"THE MYSTERY VILLA" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MYSTERY VILLA by Andrej Koymasky © 2012
written on February 24, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Kent D.

The phone kept ringing. Norbert came out of the shower, put a robe on the half lathered body and went to answer it in the corridor.

"Hello!" the boy almost shouted into the phone.

"Hey, it took you lots of time to answer!" said a voice.

"Liam! What the fuck, you think this is the time you call?" Norbert replied a bit annoyed.

"Well, what is it, were you still asleep? Lazybones!"

"No, I just got up and was taking a shower. But shit, it is only seven in the morning!"

"Well I wanted to be sure to find you before you go to college, right? And I found you."

"What do you want?"

"Look, what do you do on the weekend?"

"Nothing. Why?"

"Friday night we thought of going to camp... Are you coming?"

"Who? Who would come?"

"The usual clique, the high school friends: Mike, Frank, Shawn, Joel, and me, and if you come, you."

"Ah... well... who brings the tent?"

"Mike, Frank and me. Three two places ridge tents, as it will be easier to find a place to mount them than with the big tent of Joel."

"And the cars?"

"Shawn and Frank's, three per car. And everyone brings something to eat and drink. Are you coming?"

"Well... I think so..."

"Come on, yes or no! We will have fun!"

"All right, I will come. But now let me go and finish the shower, the soap is bothering me."

"Then you call when you're done: I have to tell you what to bring."

"All right. See you later!" Norbert said and put down the receiver.

He went back to the shower, threw the bathrobe into the washing machine and went to wash himself. The dried up soap was bothering him but the hot water gave him a bit of relief. He washed a long time.

The clique... he thought. How many times had they gone to camp together? He couldn't count them any more. They had met early in the high school and gradually became friends. And they got into all kinds of mischief together. Including the group wank... a habit they had never lost, even though they all had, perhaps at different times, a girlfriend.

At first they measured it, to see who was growing more and more quickly. They made competitions to see who came first, who splashed farthest... Shawn once had stolen a graduated cup in chemistry lab and so they measured also who had emitted more...

He smiled. Just children's plays, which sometimes were fun to do, even though they were now grown boys. It gave them a sense of complicity, a sense of belonging, of special intimacy. It was Mike who first called their group "the clique".

It was more than a year that Norbert had no longer had a girlfriend. He had had five... but only with three had it come to something serious, and he had really fucked only with one. Without using a condom... and then for more than a month he was terrified of having got her pregnant... Luckily it was not the case. To take a chance of becoming a father for a few minutes of fun would really have been to be jerks. Better to wank, for now.

While rinsing, he began to jerk off. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine he was fucking a beautiful girl. He did not understand why, but he always saw a couple: a young man who was waving on top of a girl, almost hiding her body to his imagination. It was he, that boy, but she... who was she? He could hardly see her legs, arms, and a little more...

He reached a pleasant orgasm that the water that lashed his body emphasized... Turned off the water, he came out of the box and dried himself slowly. Then, naked as he was, he went to call Liam, who told him what to bring. He took note on the pad he always kept near the telephone.

Then he went to prepare breakfast. He ate, staying naked: he liked when he was home alone to go around with nothing on. Finished eating, he put everything in the sink and went to the bedroom to dress. He looked at himself in the mirror: "pretty good!" he thought with a bit of complacency. And fortunately he did have almost no body hair, except in the right places. He would not have liked to be hairy like some men, who seemed bears...

He chose with the usual care what to wear, placing everything on the bed. Norbert liked everything to be in tune, also the underwear, even if no one would have seen it. He did so for himself, for the sake of knowing that he was well dressed.

Since attending the university in Edinburgh, his father had rented for him a small apartment composed only of a room, kitchen, bathroom, and a mini-hall, but it was more than enough for him. He had chosen the furniture himself: having to stay in the budget that the father had established, he went to buy everything in a department store, buying only what was strictly necessary and the cheaper furniture.

The only luxury he allowed himself was a double bed, which occupied most of the bedroom, so he had to buy a wardrobe with sliding doors, otherwise there would not be enough space to open them. The two doors were two large mirrors that made his room look bigger.

But he wanted the double bed, in the secret hope that he could bring on it some nice girl to fuck... even though in reality, in two years, he had brought there just one!

He dressed, checked himself again in the mirror to be sure to be in order, took the list of things he had to buy, and went to the University. On the way back he would have done the shopping.

He thought back to the clique. He was the only one who had entered the university, after secondary school. He liked to study and despite his father would have preferred him to study law, to become a notary like him, had accepted when Norbert insisted on studying history instead: he wanted to become a teacher and possibly a researcher. History had always fascinated him.

Liam instead worked as a clerk in a bookstore near the cathedral; Mike went to work at the phone company; Frank helped his father in his Import-Export business; Shawn earned a living selling his paintings, and Joel was the instructor in a private gym.

Although after the school they had taken very different roads, they remained very united. In addition to see each other at least once or twice a week, when the weather permitted, they also went to camp together, about once a month. "The clique" had resisted the end of high school.

He had lunch in the university canteen. Once the lessons in the afternoon were also over, he went to the grocery store. Back home he took the CD and the portable player, chose the appropriate clothing for camping, the sleeping bag, the cosmetic bag with the need to wash and shave, arranged everything carefully in his backpack and looked at his watch. Liam had said they would go to take him at about five o'clock in the afternoon; it was missing only a half hour.

He went into the bedroom and put on velvet trousers, a sweater, and walking shoes. As a precaution he took also a fleece vest: it could get cold at night. Then he thought that perhaps it was better to also bring a flashlight. He took it and put it too in his backpack.

He looked at his watch again - it was ten minutes to five. Then sat at his desk and turned on the computer to check if he had received e-mail: besides the usual ten spam messages, there was nothing interesting. "Add two inches to your dick"... "Our system to fight viruses"... "Earn # 100 a day from your home"... "Boy rapes 3 girls using only 1 condom"... The usual bullshit, in fact. He erased them all without even opening them.

He had just disconnected from the Internet and turned off the computer when the doorbell rang. He went to answer the intercom: "Coming!"

Frank's voice asked, "Did you take the poker cards?"

"Oh, fuck, no. I'll take them right away and come down."

He took the deck of cards and put them in his pocket. Checked to have closed gas and light, went out, shut the door, and ran down two flights of stairs, taking the steps two at a time. Frank and Liam were waiting in the car. He went in and sat in the back seat, putting the backpack next to him.

"Hello, ugly!" Frank greeted him.

"Hello handsome! We told a lie each!" Norbert replied.

"Always a ready wit, you!" Liam said, laughing as Frank put in motion and departed.

"The others?" Norbert asked.

"Already on the road."

"Ah, but... where do we go?" asked Norbert realizing only then that he still did not know. Not that it really mattered, wherever it was fine, when he was with his friends.

"Not far from Peebles. Shawn has found a nice place in the forest, quite close to the water. Did you bring your bathing suit?" asked Frank.

"Shit, no, you did not tell me anything, Liam!"

"But what's the point? If we want to, we can swim in the nude - Shawn says that there is no living soul, there." said Liam.

"All right." Norbert said.

Frank was driving fast, but smooth and prudent - he was a really good driver. When was riding he, Norbert felt more relaxed. He looked at the scenery outside the window: the hour of sunset was approaching, but there was still enough light to place the tents. The sky was clear and serene. Maybe they could see the stars at night, Norbert thought.

Just before Peebles, they saw at the side of the road the car of the other three friends waiting for them. Shawn, who was driving the other car, started it and Frank followed him. They went in a side road between the trees. Shawn stopped and Frank parked next to him. They all got out and Norbert greeted the other friends.

"From here we continue on foot." Shawn said, "No more than fifteen minutes and we get at the spot."

They loaded their backpacks and, in a single file, followed Shawn. Norbert heard behind him the voices of Mike and Joel joking loudly, as always, teasing one another. Joel was the most cheerful of the party, but Mike the more ready and had a strong sense of humour.

They arrived in a small clearing. Not far away they could hear the sound of water running, but could not see the river. They took out the tents and mounted them quickly. They settled into them their backpacks, unrolled their sleeping bags, and then began to gather wood for a fire. When all six finally sat down around the campfire, it was almost dark. They took out the food and put it all together, then Shawn distributed it to everyone.

While eating, they merrily chatted, telling each other what had happened since the last time they met, just four days earlier.

"... Then she says: sorry, Joel, but this year I just cannot do it... I then say to her: Mary Ann, you just have to keep your little ass lower and push forward the tummy... and I place a hand on her ass. She looks at me, gives me a smile and tells me: how big hands you have! "

Mike immediately said: " All the better to feel you with, my dear! And she says, how swollen a basket you have! All the better to feed you with, my dear!"

They all laughed.

Joel said: "Well, not exactly what happened, but she really wanted to fuck with me... she almost said it."

"But you, like a gentleman, pretended not to understand, right?" Shawn said jokingly.

"On the contrary! I told her it could also be done, so we have a date for Monday night..."

"Hey! One fuck and away, or hoping for something more serious?" asked Liam.

"I'll see... she's nothing bad, that one. She has two tits like so." said Joel doing the gesture with the hands on his chest.

"Well, I, in the library, I met a nice girl..." Liam said then.

"Yes, and she asked you: Excuse me, where is the sector of books for lesbians?" Mike teased.

"No, not at all! She was looking for a dictionary of anatomy..."

"Oh, how romantic!" quipped Joel.

"We didn't have one, but I tell her we could order it, and ask her to leave her phone number, so I can tell her as soon as it arrived. I promise her I would do my best to get it quickly and she says: thanks, you're really nice, and she writes down her phone number and tells me: Ask of Sara, when you call me, it's me. I hope you call me soon... "

"Wow! A student of anatomy, I bet that you have proposed her to study it on you, lecher!" Norbert said.

"There was no need, you should have seen how she looked at me... especially here at the basket..." said Liam.

"Yes, she was wondering if you have it or not, probably!" said Joel.

"Well, you really should have no doubts about it!" Liam laughed, "Mine is two inches longer than yours, anyway."

"Yes, it is true... but how long have you not used it? There are already the cobwebs on it, I bet." Said Mike.

"No, there are no cobwebs: he cleans it at least three times a day... so..." Joel said making the act of masturbating.

"Shit, guys, I feel that here we are all hungry, no shit!" Frank said, "Mom Thumbelina with her four daughters are the only ones with whom we have fun, for some time now..."

"Guys, how about a strip poker?" Shawn then proposed.

"Yes, it's not cold... I'm game." said Mike.

The others agreed. They knew very well that sooner or later one of them would propose something, and then end up masturbating all at once, before going to sleep.

They played, betting their own clothes and gradually, some sooner, some later, ended up remaining all naked. And finally, laughing and joking, they began to masturbate. As usual, while each one beat himself, they watched their fellows between the legs, without false modesty.

But this time Frank, at one point, suggested: "Look, guys, why don't we beat it in pairs? I think it would be more fun..."

Joel and Liam, without answering, looked a moment at each other then began to mutually masturbate. Then Frank took off Mike's hand and began to masturbate him. Mike immediately reciprocated. Shawn was close to Norbert. He looked at him and reached for the member of his friend. Norbert had a moment of hesitation then he thought he could not hold back, seized the member of his friend and also the two of them began to masturbate each other. It was the first time that Norbert touched the member of another boy and that a boy touched his and he thought, somewhat surprised and somewhat upset, that it was more enjoyable than doing it to himself. Shawn, going on to masturbate him, looked Norbert into his eyes. This bothered him a little, so Norbert looked away. But he could not avoid seeing the two other pairs of friends masturbate each other.

He noticed that Frank and Mike did so as to be in front of the other, sitting on the ground, legs spread wide. Joel and Liam instead were side by side, but their bodies were leaning against each other... and now they all were silent. Only the crackling of the fire broke the silence, however, it was full of eroticism, and Norbert felt a little disturbed.

He looked at Shawn: his friend had not taken his eyes off him. Then Shawn leaned toward him and whispered: "Norman, would you try a nice sixty-nine?"

Norbert looked at him, surprised: "But... are you fool or what?" he answered in a whisper.

Although the exchange of sentences had been done in a very low voice, the others had heard, and now all four looked at them.

"Well, at least we can enjoy more... I like to get a blow-job and you too, I think, if you're normal." Shawn replied, looking at him defiantly, and now without whispering.

"Yes, but by a girl, not by you!" Norbert replied, removing his hand from the member of his friend.

Shawn instead continued to masturbate him: "A mouth is a mouth, has no sex." he insisted.

"Stop it, unless you want a punch! Aren't you a fag, are you?" Norbert asked belligerently and brusquely pushed away the hand of Shawn from his member.

Shawn, however, went over him, trying to touch again his member. Norbert tried to stop him and the two soon were engaged in a fight on the ground.

The friends had stopped masturbating and laughing, all in unison, chanted: "Sixty-nine! Sixty-nine! Sixty-nine!"

Norbert was furious, and began to fight vigorously to push away from himself Shawn. But Shawn, while continuing to laugh, now was trying for real.

Norbert finally broke free, took his clothes off the ground and walked away, trembling with rage: what had got Shawn? And the others?

While he dressed, Shawn's voice shouted: "But tonight we are in the tent together, you and me alone!"

"But go fuck yourself, asshole!" Norbert shouted.

He finished dressing and walked away, followed by the laughter of all five his comrades. He walked through the trees. He came near the little river and coasted along going farther. Then he had to stop following the stream, because some rocks were blocking the way.

Walking at random, he gradually calmed down, but he still felt angry. What had got Shawn? Okay, maybe he joked, but it was a shit of a joke... and then could he be sure he actually was just joking? Maybe he was really a fag... But fuck that, even if he was, how to propose him to do it in front of everyone! Just the idea made him to freak!

He stopped, took a deep breath and decided to go back. He looked around: he could no more see the glow of the fire, could not hear the sound of water. And now, how did he go back? At a rough guess, the tents had to be behind him. He resumed his walk. Sooner or later he would see the fire or hear the water and then it would be easy to find the way back.

He kept walking, but he was less and less sure to be able to find his way. Suddenly a loud clap of thunder made him start. He looked up at the sky but could see not even one star. Yet just a little before the sky was clear, how could it have clouded so fast?

A second loud thunder, preceded by a vivid flash of lightning, broke out loud and almost immediately began to rain cats and dogs.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I just lacked that too!" Norbert shouted back angrily.

In short, he was as wet as a baby chick. He felt the water rushing through the clothes, on his skin. He continued walking. With the noise of the storm, and with all that water, he certainly could not hear the sound of the river or see the fire that must have been put off.

He continued to walk blindly, hoping not to move further away from the camp, or at least to find a path, which would lead him somewhere.

After some wandering he had the impression of seeing a light through the trees. He went in that direction: it was a villa with all the windows lighted. With a sense of relief he headed there: there he surely would find some help. He heard that from the house came the sound of music and, moving closer he also heard laughter and merry voices: it seemed that there was a party.

He went to the door, preceded by a few semi-circular steps. Went up. The door was open and the sound of music and voices was louder. He paused in the doorway, sheltered from the rain and soon formed a puddle at his feet. He looked inside but in the elegant and large lobby there was nobody. He tried to call several times, louder and louder, but got no response.

He thought that the volume of music and the laughter covered his voice. A little uncertain, he entered the hall and looked around, unsure what to do. At least he was sheltered from the storm. The music and voices came from a door on the right. He walked toward the closed door, thinking of knocking there, or maybe to open ajar the door and look inside, to be seen...


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