New Horizons, Consolidating

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When things were settled in the fortress, Bodly had a meeting with his senior Elite to establish what they would do going forward. One of the Elite said they had opened a pod that contained recon drones that they could send off to try and contact another Elite group, and if not, at least to get a better feel for what else was all around them and maybe locate a much more defensible area that offered what was needed to survive. Bodly really liked that idea and gave the order to send out a number of the drones to scout out areas all over the planet if possible and give them the information needed.

One of the drones flew in the direction of the Giant village Miller and Jonas were at. It was a typical sunny and breezy day when Ciff and Miller were seeing to Jonas and Bar who were finally recovering from the ordeal with the vine monsters. Ciff heard the strange sound before Miller did and wondered out loud what type of flying animal made that kind of sound. Miller looked in the direction Ciff was staring and saw what looked like a recon drone. He didn't believe it at first, but when it slowly began to circle the village, he knew that's what it was for sure.

Holy shit, that's a recon drone!” Miller screamed jumping up and down all excited.

What is recon drone?” Ciff asked confused.

Its a machine that we use to check an area out and even communicate with other units in the field,” Miller said hastily. “Holy shit, I have to find a communicator and shoot up a signal quick!”

He quickly grabbed a staff and carved in the call sign for their unit of Elites, hoping the drone would capture it and knew for sure whoever sent it would know what it was. Especially since it was highly unlikely that none Elite's controlled it.

Luckily, he finished as the drone made its way over their location. Miller was jumping up and down, waving and shouting while also trying to point to the call sign in the dirt. Ciff laughed, thinking it was funny since it looked like some sort of dance to him. He decided to join in, following the movements of Miller. The drone did indeed zero in on the activity going on and immediately sent a video link to the fortress operators of the drones.

Sir, you have to see this,” an Elite yelled to Bodly.

Bodly and another officer ran to the monitor and couldn't believe their eyes. There as a giant and a human jumping and waving pointing to the call sign of an Elite unit written in the ground.

Hey, I recognize that human,” an Elite officer laughed. “That's Miller of the 622 unit. Holy shit, that's unbelievable!”

Okay, seems from the look of things that Miller and this giant guy are friends so at least we know we won't be dealing with another hostile group,” Bodly thought out loud. “Lets try and get some audio on this and make sure you guys are listening to communication channels in case Miller has a communicator.”

Miller quickly ran inside the hut and rummaged through the equipment that the giants carried back for them from one of the pods. He found a communicator and ran outside, fired it up and began the formal call sign and military speak the Elite used in field communications.

Got a comm coming in sir,” an Elite said to Bodly.

Lets hear it,” Bodly said excitedly.

This is Miller, Captain GC, 685509661, of the 622 Elite Unit, over.”

We hear you Captain Miller, this is Spec Sander, of the 823 Elite Unit. How many survivors are with you?”

Just myself and Major Jonas of the Elite,we have 20 that were wounded, mostly females and a few males, 20 male doctors and medical specialists, 10 technicians of various disciplines, 25 children between the ages of 16 and 7. The wounded lost their spouses for the most part, although 8 of the wounded are married couples. All of the wounded are quite well now. The others in the pods we located didn't make it, over” Miller said trying really hard to keep it professional.

Captain, this is Sergeant Bodly. We have a fairly decent contingent of Elites and civilians with us. The location we are in doesn't seem to be very friendly. If your current location safe? Over.”

Sergeant, good to hear your voice I have to say,” Miller replied. “Yes, this area is extremely safe. We have a great relationship with the locals here. I can find out from the local Chief if it would be acceptable for your group to join us here, over.”

I think that would be a wise move Captain. Where is Major Jonas by the way, over.”

The Major had a nasty encounter with a very bad ass vine monster who had this thing for cum it seems. He is recovering thanks to the Shamans here,over”

We have had a bad encounter with those things also. The giants we encountered used some of our group as home brew it seems as they also like human juice. We took a few captives and the rest are visiting their ancestors right now. We did manage to get a large sampling of the stuff the plants and the giants traded. The scientists are working on analysis now. Might end up being something of value to us, over”

I can't wait to let the Shaman's know. They have been trying to figure out how to use the stuff to heal and make their warriors stronger and healthier. It will go a long way to convince the Chief your presence would be a good thing, over”

We will be in touch Captain. Is there anything we can get to you via the drones that you might need until we arrive? Over”

No Sergeant, we are well taken care of and only use our weapons for protection when needed with the animals in the wilds. We're good thanks, over”

As you say sir. We will do our best to get this unit organized and on the road as quickly as possible,over”

Excellent Sergeant. Major Jonas and I will look forward to our next contact. I will also inform the civilians of our conversation. Miller out.”

Even though it was only 2 officers and some civilians, all the Elite in the fortress felt good that obviously others had survived. If these did, then there probably are others as well.

Miller first ran to Jonas' bed and told him the news. Jonas wanted to jump out of his bed but the Shaman wouldn't allow it. He then went to the quarters of the scientists and other civilians, told them the conversation and that the other group would be joining them soon. There immediately was an impromptu festival that broke out. The civilians now didn't feel alone in a super strange world, even though their hosts were gracious, kind and very helpful. They also felt they would be safer with more Elite in their midst. Back on earth, it became the norm for Elite to keep the peace, just about eliminating common crimes and kept the violent crimes to an absolute minimum.

Bodly gave out orders to get things packed up and ready to move out within 48 hours. He figured that would allow the remaining drones time to scout out the areas they would be traveling and insure their safety. Once settled in the new area, they would continue the drone flights to cover most of the planet and try to locate other groups that survived.

Miller met with the Chief and Shamans to go over what was happening. The Shamans seemed excited that Bodly's group had the vine secret goop and that they also had a Shaman of the giants. They knew of other tribes of giants and that those far away were very fierce and war like. They agreed to allow the others to come to the village but wanted them to live in an area away from the village itself, at least until all were sure they were not a threat. The lead scientist and medical officer agreed citing the need for a period of quarantine since no one knew what type of virus and bacteria were all around and the effect it might have on humans. It all seemed reasonable and a good safety measure to Miller. The Chief assigned a number of the village to help the humans build shelters for the new group and prepare the other villagers for the additional group of humans coming to their territory.

When they returned to the hut, Ciff couldn't but help to notice how excited Miller was over the news.

Miller happy it seems,” Ciff said.

Yes Ciff, very happy!,” Miller replied. “How about we celebrate with a nice swim and a little romp in the moss?”

Ha ha, romp, this is pleasuring no?” Ciff smiled.

Indeed it is my large, muscled friend,” Miller laughed, grabbing Ciff's hand and pulling him toward the yard.

They jumped into the stream and got all refreshed and cleaned off. Ciff grabbed ahold of Miller, moved out of the stream, laid down on the moss and laid Miller down on his body. He licked Miller's cock, balls and ass and then sucked in both his cock and balls, using his tongue to slowly work over Miller's balls and cock, fully enjoying the taste of Miller's precum. Miller did his best to reach all of Ciff's crotch, but all he could do was reach out and grab the foreskin and head of Ciff's cock. Ciff slightly sat up making it easier for Miller to reach his balls and full cock, holding Miller's thighs in his hands and lifting him up. They played with their pleasures for some time. Ciff then without any warning, had his tongue rimming Miller's ass and then fucking his ass, very deep. He learned how to get his tongue to widen and shrink as it darted in and out of Miller's ass, causing him to moan and groan and his body to jerk around. Ciff knew when Miller's body stiffened and his head bent back with a loud gasp that Miller was going to shoot his cum, so Ciff devoured Miller's entire cock and balls, just in time to suck out all of Miller's cum. When Miller was fully drained and recovered, he pulled himself further down Ciff's body, Ciff releasing his legs and letting Miller's body down on top of his. Miller was drenched in sweat and he moved one hand down to Ciff's rosebud and began to rub it up and down, side to side as he had his other hand kneading Ciff's melon balls and his body sliding up and down Ciff's cock. Ciff moaned and loved the feeling of pleasure Miller gave him. When Miller moved his hand inside Ciff's ass and played with his pleasure button, Miller moved Ciff's cock so he could nibble, kiss and suck on the head and use his other hand to rub up and down Ciff's cock shaft. Ciff's hands rubbed up and down Miller's back, ass and legs. When he was coming close to cumming, he slid his little finger into Miller's ass which drove Miller wild. Ciff's body soon stiffened, his muscles flexed and his breathing became panting as he began flooding Miller's face and upper body with load after load of his cum. Miller shot loads of his cum also, both of them shouting out and gasping. Miller calmed down first and then Ciff. Miller began taking in as much of Ciff's cum as he could. Ciff moved his fingers under Miller's body and scooped up as much of Miller's cum as he could, before spinning Miller's body around, lifting him up and licking his entire body and crotch to get all of the cum on it. He licked Miller's face, neck and shoulders of his cum, moved Miller's face against his, pushed his tongue to open Miller's mouth and then gently spit in his cum that he licked off of Miller. They both eventually collapsed and held on to each other as they drifted off to sleep, for a nap induced by pleasure to be sure.

While Miller and Ciff were having their own celebration, Jonas and Bar were not to be left out of celebrating.

This news makes Jonas very pleased?” Bar asked as he moved over to Jonas' bed and rubbed his hand over Jonas' legs.

Yes, it truly does that Bar,” Jonas smiled and placed his hand on top of Bar's forearm.

It's strange but it makes me feel so much better knowing there were many more survivors then just our group here. Hopefully, Miller and I can keep things together and stop any of the survivors from making the same mistakes made back on earth.”

The Chief and elders will hold to what they told you in the beginning,” Bar said seriously. “They will not allow you humans to ruin our world like you did yours.”

I'm very glad that is something they can watch carefully and quickly stop any foolishness my fellow humans can undertake,” Jonas said thoughtfully. “I think what worries me the most isn't the current survivors, its more the next generations I worry about the most.”

You need not be worry Jonas,” Bar said squeezing Jonas' leg. “Our ways have dealt with young ones very well for long times past. I think at times there is something in the natural makeup of this world that helps with that, but I'm no Shaman or Elder, so I can't be sure.”

I know we are supposed to be resting and healing, but do you think I might have some of your very special medicine to help things along?” Jonas looked sheepishly. “It seems like its been ages since we pleasured with each other and I miss it very much.”

Bar smiled, feeling very proud that Jonas like pleasuring with him. He certainly loved the taste and effect Jonas' fluids had on him and had come to develop strange new feelings for this human. Bar easily scooped Jonas up off the bed and began licking his body and flicking his tongue on Jonas' cock and balls. Jonas gasped and moaned and began trying to maneuver his body so he could reach Bar's cock. Bar smiled, easily flipped Jonas around and let Jonas' face bob around the head of his cock which was already thick and hard, leaking precum. Jonas lapped up as much of Bar's precum as he could get and Bar worked Jonas' cock and balls, getting a good flow of precum going. Both were soon panting and moaning from the sensations, especially since they hadn't had any sexual release since the vines and that was not completely pleasant to be sure. Bar was concerned for Jonas as he was still recovering and while Bar recovered quickly, Jonas was taking a bit longer. He knew it was because of his size and physical makeup which made Jonas almost seem like a youngster.

Wait Jonas,” Bar held him tight away from his body. “You are not quite healed just yet. We should wait till the Shaman say you are healed.”

Oh man, Bar. You expect me to just stop NOW?” Jonas just about cried. “My entire body is filled with such a strong desire for your juices. I feel like I really need that medicine more then any potion I could be given.”

I don't know Jonas,” Bar said thinking out loud. “What if pleasuring with you is to much for your body just yet and something bad happens to you. I would be responsible for all my existence, carrying the guilt of what I had done.”

Nonsense, Bar. Nothing you do to me is going to kill me, well, except maybe just stopping NOW!” Jonas pleaded. “Okay, tell you what, I, Jonas officially relieve Bar of any and all responsibility for any health related issues that may develop due to his driving me into another world with his pleasuring and filling me with his juices. How's that?”

Bar looked confused and then shook Jonas as he laughed and laughed, finally getting what Jonas had just said. “You make me laugh Jonas. Just saying that doesn't mean it will be so.”

Okay, how about I write it down and sign it with my blood then?” Jonas tried again.

You would do such a thing just for pleasuring with me?” Bar said seriously.

Damn straight, cut my finger so I can get this done,” Jonas said holding out his arm. “Suppose you could bite it, but I just know that would hurt like hell.”

No Jonas, no cut no bite, just pleasure,” Bar said softly.

Bar resumed right where he left off, dangling Jonas upside down over his cock letting him suck in the tip and any precum of his that was on and in the tip of his cock. Bar grabbed out forcefully and held on tight to Bar's cock and tried as best he could to devour what he could, satisfied only when he made Bar growl and groan. Jonas reached his hand down and began to play with Bar's rosebud. Bar panted and growled loud helping Jonas to slide further down his body to more easily reach his ass. Bar let Jonas do anything he desired since all of it was pleasure for Bar. When Jonas pushed his hand in and massaged Bar's prostate, Bar covered his finger in saliva and began finger fucking Jonas. Jonas wiggled and squirmed moaning and groaning, attacking Bar's cock, never seeming to get enough of Bar's precum which his body loved. Jonas sped up his attack on Bar's ass which made Bar do the same with Jonas' ass. Both were moaning, growling and panting. Jonas didn't realize he had gotten much more forceful with his attack inside Bar, as Bar's body started jerking upward, his ass cheeks seemed to flex and relax, almost hurting Jonas' hand stuck inside of them. Bar could tell he was just about to explode and wanted Jonas to do the same, so he let his finger wiggle, twist and wildly fuck Jonas. That was enough to set both of them off. Bar covered Jonas' face and upper body in cum and Jonas made a very large puddle on Bar's abs and his own body. Jonas began taking in all the cum he could get, a real struggle as his body really reacted to Bar's cum. Jonas just couldn't get enough. He would keep stopping to moan and groan as the pleasures swept all through his body. Bar grabbed one of Jonas' legs, lifted him up and scooped up all of Jonas' cum he could. His body seemed to have bolts of pleasure firing off. Bar just completely relaxed, his arms flopping to his sides, his head cocked to the side watching Jonas feast on his cum. He waited until Jonas has just about cleaned off his cock, balls and pubes of cum before he spun Jonas around, held him tight against his body and kissed Jonas passionately. He then lifted Jonas up, licked his entire body of cum and then returned him back on to his body, Jonas' head near his cock, moved his arms up and bent, resting his head in the cupped hands as he watched Jonas lick more cum from Bar's body. Jonas didn't make it all the way as his body went into pleasure overload and he passed out with a very large sigh and smile on his face. Bar laughed, spun Jonas around and cradled him in his arm as he bent down and scooped up what cum was still left, placed it on Jonas' abs and slowly scooped bits up on his finger and fed Jonas what he so desired. When Bar felt Jonas had enough, he licked what remained off of Jonas, held Jonas tight into his body and fell asleep.

Miller and Ciff went out on a scouting trip to try and find more pods. They returned to the area where Miller and Jonas were originally captured. Miller began a thorough inspection of all the pods that were located in the area. He found many filled with building equipment, labs, medical equipment, training and education mods and even communications equipment. Miller was kept amused by the look of total interest and curiosity Ciff had on his face as more and more equipment was checked and inventoried. Miller was thrilled when he located a pod with transportation units. He told Ciff they would allow them to take a number of the pods back to the village with them. Ciff was a bit doubtful and wanted to just drag them back pulled by the beasts they rode.

No, I'm not happy about doing that Ciff,” Miller said trying to explain things to Ciff. “Most of the stuff inside these pods is what we call sensitive and delicate, like easy to break. I'd feel much safer having these transport mods carry them back.”

How can small machines carry such large pods?” Ciff asked confused.

Oh, easily. They are built to lift very heavy weights and cover any type of terrain they have to cross,” Miller explained. “Watch, I will get them to pile on a few pods and then connect to one another into what we call a train.”

Miller proceeded to use one transport to load up a few pods on the other 3 transports they removed from the pods. Ciff was surprised at how easily the cranes on the transports managed to lift and swing the pods into position by just the touch of Miller's fingers on some magical surface.

There, now see, that was easy wasn't it?” Miller laughed at the astonished look on Ciff's face.

Easy yes for sure,” Ciff marveled. “Machines do much work so fast and not even eat or drink.”

Well, technically they do eat Ciff,” Miller began to explain. “Each of them have very powerful energy cells that they feed off of in order to perform tasks and move. The energy cells take what they need to generate power from the air. They will wear out at some point, but that will be what we call years on earth. The scientists and techs can repair them over and over so they will last us a very long time.”

This is a good thing Miller,” Ciff pondered. “You must share this with my people. It would make our life much more pleasant to be sure.”

I'm sure we will begin sharing all sorts of technology with your people Ciff,” Miller said walking up to Ciff and giving him a hug. “It is the least we humans can do since we owe our lives and survival to you and your people.”

Ciff was pleased with Miller's words. Miller hooked up the transports and Ciff took some items that were loaded on to the beast Miller rode. Miller followed Ciff in the lead transport as they headed back to the village. The village turned out all excited when the word got out that Ciff and Miller were back and had strange things with them. Most of the village had to touch the transports and pods as Ciff carefully explained the purpose of the transports and what was in the pods. Miller took the transport train to the compound the civilians were quartered and had the techs unload the pods and begin to sort things out by function and test everything to insure it was in full working order. The techs were thrilled that Miller brought back a number of transports as it would make building the new human area much easier and completed in a very short time.

Jonas felt he had healed enough to help Miller prepare for the arrival of Bodly and his group. He had to admit he was relieved to know there was a good contingent of Elites that survived which made him feel more in control and somehow safer. It wasn't the tribe of giants that they were living with that worried him. It was more the other ones and other types of creatures they didn't know of yet and maybe even humans who had gone renegade in order to survive. He had seen enough action back on earth to know how evil humans can get and what they are capable of doing. After all, they were the ones who destroyed their home planet, not anyone else could be blamed.

Hey, I see you picked up a communications station,” Jonas yelled out as he joined Miller and Ciff.

Yeah, glad your here to help get it set up and operating. I'd like to keep communication open with Bodly and keep them heading in the right direction,” Miller said. “Hey, wait a minute, aren't you supposed to be recovering?”

Oh I'm fine, especially after a great pleasuring session with Bar!” Jonas laughed. “If I can survive that, nothing else is going to do me in!”

Ciff, Miller, Jonas and Bar all laughed and teased one another while setting up the station. Once it was operational, Miller had Jonas launch a beacon drone and a communication drone.

Nice to know you managed to set up a communication station Major,” the voice of Bodly came in loud and clear. “We have zeroed in on your beacon and have adjusted our coordinates to your location.”

Good work Sergeant,” Miller said with a smile. “How is the group handling things?”

Excellent sir,” Bodly reported. “Once communication was established with you and Major Jonas, the morale of the entire group shot up through the roof.”

They are inside a building?” Bar asked.

No, no Bar, it is just a human expression meaning high as the sky, you know, big, great,” Jonas laughed.

Ahhhh, so through the roof is a good thing?” Ciff asked.

Yes, very good for sure,” Miller laughed.

Excuse me sir, but might I inquire as to who all is listening to this line?” Bodly asked seriously.

Certainly Sergeant,” Miller responded. “Major Jonas, our protectors Ciff and Bar and myself. Don't worry Sergeant about secure communication lines on this world. If any of the old enemies are here, I wish them luck. Its a whole new world and a whole new way of living has to be learned, which we will do.”

Yes sir, I do see your point and understand,” Bodly said. “Thank you for getting my head in the right direction sir.”

Nothing wrong with your head Bodly, nothing at all,” Jonas interjected. “We all have to learn to deal with our new situation and life now. It'll just take time is all.”

Yes sir, thank you,” Bodly replied.

Sergeant Bodly, I'd like to talk to you in private if I may,” Miller said. “Some things we need to cover before your group arrive.”

Securing the area around me now sir,” Bodly said. They could hear him yelling out orders to clear the area around him.

Do you want us to leave you also?” Jonas asked.

No, this concerns you, Ciff and Bar,” Miller said, “so you just stay here.”

Area is secure sir,” Bodly replied.

Good, well there is just no gentle way to explain things so I'm just going to tell you how things are and you will have to wrap your head around it,” Miller said in his voice of authority. He knew as an Elite, Bodly was well trained to accept directive and input from senior officers and modify his way of thinking about things to however he was directed to understand.

Miller proceeded to tell Bodly what happened since they were captured and have lived with the tribe of Ciff and Bar. He made it clear that he and Jonas were indeed involved with them physically and emotionally. Some of the civilians were also involved with others of the village and most of the others have come to understand it is almost expected by these giants as a bonding and cementing of alliances and the like. In addition, as Bodly already discovered, for some reason, inhabitants of this world, well the giants and some large plants at least, have this real craving for human fluids and in turn their fluids have a tremendous effect on humans and not just pleasure. Humans seemed to heal faster, get stronger and have more vitality after ingesting giant precum and cum. Among the giant warriors, it is natural to share pleasures with each other as part of the bonding process.

I see sir,” Bodly said. “I have read the reports and the scientists here have confirmed the effect the giant cum and precum have had on the captured Elites and civilians. Even though they were drained harshly and often, they quickly recovered and showed no true ill effects once they ingested giant precum and cum.”

Yes, well this is somewhat different in that it is never forced,” Miller said. “This tribe does not believe in the forced sharing of pleasures especially with a weaker species which is what they think of us as.”

I see sir,” Bodly said.

Do you have any issues or problems with all this Sergeant?” Miller asked.

No sir, I honestly do not,” Bodly replied. “With the size and power of the giants, I'm sure I can speak for all the Elites, we appreciate and admire their size and strength to be sure. I mean they are as macho as can be sir!”

That they are Bodly, to be sure,” Miller and Jonas laughed. “Sergeant, hold on a sec, I have to explain to Ciff and Bar what macho means.”

Bodly laughed as he listened to Miller explain to Ciff and Bar about macho and the questions they threw at him. He had to admit it wasn't always easy to explain a saying when you've used it like forever.

Okay Bodly, I hope you will brief your men and make certain any issues are dealt with in the right manner,” Miller ordered. “If any of them have issues, I will gladly talk with them or they can bring them to me or Major Jonas once they arrive here. The compound for the entire group should be completely finished by the time you arrive, so I'm sure the men will appreciate a good long R&R.”

Yes sir, I'll be sure to let them know that also,” Bodly said with a big smile. “I'll make sure someone is assigned to this channel at all times in case you wish to communicate with us.”

Good idea, although you should be able to just activate the alarm signal to trigger when the channel is opened from this end,” Jonas said, “that's what we are going to do here. No point is having someone stuck with an ear glued to a set.”

Yes sir, thank you,” Bodly said glad he wouldn't have to rotate his men on the communication equipment.

Miller over and out,” Miller said as he clicked off the session.

I've already activated the alarm signal so we are all set on this end,” Jonas said.

We all pleasure now?” Ciff asked sheepishly.

Yes, to be sure we all pleasure now for sure!” Miller laughed.

Ciff scooped him up into his arms and began nibbling and licking his face, neck and shoulders as they headed back to their quarters. Bar wasn't far behind with Jonas over his shoulder as he played with Jonas' ass. They all settled down on the stream shore and shared each others pleasures until Miller and Jonas couldn't even sit up anymore.

Bodly was somewhat relieved that Miller and Jonas were well and had taken command. He wasn't fond of being in charge completely, but when he had to, the training just kicked in. As instructed, he assembled the Elite and briefed them. There were some who seemed taken by surprise by the news that two officers were sexually involved with some giants. The ones that were captive and used by the giants tried their best to explain how different sex was with them, but its like you had to be there type of thing. Bodly allowed the conversation and discussion to go on for a bit before letting them know it is what it is and they will adjust to it period. They all knew that was the end of that and everyone who had some sort of problem with it had to figure out a way to get over it or else. It was times like this that made their training kick in as if it was just second nature. Bodly then called the head of the science team and medical to brief them also. They were curious and began to ask questions that Bodly couldn't answer. They had to accept that they would just have to wait until Major Miller was available to answer their questions. They also knew that no further discussion would be held with any of the Elite. Bodly also informed them that he wanted the captured giants to be heavily sedated until they arrived at the new camp. He didn't want any incidents being started since they would probably know they were crossing over into another tribes territory and that could be big trouble. For all he knew, they ate their enemies or fed them to those monster vine things. The march towards the new village took a long time, but no one was out of spirits as they knew there were officers there and it sounded like a giant tribe has taken them in. Everyone was very nervous as word came they were very close to the village.

The convoy got a bit nervous when they saw a large cloud of dust heading directly towards them. It was impossible to see what was causing it so it could be an attach by another tribe or a stampede of those huge beasts. The radio began crackling and Bodly broke out into a large smile when he recognized the voices of Major Jonas and Captain Miller.

Boy is ever good to hear your voices again,” Bodly laughed as he let out an excited whoop.

Sorry sir, just had to let all that goodness out of me,” Bodly said.

Nothing to be sorry about Sergeant, Jonas laughed. “Its good to know there is some moral left in out unit.”

Yes sir, that it is,” Bodly said as he turned around and yelled out loud “Here They Come!”

The Elites ran to the front of the column even though it would be unthinkable in any other maneuvers, but this was really something super special.

Miller and Jonas slid off of their beasts and ran up to Bodly, grabbed him one at a time in a hug which he wasn't quite sure how to take.

Chill out sergeant,” Miller whispered. “Its so damn good to see you and the others that it warrants exceptional celebration. Besides, hopefully you will see, this tribe is very into hugging and shows of affection.”

I see sir, thank you for letting me know and for hug too sir,” Bodly blushed.

Ciff and Bar, come here please, I wish to introduce you to my men,” Jonas waved.

Both Ciff and Bar dismounted, shuffled over to Miller and Jonas and waited.

Ciff, Bar this is Sergeant Bodly, platoon sergeant of my company. Seems these are all that is left of my company, but there may be more, who knows. Sergeant meet Ciff and Bar, high ranking warriors of this tribe and our saviors a very man times already.”

Very big pleasure to meet you sirs,” Bodly said very formally, snapping to attention as he held out his hand.

Miller, he wishes pleasure so soon?” Ciff asked very confused.

No, OH no Ciff, he does not. It is a greeting among my people as a sign of respect for someone of importance.” Miller said trying not to laugh.

I see, we have much to learn from each other,” Bar said also confused.

Did I say something wrong sir?” Bodly asked not knowing what just happened.

No sergeant, not at all, I think I'll explain it to you later on,” Miller said.

Yes sir,” Bodly snapped to with a very confused look on his face.

Bodly did the formal introductions of the scientist and workers and the academics. Ciff and Bar had no idea what they did or why they kept telling them about this and that. Neither one understood and neither one wanted to either.

Jonas asked Bodly to get everyone's attention and to pay very close attention to what he was going to say to them, no excuses, no second chances, none of that trash that ruined things back on earth.

Every one in the convoy gathered around, sitting on the ground with intent looks on their faces.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your new home. We and I repeat WE do not own it, we do not rule it and we will not in any way, shape of form ruin it, is that understood?” Jonas said in his most authoritative voice. “These are good, kind and thoughtful people who have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome, even pledging their help in building the houses for all of you and other buildings. One big catch you have to fully understand. They do not wish you roaming around their village uninvited, for any reason. I have given my word that that will not happen. I intend to keep my word with deadly force if need be.” Jonas slowly looked around and into all of their faces to see if they understood what he just told them. “We have also pledged to share all of our technologies with them just as they will share theirs with us. You may think they do not have sophisticated technology, but you'd be wrong. Their natural medicines are so far past ours it is almost shameful. Their shamans handle their medical needs which are very few and also act as counselors. Let me tell you from personal experience, they are damn good. Keep an open mind and never ever let the thought out of your mind that we are allowed guests to this planet for now. They are aware from previous landings by people from earth that WE, no one else, just WE, US, killed our planet. The elders here have stated they will not allow any of us to do the same thing to this, their world. Once we have gained their trust and proven we stick to our word, things will ease up some. But, the base rules still apply, I am understood?”

A very loud and thundering “YES SIR” came from the crowds mouths, even the non military people.

Now, the techs and scientists that were here with me have already begun putting together your temporary homes out of the salvage we were able to get from the pods that crashed here. Rest assured, all personnel who died in the course of landing on this planet were given full honor burial, as near as we could provide. So, if you are patient for just a short time, we will direct you to your new home, outside of the village compound. You will have a few days of rest to meet and greet you colleagues and fellow works, who I truly hope are here. There have to be more locations where the the pods landed, it'll take a bit of time and effort in order to locate them and reach them. As you well know, not all tribes are friendly and willing to help. Most view us a parasites, weak and bringers of trouble to their world. Those who preceded us did not leave a very good impression to say the least. Now, gather you things, we will slowly be at your new home.”

Well said sir, DAMN well said, “ Bodly said coming up the Major and saluted before shaking his hand.

Didn't think I could be that eloquent did yah Bodly?” Jones said with a serious look and then roared with laughter.

Ciff and Bar got on their beasts, reached down and easily lifted Jonas and Miller on their laps and headed for the earth survivors new home. Miller and Jonas were completely surprised when as the column walked past a group of the tribe, the people left the line, bowed and shook their hands telling them thank you.” Ciff had to explain it to the tribe members as they weren't sure what these humans were doing. Once they were told, they put on big smiles and happily shook the hands offered to them.

Okay Bodly, I want the top of each service unit to report to me within the hour. You included. We will be meeting with the elders of the village and the shamans. This has to go well if we wish to live here among them. I have to be honest with you Bodly, other then the giants and those damn vine cum suckers, we haven't a clue what other sorts of life live on this planet. From what we've been able to glean, the continents are massive, so fitting for these giants huh?. Anyway, we as Elites need to be on the watch and as I said to everyone, use deadly force if needed to prevent any loose cannon from ruining it for the rest of us.”

Yes sir, I understand completely sir,” Bodly snapped to. “You can depend on the men to follow your directives without hesitation.”

Good Bodly, very pleased to hear that,” Jonas said. “Oh, and before I forget, you need to be much more careful about using the word pleasing to any giant. That is their term for sex. Pleasuring, sharing pleasures is a big part of their culture. SO word to the wise, use that word VERY sparingly!”

OH shit, I mean, I'm sorry sir,” Bodly got all flustered and beet red. “I hope Ciff didn't miss understand my meaning.”

Well, very close Bodly. Lucky for you he felt some familiarity between you and he would have to happen before he just pleasured with you. They are far from prostitutes.” Jonas laughed.

Yes sir, I mean no sir, I mean,” Bodly was too flustered to answer right.

At ease Sergeant, not to worry, all is well, no damage done. I have to ask you to ease up on the formality when you are with Miller, Ciff, Bar and myself. I think it unnerves them a bit and I don't want to give them any impression like Miller and I are anything special, got it?” Jonas said with raised eyebrows.

Yes sir, understood,” Bodly said with a salute.

Okay, off with you Bodly, go find yourself some place to hang your hat and mingle with the other civilians already here. Dismissed,” Jonas said saluting Bodly.

Over the next few weeks, things were going well. The new arrivals were getting to know those that were with Miller and Jonas and the Elites felt much better with officers running things, especially Bodly. A com center was set up and drones were sent in all directions to see if any other groups survived, where other pods were and map the terrain so they had a good idea of what the continent looked like. When pods were spotted, the drones went into a circular pattern around the area, spreading out into wider and wider circles, the thought being the survivors wouldn't venture very far from the pods. Of course there was the possibility they were taken by locals and moved to the locals village, but that was procedure and they followed it. The scientists were working diligently with the Shamans to figure out how to use the fluids taken from the vine creatures could be used for enhancing the strength and stamina of both the giants and the humans. The scientists already discovered the chemical makeup of the fluid so replicating it would not be complicated. In addition, they discovered the fluid had a healing effect on humans and giants alike.

One of the drones sent a communication and video of movements noted around a group of pods. When reviewing the video, the tech discovered the movement was caused by a few humans, very raggedy, moving in and out of the pods, obviously using them for shelter. A group of Elites and a giant mounted beasts and headed towards the location of the pods. It took them 2 days to get there and when they did arrive, had a heck of a time getting the humans to stop firing at them. When one of the humans finally came from the pod he was in, he slowly walked towards the Elite group. When he recognized them as Elites, he dropped to his knees and began to sob.

Its gonna be okay now,” one of the Elites told him as the others went to each pod and helped the humans out.

You are all safe now, calm down. We will take you to a giant village where we are stationed and a human settlement has been started,” the corporal informed them.

There were 5 men and 2 women in the group, traumatized and very afraid, obviously they had some encounters with some of the strange creatures of the jungles here. The Elites found the pods with the heavy movers, got the pods with useful items loaded and the entire group headed to the village. When they reached the new settlement, they were greeted by doctors and Miller and Jonas. After the doctors took care of some minor wounds and gave them shots to help keep them calm, Miller went through his “its not our world” speech. Miller and Jonas were not taking any chances.

A tech came running up to Miller and Jonas and told them they had to come to the com center, there was something they needed to see. When Miller and Jonas got there, they watched the screen in a bit of shock. There was this very big, burly human, holding a weapon with 2 others doing the same. A group of males was moving crates from pods. Some of them looked pretty beat up. When one of the guards noticed the drone, he fired his weapon at it and knocked it out of the sky.

Looks like we have some rogue Elites here,” Jonas said seriously.

Yeah, for sure, especially the way that one handled a weapon,” Miller said.

Okay, do we have an exact location of this group?” Jonas asked.

Yes sir, we do,” the tech said as he pointed to a spot on the digitized map of the continent they had completed so far.

Looks like its a few days journey from here. Damn I wish we had some hovers to use. We should have the techies working on making some. I hate to be wasting so much time traveling to a location,” Jonas said. “Okay, get a team put together and head out there Miller, looks like those people need our help bad.”

Yes sir,” Miller said as he stomped out of the com center building very angry.

It wasn't like it didn't happen before, but it was always looked at as an embarrassment to the Elites when any of their members violated their oaths to protect life. He searched out Bodly and told him what was happening and to gather 8 men to accompany himself and Bodly to the new located pods. Bodly was equally upset about what he heard from Miller. It didn't take very long at all for a group to be assembled, a giant warrior named Lok was assigned by Ciff to go with them. It was always smarter to have a giant warrior with as they knew the wild life and which areas to avoid. They mounted up beasts and headed in the direction of the pods. It took them 3 days to get near where the drone located the latest pods and humans. They sent a few Elites to scout the area and locate the camp of the group. The scouts returned and drew on the sand the layout of the camp the humans were in, where guards were positioned and trip lines were found.

Looks like they knew we'd be coming Bodly,” Miller said seriously.

Yes sir, might be tough to take them down,” Bodly said.

Well, we will try civility and negotiation first,” Miller said with a slight smile.

Best be careful sir, I'm betting either all of these guys are high on power right now or at least the leader is keeping the others in line,” Bodly said.

Good point, guess we'll find out real soon Sergeant!” Miller laughed.

The Elite group spread out in an arc around the camp of the new group. When everyone was in place Miller used another comm drone to talk to the leader of the pod group.

This is Miller, Captain GC, 685509661, of the 622 Elite Unit. I will talk to the person in charge now,” Miller said sternly.

From the video cam Miller and Bodly could see all sorts of commotion happening in the pod camp. There were at least 5 Elites in the group and 10 to 15 males. The big burly Elite who Miller figured was the leader came out of a pod.

Captain? I'm supposed to be impressed? This ain't earth and all the old rules don't apply any more Miller,” the leader barked.

Really? Just who are you?” Miller barked back.

Nielsen, Sergeant, formerly of the 352 Elite Unit,” Nielsen laughed. “Oh, maybe I should mention that we are the only ones left of the unit.”

Well Nielsen, there is a large colony of humans and Elites set up and fully functional 3 days journey from here. You will stand down and release the non-Elites in your camp,” Miller shouted.

Oh, yes sir, right away sir,” Nielsen laughed. “Why would I do that?”

You took an oath as an Elite and there was no condition to that oath that said it was good on Earth only. Do not push me Nielsen. I have no respect for any Elite who violates his oath. We were sent with the pods to keep and establish order and provide safety to the non-elites. No one ever released us from our oath,” Miller said emotionally.

Well I did, so I guess you are wrong Miller,” Nielsen laughed.

Sounds like he's really drunk with power sir,” Bodly said.

Yeah, I figure the same thing. Looks like we need to take this up a notch or two,” Miller said.

One last chance Nielsen. You other men who are Elites, if you surrender your weapons and leave the camp hands on head you will not be tried by a tribunal. Failure to obey this command will mean you also have violated your oath and are in effect rouge criminals,” Miller said sternly. “You have 10 minutes to decide.”

Bodly and Miller watched as at least 10 of the males that looked to be captives stood up, hands on their heads and began to walk out of the camp. Nielsen was shouting at them and then shot 2 of the men. The others dropped to the ground obviously expecting to be shot as well.

Okay, this has to be put down quickly. I want a sniper to take out Nielsen and then we'll see what the other bad boys decide to do,” Miller told Bodly.

Bodly went to the sniper of the group and gave him orders to take out Nielsen. The sniper carefully lined up his sights and waited till he had the best shot at it. He shot off his weapon and Nielsen flew back in the air and blood exploded in all directions around him. The other guards ran up to him and then look confused and worried. They talked among themselves and one took his weapon and a backpack, ran out into the jungle behind the camp. The others dropped their weapons, put their hands on their heads and started to walk out of the camp. The prisoners did the same, following the guards. Bodly and his men rushed out of cover and some body searched the guards, a medic went into the camp and treated the shot prisoners and Bodly went to where Nielsen was laying to make sure he was dead. He was and that eliminated one more problem child.

Harsh maybe, but Bodly knew from past experience someone like Nielsen would never follow orders or treat others fairly. He would be the type to lord it over others and be cruel and ruthless, just the type that caused all the crap that went down on Earth.

Okay you men, someone enlighten me as to how the hell this happened?” Miller barked.

Sir, if I may, Corporal Jenis sir. Nielsen took control of us all as soon as we exited the pods. He made it clear he was in charge and anyone who had a problem with that will be dealt with. As Elites, we originally went along with it since he had some rank. But then he turned nasty and cruel. One of the men got injured and Nielsen shot him saying he was useless to him now. We all objected, well all but the 5 guards you saw I'm sure, and we were beaten, starved and made into slaves. He and the guards were the only ones with weapons and none of the rest of us ever had any access to the weapons pod.”

Okay, you Nielsen guards,” Miller said with a scowl. “What's your story?”

Jackson, Private, sir. Don't know about the rest but once I saw Nielsen being in charge, it seemed right, like it should be I guess. Then, when he killed the wounded man, things changed real quick. Anyone not following his orders was punished bad. Came down to survival sir.”

Survival without honor is no survival at all Jackson,” Miller said sternly. “We all took an oath that we all feel means something, has a true value. I'll have to think about this before I decide what will happen to you who were guards. You all violated your oaths and that is extremely serious. You all know that so there is no excuse at all.”

When the wounded were stabilized, the group mounted up on their beasts, the cargo movers were loaded with pods loaded with supplies, ammo, weapons and scientific equipment and they headed back to the settlement. On the way back, Bodly noticed Lok was looking very confused.

Hey Lok, something on your mind?” Bodly asked catching up to Lok's beast.

One your tribe you kill?” Lok asked seriously.

Yeah, I know but sometimes, that is the only way to make sure nobody else gets hurt or put in danger when one of our own goes wild. Out of control like,” Bodly tried to explain.

No just leave in jungle?” Lok asked.

Well, that would probably be just making the inevitable outcome take that much longer,” Bodly said. “Be more like torture then anything I think.”

Torture no good,” Lok shook his head. “So dead one be bad bad for all then?”

Yeah, I'm afraid that's right. He'd have caused lots of bad trouble in the village for sure,” Bodly said thoughtfully. “See, with all the training we Elite have under out belts, you'd figure guys with issues like Nielsen would have been weeded out, but guess no system is fool proof.”

You must show me training under your belt, no look like much,” Lok said confused.

Oh, sorry Lok, another one of our expressions, shortcuts to words I guess you could say,” Bodly laughed. “Just means like taken or had or went through is all.”

Okay, think I know,” Lok said with a smile. “Humans talk funny,”

Yeah Lok, that we do,” Bodly laughed.

Lok liked the look of Bodly and really liked how his face looked when he smiled or laughed. He always seemed to get this blush and dimples would form in his cheeks. His smiles and laughter always seemed to be contagious. Lok liked that and also that Bodly had a very muscled body, tight skinned it looked like to Lok, very little hair too. Lok wasn't as big as Ciff or Bar, but came close. His muscles were still forming and developing as it were, so once he'd reach full maturity, he'd be formidable to be sure. Bodly glanced over at Lok and noticed him staring at Bodly with a weird smile on his face.

Hey Lok, something you see funny?” Bodly asked with a big smile.

No funny, nice,” Lok said with an even bigger smile. “Lok like Bodly look. Lok like Bodly.”

Bodly sort of jerked his whole body stiff, totally caught off guard by what Lok said to him. He never imagined any giant would find him attractive or anything. He hadn't given any thought to sex with one either, just never seemed to be enough down time for him to be able to just think on that. He really wasn't sure what to say back to Lok.

Bodly no like Lok huh?” Lok said with a look of disappointment on his face. “Okay, Lok know.”

Lok sped up his beast to ride away from Bodly. Bodly was stunned and completely off guard. He didn't want Lok to feel offended so he sped up his beast to catch up to Lok.

Hey Lok, I'm sorry if you got offended,” Bodly said reaching over and touching Lok's arm. “I just never thought any of your people thought of me that way. I never did honest. So please, don't feel hurt or anything, I don't want you to not like me.”

Lok looked at Bodly and saw he was truly concerned and must be speaking honestly.

It good Bodly, no bad,” Lok smiled. “You think, then we see.”

Great, so we got a deal then,” Bodly said holding out his hand to shake.

Deal? Oh now we trade?” Lok said confused again.

What? Oh, no, sorry, just means we agree. I put out my hand to shake your hand to kind of finish it, like we both agree,” Bodly said getting stuck trying to make Lok understand.

Funny talk again?” Lok laughed. “Okay, we no trade now.”

Both Bodly and Lok laughed. Lok then started to point out things to Bodly about the landscape, animals that popped in and out and the sky. Bodly felt good he seemed to have made a friend in Lok. He was still a bit shaken by the idea that Lok probably would want to share pleasures, but hey, after what his men that were taken by the giants told him, it might just be really, really good.

By the time they returned to the village, Lok and Bodly had become closer friends. Bodly eased up a bit and decided things were different now and if it was working for Miller and Jonas, then it must be okay, they were officers after all which was no easy feat for Elite. Miller and Jonas discussed what happened with Ciff and Bar who like Lok were confused by the killing of Nielsen. Like Lok, they would have just chased him into the jungle to fend for himself, sort of like nature being the judge and jury. It took some doing but Miller finally got then to understand how dangerous it was to have an Elite gone rogue, especially in the situation the humans were in, depending so much on the good will of the giants. Ciff and Bar then agreed that it would be a bad thing for the humans to have someone like Nielsen around. Some of the giants were still unsure about the humans and the shamans were keeping a very close eye on what was going on. Miller told them about what was happening between Lok and Bodly. Ciff was glad that Lok was getting along with Bodly whom they came to respect. Bar suggested both should be sent on a mission of some sort, more like a small vacation so they could become closer and maybe pair up. Having another pair of Elite and giant coupling would be a good thing to be sure, as both groups stood a much better chance at learning about each other and developing a mutual trust. Miller and Jonas both agreed.

Miller planned the trip out with Ciff, sending then out to one section of the country Ciff and Bar felt was relatively safe. Lok and Bodly would check out some downed drones and at the same time, place a number of sensors in strategic locations to warn the village of any incoming threats. In a few days, Miller sent for Bodly and Ciff sent for Lok.

We have a special mission for you Bodly. Several drones have gone down in an area and we need to check it out to be sure there aren't any other rogue units out there. In addition, its about time we placed out some sensors that will give us plenty of warning of any incoming groups,” Miller said briefing Bodly.

Yes sir, I'll get a team assembled within the hour sir,” Bodly answered.

No, sorry Bodly, but we need the Elites we have to secure the immediate area and assist the civilians needing to go out of the village. It'll just have to be you I'm afraid,” Miller said seriously.

Lok go with,” Ciff said as a matter of fact. “Bodly no know jungle, Lok do, he go with.”

Bodly gave Miller a weird look, but knew better then to openly question openly what Ciff and Miller just said. If he was to go out with Lok, then that's what he'll do.

Yes sir, thank you sir,” Bodly saluted.

Bodly you get together the supplies you'll need and get from the techs the latest surveillance equipment the scientists have come up with. I'm sure Ciff will have Lok get the supplies needed for the 2 of you for the trip. I'd say you should plan on at least a week or 2 total,” Miller said seriously.

Yes sir, I'm on it,” Bodly said saluting before leaving Miller and Ciff.

Bodly need pleasure for sure,” Ciff laughed. “He tight up.”

Miller laughed and told Ciff that the expression was “up tight.” Ciff didn't see the difference so he just chalked it up to goofy human speak.

Bodly did what he was ordered as usual, very efficiently, adding in extra supplies just in case something broke down, as it usually did. Lok did the same making sure they had not only food but shelter, furs and healthy beasts, along with a good supply of giant weaponry. Bodly also made sure they had a good supply of Elite weapons and ammo just in case. Bodly and Lok met up when they had everything needed and loaded up 2 beasts with the supplies and equipment and Lok had 2 beasts for them to ride. They both decided it best to leave at first light.

As planned, Lok and Bodly headed out of the Elite compound just as daylight began. Lok convinced Bodly to wear modified giant clothing rather then the Elite standard uniform. The giant clothing was lighter, more durable and functioned as shelter when needed. Bodly wasn't sure at first thinking it wasn't right he would be out of uniform on a mission, but again, figured things have changed and he had to get with the new program sooner or later. Lok was impressed by the mapping Bodly's equipment had to guide them. Lok would have had to basically guess where they needed to go by general direction otherwise. This would make their tasks much easier for sure. They traveled at a leisurely pace since there wasn't any real hurry to finish the mission it seemed. That gave both of them plenty of time to talk about things, telling each other various things from their lives to help get to know each other better. As the sun was setting, Lok looked at the sky and told Bodly a storm was going to come over them during the night and that they should secure everything good. Bodly was impressed that Lok could tell something like that without any weather equipment. After making sure the beasts and all the equipment were secured, they shared a meal while joking and laughing, something both liked very much. Bodly was startled awake by the very loud booms of thunder and super fast and furious bolts of lightening. Lok laughed at the expression on Bodly's face.

See, bad storm,” Lok said proudly.

Wow, how the heck could you know it was coming?” Bodly said as they set up a shelter they both would share.

Bodly learn soon, you see,” Lok said proudly. “Come, sleep next by Lok, get strong cold wind soon.”

Bodly wasn't going to question Lok about what would happen and figured it would be safer and more comfortable to do what Lok suggested. He laid down next to Lok on his side. Lok spooned behind him and pulled him in to his body tight leaving an arm over the top of Bodly. Bodly wasn't sure but then he had to admit to himself it did feel kinda nice. Sure enough, just as soon as he fell asleep, the wind and rain joined the lightening and thunder. The wind was indeed very cold and it did feel good to have the benefit of the heat from Lok's big body. Lok kept an eye on Bodly and smiled when Bodly pushed himself closer up against Lok's body. They both slept really well in spite of the storm and cold.

Bodly woke up feeling for Lok's body, but there was nothing there. He sat up and looked around. No sign of Lok. He got up, went to the pile of supplies they stacked up and pulled out something to drink. He heard a rustling in the jungle and then it sounded like really be animal was heading right for him. He got his small stunner and got down into a firing position, ready for the animal to break out of the jungle. The animal turned out to be Lok who went looking for fresh fruit. He put on a big smile when he saw Bodly already up but then frowned when he paid attention to how Bodly was positioned and had a weapon pointed right at him.

Bodly shoot Lok now?” Lok said visibly upset.

No, I'm so sorry. Just you weren't here when I got up and I suddenly heard this sound like a big animal was heading right towards me so I figured I best be safe and be ready to protect myself. I had no idea it was you Lok, honest,” Bodly quickly explained putting his weapon down.

What kind animal come at you?” Lok said still upset.

That's just it Lok, I have no idea what kind of animals are around here. We had a few incidents with fairly large animals trying to attack when we were heading for our first camp, so I figured they were out here too,” Bodly said putting his hands on Lok's forearms.

Okay, Bodly no shoot Lok,” Lok said not seeming angry again.

Of course Bodly no shoot Lok, why would I ever do that. I care for Lok,” Bodly said turning red.

We pleasure now,” Lok said as a matter of fact as he dropped the large pile of fruit he was holding and lifted Bodly up and smothered his face in kisses.

Bodly was taken completely by surprise, figuring that at some time during their travels, he would ease into pleasuring with Lok. He wasn't ready for this at all. There was no way he could say anything as Lok was doing quite the number with his tongue in Bodly's mouth. Before Bodly knew what was going on, Lok had him lifted up, his clothes all off and Lok was massaging and kissing Bodly's cock, balls and ass. Bodly found himself panting and moaning the more Lok got into tasting Bodly. When Lok sucked in Bodly's cock and balls and let his tongue go wild, Bodly lost it and started to shoot his cum inside Lok's mouth. Lok growled as he help the cum come out by sucking and rubbing hard with his tongue. Bodly couldn't stop shaking and jerking. Lok moved him away from him, still holding him up and looked at Bodly.

Bodly like? Lok do good?” Lok said with a worried look.

Man oh man did Lok ever do good,” Bodly panted still trying to catch his breath and settle down. “I feel like such an idiot holding back all this time when I could have been feeling like this a long time ago.”

Good, Lok do more,” Lok said as his licked all of the front of Bodly and spun him around so his back was to Lok's front.

Lok licked Bodly from his neck down to below his ass, sucked on Bodly's ass cheeks and then made Bodly yell out and loose his breath. Lok didn't wait for formalities, he tickled Bodly's rosebud with the tip of his tongue and then pushed that bad boy all the way inside, made it swell up and started massaging the inside of Bodly's ass. Bodly didn't know what to do as he never felt anything like that before. Nobody ever licked, kissed or felt his ass let alone tongue fuck him. Lok spun Bodly around and upside down, holding him up with one hand while he took his very hard, fat and long monster cock in his hand at the base, slowly stroke it upward and moved the tip of his cock head right inside Bodly's open panting mouth. When Lok's precum started to flow inside of Bodly's mouth, he thought he was given a super enhancing drug somehow. His whole body went wild and his cock got hard again and was leaking loads of precum. He reached out and grabbed Lok's cock with both hands and tried his best to push as much of the head inside his mouth as possible. Lok growled and moaned and then sucked Bodly's cock all the way into his mouth, his lips pushing hard on Bodly's pubes. Bodly just couldn't get enough of Lok's precum. Lok started to stroke his cock slowly helping to push loads more of his precum into Bodly's mouth. He slowly started to speed up his stroking and while still sucking and massaging Bodly's cock, let out a super loud animal like yell which set Bodly off from the vibrations of it around his cock. His throat was being slammed hard by volleys of cum which he tried real hard to swallow. He couldn't keep up and the cum filled up his mouth completely and began to come shooting out past his lips around Lok's cock. Lok moved his hand from his cock and took the back of Bodly's head, pushing it harder into his cock. Bodly didn't care at all since the effects of Lok's cum were flooding his body. Lok stopped pushing Bodly's head into his cock when he felt his cock head clamped on to by Bodly's lips. Bodly actually passed out from the sensations and the intense orgasm he had. Lok sucked him dry and then spun him around and licked all his cum off of Bodly. He then put the tip of his cock at Bodly's rosebud which was puckering like mad, pushed so the tip of his cock was insdie of Bodly and stroked his cock so more cum would flood inside Bodly's ass. The more cum that he got in, the wider Bodly's ass opened up. Finally it seemed like Bodly's ass was sucking in Lok's cock. Lok slowly and carefully moved his cock further and further inside of Bodly. When Bodly finally came too, he was impaled on Lok's cock and held tight up against Lok's chest. When Lok moved him slowly up and down, his prostrate went nuts and his insides started to tense and relax while giving him a neat feeling like they were being tickled somehow. Lok moved Bodly's upper body backward and looked at Bodly, making sure he saw no signs of pain in his face.

Bodly good?” Lok asked with a smile.

Bodly so damn good,” Bodly said as he latched on to Lok's pecs and attacked on of Lok's nipples.

Lok growled real loud as Bodly sucked, licked and nibbled on one and then the other nipple while massaging Lok's massive pecs. Bodly soon was gasping again and panting, ready to somehow have another orgasm. Lok felt how his body tightened and began to shake, so he lowered Bodly way down so the top of his head was pointing right at the ground, his monstrous cock locking Bodly in place. He let his tongue fly out and take Bodly's cock, locking his lips around it and then stroking Bodly's cock with his tongue. Bodly screamed out over and over again as he was drained yet again, having the most intense orgasm of his life. The tightening and jerking of his ab muscles and insides, set Lok off who began to really flood Bodly's insides with his cum. The more Lok was shooting into Bodly the wilder Bodly's insides reacted. He was passed out again.

Lok let himself calm down as he cradled Bodly tight to his body, licking Bodly's neck and face, his cock still impaling Bodly. Lok laid down and held Bodly tight with both hands as they moved up and down Bodly's back. Lok grabbed Bodly's ass cheeks in his hands and massaged them and squeezed them tight against his cock as he moved Bodly slowly up and down, Bodly's ass cheeks holding on to Lok's cock tight, helping to let more cum flow out of Lok. Lok smiled as he felt the pleasures spreading from taking in Bodly's cum and how Bodly's ass was pulsing and tightening around cock as he was breathing.

The next morning, after a short compared to the previous days session of pleasuring, they packed up the beasts and headed towards the area where the drones were down. According to Bodly's instruments, they were right in the area. They quickly looked around while the sun was still up and then agreed they would have a much easier time finding the drones if they waited until morning.

They unpacked what they thought they'd need and let the beasts forage. Lok knew they would not roam far from them as the beasts just about bond to their masters. Bodly wasted no time straddling Lock's waist and dove into kissing him passionately. Bodly just couldn't seem to get enough of Lok now. Lok loved it and was already developing strong feelings about Bodly. They licked, kissed, sucked and nibbled wildly, Bodly getting sucked dry and Lok filling Bodly's throat and mouth with cum. They slowed down then and once Lok felt Bodly's ass was ready, he held it up as Bodly moved his ass over the head of Lok's cock. As before, Lok stroked his cock and began to fill Bodly's ass with his precum, making it easy to stretch out and accommodate his cock. They took their time now, enjoying fully every sensation. Lok doing everything he knew how to get Bodly to moan and pant and show how much he was being pleased as he would attack Lok's chest and arms and shudder.

Shit, you seein this? That guy is being fucked by one of them giants,” Clem whispered to Matt.

Yeah, the giant must have captured him and is using him for sex,” Matt snarled.

We're gonna have to do something about this. I hear the Giant cum is pretty potent shit. Maybe when we take him down, we can milk the freak and get a big stash of that shit,” Clem said.

Yeah, sounds like a plan,” Matt whispered. “We'll wait until early morning and zap the giant guy right when he's getting up. Stun the freak. Best do the guy too since we don't know if he's drugged or anything.”

Clem and Matt were loner Elite, the only ones left of their squad. They had no idea any other Elites were around. They found some fruit they thought but was actually a poisonous plant that had the effect on humans to make them paranoid and unable to think logically. When the drones started to come around, they thought they were alien spy machines looking for them, so they shot them down, never bothering to look at them in detail. They slept a little bit away from Bodly and Lok on the opposite side of where the beasts were grazing. The beasts picked up the smell of humans and since they were used to them and knew them as no threat, they ignored the smell.

When the sun started to rise, Matt woke Clem and they got into position to fire their weapons on stun to take down Lok and Bodly as well, just in case. Lok stretched, rubbed Bodly on his abs and started to get up when BAM, he was hit with a double hit from the weapons of both Matt and Clem. Bodly woke up when he felt Lok's body shaking and jerking around and a weird sound coming out of Lok. As soon as he sat up toe see what was going on, he fell back hard, realizing he was hit by a stun blast from an Elite's weapon, then he was out cold. Matt and Clem moved quick to drag Lok in between 2 palm like trees and rig up a pulley system to lift him up off the ground hanging by his wrists. They tied Bodly up to another tree trunk and were almost ticked off when they saw that one of the weapons Lok and Bodly had was an Elite pistol. They stripped down Lok, decided to tie his legs apart real tight so he couldn't crush them with his legs if they got too close in front of him. Bodly began to come to and he looked around and saw Lok stretched out hanging off the ground. He turned and saw Matt and Clem going through the supplies and equipment. Bodly recognized the torn up clothing they were wearing as Elite uniforms. In the back of his mind he knew he should have stuck to his guns and wore his uniform per regulation.

Just what the fuck do you 2 think you are doing?” Bodly snapped loud in his command voice.

Matt and Clem jumped up when they heard him, the tone familiar as an command level Elite barking orders. Matt looked at Clem and they both walked over to Bodly.

I asked you 2 a question. Are you deaf along with being stupid?” Bodly snapped fuming from being stunned and seeing Lok hanging.

We ain't deaf at all,” Matt said with a smirk. “Who the hell are you to ask anyhow?”

I'm Master Sergeant William Bodly of the reformed 622 Elite Command. Who the hell are you 2 wonders of nature?”

Clem got nervous as he felt Bodly sure as hell was talking like and Elite Master Sergeant who was really pissed off.

Oh yeah, well how come you ain't wearing no uniform then. I seem to remember it was a big part of regulation,” Matt smirked.

Well dick wad, being on a new plant, the old uniforms don't last long and aren't suited to the area and climate. Now get me untied and take down Lok immediately,” Bodly barked.

I ain't never heard about that,” Clem said nervously.

Don't listen to him Clem, he's probably a spy for those giants. Shit, what Elite you know would let himself get fucked by one of those freaks, let alone suck him off,” Matt said seriously. “No, he ain't no Elite Master Sergeant for sure.”

Okay you turncoat piece of giant sucking shit, who the hell are you and where did you get all this equipment?” Matt snarled as he walked up to Bodly and kicked him in his leg.

You are gonna really regret that move son,” Bodly snapped. “I told you who I was and you should know better then to question a superior officer mister.”

Bullshit, must have heard that from a group before the freaks took them down,” Matt laughed. “Yeah, that's what it is.”

Bodly couldn't believe he was hearing and seeing this. These 2 clowns were talking and acting like they were on something. He thought maybe they were another group gone renegade like the last group they went after.

Where is the rest of your unit?” Bodly snapped.

Dead, all dead turncoat, giant suckin, bitch,” Matt yelled.

Did you just call me a turncoat, giant suckin, bitch?” Bodly snapped in total disbelief.

Well see Clem he ain't deaf and can hear us really good,” Matt laughed.

Okay, enough of the nicey talk. Where did you get all this equipment giants bitch?” Matt yelled as he really kicked Bodly hard in his thigh.

From the damn base you asshole,” Bodly spit. “Where'd you think we got them? From some god damn shopping mall?”

Thinks he's funny Clem. Guess we're gonna have to teach the giant's bitch some manners and respect for the Elite looks like,” Matt laughed.

Before Bodly could get anything out of his mouth, Matt kicked him in his face, and smashed the butt of the weapon a few times on the side of Bodly's head, knocking him mostly unconscious

That'll keep him still while we get to work,” Matt laughed.

Clem just gave a partial laugh back, not sure Matt should have done that, especially if Bodly was really who he said he was. Matt was further poisoned then Clem since Clem didn't like the taste of the fruit and Matt stuffed himself with it saying who cared what it tasted like, it was food. They dragged over some of their supplies and what was left of some of the scientific equipment that survived the crash. Matt found some super large specimen jars, rubber gloves and long metal rods that were attached to a piece of equipment that was powered by the sun. Matt looked around and found what looked like lubrication for a piece of machinery, opened that up, put on rubber gloves and walked over to Lok. He slapped a bunch of the lube on Lok's cock and balls. He used both hands to rub them around roughly until Lok's cock started to get hard. Matt was impressed by the size of Lok's balls and cock. He slapped at Lok's cock a number of times and laughed when precum seemed to spit in his face. He told Clem to wipe it off his face and taste it. Clem wasn't sure but when Matt screamed at him, Clem swiped the thick liquid off of Matt's face and put it on his tongue. Matt laughed like heck when he saw the expression on Clem's face as soon as he got a good taste of the precum.

Shit Matt, you gotta try this shit,” Clem said all excited as he covered a few of his fingers in the precum coming out of Lok's cock.

He hardly got his fingers away from Matt's tongue when Matt's eyes went wide open and his tongue went wild checking if any of it was left on his lips somehow.

Holy shit, that is some powerful stuff,” Matt shouted. “Damn, I bet his cum is a killer. Shit, probably got 6 times the protein ours does. He's a fuckin meal ticket is what he is.”

Matt went to town jerking Lok's cock with both hands, bending in a bit every so often to suck up a good supply of Lok's precum. Clem got into it too, sucking in the tip of Lok's cock head into his mouth and sucking hard to pull out as much precum as he could handle. They were soon both laughing and stumbling around like they were stoned.

Hey Clem, you hungry?” Matt laughed.

Shit yeah,” Clem said all excited.

Well then, lets milk this freak for our first decent meal then,” Matt laughed.

He jerked fast and hard on Lok's cock, yelled at Clem to put on gloves, dip his hands in that lube and work over Lok's balls. Between the 2 of them, they soon had Lok moaning and his hips jerking back trying to move away from them even though he was still out cold. Matt got the idea to pull over a crate and work over Lok's pecs and nipples good with his mouth, teeth and tongue while jerking Lok's cock. He laughed as he sucked in a good amount of Lok's precum and then had his face buried deep into Lok's pec as he bit, sucked, licked and tongued hard on Lok's nipples. He was getting into a frenzy it seemed as his mouth was going wild and his hands were pumping wildly on Lok's cock, holding on tight. Clem was getting carried away with Lok's balls, playing around by squeezing them in his hands until they slid out and then jerking them down hard and letting them slip out and up. In between, he was making sure he got a good mouthful of Lok's precum while working over the balls. They both figured out that the harder then worked on Lok, the more precum came out. When Lok's body started jerking and his breathing turned to panting, Matt yell for Clem to get the jar and hold it over Lok's cock. Sure enough, no sooner did Clem put the jar over Lok's cock and Matt pulled the top down, Lok's cock began shooting massive loads of cum into the jar. Matt and Clem were completely blown away at the amount of cum that just kept coming our of Lok's cock. Matt told Clem to work more and harder on Lok's balls to see if that made more cum flow out. Clem did just that and both were amazed that it did indeed keep cum flowing. Finally Lok's cock stopped the cum flowing but just dribbling. Matt couldn't wait and had Clem move the jar away. As Clem was putting the jar down, Matt roughly took in the tip of Lok's cock and sucked hard as his hands hard stroked from the base of the cock to the rim of the head, squeezing tight as his hands moved upward. He just about fell off of the crate as he started to feel the full effects of Lok's cum.

Clem, get up here and suck some cum out of the freak's cock,” Matt yelled all excited.

Clem got up on the crate and sucked hard as Matt did his thing with stroking Lok's cock. Clem actually fell off the crate in complete shock as the effects began spreading throughout his body.

That's it, we gotta figure out how to get lots more of that stuff out of this freak,” Matt laughed rolling from side to side, spreading the lube all over his abs on his skin.

Clem was moaning and rubbing his abs under his shirt. He looked at the jar and just pulled it over, sat up and took a big chug of the cum. Matt watched him and grabbed the jar away from Clem before Clem fell hard backwards moaning and wiggling his body like he was having an orgasm. Matt took a big mouthful of the cum and luckily put down the jar before he fell backwards doing the same thing as Clem.

Back at the camp, Miller asked the control room if they heard anything back from Bodly and Lok yet. He thought it was strange that Bodly wouldn't have checked in and reported on their progress since they had to be at the site by now. He ordered a drone sent out but wanted it high enough so it wouldn't be easily heard and could zoom in with its camera to give them a fairly decent view of whatever they spotted on the ground.

Bodly moaned and his head rocked from side to side, his head pounding in pain and his face numb. He saw Matt and Clem rolling back and forth on the ground, rubbing their abs with their shirts ripped open, their bodies doing that wiggle motion. He looked over at Lok and could see they took cum out of Lok. He looked slowly around and spotted the jar filled with Lok's cum. Matt sat up laughing and saw Bodly looking around.

Shit that stuff got me so horned up,” Matt said as he slapped Clem's shoulder. “Think I'm gonna get the giant's bitch to take care of me.”

Matt staggered over towards Bodly and fell down to his knees.

Hey there giants bitch. How about you take care of me like you did to your giant there,” Matt slurred.

Fuck off,” Bodly snarled.

There yah go again, showing you ain't got no manners,” Matt said with a serious look. “Well okay then, I thought maybe you'd like to do it all nice and all, but I guess that's not gonna happen.”

Matt staggered to his feet, stripped all his clothes off and slow stroked his cock which was rock hard and leaking precum. He looked Bodly over and then grabbed hold of Bodly's ankles and pulled his legs up off the ground, pushing his ankles up and back towards Bodly's head. He scooted forward on his knees and lined up his cock with Bodly's ass. He lowered Bodly's legs until his cock was pushing into Bodly's rosebud. Then, he got up off his knees and was stooping like he was an umpire at a ball game forcing his cock inside of Bodly. Bodly yelled and swore but that made Matt laugh and get rougher. When Bodly lashed out with his arms, Matt caught his forearms in his hands and now he could bounce Bodly up and down on his cock. Bodly squirming hard to get off Matt's cock just made it all the more exciting for Matt. Clem sat up and was taking in what Matt was doing to Bodly, licking his lips. He picked up the jar and took another big gulp of Lok's cum, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and moved in closer to get a good view of Matt fucking Bodly. Now Matt's cock was no where near Lok's in size, but since he was a big man at 6'5”, muscled and thick, his cock matched his overall body. It was fat, really thick and fat head, about 7” long when hard. He used his cock like a weapon on Bodly, not caring at all if it hurt or if he was ripping anything inside. Lucky for Bodly, his insides were really stretched out still from Lok fucking him. Somehow, Matt managed to move his hands and Bodly's forearms so he could latch 2 of his fingers on each hand to Bodly's nipples. He squeezed hard and pulled, laughing as Bodly screamed out in pain. Bodly couldn't help it when he suddenly started shooting his cum up against his abs and chest. Matt reacted to Bodly's body jerking and the clamp down his ass did on Matt's cock as he had his orgasm. That set Matt off big time, his orgasm enhanced from Lok's cum. He kept moving Bodly up and down his cock super fast and hard until he actually collapsed backwards to the ground. Clem was really hard and horny now and he pulled Matt away from Bodly, managed to pull Bodly up higher on the tree, pull up his legs and put them on his shoulders. He was also a big guy, at 6'6”, a very built tough Elite. His cock was fatter then Matt's and slightly longer. His head had a different shape that made it seem super thick and wide, which it was to whoever was on the other end of it. He rammed his cock fast into Bodly who yelled out and screamed in pain as Clem began to hard pound his ass without mercy. Clem kept it up for a very long time and kept fucking Bodly when his orgasm was finished. He actually pissed inside of Bodly and rested for a short time. He pulled out roughly, went over and took another big gulp of Lok's cum. He slapped his abs hard and walked back over to Bodly, lifted his legs back up on to his shoulders and rammed his still hard cock back in. He did that 2 more times before he finally felt satisfied and just fell down on the ground.

Lok finally woke up and looked around. He saw Bodly tied up, his clothes ripped off and piss and cum flowing out of his ass. He looked at Matt and Clem laying on the ground and knew they had fucked Bodly. >From the look of Bodly, he knew it wasn't giving pleasures like he and Bodly did, but cruel, brutal sex. He tried his best to pull himself free, but he couldn't get any leverage since his feet were off of the ground and the way his arms were tied to the ropes attached to pulleys, he couldn't grab on to or push against anything. He was angry, sore and looking down at his cock and balls, knew he was milked. That was a really big no no in the giants culture. It was a symbol of humiliation, domination and submission. The fact that humans did it to him made him even angrier.

When morning came, Matt stirred, sat up and rubbed his cock and balls, feeling he had some great sex with that giant's bitch. He figured they would work real good on the giant to get him to fill up a few more jars. Matt rolled over towards where the jar was and pulled it up to his mouth, taking in a few large gulps. He just loved the feeling that shit had slowly rolling down to his stomach. Yeah, at least 3 more jars. He'd figure out a way to pack up the jars and keep them in the water so they would stay cool and not spoil or anything. But then again, who cared since they could make the giant give them more whenever they wanted it. He knew it had to be loaded with super amounts of protein and vitamins just from the way the giant was built and how healthy he looked. They wouldn't have to hunt for food anymore for sure. He got up, washed himself off with some water and took yet another swig of the cum. Damn he loved that shit. He walked back to their partially destroyed pods hidden in the thick jungle and filled up a sled with as many jars as he could manage. He checked on those rods attached to the sun powered device and saw they were fully charged. He set up the jars close to the giant and went to test out the rods. He turned the control box on and saw a reading on the display that indicated the amount of power the rods would give out. He touched them together and jumped as it looked like small bolts of lightening were flashing from rod to rod. He played around with the dials and figured out how to control the amount of charge the rods would put out. He smiled an evil smile and knew he had an easy way to keep the giant and that Bodly doing whatever he said.

He moved it over behind Lok and put on his gloves, dipped both hands into the lube and walked in front of Lok.

Hey there freak, glad you are awake. You are going to fill up that jar down there with you spunk and maybe another one for me,” Matt smiled.

Human not tell Lok,” Lok said with a very evil look.

Well Loky, hate to break it to you, but this human sure as shit is going to. You'll get to know that real good soon,” Matt laughed. “Clem, get your ass up and lets get to work.”

Clem slowly stirred, wondering if he had a dream about getting off so many times or if he actually did it. He looked over at Bodly and smiled, knowing Bodly looked like hell thanks to being nearly fucked to death by him. He walked over to the jar, took at least 3 super big gulps of cum and stretched his arms and legs out. He washed up with water and thought it was dumb to put clothes back on when they were going to come off anyway. He walked past Bodly, reached down and worked on Bodly's pecs and nipples. Bodly winced in pain and looked up at Clem with a very nasty look.

Don't worry baby, Clem is gonna take care of you real soon, promise,” Clem said squeezing Bodly's pecs hard.

So you got yourself a playmate now eh?' Matt laughed. “Great piece of ass ain't he?”

Shit yeah. I think I might have cum like 4 times in him with a piss thrown in besides,” Clem laughed. “Yeah, gotta get me some more of that man pussy.”

They both laughed. Matt reached out and took Lok's balls and cock in his hands and began to knead and pull. Clem put on gloves, dipped them in lube and told Matt he wanted to work on the giants cock this time, so Matt moved both of his hands down to Lok's balls. Lok was furious and obviously cursing at them in his native language. Bodly looked up and saw the 2 of them working on Lok's privates. He yelled at them and ordered them to knock it off before they really regretted it. Matt looked at Clem and they both bust our laughing.

Maybe he needs to get off so he won't be so angry all the time?” Matt said seriously.

Yeah, could be frustrated sexually you know,” Clem laughed. “Here, I'll take care of him real quick.”

Clem walked over to Bodly, slammed his hand on Bodly's neck and pulled up, forcing Bodly to stand up or choke. When Bodly was standing, Clem smiled at him, stood right next to Bodly's body, reached his one arm around behind Bodly and had his fingers in Bodly's ass crack. His other hand was latched on to Bodly's cock and balls. His arm and part of his body were over Bodly's body. He turned his face towards Bodly and asked him if he was ready. Before Bodly could say a word, Clem pushed his lubed fingers into Bodly's ass and hard massaged his balls and cock. He kept telling Bodly how good a bitch he was and that he couldn't wait to make him happy again like he did last night. Bodly was yelling and hissing as Clem wasn't gentle at all with his 4 fingers deep inside Bodly's ass. When Bodly's cock got hard, Clem told Matt that he was right and then began to jerk Bodly off with his hand over the top of Bodly's cock, twisting and sliding up and down and then twisting on Bodly's cock head like he was chalking up a billiard stick.

Yeah, baby loves this don't he,” Clem said in a pretend sexy voice.

He was going purposely slow so Bodly was feeling every movement on his cock and in his ass. When Bodly started to pant and his body stiffen, Clem stopped and waited until Bodly calmed down, then he started again. Matt was hysterical watching Clem take Bodly through the ups and downs of frustrated sex. When he finally kept doing it and let Bodly cum, Bodly was dripping with sweat and couldn't catch his breath as his body jerked and Clem helped by milking his cock from base to head hard while he wiggled his fingers inside of Bodly's ass. He let go of Bodly and rubbed his fingers that were in Bodly's ass inside of Bodly's mouth. When he walked away, Bodly just slid back down to the ground moaning.

Got me an idea Clem,” Matt said proudly. “Lets try doing to the freaks ass what you did to bitch there. He's gotta have a prostrate just like we do and I'm sure you can get him going real good rubbing that mother.”

Sounds like a plan, want me to or you gonna do it,” Clem asked.

I'd like a shot. Dying to feel what the inside of these monsters feels like,” Matt said with a wink.

So, Clem went back to stroking Lok's cock and then working on his balls like he did before, squishing them in his hands until they popped out of his hands. He was alternating between the cock and the balls. Matt dunked his hand into the lube and slopped it on Lok's ass in between his ass cheeks. He dunked it in again and moved his fingers against Lok's rosebud. Lok tightened his ass but Matt was winning the battle thanks to the lube. Lok couldn't keep Matt's fingers from sliding in. Matt moved the excess lube he put on Lok's ass down towards Lok's rosebud and inside his ass, giving his hand more lube to work with. When Matt felt Lok trying to tighten his ass, he made a fist and twirled it back and forth right at Lok's rosebud which was around his fist. Lok yelled out so it must have hurt. Matt laughed and punched his fist in and out of Lok's ass, more and more as Lok yelled out more and more. Lok was soon covered in sweat and gasping for air. Matt opened his hand inside of Lok and searched around for a bump or something odd inside Lok's ass. He knew he found it when he felt a mound like and when he rubbed his hand against it, Lok hissed, gasped and his cock started throbbing in Clem's hands. 'Bingo' was all Matt said smiling at Clem. He rubbed harder and harder on Lok's prostrate and then made a fist again, spinning it from side to side and punched hard against the bump. Lok had sweat flowing down his whole body and Clem was laughing at how much precum was coming out now. When Lok's body started to shake, Matt got a jar, handed it to Clem and hard rammed his fist in and out of Lok's ass, making sure to push and rub against the prostrate. Sure enough, Lok screamed out, his body jerked hard up and back and he started to fill the jar with his cum. Matt was moving his arm inside of Lok's ass like a piston, having found the best angle to hit the prostrate on every punch. They ended up filling 2 more jars with Lok's cum before they stopped since both of them had sore arms. They enjoyed a few more gulps of cum and went for a swim to cool off.

Bodly okay?” Lok said between pants.

Yeah, I'm okay, how about you Lok?” Bodly said looking up at Lok and tried to smile.

Bad bad humans. No good, Lok not happy,” Lok said softly.

Yeah I know. I wish there was something I could do to help you out, but they are doing one hell of a number on me,” Bodly said trying to smile again.

No worry, help come,” Lok said trying then to suck in big amounts of air.

Sir, you need to see this,” a technician yelled as he ran into Jones' office.

Miller and Jones went running with the technician when they saw the complete look of shock on his face, they knew it wasn't good. When they got into the drone center, the tech pointed to a monitor. Miller and Jones watched and saw 2 men in the water goofing off and as the camera scanned the area, it zoomed in to the stacked up equipment and supplies Bodly and Lok took. It scanned up a few yards and zoomed in, catching a full screen view of Bodly naked tied to a tree and Lok naked, hanging up off the ground with ropes through pulleys holding him up. Scanning down they saw what looked like jars filled with thick white stuff on the ground.

What in the hell is going on there?” Jones asked to no one.

Looks like Boldly and Lok are in trouble for sure. We need to get our guys out there super quick before the other 2 hurt them bad,” Miller said really pissed off. “I better go with them along with Ciff so there is no problem with our hosts over this. Has to be Elite since they sure as hell aren't scientists or anything like that. Just looking at their size and builds, I bet my life they are Elites.”

Good idea, you get Ciff and I'll get together a squad to get out there with you two pronto,” Jones said seriously.

Ciff was super angry, something Miller had never seen before. It was really something scary for sure. He could imagine what it would be like if the whole village was that way. Sure would NOT be pleasant. He let Ciff blow off some steam and then began to slowly make sure Ciff didn't feel it was all the human's fault.

No, Ciff know, bad ones, like in all,” Ciff said trying to smile at Miller knowing he was somewhat frightened. “Just like tribe Bodly find, not like all my kind, same this.”

Miller was really relieved to hear Ciff say that. He felt the actions of the few would not be used to judge the whole. Just like humans, giants had good and bad. Ciff told Miller that if Lok managed to get free, his first action would be to rip whoever was violating him to pieces in a mad rage. His honor was attacked and no one is allowed to do that, especially when it comes to pleasuring. Rape was not even a word to them. It was dishonor and serious enough to justify the person dishonored to take the life of the one that dishonored them, no questions, no societal issues.

Think they were telling the truth that Elites would be coming looking for them?” Clem asked Matt.

Nahh, why would an Elite unit be messing around with those freaks? More then likely, bitch there is one of a few left as bitches for those freaks. My guess is they ate the rest of them,” Matt said seriously.

Wow, you really think they'd actually do that?” Clem said concerned.

Well shit Sherlock, come one, think about it. Take a good look at their size, our size. Do you remember coming across or seeing anything like cattle or goats or chickens running around? Shit, haven't even seen deer. So, here shows up this smaller bunch of people, some of them muscled and meaty. Wouldn't you think they might figure a gift from heaven came their way and a new food source just fell into their laps?” Matt said smacking Clem on his head.

Man, I never figured they'd do something like that,” Clem said all nervous. “So what if friends of that one come looking for him?”

We got weapons and ammo,” Matt said thinking hard. The pods are pretty tough and I doubt these freaks have anything that would put a dent into them. We could take out a whole bunch of them without using or wasting a hole hell of a lot of ammo. If there were just too many to take out, then we lock ourselves in the pods until they get tired of trying to get to us and go away. Don't seem to me these freaks are all that smart.”

Yeah, guess you might be right,” Clem said trying to follow Matt's planning in his head.

Don't worry Clem, nothing is going to interfere with our little milking sessions. My guess is the bitch will wear out way before the freak does. So we put his body in the water and let it float out for some ugly fish thing to eat him up. If and I mean IF it turns out there is an Elite unit out there, shit, we never saw nobody! Like they'd take the word of a freak over ours?” Matt laughed. “Elites believe Elites, you know that.”

Okay, gotcha, now I see where you are coming from,” Clem said relieved. “Matt, I got me an urge and itch now for that bitches ass again. Damn if that bitch doesn't have a really fine ass,”

Well boy, go getcha some!” Matt laughed as they headed back to shore.

Lok, they're coming back and from the look of that one, he's going to mess me up good again. Don't let them push you into a rage cause that wouldn't be a good thing right now. They probably would cut you down fast with their weapons and you wouldn't have a chance,” Bodly said to Lok.

Lok fast,” Lok said proudly.

Yeah, Lok fast, but not that fast,” Bodly smiled.

Bodly called it right on the button. Clem took a few huge helpings of Lok's cum, shouted like he just won the lottery or something, slapped his abs a few times while licking his lips purposely exaggerated as he slowly walked towards Bodly. When he got up to him, he roughly moved his hands under Bodly's armpits and pulled him up into a standing position. He looked Bodly over as his hands rubbed, pinched, slapped and punched different parts of Bodly's body.

Well bitch, ready for you man to use you up some more?” Clem said in an almost drunken voice.

Don't do this, its not how an Elite does things,” Bodly said in a horse voice.

Clem laughed, slapped Bodly's across his face a few times and said, “Bitch you ain't got no call talking to me about Elite stuff since you turned your brothers over to these freaks to save your ass. I got that figured out for sure. I'd probably get a promotion and medal for taking you out for the corps. Now, Clem here is going to do you up real nice like. Gonna drain you like never before.”

Clem slapped hard back and forth at Bodly's cock and balls. He slid one hand roughly in between Bodly's ass cheeks and rammed in 2 fingers. He began fucking Bodly with the fingers as he bent down, bit into Bodly's pecs one at a time, sucking, biting and licking his nipples hard. When one of Bodly's nipples started to bleed, Clem watched as the blood slowly made its way down over Bodly's abs.

Shit bitch, got you to give me some milk I think. Man I must be turning you on something fierce for you to do that. Never knew a man could do that,” Clem said.

Its blood you idiot,” Matt said as he was watching Clem work on Bodly.

Huh, well, still, bitch here sure is getting into being taken by a man now,” Clem laughed as he returned to working over Bodly.

Matt when up to Lok and slapped his pecs, cock, balls fast and hard. “Ready for some fun freak?”

You not give fun,” Lok said with a sneer.

Oh, got a freak with a sense of humor here Clem. I think he needs to learn some lessons on how to only speak when asked to,” Matt laughed as he punched Lok's balls hard a number of times until Lok screamed out in pain and in fury.

Hit the ground unless you want your fucked up heads splattered all over the jungle you maggots,” Miller voice boomed.

Clem froze, didn't know what was happening and started to turn around away from Bodly. His weapon was not far away and he made the mistake of looking at it. An Elite had him dead in his sights and before Clem could bend down and reach for the weapon, he was hit with a heavy stun blast that lifted him off the ground and flying back towards the jungle.

Okay, okay, who the fuck are you guys?” Matt yelled, keeping his hands up and not moving at all after seeing what happened to Clem.

Lieutenant Miller of the Regrouped 21st unit. You have dishonored your fellow Elites by your actions. Just what I've witnessed you doing to an Elite Sergeant is enough justification for me to have you shot without further investigation. Sergeant Bodly, are you okay?” Miller's voice boomed again.

Yes sir, I'm okay,” Bodly managed to get out.

Lok be okay?” Ciff yelled.

Lok good,” Lok smiled. “Lok kiss this one now.”

Miller laughed and Ciff did too, just the way Lok calmly stated that fact.

No Lok no kill, we talk and see, but no kill. Well not yet,” Ciff threw in.

I wait, he not live,” Lok said without any emotion at all.

Wait, you can't let this freak threaten me! Shoot the scumbag,” Matt yelled.

Uh, no, Mr. YOU are the scumbag freak from my point of view. These people have taken a lot of us in, helped us with housing, food, medical and technical support only because they are good, honorable people. As an Elite, there is absolutely no possible excuse you can come up with to justify the barbarity you have shown here,” Miller said this time almost right behind Matt. “Get this piece of crap bundled up and out of my sight.”

The members of the squad split up and had Bodly untied and a medic was already doing an exam and another was cleaning him up. Others were with Ciff to untie Lok and examine him to make sure neither was really hurt badly or with a life threatening injury. Bodly was placed on a floating gurney and hooked up to relaxants and antibiotics. Lok insisted he was fine, just a bit sore and wanted to kill Matt now. Ciff got him to understand that was not happening, at least not right now. Miller and Jones had to know where these 2 came from and if any others might be alive. Lok understood but still let him know he was killing Matt. Miller couldn't help but to laugh as no matter what Ciff told Lok, it always came back to that same goal.

Lok insisted he was going to stay by Bodly's gurney until they made it back to the village. Ciff guessed that he and Bodly had pleasured and began to develop a strong bond just like he did with Miller and Bar did with Jones. Miller got on the com unit and relayed to Jones all they found out so far and there would be a problem since Lok was planning to kill Matt first opportunity he had. Jones said he would discuss it with Bar and see what could be done. Jones was surprised when Miller suggested Lok be allowed to escort Matt into the jungle and have at it. He also suggested that Matt and Clem be kept away from the village and human enclosure, far away. He was worried some of the Elite might not feel severe punishment was called for, not realizing the serious implications of this action to the giants. Jones agreed and told Miller to interrogate both Clem and Matt to find out unit, survivors, all the necessary information on the way back.

Before leaving for the main camp, Miller found out from Clem that they were the only survivors of the small group of pods that landed in that area. They didn't know any other Elite or humans were alive and thought Bodly was a traitor and sold out his unit to the giants since he was not wearing his Elite uniform per standing orders. They figured the giants either ate the humans or had them as pet and slave labor. He told Miller about the effect Lok's cum had on them and they just couldn't help themselves once they had sampled it.

And how do you justify the cruel and brutal actions you and Matt took against a fellow Elite and Lok?” Miller asked Clem.

Well sir, it was the cum stuff effect plus feeling we were the only ones left and if the cum stuff made us feel good and had to be loaded with protein, then it was a way to guarantee our survival. Sergeant Bodly was just collateral damage as far as I was concerned sir,” Clem said with his head down.

Don't buy it mister. You have not given me one satisfactory answer to justify what you and Matt had done to Sergeant Bodly and Lok. Just what you 2 did to Sergeant Bodly is enough to have you terminated. Major Jones is reviewing the reports and will hear these interrogations to make a decision regarding your fate. Just so you realize something, you and Matt had put the entire survival of hundreds of non Elites and at least 50 or more Elites only alive and doing well thanks to the giants. Your actions are no better then the criminal and selfish actions taken by the political criminals who ruined our home planet and made it necessary to try and reach this planet. This is our only home now and like it or not, we are the aliens here, not the giants or any other race we encounter. No one, and I mean no one is going to be allowed to jeopardize the survival of we humans again,” Miller said sternly. “I want you to think about that maggot. You are no longer worthy of being identified as an Elite.”

Clem actually began sobbing as it sunk in all that Miller said. He knew his staying on in the Elites was never going to happen now. Matt was obsinate and didn't see what was so wrong about what they did to Lok. He admitted Bodly was a bad choice but repeated they thought he sold his people out. He had no clear explanation for how he arrived at that belief and admitted they never asked Sergeant Bodly detailed questions to determine if what he said was fact. Miller knew, Matt was long gone and hopeless, never to be trusted around the giants and definitely would never be near any sort of Elite weapon again. He made sure Matt also knew what he told Clem. Matt actually argued with Miller about no longer being an Elite, which only served to convince Miller that there was absolutely no hope of reforming Matt's thinking and actions. His fate was already sealed.