New Gaioterra Republic

By Dream Janus

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Chapter Four - Savior


By the end of the week, Travis and Jonathon recovered from their injuries. They were moved into their own suite down the hall from the Captain's suite. They loved the massive rooms but missed their brother. Both boys asked Talis at different times the same thing: "Where is our brother," or "How is our brother?"


The response from Talis was always the same, "I must save the child."


Bobby began to spend time with Travis and Jonathon and began harassing as well by also asking Talis about the boy. Finally, Talis told Bobby that he would not be allowed to return to Travis and Jonathon's suite, if he continued to ask questions in that area.


Bobby then ran out of the room with tears streaming down his face. He quickly found Josh and fell sobbing into his arms. "What is going on, baby boy?"


"Talis," Bobby sobbed, "don't want me to talk to him about Pete."


"Why?" Josh asked.


"I, no no," Bobby responded.


"TALIS!" Josh roared.


"Yes, Josh," Talis responds unemotionally.


"Until the time that you produce an offspring of your own or you deal with a little one of your species, leave the parenting to those that understand," Josh roared. "Bobby needs to be with others around his own age."


"I understand," Talis responded and then fell silent.



Over the next month, several androids were created to help rescue more children. The number of rescues rose to twenty-seven by the end of that month. Terry had instructed Talis to open two levels of housing for the new arrivals. He also commanded the release of more shuttles and teleportation stations.


Also during that month, Terry and Josh grew even closer together.


Josh insisted that they check out the new areas, not to be difficult but to make sure their newest guests would like the place. One of the things that Josh noticed was that play space was kept at a minimum and he mentioned that situation to Talis, but was ignored. Josh then brought his thoughts to Terry. Terry smirked and then made a remark about play and the space he wanted to play in. Josh raised one eyebrow and turned around playfully teasing Terry by rubbing his bottom against Terry's tight fitting rescue uniform.


Talis started to say something to interrupt but before it could, the boys were off toward their room. There was a string of clothes from the hall jamming the door open to their quarters. Instead of interrupting out of spite, Talis sighed deeply and then dematerialized the clothing, and rematerialized them in the wrong closet without thinking.


Terry all but picked Josh up and laid him in bed reaching to the drawer, hoping they would make it this time, he opened the lid to the lube and squeezed some into his hand and applied it to Joshes bottom getting ready to push a finger in and Talis then interrupted.


Josh moaned in frustration as Talis announced, "Captain, we have a rescue that needs your immediate attention."

Terry's mind opened to the information that Talis had available. The information was so disturbing to him that he lost his erection and grew angry. Finally, he stood and without further notice walked out and headed to the Bridge.


Josh flopped onto the bed in frustration crying bitterly. He realized that Terry was needed so he could protect others, but he still felt slightly abandoned. Out of the corner of his eye, Josh thought he saw the holographic face of Talis smirking, but it was gone when Josh looked up.


That evening Terry returned early and found a sad Josh still in bed with a tearstained face. Josh turned away from Terry silently and attempted to go to sleep making it clear that he was upset, but unwilling to explain or argue. He further allowed Terry to cuddle with him but made no move to either stop it or become part of the cuddle.


"I'm sorry," Terry said honestly but he did not fully understand what had happened. He gently kissed Josh's ear and snuggled in tighter. Jay and Bobby soon joined them in bed and everyone prepared for sleep. During their sleep, Josh tightened his grip on Terry's arm and pushed his ass onto Terry crotch. Bobby snuggled into Jay's arms and then began to suck on his small thumb.







"It is 8am Eastern Standard Time, Earth time," was the wakeup call that Talis gave to Terry. "We have seventeen rescue situations that need your immediate attention, Captain."


Terry did not move but brought up his heads-up display for the ship. As he looked over the information from London England, Paris France, Berlin Germany, Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia, St. Petersburg and Miami Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Biloxi Mississippi, five in New York City New York, three in Chicago Illinois he then saw four others that were soon joined by a fifth all in the central United States. "This is too much for us to deal with."


Terry then rolled over onto his back and projected, [Bring an additional 10 shuttles online and create an additional twelve humanoid appearing units.] He then paused. [If they are AI or just, well, programmed, is up to you.]


[As you command, Captain,] Talis said. [Shuttles coming online now]


Terry pulled away from Josh's back and sat up. [Do you have an area that can be setup as a rescue headquarters? I think this is going to get messy.]


[Of course, Captain,] Talis responded softly.


Talis began opening the rooms on either side of the present Bridge in preparation not only to expand the size of the Bridge, but also to open an area specifically for rescues. [I am doing so at this time, Captain,] Talis answered.


The former Bridge walls melted into the floors and opening up both rooms, expanding the Bridge making it triple its former size. The Command Chair remained in the center of the room, but the Rescue Chair moved to the far left of the new room, where five identical chairs emerging from the floor met it. The far left wall revealed digital screen from the ceiling to the middle of the wall.


The right hand side of the new Bridge had the floor drop by six inches in the rear portion of that section and a foot in the front portion. The front section grew a communication area and weapon / shield area. The rear section became the medical and shuttle bay control sections.


[The new androids have been constructed and infused with new intelligence and Artificial Intelligences,] Talis announced. [The new Bridge is reconfigured and ready whenever you choose to approve it.] Talis then paused. [They wish to introduce themselves to you, but understand the need to get to work first.]


[Jay, time to come online,] Terry transmitted directly to Jay's inert form.


[Of course, Captain,] Jay transmitted as he opened his eyes. When he began to roll away in preparation to get out of bed, Bobby latched onto him and groaned. "Bobby, I am needed by the Captain," Jay said softly. "I have to go."


"No," Bobby whined. He pulled on Jay's chest, cuddling into him. Bobby was semi-conscious and he refused to become awake and did not want to give up his warmth and security.


"Well then Bobby you need to go and get dressed with Jay so that we can help other boys, like he did you," Terry said with a smile. He gently rubbed Bobby's stomach more insistently as each second passed.


"Ok," Bobby squeaked, his face never totally revealed from Jay's chest.


"I'll help too," Josh mumbled half asleep, "if you need me?"


"I need as many hands as possible, we've got at least seventeen saves going on right now," Terry said as he slipped out of bed.


Terry walked to the closet and smiled as he opened the door, "Everyone get dressed in Gaioterran red and blue." He then sighed and made sure that Talis already had everyone's closets filled with the appropriate clothing. "I have a feeling that we are going to get revealed sooner than expected."


Everyone separated: Bobby and Jay went to Jay's room to get him dressed while Josh ran to his room as well. Terry quickly dressed in long pants and a formal looking shirt. Josh dressed in a nearly identical outfit. The difference was that the neck of the shirt was red along with the shirt itself. Bobby was dressed in blue shorts and red tee shirt with the same red collar as Josh.


Jay returned to his room with Bobby in tow and he quickly dressed. Jay was oblivious to the fact that Bobby's eyes never left him as he removed his used underwear and began to redress from his own closet. Jay dressed in a nearly identical outfit as Terry and Josh except his collar was his typical black.


"Captain to everyone!" Terry said with unexpected authority. His voice then echoed across the ship, "Rescue teams to the Bridge for assignments and final orders."


[Cut intercom,] Terry then transmitted.


"You do realize that a transmitted message would have worked just as well?" Jay asked softly.


"Yes, but it won't be too long when there will be a lot more and I need to set a standard and expectation as Captain," Terry responded.


Terry then walked out of the stateroom heading toward the elevator and the Bridge. He was nervous even though he knew every other life form on the ship was artificial, this day was going to change everything.


"Talis, I want breakfast available on the Bridge as if it was in the Mess Hall," Terry began. "I also want transport to the surface when the rescues are complete. I need to talk to my Mother."


"Of course, Captain," Talis said softly as the elevator door opened.


"Captain on the Bridge," echoed several voices across the Bridge.


Six cute androids had taken up spots in the Rescue Chairs. A seventh was standing focused on the digital screen on the wall. It had a map of the world across the screen. An eighth android was sitting at the Communication Station and the ninth sat near him in the Weapon/ Shield Station. A tenth sat in the Medical Station and a eleventh sat in the Shuttle Command Center.


The eleventh was strawberry blond with green eyes. "Captain, Theta and Epsilon Rescue Teams launched 2.45 standard minutes ago each responding to a recue signal in rapid insertion."


"What is your name?" Terry asked.


"I am Ethan, sir," the android answered.


"Thank you for the report, Ethan," Terry said with a smile.


"Captain, we have a rescue that just went critical," a black haired android said from the third rescue chair. "I am Ben, sir"


"Teleport an available unit to that location, Ben," Terry responded.


Ben stood from the chair. He took a breath and released it. At the moment he relaxed, Ben's body appeared to waver as if heat was coming from it and then he was gone.


"I am Beau, Captain" started the android that was monitoring the world map. "The map represents every genetically gay person on the planet," he explained pointing at each group of lights on the map. "We monitor each child and teen on the planet and rescue if they are in mortal danger." At that moment, three of the lights turned from white to red. "We now have confirmed three new rescue events."


"Launch all required shuttles for those rescues that can wait for a rapid insertion and teleport those of higher priority," Terry said loudly.


The remaining four androids that were in the Rescue Seats as well as the android in the Communication Seat all stood. Three of the androids left the room heading toward the shuttle bay, the remaining two wavered as they transported out.


Terry walked to the Command Chair and sat down. In the time required for a single human thought, he began giving orders, [Jay take over the first Rescue Seat. Talis make seating behind me for Bobby and Josh. Beau, take over one of the other rescue seats.] Terry then brought up the ship's heads-up display and quickly reduced all commands, icons and windows except internal ship communication and the communication station, listening in case the androids needed help or any human chatter began over their rescues.


Over the next half hour Beau, the other androids and Jay all took on rescue missions. Terry was beginning to get nervous as he was the last one available to take on a rescue. Josh offered more than once to take the next rescue.


"Can't do it yet, Josh," Terry began to explain. "You are Gaioterran but you are not crew, at least not yet. Your enhancements have just now begun to take."


Terry then attempted to link his mind to the ship's sensors. He was interrupted when a new rescue alarm sounded and broke his concentration.


"Damn," Terry yelled as he jumped out of the command chair. His mind already filled with the important information. "Talis, create a new dozen androids and shuttles and allow Josh access to the communications network for the foreseeable future."


Terry then turned to Josh and smiled. "You have full access to communications, so you can re-route the androids or me to new rescues. I still have my heads-up online and will while I'm earth-side." He then smiled, "Order your breakfast but stay here until we are done." Terry then waved as he teleported to the earth.


Terry's heads-up display showed his location as San Francisco, California. The rescue was in truth a dual rescue and they were to his left about fifty yards and closing fast. The boys must be running Terry thought as he then commanded Talis to send down four security drones and an over-vest. The security drones appeared a moment later. Terry then felt the additional weight of the over-vest on his chest.


Terry's over-vest appeared to be a white vest with several Gaioterran emblems on them. It was in fact not only for decoration but it also was a personal shield. The shielding extended off his body and clothing a fraction higher than his body hair. Nothing short of a missile could puncture the shield.


The boys were within twenty yards followed rapidly by what registered as four police officers. If Talis had not recorded the truth, Terry might have let the police capture the boys as criminals. In Terry's opinion, the boys appeared to be homeless and he later found out that the officers wanted to use the boys sexually under threat of arrest if they did not comply.


When the boys were within five yards Terry reached out and quickly grabbed both of them, pulling them to his side. Both boys were terrified that they had been captured and tried to fight off Terry. The one that Terry grabbed with his left hand was of Mexican decent and approximately 14 years old. The other boy looked related to the first and appeared to be 10.


[Protect them,] Terry shot to the security drones. [Kill if they are threatened.] He then spoke to the boys and said, "I will protect you."


A moment later, two of the police officers ran up to them and stopped. They both were white and in excellent shape, one massively larger than the other. "Police! Put your hands up!" the large hulking officer commanded.


"I don't think so," Terry said with a cold edge to his voice.


At that moment, Talis projected, [Quickly read your insignias on your over-vest.] Terry complied without even thinking. The bottom insignia read "Captain" in the Gaioterran language overlay Terry possessed. The second read "Admiral" and the top most read "Monarch". The whole conversation and reading took a fraction of a second.


Terry did not give it any thought as he said with pure hatred, "I am Terrance the First, Monarch of the Gaioterran Republic." He then looked at the two boys. "These boys are under the protection of my government and will no longer be available for your perverted pleasures."


The other two police officers arrived at that moment hearing what Terry said. One of the new officers was a large black man with skin a dark as night. The other was mixed-raced Native American. "I don't give a fuck who you say you are. They are coming with us," the mixed-race officer said pulling out his gun.


Without time to think, all four of the security drones fired at the officer. Each drone had a different colored laser beam, but each beam struck the man at the same time and in the same location. Before the officer fell to the ground he was able to see the large open wound ripped though his chest where his heart had been. The man was dead before he hit the ground.


"I am unarmed but far from unprotected," Terry said coldly. "I am taking these boys and they will not return," Terry continued. "Be aware we are around and we are not afraid of you." With a simple thought, Terry then teleported with both boys directly to the ship.


"Welcome to the Gaioterran Republic Flagship Talis," he said to the two boys with a wave of his hand. The area they were transported into looked similar to the Bridge with an open wall revealing the Moon but was devoid of anything except chairs.


[You got some `splaining to do, Lucy,] Terry projected to Talis with a slight laugh.


[I know, Sir. It was not supposed to happen this early, your Majesty,] Talis explained.


[Terrance the First, interesting.]


[Ricky had better come back to me in a good mood or I am going to be the mother of all bitches,] Josh giggled through the communication link.


The only response from either Talis or Terry was a silent chuckle from Terry.




"You are safe here and can start a new life," Terry said softly to the boys. "I am Terry."


"I am Jorge and he is my brother Manuel," the older boy said softly.


"Are we really in space, Mister Terry," Manuel asked in awe of the sight before him.


"Yes, we are on the backside of the Moon in a really big ship that talks," Terry said with a smile.


"Really?" both boys asked in stereo.


"Yes, really," Talis answered with humor in his voice. "Is anyone hungry?"


Terry, Jorge and Manuel all three answered, "Yes!"


"Talis create a table so we can have a good breakfast," Terry ordered.


In the next moment, the boys watched in surprise as a table grew out of the floor. Both of them were surprised when the silver-like liquid hardened and changed into a white table with place settings. Jorge reached out and touched the new table making sure it was real.


A few moments later and each of them had a large breakfast in front of them. As they ate the boys asked questions of Terry and occasionally of Talis. They quickly began to accept their new life. It was discovered that the boys were orphans and had run away from a group home.


"Do you wish to have separate quarters or have a family stateroom?" Talis asked.


"Together, please," Manuel answered. He had grown to accept the talking ship quicker than his older brother had.


"Very good," Talis responded. "I have created a stateroom where you have separate bedrooms divided by a common area. I do believe you will be very comfortable."


"Rescue Team Zeta, prepare to transport," Josh's voice was heard over the ship's intercom and communication system, stress easily being heard in his words.


"He has actually been doing a good job keeping everything in order," Talis said praising Josh. "I will suggest to him to become a member of the crew as soon as possible."


"Good," Terry responded.


Just as Terry began to stand up, he began to hear radio transmission chatter from several areas on the planet about the strange people taking boys and the occasional reference to Gaioterrans. [Damn, I am going to have to think of somehow revealing us globally very soon]


[Agreed,] Talis said.


[Please give me a report, Josh,] Terry sent through Talis to Josh. He then began heading toward the Bridge to relieve Josh from a job that he presently was not prepared to do.


[Terry?] Josh's voice softly came through the link.


[Yes,] Terry sent back with a smile, [please tell me what has been going on with the rescues and the androids.]


[Well, there now are a couple dozen android boys,] Josh relayed, [about fifteen of them are doing rescues on earth, and the remainder have apparently taken over the different places up here on the Bridge]


[If I may interject, Captain,] came a vaguely familiar voice. [This is Ethan again.] He then continued, [As of this moment there have been a total thirty-seven rescues completed with a total of thirty being saved,] Ethan paused and then continued, [There are another fifteen in process as we speak]


[So, we now have almost seventy-five organics here?] Terry asked having just arrived at the elevator. After a moment, the door opened and Terry entered.


[There will be seventy-seven organics saved at the completion of these missions,] Ethan relayed.


[Have another area of rooms been opened?] Terry then asked.


[Yes, two more areas of room and four more mess halls that can feed up to 250 Gaioterrans and Humans,] Talis interjected.


[On that note, how many have accepted the enhancements and how many are potentials for becoming crew?] Terry asked.


[Of the thirty on board now, twenty-eight want to be enhanced, but twelve are pre-puberty and as of now unable to be enhanced. One has been enhanced already and another has issues of both a physical and emotional nature that make enhancement at this point problematic,] Talis answered. [Josh wants to become a member of the crew as soon as possible.]


[How many medical tubes are available?] Terry asked.


[By bringing the remainder of the Medical Center online, we have over one thousand medical tubes at our disposal,] Talis answered.


[Begin cycling them for enhancements in groups of four, five or six at a time,] Terry directed.

[Of course, Captain,] Talis responded


At that moment, Terry entered the Bridge and heard seven voices echo, "Captain on the Bridge."


"From this moment on, do not announce my entry on the Bridge unless we have visitors on the Bridge and only then for show," Terry said forcefully.


"Yes, Captain," responded the crew of androids all at the same time.


Josh and Bobby were still on the Bridge. Enthralled by the large open-air appearing view screen, Bobby was quietly showing it to a new boy. He was unaware of what was going on around him. Josh had his eyes closed as he was concentrating on the communication network. The strain was obvious on his face as the information streamed through his mind at the speed of supercomputer.


"Hold on just a moment more, Josh," Terry said as he slid into the command chair. Even though his heads-up display had never been taken down, Terry was only moderately aware of the communication networks. When seated in the Command Chair, Terry pulled up his complete access to the ship's systems and freed Josh from that task.


The relief on Josh's face was immediate. "GOD, how do you deal with all that information at once?" he asked with a light chuckle.


"Actually that is only about fifteen percent of the information that I deal with when I am linked to the ship," Terry explained. "As the number of crew members increases, the amount of information I have to deal with personally will decrease."


"DAMN!" Josh almost yelled. "How do you deal with all that?" He then got up and stood beside the command chair, looking down at Terry with admiration.


"Well, part of it is my enhancements are still growing and as they grow it seems to get easier," Terry explained.


"Why don't you and Bobby head out and relax?" Terry said smiling up at Josh. "Try out the Recreation Deck."


"Sure," Josh said softly. "Are you going to be around for dinner?" The implication that Josh wanted to have dinner with Terry was obvious.


"Sure, I will make sure that around dinner that we go to life and death rescues only for the remainder of the night so I will be ready to have dinner with you," Terry said with a large smile.


Josh gathered Bobby and his new friend James from in front of the main viewer and headed out the door. Both boys were confused as to where Josh was taking them. Josh only smiled and said, "We have been asked to get lost for a bit so that Captain Terry can get some real work done."


When Josh saw both boys had put on pouty faces he added, "He asked that we go play on the Recreation Deck. We can take Travis and Jonathon," he paused. "I bet there are lots of toys and fun stuff to do there." Josh then began to smile "Talis, what fun stuff is there to do on the Recreation Deck?"


"I have stocked the Recreation Deck with over 10,000 human and human related games, activities and sports, plus a holographic area with over 17,000,000 pre-programmed holographic programs," Talis responded.


"Can I go bike rid'n, Talis?" Bobby asked with anticipation.


"Of course, Bobby, I have several bike riding courses that I am sure you will enjoy," Talis responded warmly.


"Please may I have your attention? This is Talis," the ship began making a ship-wide announcement. "All boys under the age of 12 are welcomed and encouraged to participate in bike riding on the Recreation Deck from now until dinner time." Talis then interjected, "For those boys over the age of 12 and under the age of 16, the Recreation Deck has many more interesting and fun activities."


Talis then paused, "All other boys approved for enhancements, please report to the Medical Center."


On the Bridge Terry looked up at the light above his Command Chair and asked, [Are you ordering them or asking?]


[I am sorry, Captain,] Talis responded. [There are five people over the age of 16 on board,] Talis explained. [Yourself, Josh as well as three others. It is my intention to augment from the oldest to the youngest so that the older boys can assist with the younger.]


[While that is a good idea,] Terry began, [you need to use a different tone and make it a request from now on.] He then asked, [Will they be out before dinner?]


[Yes, with a few minutes to spare,] Talis responded.


[Please download a complete schematic of your interior into my mind,] Terry asked.


[Of course, but please understand that most areas are designed to adjust to the needs of the crew and passengers,] Talis explained and then began the download.


Terry's eyes fluttered for a few moments as the download occurred. His mind unfolded the floor plans as it downloaded. He realized the actual massive amount of space available on Talis. Terry realized that only ten percent of Talis was actually used. He realized that a portion of the ship was set-up for use by any on-board royals. Terry filed the information but felt it was unnecessary. He then found the ship's weapons and protective measures.


"I want the production sections brought on-line as well as basic weapons," Terry announced. He wanted the ship protected but also wanted to start the production of technology to disperse to the Earth.


"Of course," Talis responded.


"Start the next group of enhancements so it will be completed overnight," Terry directed. "Create enough androids to have three shifts manning the Bridge and Rescue Monitoring Stations in 8 hour shifts."


"Yes, Captain," Talis responded again.


"Also make sure to open a new level of residences for every twenty new rescues we have," Terry ordered. "They need to feel like they have a choice of whom they have as neighbors."


Over the next two hours, Terry became more familiar with every aspect of the ship's different levels as well as its different forms of protection, weapons and the 14 different types of shuttles and smaller ships. Talis then updated Terry on the progress of his enhancements and explained that he was nearly complete. Terry also had the names and appearances of all the androids downloaded, so they did not have to continue to introducing themselves to him.


Finally, Talis announced, [It is time for dinner, Captain, and you promised to eat with Josh and Bobby.]


Terry sat up from the seat and looked around at the androids working at the bridge positions. [Attention, all hands continue any active rescues but go to life and death rescues only until after breakfast,] Terry announced. [I will be eating dinner in my mess hall if needed.]


Within minutes, Terry arrived at the Captain's Mess. The room was buzzing with activity as several boys of assorted ages were talking and requesting their meals, most with loud, shocked volumes to their voices. Josh, Jay and Bobby were all waiting at the table that recognized now as the Captain's Table.


An excited Bobby waved at Terry with a big smile. Jay lightly held him so he would not jump or fall out of his seat in his excitement. Bobby wanted to tell his older friend about the exciting bike ride he and several other boys had on the Recreation Deck's holographic play area.


"I had so much fun riding my bike in that neighborhood!" Bobby exclaimed when Terry arrived at the table.


Over the next five minutes, an excited Bobby told Terry of the adventure that he and several other boys had on the bikes. It never crossed his young mind that the bikes and the scenery he had enjoyed so much were actually not real. The glee in Bobby's eyes made Terry consider having Talis actually construct bicycles for all of the boys to keep.


Terry was enjoying three slices of pizza that tasted very familiar, like his favorite hometown pizzeria "Tony's". The cheese and tomato sauce kept on covering his face and mouth. Terry asked Talis repeatedly for more napkins as his face seemed to attract the sauce like a magnet.


When Terry finished the pizza, he enjoyed talking with assorted boys and teens in the Mess Hall. He made sure to check on Travis and Jonathon specifically before he began to leave the room. Suddenly he cocked his head to the side and listened to an incoming message on a tight radio wave directed at the moon.


The signal was actually several signals transmitted on top of each other. It was a message in computer binary that said simply "Hello from the planet Earth." In addition, fifty-five different languages all were also saying, "Hello," in many different ways. Each was imbedded under the main signal of a man talking.


"This is Colonel William Jenkins of the United States of America, Planet Earth to the visitors on the dark side of the moon. We send you greetings and welcome. We would be pleased if you wish to communicate with us so we may learn from you."


Terry immediately slapped his forehead and then sent as burst message to Talis. [Activate all protective measures and bring up all the small craft so they can be used if necessary.]


[Right away, Captain,] Talis responded.


[I guess I need to respond to the transmission,] Terry then projected. He looked at his dinner companions and smiled weakly, "We have been found out by the American military at least."


"Damn," Josh expelled. Several of the boys became fearful just hearing that the United States knew that they were there, the fear of being take away flooded most of the boys. A few were also fearful that they would be returned to their former abusers.


"I need as many of my crew available for duty in the morning, as possible." Terry said directing it at Josh. "That includes you."


"Oh, Damn," Josh said with an obvious pout. "I wanted to sleep with you guys again, but you are going to need me to help out."


[What is the time to upgrade a Gaioterran to crew?] Terry projected to Talis.


[The actual upgrade can be performed with a shot,] Talis responded. [I will transport the upgrade nanites to you directly.] Talis then began constructing the nanites required but did not stipulate a proper length of time.


A moment later, a small silver cylinder appeared at the table. Terry immediately knew how to use the device. He took the two-inch device and with a quick motion placed it against Josh's arm.


The injector immediately activated. A microscopic needle injected Josh with as flood of nanites. The tiny machines immediately began upgrading every one of the active Gaioterran cells and re-wrote the enhancements that had yet to be completed. The re-writing that should have taken hours to upgrade was instead done within seconds.


With such a rapid rewrite of nanites already in his system, Josh reacted badly. His skin flushed green and then moments late he fell over unconscious. His body convulsed severely as it attempted to complete the changes immediately and without any time set aside for adaptation.


"WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!" Terry yelled toward the ceiling.


"Apologies, Captain," Talis said softly. "I did not set a timing sequence on the nanites and they are attempting to make all changes to his body immediately.


"I refuse to allow the man I love to be killed by you!" Terry bellowed. "Fix him or I will personally destroy your personality matrix!" Terry demanded.


The floor that Josh had collapsed on immediate began rising and reforming into a bed. From the floor itself, three tubes rose and inserted into Josh's arms. Two of the tubes acted to flush out the improperly programmed nanites, while the third infused his body with properly programmed nanites that immediately began to repair the damage and make the required enhancements.


Terry waited until Josh was conscious before make his next demands.


"Bring up communications with the Earth, Talis," Terry said loudly showing he was still upset with Talis. "I want to respond to the message in the most broadband and obvious way possible," Terry continued.


"Under what format, Captain?" Talis asked vocally.


"I recognize the greetings underneath the signal as a copy of what the USA sent on the Voyager probes sent into space." Terry began to explain. "I want every possible radio wave to broadcast our signal." He then smiled, "We are not going to hide anything."


"Open translation programs to simulcast what I am about to say in those 55 languages, plus add Gaioterran," Terry ordered. "Also make sure that any names are translated into only Gaioterran."


"Ready when you are, Captain," Talis said.


"Greetings, Colonel William Jenkins of the United States of America and the rest of the planet Earth," Terry began "I am Terrance (Ras'ral) the First, ruler of the Gaioterran Republic and Captain of the Gaioterran Republic trans-space Flagship Talis. We seek peace with our human brethren," Terry spoke, his actual name converted to Gaioterran but not any of the other languages transmitted.


[Cut communications,] Terry sent to Talis. [Prepare an insertion shuttle to get me to my Mother's house now!]


[The shuttle will be ready when you arrive at the shuttle bay, Captain,] Talis answered. [You will also have a compliment of security drones. A holographic projector will also be available as well.]


At that moment, Terry's over-vest appeared on his body. He was only mildly surprised but the result of its appearance was immediate and dramatic.


"I have to go down to the surface real quickly," Terry explained to Josh, Jay and Bobby. "I need to talk to my Mother and explain."


"I want to go too," Josh said with a lopsided smile still feeling weak from the trauma his body had suffered.


"I will take care of Bobby," Jay said with a smile.


Bobby immediately tried to climb up into Jay's hands. A brief moment later he was nestled in his favorite android's arms. Bobby was scared and had no intentions going against anything the Captain said.


"Ok, fine," Terry said softly. [Josh needs an over-vest,] he transmitted to Talis.


Josh explained to the boys what was going on. He spent extra time making sure that he dealt with their feelings and that the boys left the room calm at least, if not happy. All of the time he took talking to the boys, Bobby never left his lap but remained quiet. Josh gave each boy the individual time needed to feel at ease.



Terry and Josh started walking quickly out of the room and toward the elevator. As they arrived at the elevator, an over-vest appeared on Josh. They entered the elevator and quickly raised the three floors to the command shuttle bay. When the door opened, both boys were surprised to see that the shuttle bay had increased in size. The new shuttle bay was fifteen times larger than it was previously.


The insertion shuttle was a new shuttle for both the boys. It was much longer than the shuttle class that included Slava. This shuttle looked more like a gigantic needle instead of a space ship. The other major differences were the engines. This model only had a sub-light engine and a larger dimensional drive. It could make quick dimensional jumps but could not achieve anywhere near the speed of light.


The inside of the shuttle was sleek and appeared to be appointed with real leather. The pilot's seat and area was the model of efficiency, there was a single computer interface on the right hand side as well as two circular hand controllers connected to the floor by long ornate poles. Other than four minor lights, the interior was dark until Terry walked in. Then each control panel came to life and interior lighting came online.


Once they were on board the ship, Terry lowered himself into the pilot's chair. He started the pre-flight procedures and readied the shuttle for launch. With minutes, they launched out of the side launch door and quickly took the shuttle outside the ship about 100 yards. Terry quickly entered in the coordinates of his Mother's house. When they arrived at that point Terry quickly commanded the shuttles dimensional drives to come online. The moment the drives entered the acceptable range of power, Terry hit the button forcing the ship into a dimensional rift.


Within the time required to blink three times the shuttle appeared directly over Terry's former home. Terry used the dual hand controls of the shuttle to land the ship with only a small amount of wind created. He then put on the holographic necklace disguising his true form. Terry then quickly left the ship and rushed to the front door of the house. If someone were watching, it would seem that for a fat boy, Terry was moving too quickly for his size.


Terry knocked on the door quickly and waited. He smiled softly when his mother answered the door. "Mom, we need to talk."