The New Paradise

Part I

written by Anand

It was in the End of May 2002, when I woke up - and I was all alone on this world. The catastrophes Nostradamus and others had divinised for die Millennium had not occurred, if you look away from the ever constantly increasing number of climatic changes, poisoned food and hateful minds. Nor had the great enlightenment come, universal love and peace, let alone powerful and peaceful aliens. Life went on like always, that is: it became worse every year.

The worst thing, of course, was the error a man made in a small third-world country. Let's call the country Molor. He had thought, that he had had everything under control and that the ecological and economical effects of the fruit of his long and dedicated work were absolutely perfect. And if you take the side of the earth, of nature, the ecological effects in fact turned out to be really marvellous - in a way. But as it is with most things, there is always at least one other point of view.

The other point of view in this case is the human one, if you still put mankind on the human side...

Well, the public part of the story began, when an epidemic broke out in the country neighbouring Molor, which was called Avior. For quite some time a minor conflict had brooded between both countries. Finally Molor had put into action a biological weapon. Some kind of virus was put into the water distribution of the most populated area Avior's. It was highly infectious and effective. No one knew he was ill, until the second or third day, triggered by some biochemical peculiarity of sleep, one was killed without even becoming aware of it. Within a day or two the body was mummified, so no pestilence of the ordinary kind could break out. The virus had an in built aging gene, that would kill it together with its successors within four or five days. From the point of view of biological warfare, this was a really marvellous weapon.

But there was only one problem: If you have a great number of viruses, there is always one or another of them, that will slightly mutate. If you have a very large number, then there is quite a widespread variety of mutations. Well, it seems that amidst that variety there was also a mutation with a defect aging-gene, that didn't die in the prescribed way after a view days.

And that's the reason that one day, when I woke up, I was all alone. It seems I was resistant to that virus.

So I took a stroll through the city, to see if someone else was living still. But I didn't find anyone. The city was quiet. The cars were all parked in neat rows. Now and then I found a mummified body of a vagabond who in vain had sought shelter in the entrance of a house or under a bridge. But being a Scorpio in the sun sign this didn't bother me very much. It was rather the dawning awareness that I was truly alone which created a certain uneasiness. There was something very unreal in the air. Just try to imagine: you walk through the city, look into the shop-windows and you cannot buy a single thing, because all shops are closed and will never open again. Come to think of it, all the money has suddenly lost its value, and the worth of precious stones and gold and gems was reduced to their power to communicate beauty and attract my attention and to their worth as tools. For instance I soon found me a nice ring with a great diamond of formerly immense value which proved useful in opening the glass doors of the windows of the supermarkets in order to get access to the food I couldn't obtain otherwise. Within a day or two I realised that I didn't have the bear money with me anymore, or keys or the passport - or the clock.

And then I also realised that I didn't have to wear clothes. They were a convenience, certainly, especially with cold weather, but when one day a warm summer shower hit me and I ran for a shelter I remembered an old dream probably very much people have ... Had: running naked in the shower from the skies. Just the very imagination sent a shiver through my spine and created a strange sensation, a peculiar excitement similar to fear in my guts.

So I began to strip - that means, I began stripping to a nonexistent audience and music, imitating the way, professional strippers do. I moved and danced and teased and had fun. Finally I put off my underwear and sprang into the rain stark naked. Standing in the rain like that at first was a very irritating experience, as you never know, where the next drop is going to hit you. It is a feeling, as if you were walking in the dark through an absolutely unknown wilderness. You don't see of hear anything coming and suddenly you are touched on your calf, your cheek, your butt and your titts and the very next moment on any other part of the body. That goes on endlessly - and after a few moments you don't know anymore where to put your consciousness. But as the shower increased, the drops lost their individuality and the rain gradually lost its irritating character.

Then I began to touch my wet body with my wet hands. On my back the water ran down my spine in rivulets and entered my buttocks. A part of it poured down from my nuts while the rest descended along the inside of my upper calves. Simultaneously water poured over my breast, joined in its middle and ran down to add to the rivulets on the upper calves or spring from the body, using my dick as a spring-board. By now it was a feeling as if i were caressed sensuously by many soft hands. As I added this picture to my imagination and with the fake-pee tingling on my dick I soon sported a very hard erection - in the very middle of the city.

I pulled the foreskin back and let the rain have its way with my most sensitive part. Then I began slowly to stroke my - meanwhile - only friend, while with the other hand I caressed my breasts and my belly, slowly descending to the nuts that I softly rolled in the palm of my hand. With growing excitement my hand moved deeper to the wit insides of my thighs. I bent the knees a little bit, so I could go deeper and reach through my legs the lower part of my ass-cheeks. I parted them and my middle finger traced the line of the valley to its base. I fondled the ring but didn't enter at this moment. Instead I took a few steps towards a plant with great soft leaves. I slid within its reach and instantly the wet leaves clung to my body, caressing it with every move I made, and so added to my excitement. My breathing grew heavier. In my mind I imagined having fun with Lorenzo Lamas (in his beginnings).

I would slowly pull off his wet clothes that promised far greater beauty beneath and while I let my prick fondle a wet leave/his well-defined hairy breast and belly my/his hands in heated animation and lust stroked my breasts and buttocks. I began to moan softly, but realising that I didn't need to care, I took the liberty to do so with gusto and without inhibition. Then he/the leaves/my fingers started kissing me everywhere. finally he/my hand licked my breast and slowly descending drank the rivulets of water. With my hand I formed a tight ring around the head of my prick/With his mouth full of water he opened his lips to take the head in and slowly descended the full length of the shaft while with his tongue/the other hand he swirled the water around my cock. With this incredulous sensation my moaning grew louder and heavier, and finally he released the water, closed his mouth tightly around my cock and began pumping me with increasing speed. The excitement boiled in my nuts until I couldn't hold it back any longer. With a loud ecstatic cry I finally peaked and in several waves let lose a huge load of cream. One spurt I could catch with my mouth, as I had bent my head over the erupting volcano. And with what I could gather from the rest I smeared my breast. Fully contented and with a feeling of liberation I lay down into the grass to rest for a few moments.

As days went by I put on underwear again. Nuts constantly banging against my thighs wasn't my notion of Elysium. And besides I didn't want to catch a sunburn, so I searched and found Arab kafthans, which were very comfortable. I masturbated a few times in 'public places', but the thrill and passion of the other day didn't return.

By now it was around the middle of June and I knew life couldn't go on like this any more. I had to make up my mind about what to do.

In the last days of the Plague the atomic power plants had been put to sleeps and secured as good as possible, so that they wouldn't explode and contaminate the world, just in case someone should survive.

Well, now I am a survivor in a world without electric current and empty water pipings. But I couldn't believe that I was really the only one in Munich/Germany which could resist the virus. So I decided to put more method into my efforts for finding companions.

First I decided to make the town-hall and the place in front my base for action. Then I took some colour spray cans and decorated buildings along the most important streets as well as the streets themselves in a way that made it clear that there was a survivor at the centre waiting. I also decorated the towns hall to that anyone who appeared knew he had to stay if I wasn't around. Then I organised a police car and raced with hooting sirens through every part of Munich. Then, the nights being clear, I arranged a great fire work every night.

And finally my efforts proved successful. On the afternoon of the third day of enforced efforts I was dancing to the music of a ghetto-blaster in front of the towns hall. As I was dancing with closed eyes to certain sequenced I didn't notice him, when he rounded the corner. So I was taken by surprise when he approached and at a few feet distance started clapping hands when the song was over. I immediately froze to the unaccustomed sound while simultaneously my level of adrenaline peaked. Then I spun around, flashing a smile at whoever was applauding.

It was a fine young man, maybe in his late twenties. His face showed relief though it displayed traces of recent emotional suffering - but nevertheless it was most beautiful - and this not only because he was the first human being I had seen in weeks. It had this expression of innocence that I liked so much. The eyes were of a warm brown, the hair nearly black and the complexion showed a slight tan, that seemed to be as natural as the angelic smile he gave me, despite his apparent nervousness. We looked into each others eyes and without thinking stepped forward to meet each other. Then we couldn't hold back any longer and rushed into each others arms. We stayed quite some time cheek to cheek before I finally withdrew, holding him at his shoulders at arms length to have a closer look and not to embarrass him, because I didn't know, if he was gay or straight.

I said: I'm sorry. I didn't want to embarrass you. Most German men do not like embraces by from other men and I don't know you at all. My name is Sasha and I have been waiting for weeks to find another survivor."

He replied: Oh, that's all right. I have been so lonely these past weeks, I would go to bed with anyone by now. And my name is Ferdinand."

Are you speaking seriously?"

Ah, well, ..." He was looking a little bit uncomfortable now and seemed at a loss with his words.

So I said: Oh, I didn't mean to offend you. But you know, we will most probably spend very much time together from now on. For my part I am definitely attracted to men - and you certainly range among the best looking of the, and now especially. But I wouldn't nail you to a word spoken in jest. Just now, I'm happy you are here at all."

He stood there, staring at me and swallowing a few times before he answered. I have spoken in jest only partially. Up till now my life was a straight one. Until the plague came, I hadn't bothered to thing about how it is to lead a gay life or if there is a gay streak in me or what my emotional relation to men is. That was something that simply didn't ever come up. But when the plague was nearing its summit, there was a lot of rumour in the internet, that women were more susceptible to the virus than men, because they died much earlier. So if tat is true, you can expect that there are rarely an women amongst the survivors. And this would naturally lead to a predominantly male, speak gay society, which naturally would be more to your liking. And if a poor woman had survived, there would be a constant war for her among the male survivors. And That's something I do not want to take part in. Now I have had a few weeks' time to think about things and I have decided to give it a try with the first nice man who wants me. And now the question came up, just a few moments after we have met. That was to quick for my emotional turmoil. But now that it's out I feel relieved. And you are a ... nice man and certainly ... Amiable. Though it is not yet easy for me I would like to give it a try ... - but please, be easy on me. I will certainly need some time to adapt to the new situation."

I took him in my arms and said smiling: Why don't we start with hugging and dancing?" He was a bit tense at first, but when I reminded him that there was nobody around to watch and comment on us, he gradually started to relax and we had a lot of fun the whole afternoon.

In the evening we went shopping" together and I convinced him of the Arabian kafthans. Then I took him to my residence outside of Munich. It was a nice house which I had chosen mainly because it had a natural spring in the garden and a generator in the cellar. That means it had electricity and water. There we prepared an opulent meal and had a romantic candlelight diner with antique candelabras we had fetched from a museum. We talked about our past lives (I learned he was a cook and a hobby free-dancer of some Czech school) and had a good time. But as it got later in the evening I noticed some tension building up in his shoulders. I told him so and I also told him that there was no need to have sex right now, but that I would really like to give him a good massage of his back. As he liked the idea I told him to undress and to lie on his bed face-down, while I would fetch some oil.

When I returned with scented oil he was ready and waiting for me. I sat by his side and applied tome oil to his back. With a few strokes I spread it on his back and arms and began stroking him softly yet firmly to ease the general tension. After some time I began to work more thoroughly on the sides along the spine, the shoulder blades and the shoulder muscles. I kneaded him firmly and rolled the strained muscles between my fingers till they became more supple and relaxed. Then I extended the stroking towards his buttocks then to his thighs and calves. I manipulated his feet for some time. Then I gradually worked upwards. I took some delight kneading and stroking and caressing his inner thighs up to the point where they met. By now I was sure he already had a hard-on. Then I turned to his buttocks and having finished with them gave them a kiss on each cheek. Then I proceeded with his sides and back and shoulders and arms up to the neck. There the movements became softer, less professional and more caressing. I worked a little bit on his ears and temples and softly stroked his back until I put the covers on him and asked him to turnaround. When he was laying on his back I dedicated some time to his face, softly massaging with the fingertips and fondled him abundantly. Finally I bent over him, kissed his eyes and his mouth and wished him golden dreams.

The next morning I greeted him with a warm embrace (that he returned) and a kiss, and he answered with an open smile. After breakfast I packed a few things before we set out for the ride back to Munich. But instead of heading directly to the centre I choose another destination where we left the car. After a short while we left reached the Isar (the river that flows through Munich) and got down to a kind of sandbank, made of tiny pebbles. I spread some blankets on top of each other, so we had a soft resting place in the morning sun. We put off our shoes and socks, lay down side by side and talked. Soon I half sat up to have a better look at him. Still speaking, my fingers trailed off to his face. As I fondled his cheeks he tensed a little bitt but soon relaxed again and opened his eyes, shyly smiling at me. He had a face that was clearly defined yet with soft mood and very expressive brown eyes you would want to drown yourself in, framed by strong, dark brows that nearly met. Together with the shade around the mouth and chin he was very sexy.

I took my time and let my fingers play with his face. I kneaded the earlobes between index- and middle finger, traced his eyebrows and cheekbones with my fingertips ad caressed his cheeks with the outside of my fingers and the palms of my hands. He seemed to like it, for sometimes he closed his eyes smiling. Then I neared the lips, barely touching them at first, but soon causing a slight opening. I probed deeper and explored the inside and the teeth until he opened his mouth a little bit more, granting entrance to the cave and his tongue, which slowly became active, licking first one finger and then opened wider to take up more fingers while with the other hand I massaged his earlobes or fondled his cheeks.

Lowering myself, so that my head came to rest near his face, I slowly retrieved my fingers to play with his lips a little bit. Then, holding his face in my hands I leaned down over him. Ever so slightly my lips brushed against his, wandered to his eyelids and cheeks, covering his whole face with fleeting kisses, but ignoring his slightly parted lips. Then my kisses became more substantial and I slowly began licking his eyelids. The I began kissing is neck and the undersides of his chin parting wide my lips, as if to bite him or sucking on his skin while tickling it with my tongue. Then slowly nearing his mouth I replaced fire by tenderness till finally I again brushed my lips against his, looking lovingly into his eyes which held my gaze. I shortly nibbled on his lower lip, throwing a soft kiss on both lips, nibbling on the upper lip. As Ferdinand started to moan softly, I took more of his lips between mine and found my own lips entrapped between his. Slowly my head shifted, so that our mouths fit more perfectly together, and I could send out my tongue to explore the borderland. Soon it encountered another explorer and after initial probings, touchings and withdrawings they became close friends and searched one another's company as often and as intensely as the could.

Meanwhile I had managed to put my arms around him and giving him a strong embrace I rolled over to my back, so Ferdinand came to lie on top of me. While he started with some fervour to return the kisses I had had given to him, I caressed at length his neck slowly drifting off to his back and buttocks.

After some time he withdrew and sat on top of me. He gave the impression, that so far he had had fun. My hands now lay at his thighs. A little bit deeper I could clearly make out an erection. But I didn't explore this region further. Instead I reached up and felt for his breasts, travelled higher to caress his chin casually and started to unbutton his shirt. Putting it off a tight-fitting T-shirt was revealed, that was very promising in what might be expected to be hidden beneath it. I tore the T-shirt out of his jeans, followed his bare chest with my hands along the belt line and then began to explore the higher regions, eventually disposing of the t-shirt. This revealed a nicely moulded torso with velvety skin. His belly was of a supple flatness without the ripples of intense body-shaping. His chest war well formed, with the natural harmony many men strive for in fitness-centers. The perfection and erotic radiation was enhanced by a moderate amount of dark hair covering his breast and giving them more definition. Going down the hair joined into a small river, then got lost inside the Jeans, which had a very exciting effect on me. While my hands were busy exploring and caressing his chest and sides, Ferdinand had begun to enjoy taking off my shirt and T-shirt. Shortly after his task was completed I dragged him down on me and we playfully rolled to and fro on the blankets kissing, stroking, exploring, caressing, kissing and sucking nipples - and grinding our erections together.

One time, when he lay on top of me I lifted him a little bit, so that I had access to his breasts and started caressing his nipples with my lips and tongue, going deeper to the middle of his breast and following down the erotic trail of hair, coaching him to crawl in the opposite direction. While my lips and tongue were lingering in the region around and especially below the navel, my fingers were busy opening the belt and all the buttons down to the last one. Then I put my hands inside and trailed to his butt, where i lingered some time before shoving his jeans down to his thighs. I urged him to craws a little bit further, so that I had his still covered cock above me. I traced the outlines with my fingers and gave it a little kiss.

Then he stood up, disposed of his jeans and knelt down between my legs. He started kissing my belly and tickled my navel-region for quite some time with his tongue so that I had to writhe ad laugh. When he ended his attack he slowly set out to liberate me of my jeans, that means to put away the outer cover of another man's - erected - cock, working in his holiest region. After unbuttoning my zipper he put his hand inside, slid to my buttocks and swiftly pulled the trousers down, while I lifted my hips. Then he lay down on me, clothed only in his shorts.

We rolled around playfully for quite some time before I said to him: You know, it's your last chance!"

He didn't ponder his answer for long: I know. It's all right." One question: What about protection? Having survived the virus, I don't want to die of a silly mistake. According to a recent test and behaviour I'm free of AIDS and other diseases. What about you?"

Having worked as cook in a hospital, I have constantly been tested. The last test was shortly before the plague, so I can say with security that I am clean. You can forget about the rubber." He said with a smile.

Well, in that case - get up, please."

He stood up and I knelt in front of him. On top of the bulge in his shorts a great wet spot could be seen. I began stroking and caressing most of what lay within reach of my hands: chest, back, belly, buttocks, thighs. Then I began teasing his hidden parts with my lips and teeth. Then I started licking him just above the waistband, while my hands indulged in the insides of his thighs. After completing the first circle I began tearing at the waistband with my teeth, starting at the right side of the bulge and finishing at the left., licking, ticking and kissing the freshly exposed parts. I added a few rounds more, always omitting the part of the bulge, till his shorts were pulled down in half. Then I began attacking the bulge through the covering fabric. I tried from both sides to stick my tongue inside, but as it didn't reach very far, I put the waistband loosely between my teeth, lifted it and let it glide trough them while I was heading just above the center, so that my lips barely touched his cock. Then I pulled it down, my lips brushing against the whole length of this erection. With my teeth I pulled the shorts down to the blankets so that he could step out of them. Withholding my hands from him, I started kissing the inside of is thighs, slowly moving upwards, so that he had to spread his legs wide. I put my nose between his nuts and deeply inhaled his musky scent. I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked his nuts. Then after a while I took in one of the nuts and softly rolled it in my mouth with my tongue. Then I took in the other nut also and played with it for a while, warming the cocks base with my breath. The cock itself was of moderate size, length a bit above average, thickness below average. That was quite all right with me, as I never liked the popular munster-cocks. This one had a comfortable size ad an exquisite hardness ad a nice form too, pointing straight to the sky. The cock was uncut and the power of its erection had forced the foreskin back to a point that the rosy head that was covered with clear precum became visible.

I returned back to the base of the cock, stuck out my tongue and slowly started licking upwards, stopping short from the end of the foreskin. Ferdinand had started moaning increasingly. I put one hand on his thighs slowly moving upwards and collected his nuts in my palm, where I rolled them delicately.

Then I stuck out my tongue to collect a sample of his precum. He moaned loudly and spasmed a little bit. The precum had a clear, full, salty flavour. I put the other hand around his butt and positioned my face above the cockhead, so that my cheek came to rest on his tender belly. I breathed a few breaths on it, causing it to jerkily move in the air. Then I opened my moth, descended some centimetres and closed my lips around the shaft, a little bit beneath the cock-head. At this his body moved as if a shiver had just gone down his his spine and he gasped loudly. I held it that way for a log moment, without touching what was inside my mouth. Then I withdrew halfway up with my lips still closed tight around his shaft, so that the foreskin closed a little bit. Then my tongue searched for the opening in the foreskin and demanded entrance, indulging in the accumulated amount of precum. Ferdinand moaned. I descended a little bit, trying to insert my tongue between the rosy head and the foreskin and circled the head's base. Ferdinand moaned louder and put his hands on my face, caressing my earlobes and especially my cheek. I withdrew again a little bit, but when I went down this time, I went down deeper and took the foreskin with me, denuding the cockhead, which caused another moan. I went sown so far that I started gagging, let my tongue play with his shaft ad slowly retired putting the foreskin back in place, only to start anew. His fingers grew frantic, caressing my cheek, but when the suddenly stopped and spasmed and moaned, I let the cock swing free and dedicated myself to the nuts, tearing a little bit on them, and to the shaft.

When I had the impression that he had recovered, I returned to my administrations and engulfed his hard member again with soft lips. Sometimes I would play with it, sometimes I would go up ad down, teasing him till he was on the verge of coming. His moaning now gave way to begging. Then my up-and-down movements were met by movements of his hips which synchronised will together. And soon he began to take the lead, holding my head and using my mouth as a fucking hole. It didn't take long and he was over the edge. He spasmed several times and filled my mouth with hot cum which had a lovely, harmonious, salty taste, that blended very well with the little I had come to know of him so far.

I kept my mouth shut around the cock and played with it until the erection subsided. When I looked up, with his now flaccid member in my mouth, he smiled at me, giving the impression of utter contentment ad bliss, to to speak of ecstasy.

I got up, encircled him in my arms and tried to hiss him. But he seemed a bit hesitant about it. So I asked him: Have you never kissed the one who gave you a blow-job?"

He answered: No. At least not immediately. Only after some time has passed. I think I was a bit shy about it - and I never have been given many blow-jobs. But I guess, I should give it a try."

So we started kissing and quickly his reluctance faded away, giving way to hot kisses from his part.

When he finally stopped, he said: That was marvellous. Had I but known this earlier..."

Then he began kissing and licking his way across my chest and belly slowly sown my crotch. He didn't occupy himself very elaborately with my shorts, but put his fingers in on both sides of my already overly excited erection and relieved part of the tension when he lifted the fabric and pulled my shorts down in one swift movement. Then he looked at me in my exposed nakedness. What he could see was what he would get sexually for the next time at least. I don't know if he was content with what he saw (I'm not a model and my cock has absolutely average dimensions) but he wasn't taken by fear. He touched my cock and balls with his fingertips at first, and when I didn't bite his touch grew more substantial, stroking it a bit. While he seemed to collect his courage, I gave him a little introduction. I told him that cock essentially tasted the same way as the other flesh does, the he would gag for some time, especially when swallowing, as he was not used to doing it with the mouth open, that precum tasted salty and had nothing to do with urine, and that the cum he would encounter had a soft flavour and creamy consistency and had less taste than anything he would eat. In fact, come had something of the flavour and consistence of porridge and varies with each man in roundness and sharpness and harmony of flavour, depending on bodily chemistry and nutrition. There was nothing he would encounter that he could not cope with. If he had difficulties, they were only within his mind. Finally his reluctance faded. He opened his mouth and closed it, when it was filled with my best friend. He did well, going up and down and sucking and licking my cock. His looks and efforts showed that he wasn't displeased and I soon had to start moaning. Not having had sex for quite some time (I always was a loner) and never having such a wonderfully looking companion my excitement soon started to become unbearable. Together with my biologically founded oversensitivity I soon held his face tight and tried not to push to deeply into his throat when I finally crossed the boarder and released my load into his mouth. As predicted he had to cope with gagging a little bit. Then I lay down and put him into my arms and we kissed heartily. We drowsed off for some time and when we got up, we headed straight to the towns hall.

On the way he remarked: You haven't fucked me." I answered: You see, we have all the time of the world. There is no need to press things. Although I am of the opinion the every ordinary man bears with him a strong streak of love and adoration for his own sex, this streak is strongly suppressed by social formations. And though you have consented to explore your hidden feelings, it doesn't necessarily follow, that you can shake off your old habits like a cloak. Too forceful a change would not help you.

"Then there is another point. To fuck someone who is used to it is no great thing. To fuck somebody who is something like a gay greenhorn is a thing I wouldn't do the very first time unless he wishes so. It's better to first create a certain intimacy and trust, so that you can relax and enjoy the thing. And you should definitely want it. So I think, a later time would be better. Is this alright with you?"

That's ok. I trust your experience. You know, I already like you very much. And I think that I will find sex with you a very enjoyable thing."

- End of Part I -


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