"THE MYSTERY VILLA" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MYSTERY VILLA by Andrej Koymasky © 2012
written on February 24, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Kent D.

Norbert found himself on the threshold of a small room. On the walls there was wallpaper with vertical stripes of various shades of yellow. A library of yellow cherry wood covered the wall in front of him. It also had in front a chair with armrests, empty, beside a desk in the same cherry wood. Above the tabletop there was a table lamp, which projected on it a large cone of light that shone down also on the chair with armrests.

Norbert slowly turned around looking at everything. Behind him was the mirror from which he had entered. On the right wall a closed door. On the left wall was painted a window... He looked again to the bookcase and desk.

On the armchair was now seated a young man and Norbert immediately recognized him as his former high school math teacher. He was wearing gray cotton trousers and a plaid shirt chequered in yellow and gray. He looked at him smiling.

Norbert was suddenly aware of being naked and covered his genitals with both hands, blushing.

"Professor MacKinney!" he exclaimed softly, surprised.

"Hey, Norbert, I'm glad to see you again!"

"Sorry, professor... I did not know that this was your house..." stammered the boy completely confused.

"My home, my boy? But no, this is your house, villa Norbert!"

"Why? How? My Home? No, sir, it is not my home..." replied the boy even more confused.

The young man smiled: "You look troubled, young man. What happens? But... I've never said that you are a really nice boy? Take away those hands from there, anyway now I've seen everything there was to see... "

"I... I..." Norbert stammered.

"Come on, take off those hands... So, well done. Also your cock is nice, you have developed well. You were already the most beautiful of my students, however. The most desirable..."

"You, professor..."

"Come here, closer..." said the young man smiling invitingly, spreading his legs a bit.

Norbert could not help but notice the generous bulge under the fly of the blond young professor...

"Professor... I want out of this house... it is not my home... and I do not understand what happened to my clothes... My friends should be looking for me... I think. We put up the tents somewhere out there... I lost my way... " the boy said, almost in one breath.

"Calm down, calm down, boy, everything is fine." said the young man smiling and stretched out his hands, grabbed Norbert's wrists and pulled him between his spread legs.

"Everything is all right..." he repeated in a warm and inviting voice.

He pushed him down, forcing him with gentle determination to kneel before him, and then unbuttoned his wool shirt. Below he wore nothing and Norbert saw the man's broad, hairless and muscular chest, and his flat belly. Two dark nipples with around a few blond hairs, adorned that beautiful chest...

"Come on..." the young professor simply said.

Norbert leaned on that chest and began sucking, licking, and nibbling first at one then at the other nipple.

"Yes, good, so..." urged him the man.

Norbert ran his hands under the shirt and stroked his back, continuing to suck the hardened nipples of his former professor.

He felt him fiddling down. He moved away and looked - the young man was opening the fly of his pants. Norbert held his breath and continued to watch, fascinated. The flap opened and also under the pants the man was not wearing anything - his cock already hard, straight up toward the navel and lying flat on the stomach, appeared to his view.

"Suck it, come on..." said the man, pushing him on the neck towards his groin.

Norbert bent without resistance, took with both hands the big hard cock and the balls and began to kiss, lick them... he liked it... It was hot, strong, hard... and throbbed under his lips and his tongue...

"Suck it, Norbert... make me enjoy..." invited again the young professor.

The boy took it between his lips, and made it all slip in his mouth lowering his head - the sensation was pleasant. When his nose was pressed against the pubic hair of the blond young man, it smelled musky and male and also that seemed to him good, intoxicating.

Then he began to suck, moving his head up and down in an increasingly more secure and strong rhythm. The man's hands caressed his shoulders and back, neck and hair.

"Bravo, Norbert, so... suck it, make me enjoy... And drink it all... You like sucking it, Norbert, isn't that so?"

The boy stopped for a moment, looked at him and murmured: "Yes..." and noticed that the handsome man was no longer wearing the shirt.

"Go on, then, and make me enjoy."

Norbert leaned again and now also the pants were missing. He saw the strong legs covered by a light blonde hair that shone like fine gold under the cone of light from the lamp.

Without wondering how he could no longer wear the pants, because by now he was not surprised about anything, Norbert plunged back to suck that tasty piece of quivering flesh.

Yes, he liked... he liked the smell, he liked the taste, the feeling in the mouth and against the tongue, he liked when it tickled the uvula and overlooked the throat... With his hands he caressed the heavy man's testicles, the inner thighs, the flat and hollow belly, to then slid up to tease the nipples.

"Bravo, Norbert, so... You've always wanted to do it, I know. And I have always wanted to have it sucked so from you... Make me enjoy, come on."

The boy felt the muscles of the man tense and relax under his caress and realized that he was about to reach orgasm. He dedicated himself to that big and lovely member with more enthusiasm, and wondered what taste could have what he knew that the man would soon make him taste.

The man was now shaking, almost jerking, then, without uttering a single sound, began to pour in his mouth waves of warm cream. Norbert drank it all, quickly, splash after splash, feeling it accumulate on his tongue, swallowing it in big gulps. He could feel the taste - it was strange but pleasant, slightly salty, savoury, like a liquid cream...

When he had extracted the last drop he continued to suck. The man then, with kindness, made him remove his head from his lap. Norbert looked up and saw the man smile.

"You are a born cock-sucker, Norbert. You are really good. You liked it, true?"

"It... tastes good." the boy admitted, feeling still the taste in his mouth, with pleasure.

"This has been your first time." said the young professor, stroking his hair.

"Yes." Norbert said, wondering how his former professor could know.

But in that strange and mysterious villa, everyone seemed to know everything about him, even better than himself.

Norbert was still kneeling in front of the naked body of his handsome young professor and admired the male body. He saw that on the tip of the member now soft, shone a drop of semen. With a finger picked it up and licked it. Yes, he really liked it.

At that moment someone knocked at the door. Norbert stood up, alarmed and turned to look. The door opened and there appeared the young pastor of his church, dressed in black, with the white collar.

Norbert, worried, turned toward his former teacher, and saw that the chair was empty and that the man was no longer in the room.

The pastor came in and shut the door behind him.

"Oh, Norbert! I was looking for you..." said the pastor with a smile.

"You... were looking for me, Reverend?" asked the boy unsure.

"Yes, Norbert, I was looking for you."

"Did my friends... they told you to look for me?"

"No, Norbert." said the pastor approaching to him.

" I was... looking for my clothes, Reverend." said the boy no longer even trying to cover himself.

"Your clothes, Norbert, and why? You're so beautiful... so naked." said the young pastor and with a hand caressed the genitals of the boy who gasped in surprise but did not try to evade the light and intimate caress.

"Yes, you are beautiful." repeated the pastor smiling and continuing to slightly caress the member of Norbert.

The two looked into each other's eyes. The boy felt his cock respond to the caress of the warm and gentle hand of the young pastor.

"I... I want to get out of here." the boy told him almost in a whisper.

"Yes, I know. After... After I'll tell you how to get out. But now... Do not be so tense, my dear boy, everything is fine."

"What do you want from me?" Norbert asked shuddering.

"No, it is you who want something from me. And I'm here to give it to you, boy."

"I... I want something from you, Reverend?"


"Why are you touching me like that?" Norbert asked softly.

"Because I know you like. Haven't you always wanted it?"


"Yes. You think that I did not notice how you looked at me, every Sunday in church?"

"I like how you preach... I've always admired you, Reverend Connery..."

"But if you were almost not listening... You liked the sound of my voice, maybe... You liked the way I smile, you liked watching me... and your admiration was for my body, not for my words.... "

"No..." the boy told him upset.

"Yes. You were not you aware, I know, but it is so. Even now... you like the way I touch you. And you're wondering how is my body under these clothes..."

"No..." wailed the boy, realizing at that moment, that it was true.

"Yes. Be honest with yourself, before than with me. I'm here for you, I told you. To give you what you want."

"No..." breathed softly the boy, but he felt that his member was once again erect and hard.

The young pastor unbuttoned and took off is black shirt - under it he wore a light blue T-shirt, on which were screen printed in large yellow letters the words "You Need It!"

Then he opened his trousers and with a sharp tear took them off as if they were strip tease pants. Under he wore boxer of the same light blue of the T-shirt, and above it was written in large yellow letters, "It's Here!"

Norbert looked fascinated. The young man took off his T-shirts remaining bare-chested - his chest was slightly hairy and the dark hair drew a thin line at the centre of the chest, going down on his stomach, almost like an arrow pointing under his boxers.

"You want it, you've always wanted to do it, Norbert. Then, do it."

Norbert knelt before him, raised his hands to the sides of the elastic waistband of the boxer shorts and slowly lowered them. The member of the pastor jumped out, erect and hard, and pointed to the boy's face.

Norbert leaned forward and kissed it, licked it, took it in his lips and, moaning with pleasure, began to suck it moving the head back and forth.

The young man bent over him, and stroked his back. Norbert shuddered. Yes, it was true, he wanted it, had always wanted it! How could he not have noticed it before? It was true, his admiration for the young pastor was only desire, sexual desire... and now he could finally fulfil his secret dream, so secret that he himself had never been able to recognize it!

The beautiful member of the young man pleasantly filled his mouth and throbbed powerfully between his lips, over his tongue. He made it go down as deep as possible and sucked it with increasing pleasure. He savoured it, and it seemed him impossible, now, that just a few hours before he refused to do it with his friend Shawn.

He sucked that strong member with enthusiasm, with passion, with relish. His hands caressed the strong legs of the young man in front of which he was devoutly kneeling.

He could feel the young minister quiver in the throes of pleasure, and the consciousness that it was he who was giving him those increasingly strong emotions made him feel almost as if he were drunk.

With the corner of the eye he caught a movement at his left - he turned his eyes without stop sucking and saw his own reflection in the mirror from which had entered into that study. He saw the handsome member sliding in and out of his lips and that aroused him even more.

He saw reflected in the mirror the beautiful naked body of the young man, firmly standing on the strong legs slightly apart and bent over him, and thought that the scene was incredibly sensual.

The young pastor turned his head toward the mirror, and through this, he smiled him.

"You like it, Norbert, isn't it true?"

The boy nodded with conviction.

"Yeah, you like... I knew it. For this I have come here to you. To meet your need, your thirst. I heard your wish. Move the tongue... so... enjoy this lovely piece of warm flesh."

The sensual voice of the young man was like a caress and made him shudder as much as the hands that continued to roam over all the parts of his body they could reach. With the tongue, every time he retreated his head, he drew circles around the smooth, pleasant, warm and swollen glans. Every time he pushed his head forward, pressing his nose against the thick mop of blond hair, he breathed in the faint male smell.

"Suck it, suck... I will soon quench your thirst, you'll taste the male's nectar, I will make you drink from the fountain of eternal youth. Suck it, Norbert." the handsome man encouraged him in a voice increasingly husky for the pleasure.

The boy kneaded with his hands the bag that hung under the beautiful member, caressed the inside of the strong thighs. The young clergyman raised his upper body and groaned, shuddering.

"Drink it all... Here... here... it is here... drink... your... driiiink!" the man growled pushing it vigorously in his throat and began to empty into the depths of his mouth.

Norbert sucked harder and swallowed every time, the walls of his throat milked the strong meat rod drawing from it all the liquor of life, increasing the pleasure of the young man.

When the boy finally let out of his mouth the beautiful member, he crouched down sitting on his feet and let out a long satisfied sigh. Also the seed of the lovely pastor had a pleasant flavour, noted Norbert licking his lips, pleased.

He looked up and saw the handsome man standing in front of him, now fully clothed. The pastor smiled.

"Satisfied?" he asked.

"Yes." Norbert replied with a slight smile.

"Get up, now. Did you not tell me you want out of here?"

Norbert got up nimbly: he felt strong again, full of energy, and now he no longer cared being completely naked in front of another man, he rather felt pleasure.

"Yes, I would like to get out." he said quietly, "I have to go back. My friends should be worried about me, I think."

"Yes. Come on, then."

The pastor opened the door he had entered, and Norbert followed him.

They found themselves in an octagonal room. This too was yellow, and on the wallpaper were painted lilies like those of the emblem of the kings of France, in gold leaf. The light came from a frame that ran under the ceiling of the room.

In addition to the door by which they had come there, there were three other doors. Above each was hung a scroll with the frame covered in gold leaf and with three sentences written on it.

A blue one was reading "The Way of the Application", another was green and read "The Way of Nature" and the third one was purple, and finally read "The Way of the Will."

"Here, my boy, you have three paths to follow to get out of this house. You must choose from which to start, but then you have to visit all three in the right order. If you mess up, you risk staying here too long and not find easily the way out. "

"How will I know if I'm wrong?" the boy asked.

"If you choose the right one, each will take you to another. If you choose the wrong sequence, you'll be back here and you will have to start all over again. You will find open doors and closed doors, based on what you decide to do in every room."

"You can not give me an advice, pastor?"

"No. So far are events that have decided for you, but from here on, the choice depends only on you."

"But can I get out? Go back outside?"

"Sure, but when and how, by now depends only on you."

"But how can I choose, so blindly?"

"My dear boy, you have been blind until today. Do not continue to be, and you'll see that you'll make the right choices."

"Pastor... when I get out of here... how am I going to find the right way?"

"So many questions..."

"And how long do I have to stay here, if I go wrong?"

"See, Norbert, someone has needed just a few minutes, some others years..."


"Yes, years. Years to understand, years to accept, years to start to..."

But while the young pastor was saying this, his image began to flicker, became transparent, and he vanished before the end of the sentence.

Norbert looked again at the three cartouches. There must have been a clue, an indication, it could not be a choice to made blindly, or would not be a real choice. Then, for the first time, thought back to all that had happened him since he had set foot in that mysterious villa. And little by little insight dawned in his mind. Yes, he thought, perhaps he understood.

At a resolute step he went to the door above which hung a scroll with the words "Way of Nature", he determinedly pushed the swing door and stepped across the threshold.


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