New Gaioterra Republic

By Dream Janus

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Reboot Two


As their conversation ended the shuttle had entered the shuttle bay and was completing landing procedures. "I am happy that we have a new Captain," Slava said with smile in his voice. "We will be able to complete our missions now."


"What missions are those?" Terry asked.


Slava remained quiet and allowed Talis to speak instead. "We actually began with five missions," Talis began to explain. "First restore our Captain, second restore the Gaioterran Empire, third upgrade the living conditions of the natal world, forth restoring the member planets of the Empire, fifth returning to Gaioterrace, the claimed home world of the Gaioterrans,"

Terry looked perplexed for a few moments and then asked, "Can some of those missions be modified or changed?"


Talis considered his answer and then said, "Yes, as long as the main portions of the missions are met."


"Could the name be changed to something else other than Empire?" Terry said softly. "Most people think bad things when the name Empire is used."


Terry then thought of an idea to show his point, "Research: Ottoman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Chinese Empire..." He then ran out of examples as even his newly enhanced mind could not recall any other Empire references that would prove his point.


Talis paused for a moment as they climbed out of the shuttle while he researched the requested information. He then stood up straight and said with surprise, "Ah, the fact that they were conquerors is the point that you wished to make?"


"Exactly," Terry said with a smile.


"What would you prefer we were called then?" Talis asked.


"How about Republic instead?" Terry responded.


"Republics tend to reference governments ruled by representatives," Talis explained and we were and will be more along the lines of a monarchy?"

"Then it could be a crowned republic," Terry interjected.


After a moment for research on the principle, Talis then said, "So be it. >From now on the reference to future materials and mission command files shall read Republic instead of Empire.


"What do the missions mean by `upgrade the living conditions of the natal world'?" Terry asked as they entered a hoverlift elevator.


"The natal world of the Gaioterrans is and was Earth," Talis explained "As such it is our duty to assist the Earth with small gifts of technology, to assist them in advancing toward their future."


"I understand that to restore the new Gaioterran Republic means finding people to become new Gaioterrans," Terry accepted. "How?"


"All Gaioterrans share the same chromosomal differences that cause us to be attracted to you, Captain, though most tend to have more or less of the required markers than you do," Talis began to explain. "You just had the markers in the correct areas to match our needs for Captain."


"If Gaioterrace has been taken over by the Zharal, we need to plan on having at least another planet to inhabit while we prepare to take back Gaioterrace and that region of space," Terry announced.


"That is logical," Talis said. Its holographic image flickered momentarily.


"What was that?" Terry asked.


"My holographic projection unit was never intended to be working this long at one time," Talis explained. "My apologies."


"Deactivate it and speak to me through regular means then," Terry said as they arrived in an area that Terry had never been before. The room was large with a doomed 20 foot ceiling and one wall revealed the Moon and space.


"Captain on the Bridge!" Talis the ship piped in as Talis the hologram faded out. The hologram left the spherical floating projection unit behind. The unit almost immediately visually warped and disappeared.


"If this is the Bridge where can I sit down?" Terry asked.


Immediately the center of the floor began to bunch onto itself and draw upward. The floor appeared almost liquid as it began to reform. With a brief moment the floor had crafted a chair out of itself. The new chair retained the metallic color of the floor and there was not separation between the floor and the chair itself. Once the chair was fully formed it resembled an overlarge recliner, partly reclined.


Terry sat in the chair expecting it to be hard and unyielding, but he found it to be formfitting and warm. He found the view from the chair was breathtaking as it showed the dark side of the Moon in close-up. "Is there any way to make informational interfaces so that I don't get brain overload again when I want to see a heads up display of the ship?"


"Of course," Talis said "Please define what you want to be able to display and where."


Over the next half hour Terry directed Talis to create displays that he could see from the chair. Once they were finished Terry then asked, "What if I wanted to see the area of space behind up?"


"Actually there is no behind or in front nor top or bottom to my perceptions," Talis explained. "You are asking to see 180 degrees from present view," With that the wall-sized view changed to directly behind them and was filled with the darkness and stars visible from their point of view in space.


"90 degrees to my left," Terry responded. Immediately the view changed to another set of stars, the change made Terry realize that in fact he was the driving force of this ship now. He smiled.


"How do I learn to read that language and more understanding of the ship?" Terry asked look up toward the ceiling.


"Direct interface learning is the fastest and best way for you to learn and retain all the needed information," Talis said softly. "Please lean back and get comfortable, the process for the information you seek will take five minutes."


Terry leaned back and relaxed. The chair continued to recline until he was almost total flat. He blinked one when he saw a light appear above him. The light was off-white not too bright or dim, but it held Terry's fascination. Unknown him at that moment it was downloading the requested information directly into his brain.


Five minutes passed and the chair returned to its proper position. Terry blinked wildly a couple times and then smiled, "I thought you were going to wait to teach me that language?"


"You only asked for the ability to read Gaioterran. I only downloaded an interface so you could read it and it would appear in your mind as English," Talis said with sarcastic tone.


"I asked for that smarty," Terry said with a smile. "Now I understand that the ship has androids or robots aboard. I want to see one."


A moment later a faceless robot walked into the bridge from a hidden area in the wall. The machine was as tall as Terry with a pseudo human appearing torso and very thin legs and arms. The feet had a single area that worked as toes and the hands had three digits instead of five. Over all it was not much to look at and actually made Terry upset to see. "Can it be modified to look and act more human?" Terry asked softly.


"Of course, Captain," Talis answered.

The robots skin began to lighten to the same coloring as Terry's. Its feet developed toes and the digits on the hands became more like fingers and expanded to five instead of three. Only the face remained blank.

"Can an AI copy itself and download into one of these things?" Terry asked. "I...I"

"You seek the ability to connect with something like yourself," Talis said with understanding. "Yes, an AI can copy itself and download into one of these units, but only personality and memory modules, nothing of its control functions."

"Huh?" Terry asked confused.

"If I were to download a copy of myself into that unit it would not have complete control over the ship, but would be able to access ship functions just like you instead," Talis explained. "What would you want the unit to look like?"

"Like a boy my age," Terry said. He then had an idea. "Access my old computer and look for picture files with men and boys in it. Compile a random template from them for a teen 15 to 18 years of age with a better than average dick size. I want him smart, handsome and faithful to only me."

The robot returned to its secret area as Talis worked on the upgrades. Talis spoke when the physical changes were made. "I have chosen to download another AI into your new friend's processors. The new AI will have access to my information but not have ability to control without your approval."

A moment later a dark brown haired, blue eyed naked teen padded out of the secret panel and toward Terry. The teen's muscles were compact with a very defined cut and he had a flaccid dick that appeared it would plump into at least eight inches when hardened. The hair was combed to the side and the remainder of the body was hairless except for his crotch, underarms and small line from his belly button to his crotch.

"I am Jay," the teen said with a soft but masculine voice. He then reached out and drew Terry into a gentle, firm and loving hug. "I hope that my personality and body meet with your approval?"

"Very much," Terry responded. "We need to get you some clothes for when we go off the ship."

"Jay has a full closet of clothing that you may choose to dress him in at any time. The closet is next to your own in your stateroom," Talis explained.

Choose to dress him in?" Terry said with confusion.

"Of course, you are the Captain and what clothing I wear if any is up to you," Jay said with coy smile.

"Okay, then go to the closet and find an outfit that matches mine and dress yourself" Terry said smiling as he ogled the new android's body. "Then return here and we will see what else we can do."

Jay walked out of the bridge though the hallway door. The door disappeared like all the others and was restored when Jay was totally through the arch. He quickly made his way to the Captain's stateroom. Jay followed Terry's orders to the letter.

While Jay was changing Terry returned to the new command chair and relaxed. "Talis, tell me the differences between a human and a Gaioterran."

"Of course, Captain," Talis' voice echoed. "Please access your ship version of the heads up display so the information can be interactive."

Terry closed his eyes briefly and brought up his heads up display this time he was able to read all of the meter and charts that the displayed showed. The information was still intense but it was much easier to understand. There were icons and windows on top of other icons and windows several times over, but even without being able to see each, Terry was aware of the information.

"Now minimize the information windows and icons," Talis directed. "Once you have completed that, the information pressure will be reduced."

With a bit of concentration all of the icons and windows were reduced and hidden. Terry still felt the power of the ship and the information flowing though the interface, but he was now able to focus without difficulty.

"Good, now relax, Captain. We are going to be using the interface for about five minutes," Talis said with a soothing voice.

Terry relaxed and allowed the information to flow. The interface showed a slowly rotating body of a human man. As the information was imparted different areas of the body were highlighted:

Humans possess a single double helix of 23 pairs of chromosomes in genetic information. Gaioterrans possess another double helix with an additional 96 pairs. These additional genetic pairs created system wide changes in the Gaioterran. The heads up display showed a display of the human double helix and then a much larger strand of double helix. Terry was impressed.

Base human form was enhanced to its ultimate genetic potential. The heads up display showed Terry's body morphing from its old fat self into the muscular form he now had.

Bones were enhanced with an organic material that was similar to metal in composition and made the bones nearly unbreakable. The heads up showed a bone and as Terry watched the bone was slowly covered by thin off white mesh.

Chlorophyllic cells were now produced in the blood allowing the production of both oxygen and energy. These new cells flourish with exposure to Sunlight or ultraviolet light. Terry got to see these new cells; they were actually green in color, just like the leaves of a plant. Those cells actually changed the color of the blood, blood still in the body was now turquoises and once it is exposed to oxygen outside the body it becomes yellow.

Nerve bundles were increased by seven times making neurological responses increase by the same amount. This increase makes mental, neurological and muscle responses increase as well. As Terry watched he saw bundles of nerves grow in size and the electrical impulses grew faster and faster.

Muscular density was tripled with equal increases in weight and strength, making the skin almost impenetrable. This portion of the display actually confused Terry as all that he saw was a slice of muscles growing tighter together.

Eyes were enhanced by 25% in both infrared and ultraviolet light ranges and 30% in telescopic and microscopic ranges as well. Terry learned that he now could see better than any military grade night vision goggles or even better than the police using body heat. The telescopic vision allowed Terry to see greater distances, while the microscopic allowed him to see small things much more clearly, but not to the point of a telescope or microscope.

Ears were enhanced by 33% into both subsonic and ultrasonic ranges. Terry was fascinated that he could now hear a dog whistle as well as hearing people talking across a busy room.

Nanite release bio-tubes on the finger tips allowed the take over of any non-Gaioterran machine or computer interface. As such fingerprints are also removed. Terry could release tiny robots from his finger tips that could reprogram or take over other machines, depending on Terry's choices. Due to the areas that these robots came from, it totally destroyed his fingerprints.

Mental enhancement of the genetically perfected base brain was further enhanced by an additional 25% in regard to processing of information and memory. Other mental enhancements included making of a bioorganic supercomputer with over 300zethahertz processor (roughly 300 million gigahertz) and access to 42% wetware storage in the brain itself. Terry was fascinated when the display showed a paper thin coating on the top of his brain that was in fact the computer and how his brain acted more or less like a computer hard drive.

The eyes and ears were further enhanced with a heads-up optical display connecting the eyes and ears with access to wireless communication including cell phones, wireless internet and any satellite information, receiving and transmitting of all human radio signals. It also included an access to a virtual computer interface. This interested Terry the most as he could make phone calls for free, listen to any radio from anywhere on the planet, even the military and the virtual interface gave him access to the internet as he knew it and even a sort of keyboard.

A heads-up display allowed access to the ship's information, including direct communication with the ship, live time interactive control of all the ships systems and live access to the ships universal translation programs with downloadable linguistic overlays. The heads up display was like a ghost image over whatever Terry saw as he moved about, the only difference it remained in the center of his vision at all times and he could make it more visible at will. He could change information in other languages to English simply by downloading a small type of translator from Talis itself.

A Universal translator vocal processor is grown in each ear so the translation could be heard and a vocal modulator in the throat so that it can be spoken. The interface is so complete that the Gaioterran hears and speaks the other language while it processes in real time in their natural language. The heads up showed that in each ear just before the eardrum were small almost invisible nodules that were the hearing part of the translators, in the throat near the vocal box were similar nodules for the vocal part of the translator. The interface for the translator was a single line at the bottom of the heads up display showing the language being translated.

When the five minute review was complete Terry whistled, "Damn that means when it is done I really won't be human anymore, right?"

"Very true, Captain," Talis agreed. "But from your own memories, the way human have treated you and those who desire after those of their own kind, it is no great loss to no longer be human."

Jay returned wearing a red and blue pair of sweatpants and tee-shirt. "Returning as directed, Captain," he announced upon entering the door.

"Good," Terry said with a smile and then looked up. "Talis create a seat to my left that will act as Jay's Bridge seating. I know that he does not need any interfaces, but I want that station to be usable by anyone."

"I want that station to have displays for all those that have the Gaioterran markers you told me about, specifically for the recovery and rescue missions," Terry explained to the ship. "I want instant retrieval if lives are in danger and shuttle trips if the situation is more or less stable."

The floor where Terry had pointed began to move again and grew into another chair; this one did not have the reclining feature and grew twin graphical displays on both the left and right sides coming out of the sides. It allowed the person seating in it to see four boys per screen for a total of sixteen potential saves at a time.

Once the chair was fully formed, Jay sat down in the chair and relaxed. Within a moment all four screens came to life showing the earth. A tracking icon swam across the divided screens with amazing speeds searching for the genetic markers of gay males. One by one each of the sixteen miniscreens located a gay male between the age of 8 and 25. Each screen was surrounded by a specific color. Fourteen of the miniscreens were surrounded by either green or yellow. The remaining two were red.

"Two are already found," Jay announced as he monitored the screens for more information. The first red screen showed a youth in Iowa between the age of 8 and 12 being beaten by a man that had to be either a father or step-father to the boy. The second screen showed a teenager between 14 and 18 in Texas being brutally attacked by a group of what appeared to be street thugs.

"We have one that is assuredly a teleport situation and another that is heading that way fast," Jay said with tenseness in his voice.

Within a two minutes Terry was back at the shuttle bay and getting ready for take-off. "Slava, prepare to do a high-speed atmospheric insertion," Terry said to the shuttle.

"Talis, let us out of here now," Terry then demanded. Within that second the shuttle bay doors opened and Slava quickly left.

"Prepare for inter-dimensional shift," Slava warned a brief second before bringing up the dimensional drives.

Terry instinctually grabbed onto his seat as the ship slipped into a small energy tear in space. Almost immediately upon entering the tear they exited another above the city of Beaumont, Texas. Terry was thinking what he needed to do to help the boy as the shuttle shifted into cloaked mode.

Talis also inter-dimensionally transferred six security drones to the location, just in front of the shuttle. They could not become activated until a Gaioterran was on the scene, so they remained invisible for the brief moment it took for the shuttle to land in a separate but connected alleyway.

Terry started to exit the hatch of the cloaked shuttle when the area near a car's glove box opened and reveal a small silver disk and what appeared to be a .45 pistol, but Terry knew better than that. "Personal shield for non-Gaioterran protection and a stunner with camouflage," Slava explained.

That was enough information for Terry to understand how to use them properly. He quickly removed them from the opening and hurried out of the shuttle. As he intersected the alley with the attack going on, Terry was able to hear scuffling, yelling, whimpering and sobs.

Upon arrival at the scene, Terry saw that four older teens were in process of kicking and hitting a lone boy who had since curled into the fetal position attempting to protect himself and his vital organs from the vicious attack.

"That is enough!" Terry yelled. He then took the advantage of the distraction. With a brief command Terry accessed the personal shield and his computer enhanced reflexes, and then he launched the disk with a side handed flick.

The personal shield disk whizzed by the attacking boys and hit the brick wall sticking fast. Almost immediately an almost invisible shield cascaded down around the boy. One of the attacking boys turned and without care kicked at the boy on the ground.

The energy created by the kick was instantly reversed and tripled. The boy that kicked was shot backwards, breaking his leg with the returning force and slamming his body into the opposite side of the alley into some trashcans.

"I said that is enough!!" Terry yelled again. With a thought he commanded the six security drones to power weapons and become visible. He then fired the stunner at the biggest of the boys. The stunner released what sounded like an electrical discharge and the boy targeted dropped like a sack of wet cement.

"They don't stun, they kill!" Terry said pointing at the security drones. "Get the fuck out of my sight!" he then yelled.

The remaining four gang members ran out of the alley leaving both of their unconscious members were they fell. Both teens remained crumpled were they fell unmoving but alive. Terry sent a command for two of the security drones to monitor them. He did not want them to get the chance to attack him while his back was turned, or either one of them to die.

Terry walked over to the nearly fetal form of the boy that had been attacked. The personal shield allowed Terry to touch the boy without a problem; contact with his skin caused the shield to stop projecting. The boy appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen to Terry. It was evident that he had several large bruises, possible internal injuries and most likely some broken ribs.

It surprised Terry when his eyes showed a model of the boy's body after a few moments, superimposed over the boy's actual body. The superimposed model gave Terry understanding of what injuries the boy had and what would be required to move him. [Slava, I need to transport him either to you or Talis,] Terry transmitted.

Without a transmitted acknowledgment, Slava changed its internal structure to support a patient and transported both Terry and the unconscious boy inside itself. It then started the pre-flight conditions for take-off and the softest and best travel for the patient. The inter-dimensional drives were placed back into hibernation so that their movement would not shake the insides of the shuttle or the patient unnecessarily.


Meanwhile in Iowa Jay had teleported just outside the apartment where the older male was beating on the 8 to 12 year old. Jay touched the apartment door listening to the beating going on inside, judging the strength of the door itself and the distance from the door that the boy was presently. When the boy was sufficiently away from the door, Jay pulled both of his hands even with his shoulders and with his android strength hit the door. The door shattered and swung open, scaring both the already terrified boy and his attacker.

"Leave that boy alone or suffer the consequences," Jay said with pure calculated authority.

"Who the fuck are you?" the man asked.

"I am the android Jay of the Gaioterran Republic and you will not continue to harm that child," Jay answered putting his body between the man and the boy.

"I will do whatever I please to him. He is mine," the man said.

"As a representative of the Gaioterran Republic, I will not allow it and the boy will be coming with me this second," Jay said elevating his voice. He then walked over to the cowering boy and extended his hand. "I am Jay and I am going to make sure you are not hurt again."

"I am Bobby," the boy weakly said and then his eyes bulged out as he saw his father moving behind Jay in an attempt to attack him from behind.

Jay used the eyes of Bobby to locate the boy's father behind him and sent a super fast rabbit punch into the stomach of the oncoming man. The blow was just strong enough to knock the man to his knees wheezing. "He cannot harm me and will never harm you again," Jay said helping Bobby slowly stand.

"Want to come see where I live and meet my fun friends? No one there will ever hurt you there," Jay asked.

Bobby silently nodded and then tightly hugged Jay. Jay then lifted the smaller boy up into his arms so that he could be held. Within the time that it took Bobby to tighten his grip on Jay once he was properly held, the transport was activated. They arrived a moment later in the brightly lit medical bay on the ship.

"Welcome to your new home, Bobby," Jay said with a smile, putting Bobby on a nearby reclined bed. "When we get a look at your injuries, I will show you something special and show you to your new bedroom." Jay then began a complete scan of the small boy.

The scan was complete in under a minute. The results were both satisfying and upsetting at the same time. Booby was bruised and tender, but otherwise ok from the beating. On the other hand he was underfed and delayed in his growth. Jay relayed the information to both Talis and Terry at the same time. It was decided that Bobby would be allowed to eat whatever he wanted but due to his former abuse, he might have to be encouraged to eat properly.

"Let's go see more of your new home," Jay said helping Bobby jump off of the scanning bed. They held hands as Jay led him toward an observation room and then to his own room to rest.


Back on the shuttle Terry had used passive force field restraints to buckle in the boy he had rescued. Slava was on a direct vertical accent from the alley. It had planned a gradual trajectory out of the atmosphere and toward the dark side of the moon.

About half way into the trip the boy began to regain consciousness and was struggling. Terry touched the boy's shoulder lightly and said softly, "Hey, calm down. You are going to be alright and no one is going to beat on you anymore."

The boy looked at Terry and then began to fight against the invisible restraints. "Let me go or I will scream."

"Dude, you are on a ship about fifty miles in the sky," Terry said softly. "Nobody but me and Slava can hear you. We are not going to hurt you."

The boy looked around and then promptly fainted. He remained that way through the report from Jay about Bobby and until just after the shuttle docked and he was being prepared to be unloaded onto an antigravity transport bed.

"Where am I?" the boy asked in a much calmer voice.

"You are aboard my ship, Talis, and I am taking you to our medical facility," Terry explained. "We are going to get you fixed up."

"Who are you?" The boy asked with tears in his eyes.

"My name is Terry and I am the Captain of this ship," Terry said with a soft smile. "You are safe and no one is going to hurt you here." They then entered the elevator and headed toward the medical deck.

"What is your name?" Terry asked.

"Josh," the boy answered.

Five minutes later they had arrived in the medical deck and Josh was being scanned. It was decided that the quickest way for Josh to be healed was for him to be placed in a healing tube for three hours. Josh helped Terry place himself in the tube and then asked softly. "Are you going to be here when I get out?"

"Sure, I have to go check on our other new friend and then I will be back, we can have dinner and talk," Terry responded.

"Thanks," Josh responded as the tube's door was shut.


Jay had taken Bobby on a short, quick tour of the active areas of the ship and stopped in the Captain's mess which was presently the only food distribution center opened on the ship. Jay had ordered an ice cream sundae and watched the surprised Bobby's reaction. Bobby then asked if he could order one too. When Jay nodded, Bobby looked at the location the ice cream had come from and said, "Me one too."

Talis and Jay both silently laughed at the boy choice of words and enjoyed the wonder of the boy as his sundae materialized in front of him. Bobby's eyes bugged out as he realized it was all for him, the boy then reached for it as if it was gold and one time snatched his hand back as if he was afraid of getting punished for touching it. Jay finally picked up the sundae and placed it in front of Bobby and even fed the small boy the first bite.

"We are going to have dinner in four hours," Jay announced.

"Once our newest friend wakes up," Terry said as he entered the room. He immediately saw a frightened Bobby retract his hand from the spoon. "I am Captain Terry," he then introduced himself to the small boy. "I sent Jay to save you."

When Bobby saw Jay nodding and that the new man was smiling, he slowly reached back for the spoon and took a small bite of the ice cream. His eyes continuously watching Terry for signs of displeasure.

"Well, that won't do," Terry said with a smile and then sat down beside Jay and across from Bobby. "I want a triple brownie fudge chocolate sundae with extra fudge, whip cream and three large cherries," he then announced.

It surprised both Bobby and Terry the mammoth size of the bowl that appeared a few moments later. It was never Terry's intention to eat all of the concoction and he believed that Talis added even more to his idea. Terry acted like he was going to eat the whole confection.

Over the next twenty minutes, Terry made a royal mess of the table, his shirt, face and his hands all to the surprise and enjoyment of Bobby. The real reason he acted that way was not lost on Jay or Talis and the desired effect was had by Bobby. He relaxed around the older boys and began to enjoy the sundae.

Terry excused himself and went next door to his room to clean up and change. He also received a report that Bobby's father had reported Bobby as being kidnapped by terrorists from someplace called "Gaterris public". The man was put in jail for the crime instead.

Terry walked into his stateroom bathroom for the first time since being on the ship. It resembled an Earth-based restroom, but Terry knew that Talis had made it that way for his comfort. The walls were made of reflective material that was warm to the touch. The toilet and the sink both looked as if they had grown from the floor, which they had and the shower was large enough for at least three people. Terry quickly stripped out of his clothing and examined the shower for controls.

[How do I use this?] Terry transmitted to Talis.

[It is verbally activated,] Talis responded. [There are actually three types of showers available: water, sonic and plasma. Just say water and what temperature you desire.] Talis then paused, [I suggest 100 degrees].

"Water 100 degrees," Terry then said toward the shower. Almost instantly the shower revealed three showerheads, one in the typical location, a second directly above and the third behind. They began a good soaking spray the covered the whole shower area with water.

As Terry enjoyed his first shower on the ship he pondered what had happened to his life. For the briefest of moments he considered retribution toward those that had hurt him in the past, but the thought passed quickly. He then began daydream about what his life would be like with more people saved. Then it hit him, "What about Mother?"

When Terry was about done with his shower he transmitted, [How do I dry. I saw no towels.]

[The shower comes with a drying unit and is also voice activated,] Talis said softly.

"Dry now" Terry said softly. He was surprised when the water immediately cut off and the shower was filled with warm blowing air. In less than a minute he was fully dry.

As he entered into the main portion of the stateroom the bathroom sealed itself and began self-cleaning and a smaller nearly hidden door popped open. The door revealed itself to be Terry's closet full of clothing similar to what Jay was wearing but the neck was white and the same color on each outfit, apparently showing his rank.

"I got two questions, Talis," Terry said verbally.

"Go ahead," Talis responded.

"What if I wanted to blend into Earth society again?" Terry asked softly as he touched the nearly identical looks in that closet.

Another door next to that closet opened and revealed a second closet with brand new looking clothing that appeared all appeared to be in fashion at the time. Without even touching the clothing Terry shut the second closet and returned to the first closet.

"There are three other closets filed with similar clothing as those two," Talis announced.

"If my Mother needs to come up here, is that going to be a problem?" Terry then asked.

"The only problem that I see, Captain, is on her part as you will have to eventually explain the reality of things if she travels here," Talis said. "You are now the undisputed leader of this vessel. With minor exceptions I am required to follow your wishes, desires, and commands."

Terry withdrew a simple red tee shirt and blue shorts from the closet and began to get dressed. His mind was on the information about what Bobby's father had revealed and if there was a need for them to reveal themselves yet.

[While the time for us to be revealed is near I do not see the need, just because of this one incident,] Talis interjected into Terry's thoughts. [You are due in the medical bay in 3 minutes]

"Thanks," Terry said and quickly finished getting dressed.

The only shoes in the closet were red slip-on shoes that fit Terry's feet perfectly. When he finally had them on, Terry walked quickly out the main door of his stateroom and to the elevator.


While Terry was showering, Jay led Bobby down the hall toward his own room. The door opened at Bobby's approach, momentarily startling him. Bobby then giggled and poked his head inside the room. The size of the room was about a quarter of what Terry's was, it was neither without a meeting area nor as many closets or additional functions.

Jay walked into the room and showed Bobby around. He opened the bathroom door and it revealed to be identical to an Earth bathroom, so Bobby would not have to learn anything different there. Bobby also had a closet of clothing to wear around the ship and those when blending into Earth environment.

Bobby's bed was a large full-sized bed with several more pillows than the boy would need to sleep on. He did notice an old fashion earth-like TV in the room but could not find a remote or buttons to use it.

Jay noticed the boy's confusion and then explained. "Lots of stuff around here you talk to, so it can work," He then looked at the Television and said "Show cartoons from America."

Immediately the TV came to life and began showing Bobby's favorite cartoon. "Make it louder," Bobby squealed with joy. Immediately the sound was increased slightly. Bobby clapped his hands and grew fascinated by the cartoon.

After the cartoon was over he then turned to Jay and asked softly, "Where is your room?"

"I am programmed to sleep either in a power cove or with the Captain," Jay answered totally honestly.

"He makes you sleep with him?" Bobby said with fear in his voice.

"No, not at all," Jay began to explain. "I was made to give a choice and a companion when he needs it."

"MADE!" Bobby cried, not realizing it was not what he thought. He was thinking along the lines of rape.

"No, Bobby," Jay said pulling the now frightened boy into a soft hug. "Not made like that. More like built." He then felt Bobby tighten his grip on him.

"Bobby, you know you are no longer on the Earth, right?" Jay said softly.

Bobby's small head nodded, "We are flying on a ship."

"Did you know the ship can talk?" Jay asked and at the same time sent a request to Talis.

"No," Bobby whispered in Jay's chest.

"Well, hello, Bobby, I am Talis," the voice came from around them gently and softly.

A surprised Bobby looked around the room for the source of the voice and began to get scared.

"Please calm down. I am all around you. I am the ship you are inside," Talis said smoothly.

"Prove it," Bobby whispered and then hid his head in Jay's chest.

Talis smiled at the bravery of the small boy. It then activated the holographic projectors in the room and created a see through hologram of his human-like form. "Does this prove it?" Talis asked with the voice coming from the hologram.

Bobby looked at the voice and saw it came from a man he could see though and hid his face again in Jay's chest. Jay then hugged him tightly. "That is Talis, the ship. He wants to talk to you."

"Ok," Bobby mumbled. He still left his head in Jay's chest. "Hi," he said timidly.

"I came to talk to you about how there are different kinds of people on this ship," Talis said softly. "There are boys like you, the other new boy and the Captain that have a mommy and daddy," Talis began to explain. "Then there boys and men like me and Jay that don't have a mommy or daddy, they were made by a machine."

"But the machine is your mommy or daddy," interjected with childlike logic.

"Those like us," Talis said continuing as if Bobby had not said anything "are made to do and act special ways,"

Talis then pointed at Jay, "Jay was made because the Captain was getting lonely for company that he could touch and interact with. Jay was made so the Captain could interact however he needed to with Jay."

"The Captain would never be mean to me and would never ask you to do something like that," Jay began to explain. "If he wants to do something, I would do it and be very happy, but if he doesn't I would have no problems either sleeping with him or in the power cove in his room."

Bobby was confused by a lot of the words used, but realized that no one was being abused and never would so he relaxed. He was afraid of sleeping alone but was too scared to ask to sleep with someone else. He relaxed and cuddled in Jay's arms.


Terry arrived just before the healing tube began its cleaning cycle in preparation to release Josh. It would be done with the cycle in less than a minute and the tubes hatch slid open. Terry looked into the tube and saw the sleeping form of the now healed Josh.

"I took the liberty of asking him about being enhanced before he went under. He accepted it but only as a typical Gaioterran," Talis reported.

"Typical?" a groggy Josh asked.

"Yes, you have all the enhancements the Captain does except not at the same levels and he has direct access to me via the heads up display," Talis said softly. "If you ever choose to become a member of the crew instead of just a Gaioterran, the changes would not take more than an hour to start and 2-3 days to complete."

"Well, it seems that we need to have a large dinner then so neither of us looses too much energy," Terry said as he helped Josh out of the tube.

Over the next two hours they ate dinner, followed by Terry and Jay showing their new arrivals around the inhabitable and active portions of the ship. Even though Bobby had seen most of it, the underlying purpose was for the three humans to get to know the ship and Jay as well. Jay finally showed Josh to his room which was on the same hall as the Captain's and Bobby's rooms.

Terry gently helped Bobby into his room. He tucked Bobby into his bed and gave the boy a warm hug. "If you need something either ask Talis or come to my room, I am never too busy to help."

Jay smiled as Josh investigated his new room. "If you have any questions about the room, just ask Talis. Also feel free to find either the Captain or myself if you need any more help."

"Any time?" Josh asked.

"Any time," Jay echoed reinforcing the idea.

Jay then left Josh to settle into his room. He then walked to the Captain's stateroom and opened the door. Jay found the Terry had already stripped off his shirt in preparation to getting ready for bed. "Captain, I am here as your companion, it is your choice. Shall I sleep in your bed, shall I prepare for sex or shall I rest in the power cove?"

Terry thought for a moment and then smiled "I want your programming changed," Terry said. He then noticed that Jay looked dejected. "Override, programming dealing with sexual based protocols it needs to be your choice if you sleep with me, have sex with me or rest in the power cove."

Jay face changed from concern to a smile. "Thank you, Captain," Jay then blinked twice and then said, "Programming overrides are now in place. They shall become permanent on next recharge."

"What is your choice now that you have one?" Terry said with a warm smile.

"I wish to sleep with you, so that we may get to know each other better and yes, eventually work toward a sexual relationship," Jay said with a smile.

Terry walked to the far side of the bed and pulled down the covers. "This is my side," he said with a broad grin.

Terry and Jay finished undressing and got into bed. When they had gotten comfortable Terry said, "Turn out the lights, please," and then the lights went out.

Forty-five minutes later the main door opened silently and Bobby quietly padded into the room. He could not tell who was who in the bed and walked slowly and with great fear toward Jay's side. "Cap'n, Jay, I had a bad dream."

Terry opened his eyes from the other side of the bed and softly said "Jay, let him up so he can sleep with us."

Jay felt that Terry's choice was a good choice for a leader and as such made him more attractive. He complied by turning over and holding his arms out for Bobby to climb onto and into the bed. Bobby quickly climbed into the center of the bed and cuddled up to Jay.

Within minutes the stateroom door opened again, this time with a flustered Josh. "Captain Terry, I had a nightmare."

Terry rolled his eyes to himself in a playful manner, "Get your butt in here. The more the merrier."

Josh crawled up the bed and lay between Bobby and Terry. At first he stayed still and attempted to not touch anyone else. Finally Terry got frustrated by feeling the boy's tense body near him and knew he was uncomfortable, Terry then put his arm around Josh and pulled him gently into his warm embrace. Josh slowly relaxed and went to sleep. Within minutes all three of them were asleep and Jay had gone into his diagnostic mode, his version of sleep.