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New Words -
Verdan = Verr dann

Gorthoc = gohr thock - a large, thick furred animal larger than a polar bear that is native to the Anendin Mountains. Fur is usually white or gray.


Episode IV
Chapter 5
            In his tower high above his palace, Mordak looked on into his safrah, or looking glass at Arden sleeping in the bed with his two young friends. His face was twisted in disgust at Arden's closeness to them and his very existance still angered him. He had tried for years to finish Arden off, and now Arden had killed five of his best mounted warriors. He had killed three of his orcs in the forest, and had nearly finished off Tarius. Mordak was not an old man, but his hatred and rage had twisted him into a shortened bent man. The best word to describe Mordak was EVIL. At one time he had been a good person, living peacefully, studying the sorcery of the ages, a man trusted by most, most of all his brother. That had changed now. He turned to his chamber door when the knock came. The skittering little boy that entered leaned his weight from foot to foot and opened his mouth to speak. Mordak's craggy voice silenced him.. "They have failed I know.."

            "Yes master they have failed," came the boys' reply. "What are your wishes now? Should we dispatch more soldiers?"

            "No.. we will wait. They are still in friendly lands... the dark elves of Borundine will assist us. They will not leave the forest alive." Mordak answered.

            "Why is it they are so important?" the boy asked.

            "ARDEN is dangerous!" Mordak snapped. "One day he will return.." Mordak said drawing the boy to him. He ran his hands over the boys smooth scantily clad body. Verdan, the boy, tried to smile but hated when Mordak touched him. He had heard tales of things that Mordak had done to other boys in his service. Mordak often petted him with a crazed look in his eyes, then would grow angry and send the boy away. "Arden is dangerous.." Mordak repeated. "You must never trust him!"

            "Master I don't even know him.. and he is your enemy and I am your servant" Verdan answered.

            Mordak took his hands away and suddenly glared at the boy. This was what Verdan hated most was the anger! Whenever Mordak touched him he grew angry and sometimes hit him which he did this time. "GET OUT!! GET OUT YOU FILTHY CHILD!!" Mordak bellowed and Verdan ran with tears in his eyes holding his face where Mordak had struck him with the back of his hand. Verdan ran from Mordak's chamber down the spiral staircase, down the long corridor and to his room where he slammed the door behind him and fell on his bed crying.

            "I try soo hard to be a good servant!" He sobbed to his mother.

            Her sheen shimmered as she spoke to her son. "I know Verdan.. You are a good servant, it is Mordak who has the problem." Verdan raised his blue eyes to meet hers, his cute 12 year old face stilling brimming with tears. "He touched you again didn't he?" his mother asked. The boy covered his face in shame nodding. "One day Arden will return to free us.." his mother said softly kissing the top of her only son's head. Verdan had been named for Arden, the lost prince and Verdan's mother prayed every day for Arden's return.

*    *    *

            Jarin and Joshia awoke sleeping at each side of Arden in what had become their custom sleeping arrangements. Sunlight came into the large room through the big windows. They smiled at each other across Arden's chest and slid away from him to meet each other with a warm embrace. They kissed deeply while sliding their shirts off one another. Once they were both shirtless they enjoyed the feeling of their bare chests rubbing against one another. They laid down on the plush gorthoc carpet. They kissed deeply again grinding their hips against one another again. Their minds were realing again and they noticed the usual shimmer was growing once again. "Oh god Shia I love you soo much!" Jarin said softly gasping while Joshia licked and kissed his neck. He couldn't believe the feelings he was having! Waves of goosebumps broke out after his skin.

            "I love you too Jarin," Joshia answered then started nibbling on Jarin's earlobe. Both were now hard as rocks and were nearly shivering with pleasure. They had both masterbated before but couldn't believe how much pleasure they were receiving from one another just from kissing and grinding gently into each other. They didn't realize it was their sheen energy passing back and forth between the two of them. Jarin began working his hands under his friend's pants to grasp Joshia's firm cheeks gently squeezing them. Joshia moaned.. "Take them off Jarin.." Jarin reached in between the two of them to undo Joshia's strap to his pants then slid them over Joshia's strong thighs. Jarin had always loved Joshia's legs, the way they were built from the games they competed in, and now he was running his hands over them, it was like a dream come true. Joshia had undone Jarin's pants as well and Jarin lifted his hips off the furry carpet to let Joshia slide them over his hips. His legs were not as musclular as Shia's legs but to Joshia, Jarin was gorgeous, and seeing Jarin's young manhood come into view in it's hardened state was enough to make his sheen surge into Jarin. Jarin gasped then groaned so loud they both thought it must have woken Arden, but since no noise or movement came from the bed, they correctly assumed he was still asleep. The boys slid their pants the rest of the way off and resumed their passionate kissing driving them further and further into a madness of love. Their cocks were resting side by side sliding past one another sending bolts of electricity through the two boys. They were surrounded by stars as the rest of the room faded to black, and they were alone in the universe making love to one another.

            Joshia being on top could take the tension in his groin no longer and spun around to take Jarin's cock into his mouth while Jarin did the same to his. They began bobbing their heads up and down like crazy. Their pleasure and love for one another built so strong that it hurt and the boys groaned from the pleasure-pain of their sexual tension. The stars around them burned brighter and brighter as the minutes came and went. Jarin's mind was nearly screaming when he finally reached the brink. His hardened cock swelled up and his entire body tensed as he threw his head back and convulsed in the most powerful mind numbing orgasm of his life. Jarin couldn't notice since his eyes were closed but he shone like a burning star in the heavens and as he reached the edge his energy flowed into Joshia with such power that Joshia was jolted into his own orgasm. The boys shook and cried out as tears from the shear force of it all overtook them. They wept with their release and could see nothing during their orgasms. All they could do was hold onto one another swallowing their copious flows of love juice. When both shuddered out their last drops, Joshia fell onto his side as Jarin swung sideways with him and they remained fastened in their 69 position but were too exhausted to move. They were drenched in sweat and fell asleep with one another's softened cocks in each others' mouths.

            Nearly an hour later the boys awoke. Joshia twisted around to lay face to face with Jarin. The boys looked deeply into one anothers eyes and smiled sheepishly at each other. They couldn't believe that sex could be so powerful with one another. "That was amazing," Jarin said softly as he kissed Joshia's cheek.

            "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt!" Joshia said breathlessly smiling back at Jarin. "I thought I was going to die for sure it felt so great! I couldn't even breath!!"

            Then both looked up towards the bed then back to each other. They instantly knew what one another was thinking. "If it was like that for us, what would it do to Arden?" The boys wondered. They grinned at one another and advanced onto the unsuspecting Arden. He was sleeping deeply being rather tired after the efforts it had taken to execute his death-blast, the spell he had used to kill the last two riders the previous night. They undid his pants and managed to slide them off of him without his awaking.

            Arden awoke to the indescribable feelings of having both Jarin and Joshia pleasuring him together. They had worked his pants off of him while he slept and were now sliding their little hands up and down his shaft. Jarin noticed Arden was awake and slid up the bed as Arden began to sit up and pressed his lips to Arden's. Arden could do nothing but moan as his mouth was filled by Jarin's tongue and he gave in to the sensations Jarin and Joshia were giving him. "Just relax Arden," Jarin said softly nibbling Arden's ear. Jarin slid himself back down to where Joshia was slowly masturbating Arden and licked Arden's big cock-head. Arden's manhood stood at seven inches and was rather thick and looked monsterous to the two boys whose boy-dicks were both as yet only 4''.

            They worked together to pleasure Arden taking turns to work on his tool. Arden's energy was rapidly growing stronger and after only three minutes he was gleaming. He gripped the headboard of the bed with both hands and his fingers dug into the wood. He shone brighter and brighter, his face scrunching up showing it's true youth. Arden looked like a man most of the time but was still only young at 18. Nearly a boy himself but life had forced him to grow up early. The innocence and boyishness of Jarin and Joshia enhanced his feelings for them both. Love enraptured his heart and soon he wasn't groaning, or moaning, but was giving off a quiet, low growl. Not of anger, or pain, or sadness, but from the force of the power within him. His veins coarsed with light, and his very soul seemed to grow in strength as his love for his two young companions grew with each moment. No one had ever loved him like this before and Arden moved beyond thining with words. All he could feel was emotion and power. Raw force and energy, love and strength.. all combining into one.. the sheen, and it shone through his body filling him to the brim as Jarin and Joshia licked at Arden's cock and balls which drew up close to his body. Arden knew he was close and was slightly worried that he might lose control all together and hurt the boys in some way. With a blinding burst of light Arden flew over the edge and his cum shot from his penis like a canon. The boys together switched catching as much as they could. Arden's shots were so forceful it nearly hurt, and the light! It wasn't just visible to people descended of the Kaya when Arden flashed, but the light streamed from the room through walls, and ceilings. For an instant the entire city was bathed in Arden's white light. He had never experienced anything like it before in his life, and the boys who had both been in physical contact with Arden had their own orgasms. Every other male in the palace who had been hit by the light also went into their own state of orgasmic bliss from it. As you can well imagine, many discussions about that event took place in the palace and the city!

            Once Arden came back to himself and back down to earth, Jarin and Joshia had already cleaned themselves off and were dressed. They helped Arden get dressed since he was now somewhat unsteady on his feet, and lead him out of his room to the dining room where they were to break fast with the king. Once again as was becoming their custom, Arden and the boys told their tale of the fate of the city of Islan, how they escaped, travelled through the forest, the orcs, the wood elf Darien who would be coming to meet them, the dark riders on the plains.. their tale was getting longer, but the king was more interested in some of Arden's travels before he reached Islan. The boys found this part very interesting since they knew little of Arden's travels before he came to Islan. Also when Arden spoke of the dark riders in the plains of Eingreth, and the Geskans fighting as far north as the feudal territories, the king grew wide eyed and asked many questions drawing greater details and a better understanding for himself.

            Once breakfast and the story telling was over, Arden and the boys were excused to go about the palace, and city wherever they pleased with Algin and would pay nothing for goods they desired. Most people in the city recognized Arden for who he was easily and the two boys felt proud to be travelling with one who was so well known. They would have to ask what exactly it was he did to have gained such great fame with the people of Tor Eingreth. There was so little that they knew, and they wanted to know so much more.

            Eventually, the day rolled on and Arden said he wished to retire for some time to relax before the evening meal would be served. He returned to his room with the boys and they sat down to talk of the events of the day earlier. He hadn't spoken of them yet and his directness and openess with the boys made them feel more secure in who and what they were. He thanked them for what they did telling him that he loved them, but reminding them that they never had to do any of those things with him if they did not choose to. They shared a tender embrace for a moment, then Arden laid down for nearly an hour while the boys chatted about the excitement of their day.

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