New Horizons, Constant Threats

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Miller and Jonas were 2 of the survivors out of lord knows how many from the evacuation shuttle that left Earth in 2320. You'd have gotten scores of different versions of what was happening on Earth that required the evacuations, and they'd all be probably true one way or another. Both guys were top notch, heavily trained mucho-macho Delta Force types, members of what was known as Elite in military vernacular. It was the great grand child that resulted from combining Green Beret, Delta Force, Navy Seals, Black Ops, Black Beret, and every other hidden special force unit, mainly due to budget cuts and all around lack of general interest. Miller was 6'6”, 320 lbs of thick muscled brute who loved busting concrete blocks with either his fist or head, all depending on his mood. Jonas was 6'8”, 380 lbs of mean tempered, hulk muscled outdoors man, who thought himself to be a well developed intellectual. That self proclaimed description was rather funny since there wasn't more then 2 possible locations on Earth where you could actually stay outdoors for more then 20 minutes, but there weren't many who would choose to question Jonas on that point.

At some point during the shuttle flight when they were about to do a final approach to orbit, lots went wrong, explosions started happening and those who could, got into escape pods and jettisoned off the shuttle. The bad part was no one knew exactly which inhabitable planet they were headed for since it was decided to “spread the wealth” so to speak amongst the 100 or more planets humans could survive on, just looking at the gravity, atmosphere, water and climate. There wasn't any time to do detailed studies of the existing life forms or available food stuffs, just load them up and ship them out, where ever. Miller was knocked unconscious by some freak accident and Jonas got him into the same pod with him. They weren't necessarily the best of friends, but they often did train together and had the same assignments from time to time.

Miller nick named Jonas “bear” since he was hairy as one, well at least from the pictures and holograms he saw. Miller was named “cub” by Jonas, since he wasn't super hairy and was smaller then Jonas. It was easy and both were comfortable having pet names for each other.

Jonas felt the heat building in the pod as it entered the atmosphere of the planet. He was fairly certain he did see several other pods hitting the same time as their pod, but didn't know the number of if they even had anyone in them. All he was hoping for right now was to hit the surface in one piece, uninjured and that the planet wasn't a desert or frozen tundra. Everyone knew not to fully trust the officials of the government and no one in the service did anyway. There wasn't anything Jonas could do right now anyway and he just braced himself and Miller as best he could and waited to pass out before landing.

The pod did make it to the surface and to his great surprise, the emergency parachute even worked. When he woke up, it was obvious the pod was nearly on its side, at an angle. He popped the emergency escape latch and took in the blast of fresh air that flooded the pod. He climbed the ladder to the open hatch and did a 360 of their landing site. He smiled when he saw they landed in between a green sandy beach and some sort of forest with very weird trees. He could hear what he assumed were birds and felt a nice breeze blowing past the pod opening. Paradise he immediately thought, remembering old shows of what tropical islands on Earth looked like years ago. He did notice that he felt heavier then on Earth and remembered that had something to do with gravitational forces.

Jonas piled up all the supplies and equipment that was loaded in the pod and set up the mini crane at the hatch to lift basic survival items out of the pod on to the surface. It took him awhile since he was at it by himself. Half way through, Miller came too, moaning and groaning about how his head was killing him. Jonas checked him out quickly and determined Miller had no serious injury, maybe a slight concussion and a cut that was no longer bleeding. He made a mental note to see to that cut so Miller didn't get any type of infection especially since they had no idea of what kind of bacteria or virus' were on this planet. Miller managed to help Jonas out with the last of the supplies and they both exited the pod. Jonas thought it would be a good idea to use the mini crane to pull the pod into the tree line on its side to function as emergency protection shelter if needed. Miller agreed and they made it happen after taking a quick look around and having a ration meal. They secured their supplies and equipment making certain the most critical was put back in the pod for safe keeping. Jonas set the combination for the electronic lock so no one except the 2 of them could open the hatch.

Jonas carried his rapid fire mini tank weapon, what Miller called it since it fired rounds that cause whatever they hit to disintegrate. He also had high velocity side arms and sonic grenades. Miller preferred sonic semi automatic rifles and high velocity side arms with percussion grenades. They made quite the sight, wearing their regulation camo pants, shirts and semi hard rad-protection helmets, along with their weapons of course. They could have broken out and put together the mini atv's that were on every pod, but thought it best to take their time right now and check out the neighborhood, not venturing all that far from new-home.

They were both busy taking in the lay of the land and strange environment they were in when they spotted another pod partially stuck on the shore being rocked up and down by the waves. Miller climbed to the top of the pod and looked in the hatch window. He saw there was lots of blood but it looked like the pod was pretty much intact. They opened the hatch and used the mini crane to pull the pod to the tree line. The 3 occupants of the pod were dead but all the equipment and supplies were undamaged. Miller didn't want to leave them like that so they pulled them out of the pod and buried them just inside the tree line, making make-shift markers as head stones. Jonas and Miller used the ultra fine sand to mop up the blood in the pod and used the steam generator to sterilize the pod as best they could. They set the locks and sealed up the hatch, knowing they now had 2 fully supplied pods. They found an outcrop of rock that formed a perfect shade area at the water's edge, a great spot they thought for camping out and getting out of the bright sunlight. They rolled out their solar blankets to rest on to keep them off of the sand. Jonas stripped naked and decided to test out the brilliant jade green clear water. Miller didn't like the idea since they had no idea what kind of animals, fish or predators were on the plant. So far, the trees or whatever they were let you know you weren't in Kansas anymore and neither of them had ever seen fine green colored sand before. Miller kept his rifle ready and stood guard while Jonas waded into the water, reporting the entire time as to what it felt like, its temperature and any fish or whatever he spotted. Jonas licked some of the water from his finger and had this puzzled look on his face.

Hey, what's wrong?” Miller asked.

I would have thought it would be salty, but its not. Almost tastes like fresh water to me,” Jonas said as he licked another sample.

I wouldn't do that if I were you, until we use the chem kit and test it first,” Miller said seriously. “Don't know if there's something nasty in it or about it.”

Yeah, you're right, but damn if it doesn't feel great to be in,” Jonas said.

Okay hot shot, how about you pull your naked body out of there and rejoin the other earthling,” Miller laughed.

After my big, hot body are yah cub?” Jonas teased.

Not just yet bear,” Miller said seriously. “I'm not all that comfy just yet and want to be sure we know as much as we can about this place before any pleasure messin happens.”

Damn, and here I thought you wanted me to do you real bad like,” Jonas said pretending to be disappointed.

Yeah, in your dreams bear,” Miller laughed.

Okay, okay, I get the picture. How about we break out the sci-lab and run a battery of tests on everything we can,” Jonas asked seriously.

Now you're talkin bear,” Miller said with relief. “I'd feel much better if I was sure those were like trees and this was just fresh water and the green sand isn't a form of flesh eating bacteria.”

Jonas laughed but respected Miller's thinking. They pulled out the sci-lab out of the spare pod and started running a whole mind blowing battery of tests. Miller was relieved to see the results start coming in. The sand did indeed have a form of living matter in it, algae, which was why it was green. The water was fresh water and was also green because of a form of algae and some other chemical mixtures which were harmless. The sci-lab did recommend processing the water in a purifier to insure no unknown bacteria would harm them. The trees were another story. They provided samples of each of the various types they could identify and the sci-lab seemed to have a time making its decision. One variation, the one with what looked like green leaves was in fact a type of plant organism that used photosynthesis just like plants on Earth used to do in order to produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. The one that was somewhat purplish in color was a different type of organism, not plant and not animal. It fed on silicone which was abundant in the sand composition and seemed to produce a sap that had great wound healing properties and functioned to humans as an antibiotic of sorts. The black and green one, was another organism, not plant that primarily seemed to feed on the algae particles in the sand and its sap could be hallucinogenic and possibly toxic to humans. A vine type plant they found was found to be an organism that fed on protein. That told them there were animals around that provided the plant with food, or it was extracting it from some other source unknown. They decided to do more exploring of the forest to try and locate animals and birds for analysis and possibly catch some fish type animals from the lake.

Jonas broke out the ATV's and loaded up with some supplies, equipment and sci-lab's. He wanted to make camp under the outcrop they found, giving them shelter from radiation and UV rays, rain if it happened and it was much easier to take a defensive position as there was only one way in, the back and side protected by thick rock and the other side protected by the lake. Miller like the idea and they headed out. Jonas used the sci-lab to test the air and found there was a minimal amount of radiation under the outcrop and the air was nearly 97% clean of any type of pollutants. He set things up with Miller and then stripped off his clothes. He waded into the water and began to wash himself off, enjoying the feeling of the almost cool water on his skin. It felt great not to take a chemical bath or use wipe-downs. Miller suddenly got horny and stripped, following Jonas into the water. He began to wash Jonas' back and sides while Jonas smiled and began to wash Miller's front. Both quickly developed raging hard on's and they began stroking each others thick cocks. Jonas had the fatter of the 2 and his had a very long, wide angry looking purplish head that always seemed to look shiny. Miller's was not as wide but was almost as long with a stubby looking head that flared out and had a distinct ridge running around it. Neither one considered themselves gay, as that was no longer important in their society. Pleasure with a willing participant was normal and a good thing. Forcing pleasure on someone else was the only bad thing and carried severe punishments. Sticking with one person for long periods was rare and yet still somewhat honored by society.

The stroking quickly led to making out, which led to 69'ing. Jonas decided he wanted Miller to fuck him since the ridge on his cock seemed to perfectly stimulate his prostrate. Miller didn't hesitate since he always fantasized about taking a bigger man. He never would admit that seeming to overpower and have his way with a larger, muscular man was thrilling and stimulating as again, in society it was considered uncivilized and barbaric. Mutual and willing participation was an absolute requirement. Jonas could care less one way or the other as long as he was made to feel fantastic and eventually got his rocks off. Miller rimmed Jonas until Jonas was shouting out obscenities and almost demanding he be fucked, which gave Miller an in to his fantasy with Jonas begging him for it and letting him be the aggressor. Miller pushed Jonas down on his stomach, knelt down so his knees were just on the outside of Jonas' thighs and his toes were inside them. He let his hands rub and massage hard Jonas' back muscles and his ass cheeks, pretending he had overpowered this muscled brute. He jammed in 2 of his fingers after coating them with lots of saliva, twisting and turning and wiggling them, making sure to find Jonas' pleasure button. Jonas tried to lift himself up, but Miller pushed his head back down easily as he increased the pressure and speed of his fingers inside Jonas' ass. Without any warning, he pulled out his fingers, dug his fingers of both hands into the flexing muscles of the magnificent ass laid out before him, pulled them apart and rammed his cock completely up Jonas' ass. Jonas gasped, swore and screamed out from the shock of the penetration. Once in, Miller was completely in control, moving Jonas' body into a number of positions he figured out drove Jonas wild. He wanted Jonas to come in him when he was fucked, so he stopped Jonas from reaching orgasm. Jonas was a whimpering mass of muscle at the complete mercy of Miller. Finally, Miller hooked his one arm under Jonas' leg, and grabbed on to Jonas' arm with the same hand, giving him the ability to jam his cock completely into Jonas down to his pubes, with the benefit of the weight of Jonas' ass pushing down on his cock, adding to the sensation of Jonas squeezing his insides. Miller reached up with his free hand over the top of Jonas' head, dug his finger tips into Jonas' forehead and proceeded to turn his body into a piston, ramming his cock hard into Jonas, very fast. He would have broken his partners neck if it was a “normal” run of the mill human, but it was Jonas. He screamed out and bit hard into the back of Jonas' shoulder muscle as his cock fired off like an artillery piece. Jonas was very busy trying to catch his breath and deal with the feelings deep inside of him as he felt the force of Miller's cum blasts hitting against lord knows what inside of him. He wanted to cum so bad but knew it would be much more fun to take his turn and drown Miller from the inside with his loads of cum. Miller collapsed on top of Jonas, panting, his body jerking and acting like he was having a spasm attack as the last of his cum was being forced into Jonas.

Jonas whistled and shouted out loud, “Shit cub, that has to go down as the hottest fuck yet. I'm duly impressed!”

Yeah bear, that it was for sure,” Miller panted. “I needed that so fuckin bad.”

You and me both,” Jonas laughed. “Now don't get yourself all nice and cozy just yet cub, cause its bear's turn to have at it.”

Ready when you are sir,” Miller laughed.

They wrapped each other in their powerful arms and started making out again, surprisingly gentle. The passion grew gradually as Jonas like to take his time and savor every minute of his sexual pleasure. He eventually got Miller in a seated position on his thighs, with his arms around Miller's back, one on his upper and one on his lower. He slowly flexed and relaxed his slick with sweat muscles as he tightened and loosened his grip. Miller felt like he was in the grip of a monster python that enjoyed playing with his food. Miller was so distracted and in to what Jonas was doing to his body that he wasn't fully ready when Jonas' precum covered cock head slowly moved in and out of him, slowly increasing the depth of its penetration. Miller could feel the large head moving in and out. He would have gasped and winced at the initial stretching pain of his sphincter, but Jonas has his tongue deep inside his mouth and partially sucked out his breath. Once in and slowly moving into its new den, Jonas moved from Miller's mouth to nibbling, sucking, licking and kissing Miller's neck and shoulders, one side and then the other, over and over again. Miller felt Jonas' pubes tickling his rosebud and felt like a tree trunk had settled inside of him. He had this urge to move his ass up and down on the wonder cock up his ass, but Jonas was in control now and his powerful grip around Miller's body prevented any movement Jonas didn't want. Jonas easily began driving Miller out of his mind with pleasure as he kept up the slow, methodical rhythm of his fuck, managing to get his cock to completely exit and then slide all the way back up inside Miller. Jonas eased up on his grip on the upper part of Miller's back just enough for Miller's head and shoulders to fall backwards, opening up access to his pecs and nips. Jonas teased and worked over Miller's chest completely, not moving onward until the slightest flick of his tongue on Miller's nip made him hiss and shiver. He then slowly licked from the center of Miller's pecs up his neck, from side to side and ear to ear. Miller's body was completely his, totally for his enjoyment. Jonas waited until he felt he was about to explode before he nearly crushed Miller in his arms and began moving Miller's entire body up and down fully covering every inch of his cock. He grunted, bit hard on Miller's shoulder and pushed his body down hard on his cock. Miller gasped and had to work on catching his breath as he felt Jonas' cock swell, pulsate and then jerk downwards before pushing upwards as it fired volley after volley of cum. Miller's plan worked all to well as it started to seem as if Jonas wouldn't stop cumming. It took some time for his cock cannon to slow down and get back to its normal hard-on size and for Jonas' body to stop shuddering and jerking. They both looked like someone had poured a keg of oil over their bodies, their hair completely soaked and matted and the sweat flooding down from head to toe.

Jonas and Miller kissed gently, nuzzled each other and laughed. Jonas fell backwards pulling Miller down on top of him. Miller adjusted his legs so they were in between Jonas' and they both fell sound asleep with smiles on their faces.

Something started to bother Jonas, an uncomfortable feeling that clicked on in his mind. He slowly opened his eyes and his body jerked into action, sending Miller flying off of him and him rolling towards their weapons. A large foot slammed down on top of his hand as it grabbed his pistol and he felt something hard and sharp resting in between his testicles. Miller took a bit to come to his senses and rubbed his eyes as sand flew into them when his head hit the sand and Jonas' movements sprayed sand up at him. When Miller blinked his eyes clear of sand, he saw a pair of very large legs in front of him. He slowly looked up the legs and started seeing what looked like a giant of a humanoid with slick skin, very noticeable muscle size, bulk and definition, with a slightly greenish color to his skin and a large disk of leaves on his head. He had a lot of very distinct tattoos on his arms, legs and shoulders. Miller was awestruck. The giant reached his hand out and Miller slowly lifted his, noticing how small it seemed in the giants hand. That's when he noticed 3 very thick large fingers and one thumb. He looked over towards Jonas and saw that he too had a giant over him, except this one had what looked like an ornate spear pointed down with the tip clearly in between Jonas' testicles.

Miller's giant said something in a very deep, base voice as he reached down and flipped Miller's cock around and fondled his balls. His companions began a loud, very bassoon laugh. Miller quickly looked around and saw there were five of the giants surrounding them, that included the one fondling him and the one deciding if he should cut Jonas' balls off or not. One of the other giants lumbered over to where Jonas was laying and kicked away the weapons and packs completely out of the reach of Jonas. Once that was done, the one with the spear on Jonas, spun it around and reached out with his hand towards Jonas. Jonas obviously thought about what he should do and realized he could never take on these giants with just his fists and legs. He reached up and put his hand in the giants hand. Based on the look on his face, Miller knew he also marveled at how small his hand looked in the giant's. His giant moved his head from side to side as he examined Jonas' body, ran his finger around the head of Jonas' cock head, flipped it a few times and then fondled his balls. He too said something which got them all laughing. He spotted a glob of Jonas' precum leaking from his cock, ran one of his fingers to it and smeared it on the tip of his finger. He took it to his mouth and slowly licked it. His eye brows raised and he said something in an excited tone that made the other giants make a sound like “ooooooohhhhhhhhh.”

Miller turned his palms up and spread his hands to his side as he slowly said, “Friends, we are friends,” making sure he had a smile on his face.

Yes, friends, we know,” a deep baritone voice responded. “We have met your species before. Why have these shells with your kind started falling from our sky?”

Miller proceeded to give an abbreviated account of the reason they left earth, what basically happened on the shuttle ship and that they all hoped this would be their new home.

This our home, our world,” the giant stated. “It has not been decided if you are welcome or not. Leaders decide and people decide. Sad why you had to leave your world, but it seems you are the ones that ruined it. We will not allow your kind to ruin our world.”

I have to agree with you there,” Miller said seriously. “From what little I've seen of your world, it is vast and there just may be a place for my kind, away from you. We have no way of leaving this world and speaking for just me, I would really like to learn of your ways and your world.”

The giant that was speaking to Miller, began talking to the others in what was obviously a serious conversation. They went back and forth and Miller was relieved that it didn't seem to be a heated discussion, like anyone arguing to just make them a cook out main course and be done with it.

You come with us. We take your things and keep your weapons for now. It is not safe for you to be here alone. You do not know of our world and have much to learn before you can be on yourself,” the giant said calmly.

Thank you, we are grateful for your help and protection,” Miller said with a bow. “I am named Miller and he is Jonas. We are both part of the earth warrior group, here to protect others. We are not here to wage war with anyone, just to protect our kind.”

Yes, we know,” the giant said. “Others of your kind have been taken to our village. Some in the shells did not live, but others did but damaged. We will go now.”

Miller looked at Jonas and both gave each other a reassuring look, they weren't the only survivors and these natives seemed to be friendly so far. Their belonging were picked up and placed in a large satchel and they were directed to follow 2 of the giants in front of them. When they walked around the outcropping ledge, then saw a number of these weird looking animals, black as coal and big as elephants with very large heads and tree trunk legs. They had coverings on their backs that Miller knew had to be saddles. It made sense to him that these animals had to be huge to handle the giants on them. The beasts sniffed into the air and bellowed towards the giants who called back to them. The beasts lifted their heads up and down, like they were happy to see their giants. The beasts seemed to quickly notice the humans and stretched their necks, their nostrils flaring, obviously trying to pick up the scent of these new creatures. Both Jonas and Miller were still completely naked, somewhat smelly from their pleasure romp. Their clothing was part of what was scooped up by the giants.

As they approached the beasts, they seemed to jockey into position to get a closer whiff of the humans. Jonas followed Miller's lead and just stood still with his hands out to his sides, palms up, legs spread. They couldn't miss the rush of air against their bodies as the beasts sniffed in and then out from head to toe. One of them licked Miller from his crotch to his head, leaving a thick, slick layer of saliva on him. The giants laughed and began talking to each other. Another beast did the same with Jonas, but moved him around by gentle nudges of his snout and licked him from his ass to his head. The giants found that to be very amusing.

They like you Miller and Jonas,” a smiling giant said. “Come, Miller you with me and Jonas with Bar. His beast like Jonas. My name Ciff.”

Ciff easily jumped on to his beast, bent down and stretched out his arm toward Miller. Miller moved in close and was a bit shocked when Ciff reached his hand under Miller's crotch and in a swift easy motion scooped him up and on to the beast, between his spread out legs. Bar did the same with Jonas. Both Miller and Jonas were amazed at how powerful and yet gentle these giants were. The beasts moved fairly fast and the ride was quite a surprise. It felt like they were sitting on a soft sofa, an extremely smooth and comfortable ride. Miller without thinking reached down and held on to Ciff's thigh when they moved fast around a corner of a cliff, realized what he did and quickly moved his hand to the front frame of the saddle. Ciff calmly reached down, picked up Miller's hand and put it back on his thigh, put his hand on Miller's body and gently pulled him back into his body. Being naked, Miller could feel the solid mass of muscle with a thin layer of what had to be like fat. Ciff's hand just about covered Miller's body from his chest to below his belly button. If Ciff had spread out his fingers, Miller guessed they would cover him from the base of his neck to his pubes. The scenery was fantastic to Jonas and Miller. Different type of terrain and plants, odd colored stones and sand and even areas that from a distance looked like grass covered meadows. As they approached the village, Miller noticed the high walls and massive gates. Either they had battles on this world or there were things out in the land that needed to be kept away from the village. Jonas and Miller were totally blown away at the size of the village. What they assumed were houses and stores were spread out with lots of fountains, what had to be trees and flowers. The houses obviously had to be big to accommodate the giants, but they weren't crammed up tight like on earth. They saw female giants and large children, but mostly very large males. They went a distance through the village and spotted an area they must be going to that had humans walking around with giants, much smaller tent like structures and a bridge that crossed over a fast running river of the same greenish water like the lake.

The beasts stopped right at the river and Ciff, Bar and the one giant with the satchels dismounted. Ciff and Bar both held out their arms to Miller and Jonas and without any sign of effort scooped them off the beasts and down to the ground. Ciff said something and the guard with the satchel pulled out pants for Jonas and Miller, along with shirts and boots. Not knowing who had what, he just handed the pile to Jonas and waited. Jonas and Miller sorted it out and dressed. Just as they finished dressing they heard someone yelling out, “Welcome, welcome.”

Both of them walked around the beasts and saw an older human quickly walking towards them.

Welcome officers, welcome. My name is John Styler, Professor of Living Sciences and Technology. We are all so happy that our protectors survived and have been found. We were awfully worried that we would be without our Elite. I'm sure we all will be much more at ease now that you are here.”

Professor, pleasure,” Jonas said as he reached out to shake Styler's hand. “My name is Jonas, Major Jonas, and this is Captain Miller. How many survivors are here?”

Well from what I can tell, we have 20 wounded, mostly females and a few males, 20 male doctors and medical specialists, 10 technicians of various disciplines, 25 children between the ages of 16 and 7. The wounded lost their spouses for the most part, although 8 of the wounded are married couples.”

I see. Do we know if there were any survivors that made it to other villages or areas?” Jonas asked.

I'm afraid not, that is we don't know. From what I've gathered, each village pretty much operates on its own and they are very far apart. It doesn't appear that there is anything like a central government structure here,” Styler said.

Come, we'll see about arranging for a place for you to sleep,” Styler said happily.

No, Jonas, Miller not stay in camp,” Ciff said with his arm stretched out between Styler and Jonas. “Miller stay with Ciff and Jonas with Bar.”

Are we prisoners?” Miller asked.

Not prisoners. You warriors, special in culture, not stay with others. It is our way. You visit, talk but not stay. It is an honor and not punishment. Warriors hold high respect and not sleep with others.”

Jonas and Miller looked at each other and smiled. For one, they would be saved from the techies, nerds and kids bothering them constantly, and it felt good to be elevated as warriors and recognized as such.

Thank you Ciff, we understand and will honor your ways. We do not wish to offend and please know that if we do it is only because we do not know your ways yet,” Miller said sincerely.

Yes, thank you Ciff. We are pleased you respect us as warriors,” Jonas said. “If its okay, we just would like to see the survivors and make sure they feel safe. We also want to be certain they understand they are guests and as such must follow and respect your traditions and ways.”

That is good Jonas. Makes less trouble and keep all happy,” Ciff said.

Good, that's very good, thank you,” Miller added.

But I don't understand why you aren't going to stay with us?” Styler objected.

Professor, that's just the way it has to be. This is their village, their world and we are guests here. We owe them our lives and we WILL make certain their customs and traditions are respected and honored. I will insure that ALL the survivors understand that fully,” Jonas said in his most authoritative voice.

Styler was somewhat taken aback, but quickly indicated he understood and would help insure everyone cooperated. All the survivors knew the reputation of the Elite and also knew that under earth law and what they swore an agreement to, gave the Elite the final word. They could be police, judge and jury all wrapped up. None of the survivors would step out of line once orders came from the Elite. The government made certain all passengers on the shuttles knew who the senior Elite officers were and what they looked like. All the survivors from this planets shuttle knew Jonas and Miller were the senior officers.

Ciff was pleased with what Jonas said and more importantly how he said it. He also picked up on the quick change of attitude of Styler after Jonas spoke. This would be a good thing to report to the council of elders and the people. It would go a long way to a good solution for the humans knowing a warrior was in charge and to be obeyed.

Ciff and Bar go with Jonas and Miller,” Ciff announced.

He obviously had rank of some sort as he was the one giving orders to the others. He spoke to them and they indicated they would obey. The giant with the satchel stayed with the beasts of Ciff, Bar and himself while the others rode off. Ciff and Bar walked behind Jonas, Miller and Styles, listening to there conversations as they went.

Styles sent out word that the Elite had arrived and everyone was to gather in the infirmary, so that no one missed what Major Jonas had to say. Styles introduced every survivor to Jonas and Miller. Jonas got all their attention and told them the same thing he told Styles about respecting, honoring and keeping the traditions of their hosts and that NO one was to offend or disobey directions given by the giants. They were ordered to stay within the confines of the camp for their protection and that they would be given lessons on the dangers of the new world and what to expect. In the mean time they were to ply their trades as best they could, learn whatever technologies were shared by the giants and share as much of the human technology as the giants showed an interest in. He ordered any language specialist to get working on translators and setting up instruction courses for the giants language. Everyone understood what they were to do and felt relieved the Elite were now there to keep them safe, in line and give them direction.

Ciff and Bar talked to each other, with a tone and look on their faces indicating they were pleased. There was a lot of suspicion and caution among the villagers. They weren't all that pleased that humans suddenly started falling from the sky. Yes the planet was big enough to accommodate large numbers of them without crowding in on the giant villages, but decisions would be reserved until all were comfortable with the humans.

Ciff and Bar told Jonas and Miller to let them know when they were ready to go to their new quarters. Both Jonas and Miller reached a point just about at the same time when they had to get away from the survivors. They were hungry and wanted to shower or swim and start to learn more of their rescuers. They let Ciff know they were ready to leave. Ciff walked with Miller and Bar with Jonas, all talking about earth and the shuttle disaster. Miller also made sure to let Ciff know they were hungry and needed to wash their bodies or go swimming or both.

They entered a house that was shared by Ciff and Bar. There was a smaller giant named Bood who was like a butler, cook and body servant all in one. Ciff told Bood to prepare food and that they would eat after bathing and swimming. Ciff took them to a large room that was obviously a bathroom. The sinks had constant running water coming out of the walls into large bowl like containers and one wall was indented with a water fall that came from the ceiling and drained into the floor. Another wall had what had to be toilets. Ciff and Bar immediately took off their kilt like clothing and a harness from their chest, kicked off their shoes and walked into the shower area. They took flasks from the floor and began to rub the contents over their bodies, stepping in and out of the waterfall shower flow. They both called Jonas and Miller over. Jonas and Miller quickly stripped and joined Ciff and Bar. The water felt wonderful, the perfect temperature. The force of the water felt great on their bodies. Miller looked down at the flask and picked it up, smelling it, tried to decide just what it was. Ciff took the flask from him, poured the liquid into his hand and began to rub it all over Miller. It tingled and felt almost like a eucalyptus oil type liquid, feeling wonderful and cool as it was rubbed on and your skin feeling soft and refreshed once rinsed off. Bar did the same with Jonas. Miller and Jonas both were really surprised when Ciff and Bar washed their entire bodies, including their privates and asses without giving it a thought it seemed. Both of them didn't miss taking in the sight of the long, thick cocks and super large, low hanging balls on the giants. Miller thought those weapons could either drive you into another dimension or rip you apart. Jonas was glad when Bar went to the toilet to piss. Jonas went too and felt much better now that he was sure it was indeed a toilet and how to flush. Simple things one doesn't think of until it becomes a necessity. Ciff and Miller did the same. Ciff told them that if they needed to empty themselves, they only had to sit on the toilet, empty themselves and they would be washed and wiped automatically. Ciff and Bar laughed at the surprised look on Jonas' face. Miller teased him about it and they all had a good laugh.

Ciff led them out a wide door into a wonderful looking back yard that had a wide stream flowing through it, what were obviously chairs and tables, some plants and a thick carpet of moss like grass. It was surrounded by a high wall, obviously to insure privacy. They were all naked and it made perfect sense to Jonas and Miller. Ciff ran to the edge of the stream and leaped into it, making a huge splash. Bar did the same and was quickly followed by Jonas and Miller. Both were shocked at how deep the stream was and how strong the flow was running. Ciff and Bar could easily sit along the far bank of the stream which was like a cliff carved out of rock, however it was too deep for Jonas and Miller to do the same. Ciff and Bar motioned for Jonas and Miller to come to them and sit on their laps, which they did. It seemed strange to Jonas at first. He felt like he was a little boy sitting on his dad's lap. Miller on the other hand loved it, already building up a fantasy about being ravaged by the giants. Miller asked Ciff about the tattoos and was fascinated by their meaning. It was more then just a decoration and they had to be earned. Jonas like the idea behind it, way better then pin on medals and the like. If someone did something of valor, the tattoo's on their bodies let everyone know of their Barvery. Miller felt the same and let Ciff and Bar know how they felt. They exchanged stories of what military training and life were like on earth and in the new world, both stories being extremely interesting to the other.

It was Ciff who noticed that Miller had developed a hard on while they were talking. He smiled as Miller was telling a story about a group he had to train in the wild, casually moved his hand closer to Miller's crotch and began to rub his finger tip on the head of Miller's cock. Miller nearly choked which made Ciff laugh and laugh. He told Miller and Jonas that it was part of their culture to please each other when possible, especially between the warriors as it helped build trust, friendship and comradery. Jonas agreed with the principal and wished it worked that way back on earth and in human culture. Bar told them how much he enjoyed the taste of Jonas' liquid, which Miller and Jonas quickly figured out he was talking about the precum he tasted when they first met. Ciff said he would like to taste it for himself. Miller wasn't sure, but Jonas wasted no time, standing up and rubbing his hard cock in between the mountain of pec muscle on Bar's chest. Bar smiled and held Jonas by his ass cheeks, licking Jonas' chest and abs. Ciff pulled Miller up into a standing position and moved him close in so that his cock was hugged by Ciff's massive pec muscles. Both Ciff and Bar were fascinated by the fur both Jonas and Miller had, since the giants had only a very light layer of hair from their cocks to just above the middle of their abs, over their balls and down their legs. Bar liked the feel of Jonas' hair on top of his muscled body. Both Ciff and Bar quickly took notice of the muscles and size of Jonas and Miller compared to the other survivors. It didn't take very long for Jonas to begin to coat the sternum and sides of Bar's pecs with his precum, spreading over the head of his cock and making it shinier they it was normally. Ciff noticed that if he moved and his pecs flexed, Miller let out a soft moan and more precum as the humans called it flowed from his cock. He was a quick learner and rhythmically flexed his pecs while feeling Miller's entire body, licking his abs and pecs, flicking his tongue and using his lips on his nips. Miller started moaning more and more and his head was hanging back, his hands holding on to Ciff's head as Ciff explored different ways to get Miller to moan and produce more precum. Bar used his finger to scoop up the precum Jonas loaded in between his pecs. His eyes got big and he made sure he licked his finger completely, not wanting to miss a drop. He looked at Jonas' cock and saw it covered in the stuff with more leaking out, so he just pulled Jonas towards him and devoured Jonas' cock and balls in his mouth, using his tongue to massage Jonas' balls. It must have been like a drug to the giants as they seemed to want more and more. There was something in the taste that they really, really liked. Jonas didn't care at all. Nobody was ever able to take in his entire cock and balls or either one by themselves completely into their mouth. This was as close to heaven as he felt he would ever get. Ciff did the same after making sure he got every drop of Miller's precum off of his chest and pecs. Miller hissed when Ciff took in his cock and balls. Both Ciff and Bar found out that the more their tongues massaged the human balls and the top and side walls of their mouth massaged the cocks, the more precum they were rewarded with. Sucking gently and pulling from the base of the human's cock to the tip also left a very large amount on their tongues. Both Miller and Jonas gave up any control they might have had while Ciff and Bar feasted. Miller couldn't hold out any longer and without any warning, began shooting cum into Ciff's mouth. Ciff was surprised to feel the thick and large amount of warm liquid covering his tongue, but loved the taste of it even more then the precum. He kept up the routine he found was working very well until he felt Miller trying to push away his head. Ciff opened up his mouth and watched Miller's body jerk and spasm at the slightest touch of Ciff's tongue. He gently coaxed as much of the juice as he could before letting Miller sit back on his lap. He was surprised when Miller began feeling his chest and arm muscles and licking them. He leaned down his face to see what Miller was doing and Miller reached up and pulled Ciff's face to his, ran his tongue around Ciff's lips while massaging Ciff's shoulders. Ciff was surprised but then liked the feeling of Miller's tongue running on his lips. His face was larger then Miller's but Miller still managed to kiss as best he could. Ciff gently moved his tongue out between his lips and Miller opened his mouth and pushed his face forward so Ciff's tongue tip went into his mouth and Miller's tongue went around and around Ciff's. Ciff like this very much. He had developed a hard on and it was very obvious to Miller as it pushed hard against the side of his thigh and was rubbing or more like poking his ribs. He turned on Ciff's lap, getting Ciff to put his legs closer together so he could straddle them facing his body. He wrapped his hands around Ciff's cock as far as he could and slowly began stroking it up and down. His fingers played with the head and foreskin and he reached his hand down until he could massage Ciff's balls. Ciff like the gentle touch of Miller, something new to him. Miller asked Ciff to come out of the stream with him and lay down on the ground. Ciff put his hands on Miller's ass cheeks, stood up and got out of the stream, laid down and put his hands behind his head, his shoulders up off the ground so he could see what Miller was going to do. Miller moved Ciff's legs apart and began to work on Ciff's cock head and foreskin with his mouth, tongue and hands. It was very pleasing to Ciff. Miller began nibbling, licking and kissing from Ciff's balls to his rosebud, truly something new to Ciff. He asked Ciff to bend his legs and hold them up with his hands which Ciff thought strange, but he complied. When Miller gently spread Ciff's ass cheeks apart and began licking, sucking and kissing Ciff's rosebud and inner ass cheeks, Ciff gasped, threw his head back to the ground and started moaning himself, just as Miller did.

Bar watched fascinated and Jonas noticed his interest. He asked Bar if he wanted to try that and Bar gladly agreed. It wasn't long at all that both Ciff and Bar were complete captives of Jonas and Miller as they rimmed them royally. Miller experimented somewhat by moving his finger inside Ciff's rosebud, feeling around gently to see if they had a pleasure button or prostrate like humans. Sure enough, it was there and larger of course then a humans, much more obvious. Miller used 3 fingers to slowly massage and poke at it which made Ciff cry out. He then lifted himself so he could ravage the head of Ciff's cock while he massaged his pleasure button. Ciff was hissing and moaning and started to pant as he Barced his upper body on his elbows, his feet on the ground and his ass up off the ground. When Miller managed to get his tongue deep under Ciff's foreskin and on to his cock head, Ciff's hand was on the back and top of Miller's head. Miller had one hand busy with Ciff's pleasure button in his ass and the other stroking Ciff's cock while his mouth and tongue worked on Ciff's cock head. He wiggled his tongue into the urethra opening and increased the pressure on Ciff's pleasure button. That did it for sure as Ciff's hands swallowed up Miller's head and his entire face and upper body were covered with a very thick layer of giant cum. He tasted it and liked the flavor. It was completely different then human cum, sweeter with a slight fruity flavor. He licked as much off of Ciff's cock as he could, even sucking it out of the tip of his cock. He wiped his face off with his hands and licked them clean. Ciff was feeling very good and pulled Miller up over his body and licked all of his cum off of Miller.

Jonas followed suite and Bar was like putty in Jonas' hands. Jonas instead of having Bar lay there with his legs bent and in the air, had him in a doggy position while he rimmed Bar's ass and then explored inside playing with Bar's pleasure button. He then laid under Bar's cock and worked on the head with his mouth and tongue had his one hand at Bar's ass and his other hand working on Bar's balls and stroking his cock. Bar did the same thing, his cum exploding all over Jason's face and upper body, a good deal of it flooded Jason's mouth and throat. He choked some but managed to swallow what stayed in his mouth, finding the taste very pleasant, very different then human cum. Bar rolled over taking Jason with him, pulled him up and licked his face and upper body clean. All four were quietly moaning and rubbing each other, sexually well satisfied.

Life moved on, day after day, each day giving both the giants and humans more information about their cultures and a better understanding of each other. Both survivors and giants took advantage of the new language learning classes to pick up on each others language. Jonas and Miller convinced Ciff that if they could bring in the undamaged pods, the humans could quickly become self sufficient and stop using up the resources of the village. Ciff was concerned about the weapons they found on Jonas and Miller. Jonas explained to Ciff that no one other then Elite were allowed to use weapons and did not have any training on their use. Miller explained how only he and Jonas could use the electronic locks to open up the bins with the weapons. It would have to come down to a matter of trust. Ciff gave it much thought and discussed it with Bar. They finally agreed it made sense and that they had to trust Jonas and Miller. Ciff left them exercising in the yard area. He returned with a non warrior giant who had 2 beasts with massive carts attached. Jonas and Miller were impressed and knew the carts would have no problem handling the pods and that the beasts could easily pull the loaded carts. As before, Jonas road with Bar and Miller with Ciff. Now that they had many sessions of pleasure between them, conversation was easy and light. The non warrior giant had a great sense of humor and had great stories to tell, making the time pass quickly.

They came to the first pod and Jonas suggested they go further, start with the pod he and Miller used and work their way back in the direction of the village. Ciff agreed and that's what they did. Bar, Ciff and the wagon master were impressed at the amount of supplies the pods actually contained. Miller made it a point to show Ciff the bins that contained the weapons and gave him the combination to unlock them. He figured you never know when Ciff might save lives having access to the weapons. He asked Ciff and Bar if they wanted a demonstration of the weapons they had and how to use them. Ciff wasn't sure but Bar did for sure. Jonas and Miller designated some large stones, trees and cliff walls as target. They started out with the sonic pistols and worked their way up to Jonas' big guns. Ciff and Bar were totally impressed and somewhat in awe of the force these small devices had compared to their weapons. When Jonas threw a grenade, that really impressed Ciff and Bar. Jonas and Miller took their time training Ciff and Bar on all the weapons including reloading and keeping them cleaned. The wagon master thought the grenades would be great for mining but didn't see the need to fully disintegrate another being. Warriors had their purpose and it was to do the fighting, honorably. Ciff and Bar were surprised he had an opinion and Jonas and Miller weren't sure just how to take his comment. Obviously different philosophies regarding fights and protection.

Jonas and Miller then began trying to figure out the easiest way to get the pods lifted and into the wagons. While they went from pod to wagon and into deep discussion, Ciff and Bar looked at each other, walked over to a pod, grabbed on to it and put it into the wagon without a grunt. Jonas and Miller were deep into an argument about what would be best and Ciff and Bar put the 2nd pod into the cart. The wagon master began moving to the next pod he could see. Jonas yelled out and then his voice tapered off as he spotted the 2 pods already in the cart. Jonas and Miller looked at each other and then at Ciff and Bar who had a silly smile on their faces, shrugged their shoulders like they saw humans do, turned and followed the wagon. It took Jonas and Miller longer to get to where the next pod was lying so they had the chance to witness Ciff and Bar easily pick up the pod and put it into the cart. They looked at each other and burst out laughing since neither of them even gave a thought to Ciff and Bar lifting them. It didn't take long to have both carts filled with with all the pods they could see, Jonas being certain it would be more then enough to satisfy the needs of the survivors for a long, long time. When they returned to the village and crossed the bridge to the survivors camp area, the survivors that were thrilled. The technicians were in heaven and the medics felt like heaven came to them. Jonas and Miller felt good raising the spirits of the survivors, making life easier for them.

Bar gave in to Jonas' constant nagging to go out exploring to see more of the land all around them. Bar couldn't say anything to Jonas about the dangers and the reasons why the village had big powerful walls around it. Being Jonas, none of that mattered. It was a chance to get some excitement and do some exploration. Ciff and Miller didn't think it was such a good idea, but Jonas wouldn't hear any of their objections, threatening to just head out on his own if he had to. Staying within the confines of the village was driving him bonkers. He was a warrior, fighter and explorer, not a diplomat or politician. Bar finally gave in and agreed to go out with Jonas, as long as it was for no more then a human week. Ciff and Miller let them know that if they didn't return after a week, they would organize a warrior party and go looking for them.

The next morning, Bar mounted his beast and Jonas sat in front of him. Ciff insisted Jonas take his pistol and ammunition, along with a few grenades just in case. Jonas thought it was overkill, but agreed. They said their goodbyes, Ciff and Miller laughing at the look on Jonas' face, like a little kid finally able to open Christmas presents. Jonas was feeling great, free and heading on a great adventure. Bar purposely took a trail Jonas had not been on before and was rarely traveled. He figured Jonas would be disappointed if they kept passing caravans of traders or pilgrims all the time. He himself hadn't been this way in ages but was sure it wasn't dangerous. They got to see several different species of animals which gave Bar a chance to tell Jonas about them, what their habits were and which were dangerous. Jonas was most impressed when one of the vicious animals tried to attack Bar when he got off his beast to check out some tracks. He was caught off guard and wrestled with the animals, threw it off and used his spear weapon to dispatch it. Jonas appreciated the strength and reflexes of Bar's muscles. He wished he could get into the fight, but as all the other dangerous things they had come across since landing on the planet, they were more then Jonas could physically handle. He would have to use a weapon which worked for saving a life, but didn't add much to the thrill of a fight of just brute physical force. Jonas jumped off the beast and ran to Bar, making sure he was okay. Bar was breathing heavy, but outside of a few scratches didn't have any serious injuries.

Jonas let Bar know how impressed he was and how much he wanted to join the fight. Bar laughed and thanked Jonas for appreciating the fight. One thing led to another and soon Bar was feasting on Jonas' precum and cum followed by Jonas nearly drowning on Bar's flood of cum. Both satisfied, Bar wanted to find a good place to camp for the night. They traveled some time and just when the sun began to set, Bar found an area he felt would make a good camp. Jonas agreed since it was protected on 3 sides, far enough indented to be easy to defend and get sufficient warning if anything tried to sneak in. Bar knew the beast would be protective of them, especially of Jonas who the beast loved licking and nudging with his snout. Bar and Jonas took the packs and saddle off the beast, let it go graze knowing it would not go far from them. It was a treat for the beasts to be able to graze free, like they did before being domesticated. Bar spread out a blanket close to the far back wall and Jonas ignited the fire container, which let out heat and light like a campfire, but didn't need fossil fuel. It was a human item that the giants found very useful, especially when they found out that just about every animal outside the village, reacted to it just like a real fire, keeping their distance. Jonas wanted another feast of Bar's cum which Bar gladly provided after Jonas played and worshiped Bar's cock and ass. Jonas thought Bar was going to suck off his cock and balls as he seemed to nearly go wild over Jonas' ass, cock and balls. He licked every inch of Jonas' body before pulling him into his body and smothered him with his arms. Jonas loved the feeling of being against such power and muscle. He found himself praying that nothing would snap in Bar's head that made him fuck Jonas; it would be all over then. Jonas fell asleep to the sound of Bar's beating hearts and heavy breathing. The beast nudged them when the sun was rising. Bar stretched and made them an energy drink and Jonas set out rations. Bar wasn't crazy about the rations so he shared it with the beast who seemed to love them. Bar wanted to find a stream so they could wash and cool off.

The beast understood stream and water and led them on a wild ride to a small river. It was wider and deeper then a stream and a much lighter color then the lake. As soon as they dismounted, the beast waded into the river and just flopped down, like he just got into a hot tub, letting both Bar and Jonas know by his sounds that he was very happy and content. Bar told Jonas to stay on the side of the beast that would protect him from the force of the river flow. At first Jonas couldn't see what the big deal was until he stepped into the water and was almost knocked off his feet. He reached out and grabbed on the long mane of the beast who turned its head and began licking Jonas again. With the beasts head turned, there was more for Jonas to grab on to and he pulled himself up against the beast, gave it a hug and ruffled the thick fur on its head, getting him another long licking. He had to admit being naked, it felt somewhat sensual to have the beast tongue and saliva rubbing on his entire body, especially his crotch and ass. Jonas finally managed to slide down, his back against the beast and his ass on the pebbled bottom of the river's bank. He looked at the ass end of the beast and could see the river quickly got deep as the end of the beast's ass and back was below water. Bar easily stood in the deepest part of the river, even bending down at the waist to let the water rush over his shoulders and back. He had his arms and legs spread out and it looked to Jonas as if he was sky diving. Jonas laughed as that thought came into his mind, remembering a historical clip he saw. Bar noticed Jonas was watching him and smiling. Bar was glad Jonas liked him since he really liked Jonas. Not only for his sex but his personality and sense of humor. He wasn't hard to look at either and the muscles and hair on his body felt really good to kneed and massage.

Bar was just about to move to Jonas to play with him when the beast made a loud noise of warning. Jonas was startled by it and stood up, looking all around to see what set the beast off. When he turned back to Bar, he saw Bar being pulled fast down the river, unable to pull his upper body out of the water, struggling to keep his head above water. Jonas thought Bar slipped and was being swept away with the river current, but then he realized Bar was moving faster then the river flow. Jonas slipped a few times trying to get back on shore but finally managed to get out of the river and began pulling on the harness of the beast, hoping he could get the beast to run towards Bar. He figured he could throw a rope out towards Bar and the beast could then easily pull him out of the river. Jonas had a hard time getting the beast to stand up and out of the river. When the beast finally moved, it wanted to go in the opposite direction. Jonas managed to climb up on it and used all his strength to pull the reins towards the direction Bar was moving. The beast protested but finally obeyed. They came around a bend in the river that seemed to have a lot of vines all around. The beast stopped dead in its tracks and refused to move further, bellowing out and making threatening sounds and stomps at something in front of them. Jonas couldn't see anything but the vines and then he spotted Bar being jerked up out of the river, something wrapped around his leg from his knee to his ankle. Bar was now bent over, reaching for the vine, pulling and punching at it furiously. Jonas yelled out and Bar yelled to him to get away. Jonas couldn't see why but he decided he would stay where he was with the beast and see what the hell was going on with Bar.

Jonas didn't know exactly what to do. He saw another thick vine slash at Bar's thick back, making him yell out and his arms shot out to the sides. Another thick vine then grabbed on to one of his stretched out arms and quickly wrapped itself from his elbow to his wrist. Jonas saw Bar try to rip at the vine around his arm and then another vine was whipping around, snapped a few times on Bar's abs making his body stretch out and a vine was suddenly wrapping around his neck. The vine that whipped across his abs left a large welt and it looked like it cut the skin. Bar was now held by his leg, arm and neck. Bar was obviously in trouble but wasn't giving up easily. He yelled out warrior curses and wriggled his entire body and his free hand ripped at the vine around his neck. His abs were again whipped by a vine and a new vine wrapped on his other arm, again from his elbow to his wrist. Jason was getting pissed off and decided he would use his pistol to blast away the vines in front of him and then blast where ever the vines that had Bar were anchored. Jonas could see that the vines were not only tight around Bar's arms and legs, but that they seemed to be pulling hard on his arms and legs, almost like several animals were trying to rip him apart. His body was being pulled and twisted in weird positions, and it was exaggerated with his struggling.

He was naked as was Jason so Jason fired off at the vines in front of him when he saw a vine whip at Bar's balls, causing him to scream out. Jonas aimed his pistol and fired. The beast bolted, running in the opposite direction. There was no way Jonas would catch him or stop him. Jonas looked at the damage he had done and was pleased the vines that were in front of him had flew all over in ripped pieces, dark green liquid all over the place. He still couldn't see the base of the vine that had Bar, so he blasted another clump. He saw the vine around Bar's leg and one arm fell off. Jonas studied the clumps of vines and realized there were a number different vines that had Bar in their grip. The pulling and twisting was the vines fighting over Bar. Jonas fired at another clump of vines on the other side of the river and sure enough, the vines holding Bar's other arm fell off. Bar was now able to grab the vine around his throat with both hands. Jonas fired at another clump and a bunch of vines exploded all over the place. It looked to Jonas like there were only 2 very large clumps left. He wasn't sure which one was wrapped around Bar's neck, so he picked one and blasted it.

He didn't see the vine whip towards him until it already hit his arm and his pistol went flying. He looked up at Bar and saw a few vines from the largest clump had now gotten Bar's left arm and right leg. Another vine had wrapped around Bar's head. It must have been squeezing hard since Bar was ripping at that vine instead of the one around his neck. Again he broke the rules of fighting and while he was looking at Bar, he was whipped on his abs and ass cheeks which stung really bad. A vine quickly wrapped around his leg from his knee to his ankle and jerked him up into the air, leaving him hanging upside down. He struggled, trying to kick at the vine and pull himself up to rip at the vine with his hands, but before he could, a vine whipped hard across his back which made him shoot out his arms and free leg out as his body bent backwards. The vine knew what it was doing because it quickly had his other arm wrapped up and had a vine around his neck. He couldn't pull his arms in towards his chest to rip at the vine around his neck. He could feel the vines on his arms pulling back making his arms bend towards his back. The vine around his neck seemed to pulse, tightening and loosening. When the vine wrapped around his head, he knew why Bar was trying to rip at that vine. The pressure of the vine on his skull was almost unbearable. His entire skull felt like it was locked in a vice being tightened. He passed out and stopped struggling. Bar's huge body was already limp and the vines were now pulling them down to the large base they grew out of. When Jonas woke up, he tried to move but then remembered he was held tight by vines. A fucking plant was messing with him. Then he felt something really weird. He could just barely look down, but there was a smaller vine wrapped around his balls and it stung. It looked to him like the vine had needles on it and it was using them to do some sort of test on his balls. He could feel the needle like pricks all around his neck too. He looked around and saw Bar, stretched out tight with a pulsating like vine in his ass, several smaller ones around his cock and his balls.

The vines moved him into a sort of sitting position and then he saw Bar begin to choke and gasp for air. The vine around his neck was obviously choking him. Jonas felt completely helpless. He was almost in a state of shock when he saw Bar choking and then another colored vine like tube force its way into his open mouth and he could imagine it was sliding down Bar's throat into his stomach. Jonas felt the smaller vines with the needles moving around his balls and he hissed and jerked as they tightened on his ball sack, pushing his testicles down so they pushed at the skin of his ball sack. Suddenly, another group of needled small vines were on and around his exposed testicles and needles shot in, going deeper and deeper until they reached the center of his testicles. That stung and he would have fought hard if he could even move, but he couldn't.

The vines on Bar's arms and legs started moving him around, bending him backwards so his abs were stretched tight. Jonas saw what must have been the different colored tube that went into his mouth moving under Bar's tightly stretched abs. The tube seemed to pull back and must have stopped in his stomach. He could see it was like pulsating and soon Bar was releasing shit, liquid shooting out of his ass until it was running clear light green like the river water. His body was bent far backwards again and he could again see the tube moving through Bar's intestines, pushing up the hard muscles of Bar. The tube inside him pulled back and the other vines moved his body back into an almost sitting position. Bar woke and immediately began trying to fight. The tube pulsed again and Bar slowly eased up on his attempt at fighting. Jonas knew it had to be some sort of drug that was being pumped into Bar. He didn't have long to wonder as he was put through the same treatment. He could feel the tube going down his throat and into his intestines, his body bent so that his abs were bent and up in the air. He felt some fluid running through the tube and then he felt the tube slowly move back and his body was slowly being unbent. Then his bowels seemed to erupt. He had no control and felt like he was going to shit his insides out. He was being cleaned out from the inside. His body was returned to a sitting position and smaller vines wrapped around his cock. He could feel another thick vine moving into and up his ass, like it was looking for something.

More tubes appeared and the openings latched on to his pecs, stretching out to cover them completely and he could feel something probing and working on his nipples. He looked back at Bar and could see that the same thing was happening to him. He decided to watch what was going on with Bar so he would know what was going to happen to him. Bar had a sad look on his face, his eyes looking at Jonas. Jonas tried to show a smile and blink his eyes in spite of the tube in his mouth. Bar had a tube up his ass. He also had tubes over his pecs which were being massaged or manipulated by the tubes. The vine up Bar's ass was also like pulsating, twisting and turning. The vines around Bar's cock all moved off and Jonas could see small droplets of Bar's blood around his cock. Leftovers from the needle probes he guessed. Small leech like things were feasting on the broken skin on Bar's abs from the whipping vines damage. Jonas spotted some moving around his ribs towards his back, making their way to the broken skin on his back. Another tube slid up and moved over Bar's cock, pushing all the way to his pubes and a bit more into his body. That tube began to pulsate slowly and Bar's body jerked and spasm a bit and his head began to move side to side. He began to sweat heavily and he closed his eyes.

Jonas didn't have long to wait for the tubes on his pecs to massage and pulsate and it seemed like there were smaller tubes latched on to his nips, almost like biting and sucking. Then the smaller tubes around his cock moved off and another tube slid over his cock, pushing all the way down to his pubes and he could feel it pushing in deeper. It started its pulsing and moving around and Jonas knew then he was being milked. He wondered if the plant was going to get pissed when it couldn't get milk out of his nipples. The vine up his ass found what it wanted, his pleasure button because as soon as it found it, something grew out of the vine and attached itself all over his prostrate. Then his whole body felt the strong sensation of pleasure as whatever was inside that latched on to his pleasure button began to rub up and down and push side to side. His prostrate was being stimulated. This plant had done this before and knew what it took to make males produce cum. Why cum? Then he remembered something the sci-lab told them about plants that absorbed protein. Cum was mostly protein. These were cum sucking plants! Holy shit. Then he became worried thinking that when he ran out of cum, it would eat him; meat was protein.

He looked at Bar and saw that a number of vines were now wrapped around his legs, abs and chest and they were moving in a rhythm like they were massaging Bar's entire body. Soon, the rubbing of his pleasure spot and the movement of the tube on his cock got him panting and he was on the road of an orgasm. His muscles tensed and that seemed to send the vines into overdrive all over his body. The sensation was indescribable. His orgasm began and he could feel every drop of cum being sucked out of his cock. The vines around his balls and with needles in his testicles seemed to activate again and he could feel fluid being pumped into his testicles and ball sack. It felt warm and it stung somewhat at first, but that went away. The vines deep massaging his body felt really great. His stomach was being filled with some type of fluid and he felt his stomach swelling. It didn't feel like water, but something really thick. The stimulation of the tube on his cock didn't stop and he tried to stop it, but he couldn't, so he let loose and began to piss, one of those long, strong pisses that didn't seem to want to stop. The tube didn't detach but instead sucked all of it up.

Whatever was shot into his testicles seemed to revive his cock and sperm production and he was soon nearing another orgasm. He looked at Bar and could see he was being milked, his body jerking wildly and the vines wrapped around his entire body moving wildly, obviously deep massaging him. The tube on his huge cock was pulsating like mad, obviously trying to keep up with the volume of Bar's cum. Jason then paid attention to the tubes spread out on his pecs and they were digging in and deep massaging his pecs, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. His nips were almost sore and the sucking and nibbling of the tubes locked on them was really irritating. He could see the ones on Bar's pecs were really pumping, flexing and moving. He felt sorry for Bar as it must have hurt him more because they were over active compared to the tubes on his pecs. He thought he was going to be sucked to death when the tube on his cock seemed to stop and the only ones still active were the ones on his pecs and nips and those massaging his entire body.

Bar, are you okay?” Jonas yelled out, hoping Bar was not unconscious.

I'm okay, what about you?” Bar yelled back somewhat in a pant.

What the hell is happening? What are these damn things?” Jonas asked.

They are called takers in your language. They snatch up our kind and only keep males. They inject you with strong hormones and drugs, you call it, to make you produce lots of cum and other fluids they feed off of. They will keep it up until their victim is completely drained, sometimes long years and then they discard the victim who is usually to weak to fight off any predators and becomes a meal for them. They feed you and clean you through the tube down our mouth, giving us strong nourishment keeping our bodies fit and able to provide them with loads of their meals. While it starts out feeling pleasant, it eventually isn't anymore. They will push down the tubes in our mouths again when they want to fill us with nourishment and stimulants. They are now digesting what we gave them and will adjust the hormones and drugs based on what our cum contains and from the fluids they draw out of us with those many needles,” Bar explained in between coughs.

Why are these things working on our pecs?,” Jonas asked. “Its not like they can get anything from them.”

Yes they will Jonas. They will work on our pecs and nips until we will begin producing milk. They keep adjusting the hormones and drugs to begin our production of milk. I have heard that is painful for a long time until just the stimulation of our pecs makes us produce milk,” Bar explained.

No fuckin way!,” Jonas shouted. “These weeds ain't gonna make me give em milk.”

Yes, Jonas, they will do just that,” Bar said sadly. “They can make us produce any nourishment they want and need. What they feed us, we also convert to minerals and vitamins they required. Its what out intestines do while digesting the thick fluid they pump into us. Our shamans have been trying for years to get samples and reproduce the fluid to help build up our muscles and bodies. It would be a much desired result.”

I can see why they would want that,” Jonas said. “Why haven't they gotten any?”

Well, you can see the result if you are caught in their vines. If you wouldn't have destroyed the other vines, we may have been ripped apart. The vines are in a great competition with other vines for their food sources. If they haven't had one of us for a long, long time, they will take any male animal for food, but they seem to want my kind the most. I'm surprised they took and kept you. But then again, your cum does taste really good.”

Just my luck,” Jonas tried to laugh. “I sort of wish it tasted like poison to them.”

I do.....” was all Bar managed to get out before the vine around his neck tightened and a tube went down inside his mouth to his stomach.

The same happened to Jonas and then it all started all over again until his belly was filled completely with the thick liquid. The tube was removed and the others kicked in again. He had at least 6 orgasms before it stopped, again only his pecs and full body massage going on. He felt exhausted and quickly fell asleep. The vine seemed to slow down the full body massage and pec work as the sun set. Jonas woke up briefly and saw the sun set. Something was injected by the needles in the vine around his neck and he fell fast asleep, not waking until the sun rose and the whole routine started again. Jonas felt sorry for Bar as it seemed the vine was more forceful with him, forcing him to have almost violent orgasms, and he could see the tubes over his pecs were digging deep and hard on his pecs. He could only imagine what the inside tubes were doing to Bar's nips. The vines seemed to want to exercise the muscles of his body as they tensed, pulled and just about forced their muscles to fight back and tense, almost like isometrics or something. When they finished, Jonas could feel his muscles bulking up as if he just had a very hard strength workout. These plants sure had their act together, almost like they were intelligent.

During a rest period or digestion period, Bar explained that there were different species of these vines. Some not only took cum, milk and other fluids but also blood. Another type didn't have lots of long thick vines, but just enough to pull the victim's lower body into a pod that worked like the tubes of these plants. A smaller group, now apparently becoming extinct, drain victims of just about all fluids slowly, not keeping them in good health. They quickly cleared their area of victims and had no way of moving to a new location. It was a blessing to all the inhabitants of the planet for that group to become extinct. It was easy to tell where they still were, because there were no animals in the area at all. Jonas began to understand why Ciff didn't want them to go into the wild.

The vine plant began working hard again on Bar and he hissed and gasped as the plant forced orgasm after orgasm. Bar was always drained and exhausted when he completed his orgasm. Jonas really felt the pressure and sucking on his pecs and could swear they were beginning to swell. The deep hard massage had turned his pecs almost to the consistency of mush as if they were pounded and no longer hard tough muscle like they were. He didn't like it, but knew there wasn't anything he could do about it. He could feel he was having a bowel movement and the vine in his ass was removing all of it. The tube down his throat moved farther in and his body was bent back again, the tube flushed his intestines with water and he was cleaned out again. The tube removed itself and his body was moved into the semi sitting position. It seemed to him that the plant had analyzed the bowel movement because he felt it injecting him with something.

Ciff and Miller were worried since it was now almost 7 days and there was no sign of Bar and Jonas. They were talking about going out after them when there was a commotion outside the gate of the village. Ciff and Miller went running and saw a group of warriors holding a beast that was obviously terrified and all excited. Ciff immediately recognized it as Bar's beast. Miller saw the packs and new one belonged to Jonas. Ciff called for the warriors to get their equipment and beasts, they were going after Bar and Miller who had to be in trouble. Miller pulled out several sonic rifles, grenades and pistols. He shared them with Ciff and the group of about 8 warriors headed out with Ciff and Miller. Ciff managed to calm down Bar's beast and let it sniff Bar's undergarment and Jonas' dirty shorts. The beast looked confused and then seemed to understand they wanted it to find them. It headed to the wild and they followed closely.

By now, both Bar and Jonas were producing milk. Jonas still couldn't get used to the feeling of liquid being sucked from his nips and wanted the deep hard massage of his pecs to stop. The routine of having 5 orgasms, now more intense and longer in duration, producing more cum from the injection of hormones and drugs was taking its toll on Jonas. Bar was bigger and stronger, but he also was weakening since the vine was more forceful and brutal with his body then it was with Jonas'. Maybe it sensed somehow that Jonas wasn't the same as Bar or thought Jonas was a youngster and weaker. Whatever the reason, he was grateful because from what he witnessed, his body would be completely broken, most if not all his bones broken and his muscles ripped to shreds. He found himself wishing it would be over, but knew from what Bar told him, this could go on for years. He knew he would be insane long before then as he was loosing his mind already. The only good time was his conversations with Bar. He thought he was truly beginning to loose his mind when he swore he heard Miller and Ciff yelling his name and Bar's.

Ciff spotted the large vine plant and the now rotting remnants of the plants Jonas had destroyed. They couldn't see Bar or Jonas inside the vines as the outer vines formed a near solid wall. Miller yelled that he saw something moving in the middle of the vines and jumped off Ciff's beast, running towards the vine. Ciff jumped off and scooped Miller into his arm and off the ground.

What are you doing?” Miller screamed. “I saw something moving.”

The vine is a dangerous protein eater,” Ciff told him. “If they are in its grip, we will have to be careful not to harm them as we try to get them from its grasp. We don't need you taken by it. Be still and let us deal with it our way.”

Miller felt really stupid, especially when he saw one of the longer vines fly towards them like a bullwhip, actually snapping as it flew back. When it flew back at them, Miller pulled out his pistol and blew the whole top half to bits. Other vines began to whip out and Miller blew most of them up. Ciff and the warrior lashed out with their long spears, cutting the outer vines, moving forward like they were a shrub cutting machine. A few were whipped by the vine, but it never had a chance to latch on to them and pull them off their feet as another warrior would slash it. After a short time, they had decimated the entire side of the vine and had a clear view of Bar and Jonas floating with vines holding their entire bodies and different tubes down their throat, over their chest and on their cocks. Ciff and a few warriors stabbed at the base over and over again. The vines holding Bar and Jonas, twitched and jerked their bodies around. Ciff managed to slash his spear fully under Jonas' body and the vines around him fell to the ground as did his body. Another warrior did the same under Bar and the same thing happened. Jonas began screaming out as the remaining tubes on his pecs and on his cock pulled hard and pulsated like it was in a spasm. To Jonas it felt like it was ripping off his pecs and cock. Miller couldn't stand seeing him in so much pain and he jumped in to the fight, slashing with a large knife at the base of the tubes still attached to Jonas. Ciff did the same thing for Bar while the other warriors protected them from the few vines still flashing around. When Bar and Jonas were free of the plant, Miller dragged Jonas away and Ciff pulled Bar away. The other warriors immediately stabbed over and over again at the thick base of the vine until there was no more movement. Miller stood up and yelled at them to get away from the plant. They moved back and as soon as they were mostly clear, he fired his pistol several times, leaving nothing but a crater where the vine was sitting.

Ciff stopped Miller from ripping off the tubes that were still attached to Jonas, telling him that Jonas could bleed to death before they got back to the village. The knew it was best to get them back to the village and have the shaman remove the tubes. Warriors got Bar on to another warriors beast, in front of him so he could hold on to Bar while they road. Another warrior took hold of Jonas who was lifted up on his beast. They turned their beasts and got them to run like the wind to the village. Both Bar and Jonas were moaning. When they got to the village, the shaman had them placed on large tables. He spread a yellow powder over the tubes and the others watched as the tubes slowly released their grip and shriveled up. Miller was shocked to see the size of Jonas' pecs and how large his nipples had gotten. He couldn't believe Bar's were even worse and then both of them began leaking what looked like milk from their nips.

The shaman explained what the vine did to them to extract man milk and that they would heal in time. Both of their cocks had a strange color to them and they could see small drops of blood all around their ball sacks and cocks. The shaman explained that also to all of them. Miller found it hard to believe. Ciff told him about the vine plants and how most victims were used for years until their bodies couldn't produce the fluids the vines needed, were discarded and eaten by other animals. Miller promised himself he would never press Ciff to go out into the wild without a large group of warriors. The shaman poured several thick liquids over their bodies and covered them with what looked like cheese cloth or a thick spider web. He opened their lips gently and poured a reddish liquid down into their mouths and said they would need to sleep for a few days. Miller looked worried and Ciff put his hand on his shoulder.

Do not worry, Jonas will be fine,” Ciff said softly. “The shaman has done this many times and they haven't been used by the vines that long. The longer they are used, the harder it is to recover. Most victims that survive aren't found for months. They have been found in 6 days, so they are going to be fine.”

Miller looked up at Ciff, tried to smile but he couldn't. They walked back to Ciff's house and once alone, Miller broke down in Ciff's arms. Ciff respected his deep feelings for his friend Jonas and admired Miller even more for not being afraid to share his emotions with him. In his culture, that was a major sign that the person had strong feelings for the one they trusted. Ciff held Miller in his arms, rubbing his hand over Miller's back. He moved to the bedroom and laid down, his body enveloping Miller's body. Miller sobbed and yet felt something special had just happened between Ciff and himself. A new chapter of this adventure was going to begin and for a change he looked forward to it.

Meanwhile, while Miller and Jonas were having their adventures, on the opposite side of the continent the survivors didn't have such good fortune.

More of the escape pods landed in this area, although some were actually scattered almost in a line across the vast continent. This was a giant planet, 2 or 3 times bigger then earth and the land masses were 2 to 3 times larger then on earth. The next largest concentration of pods landed where in earth directions would have been the very far eastern end of the continent while Miller, Jonas and their group were on the very western edge. The eastern end had thicker jungles and many rivers and streams. There seemed to be a good number of various species probably because of the jungle. While the upper rank of the Elite landed on the western side, 15 members of the Elite landed together in the east. Being part of the Elite, they were all over 6'3” tall and heavily muscled from all the intense training they endured. The oldest, a sergeant Bodly, was 30 years old. He was also the largest at 6'8” and 300 lbs. There were at least 50 civilian survivors, no children and a few women, maybe 10. The civilians looked to the Elite for direction and instructions. Bodly had a squad of 3 men scout the area, looking for more pods and hopefully locating Miller and Jonas. They did find the pod 3 of the junior officer were in, but there were no survivors. Bodly had the rest of the Elite collect the weapons and ammunition from some of the pods, leaving the others secured for backup. The civilians organized the survival supplies and food stuffs, set up all the ATV's and loaded the portable trailers with it all. They loaded 3 pods on to a trailer that they could use as a shelter if needed. None of them had any idea what the animals or plants of this planet were or which direction would be the safest to travel. Bodly planned on finding an elevated area that would be easily defended and close to water. When the squad returned without any luck, Bodly organized the convoy, making sure the front, middle and end were protected by Elite soldiers. A few of the civilians were scientists and made sure they had their portable science labs operational. As they spotted a new plant, they did an analysis so that everyone knew which ones were poisonous and which might present some danger to them. The convoy slowly moved south as it seemed to be a direction that a wide path of some sort ran along the edge of the jungle.

They had infrared detectors and motion monitors active in the first vehicle and the last, wanting to know if there was anything in front of them or behind. Before nightfall, they came up to a large stream or river. The scientists ran an analysis of the water and determined it was safe. As a precaution, they filled up large containers with water from the stream and put in some tablets to clean out any bacteria. The were sure if there was some unknown bacteria in the water the lab would indicate it as an unknown bacteria, but it didn't, so they felt it was indeed safe for use. Bodly set up a perimeter with sensing alarms and intense radium lights. Civilians set up the shelters and prepared a meal. During the middle of the night, the alarms and lights went off. The Elite quickly ran to the side of the perimeter the lights beamed. They were startled and then laughed when they saw this strange looking animal, in total shock and confusion. It spotted them and took off in a flash into the jungle.

Well, we know there are animals on this planet,” Bodly laughed. “Secure the lights and alarms and everyone go back to sleep. We will probably have a long trek tomorrow and you will need your rest.”

Of course everyone followed Bodly's orders. When the sun rose, they had a light meal and insured they had filled extra containers with water just in case there wasn't any along the route they were going. Bodly wished the pods had contained some air drones so that they could see which areas looked promising, but there weren't any so it was best guess. They traveled all day, only resting to take advantage of the streams. They again stopped to camp at an area near a stream. Bodly noted that the jungle seemed to be thinning a bit and that the green tinted silicon sad was all over. The scientists determined the green color was from a form of algae which seemed to be prevalent on the planet from what they could determine. The second night seemed to be a duplicate of the last one, except this time alarms and lights went off at opposite sides of the camp. It again turned out to be those strange animals. Bodly thought it was a bit odd, but didn't give it much thought. The same routine was followed the following morning and the convoy started their journey again. At one point, the jungle seemed to get thicker and the path narrowed as a large lake or ocean appeared on one side. As they approached the narrowest point, suddenly there were shouts, some fired weapons and a lot of confusion. 6 of the civilian men and 3 of the Elite were gone. It was obvious by the disturbed sand there was a struggle, but that was all. A few of the weapons were on the ground but at least 2 were missing. Bodly swore and had the infrared and motion sensors moved to the spot and trained on the jungle. There was some movement picked up, but whatever was causing it had to be either a bird or small animals. Bodly ordered the convoy to double up so they were 2 ATV's side by side rather then in a single file. Bodly put the Elite on high alert and wanted foot patrols any time they came close to the jungle again.

The captured Elite slowly woke and their heads really hurt. They could tell they were being carried in a large thick net of some sort. They were on some very large animal that sort of reminded them of water buffalo on earth, except these were larger and wider. They heard the civilians moaning and wondered if a rescue party was going to come after them. They had no idea how long they were unconscious, but could tell it was almost sundown so they had traveled pretty far and based on the position of the sun, they were heading in a direction east rather then south. Suddenly, they heard a big commotion and some very deep, baritone voices talking some language they couldn't understand. A giant well over 8' tall and at least 400 lbs or more with slightly greenish skin and 3 fingers on his hands came up to them and undid something since the net fell to the ground. The 3 of them were stunned and knew the beasts were also very tall. The same thing must have happened to the civilians since they shouted and screamed as they hit the ground. These giants were huge, muscled and looked very mean. It appeared they had entered some sort of camp as there were at least 5 more giants besides the 3 that captured them. The giant that released the net from the beast called over to one of the others who lumbered over carrying a large spear like weapon, forked on one end and a shiny sword shaped spear head on the other. The one with the weapon aimed the forked part at the Elite and looked like he meant business. The other giant undid the top of the net and it fell down on the ground. The Elite were already in a defensive stance, ready to engage the giants even though they were at least 2' shorter then them and certainly didn't have the muscle mass the giants had. The giant without the weapon ordered the Elite to do something which of course they didn't understand. He shouted it a few more times and then reached out and ripped off the shirt of the nearest Elite. He started to go on the attack and stopped as the other giant had the sharp spear point at his chest. The other giant yelled out the order again, and they assumed he wanted them to strip. They began removing their clothes, down to their underwear and boots. He pointed to the underwear and shouted the order again. The Elite took their time moving their underwear off which wasn't fast enough for the giant as he hooked his finger inside the waist band and ripped it off in one pull. The Elite lunged at the giant and quickly was spitting sand from his mouth and feeling the pain of the blow to his head. The other Elite took off their underwear and helped their buddy up. The giant said something to the giant with the weapon and they both laughed. He pointed at their boots and issued the same order again. They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and knew they had little choice in the matter. They could hear lots of shouting and arguing from the civilians who were being forced to strip completely as well. The giant who wanted the Elite to strip, moved his body from side to side as he examined the bodies. Any human would have found them very impressive and hot. 2 of them were somewhat hairy and the 3rd was smooth, with just a thick batch on his pubes, legs and a treasure trail partially up his abs. The giant then used his finger to flick at the Elite's cock and balls that gave him some trouble. Again the Elite reacted, grabbing the finger of the giant and tried to force it away. The giant reached out and had his other hand around the throat of the Elite guard and slid him up in the air, along the rump of the beast. He moved his face right into the guards face and said something which the guard couldn't understand. He returned his finger back to flicking and smacking the cock and balls of the guard who couldn't help himself from getting a hard on. The giant said something to the other one and again they laughed. As he continued flicking his finger, he noticed precum coming out of the guards cock and smearing on his finger. He lifted his finger to his mouth and licked it. His eyes seemed to light up and he turned his head to the other giant and rambled on something obviously very excited. He lifted the guard higher and flicked the guards cock faster. Again he tasted the precum smeared on his finger and again said something to the other giant even more excited then before. He then used 2 fingers to latch on to the guard's cock at the base and squeezed moving his tight grip from the base to the tip of the cock, getting a much larger amount of precum on his hand. He licked that and seemed to smile. Then he slid the guard sideways on the beast, higher, latched on to his left thigh, easily wrapping it more then half way around it and pushed upwards. The guard was laying against the beast, his right side towards the ground. The giant licked his lips and quickly devoured the cock and balls of the guard. The guard yelled, swore and tried to move his body in all directions to get away from the giant, but it was useless. The other Elite moved to help him and stopped when the spear point was at one's chest, cutting a small slice into the flesh. There was nothing they could do. It was obvious by the way the guard was sweating and his abs were jumping up and down that it wasn't at all pleasant. Then he let out a loud scream, his body tensed and he was obviously having an orgasm in the giants mouth. The giant sucked and sucked until the guard was screaming at him to stop and nothing more was coming out of his cock. The giant yelled out to the other giants with the civilians and must have told them all about the taste of the human's cum since right after that, screams were coming from the civilians as giants must have been draining them as well. The giant with the weapon handed it to the now very happy giant who just let loose of the guard and let him fall to the ground. The guard was in a fetal position, moaning and groaning in pain. To him it felt like his balls were sucked through his cock. The new giant grabbed another guard and had him in the same position as the first one was. The giant with the weapon said something to him and they seemed to be in a very involved conversation when the giant got his face close to the guard on the beast and started flicking at the cock and balls of the guard with his tongue. The guard struggled and wiggled, again useless. I didn't take very long at all for his cock to get rock hard. As soon as it started bouncing up to his abs, the giant devoured his cock and balls. The guard reacted just like the first one, swearing, shouting, and telling the green fuck as he put it to stop. This one seemed to be taking his time. He released the cock and balls and his entire mouth just about covered the lower abs of the guard. He was sucking and biting while his tongue was massaging and pushing all over the area of the abs sucked in by his mouth. The guard was obviously in pain and screaming. It seemed that the giant was trying to stimulate his abs to produce more precum or something. Then he released his mouth from the abs and pulled up the guards leg, exposing his ass. He easily flipped the guard on to his stomach over the beast, used one hand to spread open the ass cheeks and poked at it with his other hand. He thought it was funny how the guard was wiggling and kicking. He licked the ass crack from top to bottom and made sure it was covered in a thick layer of saliva. He used his free hand to push a finger inside the guards ass and began wiggling it around, in and out. The guard was screaming out but when the giants finger tip pushed, poked and rubbed against his pleasure button, large flows of precum started to come out of his cock. The giant had the other guard look at what was happening and he then yelled over to the other giants. The giant slid the guard further up the beast so he had easy access to the ass and cock of the guard. The guard was like some science experiment now as the giant tried a number of different approaches to see just what it was that made that wonderful precum flow so well. He sucked the cock and balls into his mouth and took in all the precum flowing and his finger concentrated on the spot that seemed to do the trick. He flipped the guard on to his back and his face forced the guards thighs apart and he went back to sucking and hard kneading the guards equipment, while his finger was now acting like some thick, fat cock attacking the guards prostate. The giant had his other hand on top of the guards abs and kept squeezing and pulling like it was going to help things along. Finally, the guard's body jerked and jumped and he began shooting loads of cum inside the giants mouth. He too was screaming and begging for the giant to stop as the giant continued his assault, until he was sure there was no more left. He let go of the guard who slid to the ground nearly on top of the other guard. Both guards were now in fetal positions and moaning in pain. There was one guard left to drain but 2 of the giants. The one that just finished said something and walked over to the other beast and brought back a civilian. He had him flipped over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, his hand on the mans ass cheek and his finger deep inside the mans ass. The man was screaming and wiggling all over to try and get free and it seemed to be funny to the giant. Soon, both giants had their humans up on the beasts and were working over their abs, cock, balls and prostate. The civilian came first and the guard followed soon after. They both were let go when drained and they slid off the beast to the ground, joining the other guards in a fetal position and moaning as they held their crotches to try and ease the pain. Each guard reached down and grabbed one forearm of a human and dragged them towards the fire in the camp. The guards had drained all the humans and had a great discussion of how potent and powerful the taste of human cum and precum was, as well as how weak and frail they all seemed to be, except for the Elite guards. The humans were all tied around their necks and ankles to each other and then the rope was tied to the foot of a beast.

In the morning, a new giant arrived at the camp on a beast. He had some very fierce looking tattoos on his body and a thick string of beads around his neck. He was greeted with great respect by the giants of the camp and they all had a long discussion. The Elite guards were all at the end of the rope away from the beast. One of the giants pulled the last one toward the new giant, held him under his arm stomach up, head to the rear so his exposed crotch was facing the new giant. The new giant examined the cock and balls of the guard. He asked some questions and then shook his head like he was in agreement. The giant holding the guard bent his head down and started flicking his tongue and licking the cock of the guard. He was soon hard and the giant covered his finger in saliva and went to work inside the guards ass. The precum started flowing from the guards cock and the new giant bent down and devoured the guards cock while sucking and hard rubbing the cock with his tongue. The holding giant seemed to be taking his time with his finger, obviously trying to make sure the new giant got as much precum as possible before getting the best part, the cum. The eyebrows of the new giant did go up in surprise at how good the precum tasted. The holding giant must have told him to ease up on the sucking because that's just what the new giant did. After what seemed like an agonizing hour, the guard finally had an orgasm and as before, was sucked completely dry. The holding guard just let the guard go and he crashed to the ground, back into a fetal position, cradling his cock and balls in his hands. The others were all waiting for their turn, but they were just ignored for now. The new giant was obviously someone with power as he was shown the most respect and given everything first. The next guard was eventually pulled up off the ground by his leg and held upside down and slowly spun around as the new giant did a complete examination of his entire body. He poked, prodded, squeezed, pinched, tasted and bit here and there sometimes returning to certain areas. He must have told the giants to feed the humans because they were each given some sort of fruit and a skin like jug of water or something close to wine. Another giant soon arrived and had an animated conversation with the important giant. When he finished, he walked over to the humans.

Me Cog. Why you come here?” Cog said in broken English.

One of the guards took the lead and tried to explain what had happened as best he could. Cog would shake his head up and down when he understood what was being told to him and side to side with a frown if he didn't, at which point the guard did his best to clarify what wasn't understood. Every now and then, Cog would tell the others what the guard had told them which would initiate a big discussion between them.

You got good plasu,” Cog said.

The guard got a confused look and shook his head and shrugged his shoulders telling Cog he didn't know what he meant.

Plasu, plasu,” Cog said as he pointed at the guards cock.

You mean cum?” the guard said.

Yes, cum, plasu,” Cog said with a smile. “Very good we like. Special feel to us you cum. Big good.”

Very much hurt us how taken,” the guard said seriously.

I tell and they know,” Cog said.

He then went into a heated exchange as if he was lecturing the giants.

They know, careful?” Cog said, obviously not sure if he used the right word.

Yes, careful,” the guard said. “How you learn speak?”

Human before teach, I know,” Cog said proudly. “You big trouble here. Not good you here. Very bad.”

We didn't have a choice,” the guard said.

Fall from sky, bad bad,” Cog said with a serious look. “No friend here.”

Tell us where to go and we will leave here,” the guard said.

No go now. Now maybe offer up. Maybe keep,” Cog said as he pointed to the important giant.

The guard knew they were in deep trouble for sure. He could only imagine what offer up meant and that maybe the big shot would keep them to suck them dry as often as possible. Either way, it didn't look good.

Bodly finally found a spot he thought would be safe to set up a sort of headquarters. They could build more permanent structures and protection walls. It was now a 3 day journey back to the pods, but it didn't matter. They obviously weren't alone and they already lost part of their group by something and not any wild animal either. The civilians began designing the fortress and scouted out the larger tree like things to be used as the base and walls. They wasted no time in setting up the tools. Some cut down the trees and some dug the holes to place them. Working as a team, 2 side of the walls were nearly finished. A make shift guard tower was placed at the corner where the 2 walls met, cutting down on positions that needed guarding and alarms. All their ATV's and supplies were in the center and the tents were arranged all around them, tightly grouped. Once things were set up for the night, everyone tried hard to get some sleep, but they were all on edge after the attack earlier. Bodly felt the worse, like he should have been able to prevent what happened and he was responsible for 3 of his men and 6 civilians. The more he thought about it, he banged his fist on his head when he figured out that the incursions by the animals was a set up to determine the strength of the Elite and the purpose of the devices around the perimeter. It was all a set up, a very clever ruse to judge the capability of an opponent.

The 3 captured Elite quietly talked about their current situation and couldn't come up with any practical plan for escape or fighting. They were naked, had no weapons and the enemy was physically superior. The had no idea where the main group was or which direction exactly to flee. They knew nothing about the environment so there was no way to insure they would survive even if they did manage to escape. Then there were the civilians they were sworn to protect. The way things looked right now, they were prisoners and had little if any options. 3 civilians were untied and dragged near the center of the camp. They were held by their faces, mouths forced open and made to drink some sort of thick liquid. Even though their stomachs became swollen from the volume of the liquid they were made to swallow, the giants holding them locked the civilians faces under their arm pits and began rough massaging their abs like they were trying to force the victims bodies to absorb the thick liquid. The civilians were kicking and fighting to free their faces from the armpits of the giants but all that did was make breathing harder and wear them down faster. The massaging seemed to work as slowly their abs returned back to normal size.

As opposed to the giants that took Jonas and Miller in, this group had figured out how to extract the thick fluid the vine plants injected down the throats of Bar and Jonas and use for their own purposes. They knew very well what the thick fluid did as many of their numbers were taken by the vines. Any non-tribe prisoners were force fed the liquid and milked by the warriors. The cum and precum extracted from the prisoners was very potent and treated like a very fine liquor. The liquid also enabled their captives to produce exceptional amounts of cum and precum keeping the warriors well supplied and happy. Their shamans had somehow managed to work out a sort of symbiotic relationship with the vines. In exchange for periodic sacrifices, the vines produced an excess of the fluids they allowed the Shamans to collect. Sacrifices lasted many years as feeders for the vines and they easily produced more then enough of the thick fluid to share. It was a win, win situation for both. The vines didn't have to compete with other colonies for food and didn't have to waist time and energy multiplying so they could spread out more and more as the supply of prey dwindled. Even if they managed to snag a victim, within so many years depending on the age and health of the prey, the supply dwindled as giants and animals avoided the areas known to have feeding vines present. As it now worked out in this area, there were a limited number of vines happily feeding off the victims supplied when needed by the local tribes. Captives were taken in any skirmish with other tribes and the humans floating down in pods was like manna from heaven. The Shaman's learned that the vines seemed to almost preferred to feed on humans rather then giants, even though the giants lasted much, much longer and produced much larger volumes of what they needed. It was all about efficiency. The giants required more liquid and nutrients to last long and they had to expend more energy keeping them healthy and fed. Humans on the other hand didn't require as much to keep them alive and well for a great number of years and the vines used far less energy to get what they wanted. The Shamans learned this quite by accident when the earlier human explorers made the mistake of landing on this side of the continent as well as on the other side. The giants had just finished a raid on a giant village and had a young male giant and a human prepared as sacrifices. Both were given to the vines and the vines released the giant and kept the human. When the vine actually flowered, the Shaman's knew the vine preferred the humans to their own kind. Of course it didn't matter before humans came to the planet, but like all other species, new contact with aliens from other species brought new opportunities.

A giant came over to the Elite and looked at them as if he was trying to decide something. He finally settled on the smaller of the Elite guards who was 6'6” and 290 lbs of thick muscled bulk. He untied him and held him tight with his hand around the neck of the guard. He seemed to enjoy the fight in the guard and hard slapped the palm of his open hand on to the head of the guard several times, putting an end to the fight in the Elite guard. He sat down and laid the guard's back across his thigh with his head in between the giants thighs. His hand grabbed the guards jaw and forced it open as he held up a large skin with a long hose attached to the tip. He slid the hose down into the throat of the guard and lifted the skin. The stomach and abs of the guard began to swell to unbelievable proportions. When the skin was emptied, the giant maneuvered the guard around and locked his upward face under his arm pit, with the guards bent body laying partially on his belly and his legs between the giants legs. He began to rough knead and massage the guards entire abs, squeezing, pushing, rubbing moving until he was satisfied the thick liquid was absorbed. He waited awhile hard rubbing his hand and sometimes his fist around the abs. He released the guards face from his pit and yet continued the punishing massage and kneading. He apparently was waiting for some sort of sign as once it appeared, he grabbed grabbed on to the guards hips, lifted him up and pulled him in towards his body, his mouth devouring the guards cock and balls and a finger of his hand was pushed inside the guards ass. He had his other hand on the lower back and top of the ass cheeks of the guard, who was held fast on the giants face and head, squealing and shouting, his body violently trying to get free. The giant's throat and cheeks showed the evidence of his sucking and working his tongue on the guards cock and balls. The same thing was already happening with the 3 humans taken before and filled with the thick fluid. The fluid had indeed forced the production of a very high volume of precum, but also delayed the onset of orgasm quite a bit. Once orgasm was reached, the volume of cum was nearly 8 times as great and it was thicker. Once the guard was finally drained, rather then returning him to the others, the giant kept him on his body, his one hand kneading the guards pecs and nipples as his other hand squeezed and played with the ass cheeks of the guard until the guard was ready to give him more of what the giant wanted. The other guards could not believe how many times the giant actually used the guard before finally letting him drop to the ground as the giant stood up, moved around and flopped down on his thick fur blanket with his foot draped over the guards chest. The guard was breathing heavy, his cock and balls were swollen and he was drenched in sweat. After a nap, the giant pulled the guard up across his body and began sucking and nibbling on the guards pecs until the pecs and nipples were swollen and bright red. He drained the guard one last time and sucked on his pecs before burping loudly and falling into a deep sleep. It was obvious how much the process took away the strength of the guard and would have made it impossible for him to escape even though he was no longer tied to the others. The civilians were abused in the same manner, but not as often as the guard. They stayed in the camp for another 2 days before finally getting the captives back into the nets and pulled up and secure on the rumps of the beasts. They arrived at a larger camp and the guards noticed there were a few female giants and a small number of juveniles. A highly decorated giant met them and examined the captives. 2 of the civilians were separated form the group and the rest were taken to what looked like a pen, except the 3 civilians and the guard who were filled with the thick fluid and used by the high ranking warrior and the others. Soon, several giants entered the pens and began filling the others with the thick fluid and working their abs just like the others. One was taken into one hut and the other 2 Elite were taken into a larger hut. The Elite were pegged as prime prizes while the others were good. Both were a special treat and would be cared for. The giants learned from dealing with other human captives that rough treatment didn't make them last very long as their bodies could not take the physical punishment as well as the giants.

A few days after being taken to the large camp, the civilians for the most part were in a state of delirium, drained of their cum over and over. The same was true for the Elite, except they did their utmost to keep their senses as best they could. Nothing in their training prepared them for what they were going through, but they did learn about torture and how to resist your will being broken since there could always be a means of escape. Giving in to the enemy was treason and could cost the lives of all your comrades and even your family. There was a great commotion in the camp. The warriors and civilians had gathered, decked out in what looked like their finest outfits, strange musical instruments were making noises along with loud deep drums. The Elite guards were loaded on to carts pulled by the large beasts and the captured civilians on another. The 2 civilians that were previously split off from the captives were led behind the musicians on a beast that had been painted with bright yellow and blue coloring. They were naked like the other captives, however it was obvious they had not been drained. If anything, they had a very wild look about them as if they were on some wild drug. Their cocks were very hard and swollen as was their balls. The whole procession left the camp and went a small way through a part of the jungle nearby, over a small clearing to a river bank. It seemed like most other types of vegetation was cleared away except for some low thick grass like plants. As the group got closer to the river, the Elite spotted what looked like a large thick vine plant. It had multiple arms that were thick at the base and thinned out towards the tip. They whispered to each other to validate what they thought they saw, the vines slowly moving back and forth in rhythm with the drums and the other musical instruments. The shaman held some sort of scepter or decorated crozier, threw out this colored powder over and over again as he chanted some sort of words. The vines seemed to move from one side of the shaman to the other slowly, whisking up the powder as they moved. Then the shaman then stopped chanting and moving his scepter, turned towards the beast with the painted civilians and 2 giants nearby pushed them off the beast with long spear like weapons. The beasts were withdrawn and the giants moved back. The civilians stood up, looking around with these strange looks on their faces. Before they could look from one side to the other, 2 large vines whipped down, each one wrapping quickly around the ankle of each civilian and shot them high into the air. Other vines moved around them and soon there were vines holding their arms, legs, wrapped around their crotches and necks. They were pulled down closer to the thick large base of the vine and strange looking tubes were forced into their asses and down their throats. They were bent over backwards and it was obvious something was being pumped into their stomachs as one could see it swell and get distended. Vines wrapped around their abs and seemed to undulate up and down the victims abs. The tube on their cock and balls seemed to kick into action and you could see the extent of the pleasure they must have felt as they moaned and groaned, their bodies moving as if their cocks were being sucked by professionals. When they obviously reached orgasm, the assembly let out a loud cheer and almost a victory chant. A stalk seemed to appear out of the ground and it quickly shot out what looked like blossoms. A bit away from the vine base, a vine seemed to fall down towards the shaman and a very large sack like container began to swell from the end of the vine. When it looked as if it was about to explode, the shaman hit the end of the vine and the sack fell off. Before it sealed itself, the Elite saw the thick fluid they were forced to drink dripping out of the sack. They quickly figured out where the giants got their thick liquid that made them produce loads of cum and regenerate so quickly. Everyone seemed quite pleased over the whole matter. The shaman had a giant pick up the large sack and it was placed on the cart with the Elite. When the giant placed it down, he smiled at the Elite, licked his lips and said something to the Elite guards. They couldn't understand what he said, but from his look and actions, they knew they would have killed any man that thought what they knew this giant was saying. The entire parade returned to the camp and the Elite and the civilians were taken back to their huts to be sucked dry by the giants of the clan.

The shaman would come to inspect them every 3 days or so, to be certain they were not sick and were responding to the nutrients and enhancers in the thick fluid. If he felt one of the captives was to raw or injured from teeth marks he would have them removed to another hut where they would be covered in a thick salve and mud that dried. In 2 or 3 days, the mud would be smashed away, they would be completely washed and filled with more thick fluid before returning to service. Every 2nd day, all the Elite and the civilians would be returned to their pens, to rest it seemed. Something like a fruit mash and juice was provided to them, they would be allowed to sleep, be fully washed the following morning or afternoon and returned to their service huts. The Elite devised a plan for at least one of them to escape, to head in the direction of the rising sun, which they all felt would take them in the direction the main convoy of survivors headed. When they were taken back to their pens, only one giant handled them and he always seemed to be drunk on a beer they drank along with the captives cum. They had no reason to expect any resistance from the humans as it never happened in the past, and they were deemed to be weak. As the giant moved the Elite to their pen, 2 of the Elite started arguing with each other, totally confusing the giant. The 3rd Elite guard threw himself bodily at the back of the giants knees, taking him to the ground. They all attacked him with whatever they could find, knocking him unconscious. They pulled him inside the far end of the pen, covered him with blankets and made their way out of the camp. They knew which direction the sun set was, so they quickly took off in the opposite direction. Luckily, they found themselves on the same path they were on after they were captured. When they reached the original camp they were first used, they knew they were on the right path. They made sure that when they left the large camp, they doubled back on their tracks so that the giants would think they went in the opposite direction. The ruse worked.

The Elite were exhausted when they finally came to the end of the jungle to an opening they recognized as the place they were taken as captives. They could see the tracks of the convoy and they carefully followed them, keeping as hidden as they could. 2 days later, they saw what looked like a classic fortress and human guards at guard towers. They came out in the open and yelled for help. A group of Elite came running and shouts of joy and the need for medical attention rang out. Bodly heard the commotion and ran towards the growing group outside the fortress walls. Several of the other Elite had already lifted the previously captured guards up and were carrying them into the fortress. Bodly found it hard to contain any hint of his relief and joy that his men were alive. He personally saw to their treatment and handled the debriefing. Bodly had the guards repeat all they had told him to the lead scientists of the group. All manner of tests were run on the returned guards to try and determine what properties the thick white fluid contained and how it worked in their systems. Its regenerative power was deemed something of great use in medicine, probably speeding up the human bodies ability to regenerate itself. There wasn't an awful lot of the stuff still inside the guards, but enough to let the science labs perform detailed analysis. The scientists quickly determined the giants got the liquid from the vine plants in exchange for offerings from the clan. They had already identified a type of plant that fed on protein, and assumed the large vine did likewise, except it extracted what it needed from live prey.

Bodly had already devised a plan to find the giant camp, use the night vision capability they had and blow the entire camp to bits. There was a great debate over the decision, but the scientists were overruled by the Elite. The escaped Elite were positive the sophisticated weapons the survivors had would take out the giants who only seemed to have the long spear/fork like weapons. 3 Elite were assigned to remain behind and guard the fortress while the rest got fully armored, loaded with grenades and sonic weapons. It was rather easy to follow the trail the escaped guards took. Within 3 days, the Elite were outside the large village of giants. Bodly scouted out the area and found only 3 routes came out or in the campsite. Men were stationed outside those positions and they waited until night fell. On signal from Bodly, grenades were launched in a wide spread out pattern to do the greatest amount of devastation. It was obvious from the ensuing panic of the giants that the assessment of the escaped guards was right on. Any that attempted to flee out of the camp were cut down quickly. The camp itself was demolished in short order. One of the captured civilians was killed in the attack, but the rest were luckily in their pens on a rest day. Very few of the giants survived. Cog and the Shaman were 2 of the 4 survivors. Cog tried his best to speak to the human warriors, but was knocked unconscious. The escaped guards identified Cog as a giant that spoke English and the other as the Shaman of the camp. 2 sacks of the fluid were recovered. Bodly wanted to wait until morning to see if they could locate the vine plant and possibly rescue the civilians it had been given. The Elite were somewhat confused by the beasts that were in the destroyed camp. A few managed to charge away from the camp, but returned once everything quieted down. The escaped guards told Bodly they were the giants beasts of burden, used like pack animals and things the warriors rode like soldiers of old rode horses on earth. Bodly sent 3 Elite back to where they left their ATV's. They were hooked up together and driven back to the camp. Once morning came, the Elite boarded the ATV's and headed in the direction of the vine. The escaped guards warned them to stay well beyond the reach of the vines as they were dangerous. When they spotted the vines, they were all in shock to see the 2 civilians held tight in the grip of the vine. They filmed the actions of the vine, zooming in on the victims so the scientists could have a detailed record of what the vines were doing. Bodly had enough and had 2 snipers zero in on the base of the vine and destroy it. The first few rounds sent the vine into a frenzy of activity, whipping its free vines in the direction of the Elite. The civilians were whisked around, seemingly to keep them clear of the weapon fire that was attacking the base of the vine. Bodly watched and directed an Elite to throw a grenade at the base when the civilians were whisked away from it. The tactic worked as the civilians were dropped and all the vines seemed to fall hard to the ground. Several more grenades were thrown at the base of the plant before 2 Elite moved in and dragged the civilians out of the reach of the vine. The Elite then started the complete annihilation of the vine plant. Bodly wanted some of the tubes and smaller vines placed in containers for the scientists. The civilians were sedated until they could be treated by medics in the fortress. The Elite remounted their ATV's and headed back to the fortress. The beasts that returned to the village, seemed confused, but eventually decided to follow the humans as there were 2 of the giants with them and everyone else was dead.

Scenes like these were playing out in various parts of the great continent. Survivors that were lucky enough to have a few Elite guards with them, fared better then those without. Few if any survivors had any skills or training for fighting or the use of weapons and none of them had knowledge of the codes that would open up the weapon storage on the pods. There were a few smaller continents on the planet which had varied forms of humanoid type life forms different from the giants that dominated this continent. Life on the new planet was going to be a challenge to be sure.