"THE MYSTERY VILLA" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MYSTERY VILLA by Andrej Koymasky © 2012
written on February 24, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Kent D.

He found himself in a vast greenhouse. Lush plants and flowers in bright colours on all sides filled it and winding alleys advanced between the plants.

He decided to explore it, carefully looking at everything. The greenhouse was covered with a large glass dome, through which he saw a black sky dotted with stars. He knew fairly well the sky vault, but realized he was not able to even recognize one constellation. It was like being under an alien sky.

He took one of the paths: under his feet there was very fine white sand, cool and dry. To the right and left there were bunches of flowers: orchids, daffodils, and clumps of iris, hyacinths, and jasmines.

Tall trees with straight trunks were rising until their canopies touched the glass ceiling. The wall from which he entered was of green marble. The greenhouse was square and the other three walls were tall transparent windows. He heard water running, and saw a small waterfall through the trees. He approached and touched the water with a hand - it was clear, bright and fresh. So he joined his hands as a cup and poured it on his body, several times.

Then he filled again his hands and drank from. He felt immediately refreshed, invigorated. He continued walking and found himself before one of the windows.

On the other side he saw that there was another part of the greenhouse, but more like a forest than a garden like the one where he was. Leaning against the glass he looked closely at the scene that appeared to his eyes.

He saw that among the trees were roaming naked men, their aspect made him think of a tribe of the Amazon River, or perhaps of the jungles of Asia... he could not tell. They were all young, slender, and strong males. Their faces were beautiful and serene, and had a cap of black and smooth hair, almost shiny. Some were roasting something over a fire, others were engaged in athletic competition, others were talking in little groups. All were wearing only a narrow waist belt made of long and thin woven leaves.

Their beautiful soft members hung between their strong legs, and were adorned by pubic hair also short and thick, black and smooth, shiny. Even their butts were perfect, small and firm. Norbert got excited in watching them, and thought that he would have liked be able to mix with them, touch, kiss them... make love with them. He tried to knock on the glass to get their attention, but no one turned toward him.

He tried to see if there was a door, a passage, but apparently there was no way to get across.

Then he moved, until he found himself in front of another side of the large greenhouse. Also here there was a large window, beyond which he saw something that at first made him think of a miniature city, with streets and squares, all built with gray walls and roofs. He saw also that among those buildings roamed men dressed in gray, all alike. They were like robots, walking stiff and the expressionless faces were all identical.

Sometimes, walking through the streets of this strange city, they turned toward him, but nobody seemed to see him. Some would slide to the side panels on the gray walls and disappeared inside; the panels then closed again behind them. Other panels were opened and others "robots" came out and walked, straight, rigid, along the streets.

Norbert noticed, moving along the glass wall, there were three doors, also of glass. One gave out on one of those streets, paved with black slabs. Another gave access to one of those pseudo-miniature houses, in which Norbert could not see anything except a uniform and diffuse greyness. The third led, via a black stone staircase to another door decorated with geometric shapes in relief, all painted purple.

Then Norbert moved to look at the third glass of the greenhouse. Beyond the window there was a beach of fine white sand, over which he saw an expanse of blue water that was lost on the horizon mingling with a sky of the same blue, so that it was difficult to distinguish the horizon line.

Along the beach were lying, sitting or walking naked men, sunbathing. Some seemed to sleep, others chatted among themselves and occasionally laughed, others were immersed in reading and leafing through books or magazines that Norbert could not see very well.

He also saw that someone was gently caressing the body of his neighbour, or caressed his own body in a vaguely sensual way. Also here Norbert tried to knock on the glass to draw the attention of the men, but no one seemed to hear his call. There were, along the window, two doors, also of glass. One looked on a sort of belvedere from which descended a stairway to the beach. But the other seemed to lead to a sort of cube, also of glass, in which sat a man who seemed absorbed looking at a TV screen. Stretching the neck, Norbert saw that on the small screen was flowing the scene of a clip in which two men and a woman, naked, were fucking. Then he noticed that the man, who was watching the TV, was slowly masturbating.

Norbert asked himself in amazement how, in the first window, he had not noticed any door - there must be a passage, it was logical that there was.

So he came back until he reached the first of the three wide windows. The naked natives were still busy in their various occupations. The boy carefully explored the whole window, but there was no trace of a door.

Then he noticed that, at the top, the glass was interrupted and branches of the trees in the greenhouse stretched toward the forest, as well as branches of the forest trees stretched up into the greenhouse - that was the "door"! He had to climb and move from one branch to another, until reaching the other side.

He thought: one gateway to the natives, two towards the nudists, and three towards the strange city... Then another thing struck him: "The Way of Nature"... was not the strange miniature city... and in the end, even the nudist beach with books, magazines, a television... Instead, the primitive tribe and the forest were really "nature". So he had to go the other way... He had to break through that "door"...

He studied well the trees on his side, wondering about which one suited him to try to climb. He found that only four were close enough to the glass wall. One of the trunks seemed too smooth... Another had low branches and others sticking up to the summit, becoming gradually more slender, and he thought that they would probably break under his weight. Another tree had a rough bark, perhaps he could cling with the fingers and toes, but did not know if he would had a sufficient grip, and if the bark would hold him and not detach...

The last one he had examined had the big trunk surrounded by wisteria branches that clung to it, forming like a thick, hard net... He walked away a bit to look how far the wisteria went up, and saw that it was lost to the crown of the tree. In the upper part of it hung beautiful flowers in bunches of a soft purple...

Norbert decided to try climbing up the trunk of that tree: the branches of the wisteria could be good holds for both hands and feet.

He undertook the climbing that proved easier than he had expected. He quickly reached one of the major branches that lay beyond the window, toward the forest of the primitive tribes. Carefully sliding on the strong branch, he passed the other side and was able to jump on one of the branches of a tree in the forest where the naked natives were. He looked around to decide which path to follow to go down, when he noticed some strong lianas. He took a few steps reaching out to grab it, when a noose snapped around his ankle and found himself hanging upside down, imprisoned.

He was wondering what to do, when he noticed that there were monkeys among the trees that swayed jumping from branch to branch converging towards him. Then, as they approached, he realized that in fact they were boys. He called them, asking them to release him. The boys were laughing; surrounded him, then took his free leg and arms and tied them with three other loops of lianas - so Norbert was hung almost horizontally and his body formed a large X.

The boys touched, tickled, and caressed him throughout the body until they managed to cause Norbert a strong and pleasant erection. Meanwhile, they slowly lowered him to the ground and they too came down around him, jumping nimbly from branch to branch. Norbert, despite his awkward position, could not help but notice how the bodies of the boys were beautiful, sensual, and desirable.

Upon reaching the ground, Norbert always hung on four lianas and close to the ground, saw that the village men had surrounded them.

One of the youths approached a couple of men and smiling stood between them going down on all fours. The two men knelt on one front and one behind him, and began to fuck his mouth and ass caressing his body. Norbert watched the exciting scene and saw that the boy and the two men were enjoying the match.

The other men and boys looked at the trio, then another man went to get one of the youths, made him turn over and penetrated him. The boy made a gesture to another of the men making him approach, and bent to suck him with evident pleasure. Gradually others trios were formed so that each of the youths had two men penetrating him in many different poses.

Norbert felt more and more aroused and thought that he wanted two of those men to took care of him like that.

Finally one of those big, strong men came to him looking at him with a smile full of desire. Norbert saw him approach, his perfect member hard, erect, swaying lightly with every step of the man. Norbert smiled invitingly. The man arrived next to him and began to caress his body, teasing the nipples while slowly turning around him. Sometimes Norbert felt the strong pole of the man touch his body and he intensely felt he wanted it.

When the man was at his head level, Norbert opened his mouth sticking out the tongue, trying to reach the strong stake of the tough guy. The man smiled and approached the hard member to his lips. Norbert began to lick it with pleasure. Then he tightened his lips on the tip. The man pushed forward by arching the pelvis and finally the boy could take it all in his mouth. The man began to caress his chest and tease the nipples of the beautiful boy and move his pelvis back and forth in a vigorous pace. The body of Norbert swung, hanging on the lianas, with each stroke of his virile partner.

Then he felt two hands caress his contracted testicles, his hard member, and his belly. Norbert, continuing to suck the strong meat stake, moaned in the throes of pleasure. More hands caressed his thighs, widened his small buttocks, and a finger began to spread something slippery on the small hidden hole, massaging it for a long time.

Norbert felt his anus throb, and a great pleasure radiate from his ring of flesh. Then, at last, he felt a firm glans rest on his hole and start pushing, moving in small circles. He could not see the man standing between his spread legs, but the pleasure he took in those manoeuvres, plus the pleasure of having the member of the other man who slipped back and forth in his mouth, made him moan louder.

The rod rubbing between his buttocks gradually began to dilate the ring of flesh and to nest inside. Norbert felt an urgent desire to be penetrated. The four lianas that held him suspended immobilized him, so he was not able to do anything neither to delay nor to accelerate those operations, to oppose or to encourage them. But he for sure would not oppose or delay it.

The hands of the one that stood between his legs now kept him still at the waist and the strong rod continued to press and move, opening up gradually, inch by inch, the way in his tight, hot, throbbing and inviolate channel. Norbert felt he was going crazy with pleasure. He felt it enter little by little, nesting inside him, filling him, and enjoyed it immensely.

Finally the strong rod came all the way down inside him, and then the man started to move back and forth, in sync with the other man who fucked him in the mouth, so that Norbert felt the two hard and warm cocks sink together in him, and then together withdraw from him. He didn't see another man approaching their trio and bending over him, but soon he felt his lips tighten on his erect and throbbing stake.

Norbert groaned even louder in the throes of a so intense emotion as to make him shake all over the body. His moans mingled with the symphony of moans, groans and sighs of all other trios that everything around him were happily making love.

He felt the three men give him and take from him their enjoyment, and their six hands seemed to be everywhere on his skin. The whole body of Norbert was shaking for the incredible intensity of the pleasure. The only thing that the boy's eyes were able to grasp was the body of the man who, bent over him, was fucking his mouth.

He saw the smooth and evenly skin tanned by the sun, the well-defined muscles that rippled with every thrust, and that vision seemed the most erotic thing he had ever experienced in his life. He wished to have both hands free to touch, to caress, to palpate the man's body. He felt delirious.

But he was powerless, deliciously helpless, hanging there in midair, happily submissive in the hands of those three men who were taking their pleasure with his body and giving him a growing enjoyment with their bodies.

The moans and groans all around him were gradually increasing in intensity, in a harmonious and joyful chorus of passion. Norbert felt dizzy, so strong were the sensations he was experiencing. He felt like drugged, but with a drug that does not destroy the body and mind of the person, who consume it, but instead gives a sense of real growing wealth and power.

Norbert wondered why he never desired, thought, wanted to try before those wonderful emotions. Mentally his voice replayed asserting, shouting, yelling that he was not a fag, that he was not gay... and called himself a fool, a madman - yes, he was gay, he was a fag from head to foot, from the lips to the anus, and he was happy, happy, happy...

He now scarcely felt the four lianas that were keeping his body suspended in the form of a large X. He felt like being suspended in midair, levitating the challenging force of gravity, and finally be in harmony with his nature, with the nature...

"The Way of Nature"... Yes, at last he had discovered it and was running on it. Finally, he now was acutely conscious, had fully and gladly accepted his own nature. And those three men who were taking care of him, of every part of his body, were nothing but "nature" that welcomed him in his arms, which enveloped him, that made him his and that gave him himself.

Yes, he had done the first right step.

The joy he felt, the pleasure, excitement, and enjoyment merged into one and he reached an incredible orgasm. Almost as it were a signal, all the men around him and all the boys, simultaneously with him reached their orgasm in a symphony of moans, groans, sighs, exclamations.

Norbert suddenly relaxed... and unconsciously fell into a pleasant sleep.

He dreamed...

In the dream all the experiences of his life appeared to him and for the first time he saw and lived them again in their true light.

He saw, when a child, he admired some men. But this time he saw them naked, he could see their naked bodies and their bare souls and realized that from his earliest childhood his admiration for some of the adults that he had known was a coloured sexuality and found it to be beautiful and right.

Adults often think that a child before puberty is devoid of sexuality, but now Norbert knew it was not at all the case.

He saw his first, close friendships with his peers - he saw them also naked and realized that even with them the friendship was at same time a spiritual and a sexual attraction, and that in this there was nothing wrong, but rather it was just a natural thing.

He replayed the teachings of parents, pastors, teachers who brought him up making him believe that sex was a taboo, something dirty, especially sex between persons of the same gender, and he now knew that what they were teaching, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes in good faith, was totally wrong, false, absurd, and sometimes also hypocritical...

Then he saw the friends he made after he hit puberty, and saw, always naked in body and soul, also Joel, Liam, Mike, Shawn and Frank. And he saw who of them was like him, who was directed only toward the opposite sex, who was oriented toward the two sexes. But he also saw how all of them got strong influences from an early age, how they had been forced to wear different masks, alien from their natures. He saw his friends in their splendid nakedness, physical and spiritual, and saw next to each the ridiculous and unnatural mask that he had had to wear just like him...

He saw his teachers, coaches, and among these was the young math teacher, as well as the young pastor... and he realized how truly, even if deeply hidden in the inmost depths of his subconscious, he had desired them sexually.

All this he saw and more. And it was as if a thousand pieces of a complex puzzle had fallen into place, had properly fitted and connected, and now formed a single big and beautiful drawing.

But he also saw how this wonderful drawing was spotted here and there, hidden by dust and debris from damaging and unnecessary overlaps, so as to be almost unrecognizable. Yet, with a sense of joy and hope, Norbert knew that underneath the beautiful drawing was still intact.

He woke up feeling full of energy and found he was no more tied with lianas. He sat up. He saw at distance the tribes of natives occupied in daily activities, but now, here and there, saw that there were couples making love peacefully and with pleasure, openly, without hiding their love or their pleasure - they were, in fact, all busy in natural, everyday activities.

He got to his feet and, despite the desire to join them; he realized that this was not his place. Then he remembered that he still had two paths to take and had to find the doors to also walk the other two ways.

He realized that, despite the beauty of what he had just lived there; his path was not yet complete. Then he wondered if one could also dream of dreaming... He still could not figure out if and how everything he was living during those hours, was real or just a dream... He thought that, since there was no way to understand it, he might as well go ahead.

Exploring the walls of that environment, which was nothing but a kind of continuation of the greenhouse from which he arrived, he found, now expected, three glass doors. Behind one he saw a sitting area with yellow armchairs, on which were seated, naked, his professor and the young pastor, who skimmed through gay magazines. Behind the second one he saw a purple-walled corridor that ran at an angle with on the walls, large posters of beautiful male nudes. Behind the third he saw a beach bordered on one side by bluish rocks from which fell in a pool a foaming cascade of water that seemed coloured in blue like the sky that could be glimpsed behind...

He thought a little and smiled - he had understood what door he should to try to open - the one of the waterfall. He tried to push, to pull it, make it move on one side then on the other but the door did not move.

Slightly puzzled, he wondered how he could do to get across. He also explored by either side of the door, looked up, but nothing seemed to be a passage.

Yet he was sure he had to go where was the waterfall. He returned to the door and examined it carefully. The base was covered with sand. He crouched down and brushed thoroughly with his hands, up to liberate the base. Then saw that there was a handle. He smiled.

He stood up, leaned over to grab the handle and pulled upward. Slowly, the door moved, running in invisible guides. A slight space formed at the bottom and Norbert heard the sound of the waterfall. He redoubled the efforts and the door went up a few more inches. He continued to pull up until the gap was wide enough to pass underneath.

With caution he let go of the handle, fearing that the door will reseal, but the glass did not move. Then Norbert, hurrying up fearing that the door could close again just when he was crossing, squatted down and pushing forward vigorously his body with both feet and hands, threw himself on the other side.

He had just landed on the soft sand when he heard a loud bang behind him: the door had closed and on his side there was no support to possibly lift it again.

He stood up, looked at the narrow space in which he stood. It seemed that from that point there were no other doors, no exit routes. But the mass of water, which poured into the pool, did not increase the level, so the water should flow out somewhere.

Then Norbert stood on the edge of the pool, took a deep breath, and dived.


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