The New Paradise

Part II

written by Anand

With this we have arrived at our destination and we started to make plans of what to do next.

I said: I don't know what you have done these past weeks, but I have had many a thought about possible developments.

1.) As I am obviously not all alone in the whole world, there surely will be more survivors than just the two of us. We should try to find them and gather them all here for a start. (By the way: I certainly could live quite some time with you alone!)

2.) I do not want to stay here for long. Just remember: We have the whole world at our disposition. Imagining to spend the winter here, now that there is no running water and only electricity from a generator doesn't exactly fill me with joy. When snow falls, we cannot go out very much and would have to spend much time in overheated rooms. Add to this the fact, that rather sooner than later we have to grow our own food, I would like to go south. We can omit Spain, that's to dry. I was thinking of a temperate climate, hills, mountains, nearness to the sea, fertile soil. That means Italy, Greece, Krim... And I want to have moved until October.

3.a) If you are right and no woman has survived, we are going to be a happy gay community, that is going to slowly die out. Then we need not think much about the future and we can live mostly on the remains of mankind, which are enormous.

b) If women have survived in a more or less equal number to men, there wont be much social problems.

c) If only a few women have survived, then there is much trouble coming and we have to create a whole new kind of community, as there has never existed a similar one.

For b) and c) we have to rescue as much knowledge as possible for future generations and find a way not to fall back to stone age. If we are not a very great number of people, we certainly cannot hold the electronical age, but could settle for the mechanical age. As I don't believe in a) we should encourage everyone we find to get a hold on books, simple technologies and machines, rare and especially useful seeds and plants, that could help us build a new paradise.

So what do you think?"

Well, that were more or less the lines of thought, that I have also followed. As a matter of fact, when I arrived here I was on my way to Italy. I had thought of the Appenine region, Tuscany, Florence... But as there must be more of us, it would certainly be better to go out searching for the others. I would say, that we make Munich our base for the next months. We could prepare a few houses near our house for newcomers. We could leave a message at towns hall, indicating the directions and our intention. The newcomers then could join in the search. And we should prepare at least one house for the winter in case there are some who couldn't make it in time to cross the alps."

Well" I answered, I think we will form a very good team."

And with this we made plans how to find the other survivors. We had a lot of work to do, searching for useful material.

The first thing we did, was to find companies that had used or produced captive Balloons on the basis of helium. We painted the balloons and attached banners that indicated Munich as a gathering point for all survivors. Then we would let them fly in the course of several days, so that they would take various routes.

Then we set out with a big truck straight to Berlin. On each major highway crossing we painted over the road signs or pasted plot we had made on them. Sometimes we even painted the streets.

In every great city we marked the towns hall and left info material. In the greatest cities we stayed for two days an anticipation of reactions to our campaign.

The first longer stay we made was in Leipzig. We had arrived late in the afternoon, searched the towns hall and had built up enormous fireworks. In the evening we were somewhat exhausted and after dinner had fetched a great mattress, which we placed near to the installation.

As we lay there side by side, my hand on his arm, he leaned over me and started to kiss me tenderly, transmitting an erotic feeling. Then he began to unbutton my shirt. Up to this moment it was always me to do the first move. So I was very pleased. Taking up his invitation I quickly joined into his efforts and started o disrobe him. Soon our clothes were loosely strewn around us and we were busy exploring one another's body and eyes, kissing, stroking, licking, looking, caressing, tickling, laughing.

Ferdinand was a very ticklish man. I would draw small circles with my tongue on his belly and he would burst into fits of laughter. After one such attack he lay at ease on my belly, kissing me passionately. I was holding his butt in my hands and was stroking it. Then I had an idea. I turned around, so that he lay pinned down beneath my, sat up and reached for my bag. I pulled out a bottle of massaging oil I had mixed with pure rose oil of formerly tremendous worth, so it had a heavy scent. I poured a substantial quantity on Ferdinand and started to spread it with stroking movements. When I had done his front side I ordered him around and poured a lot of oil on him, which I also spread widely until he looked as if he were drenched in oil. Then I handed him the bottle to do the same to me.

When finally we were both heavily oiled we hat a lot of fun rolling and gliding around. The oil gave a very special feeling and proved to haven an extremely erotic effect - not that it was necessary. So we had a lot of fun.

Then he had buried me beneath him and his legs had slightly fallen to the sides. I reached for the bottle and poured some oil in the beginning of his crack. So far I had touch his rosette only casually and in passing. But now I was working the oil down his crack, nearing his virgin whole. He immediately knew, what I was up to and made no move that would cause me to stop. Instead his cock, that had become a little bit soft towards the end rapidly grew rigid again, displaying clearly his excitement.

With my heavily oiled fingers i tenderly massaged the rim of his rosette, occasionally darting off to reach for his nuts from behind. I proceeded with narrower circles and slowly neared the center. A added some oil and began pointing with my middle finger directly into the middle of his rosette and demanding entrance slowly exerted a little pressure. There was not much force needed and I proceeded to the inner ring. Then I pulled the finger slowly out and entered anew. After a few times I put some pressure to the side to relax the muscles and to widen their horizon. Then I added some oil and the index finger. He gasped for breath and instinctively closed his sphincter, but relaxed again after a few circling movements. Then I took to the in-and-out game again for a while.

Finally I let go and we made a half rotation together, so that now Ferdinand lay on his back. I sat up and lifted his legs, so that I had free access to his ass. He tried to hold the legs up, but that proved a strenuous thing because of all the oil. So I put his legs on my shoulders, while I inserted three fingers. After some time and widening movements the moment had come.

I applied more oil to his pucker and a generous amount on my cock and leaned forward to take aim. (Fortunately we both were AIDS-free, because with all that oil no rubber would have lasted sufficiently long).

Then I went slowly in. He took a deep breath and tried to relax. His sphincter trembled a little but offered no major resistance, until I encountered the inner muscle. He gasped loudly and instinctively denied entrance. So I slowly moved back till only the cockhead remained inside. Then I pushed slowly and gently in until the way was barred. I started to fuck him rhythmically in slow motion. After a while I began to exert some pressure to the resisting muscle, quickly retiring at first but then in a more insisting manner. Finally the ring gave way and I could shove my whole dick in. As I was already on the verge of coming, I put all my weight on him to lean forward and have some rest while kissing him deeply and at length. When i had regained my composure and he also had accommodated to my presence inside him, I started fucking him with increasing speed to increasing moans. When I felt my peak nearing, I slowed down and stopped altogether. I made one of his legs join the other and lay down to the other side without letting go of his ass. Now we lay back to front and I rolled us over, with my arms around his breast, so that he lay belly down, face to the side. And I lay on top of him and quickly buried my prick deeply in his bowels again. This way we could relax both and we had maximal body-contact. My legs were enclosed and sometimes entwined with his legs, my groin was fill with his round globes, my belly rested in the curve of his back, my breast was covering his back while our hands and arms played with each other and I nibbled at his earlobes or kissed him tenderly. And my cock was enclosed by a firm, humid warmth. It was absolutely delicious.

I slowly started fucking him again. Ferdinand let out contented moans every now and then. As I increased speed our oiled bodies ground ecstatically together in unison. Soon I was over the edge and holding him tightly in my arms and kissing him passionately I delivered load after load into his bowels. Then we lay exhausted for some time, breathing the breath of one another.

Finally my now flaccid member plopped out and I rolled on my back contentedly. It seems that Ferdinand by now had lost his shyness regarding another male's body (at least mine), because after some repose he started to finger my sphincter, without any necessity on my side to encourage him. He followed basically the same procedure I had performed, although at first he entered me very hesitantly, as if he wasn't sure what to expect. As I never have been fucked much - and the last time was quite some time back - it took a little time for me do adapt, but as his cock wasn't that big and thick I soon enjoyed the feeling of him inside me, all the more so as he was fucking in a gentle and tender way. After a while he sped up a little and started pumping more heavily.

Then he slowed down, stopped and made a move of his own. He put his prick out and seated himself against a pile of cushions with stretched legs and motioned me to take a seat on him, that means to impale myself on his cock. It pointed straight into the air and I poured fresh oil over it. I positioned my knees to both sides of him so that I could look at him, bent forward while he reclined a bit and slowly lowered myself. As my sphincter was already accustomed and relaxed his warm iron rod smoothly penetrated my insides until I was comfortably seated on his pubes. When a rose again I tightened my rings muscles and held them till I was descending again.

So I started fucking his prick, going slowly up and down, sometimes denuding his cock of my enveloping presence. We were both moaning heavily. Every time I rested we kissed and embraced each other ardently. When we were fucking he would suck my nipples or lick by armpits or eroticise my chest with tender hands and fingers until I would tremble high-speed. And he would persistently stroke my dick. And this would send a shiver through my sphincter and my intestines, giving his cock an extra massage, which in turn sent a shiver through his spine.

In this way he coaxed us near to climax a few times. Finally he could hold it back no longer, pushed the cushions behind and let himself fall back. I remained half seated, allowing him unhindered entrance to my hot hole. While he started pumping me wildly I synchronised with his movements and he finished me off with his hands. With loud, unrestrained gaps we exploded almost simultaneously. While he filled my insides with his cum I sprayed his chest with mine.

After we were both drained he relaxed and his cock let go of my ass. I bent forward, stroking my cum into his breast and then lay down on him full length. We embraced each other with arms and legs and rolled to the side to kiss abundantly in warm repose. But before we could drift off to sleep I pushed the button that started the fireworks. Side by side, resting the heads on each other's arms we lay there, exhausted, contented and happy, watching the fireworks, wishing it would never end. Then we slowly drifted off to happy dreams.

We stayed the whole next day. But no one showed up. So early the next morning we went to Berlin. We erected fireworks at the Brandenburger Tor, prepared the Towns hall, built up equipment for Lightshows, that could send fingers of light high into the sky and could probably seen from very far. This time we were successful. The very next day a nice young man with short blond hair showed up. He was happy to finally have found other people.

He was so happy in fact, that he joined us that night in a hot threesome, although he indicated, that he wouldn't repeat this to often, because he rather liked women and hoped that many of them had survived. Ferdinand told him (his name was Peter), that we shared his hopes (though I was rather content with the present situation) and that we planned to gather all survivors in Munich, moving to Italy later in the year for practical reasons. He said, that he would gladly join into our enterprise.

We talked things over and decided to spilt up to cover the German area more effectively. We collected more equipment, shared our thoughts on methods to attract attention and so to find other survivors and parted after two days.

Ten days later we were all back in Munich. Our group had grown to nine individuals, all of them males of different age. When all had arrived we made a great party. Most of them had already begun to put up with the - now - fact, that we would have to form a predominantly gay society, even if a woman would be found. So most of them were not to resistant to dance with each other.

The other day we held a great meeting to discuss things. Most of them were in favour of the intended move to Italy, so that was no problem. The next question was to find the other survivors. We decided to look for a long range radio communication equipment to establish contact with other continents. And we would split up again. We would travel to the other European nations and Russia, the Near East and North Africa to initiate a search from survivors there, in the way of cumulative returns.

At this point I added, that there was another problem. If my estimation was right, there would be about 500 - 1000 survivors on earth, speaking about a hundred different languages. We would need a common language. German was to difficult, English was easy, but there were maybe ideological reasons from some survivors against it. And the French-speaking people certainly wouldn't give up the beloved language in favour of English.

In the last years I have constructed an artificial language ( that is easy to learn, has a large variety of clearly distinguished words and meanings, so that the rate of misunderstandings should be low. If we opt for this language - Terrasihla - EVERYONE would have to learn a new language, so that - apart from me - no one is at an advantage.

After some discussion my proposal was accepted.

Next point was, that we could depend on the accumulated resources of the industries of the now deceased only for a limited amount of time, as things decay sooner or later. It was agreed that everyone should give this point some thought and gather needed material (seeds, plants, machines, generators, science books, books an renewable energies...) so that we would not fall back to the stone age, but would rather be able to lead a comfortable life, with a living standard, that would be below that of the days now gone by, but not much below.

A few days later our efforts with long range radio were successful. We had a connection to America. The Americans were presently searching the whole continent. By now they were in thirty. And they had a woman with them. As this had caused some fights among the men they had finally decided to think matters over and leave her untouched at the moment, enhanced by the woman's threat, that she would kill herself, if they would touch her without her consent. We told them, that one woman was not enough to build a biologically sane society and proposed, that they should join us. If in America one woman had survived, there should be a few more women in the rest of the world and that we could only survive if we all worked together. They were not happy about this proposal, for they would love to stay where they were, but finally they gave in and promised to come by ship when they had found all survivors on their continent. Then I asked them to bring sugar cane plants and unique American medical herbs along, plunder depots of the agricultural and other institutes that were busy collecting seeds of useful plants of different origins and characteristics, search for plants and seeds of edible acorns and take with them any other plant they wouldn't want to miss in New paradise", as I had named our unknown future home.

Then we would set out to our different destination (selected according to our lingual abilities). One would stay with the long range radio to search for new contacts and to teach to the Americans Terrasihla. I would go to Italy to seek our New Paradise". On the way to Rome I met a young woman. Her name was Sonia. I explained the situation to her and she helped me find a suitable place for our new home. It was seated at the foot of a mountain near a small river, looking out onto the sea, with a clear mountain lake a little bit higher. The region had a fertile soil, enough water and because of the mountains a large climatic variety, so that we could grow all sorts of plants, without being troubled much by winter. The village was fairly modern and in the vicinity there was even a small hydroelectric plant that should be sufficient for us. There was even a nursery with some greenhouses. The living space was sufficient for a comfortable living of a few thousand people and could be easily adapted to our needs.

Sonia and I discussed at length the problems a single woman or even a small number of them would encounter among a large horde of men and she expressed her fear of being raped and of violence among the men. And she didn't want to become some kind of whore without private live. On the other hand she understood her part in our society, if mankind intended to survive.

Based on these considerations and on genetic facts we worked out a plan for a reasonable new society, which I had more or less to urge upon the other men, for otherwise she would rather prefer to live in solitude and let man become extinct. We agreed, that she would stay in a secret place (which wasn't difficult in a world without man), when the first men were expected to arrive.

Then I travelled through Italy and found a few more Italians, who accompanied me back to Munich. Meanwhile our number had increased a little and we were expecting more. The Americans by now had searched the whole continent and were beginning to see the advantages of a new common language. They were about 50 by now and would wait for another month or two, before they would set out for Italy. This way laggards had a chance to join them and meanwhile they could collect everything they found fit for New Paradise and could also learn to guide a ship.

Then there was radio contact with Australia and Japan. Both groups agreed to join us and to initiate a search in Asia on their way. They would set out instantly and would bring along their horticultural and other treasures.

Two small groups would set out to the Russian part of the continental mass and to Africa, each one consisting of men who were familiar with one or two languages of these regions.

Another group, consisting of engineers, technicians, gardeners and farmers would go to New Paradise in a few weeks to prepare the grounds for our arrival, that is to clear the houses of dead corpses, activate and maintain the hydroelectric power plant, study landscape and vegetation, rescue the greenhouses and search for chicken and sheep.... Then we spoke with all the groups on the way and fixed the middle of September for the moving to New Paradise. Each group said that they would try to make it in time. The Japanese group in the meantime had found another woman, so that the official number now was two (unofficially it was three). Our total number at that time was about 300. And we estimated, that within a few months we would reach 500 men and maybe 4 or 5 women.

Finally the time had come and we set off to New Paradise. We left Information for the invariable laggards at the towns hall. Then a large convoy with plants, seeds, books and invaluable material of any kind travelled over the alps to New Paradise".

- End of Part II -


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