but do we really want to wait until his life is in danger to see what his full potential is?" Will asked.

"Actually, I doubt he will exercise his abilities to save himself." Kim said.

"What do you mean, are you saying he would only force his abilities if someone else was in danger?" Will asked.

"Yes, that's exactly what I am saying. He has been training with me, during our fights I have been holding back less and less. I use my full power on him to see if he will protect himself like I know he can, yet he doesn't. I really believe that if he had to use his abilities to save himself he wouldn't, but to save someone else he would give his own life to save them, if it came to that." Kim replied.

"I see, thank you Kim. It's almost dinnertime; would you like to join Chris and I?" Will asked.

"Yes, thank you." Kim replied.

Will and Kim went down to the dinning room where Chris was already waiting on them. "Hey guys, you're late, the cook's about to go crazy." Chris pointed.

"He always thinks everything is going to suddenly go bad, he'll be alright." Will said. Everyone took their seats and the meal was served. After dinner Will and Chris retired to their room for the night.

"Kim says you are doing very well, he tells me you are the strongest human he has ever trained. I knew you were special from the first moment I saw you." Will said as they cuddle on the couch.

"Thank you, I try. Sometimes he push me really hard, I wonder how it would be if he wasn't holding back some of this power." Chris said.

"Actually, he has been trying to get you to utilize all your ability so he has not been holding back hoping you will have to use them." Will said.

"Oh." Chris replied and sat quietly for a moment reflecting on what Will had just said.

"So when are we going to strike against House Smith?" Chris asked.

"The end of this week, it's going to be your test to see how well you took to your training." Will said.

"No, you're kidding, I'm not ready for anything this intense." Chris said nervously.

"Yeah your right, I'm kidding. It will be at the end of this week but we will do it together. I have a plan, I want to discuss it with you, if everything goes as I hope, it will serve two purposes. I found out through our intelligence that the attacks perpetrated by House Smith were sanctioned and by the king himself. It appears that he now sees me as a threat to his throne. I plan to strike hard against House Smith; none will be left alive save the Duke. We will collect the evidence we need to prove the kings involvement and make sure that the Council of the Great Houses sees it. From there I don't know who the new king will be, but we must be sure that he is removed from power" Will explained.

"I see, so what do you have planned?" Chris asked.

"Well, Kim and I discussed it and I think we will..."

End of Part Eight.

Chapter nine will be posted after Christmas to give me some extra time with family. I will hopefully post it after the first of the year. As always please keep the comments and suggestions coming, They are what make me want to keep writing.