"THE MYSTERY VILLA" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MYSTERY VILLA by Andrej Koymasky © 2012
written on February 24, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Kent D.

Norbert looked down the long corridor and began to walk it. Passing in front of the openings he saw that they led to corridors identical to that in which he was, and that more or less at a short distance they bent at right angles on one side or the other. Some, before the turn, had also other passages...

The boy became aware of being in a maze. Then he remembered that one of the techniques to not get lost in a maze, besides the famous "Ariadne's Thread" that in any case he did not have, was to follow the way strictly keeping either the right or the left hand. He wondered whether to go back to apply this rule from the beginning and, when he turned, noticed that where he had walked the floor had the imprint of his feet. He bent down to touch one and saw that it was not wet, nor imprinted on the surface, but that seemed embedded, as inlaid, and was made of a darker material.

He got up, took two more steps and saw new footprints appear as soon as he lifted his foot, identical to the first... He thought that those footprints, if they did not vanish, would be his thread of Ariadne... However, for safety reasons, decided to also apply the rule of "right or left."

So taking his hand on the left wall, advanced, turning each time the wall turned. From time to time he turned back to check their footprints and, as far as his eye reached, saw that they were still there, clear and visible.

While proceeding in that zigzag pattern, Norbert wondered where the uniform light that illuminated the corridors came from, without drawing any shadow from his body. There were no apparent light sources, nor it seemed that the light came from the walls... Then he wondered why he should follow that desert maze, what was the purpose, what it would lead him to, besides to the exit he hoped to eventually find.

He was already walking for a bit and nothing happened. He had not even ever found stretches of corridor where there were his footprints, so he also wondered how much that maze could be extended. Then he thought it was like being inside a video game and wondered if it would not suddenly appear from behind a corner some monster, or a warrior, or maybe a ball trying to eat him...

At one point, Norbert found himself in a blind corridor. He started to turn around to go back, but behind him the wall had closed without making the slightest noise. The boy looked around a bit puzzled. What should he do? Look for a door? Apparently there were no visible connections. He was still thinking when he saw the wall at his right slide off and disappear, always without the slightest noise. Behind the wall that was gone he saw a square room, with a central table and two chairs. On one of the chairs sat someone who turned his back to him Norbert went in feeling uncertain, and felt the wall close again behind him with a slight hiss. He looked back and saw that it was indeed closed.

He went around the table and gasped.

The person sitting at the table had the unmistakable look of Leonardo Di Caprio!

"Hello." greeted him with an uncertain voice.

"Good morning." replied the other with a friendly smile, and then added, pointing to the other chair, "Have a seat."

Norbert sat down, and asked: "But... you really are..."

"What does it matter? I can be or not be... How are you, Norbert?"

"You know who I am?"

"Sure, I'm here for you."

The boy saw that, under the hands of what he was almost certain to be the famous actor, was an album and recognized it at once - it was the album where he had gathered all the pictures of Leonardo Di Caprio that he had collected, clipping magazines, buying postcards wherever he could find one.

"My album..." said the boy.

"Yes your album. Is it all right if we watch it together?"

"How do you like..."

Leonardo, or whoever he was, opened it. Norbert looked at it and blushed - there was a picture of Leo, that showed him in "The Basketball Diaries" and in which Mark and Leo were photographed side by side; but it just was not the original photo that Norbert had cut and pasted - here Leo was completely naked and Norbert was sitting beside him also naked...

"But... but..." Norbert stammered.

Leo looked at him, smiling: "It was not so that you'd have imagined this photo? Yes? Here it is!"

"I... I..." Norbert stammered again, blushing even more.

"Come on! Do not be so confused - after all it's just a picture." Leo said, continuing to leaf through the album.

All the photos represented Leo naked and if he was with another actor or actress, instead there was Norbert, naked. Even in that of "Romeo and Juliet" where Romeo kissed Juliet, except that there he was kissing Norbert!

"These were, after all, your desires."

"I never really thought..."

"No, certainly not consciously, I know. But why then, instead of collecting photos of actresses, have you collected those of Leo? And so many? What did you found so attractive in him?"

"Your clean, beautiful, intelligent, romantic face..."

"Yes, all right. And then?"

"You're a well done... an ideal for me..."

"You are also well done, you do not have much to envy to Leo..."

"I would have liked to meet you, get to know you... have you as a friend."

"Yes, of course. And maybe even touch me, kiss me... like in this other photo..."

"I was not thinking that, I swear."

"But now? Would not you undress, kiss me, make love to me?"

"I do not know... maybe... now I feel... different..."

Leo, looked between Norbert's legs: "It would say yes, and that you would like to." pointed out to him indicating the conspicuous erection.

Norbert blushed again.

"Undress me, then, come on." Leo said getting to his feet and, rotating the table horizontally, while it turned out to be actually a bed...

Norbert stood up and slowly began to undress that nice young man that was (or was he not?) Leo Di Caprio, for whom he felt a strong desire.

Leo drove him on the bed and went on top of him. Norbert embraced him and hugged him - it did not seem real that he had Leo, or his double, in his arms and between his legs. Their lips met and they kissed, and Norbert felt in heaven.

Unlike many of the experiences of sex of any kind that he had until then in that strange and mysterious villa, he now felt full of tenderness, of delicacy, and felt that he really wanted to make love with Leo, not just have a fuck.

They caressed each other, kissed, caressed, and looked at each other. They kissed again and Norbert felt more and more happy. It was not just physical arousal, even though they were now as strong as those he had had, but a feast for all the senses, the heart, the soul, and for the mind too...

They joined in a sweet and passionate sixty-nine, then each offered himself to the other and they took each other... It was not a shaking orgasm, but of a sweetness that Norbert had never tried before or thought about being possible to try.

And afterwards, they continued to kiss, to caress, saying nothing, just enjoying the closeness of the other one, the intimacy that they had reached...

Then Leo got out of bed, turned away from Norbert looking and smiling at him, stepping back until his shoulders touched the wall... and he disappeared through it as if he had passed through with his body, as if it were immaterial.

Norbert sat up and looked at the empty wall. He got out of bed and went to touch the wall: it was solid, hard.

He returned to the bed and turned it back over - the album was there, open, and there was now one more photo, in which Leo and he were joining on a purple bed in a purple room. He tried to get the album from the table, but it would not come off, it seemed to be part of the tabletop...

Then he saw the wall slide off and the light, in the room where he was, slowly subside. Norbert came out and found himself again in the maze.

He started walking again, wandering in the corridors until he found himself again in a blind corridor. He waited: again a room was revealed to him. Here there was a person sitting in front of a movie screen. He saw that the headlines were scrolling. He entered and went to sit next to the spectator, looked at him and this time he was not as surprised as the first time: he was sitting next to Matt Damon!

Appearing on the screen was the title of the film "Good Will Hunting." Norbert had the DVD of that film, and he had often watched it. When the movie began, he noticed that he appeared in the scenes!

He turned to look at Matt, who finally seemed to notice him: "Oh. Here you are, Norbert! See, you made a movie with me."

"Yes..." murmured the boy.

"Would you have liked it, right?"

"Yes, I would have liked."

"But you would have liked the story to be a little different, right?"

"No... I do not think so."

"Yes. Look... You would have liked if it went like this."

Norbert looked at the screen and saw that Matt was going to meet him, took his hand, pulling him to him and told him: "Come, Norbert. I really want to make love to you. Come..."

The boy looked again at Matt, who kept looking at him and smiled.

Matt, in a gentle voice, asked: "Why would you have liked if it had happened? What attracted you to me?"

"Your joy, your sense of humour, your kindness of ways... in addition to your beauty."

"Yes, and what else?"

"Your honesty, your openness."

"That of my characters."

"No, what I thought I read you, in your eyes."

"What you would like to find in someone to love, true?"


"And who loves you."


Matt got up and, gently, took Herbert's hand and made him stand up. Took him in his arms, embraced and kissed him caressing his naked body. Norbert passed his hands on the actor's clothes and felt under the fingers, with wonder, the actor's clothes become thinner, lighter, until he felt that his hands were caressing the bare skin of Matt... or of his perfect double.

They kissed again. On their naked bodies ran the scenes of the film, and on the big screen could be seen their united shadows.

Norbert pulled away from him and looked at him - he was completely naked, as he had already felt with his fingers.

"You are very beautiful." Whispered Norbert excitedly.

"If you didn't like me then you wouldn't find me so beautiful."

"I do not understand. I like you because you're beautiful."

"No, it is not so, believe me."

"And how is it then?" Norbert asked a little confused.

"When you like a person as a person, you find him or her beautiful."

"But there is an objective beauty... like in a statue, for example. Or like a person who is well done, even if then you discover that is hateful." Norbert objected.

"Yes and no. A truly hateful person cannot be truly beautiful and a really nice person cannot be completely obnoxious. The human being is not divided into two opposite entities, body and soul, but is a whole, and a part cannot not influence the other. But now, come... "

They joined again, with desire. And they made love with a sweet passion.

Then Matt went in front of the screen... and became part of it, coinciding with his own image in the movie.

Norbert resumed his to turn the maze until he found himself once again in a blind corridor. This time the room had a bed, and there was a man who was hanging something on the wall next to the bed.

When Norbert entered the room, the man turned and greeted him: "Hey, Norbert, here you are, finally, I was waiting to meet you"

The boy was not surprised any more: he had in front Gabriel Garko, the famous Italian actor or, like the other times, possibly his double, his "image".

"I bet you're here in this calendar, and completely naked!" Norbert said.

"No, you're wrong, you are there... naked as you are now..." the actor smiled.

"I? Come on! And why should I be there?"

"If you have my calendar, cannot I have yours?"

"But I'm not famous like you!"

"I am famous in Italy, and if you were not there on vacation, perhaps you would never have known I existed. But tell me, why did you buy my calendar even if you didn't know me?"

"Because you're a handsome man and the photos are beautiful."

"And what have you seen in me?"

"You are a determined, strong, sensual man... and mysterious."

"Quality you'd have or find in your partner?" asked the Italian actor with a smile.

"In my companion, I now know, but perhaps also in me."

"Mysterious, you said. Everybody is mysterious for us."

"No... Why do you say so?"

"Because only someone who is conceited can think that the other is not mysterious."

"Conceited? Why conceited?"

"Because he assumes to know the other one hundred percent, which is impossible. In fact we do not even know ourselves completely, thus much less another."

"Yeah. But you're also sexy, you..." said the boy as he stroked the bare chest he saw between the open flaps of his shirt.

"You want to make love with me?"

"You're not here for this? And that bed, does it not expect the two of us?" asked the boy caressing him between his legs.

Norbert thought that, although "that" Gabriel was not real, what he felt under his hand seemed more than real, and very pleasant. He drove the handsome actor to the bed. Gabriel caressed the boy's genitals that were already hardening.

Norbert knelt between his legs and began to open his trousers. Gabriel let him do it and smiled; meanwhile teased the boy's hard nipples. Norbert took out the strong, hard and beautiful member and bent to kiss, lick it...

He looked at the handsome actor and asked, almost shyly: " Can I..."

"You want to take me, don't you?"


"I'm here for that, now you should have realized. But tell me, why you want to penetrate me?"

"Because you're beautiful... and manly!"

"For you to feel more male, perhaps?" asked Gabriel.

"No. I feel completely male, even if it's you who take me. And anyway you can also be the one to take me, if you feel like it."

"You do not know me, you do not even know if Gabriel Garko would like to do it with you or not, either in one way or the other." said the handsome man with a smile.

"But now I know that you, whoever you are, are here for me."

"I am whoever you want, don't you yet understand? And for this you can do with me whatever you want."

"I wish you were... true. And that you accepted to do it with me or send me away, how YOU feel right to do, for yourself."

"And you?"

"I... I wish you were real... No, I would like to meet, sooner or later, someone that's true, who wants to be with me..."

"You're a nice guy - who knows how many people would want to be with you on this... or on another bed."

"You know what I mean." said the boy, finishing to strip him and pushing him on the bed.

"Yes, now that you know it, I know it I too."

Norbert caressed him, then asked: "Does it make sense that I make love to a fantasy of mine?"

"What do you think?" Gabriel asked with a smile.

"I do not know how you will disappear, but... can you tell me how to get out of here?"

"Just open that door."

Norbert looked back in the direction Gabriel had shown him and saw that, actually, had appeared a door that was not there before.

He turned back to the actor beginning to say: "Perhaps one day..." but the bed was empty, although it retained the imprint of the beautiful body that until shortly before was lying there.

Norbert then went to the door, looked again at the empty bed, then at the calendar on the wall with his nude pictures, and opened the door, passing resolutely through it.


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