"THE MYSTERY VILLA" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MYSTERY VILLA by Andrej Koymasky © 2012
written on February 24, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Kent D.

Norbert closed the door behind him and leaned against it, panting. The music was no more heard, now.

He looked around. He was in a long narrow room, like a large hallway, a gallery, and everything was red: red damask covered the walls, red was the carpet, red the few furniture and red were the paintings that he vaguely saw on the walls. Throughout the length candelabra were lit with candles, resting on small red-lacquered shelves. And there was nobody but him.

He was looking at the room to find another door, when a strange wind blew through the gallery, the flames quivered, flickered and went out and Norbert found himself in total darkness.

He felt his heart beat violently in his chest and tried to breathe deeply to calm himself. He heard a hissing noise. He held his breath and the sound stopped. Breathed again and realized it was the sound of his breath.

When he felt calmer, he finally began to move. Seeing nothing, he decided to advance along the left wall, touching it with the fingers to maintain contact. He moved his feet slowly, cautiously, one before the other, testing the carpet, and careful not to stumble. In fact, he saw that along the walls there were also some benches and seats, in addition to the shelves on which were placed the now extinguished candelabra.

Under his fingertips he felt the luxurious brocade wallpaper that covered the walls. He moved forward very slowly. He wondered how he happened there, which place was that... His fingers felt an obstacle. Exploring it lightly and cautiously, he recognized the shape of a frame: it must have been one of the paintings that he had glimpsed when he came there.

After the frame he felt something odd. It was neither a glass nor the surface of a canvas, it was soft... was warm... pleasant but strange... He carefully moved his fingers to explore that area, to understand what it could be...

He withdrew his hand abruptly, as if it were scalded: it was a body! And a male body - he had touched the erect member! Strangely, he realized, he had not felt before under his fingertips the pubic hair that usually should surround a member...

There was someone there!

"Who are you?" he asked softly.

No one answered.

He raised again his hand and again found himself touching an erect member. Erect and warm, throbbing. He moved away his hand.

"Who are you?" he asked again.

A soft chuckle came to his ears and he felt a hand touch his penis. He swerved back and that contact ceased. But his member, that had returned soft when he managed to leave the white room, began to harden again.

The hand of the stranger stroked his again semi-erect member and Norbert snapped back again, stopping that embarrassing contact with a stranger.

Another slight chuckle resounded in the room and Norbert could not understand where it came from. Then a soft voice murmured: "You have a nice cock, Norbert... let me touch it..."

"No, keep your hands to yourself!" Norbert said, annoyed.

But what perhaps made him feel more irritated was that the sudden and repeated touches on his member had caused him a new erection.

Then he realized that the voice, which he had not been able to recognize, had called him by name, so he knew him, he was someone he knew. Yet he could not associate that voice with a face.

The stranger's hand touched him again in a more intimate way, and the voice whispered: "Let me suck it, Norbert... I'll make you enjoy..."

"Go to hell!" the boy answered angrily, trying to escape from that hand, but as soon as he was about to back off, another hand stroked his ass.

"No one sees us here, nobody can see us, let me give you head, Norbert..." insisted the voice.

The boy moved almost with violence, to get rid of those two hands that touched both his front and rear, and the contact ceased.

He moved, trying to resume, albeit with some apprehension, his groping exploration. He had lost all sense of orientation, he could not figure out which way he should walk.

A hand stroked his chest at the nipples level. Norbert snapped off to the side and crashed into another naked body and felt his erect member pressing against its side. He moved in the other direction.

He heard again a low chuckle: "Come on, Norbert... you're excited, right? You liked to feel my hard cock touching on you, right?" whispered the voice.

"Fuck off!"

"Yes, I'd like to fuck your sweet ass..." replied the voice, and again a hand stroked his ass.

Norbert had the impression of being surrounded by naked and horny males - wherever he moved, he felt a body, a member, an ass... But the voice was always the same pitch, the same tone; it seemed to be only one person... But who was he? Or who were they?

"Come on, Norbert, I know you want it... We are in the dark, aren't we? Enjoy the occasion, let's enjoy together... I like you... you want it..." insisted the voice.

Norbert thought that it was as if the other or the others saw him. The hands touched him always in the right places, never at random...

He stood motionless, holding his breath - not a sound reached his ears now.

Raising both hands in front of him, he advanced slowly. After a couple of steps he touched something - instinctively drew back his hands, but then realized he had again touched the surface of brocade on the walls. He then resumed his advance with caution, making the fingertips swipe on.

Suddenly he felt a warm breath on his nape and the voice spoke again.

"I like your little ass, Norbert..."

At the same time he felt a hard and warm member slightly rubbing between his buttocks.

The boy turned quickly, to deal with the invisible person and reject him, and felt the wall behind him.

"Do not touch me!" he said menacingly.

A hand on one side rubbed for a moment his nipple and moved away. Norbert turned slightly to face the new "threat", but another hand touched his hard member. The boy swung his arms vigorously around him but found the void.

The voice laughed softly: "Come on, Norbert, do not resist your desires. You have it as hard as marble! You want it, babe..."


"Let me suck it, cum in my mouth..."

"Go away! Go away!"

"You're worse than a woman saying no, no, but you really want it..."

"I am a male and not a fag!"

"Yes, you're a really good male... and ARE a fag."


Again, a hand caressed his balls and the under side of his fine hard member. Norbert protected his member with both hands and did not find the hands that had just touched it. Now he was almost bent forward, to better protect himself.

"If you want to get out of here, you'll have to let me suck you... come on... let me do you a good blowjob... You die from the desire, I know... I will make you enjoy..."

"Go to hell! Leave me alone!"

"A good, long, nice blow job... take off the hands from there, let me... no one can see... no one will ever know anything..."

Norbert, crawling with the back against the wall, tried to get away from that voice. Suddenly he felt a member press on his butt, yet his back felt the wall! He moved forward and felt like a breath on the nipples and at the same time on the hands with which he still tried to protect his genitals.

"Norbert... Norbert... let go... enjoy with me..." sighed the voice from the darkness.

Then he felt two lips, a tongue on the right nipple. Escaping, he raised his hands to stop this lewd touch, and soon a hand fondled his genitals.

"I like your cock, Norbert..."

"Leave me alone!" shouted a boy.

"No... you're excited, admit it... you want it... you are dying to do it, say it..."

"Enough..." Norbert almost moaned.

A cascade of giggles, as issued by a thousand voices, wrapped him.

"Come on, touch my dick... lick it, kiss it... Suck me, come on..." the voice said, coming from another direction.

He felt a member brush against his cheek and pulled away violently. He went to beat again against the wall. Moving along it, he explored it with his hands and felt another frame. He overcame it, and there was a flat panel... maybe it was a door. Breathlessly, explored it, and as he hoped, his hands spotted the handle. Grabbed it and started to turn it, but that suddenly became warm and soft - what he was now clutching and shaking in his hand was a hard erect member.

He was about hastily remove his hand but then a vicious thought made his way into his troubled mind so he squeezed it harder, twisting and pulling with all his might... and the member was again a cold metal handle, but the door did not open.

"Open! Open! Let me out!" he cried desperately.

He pounded with both fists against the door, but a hand rested on his bare buttocks and tried to slip a finger in the furrow.

"No!" Norbert shouted and jumped to the side.

He stumbled against a wooden bench and to avoid falling, leaned on it with both hands... and the wood became a soft and firm body. He walked away pulling back, panting hard, scared.

The voice chuckled again, this time in front of him: "Come on, I'm here, on all fours... put it in my ass, come on! Fuck me, cum inside me..."

Norbert was furious as he went forward until his legs touched the body he imagined waiting for him on all fours. Then he dropped on it both fists with vigour... and hit against the seat of the bench, and the blow resounded in the room.

The voice chuckled behind him: "No, not so, brute! But do not you realize? Your cock is always hard, wants satisfaction... you want it... let me suck it, come on... Turn around, I am here on my knees, ready to do you a nice blow job... come here... put it all in my mouth, push it all down in my throat, cum inside it... "

The voice chuckled at his right and a hand again touched his member that was always hard and pointed straight forward.

Norbert moved away towards the other side. He had to find the door, he would rather be back in the ballroom, as at least no one had touched him in there...

He had lost his sense of orientation.

He froze and listened. He did not hear any noise. He then walked briskly, straight ahead - eventually he would find again a wall.

His body crashed into another body, and felt his hard member bend upward for the impact, sliding against a body. He felt the member of the other pressing on his crotch, rubbing against his own. He backed uselessly wind milling his arms before him.

"Our cocks have touched... you liked it, right?" said the voice on his left. "Come on, stop running away, let yourself go... enjoy with me... I will make you try the Paradise, Norbert, I promise..."

"Who the fuck are you? Who are you? How do you know my name?"

"I know you, Norbert, better than you know yourself... I've seen how much you like looking at your naked body in the mirror, while you jerk off..."

"You do not know me, you can not have seen me... I was always alone..." Norbert protested.

Then he called himself stupid: it was obvious that the other was bluffing, he had guessed by chance. Who knows how many guys do so... he thought.

The voice continued: "I saw you when you jerk off in the shower..."

"And who does not do it?" Norbert asked calming down, defiantly.

"And when you close your eyes and fantasize... you always see a male nude that is fucking..."

"Sure, fucking a girl!"

"No... you have not really seen, in your fantasy, a girl but just a couple of legs, arms... because who was under you was a boy not a girl..." insinuated the voice.

"No, it is not true. I never did it with a guy, never!"

"But you liked jerk off with your friends, admit it..."

"Each of us did it to himself..."

"Always? This last time, there by the fire... You liked how Shawn held your pecker in his hand... you liked to have that of Shawn in your hand, come on, you can not deny it!"

"What the fuck do you know? Who are you? Shawn? Frank? Come on! This joke has gone on too long; you make me crazy. Stop it..."

"Who would you like that I was? I bet you'd like it if I were Liam... you always looked with great interest at his cock... Liam attracts you, right?"

"Who the fuck are you? What the fuck you want?"

"I want to have sex with you... and you want it, admit it."

"Just shut up, asshole!"

"Are you mad at Shawn because you wanted to do it with Liam, admit it..."


"If it was Liam to propose to you and there were no the others... you would have done it, you know it well."

"You're crazy. You have bugs in the head. You're just a fagot, a pervert..."

"No more than you, Norbert, no more than you..."

"I'm not a fag!" Norbert shouted.

"You keep repeating it, shouting it. Who do you want to convince, yourself? You scream because you know that's not true. You repeat it, because you're afraid to admit it. You want a cock... you are thirsting for sex with a male..."

"I've done it always and only with girls..." Norbert almost groaned, moving slowly as to escape in some way to that insisting voice.

"Your five girls? Those who you boasted about with your friends? Aha! Just a screen with which you were hiding only to yourself..."

"No! It is not true!"

"Yes. With Melissa, Judy and Margie... you did just fondle, you did not get to anything more. Raquel... she jerked you off and it was not even exceptional, she was not good at it, and you did not even stuck a finger in her hot and wet pussy, it did not even occur to you... "

"But Deborah, I fucked her!"

"Yes, because she wanted it more than you did..."

"I enjoyed it..."

"Sure, she knew how to do it... she managed to make you cum. But then... then you repented, you would not have done it..."

"Just because I was afraid of getting her pregnant..." Norbert protested.

"It's true... because you thought it was not worth the price of getting her pregnant just for a pleasure that after all was nothing special, because you did not really like..."

"But I enjoyed..."

"Not more than wanking yourself, admit it... Nothing special... With me instead... you would go crazy with pleasure... and would like to do it again..."

"Are you Liam? Only he knows all these things..."

"He... and you... and me... You will be happy only when you'll fuck with a male..."


"Yes... You want to experience the thrill of a nice cock in your mouth..."

"You're sick!"

"You want to find out how good is to bugger a boy..."

"Shut up, asshole!"

"You want to try how good is it to take a cock in your ass..."

"No, no!"

"And get a blow job from someone like you..." urged the voice.

Norbert, during this dialogue, continued to back away slowly. Suddenly he felt a hard door handle press against his back. He turned and grabbed it, swung it...

The door gave way, opened, and a blinding light made him close his eyes, but he crossed and closed it behind him.


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